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I feel that we need to further inform people who are skeptical about the sincerity of... Take Action in Eco-anxiety! 27/3/24
I feel that there is not much hope left for the future regarding eco-anxiety because attempting... Is there any hope for the future? 25/3/24
I agree that businesses can benefit AND suffer from operating in countries that are at war. The... Business and Politics: countries at war 22/3/24
I absolutely agree with this standpoint! Climate change causes a chain reaction of negative... The climate crisis: The urgent need for action and hope for a more sustainable future. 22/3/24
I agree that in order to stop illegal immigration the government should help those who are... Why illegal immigration should be more punished 21/3/24
I definitely agree that A.I will improve our future! A.I can help to complete tasks that require... AI and The Future: Beneficial or Detrimental 21/3/24
I agree with C the most because while protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility,... Profits or the planet? 19/3/24
I feel that the Enhanced Games are not fair because it takes away from the success of Olympic... The unfair nature of the Enhanced games and how to solve it 18/3/24
While I do agree that other countries should try to help eliminate conflicts, their efforts may... Helping countries stop migration 18/3/24
I definitely agree with the point made about how drugs will cause the competition to loose its... Unfair Games 15/3/24
I absolutely agree with this comment because many political figures are giving society false... Do you want your kids to have a world tomorrow? 15/3/24
I agree with your opinion because although from an immigrant's point of view it seems unfair to... Fair or unfair? 14/3/24
I believe that the most important topic that was discussed during the festival was elections. I... Competition #8 winners 13/3/24
Countries can benefit from accepting immigrants into their country in many ways. One of the main... What are the benefits of immigration? 08/3/24
I feel that enhancing the human mind should be prohibited because it may cause severe damage to... Enhanced Games: what else can be enhanced and why? 07/3/24
Countries have rules and policies about immigration to protect the people that are already in... Why are there rules about immigration? 07/3/24
I do not feel like athletes should be forced to reveal to the public whether or not they are... Should people know? 07/3/24
I feel that relaxing immigration laws to allow for better workers will definitely benefit the... Ageing populations 07/3/24
I think that it is fair that the Olympic athletes are not allowed to make political statements... Sports and politics 05/3/24
The skill I would like to focus on is creativity. Having creativity allows different and more... Competition #7 winners 05/3/24