Unfair advantage?

One of the biggest arguments against using performance-enhancing drugs is that it gives athletes an “unfair” advantage.

This got us thinking. Are there other things that might give an athlete an advantage over others in a sports competition? For example…

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    The latest equipment – such as trainers that include springy soles

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    More time to train than others – for example, because you don’t have to do another job

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    Better nutrition – such as fresh foods, vegetables and supplements

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    Access to expertise – for example, from a coach or a teacher

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    Physical advantages – such as longer limbs

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  • I think all of these things should be there . We need time to train, eat fresh fruits, and proper diet, have an expertise of a coach or a teacher , and use proper equipments with care, all these things matter a lot, and these will make you a better sports person and athlete. Obviously performance. Enhancing drugs will be an unfair advantage for one. Because the person who is not taking these drugs will feel sad as he has been working hard , without doing any cheating for winning. And if one does then it will be wrong for the other who has not done that. Also to make the competition fair it is important to have a proper set of rules which need to be followed by everyone because rules only sometimes makes the game more interesting and difficult so that the results are accurate……
    Also, we should not be dependent upon anything. We should do what is right and don’t take a shortcut for achieving something.

    1. I agree and the concept of no shortcuts is a very important concept and has been shared by many teacher and coaches but to make sure that there is a fairness among athletes I feel every competition should have their own criteria, this would allow for the physical advantage to be leveled out. For all the equipment during exercise and the event, the host should advise and enforce for the use of specific tools to level the playing ground.

    2. Nice one glorious truth.
      I think I agree with you because,athletes use fresh food to get good health and not to be sick always.Using enhanced drugs might even be a way to cheat in any sporting activity.And also if you have a lot of time to practice, you'll surely win.
      THANK YOU 😊

      1. Athletes eat healthy to stay strong and play their best. While they might get sick sometimes, using special drugs to enhance your ability to do work without hard work is like cheating. These performance enhancing drugs are not fair because they break the rules and spoil the joy of the game.

        Instead of using performance enhancing drugs, athletes should focus on eating well, practicing hard, and playing fair. This way, they can be the best and have a healthy and happy sport career. because cheating is never the right choice.
        Thanks for listening!

        1. I agree because cheating is not okay and if its going to have a disadvantage on their health, why would they do it? Sports should be about showing your best abilities and being proud of them, drugs is just an unnecessary addition. Taking drugs for improvement on your sport activities is not fair on other participants who either chose not to take them or cant afford to get them. I feel that if drugs are added to sports, were not showing the hard work and effort needed to put into sport, what is this teaching the younger generation?

          1. I agree with you considering the fact that enhancing drugs is indeed illegal. People need to figure out that keeping your body well in shape in the only legal enhancing drug in sports. If you keep proper nutrition and proper workout plans will be a natural enhancing drug and succeed in every sport they do.

        2. I completely agree with you. Athletes are always training 24/7, even when they are not in the gym, they are still doing something to maintain their fitness- whether its eating healthy or doing some recuperation. Sometimes like all human beings, they get sick too. When timing is especially unfortunate, they can get sick before important events. However, this is never an excuse to dope.

          Despite the seeming advantages, there are also disadvantages which outweigh the advantages. Such as it leading to mood swings and aggressive behaviour. Not only are there physical negatives, but doping also such negatives connatations within the sporting world. Doping is treated with such a disdain. Take Paul Pogba, the French footballer for example. After being caught doping, he's now ruined not only his physicality but ruined his career as he has been suspended for four years.

      2. You made a good comment but you know that in a game, one team must definitely win so my question now is, all the team that loose during games, does it mean that they don't practice before.

        1. I agree because all sports have winners, but in the end, everyone can be a winner if they give their best. All teams practice and eat healthily to be in their best shape and perform well in the sport. It doesn't necessarily mean that the opposing team doesn't practice, but it could mean that they are not on the same level as the winning team and cannot defeat them.

