Nepotism a natural tendency

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Nepotism can be found not only in workplaces and government, but also in social animals like wasps, bees, ants, termites and monkeys.In natural science, Neo-Darwinian scholars agree that nepotism significantly affects the behaviour of social organisms.

A queen bee, for example, selects individual workers to stay inside or outside the queen’s cell based on her preferential genotype.

For humans, nepotism also operates in any social classes and influences how people determine other socioeconomic rankings based on their preference on skin colours, looks and style.

Nepotism starts early. It begins with parents’ favouritism towards their children. This kind of favouritism is embedded in the children’s unconscious mind and will influence their future behaviour.

A study from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and research firm Penn Schoen Berland showed the high prevalence of favouritism in workplaces. In interviews with 303 senior executives, researchers found that 84% confirmed that favouritism existed in their organisation.

Similar cases also happen in government bureaucracy where many people are selected based on personal validation instead of quality and qualification. As long as the selected individual fulfils the qualification, they consider nepotism an acceptable act.

Justifications for nepotism can influence how a country perceives it. In a developing country such as Ghana, nepotism is considered to be simply part of human nature.

In a developed country such as Italy, nepotism does not appear until a person goes to higher education. During university enrolment, students from a powerful family in politics will get bigger chances to be supervised by an influential professor.

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  • I strongly agree with you. Favoritism has become a normal matter in society. Even animals have become suffering from nepotism. Certainly this affects the future and future generations as well. Institutions must be established to limit this phenomenon in order to establish a clean and safe society..
    but I have a question about what will happen if nepotism is not controlled

  • I agree with your point on nepotism being of a natural tendency. We as people tend to care for our own more than people we have no real relation to, and for this reason nepotism is prevalent. Because of our own connection to a person, we forget to realize that there are other people who also have dreams and hopes. Crushing those dreams in order to put someone we know, just because of our love and admiration for them, above others, is something we do unintentionally.

    1. I agree with you, favoritism is not good, people are not taking it seriously 😒 because they think it's normal. Before parents were not overprotective of their children but now they are so over protective they do not see that it is leading them to nepotism. They think it is not a problem if you help your child but I think there should be a point where the parents should let their child go and experience the real world as it is. 🤔

    2. That's a good point, outstanding_raspberry. How do you think we could increase awareness of the consequences of nepotism for others?

      1. Most people mistake nepotism to be love , care, support and encouragement but we have to let them know what exactly they are doing. I feel like employees should talk directly to HR: when you notice favoritism or nepotism at the workplace, you should first report it to HR. An honest discussion with HR will ensure that the issue is addressed immediately. Report it to the leadership: it is better to keep the leadership informed about the bias meted out to the favored. And as for the employers, they should check their feelings and place strict nepotism policies. Nepotism is one of the basic reasons why corruption is thriving so we have to say no to it.

      2. Hey there! Great question.

        Nepotism is when someone favors their family or

        To increase awareness of the consequences of nepotism for others, we can:

        1. Talk about it: Start conversations with your friends and family about nepotism and why it's not fair. Share examples of how it affects people and their opportunities.

        2. Learn about it: Read articles or watch videos that explain what nepotism is and why it's wrong. You can find many resources online!

        3. Speak up: If you see nepotism happening, speak up and tell someone. You can also report it to a teacher, boss, or supervisor.

        4. Support fairness: Encourage fairness by supporting organizations or companies that promote equal opportunities for everyone.

        5. Be kind: Lastly, remember to treat everyone kindly and fairly, regardless of their background or connections. We should all have a chance to succeed based on our skills and abilities.

      3. Hello!
        Well, when I asked some of my teachers and friends what they thought about nepotism I found out that some of them mistook nepotism to be helping one's family and friends to get jobs in a good way and not how I viewed it before, and relating it to this topic they made me understand that may be nepotism is a way of life and is an innate thing that has been embedded in mankind to help his kindred and those he has built a strong relationship with rather than outright strangers who he has no relationship with and as such no basis to judge their character by.
        The understanding of this view has made me wonder if actually, nepotism should be acceptable after all as I said before since there is no relationship with strangers thee will no basis to adjudge their character by rather than his friends or relations who he may have grown up to know and gotten accustom to and as such he or she will know the people they are working Withs' strengths and weaknesses as such there is more trust and loyalty.

