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  • I agree with you most people are happy to see women getting educated. People like Malala yousafzai who helped many female children go to school even though it was very tough
    I liked your standpoint

  • Women have been facing a lot of problem in the society for over decades. I am thankful that my generation are trying hard to stop this beliefs. But there are some people that are having the belief that women and men are not equal. I hope those people will change from their beliefs.

    1. I agree with you because women have faced a lot of challenges in our day _ to _ day lifestyle from different individuals. over time, women were considered as slaves to the men, and this mentality has been passed from generation to generation. although as time passes by people's perspective is gradually changing because of how women are becoming an influential gender in our society today, and how so many people have made gender inequality a topic of concern in our society today.
      in my country I noticed that when people are doing any activity, they try to put women first before men, in my opinion, i feel men are the ones now facing gender biasness.

  • I agree! Education is the most significant pillar of growth! Apart from spreading awareness, education instils in everyone the belief system that they can now co-exist in society. It gives everyone the courage to dream, work towards that dream and make it come true.
    In modern society, our wars are against injustice, inequalities and stereotypes. And the only weapons we have are knowledge and belief in ourselves, and our peers. Education, schooling, exposure to books gives everyone a chance to think and brainstorm, as a result, allowing them to take a stand for themselves and fight this injustice.
    "Your mind is what you read" Psychologically proven, everything we read, see, hear, touch, sense, taste combine to decide what we speak AND how we think... Our mind remodels it's ideologies on the basis of it's environment. It's naturally adaptable, Education gives us a chance to explore ourselves.
    Hence, we all need to fight for universal education. Otherwise, women will keep believing that this injustice is inevitable! Everyone must take a stand for themselves, and to do that, education is a must. It's the base, the start.

  • Nigeria is among the 10% of the world which has a high rate of gender inequality against women. Due to discriminating laws, low level of education and the unequal effect of poverty on women, women are highly discriminated, especially in Northern Nigeria. Girls are given early into marriage, as early as 12 because of the desire of large families and fame among men. Men do not totally embrace the idea of their wives working because they feel a woman's purpose is tied in the home.
    Politics is the biggest aspect of gender inequality in Nigeria. Women hardly contest, but when they finally do, they are criticized till their self esteem is killed and they withdraw. Their own fellow women hardly vote for them because of fear of criticism and influence of their husbands and societal norms.
    Women especially models face a high rate of body shaming which drives them into depression. They are insulted even by those who aren't as successful as they are.
    The worth of women is undermined but they are a major pillar of our world.
    Thank you.

  • A lot of women should be celebrated because women are performing well nowadays. A few examples of women to be celebrated are:
    1. Vice President of America Kamala Harris. She is a very good woman and also a friend to the American citizens.
    2. Malala Yousafzai. She fought for girls education.
    3. The president of New Zealand. She loves every single Muslim