    3. Indeed your right glorious truth because if some one takes drugs the others might feel down as in the person taking the drugs has been pampered over them,and it is really an important part that is to eat good food that are healthy, train properly by the instruction of a good coach in order not to cheat make certain rules and regulations that govern the game for example if to say the game was ""relay race" the number one rule of this game is to make sure you hold the baton properly before passing it to your partner, make sure you maintain your lane in order not to get disqualified. This types of rules should govern the game because their is no way you would follow the rules and some one will tell you you cheated and cheating is a very bad thing that no one wants to be caught doing.

    4. Definitely all of these things should be there. I say so because, we need time to train ourselves on how to eat and to be an expertise. We need to take care of all of these things because they matter to us a lot and this could make us become more healthy and better . Enhanced drugs can be unfair to some people because, those who are not taking this drugs feel the sports will no more be interesting because sports require strength and effort but here it is artificial strength. I think the game could be fair if we bring in everyone's opinion.

      1. I'm not sure about this because what if this is being categorized where we have those who want to take enhanced drugs compete against each other and those who don't want to enhanced drug compete against each other, i think that will be fair

    5. I do agree that everything you have mentioned is needed for a successful career for an athlete but the enhancing drugs will give a person a bigger advantage, in life there is no shortcut

      1. I totally agree with you because, most people that try to use shortcuts always end up in a mess. In this enhanced games, people are allowed to use shortcuts and I think they might also experience negative effects or even get addicted to this drugs.
        For example, if athletes that take part in running, might get addicted to performance enhanced drugs and might end up depending on these drugs to walk or even need to use a wheelchair in the near future.

        1. Would you change your mind if the risks of these drugs are low?

          1. Hi Harriet @TopicalTalk
            There are several reasons as to why I would change my mind about low-risk drugs, as they can lead to increased health and well-being. This is because individuals can access medications and supplements that can improve their overall health and well-being. For example, herbal supplements and vitamins are often used to promote good health and to prevent illnesses. At present, there is a lack of high-quality research into the effectiveness of these supplements, in part due to the perception that they are not 'serious' enough to warrant investment in research. However, if people and health professionals had a greater understanding of the potential benefits of herbal supplements in preventing illness, this could increase the amount of quality research conducted in this area. As a result, individuals would have access to more information and evidence on the effectiveness of these supplements, which could improve health and lead to a reduction in illness. Secondly, changing minds can improve the quality of life. By changing perceptions and challenging the way people think about low-risk drugs, there is scope to increase the treatments available for pain and anxiety, such as through greater recognition of the benefits of non-addictive painkillers and anti-anxiety medications. For instance, research shows that complementary therapies—a type of treatment that is not typically offered within conventional Western medicine, such as acupuncture, massage, and certain herbal remedies—can help people manage a range of painful physical conditions. However, these therapies are not widely available on the NHS. If minds were changed to recognize the benefits of such therapies, this could open up new treatment options for a wide range of conditions, helping individuals to manage their pain in ways that suit them. Any improvement to health systems and treatments that result from this process would be to everyone's advantage and would ultimately contribute to the wider public health. Lastly, changing minds about low-risk drugs can enhance safety and security. This is because individuals (for example, in my country, Ghana) can make more informed choices about their medications and treatments. For example, if there were changes in thinking that resulted in greater awareness of the potential dangers associated with commonly used over-the-counter medications, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen, this could have a significant positive impact on public health. Recent research has suggested that these medications are linked to an increased risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular complications. However, these medications are still widely accessible without a prescription. If people were better informed about the potential risks of NSAIDs through campaigns that seek to change attitudes and knowledge about these drugs, this could lead to a reduction in the number of people inadvertently putting their health in danger through their medication choices. Thank you.

            1. Not that I disagreed with you comment am only trying to modify that. Have you forgetting that everybody's body system are not the same?
              You might take the drug and you won't have any systems at that moment but if I do, I might begin to develop lung or liver cancer.You said it increase health and well-being, do you think it does not have a side effect? Or do you think you can't be addicted to it in the sense that you won't practice again because feel there is always drugs to help then?
              I think nice-eagle is right in what he/she said about the risk of these drugs I also concur that it doesn't change anything and the drugs should be banned totally not reducing the risks and I also think they should judge the scores through how you performed in game naturally.