    3. i agree because we would take care of our family and friends more than a stranger on the street. we still have to take care of our relatives and friends but it should also be equal by taking care of a stranger cause we never know if they have a caring family of take are of them

  • What I concluded from the text attached above is that nepotism differs from one state to another, that is, according to the social culture and economic situation and the influence of the state’s rulers on it. Therefore, nepotism is a very difficult matter in terms of discussion. Dialogue: What if we carry out economic reforms, but we are not capable of cultural reforms, because they are considered a violation of the state’s culture, in my view? It applies to the economic situation of the state. There are solutions, from my point of view, that I will present to improve the economic level of the state, and most importantly, the elimination of nepotism. Natural proportions 2- Placing and deploying security personnel at airports and security crossings to monitor the export of the country's products or something that spreads financial corruption 3- Deploying health personnel to monitor the health status of what is sold in the country and submit a statement Who has authority in the Ministry of Health in the event that there is a defect in the commercial markets or fraudulent electronic systems that have become widespread in most countries of the world and must focus It has to employ employees specialized in technological systems such as cyber security to preserve the state’s economy in terms of security and to preserve the non-disruption of the economic situation 4_ Not raising taxes 5- Spreading equality in the state His right, provided that he meets the conditions that he and the ministers must take his right on. Their business must be monitored so that they do not loot or take anything, for example in developing countries, spending legal papers with money without seeing The matter is from any government agency, and also the affairs of the citizen. It is not possible to look at his problems and solve them unless he has an intermediary, and from here begins nepotism and its complex problems // These matters from my point of view, if they are applied, something called By solving and discussing the problems of the economy that inherit and generate nepotism

  • Nepotism is indeed observed not only in human societies but also in various social animals. In natural science, scholars in the field of evolutionary biology, often referred to as Neo-Darwinians, acknowledge the significant influence of nepotism on the behavior of social organisms.

    In social insects such as bees, wasps, ants, termites, and monkeys, nepotism can be observed in various forms. For example, a queen bee may exhibit preferential behavior towards individual workers based on their genotype, determining whether they stay inside or outside the queen's cell.

    In human societies, nepotism can be found across different social classes and can affect how people perceive and determine socioeconomic rankings. It often begins within the family, with parents showing favoritism towards their own children. This kind of favoritism can become ingrained in the unconscious mind of children and influence their future behavior and perspectives.

    Similar instances of nepotism can also be observed in government bureaucracies, where personal connections and validation sometimes take precedence over qualifications and merit. As long as the selected individual meets the basic qualifications, nepotism may be considered an acceptable practice.

    The justifications for nepotism can vary and can influence how different countries perceive and address the issue. In developing countries like Ghana, nepotism may be seen as a natural part of human behavior. In contrast, in developed countries like Italy, instances of nepotism may be more prevalent among higher education institutions. Students from influential political families may have greater chances of being supervised by influential professors during university enrollment.

    Overall, nepotism is a complex phenomenon that can manifest in various social contexts and affect the dynamics of both human and animal societies.

  • Equality, equality
    It is a value that society must have, and if it is devoid of society, corruption will prevail.
    Everyone loves people who treat him as equals. But if you are not treated equally, you will really be sad, for example, if a teacher's daughter is preferred, not as intelligent as you are here, you will feel oppressed.
    But what if we come to the children of celebrities NEPO_BABY
    They take the lights of fame and the voices of the masses, but they do not deserve it because they do not have the high competence and other people possess it
    Others have the skill and ability better than them
    I often see that children got on the stage behind their parents who were singing, but they took away the rights of others to appear in front of everyone and show their talents.
    The directors must choose carefully, not for the sake of his father or the like, but for the sake of skill, for the sake of capabilities and high efficiency.

    1. How do you know they don't deserve it? Could someone get advantages through nepotism and deserve it?

      1. Well I won't I won't call it nepotism because nepotism is favouring someone because the person is your relative or friend. It is completely different from giving your relative a job you can get an advantage from nepotism by not following all the process you can be qualified for the job but not go through all the procedures of the interview.

