AI companion


Imagine a developer was making an AI robot – just for you.

  • What would you like it to be trained to do? For example, how would it help you?
  • What would you do in the free time it gave you?

When you’ve added your idea, read what other students have said.

  • Do you think their robot would cause any problems for them?
  • Would you like your robot to do those things too? Why or why not?

Comments (339)

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  • If I had the option to have an AI robot made for me, I would decline without hesitation. We have become too reliant on technology to help us and carry out our daily jobs. The human race has become lazy and if we need help, we should help each other, not design emotionless robots to do the tasks for us just because we do not have the compassion or energy to do it ourselves. There is nothing that a robot can do that a human cannot do better. Yes, robots are more precise but aren't mistakes what makes life beautiful and unique. A robot is perfect and that doesn't reflect anyone's life so why would we need it to complete our tasks to perfection. We should rely on ourselves and others in life, not robots. I agree that they can can have some benefits to society but this is overruled by their heartless and threatening nature. Human mistake and emotion should be nurtured, not replaced by AI.

    1. If I had an AI robot made for me and it involved in being a teacher I would also decline as we have to be independent and the ai robots won't have any emotions and can be emotionless also if we need help we won't be heading to any detail because using a robot as your helper can mean that you'll just get the answers and not an example but if you got help by a human they will explain and guide you through we cant be lazy and ask ai robot to do it for them we have to learn

      1. I disagree because... Using AI in education helps provide complete and comprehensive information at any time needed. It also allows many people to learn new skills and information without having to pay for courses or private lessons. I believe that using AI in teaching is a breakthrough that will help eliminate illiteracy for many people who used to make excuses about time and lack of financial resources.

      2. I'm not sure about this because... AI is good and at the same time bad. AI has highly reduced the stress of humans if you have tow jobs and you busy if you have and AI it will help you with the one you are not doing that is one of the advantages of having an AI machine in your house another example if you are a student you will not go late to school because on School days the AI robots can assist you with your house chores and if you were to be a worker in the morning if you were to have an AI machine it will assist you in cooking, cleaning of the house and it can also take care of the children this is for the advantages of having an AI machine in your house. Now I will continue with the disadvantages of having an AI machine in your house firstly if the rate of lazyness in your house was 30% it will increase to 90% because of must of the families that use AI machines abuse it the will leave the hole work for the AI machine and it is affecting the younger ones that are still growing because the will not have anything to tech their own children and the will not even like their children to go to school and as for the teaching aspect that you talked about AI dose not have emotions and if you need advice it can not advice you because it does not have emotions but it is not that can not advice but it will not advice you with what Is happening around your compound, I hope you agree with my opinion. THANK YOU......

    2. I disagree because... As you said ''we have become too reliant on technology to help us carry out our daily task'', some people really need AI to carry out their daily tasks because some of them might be disabled. And if some of the things they do might be really dangerous and they may need things like AI, and you also said that robots do not make mistakes. I also disagree with you on that one because, haven't you ever watched some movies when the robot had a malfunction and started making a lot of mistakes that even humans can't make.

      1. i think if you keep on realiing on ai they will take over

        1. Yes of course i solidly agree with you lovely horse because here is a saying that too much of every thing is bad so when you keep on relying on it, there is a possibility that you not only taking over human intelligence but also making you last and addicted in the sense that you will longer have to go school as a student because you need google classroom for that and also you will no longer do your house choice again because you feel Ai machines are always there to do so. Now in terms of getting addicted, there is a period it will reach like when the AI machine has or begin to develop some setting fault then when you stop using them, you will find out that you can do anything because addiction brings or make room for laziness.
          In conclusion, I think the best thing to do is to just always observe abstinence for some period of time so that the AI doesn’t overwhelme the possibility that it can also be shutdown.

    3. I agree because humans are becoming too reliant on technology and reluctant towards work. I do agree that it would have a positive effect towards the community but before considering that, we should also look at how it might affect us and people around to get a broad view or perspective on how to tackle the situation. If humans could develope robots then I don't see the big deal why they can't do work. Emotionless artificial intelligence are not the best option to take. If a robot is specially designed for me then what is the purpose of going out to socialize with people.