          2. Hi Harriet@Topical talk,
            Even if the side effects of the drugs are low, there is no how it is not going to affect the person in future remember that everybody's body systems are not the same in the sense that it might benefit the other person and cause a very dangerous harm to your health, also, mind you that not everybody are coming from the same background because another man's food might be another man's poison.
            I think the best way to correct this situation is by having Individual lab test to know the suitable drug for a particular person so that people can be in the safer side to avoid health issues.

            1. Hello passionate_reindeer, I agree with your statement because even while the side effects might not show right away like you said it could occur in the future hurting the person.

          3. Hello Harriet, I would like to answer your question.
            Even if the effects of the drug are low, they would probably affect in the future. We don't know how it will affect the athlete in the future. Their body would be sensitive due to that they have to take the drug in every competition. I also think that this would be very dangerous to their body. Imagine having difficulties in the competition but still competing. It would be terrible for their mental health, physical health, and everything. I also want you to imagine what if they were in a bad condition and they wouldn't be able to compete again. It would ruin their career. They would be sad because they worked hard to get there. Even tho the effects of the drug are low, they would also be bad conditions.

            1. I solidly agree with you because all performance enhancing drugs has side effects in future which is very bad. Your body system might not respond or react that particular but when it becomes chronic that's when it will start causing some toxic harms in our body systems. Currently we have lost about 44% of athletes today in the process of this performance enhancing drugs.
              In conclusion, I will say that reducing the risk won't change anything.

              1. I agree because, no matter how hard you try to find a drug that has minimal side effects or no side effects it is impossible to find. Every drug has a certain side effect of it's own. According to https://www.nhs.uk/medicines/prednisolone/side-effects-of-prednisolone-tablets-and-liquid/ some examples of side effects of drugs are:
                Weight gain.
                Problems sleeping (insomnia).
                Feeling restless.
                Sweating a lot.
                Mild mood changes.
                THANK YOU.

            2. I completely agree with you, engaging_twilight. Many may not know about the internal conflicts that happen in somebody's well being and also health. Not to mention the long term conflicts that may occur later in their life. When using drugs, there's no telling on how it may affect the user. As everybody's body is different and special in their own way.

          4. Even if the risk of the drugs is low, I will never change my mind. I believe that sports are where the physical fitness, ability and talent of a person is judged. So, if you take drugs, it will be a partiality. Usually, an athlete works hard to keep himself fit and healthy so that he can play well. Health is an important factor for an athlete. Playing games by taking drugs will not show your ability and strength. So, it will be unfair for the audience as they will not be able to see your potentials and ability. Also winning the game using drugs will not give you the satisfaction and pleasure which you will get by working hard and with your full potentials. Besides, if the risk of drugs is low, it doesn't ensure that it will not have any effect. What if by taking drugs it hampered your body and you can't get back the strength? It will destroy your whole career. For this reason, we should not take any risk. We have to play games by our own ability and enjoy the game.

          5. Hi Harriet@ Topical talk,
            I wouldn't change my mind if the risks of these drugs are low because all human's body systems are not the same so in that case, another man's food might be another man's poison. You might take the drug and nothing will happen to you but if i do, there is a possibility that it might cause a very big danger to my systems and mind you, not everybody are coming from the same background so that case the person might not be taking whatever you are taking which makes your body very different from his/her own. All performance_ enhancing drugs has side effect. You might not feel it now till when you become older maybe that is when the signs will start developing in your body.
            i think the best way to solve this problem by just banning the performance _enhancing drug totally so that there will be no room for cheating and unfair play in sports so that the scores will be judge by how you performed naturally without anything booster.

          6. Even if the risk of these drugs are low there is no reason for using these drugs.If a person wants to achieve a goal the person must walk towards it.When athlete uses drugs for a period of time , the drugs might not have any effect on the athlete's body. And the athlete might feel that the drugs are not effective any more and therefore increase the dosage of the drug and unknown to him or her increasing the risk too.