      2. Well, first of all, I do not deny that some people have talents and advantages, but sometimes this advantage appears after nepotism has taken place with them, and this is what happens to most, unfortunately.

        And I am against this matter because I have already experienced something like this, not from the son of a famous person, but from the daughter of a prominent figure in my country, and at that time I felt oppression, even though I have more capabilities than her and I have more competence than her, but they were chosen here, I can no longer bear it.

        But I can't do anything so I hate nepotism and neop_baby
        Because they take a light they don't deserve

        Others of them work on themselves and become famous and I do not deny this.

      3. Perhaps interesting. He been meant that they do not deserve that by going on stage, as they do not have the talent in voice and singing, but there may be children among the spectators who have the talent and their dream is to go out on stage, but they cannot

      4. In situations where someone benefits from nepotism but does indeed deserve the advantage, it's important to question whether that individual would have received the opportunity without their familial connection. If the answer is no, then it's likely that the nepotism has still led to an unfair outcome.
        while someone who benefits from nepotism could potentially deserve the advantage, the issue with nepotism lies in its potential to undermine fairness, equity, and meritocracy, and therefore should be avoided whenever possible.

      5. While it is possible that someone who benefits from nepotism could possess the skills and abilities needed to succeed in a particular field, it is still important to recognize that nepotism can create unfair advantages and perpetuate inequality. In a society that values meritocracy, it is important to ensure that opportunities are awarded based on talent, hard work, and skill, rather than on familial connections. This not only ensures a fair and just society, but it also helps to promote a more competitive and innovative workforce. Therefore, while it is possible for someone to benefit from nepotism and be deserving of their success, it is important to recognize that nepotism can create a biased and unfair system that is not conducive to true meritocracy. To promote a fair and just society, it is essential to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of their family background or connections.

  • Favoritism is a type of discrimination in which an advantage, opportunity or better treatment is given to people related to us by kinship, friendship or social relationship. Discrimination due to kinship can be positive in some cases, as it can lead to the strengthening of social relations and the exchange of resources between individuals, but everyone must be treated equally and not discriminate between people because of the social relationship.

    We must not discriminate and treat everyone equally, and evaluate people based on their actions, behavior and personality, rather than external factors such as gender, race, religion or nationality.

    Other than that, I agree with you that a person tends to care about his family members and prefer them over others. This may be due to many reasons, including the emotional and historical ties that bind members of the family to each other, the need for a sense of belonging, protection and support from people who feel responsible towards them, and the influence it exerts. Culture and traditions depend on the individual and his commitment to them. It is important that everyone is treated equally and that no discrimination is made between people because of gender, race, religion, nationality or any other factor.

    We can spread awareness about this by talking to people about the importance of treating everyone equally and without discrimination, as well as by supporting organizations and campaigns that aim to promote equality and justice in society. Although making laws can be an important step in promoting equality and justice, it is also important to change the culture and raise awareness of issues related to discrimination and justice. Therefore, we must work to change the culture and enhance awareness to achieve a real and positive impact in society.

  • nepotism is country specific and is known to happen more in asian countries.this is interesting too see how families in asian countries are more likely to stay together and be part of a small group then spread out

    1. Why do you think this is?

    2. Is it perhaps more accurate to say that nepotism appears in different forms in different countries? The British political class is often criticised, for example, for being an "old school network" and excluding people who went to state schools - would you consider that to be a type of nepotism too?

      1. Yes, I completely agree. Nepotism can take on different forms and manifest in various ways depending on the cultural, social, and political contexts of different countries and societies. The "old school network" in the British political class that favors individuals from privileged backgrounds and elite institutions over those from state schools could be seen as a type of nepotism since it gives preferential treatment to certain groups of people based on their connections and status rather than merit or ability alone. This kind of entrenched privilege and exclusivity can limit diversity and equitable representation in important decision-making positions and perpetuate inequality.

    3. I respectfully disagree with the statement that nepotism is specific to Asian countries. Nepotism occurs in many countries and cultures around the world, including Europe, North America, Africa, and South America. It is not limited to a particular region or ethnicity.