      1. Yes, definitely i agree with you, because human beings are truly becoming reluctant on technology or AI. I think it might be a problem, because in Nigeria, it is believed that INDUSTRIOUS women have to work with all their strength BARE hands,do chores with their hands and not rely on even a common washing machine. It is believed that AI or the use of machines will only make women lazy and it is frowned at although I strongly disagree as it just helps to make work easy, faster and more efficient most times.
        I just feel children should rely little on the use of AI's so that they can build their brain and thinking ability. I

    4. I totally agree Human would become to reliant and it would also make them to be lazy they would stop being creative and become to dependent on AI.
      We can see an example of this with the use of calculator: Students have become extremely lazy with the development of calculator they are really dependent on the calculator that the do not longer use their brain to reason even simple addition the would have to press the calculator to calculate it. We as humans should not rely on AI because when AI goes we would all be doomed.
      We as humans should learn to be more creative and innovative and not rely on anything because it would make us lazy.

    5. I agree with this comment, as mistakes are what make us human, if we have something perfect come into our lives, we may begin to feel jealousy towards the thing. However there could definitely be some positives toward AI being in our everyday lives. This may seem controversial but we can use AI for hospitals for surgery, as they can be a lot more precise and could reduce cost, as with a human they would have to be paid.

    6. I totally agree with you but didn't reality human mistakes and emotion will never be replaced by AI I agree with you that they can have some benefits but they also have some bad impacts to the community and society which can make us so lazy which can impact on humanity.

  • If I could train a robot to assist me in my daily life, I would train it to help me to tidy and clean my room or in the future my apartment, respectively. But I'd say this is the most it could for me. Of course I could let it do my schoolwork, but then I learn nothing, because I am not putting any thinking in to it, which would make school redundant. I could also teach it to cook or to bake, but these are both things I enjoy. Although, probably there will be days on which I am sick so it might be helpful to have a little private cook at home. Still, in general the only thing a personal robot could do for me on a daily basis would be to help cleaning the apartment, which would also save me plenty of time to read or go out.

    1. I agree because... If I to could train my AI bot, I would train it to do many things like maybe baking also, and if there is any way I could program it to get some of my favorite songs and then play it to me, then that's the first thing in mind that I should train it to do.
      THANKS 👍👍👍

      1. I also agree with you because I will train robot made for me. I will like to train or teach robot that help others who are in problems. I will train it to be creative and interested in arts , colours and painting. I will also train robot lots of cooking and art skills. I would train AI bot medical skills because if anyone needs medical service and doctors aren't available, AI bots will be useful in bad situation.

    2. I totally agree with you, I would do the same because there are limit things a robot can do for you without having any disadvanteges, as you already said a robot can help you but you may enjoy doing some actuvities such as cooking

  • I could love to have am AI robot to make some impossible things possible. I would love to transfer me quickly to anywhere in the world with the press of a button. The AI robot then could use the language of this country to translate to me , give me directions where to go but most of all keep me safe.

    1. I'm not sure about this because... Of the lack of the standard of economy value in the country like in Nigeria and some other developed country that hasn't been over developed like the UK, American, and even China? Thanks.

  • If I would have a robot then it should give many facilities for the people who are in need and i would also use it for my own work. I would want that robot to help the poor people, the people who arr hungry, the students or if I am facing difficulty in studies then that robot should help us. I would want that robot that it helps everyone who are in need, robots can make our work very easy so I want that robots to help my family members.
    In my free time i would use the skills with the help of robot, do some creative things, etc.

  • If I had an AI robot I would make it able to do any job. To help all the needy people. The robot would do the job then the person will receive the money and hopefully eventully have enough money (along with the money from their own jobs) to buy food and clothes.

    1. I agree because... yeh if you have a person who is blind for example it can grab things like food and pencils so you can be able to write although your blind !

      1. I agree because blind people need lots of help because they can't see anything. AI can help them a lot and would make a big difference.

      2. I agree because it's an awesome thing the world will be better and then we won't have slavery or poor people

      3. Yes and it can lead blind people as a guide dog does, giving them directions.
        Similarly, it could help a deaf person in the following scenario - imagine a deaf person is getting shouted at in an emergency situation by someone aiming to help them. AI could translate it quickly by doing sign language to help them and avoid a potentially life-threatening accident.

        1. I agree because... it is not easy to lip read and only a certain amount of people can actually do it , therefore having a companion there to translate the sign language would be an absolute positive in my eyes .x

          1. That's quite a new idea! An AI companion can easily lip read a deaf or mute person and communicate that information to us.
            And it can convey our information to that person. This will make the communication more equal and respectful on both the sides. That way, everyone will be on an equal level.
            I believe an AI companion will thus ensure the dignity of everyone, despite their inability to do a certain thing.

