Challenging Nepotism for True Equality

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Hello there! Today, we're going to talk about a big word called "nepotism." Nepotism happens when someone in a position of power gives jobs or opportunities to their friends or family members, even if those people aren't the best fit for the job. This can lead to unfairness and inequality.

Now, imagine that you have a group project in school. You work really hard on your part, but when it's time to present to the class, the teacher chooses their own child's project instead of yours, even though yours was better. That's kind of like nepotism.

So, how can we challenge nepotism and create true equality? One way is by speaking up. If you see someone being treated unfairly because of nepotism, speak up and tell someone who can help. You can also try to get more people involved in decision-making processes, so that one person doesn't have all the power.

Another way to fight nepotism is by working hard and proving yourself. When you work hard and show your skills, it becomes harder for someone to ignore you just because they want to give the job to their friend or family member.

Finally, remember that everyone deserves a fair chance. Just because someone is related to someone else, doesn't mean they should automatically get a job or opportunity. By challenging nepotism, we can create a more equal and fair world for everyone.

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  • I agree with you
    This can be unfair and not equal for everyone else. Challenging nepotism means treating everyone equally, no matter who they are related to. This helps ensure that everyone has a fair chance to succeed based on their skills and hard work.

    1. I'm not sure about this because... don't you think that family need to help and support them selves to have a stronger bond. As for the equal treatment tale an example if there would be a student from a rich family and a student from a poor family some teachers might intend to go more serious on the student from the poor family so that that student would be successful in the future to help their family and favor the student from the rich because they might think that even the students has not succeed their family is rich.

    2. I agree because... Yes challenging nepotism will be a good thong everyone will be treated equally and selected or approved based on their qualities, capabilities and skills not because they have a connection with someone or even some where. A fair chance to everyone standing with equality. This way no one will be downgraded destroyed, or even emotionally distressed because of someone who is better than them this can even improve mental health or state of most individuals resulting in a better tomorrow.

    3. I agree because...Your efforts and creative hard work is what imposes you on others and society with full strength and confidence without being able to ignore you.

  • Yes I agree to this, it an unfair judgement, just because they are related does not mean they can treat others how they like, it will only create laziness among the individual.
    For example, the child of the teacher will be like,I don't need to put in much effort.

    An adage say "charity begins at home" if this people depend on some to sour high,what do u think will happen to the world in the future.
    Their are cases where people lost their relative in hospitals because of their low status, instead of helping them,they attended to the family.

    In my country hospital do engage them self in this act .

    1. When all stand with one hand and say with one voice without fear of any person or party (no to injustice), this in itself works on the fear and retreat of the opposite unjust side that does not look at competence and ability.
      Your efforts and creative hard work is what imposes you on others and society with full strength and confidence without being able to ignore you.

  • Yes, I strongly agree with this. Favoritism is a terrible thing that leads to many differences among the members of society. It may also oppress many people, and this is very bad, as it is possible to put the wrong person in the place that he does not deserve. So in my opinion we should think before choosing relatives. There are strangers who are much better than them, so please think wisely in choosing between relatives, friends and strangers so that we do not oppress anyone who deserves a high position and put him in a position that is not equal to his status.

  • I agree with you
    because nepotism is an unfair thing and oppresses many people and causes frustration in them. Therefore, this huge problem must be eliminated by spreading its dangers on social networking sites and the state monitoring and punishing the people who do this

    1. I agree with that, as nepotism makes a person lose his or her faith in the hope that he will be in the position he wants, which weakens his self-confidence, so we must confront it and work hard to reach the place and the high position that we want and spread awareness against working with nepotism

    2. To eliminate the wasta... the influential must be eliminated, and to eliminate the influential... penalties and laws must be put in place to eliminate this scourge, not just the phenomenon, and to put such laws in place... the government must be honest and their hands are white.