      Furthermore, while it is true that families in some Asian countries tend to stay together and maintain strong bonds, this does not necessarily mean that they are more prone to practicing nepotism. Nepotism is a behavior that occurs due to favoritism towards family members or friends, regardless of their qualifications or abilities, and can happen anywhere where personal connections are valued over merit-based hiring or decision-making.

      Moreover, it is important to note that nepotism can have negative consequences, such as reducing diversity in the workplace or limiting opportunities for qualified individuals who do not have connections. Therefore, it is crucial to address and prevent nepotistic practices in any society, rather than attributing them to specific cultures or regions.

  • I think that Nepotism is wrong because it technically has the same meaning as 'favoritism'. It is wrong because it is based on choosing someone for reasons other than merit.

    1. I agree, but Nepotism can be positive for all we know. For instance, I am the boss in a business and I know a friend that is perfect for the job and I hire her. That is an example of nepotism, but am I wrong for hiring someone I know is qualified for the job?
      In some environments, nepotism is praised and is titled as "bringing others up". With that being said, it could just be natural to other people.
      In today's world, not only skills but connections get you places. A lot of celebrities are known because of their connections, for example, Will Smith. He has three kids Jayden, Willow, and Trey. How much of a coincidence was it that all of them are celebrities? People barely talk about occasions like this but this very well could be an example of nepotism. If their parents weren't celebrities, there are higher chances they wouldn't be where they are now, but this wasn't negative in any way. Will built up his kids' occupation just because they are his children and it all happened for the better, so as you can see nepotism itself has its ups and downs.
      Yes nepotism could be bad and in most cases are, but the point of my comment was to give the people that think nepotism is completely bad another point of view because from what I know, someone could just be doing the right thing and get accused of nepotism.

      1. I agree because... Your comment which you said/asked whether you where you wrong for hiring a family member that actually knew how to do the job well. Nepotism could be seen as bad and in some cases, actually are, but the point of my comment is actually to give the people that think nepotism is completely bad another point of view because from what I know, someone could just be doing the right thing and get accused of nepotism.
        I understand that many of us see nepotism/favoritism as a very bad practice but something most aren't seeing is that there's actually a huge difference between one practicing nepotism and having his or her loved ones in mind. Like according to flowing_clementine's comment, yes most individuals use connection to get to where they are today but they also have that required skill being demanded for. For example, none of us here that might be opportune to be in executive offices or in high ranking organizations would know our cousins or any of our relative that is greatly skilled but maybe don't have a permanent work place and then see a stranger and hire him or her immediately...Obviously, most of us would pick our relative for the fact they also have that needed skill.

      2. Hello!
        Well, I think that your views and opinions on this topic are relatively similar to mine, as on a daily basis I also see, hear and experience this view.
        In my country today they are very few people who acquire jobs based on skill and credibility. Rather they get jobs based on connection and relationship with others. For instance, a friend of mine who had been looking for a job for a long time and one day was called by his friend's connection to work in a firm of his, which means if a friend decides to help another based on acquaintance and credibility and not on favoritism, do we see this as nepotism, or is it considered as something else and does it challenge equity or is it just considered as helping a friend. I think these are aspects that need to be looked at before the aspect of nepotism in human and animals as I just learnt can be looked at and scrutinized.

    2. I agree, Nepotism is unfair, you have easier advantages, privileges, and friendships. It's exactly like favoritism. But favoritism also means there's a unfair preferential treatment for some people.

    3. I completely agree with this comment.
      Favouritism is a synonym for the word 'Nepotism'.I feel as though most do not understand the true meaning of nepotism but when using a simpler term like favouritism,nobody would excuse it or say there's anything right about that because favouritism has to do with UNFAIR preferential treatment.

    4. Nepotism means favoring relatives and friends over other employees.
      When a manager fires an employee to hire his friend instead of him, even though he is not qualified for that job, this is considered fraud, favoritism, and nepotism, and he must be punished immediately.
      If the employee filed a complaint against his former manager, he will be prosecuted directly, and I restrict that behavior because he has the right to defend himself and his rights, and nepotism is considered negative for the rights of employees who worked hard and studied for long nights to obtain a high degree and high efficiency to be employed in their dream job. It is not like the one who takes the job without Fatigue or effort. I see that whoever does this should be punished very quickly.