            1. I agree because most of the people that are using all this drugs are able to die at a young age even if the drug effects are slow it can still kill them. This would make the sports look like something bad.

          7. Hi, Harriet@TopicalTalk,
            I feel it can be easy for certain people to believe that changing their minds when the risks are low suggests that others who are doing this are not doing so for reasonable and acceptable reasons. This is known as paternalism, where others, perhaps with power, use the facts in order to benefit or harm the person who has little or no power. But it's also easy for certain people to simply dismiss the possibility that low-risk problems are bad because, first of all, they're unhealthy with little or no enjoyment, and if the risk is low, there's actually nothing really to be gained. However, it's thought that this isn't necessarily correct because, under modern principles, patient autonomy is now the biggest factor that determines how risk is calculated and what can be done when there's an instance of a risky healthcare process. It is up to a patient to decide if something is going to affect their body and put them at risk, no matter how low that risk actually is. This is further supported by a case that was decided concerning a woman named Margaret Sidaway. She had a rare and degenerative disease that rendered her paralyzed and in severe pain. The doctors suggested that an operation be completed, which has only a 0.5% risk of making the condition even worse. However, Miss Sidaway decided against the operation, but the doctors never told her about the very low risk of anything going wrong. She took the case to court, and while it was found that there was a strong legal rule to the effect that the doctors had to disclose any information that was material, so that the patient could make a proper decision, it also showed how different risks and questioning the impacts could change someone's life due to the fact that the legal test recognizes the sovereignty of the patients. As a result, the idea that low-risk problems cannot be reasons for changing one's mind is seen as more and more incorrect, and no longer can one really argue that low-risk problems are bad because, first of all, they're unhealthy, and also that if it's low-risk, there's really nothing to be gained. Nowadays, there's more emphasis on patient autonomy( especially in my country, Ghana), and what's been seen as less acceptance of that clinical judgment should instead be a priority in deciding issues relating to low-risk problems. The reality is that changes of mind in the face of risks are not only understandable and rational, given the variety of reasoning points around risks. This also allows for the support of the modern principle that low risks are still risks and should be calculated and considered to the point of whether or not an action should be taken based upon that particular risk to the patient concerned. Thank you.

          8. I'm not sure about this because although the risks are low, we are taking artificial substances to obtain fisical capacities better than the natural species of the human being does not have, and related to this, athletes may develop an addiction to said substances that could provoke serious damage in their bodies and in their economy due those drugs aren't cheap.

          9. Hi Harriet @Topical Talk,
            Please I would like to respond to your tentative question, that says if you would d change your mind if the risks of the performance enhancing drugs are low.

            Ok, it will benefit the athletes because it is going to keep them more healthy because and they will live longer.
            Then on the other hand it is not good because not everybody’s body systems are the same in the sense that you might take the peels without having any sight now but when I take it then it becomes a problem. I know an adage that says, another mans food is another man’s poison and also the one that say all fingers are not the same. So when everybody takes the drugs and I don’t because of health issues then it becomes a problem.
            In conclusion, even if the risks are less, it will still affect some people and when they don’t take it then it becomes cheating in games.

      2. Totally, I agree with you because there is so much need for an athlete to get all these things for a brighter path. There may be shortcuts, but indeed it is not a way to become successful in life because you didn't work for it. In conclusion, as you've said, there are no any shortcuts in life, you have to work very hard.

      3. I disagree with knowledgeable message because if athletes take drugs it will not be fair for others who practiced from there childhood or for days. Some athletes just take this drugs, not worrying about the effect of the drugs.

      4. I disagree because these drugs have side effects on the people that are taking it which may make them to die or make their performance in what their doing low which can cause their career to be sorting end by taking all of
        these drugs.

