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I agree because AI is developing too fast to keep under control. There is now AI that can mimic... AI A WONDERFUL BUT DANGEROUS INVENTION 15/3/24
In my opinion enhancing drugs do give an unfair advantage as they boost the performance of the... Unfair advantage? 08/3/24
I agree because the job is really difficult and the prisoners could injure them or worse and... Prison staff 23/2/24
Agree with you as kids need the teachings they can for there possible future but at the same... Prevention or protection? 09/2/24
I think this will happen as jobs will be taken over by AI and humans would have nothing to do.... Jobs of the future 09/2/24
We need more positive news because people are sad for are world even though it is evolving. If... Too much negative news? 02/2/24
If I had an AI robot I would ask it to make me unique foods for me to try and I will copy the... AI companion 02/2/24
I think if AI takes over jobs people will be more lazier and will lose connection with the... Jobs of the future 02/2/24