      1. Why might it be difficult to police nepotism?

        1. First, thank you for your response to my comment.
          It is very difficult to monitor nepotism because it is not public and it is hidden from people's eyes, because it is illegal and because if people who deal with nepotism are caught, they are held accountable legally and are dismissed from work and punished.

  • I find it unacceptable to use favoritism because it is cheating or else it deprives people who have enough experience in their dreams.
    If a member of my family helps me reach my dream job, I will not turn it down if I have the experience and competence enough to fill the job. If I didn't have enough experience, I wouldn't accept it because there is definitely someone who is highly qualified for this job.
    But if it was through nepotism, I will not accept that because it is considered cheating and illegal, and I will never allow this thing to happen.

    1. I agree with the points you made, but don't you think there is a reason that nepotism isn't actually illegal? And if a family member gets you a job, even though you were qualified for the job, isn't that also Nepotism?

      1. Yes, of course, there is a reason why nepotism is illegal: First, it infringes on the rights of others to reach their dream jobs.
        Secondly, it makes the effort of those who get tired and stay up late for long nights and many years go away in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, those who do not get tired, find or strive, take an easy employment opportunity without getting tired. This is why nepotism is considered illegal and an infringement of the rights of others.
        When I am eligible for it and one of my family members helped me to reach it, this is not considered nepotism.
        Thank you for these important questions.

  • Yes..
    I agree with you.
    Favoritism has become a common thing for us and people in the future will become dependent on it.
    When there is no nepotism, the whole world will be people with experience.
    Why .?
    Because when there is only nepotism, they will take their friends who have no experience or certificate.
    While the people who have it will sit at home!!

    1. Do you think it will ever be possible to get rid of nepotism entirely, terrific_apple? I'd be interested to hear your views.

      1. I don't think nepotism will be able to be gotten rid of entirely, because nepotism is something that can only be done by someone in power, for instance, a jobless or poor person wouldn't be able to be nepotistic, instead, they could be the person favoured during the act of nepotism. My point is that people with power and money have certain privileges that an ordinary person can't, so as long as there are powerful people existing in this world, I think nepotism can't be gotten rid of, even if it was declared illegal.

      2. it is unlikely that nepotism will ever be completely eradicated from society. While efforts can be made to minimize its impact through laws and regulations, human nature and the desire to assist family and friends will always exist to some extent. Additionally, in certain industries or cultures, nepotism may even be considered a norm or an accepted practice. Therefore, while we can strive for fairness and meritocracy, completely eliminating nepotism may not be feasible.

      3. As my standpoint said nepotism is a natural tendency. I will be difficult for you to see one of your own suffering while you can help and then because of nepotism you can't help. I feel that as long as we have friends and we have loved ones nepotism will still be hanging around.
        I don't think we can get rid of nepotism completely.

  • Today, we use nepotism to refer to the hiring or promotion of a family member (including in-laws), and it smacks of favoritism. Indeed, the hiring of relatives in some companies is forbidden by company policy. However, in family-owned businesses, nepotism is often viewed as natural and expected. Yes, we can say that nepotism is a natural tendency but not all people can condone that and that is why our organizations need to implement laws that will avoid that. Public Company policies should forbid the hiring of relatives in order to avoid that natural tendency from occurring when dealing with the public but we can bring the natural occurrence into play when operating family based businesses.

  • There was a part of your stand point that got me interested the part where you said a queen bee, for example, selects individual workers to stay inside or outside the queen’s cell based on her preferential genotype, that alone tells us that nepotism does not only happen amongst human beings but also nature it is a mindset that we as humans have created for ourselves.Nobody will like to see their family members stranded when they have a high status in the society.We all know that nepotism is the act of granting an advantage, privilege, or position to relatives or close friends in an occupation or field. Nepotism does not always have to be seen from the bad side.

  • I agree with you, favoritism is not good, people are not taking it seriously

  • Nepotism is a natural tendency. I completely agree with you . When the workplace is owned by a family so they will tend to employ their jobless members in the family. I think it's fair. But, if the workplace is governmental organization so employing any employee just because he's a relative, is unfair . Here , strong laws should be made to rule the employing process . Everyone should feel that there is equality in their society to lead a peaceful life .