    6. I do agree that everything you have mentioned is needed for a successful career for an athlete I feel discouraged when I hear athlete using steroids and performance enhancing drugs because it would discourage people who are considering a career in athletics it gives people an unfair advantage but it also causes harm to that person it takes the fun out of a challenge if you now how to cheat it also discouraged other athlete's. All rules should be properly followed when a sporting event is happening and good sportsmanship should be shown.

      1. HELLO knowledgeable_ message,
        I agree with you because athletes taking enhancement drugs is not good because it kills the fun. It does this when the athletes take the enhanced drugs there is a 90% chance that the game has been won by the athletes that take the enhanced drugs.
        Clearly, there is something that should be noted. That will be that people should never take enhanced drugs in the Olympic Games because that can cause them to lose a lot. I say this because lately, Paul Pogba( a footballer) was banned for 4 years from the Olympic Games. He was banned because he took enhancement drugs outside the Enhanced Games. He suffered the consequences for his actions.
        So, I just say that people should mind using enhancement drugs outside the Enhancement Games.
        THANK YOU!!!

      2. I agree with you because using steroids can be very harmful to the body I for one will recommend proper nutrition for the body and exercise they will help in the growth of the body and it won't be recommended as cheating.

    7. Not all athlete who take these drugs take it with the aim of cheating , i feel some people take these drugs to enhance their practice lets say for instance i know that an athlete discovers his endurance is not in a fair range and it has been affecting his training then he decided to take performance enhancing drugs to improve his endurance so as to train better don't you think , that athlete has solved a problem he or she is facing. if Thomas Thiel did not think of the advantages or the people these drugs would help do you think he would have invested billions not only did he think about a problem most athletes must be facing he also discovered a reliant solution. if training, eat fresh food and proper diet really makes you a good athlete do you think enhanced sport would have been a success, some researchers discovered a problem and found out a solution so there i think using performance enhancement is fair because not every athlete has the same strenght capacity

      1. I disagree because, when you take drugs it is not to train or enhance your physical abilities, it is to try and win over the competition. It is good to try and win, but using drugs should be illegal to use in the competition.
        Imagine if this was allowed into educational facilities, the winner would be which team has the better cheaters on their side.
        THANK YOU.

    8. HELLO!
      I agree All of this are supposed to be done, new equipment should be worn if an athlete wants to wear it he should not be stopped, and everybody must have time to train whether you don't have a job, eating nutritious food is good for the body and nutritious foods are not enhanced unlike other drugs, every athlete should have his personal coach that help he/she train to get better without the use of enhanced drugs, physical advantages are natural so it should not be considered as cheating. But using enhanced drugs is cheating.
      THANK YOU!

      1. What if performance enhancing drugs were available to everyone? Then would it be cheating?

        1. Hi Katie@TopicalTalk,
          I genuinely feel In the field of competitive sports, performance-enhancing drugs have managed to become a major topic in the past few decades. It is defined as any substance or drug that, when taken, has the potential to improve certain aspects of a person’s performance. In other words, it helps the person perform better. However, the use of such drugs has been highly debated over the last few years. One of the main arguments is whether these drugs actually work. It is a common experience that human ability is often limited. For example, a person may not be able to run as fast as someone who has a bigger body structure. Supporters of performance-enhancing drugs often point out this fact to justify their actions. By taking anabolic steroids, the ability of the user can be enhanced to a higher level that overcomes the limitations usually caused by human genetics. However, other people may argue that they may not always work as they are intended. Some critics point out the side effects, such as being addicted to the drugs and possible damage to the organs. Another definition of the word "drug" is that it is a medicine or other substance that has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body. From a medical point of view, caffeine found in a cup of coffee is considered a performance-enhancing drug. Therefore, most scientists miss this point. They often refer to "drug" as a chemical compound used in medicine that has a physiological effect. This is why caffeine or creatine, often found in dietary supplements, are not considered performance-enhancing drugs. Lastly, the drug should be listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency's prohibited list. Athletes have to be aware of these rules and regulate their behavior. Athletes should only use the medications as indicated by their healthcare provider. Instead of taking performance-enhancing drugs, the practice of which is actively discouraged and penalized in competitive sports,. This is because the drug is often associated with serious harm to the athlete's health, and sometimes it may become addictive. By creating a culture among the young athletes of using artificial means to improve their performances, we are actually neglecting the importance and value of hard work and dedication in sport. On the other hand, the argument against performance-enhancing drugs is that there is no absolute proof that they will increase athletic performance. It is also being questioned as to why efforts should not be made to rid sports of the injustices that already affect them. It is always going to be argued that an athlete using such drugs would not have achieved the same record without them. Also, some medical point of view is that in low doses, the drugs actually promote overall health by increasing the recovery of muscles and increasing mental processes such as alertness and stamina. So, if the drugs are to be used in sports, there should be no ban on these drugs when used in minimal doses for medical reasons. It is suggested that before any drug testing, the athlete should have the proper documentation to justify that they are taking the drugs for medical reasons. Thank you.

