The Enhanced Games Interview: Are they going to be celebrated?

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  • looking at the perspective of the second type of athlete, i think that sports is more about the effort that one puts into training and not about turning the human body into a machine. I say this because when an athlete takes a PED, he only needs to put in little effort to get an outstanding result and a machine does just that. It maximizes output with just a little input. Since the beginning of time, the victors from sports events were seen as people who were courageous, determined and worthy to be celebrated because they always strived to take their potential to the next level. I feel like the second type of athletes believe that the introduction of PED's undermine what sports events truly sets out to achieve.

  • They enhanced games should not be celebrated because it will cause more harm to the body system which will affect the athletes them in they future to come, because it will benefit them when they use the drugs to win the competition but later it will affect their lungs because they lungs is where it accumulate they drugs humans take into the body and it will heal the sickness but if athletes take enhanced drugs it will destroy the lungs and there will be no place for they drugs to stay and heal the sickness.
    So for my own opinion i will say that enhanced games should not be celebrated.

    1. Great opinion intelligent_nectarine!!!
      I strongly agree with your opinion because i think that celebrating the enhanced games will make more and more people to participate in the enhanced games and it will be a big problem because it is not safe this is to ensure that we make the world a better place to be and live.

  • I think that they should not be celebrated because they cheated by using drugs and drugs make you stronger and faster and what if people even children trained there hole life and people that take drugs win because they cheated so I think that the people that don’t take drugs win

  • Hello,
    I think that the Enhanced games should be celebrated because some people actually deserve to be celebrated for this. For example, disabled people. I feel like those people should be able to feel good about themselves as an athlete and deserve to be celebrated. However, the people who aren't disabled or anything and simply take the drugs because they aren't good enough for normal Olympics , they should NOT be celebrated.