    1. Hi Skillful Jackfruit - thanks, you make an interesting distinction between governmental organisations and private businesses. Why do you think there should be a difference?

      1. Hi ,
        Having lots of jobless members in the family, sometimes leads people to have their own business through which lots of workers can work in, without waiting for the governmental organizations .
        The government puts job exams and the family members may not pass it . Or , they pass it, but they have to stay on the waiting list to have a chance to work .
        By having your own business, you can avoid unemployment within your family without giving exams . Also, by this way you help in solving the unemployment problem in your country .

  • Yes I agree with you
    even animals like bees and monkeys can show nepotism. Nepotism means showing favoritism to your family or friends, and it's not just a human thing.

    For example, imagine being a worker bee in a hive. The queen bee might choose which bees get to stay inside or outside her cell based on their genes. This means that some bees might get special treatment just because they have certain traits that the queen likes.

    So next time you see a hive of busy bees, remember that even they have their own ways of picking favorites.

  • I think that nepotism is wrong and unfair to other people trying to work hard for they're goals.

  • It's not just favouritism. It can also be based on popularity say you need a model for your company and it was between a famous celebrity and a new model. Most people would obviously choose the celebrity and not just celebrities but the amount of people who have bought it

    1. Also the amount of people who bought it if it was all over social media lots of people would want to get it.
    2. For people who haven't tried your product before they would be more willing to try your product if it had the face of a celebrity on it.
    3. Normal people want to be like celebrities so they would more likely try your product because say the celebrity and clear, lush skin they would try it because they would want to have skin like theirs

    1. Thanks for your example, Openminded_Instrument - it sounds like the famous celebrity may have been better qualified for the model role as they can market the product more widely through their social media presence. What if the new model got the job? They don't have a social media presence but their dad was the CEO of the company. Would this be fair or do you need more facts?

  • I believe there two sides to the idea of nepotism , one thought being child , teenager or even adult that are given an obscene amount of support and guidance to be able to get a job or opportunity when there are people out there who have devoted there whole life to the chosen job.

  • Nepotism in organizations leads to monopolization of power because when members involved in institutional decision-making are related, decisions made within institutions risk favoring a group of closely connected people. Nepotism can also occur within organizations, when a person is employed due to their familial ties. Although traditionally nepotism is perceived as a demonstration of favoritism toward family members during the recruitment process or during promotion
    One of the most basic themes in ethics is fairness, stated this way by Aristotle: "Equals should be treated equally and unequally." Favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism all interfere with fairness because they give undue advantage to someone who does not necessarily merit this treatment. It may start little all in the name of caring for loved ones but eventually grows bigger.

  • I agree because people do not take work seriously, and there may not be certificates proving that they have competence in that work, and this happens by paying an amount and its amount to a person with a personal goal that affects the interest of the individual and society

  • You say that nepotism is a tendency of nature, and after reading what you wrote that nepotism exists everywhere, do you think that nepotism falls within the field of corruption?

  • I agree with you that love is something in the instinct of living beings, but God distinguished us with the mind from the rest of the animals, so that we realize that if love exceeds its limit and develops, it will become nepotism, discrimination and injustice, so there is no justification for nepotism and there is no justification for its existence in our society

  • I agree with you. Nepotism is a destroyer of societies today. It's like an infringement of rights to those who are victimized by it. It just isn't fair when someone gets picked over you to have or do something just because they are preferred by the person in charge.
    But I have a question based on your 6th comment. If someone who is picked by his relative to work in their company but is qualified, can that still be referred to as nepotism? I mean, nepotism is all about preferential treatment especially to the unqualified, isn't it? So it can't be nepotism if the person is qualified. Their potential was just spotted earlier because they know the boss, right?
    Another question. If you were given preferential treatment, would you object, or would you lie back and enjoy the privileges? What do you think?

    1. Hi Enigmatic_Salak - you raise a question of morality! Do you think you would object or simply be glad that you've been offered an opportunity?