        2. Hi Katie@Topical talk,
          Absolutely No, I don't think there is any way it going to be cheating because it is meant for everyone to take in the sense that the both teams took part while taking the drugs but when is going to be cheating is when only one part of the team took the drug then it is been considered to be an unfair play among the team and it is against the law for one part of the team to take enhancing drugs.
          Also, when the drugs is available for everyone to take I think the both team's powers will balance and what will determine if they wins or not is how hard they has worked while having training. I think making the drugs available for everyone is the best option for a fair play in games than making it available for one part of the team.

        3. Hi Katie@Topical talk,
          One the other hand it might be cheating because, some people's body systems are not the same. People hat knows the side effect of the drug might not agree to take it in the sense that they might be affected by the drug so they might not agree to take them and when others takes and they don't, then it becomes a cheating.
          I think the best thing to do is to banned the use of the enhancing drugs so that people can participate through their strength to enable equal powers from both sides and fair play.
          I believe that will be better to make everyone happy in the game to avoid lung, heart or rather kidney cancers from affecting the athletes.

          1. I solidly agree with you nice eagle because, there is no way it won't be cheating if any one is left behind because there is a possibility that some that took the drug will perform better than the person that didn't do so.
            If the Olympics organisers want to aquire fair paly in games then the performance enhancing drugs should be banned totally from athletes. The game suppose to be a friendly game in the sense that athletes are supposed to lay a full concentration on their strength and also be hardworking for a better result.
            The performance enhancing drugs are supposed to be monitored by professional doctors and it should have limitations because too much of everything is bad. Also, According to what nice eagle mentioned early all performance enhancing drugs has side effect so it doesn't matter whether it has a low risk or not.
            In conclusion, I will suggest that they stop athletes from taking enhancing drugs immediately before it damage their body systems.

        4. Hello Katie,
          If performing enhancing drugs were allowed for everyone would it be cheating? Yes, it would be cheating. This would be cheating because not all the contestants have the same body system. Some of the contestant's body systems would not be used, to taking drugs because they have a healthy body. I think they should completely ban drugs in the enhancing games because some of these people came here to show how strong they are and not to cheat. That's why I think that they should ban them because they have to play fair and not cheat. I know that everyone would be happy to see a fair game and to enjoy it.
          Thank you

          1. Yes i agree with you because it will be unfair to those who don't use these drugs. I say so because athletics is part of entertainment ,which is suppose to be contested between two opponents of almost same capabilities and strength but it will be a different thing entirely for these thing to be introduced as part of sports.

        5. Making performance-enhancing drugs widely available could level the playing field. Some athletes might opt out due to health concerns, while others would embrace them. However, if certain athletes gain an advantage from these drugs while others abstain, it could compromise fair competition.

          Athletes who achieve greatness without performance-enhancing substances are celebrated for their natural abilities and remarkable accomplishments. If these drugs were universally accessible, the distinction between inherent talent and artificial enhancement might bedim, potentially affecting the reputation of exceptional athletes.

          In summary, while granting universal access to performance-enhancing drugs could eliminate the concept of cheating in the context of taking enhancement drugs, it would also raise significant ethical, health, and fairness concerns.