        2. Yes I agree with you ...Ai can definitely help the disabled people .. I would like to add my point that Ai can also be very helpful to the old age houses and old people who don't have any servants or childrens to keep watch on their health .. in that situation ai can be a very good servant and I don't think so that ai can make any problem for them . Ai would be very useful by giving them medicines on time without forgetting.

          1. In countries where there is an ageing population, this could be especially important.

        3. Hi
          I agree with you ambitious _persimmon. Yes AI can help disabled people in doing many things because AI has many abilities. AI can help disabled people in many ways for example it can help a blind man in driving.

          1. I'm not sure about this because... Although it can assist people in performing tasks, it might not be the most optimal option. Even if technology helps a blind person in driving, it could mean that it is replacing the human who previously performed that task.

            1. I disagree because... AI is meant to help people who are disabled; it does not mean that they are being replaced; it means that they are being cared for and taken care of. But if they are not being helped, they won't be able to perform their daily tasks.

    2. Would they except the AI robot though? What if they thought it might hack the computers that in the store?

      1. I. Know what you have in mind and I once had it too, but put it aside and imagine this, a world where robots are working in your place and they would be helping our world develop while you focusing on studies and principles of life.there won't t be fight for the government to fix roads but instead robots would fix it.

        1. I see and understand your perspective my friend! It would be nice if robots do our work for us but have you considered that if robots take our place,a lot of people will be unemployed.
          That is a great disadvantage of robots to humans. And we all know the effects of unemployment.

        2. But fully depending on AI is not good. Humans should not rely too much on robots that are operated by AI because it might make humans skillless. Depending entirely on robots may lead to serious problems if we face situations where robots are not available to perform certain tasks. If humans become 100% dependent on AI and it suddenly becomes unavailable, it could cause widespread chaos and destruction. For instance, if an AI-controlled transportation system suddenly crashes, it could leave people without any means of transportation to get to work, school, or other essential locations And use of AI has made human skill weaken which means that they don't know how to drive vehicles. This could lead to economic collapse, social unrest, and even loss of life as vital services and infrastructure come to a halt without AI assistance.

        3. If a robot was working in my place and doing everything I had to do so why am I here.
          We are created to fix what is bad in world,use our skills like creativity, intelligence,emotions,and solving problems (may be the problems we are facing are similar to problems we had before) etc...
          If I am playing an online game and this was the first time to play it.Yes I can use AI to make me cheat to win.But where is the enjoyment of learning a new thing.Yes I won but by cheating in addition to that I didn't enjoy.

        4. Hi fun_conclusion
          I don’t think so.
          If a robot is doing everything I had to do so what am I doing in life.
          A human was created to use its skills on world like creativity,feeling,emotions,and solving problems that might be faced by us before. Etc…
          An example is when I am answering my Homework I can use ChatGBT and answer the Homework but by cheating.
          So when I go to a real exam with no ChatGBT or any other way to cheat with.I will fail because I didn’t use my skills that I had to use. So failure will be the end.

          1. I agree because... When we depend on any external source to do our work we become dependent on that external source, though we say that we can use that free time to upgrade pur skills, we need to practice. There is a proverb saying "Practice makes a man perfect", without practicing if we just keep upgrading the skills, when we have to face the reality it will be a failure.

          2. I agree because... If an AI is doing everything for you Will be lazy to do work when the robot is not functioning very well.and it will make you feel useless in life

      2. I'm not sure about this because... I do not think that he would do this because it is the human being who has the control over it. I do not think that artificial intelligence or a robot can do things on its own unless it is designed for these things, but naturally it does not do what the human wants because it is the one that controls it, and if the opposite of this happens, then surely it is him. Error on the part of man

      3. That wouldn't happen because the AI would be programmed to do what the humans need them to do no matter what they have been programmed to do it will not stop until it is made to or until it is finished.

    3. I agree with you but I think that the person should have an act in what the robots doing otherwise they are just getting the money and not doing anything to get the money. Also they might use that extra money to get things that are bad for them.