  • I agree with you that nepotism is a natural tendency. This is affecting the world in negative ways because of favoritism which we are not taking seriously. I am saying this because we don't think about people who work hard to fulfill their dreams, instead we think about the people close to us just because we love them. Some people don't realise that they are causing nepotism and just because they think that they are showing admiration or that they care. Nepotism is just something people do without notice.

  • Favoritism has become a normal issue in society and we as people tend to take care of ourselves more than people we don't have a real relationship with. People don't take it seriously because they think it's normal.
    In general, nepotism is a complex phenomenon that can appear in different social contexts and affects the dynamics of human and animal societies. Most people mistake nepotism for love, care, support and encouragement, but we have to tell them exactly what they are doing. In general, nepotism is a complex phenomenon that can appear in different contexts. different social and influence the dynamics of human and animal societies.

  • I disagree with nepotism because it is the major cause of unemployment in most parts of the world. Take for insta nce there are three people applying for the same job and among them is your relative and though she has not qualified ,you granther the job. The others who have qualified you deny them the job because you have granted the job to your relative

  • I agree with you. We all know that, in movies, the antagonist is portrayed as the 'bad guy' in the story, and then they reveal this *tragic* backstory of what made them that way. Nepotism does start early, just like that one person who was treated badly as a child, and now treats others badly as a result. But nepotism isn't 'bad', per say, since favoritism is a somewhat normal part of society. Even so, this does affect society, and people (and animals) suffer.

  • Nepotism starts early. It begins with parents’ favouritism towards their children. This kind of favouritism is embedded in the children’s unconscious mind and will influence their future behaviour

  • This is a very impressive standpoint and I strongly agree with this because you can't just see your family, friend, or close person to you have to go through the same process as a normal individual would. It is in our blood and it is just in the human tendency to help or give more your relation and so we cannot just see this opportunity and overcome this decision for it can hurt you and also your relation or friend . If you are in that state or position whereby you are really in need of that job opportunity or that unmerited favor of your relation or friend, I am sure that individual would expect the help of that relation and would not expect that he/she would neglect his/her plea.

  • Hello!
    Well, when I asked some of my teachers and friends what they thought about nepotism I found out that some of them mistook nepotism to be helping one's family and friends to get jobs in a good way and not how I viewed it before, and relating it to this topic they made me understand that may be nepotism is a way of life and is an innate thing that has been embedded in mankind to help his kindred and those he has built a strong relationship with rather than outright strangers who he has no relationship with and as such no basis to judge their character by.
    The understanding of this view has made me wonder if actually, nepotism should be acceptable after all as I said before since there is no relationship with strangers thee will no basis to adjudge their character by rather than his friends or relations who he may have grown up to know and gotten accustom to and as such he or she will know the people they are working Withs' strengths and weaknesses as such there is more trust and loyalty.

    1. An interesting point! Do you think we can define a difference between helping a friend or family member in one sense and 'nepotism' or do you think they are the same thing?

      1. Hello!
        Well, yes, I think there is a difference between helping family and friends in a sense and 'nepotism' in another, but this difference is not underlined rather it is overlooked and therefore they are all referred to as nepotism. Well I think the major difference is in the fact that while a person may decide to help another it could be that the friend, they choose to help could actually be someone they have studied and found out that they are credible while nepotism in this context mean that they just decide to help their friends out of favoritism and not credibility and the latter could have different ways of influence whether good or bad.
        All in all, nepotism could be seen as a double-edged sword with many advantages and disadvantages but there should be a visible line drawn between nepotism and helping based on credibilit.

      2. Yes I think we can, helping someone is giving aid to someone, while nepotism is depriving someone of a life time opportunity because of a family member or friend. For example, I can see a disabled person trying to cross the road and I help him or her or I grant my family or friend a loan to help in starting a business that is considered as helping in the little way you can. But nepotism is a different case all on its own, it giving an unmerited positon to someone just because he or she is a family member or friend. Well, I dont blame those that engage in this bad act? WHY? Because I see them as victims of ignorance, an enemy of man. And after all nepotism is not only carried out amongst human beings but also amongst other living organisms like the insects and so on. So I leave a thought for you all what if this act was put in place by GOD, because you can see it happening all around us.

