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charismatic_imagination Nowadays many people think that our society is a modern and stereotype-free society. But is it... Smashing those stereotypes 24/3/24
composed_statement Personally, I believe that both of these advantages are not something unfair or to be ashamed... Unfair advantage? 06/3/24
noble_earth I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the fact that only one person gets the... Suggest a discussion 06/3/24
steady_maths Hello topical talkers, It was quite a complicated decision but I actually pressed yes. Leading... Your country in your hands! 06/3/24
champion_moose Why isn't propaganda during an election cycle often discussed? A political candidate might use... Suggest a discussion 06/3/24
fabulous_power Personally, i would like my country's leader to: Focus on education, improve the educational... “What do young people want from their elective leaders?” 06/3/24
honorable_moment I also agree with @precious_swan people should be welcomed into their new home but they also... Why are there rules about immigration? 06/3/24
noble_earth I think that this type of help shouldnt be included in the Olympics and generally in all... Unfair advantage? 06/3/24
crafty_signature Hello respectful song. I agree with you that managing the country is hard but if you put effort... Your country in your hands! 06/3/24
fabulous_power In my opinion, the media play a vital role for elections. People learn about what is happening... The media and elections 06/3/24
crafty_signature Hello Frank Tamarind. I can see your point of view and i agree but to a certain extend.... Suggest a discussion 06/3/24
benevolent_nature I totally agree with your point about media being a very useful tool for the elections , but on... The media and elections 06/3/24
independent_reflection Personally I am of the opinion that the media constitute a bad tool for elections,especially... The media and elections 06/3/24
logical_river In my belief, gender stereotypes exist from the ancient times, and were evolving over the years.... Stereotypes 06/3/24
straightforward_planet Hello, in our class we talked about the indian election and the diffrencies our country had .... How did the lesson go? 06/3/24
honorable_moment I agree with @chatty_fact that elections should be held under all circumstances in a country in... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 06/3/24
openminded_banjo I strongly believe that Enhanced Games are useless for a lot of factors. Firstly, these games... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 06/3/24
steady_maths I scored 8/10. I believe that elections are a way for most people to express their opinion and... The elections quiz 06/3/24
champion_moose The media have a lot of influence in an election's outcome. the media's main purpose is to make... The media and elections 06/3/24
independent_reflection I agree with the option A because it indicates the fact that women deserve to be celebrated... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 04/3/24