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The whole fuss about whether it's okay to use drugs in competitive sports is pretty complicated. People argue about it for lots of reasons, like ethics, health, and fairness. Some folks say performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are bad news because they mess with the fairness of the game and can seriously hurt athletes. But hey, despite the rules against them, some athletes still use them.

These are a few opinions on this:

The Anti-Drug Side:

These folks are all about keeping sports clean. They point to organisations like the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and their rules as a way to keep things fair and safe. They say doping messes with the principles of fairness and can mess up your health in the long run. Plus, it gives some athletes an unfair advantage and ruins the spirit of fair play.

Health Concerns:

Doctors and sports experts are worried about what these drugs can do to your body. Studies show they can mess with your heart, liver, and even your mind. They argue that letting athletes use drugs would just make these health problems worse and put athletes at risk.

Equality Issues:

Some people say the rules against drugs aren't fair to everyone. They point out that athletes from poorer backgrounds or certain places might not have the same access to testing and education about drugs. Plus, some athletes need medication for medical reasons, and they worry they'll get left out.

My Take:

I think we should look at how sports are changing. Science is moving fast, and it's getting harder to tell what's natural and what's not. Instead of fighting it, we should focus on making sure athletes stay safe. That means better testing and making sure athletes know the risks.

So, yeah, it's a tricky debate. On one side, you've got people who want to keep sports clean and safe. On the other, there are folks who think we need to adapt to the times and focus on keeping athletes healthy. At the end of the day, we've gotta find a balance between what's fair, what's safe, and how sports are changing.

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  • I agree with your points, best_argument. I have also got a few points to add to your arguments.
    For the Anti-Drug Side:
    People think drug are bad purely because they think drugs ruin the fairness of the game and it might stop the athletes' training as the athletes now know that there is science so they would not have to waste that much time to practise for the sports event.
    For Health Concerns:
    I think those people did not want athletes to take the drugs mainly because there is a risk of the athletes getting sick and it will make the doctors' lives harder as there will be more patients waiting for them. The second point that I am going to add is that doctors do not want people to mess with their immune system because it is hard to cure.
    For Equality Issues:
    Athletes that take part in sports events com from all over the world. If an athlete come from a poor country, they might not have any access to drugs yet as they cannot afford it. Athletes that cannot take the drug because of medical reasons will feel left out of the game if the game does not care about people having performance-enhancing drugs.

    1. I agree with the fact that whilst a lot of time would be deemed unnecessary within training but you do need to remember the fact that for steroids you still have to train to receive much of any muscle affecting effect given by

    2. I would also agree with best_argument, because he adresses the point that it has bad health effects, its positive and negatives and your opinion which I agree on. This is because he agrees on both sides of the argument.

  • I don't think that people should be using performance enhancing drugs as they can make you bigger but that also includes your organs and if they get to big they can explode or cause serious health issues.

    1. I agree with you because there is a possibility that the enhanced games will make you better but some people do not think of what is going to happen to their internal body organs and what the drugs can do to them.
      In bodybuilding sports where they are allowed to use drugs, the aftermath of their body structure is always irritable. it is not worth the problem in the long run.
      So, I think that people should think of their health before the enhanced games.

    2. I agree with you objective football because, when people use them they may not even bother reading the contents of the drugs and they take it into their body's not knowing or caring how it effects their organs because they wanted the power it gives and not allowing their organs to rest from the previous ones they've taken.

    3. I agree with you because enhanced drugs helps players run faster , jump higher and be accurate in some other activities , apart from the fact that these enhanced drugs have lots of disadvantages in the field, it also has some detrimental effect to the body, they include the following :
      * insomnia
      *weakness and some other illness that can bring harm to the body
      *it also increase high risk of stroke or blood pressure .

  • I think that making everything fair amidst the use of PED's will be quite tricky. Like you said, some people believe that it ruins the spirit of fair play. Some athletes that take PED's might have little or no skill in that sport but they moment they take the drug, they immediately become experts. What about someone who has been training their whole life and only depending on their own human potential? We can't measure these two using the same scale. I think that the best way to ensure fairness is to separate those athletes that want to use the PED's and those that don't. By doing this we will be able to know the difference between those who are being boosted by the drugs and those who are on their own. This will help us attain fairness as the enhanced games will still have a place to shine but normal sports will not be affected.

  • Enhanced Games seem like a bad idea. It's not fair to the athletes who choose to compete without using drugs. Plus, it could be harmful to their health in the long run. Sports should be about talent, hard work, and showing your true potential. So using drugs could make people question if what they're watching is real or not, which takes away from the fun of sports. In my opinion, letting athletes use drugs in sports is unfair.

    1. I agree with you that enhanced game is a bad idea , I say this because a lot of people get ill as a result of using the enhanced drugs. At the end of the day they may be able to get their desired result, but a lot more than this comes with a lot of disadvantage so I think that they should rather use their own natural capabilities to thrive for getting their desired goal. Some athlete might care more about the crowd who will criticize them and some negative comments all around but alot of people don't care and may not know the price that an athlete will pay in the long run if they take these drugs but I think that people should learn to be themselves and not be so concerned about peoples criticism. Those people criticizing them will not be there when everything begins to go sideways as a result of the drugs they took.

  • pros of enhanced games: paralympians could perform just as well as athletes with without disabilities, it would be just like seeing superheroes in real life! Also, athletes can use science to push the limits of what humans can do.
    Cons of enhanced games: Sports is about training, teamwork and the joy of competing and winning. you would feel hollow in your victory and it could cause long term problems and it would be cheating.

  • I think doping in sports and games is unfair because sports people are being banned and getting a bad reputation and they might change their minds and never return to sport. Some other people might feel upset and cheated if their record was broken because other athletes are using doping.

  • In my honest opinion the enhanced games is getting way out of control people are agreeing on their opinion on adding drugs caffeine to be fair that should be considered cheating. So let’s say someone broke the world record and someone stepped in and stole that record I know it’s there honest opinion but they have to put an end to all of this cheating. So please put an end to this or make a vote