      2. I agree with you that athletes might have an advantage thanks to regular training, but I think that using equipment would be unfair to those who don't have access to those equipment. Most good athletes are good at what they do because of regular training, family genes or even natural or learned skills. But the Enhanced games allow people to use shortcuts. If people with good natural or learned skills use these drugs it may have a negative effect on them rather than helping them. Some may develope problems as a result using the drugs
        In summary I think that good nutrition is what makes a good athlete.

    9. I agree with glorious_truth because in our lives we need to train , have daily checkups , eat healthy food to help our lives. It is advised that we eat healthy food to keep us safe , well active and strong . In my opinion, using enhanced drugs is not advisable because of its associated negative side effect on peoples health . Every athlete should be given equal treatment and no one given a better advantage to the other.
      Severe punishment's and bans should be meted out to athletes who flout the rules on the use of drug enhancement drugs.

      1. Hello fascinating opinion l agree that most of these advantages are fair because fruits are healthy, equipments are fair mostly when these equipments are for people who are dislocated,physical advantages mostly from family members or are natural ,extra training is required for an athlete and a good athlete has to have a mentor to teach them whats right and wrong. finally, the last advantage which is enhanced drugs can be fair when everybody has enhanced drugs that are healthy and safe .

    10. Hello glorious_truth,
      I think that the use of illegal drugs is an "unfair advantage" because people that want to be athletes work and train very hard in order to accomplish what they want to accomplish. It come with a lot of personal sacrifices and a lot of effort. But people that utilize drugs to enhance their physical fitness do not put in effort and might end up being successful which would make the hard workers feel cheated. This is also similar to cheating in examinations. People that cheat and pass in examinations are crooks. But people that fail without cheating has basically passed.
      Nothing in life is simple. People have to work hard to succeed in whatever they do in general. The same thing with sports. Working hard, training every day, and eating a balanced diet are some of the few ways that an athlete can get a chance of winning a game. Using enhanced drugs makes someone to be lazy and unproductive and can also result in health hazards.
      THANK YOU!!!

    11. The source of an athlete's victory, especially new and fast rising athletes, should properly be investigated so he or she will not claim the victory that belongs to someone more worthy and faithful. Athletes should know by through these actions, they are committing 3 crimes:
      - They are cheating; illegal acquiring of victory that isn't theirs.
      - They are thieves because they rob innocent and hardworking people of their rewards and victory.
      - They rob themselves of their full health due to the negative drugs' side effects.
      Athletes should be enlightened on the negative side effects of drugs and how unfair it is to other athletes who have worked harder for a victory a cheat has denied them of. Athletes that use these illegal advantages should be exposed, warned or suspended from sporting activities. If with these punishments, they still persist, they should be denied their victories or be completely expelled from sporting activities. They should be enlightened on better, safer and more fair ways to be physically fit and acquire victory by fair means such as:
      - Going on strict and healthy diets, especialyl those advised by doctors.
      - Exercise very frequently.
      - Eat balanced diets containing carbohydrates for energy, protein for strong bones, water for proper hydration and fruits and vegetables and their products (smoothies) to provide needed minerals and minerals.
      Some coaches also encourage these unfair advantages and pressure their athletes to partake in it even if they don't want to. Some even threaten their athletes. These coaches should also be enlightened on this fair acquisition methods of victory and can be suspended if caught engaging in such activities. If they persist, they can be banned from sporting activities.
      Thank you.

    12. I confidently agree with you glorious _truth because athletes need all the things you mentioned below and you are clearly true athletes need constant training and exercise, athletes need good nutrition for them to be physically fit.
      And my last talk is athletes should not depend on enhanced drugs and the enhanced drugs may have some side effects.
      Eager to see corrections.
      Thank you.

    13. I agree with you and I would like to say that it necessary that an athlete should eat to remain healthy and strong so that he can be able to play on the field ; about the equipment, I would say that it is ok if an athlete is wearing the shoes of whatever brand he/she wants.. it is an athletes choice ..I think that if an athlete is consuming the drugs then he /she should inform other athletes to maintain fairness and integrity on the field .. and obviously athletes can search for the better coach from expertise.. lastly I would say that there should be no discrimination, there should be equal rules and regulations..etc..

