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I agree with you phenomenal_technology, this is because the media does have a big effect on... Media and Elections 28/3/24
Yes, I agree with you excited_snow, I also believe that this information was good and concise.... Immigration: divise policies 27/3/24
I agree with you polite_king, this is because, like you said if countries have everything the... Helping countries stop migration 26/3/24
I agree with you unassuming_cloudberry this is because I think that it is not fair to dope in... The Enhanced Games:is doping fair? My opinion. 26/3/24
I agree with you reliable_lobster, because everyone is responsible for our planet from anything... Businesses v the environment 25/3/24
I agree with you precious_swan, this is because if this law for immigration was added both the... Ageing populations 25/3/24
I disagree with you affable_plantain, this is because though we made a lot of mistakes on the... Of Sexism And Racism. 21/3/24
I agree with you educated_thought, this is because everyone should have an opportunity to find a... Immigration, should it happen? 21/3/24
I would also agree with best_argument, because he adresses the point that it has bad health... my opinion or standpoint upon this 20/3/24
I would agree with you reliable_lobster, this is because if voting makes people have to pay for... Who should fund news about elections? 20/3/24
Hello zestful_artic_fox, I agree with you because everyone could do anything they want to do... Stereotypes 19/3/24
Hello Allowing_peach, I agree with you because if elections are not fair and we could not vote... Ensuring fairness in Indian elections the case for proportional representation. 19/3/24
I agree with you consistent_crow, this is because having your creativity enhanced would be great... Enhanced Games: what else can be enhanced and why? 18/3/24
I agree with you because AI and robots can be very helpful to make things easier for companies,... AI and Robots!! 14/3/24
I agree with you intelligent_orchard, this is because everyone still has voting and it will not... How does the Indian election work? 14/3/24
I agree with you talented_apricot, this is because if the citizens do not vote fairly for their... How would you respond? 12/3/24
I partly agree with you chatty_fact, this is because if elections were held during wars it could... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 12/3/24
I agree with you highspirited_mulberry, because I have seen these stereotypes in my life and it... Stereotypes 08/3/24
I agree with you perceptive_independence, this is because the media is good at getting... The media and elections 08/3/24
Hello intelligent_orchard I agree with your standpoint that media is good for elections, but not... The media and elections 07/3/24