    4. exactly that`s what everyone(not everyone) thinks

    5. I think that this is a good comment
      but I think you should help needy
      people. Plus would they allow the

      1. I agree because... If you are to buy an AI companion you could use it to buy your needs.

        1. What human needs would be made easier with the help of AI?

          1. Hello,
            While reading through I found this question, well personally I won't say It provides human needs. At least it helps to provide means in which money can be made. Apart from this I do not think AI's are there to provide needs, rather I feel they provide pleasure, wants, fancy and desires. If you look at it from a practical view, you would be able to notice that most times that AI's are put to use, it is for pleasure and to make things easier or to make it more efficient.
            They make work easier and not do the work completely, google Research has proven that the main purpose of AI's is to make computer that have reasoning which is similar to that of human and to complete task that humans have performed and not to perform the tasks for human, just to aid and reduce workload on humans.

            THANK YOU

        2. I disagree with you calm conclusion if you should be able to get an AI companion you can not use it for selling your goods.

    6. i agree with you that this will be useful but i think that the person should have an act to what the robot is doing because then they are just getting the money for free and they might use it for things that they don't need and maybe they will take advantage of the robot and keep it in stead of giving it to another poor or homeless person. The reason i think that the person should have and act in what the robot is doing is because there might be to little of the robots out there so then other people out there would have to do it all by themselves the robot can just balance it out for example when they have a shift at their other job and have the robot take the other shift at the other place.

      1. It is crucial to consider accountability when using robots to ensure that individuals do not exploit the system. One way to ensure responsible and ethical use of resources is to allow people to have some control or oversight over the robot's actions. In addition, using robots to assist with tasks can alleviate some of the burden on individuals, particularly when they have to juggle multiple responsibilities such as work and volunteering. Striking a balance between autonomy and oversight is essential to optimize the effectiveness of such systems.

    7. I don't think that AI should be doing the job for needy people, lively_emotion. The homeless or needy people might become dependent on the AI, and will not be able to get a job after they have enough money. I think instead the AI should simply help the needy people find a job and shelter. This will allow them to get on their feet, but also become dependent on themselves.

      1. That's a great way to look at this. I also agree with you because I believe that the poor and needy people should be helped to complete at least their primary education. If we provide a robot with AI with them they might think that it's no use to study onwards as their robot is helping them. And if the person is literate but poor then I think that providing a robot might not be that bad.

      2. I strongly agree with your comment because there are many people who don't want to work but want to get their needs complete but if such AI robots will work for them they will surely get dependent on them but if AI robots manages to get them a job or help them with education then definetly the coming generation will be very educated and their will be no poverty in the world.

    8. I'm not sure about this because the Ai is made specially just for you, isn't it?And you want people to be dependent on AI even for money and not try for to do any work by themselves and kill their creativity. Even if you are using AI for needy people and for money..use it by teaching them new new things or skills so that later they can use the skills and find a job and earn money by themselves.
      Thank you

      1. I agree because... I think that his /her answer is not related to the topic , IN addition using Ai robot for getting money kill the creativity of humans and make them lazy instead of using them for learning new skills is an effective way to get money as after time may be AI robot disappear so he will not work but learning skill is permanent .

      2. I agree with this. AI can be really helpful when it comes to helping people in need. However, it should help the person be more productive to be successful in life. For example, if a person does not have good skills that make him suitable for a job, AI can be used to give him tips or a roadmap to follow in order to gain these skills. On the other hand, people can use AI to do all the work for them such as generating ideas, but there would be consequences if he could not achieve or learn anything from his usage of AI like that person not having the creativity to do other tasks that AI cannot do or think of a way for them to be done.

      3. I get your point because how would AI help all people? It is a good and charitable idea but how can AI help people get money but if they have a disability it might be helpful for them to cope. People need to be creative, work hard and aim high to be a good learner though not get robots to teach them, on the other hand, asking AI to help you with tasks and skills is a good idea and for police AI could help police track criminals too. My AI companion could help me round the house and just simply be a form of entertainment like playing music or simply the fact that having a robot is really cool so interesting point constructive memory.

      4. I agree with your words because while AI is useful, relying on it entirely might limit our creativity. It's better to use AI to teach people new skills so that they can find jobs and be self-sufficient. This approach ensures that AI is a helpful tool without making us completely dependent on it, fostering a balance between technological assistance and personal independence

    9. I kind of agree as well as disagree with your point of view.Although, AI is made for human themselves for easiness and betterment of their life, totally depending or letting someone depend on a thing that isn't anything without human intelligence is not good.It may lead to losing their creativity and being dependent on a machine. But on the other side it can also make the needy person's life better.It can also give them an encouragement or hope to live a better life.