      1. I agree with you because the athletes that take drugs would have more physical capacities, an as a consequence, more opportunities to to win their competences than does athletes that would perform in a natural way, without drugs, only their talent and training.

    14. I agree glorious_truth because those that take enhanced drugs have higher chances of winning than those that eat healthy and natural fruits in which case, there is no fairness. Sports competition is all about sportmanship and level playing ground.
      In conclusion, enhanced drugs have after career side effect sometimes leaving the athletes in vegetative state and despair. I think it is not worth the risk.

      1. Yes I agree with you on what you have said and indeed I think that sport is all about sportsmanship, energy and determination. There is no need for you to use the enhanced drugs when you know that sport is not all about that. Absolutely, i don't think that there are needs for these drugs because they bring latter effects to the body and we might be shocked to see players disabled or fainting or possibly even using wheel chairs because of the dangerous side effects. Overall to save lives.

    15. I agree because sportsman are kinnda players of life . As normal people do care about their own job,plays are determined towards their game and if somebody uses drugs to make them feel strong ,it is unfair .Yes mentioned things help players to be best but what about their hygiene and excersice .I think players can practice a lot more by themselves than their teacher or coach (same as in real life)Giving 100 percent in your choosen field is a lot .So courage and confidence matters a lot .As alchemist books says if players are determined to play and break a leg ,they even don't need other support .Hence players mut be abide by some rules and regulations.
      Thank you 😊

    16. I totally agree As an athlete the things you do matter a lot well there are a lot of things that give athletes a better advantage than others e.g. Longer limbs, Access to a professional coach e.t.c. But one of the major thing that gives athlete higher opportunity an others is the enhancing drug as you have mentioned earlier it has a lot of negative side effect to people for example:
      Increased aggression toward others.
      It also causes memory problems.
      It causes loss of appetite.
      Drugs also shorten the life span of people and it gives athletes advantages over others because it makes the stronger and gives them more energy. I believe that every athlete can be successful, there is no need for anyone to take drugs or any substance to help them achieve a lot as the saying goes "Practice makes Perfect".

    17. I agree because... If the athlete do not get proper nutrition and skills it means that he/she is not taking good care of him/herself. I also agree because those who used enhanced drugs may not want to put in their effort because they rely heavily on it, which is a sign of cheating while others put in hard work, skills to win the competition.
      Therefore i feel human beings should believe in themselves, work hard not to rely on any substance to make them win.

    18. I agree because, people In the Olympics should not use enhancing drugs because If they use the drugs It can affect their body. Instead of using drugs they can take their fruit and vegetables. It could help them be strong and fit In for the sport. I advise the sport keeper should always check If they take in drugs. If they keep on cheating It will not be fair to other players because they should think about the people who are competing against them. If they use the enhanced drugs they should be arrested and taken to jail, I also think they can exercise their body In other to have strength they can win If they are focused on what they are doing. they could win even If they don't cheat If they keep on cheating other contestants in another round would love to cheat.
      THANK YOU.

    19. I agree with the things you listed because yes the athlete has trained very hard for the moment only to be taken by someone who uses the enhanced drugs to win. It is not fair to use enhanced drugs to be better. People trained to be there and to win. While someone would use drugs to be better. As your last line said "Do what is right and don’t take a shortcut", I also agree with that..

    20. I side with your point truth be told there are some athletes that will feel as if all of their training is useless, I do not feel that there is anything wrong with these advantages aside from enhancement drugs being used in the Olympics which would be an obvious challenge to those that do not use them so they will feel that their progress and everything they did was for nothing so they may quit the Olympics and find something else to do. That was someone's dreams that got crushed my point is it is an unfair advantage to those who participate in sports.Sports is about your skill and not about the skill that substances give to you.

    21. I agree because this will stop a lot of people from cheating and people winning fairly.