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I agree with you. You're absolutely right! Climate change is a global issue, and everyone has a... Climate action Broadcast 28/3/24
Hi everyone, You all made great points. You can definitely agree that AI can be a powerful tool... AI: Education and the Future of Work 27/3/24
Hi there, Henrietta, I think there are some ways that women can effectively protest against... Smashing those stereotypes 27/3/24
Hi everyone. I don’t think performance-enhancing drugs should be allowed in competitions... Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in competitions? 26/3/24
Hello, all. For a while now, the war in Ukraine has been making headlines. Even though it is... Too old, too young, not enough, too much 26/3/24
The festival expert I learned something important from was Zanny Minton Beddoes, the first... Competition #10 winners 26/3/24
Hi there zestful artic fox, I absolutely agree with you. Our planet is sending clear signals... we are killing the earth 25/3/24
Awesome standpoint, I strongly agree with you because you're right. Climate change is a huge... The climate crisis: The urgent need for action and hope for a more sustainable future. 25/3/24
Hi everyone. Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) may seem like a shortcut to athletic glory, but... Unfair Games 24/3/24
Hi topical talkers, A flexible immigration policy can help countries with ageing populations.... Ageing populations 24/3/24
I solely agree with you pioneering_impression because AI-powered drones, unmanned ground... AI: and the future of war 24/3/24
I agree with you, precious_swan because helping ex-prisoners reintegrate into society is... Supporting ex-prisoners to reintegrate into the society 24/3/24
Hi there, helpful_idea, I agree with you. Solely because, just as you mentioned, some students... AI: Education and the Future of Work 22/3/24
I respectfully agree with you because it’s true that trees can withstand all weather conditions... Is agriculture a potential solution to climate change? 22/3/24
Hi, I'd like to say that Poland, the country, is doing a great job by temporarily accepting... Why countries need immigrants to thrive. 22/3/24
I truly agree with your words of wisdom. Firstly, your mention of the significant deforestation... Businesses v the environment 21/3/24
In the future, I think getting news will be more advanced! Instead of just sticking to one... Competition #9 winners 20/3/24
I strongly agree with you because you address critical environmental concerns that need to be... Profits or the planet? 20/3/24
Hey there, astounding_petal, I totally get your point about not wanting politics to mess with... Should business be influenced by politics? 18/3/24
I certainly agree with you because, first off, having more people from different places coming... Immigration, should it happen? 18/3/24