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I agree with option A because men are thinking that women are not skillful when it comes to a... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 15/3/24
A lot of women should be celebrated because women are performing well nowadays. A few examples... GENDER INEQUALITY ASPECTS. 13/3/24
I disagree because... Tradition is safe, easy and has brought your business success at some... Animal rights 07/3/24
I'm totally confused about your statement because if you are saying oil, it might be any type of... Profits or the planet? 05/3/24
You are right. If I would be asked about this discussion, I would say that it has relationship... Why don’t people change? 02/3/24
It should be security, safety and reformation. As for security, prisons would be very proud of... What’s the purpose of prisons? 02/3/24
I am also passionate about news near you because it gives me the opportunity to stay updated... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 02/3/24
I agree because... some people, especially papero-producing companies cut down trees to produce... How to make a change 01/3/24
I ultimately agree with you eleted_dog because election is the leadership quiz. After election,... Businesses and elections 29/2/24
there is no doubt in your speech that women are highly skilled but how will women be good participacts Women's sport 28/2/24
I think Aron D'Souza has a great idea of bringing enhanced games. Olympic games and world cup... Aron D’Souza 27/2/24
Mrs Boika, your question is tricky but with my little knowledge, even if change would not happen... Gender inequality: have your say! 23/2/24
I agree with the statement that women can report on women better and men can report on men... Selam Gebrekidan: this topic’s poll! 21/2/24
citizens should be very humble lets take vice president Kamala Harris's as an example. one of... Responsible citizens 21/2/24
I'm not sure about this. The Nigerian president Bola Ahmed Tinubu gave his own contribution... Women's sport 20/2/24
I agree because... Animals are also creatures like humans. If we harm animals, it is not useful... Animal rights 19/2/24
The statement that surprised me most is that in a country where gender inequality is being... Gender inequality: have your say! 19/2/24
I agree because... "It is true that prisons should assist prisoners in finding homes after their... Reformation 18/2/24
"I agree with Option A because many people believe that merely discussing climate change can... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 18/2/24
Hey there! I wanted to share my thoughts on the Yellow Ribbon Project in Singapore. I... Reformation 18/2/24