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When moral principles and values ​​are absent, the forbidden becomes permissible. Human... Nepotism a natural tendency 21/5/23
Yes, I strongly agree with this. Favoritism is a terrible thing that leads to many differences... Challenging Nepotism for True Equality 10/5/23
In my opinion, the coolest topic of discussion was the topic "Should we strike?" It was full of... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 05/5/23
In my opinion, I think we should set rules for AI-generated art because this is not real... Inspiration... or stealing? 04/5/23
The person who inspired me is (Fatima Al-Zalzalah), a Kuwaiti girl who won the Champions of the... Who inspires you? 01/5/23
I pick Neff from the emergency center. If you go on strike, there will be many people who need... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
In my opinion, yes, social media has made a great impact on adolescents in many aspects, such as... Teenagers and social media 28/4/23
Yes, of course I agree with you because Earth Day reminds us of our land and how we must take... Is one day enough? 27/4/23