The unfair nature of the Enhanced games and how to solve it

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the Olympic games have always been a marvel to see these athletes like the great Usain Bolt! then...came the enhanced games which one paper was "why can't everyone take part" which then results in many problems.

Like how it steals a world record by taking drugs so Joe from down the road could run faster than Usain Bolt. They skip the hard and restless training and dedication and uses these steroids to feel better than the rest. But then that leads to problems like addiction and how they find themselves in the hospital because of heart or other bodily problem. And then goes to make the Paralympic Athletes who already feel not as supported then they see random people shoot past them and go to the big leagues beating world records.

Which is why I propose a simple idea. We ban the games BUT we do what ninja warrior does and open little Olympic centres where you can try the activities but obviously a lot easier. We have 3 sections. Kidlympics paralympics and then the adulympics for the adults. As you could guess the adults is more extreme than the kids but then you get a medal and an Olympic flame night light for kids and flashlight for adults. Then everyone can take part and not have to take steroids or train everyday and obviously nobody would broadcast it so it could be a great place for parties while still feeling like an athlete. That is how i make everyone try the games. Thank you

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  • Enhanced game are unfair because their is Gender discrimination inmost of the enhance games
    females don't usually participate in enhance games and the way can be solved is that people should reduce the weight of discrimination in games . it most countries women don't usually play football. In those countries women don't play football this Rise Up and say discrimination isn't good because in this continues women will feel low and they won't be able to do anything for if they don't this world will be boring.

    1. I disagree to this because I think from what I am seeing the games we have now both boys and girls play them and what I would have expected is when you would have said is that the women are not represented or properly engaged in the gaming activities and in some cases I would say that for some of them it is their fault because most of them thinks that games are only for men and would not want to participate in games and sports.

  • I feel that the Enhanced Games are not fair because it takes away from the success of Olympic athletes that won without the use of steroids or any type of skill enhancing drugs. It is not fair because the able-bodied athletes using enhancing drugs did not have to work as hard for their success as the athletes that did not use drugs, because the drugs fill in the gaps in skill that were not fixed during training. Some may argue that drug users in athletics still train just as they would without drugs, but I reject this opinion because even if they had trained as hard as a drug-free athlete they still used drugs and the drugs still affect their skills. Some also argue that Paralympics may need to use drugs to help them achieve their goal due to not being able-bodied. I completely agree that depending on the disability that Paralympics should be allowed to use drugs to enhance their abilities because they are at more of a disadvantage than healthy, non-disabled athletes.