  • Of course I agree with you I do not think that the birth of a child into a rich and famous family might give someone an unfair advantage. For example, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are also their father, Mohamed Hadid, a millionaire, and their mother, Yolanda Hadid, a former model. As far as I know, they did not influence other people, but on the contrary, their mother trained them in a way It is hard for them to become what they are now, and they also took advantage of their father being a millionaire by gaining fame as well, but no one was harmed by that. On the contrary, people loved them a lot, and their fame increased and they worked on very high successes and raised their family more and more.

  • Hello!
    Well based on my research I have found out that nepotism is more of a mindset rather than a character or a display reason being that based on many traditions and cultures and most African cultures brothers are encouraged and compelled to pick their brothers, kinship or relatives rather than a stranger or outsider who they may not have any relationship with. Although this is a good thing as it fosters unity among relations and strengthens family bonds it also has many disadvantages which are underlined in its meaning. From the survey, I learned that nepotism is from the Italian word 'nepotism' which means nephew and was coined to be what we know as nepotism because in old Italy the rich and famous tended to help their nephews more often than not and 'nepotism' now means favoring relations and friends who may not be qualified over others who are more qualified therefore giving them an unfair advantage. The disadvantages of nepotism may include underdevelopment, incompetency, and the likes of others.
    All in all, nepotism may be seen as a two-edged sword, that I feel has more disadvantages than advantages.

  • When moral principles and values ​​are absent, the forbidden becomes permissible. Human relations become governed by interest and strong control that helps many in facing their life situations, but threatens society and its development.

    Favoritism or Wasta: It means favoring relatives or personal friends because of their kinship rather than their competence. For example, if a manager hires or promotes a relative because of the kinship relationship instead of another employee who is more capable, but who is not related to the manager, the manager is accused of kinship. Nepotism is also the exchange of goods and services for political support. Nepotism is a political system whose essence is the existence of an unequal relationship between groups of political actors who are described as sponsors, agents, and political parties.
    Among the effects of nepotism on the individual and society: loss of the rights of talented people from the groups of society / draining of minds and competencies / increasing opportunities for poverty and marginalization in society / loss of confidence in the social and political system.
    At the end of my words, I wish everyone to show humanity and morals, and not to favor incompetent relatives, and there are people who are better than them, because this will make our society wild and intolerant, so we have to move away from favoritism so as not to oppress anyone.

  • For example, if your dad has a high rank in government, he can get you a job in his office. Of course, you will have to meet the standards of the company. If you got into a company through your own competence and ability, but also through nepotism, I don't see anything wrong with that.
    I see something wrong if you get someone of high rank place you in a position you are not capable of upholding. For example, your dad is the president and he makes you the Minister of Foreign Affairs even if you have no knowledge about the position you are taking up, you haven't undergone any sort of training and are still immature. It's setting up everyone for failure and struggle.

    If someone is capable of doing something but feels the only way to do it is through getting someone in power to get you there, then that is somewhat acceptable.

  • If a parent is of high office then it is completely acceptable that they want the same for their kids. As much as we would like to deny this, it is completely true and happens everywhere, no matter the status of who is involved.
    Nepotism is something that will be around for a very long time and there isn't really something we can do about it.

  • Honestly I believe nepotism cannot be avoided because family will always try to help family even when it is wrong. The cause of nepotism in the workplace is someone in a high position in a business willing to use that position to benefit personal relationships with family of friend not minding the objectives of the organisation. They look to help a friend or family member, which they believe is the right thing to do. This thought cannot be erased from some people's mind because of the close and unbreakable relationships some people have with their family or friends. Besides some people find it wrong to see family in need and not to do anything about it, to these people, nepotism isn't really a problem, IN FACT IT IS THE "RIGHT THING TO DO". Nepotism cannot be stopped because these notions are already embedded in some people's mind due to the fact that they were trained that way by parents who also engaged in nepotism. Some parents use nepotism to help their kids, when those kids grow up they feel it is an obligation to do the same to their kids. In order to eradicate nepotism completely, these notions must be withdrawn from people who already believe in it. In my opinion, THIS IS THE ONLY TRUE WAY TO ERADICATE NEPOTISM.