    10. Hi! I agree with you but to an extent. Yes, the AI robot should be able to do any job; however, I believe that the AI should help the person do the job, not do the job all by itself. If the AI does all the work, the person may become blinded by wealth, and learn nothing from the job itself. This leads to the person to depend on the robot to do everything. There needs to be a balance. If the AI breaks, the person has no actual experience to get a job themselves. Not everyone is like this, but it's still a good precaution for if something like this does happen.

      1. I absolutely concur with your perspective and I also believe that robots should help accomplish the job and not actually do it. We need to empathize the balance between aiding individuals rather than simply doing a task. Humans should be acknowledged and have the appropriate experience to handle a situation when a robot malfunction. It goes without saying that robots are machines, not humans. They just act like them. So, in my view, people should make an effort to achieve something they find difficult and seek help from AL when needed in order to cope with matters concerning them.

        1. I think AI could change the world but also if it falls into the wrong hands it could turn out realy bad.

      2. I strongly agree with your take on this.
        AI was created as a form of digital "assistance" meaning that its supposed to be help humans amplify their work,creativity and efficiency.
        Humans should be able to work properly with or without AI, Artificial Intelligence is simply an extra tool not a replacement for human expertise and decision-making.

    11. I agree because if you are homeless you could ask it to find you a hostel.

    12. I agree with lively_emotion because if a developer was creating an AI companion just for me, I would train it to help the people who needs help with their daily lives

      1. I also argree trusting_interaction becauseif was an AI developer and i created a robot just for me, i would use it to help people and use my free time for family and friends.

        1. Well done for replying to another comment, could you give 2 examples of how you would use it to help people?

          1. Ok Aimee.
            in my opinion i think we should use AI to help people in many ways like:
            -making them create useful 3D images for our everyday use like print for a clock,a switch e.t.c.
            -and i will also make them to be protect people onlinefrom fake internets.
            Thank you.

            1. Thank you for your comment, how would creating 3D images through AI help people?

              1. i think it would help people by creating 3D images like :
                -door nobs
                -keys e.t.c
                Thank you

              2. Creating 3D images through AI to help include people can be used in different fields, especially workforces, so it can be given back to the people. Some examples include:
                1. In fields in entertainment and media where AI can or would generate 3D scenes to enhance the visual quality of animated films and video games, the use of 3D glasses is not needed. AI can also generate highly detailed avatars or characters for virtual reality experiences, social media, or gaming platforms. For example, Roblox and Minecraft. Design and Architecture: For construction and infrastructure, AI can assist in designing and prototyping products by creating 3D models that help visualize form, function, and aesthetics. This is a very particular one in healthcare: AI must start generating 3D reconstructions from medical scans (such as CT or MRI) to aid in diagnosis, surgical planning, and treatment. In Manufacturing and Prototyping world, AI-generated 3D models
                can accelerate product development by enabling rapid prototyping and testing. For building aspects in simulation and optimization, engineers must use 3D simulations to optimize designs, analyze stress, and predict performance to bring new realistic designs to design or upgrade less developed countries. This can help that country attract tourists. In the art and creativity realms, artists can use AI tools to create intricate 3D sculptures and digital art to help intrigue learners with disabilities who're interested in art.
                In conclusion, using 3D shapes through AI to aid people is very innovative; it is also versatile, being that AI can assist in designing aerodynamic shapes, optimizing vehicle performance, and remodeling countries, which is both environmentally and financially friendly.

              3. People can gain a great deal from using AI to create 3D graphics in lots of ways. Let's examine a few of the advantages.

                Faster Workflow and Iteration: Years of skill and extreme care to detail are required for traditional 3D visualization. But the process speeds up whenever AI-powered graphics is built into the process of work.
                3D picture creation and testing can be done by designers faster, especially during the early stages of concept discussions and design.. Having access for Creators: With the use of AI-powered tools, designers who don't have years of experience in 3D modeling can more easily access 3D visualization.
                Numerous free software AI drawing methods make excellent 3D models easier to access to a larger audience.

          2. Of course! The question-and-answer model can be employed to provide information, resolve queries and provide assistance. Here are two examples:

            1. **Educational Assistance:**

            - Users can ask questions related to various topics or concepts.

            - The model can provide detailed explanations, clarifications or additional examples to enhance understanding.

            2. **Health Monitoring and Early Detection:**

            - AI can analyze health data, such as data from wearable devices or medical records.

            - Early detection algorithms can identify potential health problems, allowing individuals and healthcare professionals to take proactive steps for prevention and timely intervention.

            These examples illustrate how AI applications can positively impact individuals by contributing to education and early health awareness.