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The AI is a not finished invention.It is in a beta process,althogh it have a great variety of optionswhen the final version can be downloaded, it will be a revolutionary moment for the human history.

AIis a very good invention because it can help a lot in the human health sector by discovering new medicines or detecting serious illnesses before human can do it.

Also it is very important to control it, otherwise it will be out of control and can cause many problems to he goverment or important companies.

Nowadays, many important companies as Meta or Apple are using the AIfor their new glasses.

As I said before it is important to have the AI under control.Also it can be a problem for education because many students can use AIfor doing their homework and in this way they do not learn their contents.

To sum up, my opinion,as I see it, AI will be a wonderfull invention when it is fiished and if we have the control and the necessary responsability to use it in a good way.Athought it has very good options many goverments can use it as a weapon to recolect information and attack in the future, but I think thet is very good for the future.

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  • Hi topical talk
    Yes it is true that AI is a wonderful but it is a dangerous inventions, AI is a wonderful inventions because it help us in our homes, it keeps our house clean and protect the house from armed robbers and AI make lives easier and fast, AI give humans ideas on how to make our world a better place and comfortable for us the citizens and AI give humans ideas on making a car that don't use Petroleum but it uses gas and smoke don't come out from the engine.
    But in the dangerous aspect, it will make humans lose their jobs, take over humans and the world, it destroys what comes it way in wars and use different weapons to destroy the world.
    So am saying that AI is a wonderful inventions and also a dangerous inventions.

  • I agree, if AI is in control, it is a wonderful invention. It can become threatening only when developers let it to become so. If large companies and associations support AI to be independent, individual and have high thinking and decision making capabilities as a human, there're a lot of chances of AI, becoming dangerous.
    However, if AI is only a helper to humans, it is a great invention, which can make many tasks very lucid for people. At present, AI helps us in various ways, but it should not take the lead in any situation, if it does so, then humans would listen to AI and soon the circumstances would turn upside down.
    After all, I would say it's on the humans to make AI a dangerous or a wonderful invention.

  • I don't believe AI is so dangerous if it is controlled by specific laws or rules.
    Generally it is a tool that can simplify our life and help us discover unknown things till now.
    With the help of AI we learnt so many new things about the deep ocean and its species and we are getting more and more closer to uncovering life in space.
    It will help us find out the beginning of life and the outer space that maybe in some years all these will be proved .

    1. I'm not sure about this because... Do not forget that AI is been coded which means it can be decoded so you can not say that AI is fully safe in the modern world people from order countries hack order countries satellite which AI is not so safe but I suggest that AI should have access to one owner but the suggestion is a good one but no matter what happens anything that is coded can be decoded .But as for AI helping we humans to discover new things it is fact.

  • In my own perspective, I believe that AI is a wonderful inventions which will help in all aspect of humans field without been dangerous or been a threth to the society and the world at large,it can only be dangerous the moment the developer's ceases to add restriction to them.
    Of course it is a wonderful invention because it is a helper to humans, it makes works easier, faster and accurately, it helper in all field of life and also below humans in discovering things that are yet to exist.
    And in all, with the help of AI I think that this world will be equivalent to paradise.
    Moreover AI can also be very dangerous to humans just as we know that Everything that has advantages also have disadvantages, same thing implies in AI, by the rate at which AI is developing, it is obviously that many jobs will be lost.
    And in all, the day that software developer fails to add restriction to AI, that means AI will begin to see that humans are actually using them as slaves and therefore this will make them to come together and fight against humans in order to be free and you can imagine humans fighting with AI. Is that not amazing? of course it is and also dangerous, because humans cant survive it.
    So as AI is in development, we should never make the mistake of not including some restriction.

  • Very true @adventurous raspberry your points and perspective of AI are very eloquent , AI has a lot of potent value and give different outcomes and output but we look to much of the good side that we don't see the negativity of it all there was. With the rapid developments in AI, it's essential to understand what that will do to the world and more specifically our jobs, AI has many possible outcomes that can come out of very little tasks it performs from day to day activities and sometimes when they do these actions they feel that they are in control there is this anime called metropolis it is a sci-fi anime and it has very strong relationship with this topic apparently humans used AI as a personal companion that was until some people started taking it for granted it went rouge and started an Apocolypse which nearly spelt doom for humanity.

  • I agree because AI is developing too fast to keep under control. There is now AI that can mimic peoples voices and actions perfectly! I can see a lot of people using this to hurt peoples feelings and gaslight them into thinking that something happened but it didn't. There is also a song made by 'Drake' but it is actually AI so there was a copyright argument on who owned the song, Drake or the person who made the AI song.

  • Hi,tropical talkers
    AI is wonderful but it is very dangerous also ,AI is giving us different ideas and information,we used Ai in our daily life which make our life easier , some products of Ai are Smart smoke detector, Smart TV, video door bell, Smart light which are good at saving electricity, Smart cameras which protect us and our belongings but Ai is harmful also in many ways such as, social manipulation, track of information without consent,danger to humans and unclear legal regulations and biased programming that's why I thought that Ai is Wonderful but it is harmful also .