Smashing those stereotypes

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  • In my opinion I think stereotype has affect the country in many ways, due to the old traditions and rules set by our parents and elders many children are deprived form doing things they really want do. Women train their daughters to be housewives, maids and market women, this really affects young girls because their dreams of doing other jobs such being president, doctors , lawyers and politicians will be crash. Same for boys, fathers plant this mindset that boys have to jobs that require them to use their muscles and strengths, the world is evolving and boys are becoming more interested into activities like dancing, singing, ballet. Parents, elders, and society must understand that children are allowed to express their talents and opinions to world, they deserve to be free and not be trapped in traditions. In my opinion I think stereotype must be dealt with and the only way to do that is by society allowing the youth to be anything they want be ,and parents and society be supportive with your children dreams. There is saying "the future starts with the youth".

  • Nowadays many people think that our society is a modern and stereotype-free society. But is it really? Every young girl has been that <you are a girl youshould tidy> <how will anyone marry you if you dont know how to cook or clean the house?> espessially from older people who tend to give younger generations a wrong of the world. Although a lot of men contribute to the chores, still it is not only the mindset but also the actions who show that practically noone is progressive enough to accept the fact that men and women are equal in every possible way. Its in our hands to change the world! We shouldnt accept coments for us not trying to become housewives and its our duty to protest so future generations dont have to deal with these stereotypes in their everyday life

    1. Thank you for your comment. Can you think of some ways that women can effectively protest against these stereotypes?

      1. Hi there, Henrietta,
        I think there are some ways that women can effectively protest against these stereotypes, such as through marches, rallies, and demonstrations, which can raise awareness and grab media attention. For example, movements like #MeToo. The #MeToo movement is a social movement against sexual harassment, assault, and rape. #MeToo pushed for stricter policies against sexual harassment and better support systems for survivors in workplaces.

  • I think we can really start to break this stereotypes from home. By allowing the girls to do the chores that we think are meant for boys and the boys to do the chores that we think are meant for girls. If we do this it will help in changing the way we think about certain jobs are meant for different or specific genders. By doing so , our mindset will be changed and we will be able to view things in a different way. This will allow female to be able to take part in different jobs and also the organization's or job places will accept qualified people irrespective of their gender