  • I agree but Is nepotism acceptable? No nepotism is not acceptable in the community because it is an act of unfair treatment to those who you don't know nepotism is a situation where you favour family and friends over those you do not know.
    Nepotism is one of the many reasons for some companies not doing at their full potential this means companies that practice nepotism may not function at there full potential. This is a negative art that creates an unfair treatment to people you are not familiar with.
    Nepotism creates different problems in the society for example:
    Nepotism can cause corruption not to those that practice it but who are affected by it can treat others the same way
    Nepotism is a bad habit can be imitated and more people practice nepotism there will not be a place for equality in the community
    If nepotism is not practiced there will be fear treatment in the business world this allows more companies to function better

  • We can challenge nepotism by being fair and giving everyone a chance based on their skills and abilities. We should not just give someone a job or opportunity because they are related to us or our friends.

    Instead, we should look at everyone's skills and abilities and choose the best person for the job. This way, everyone has a fair chance to succeed and we create a world where people are judged on their merit, not their family connections.

  • I agree with you because nepotism or wasta is one of the greatest forms of racial discrimination and also works to spread corruption in a large way. For example, if a person is employed in a job even though he does not deserve it, because one of his relatives has a high position or is famous, for example.
    Leaving the people who deserve this job will lead to the emigration of people from this country in general
    Therefore, this corruption must be eradicated, through international monitoring, and a large penalty should be set for those who engage in this corruption, such as dismissal from office, imprisonment, or a large fine.
    In this way, the fear of punishment will be eliminated and this corruption will be eliminated

  • Nepotism is one of the most dangerous types and forms of corruption in society, as it eliminates the chances of others who are more qualified than those who were employed or worked through a friend or relative, meaning that he used nepotism, as this will corrupt society and make others feel frustrated, sad and surrender, for example a school principal on the day the school decided to You choose a student to participate in a poetry recitation competition, and there were students, and among these students was his son to the director, and he put his son in the competition without being elected. This is considered nepotism and hurting the feelings of others and frustrating them. In my opinion, if justice and equality are spread in society, society will be reformed in any form One of the forms of poverty in society, and you don't see it. If nepotism disappeared, what would happen?

  • I strongly agree with you
    This is very unfair for people who show their skills and put in the hard work to just see someone that did not do anything better than them get selected for any type of job. Challenging nepotism which means to treat everyone equally no matter what, this helps people have a fair chance to succeed when they put in the hard work.

  • I agree with you completely, we must not link kinship with work and not employ relatives because they are only relatives, work hard, self-confidence and fairness and employ everyone who deserves the job in the right place and rule within the work with equality and avoid nepotism so that a peaceful, safe and equal society remains

  • Nepotism is in my opinion can have two perspective it can be as being biased and denying others of certain privileges' or giving close friends and relatives an opportunity to experiencing a feeling.
    Well, in Nigeria nepotism is practiced often due to corruption in politics, businesses, academia, entertainment, sports, religion, and other activities.

    Hard work pays of, I would say.

    I don't believe in nepotism. I don't much like the idea of parents who interfere.
    Anthony Hopkins.

    Nepotism has changed peoples life for example:

    My dad became a soap opera actor, and I was an extra in a skating rink scene on the soap. I didn't audition. It was nepotism all the way.
    Jennifer Aniston


    I am a product of nepotism. I don't think I would have had the profession that I'm in currently... if it wasn't for my dad.
    Jeff Bridges

    1. Would you help a family member in the future if it meant they could get ahead in their work?

  • Equality is about ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents. It is also the belief that no one should have poorer life chances because of the way they were born, where they come from, what they believe, or whether they have a disability.But that is being violated when people with power come into the role making things to work in their favour.

  • I think nepotism is a very bad thing because if you challenge nepotism , everyone becomes equal so if everyone is equal, it seems to be a very unfair thing.A man and a woman can't be equal.

  • The things we face with nepotism are very difficult because there is a lot of favoritism towards people. It might not be fair to everyone due to how not everyone might get fair treatment so people might find it hard to do regular things because of their differences. The unfair treatment most of us people are getting can be very difficult to deal with because we are not all getting the same privilege to do the same thing, some are getting things done for them. But a question could be do all the nepo-babies really want to follow the path they are being placed?

    1. It is difficult to generalize the desires and motivations of all nepotism beneficiaries, as each individual has their own unique goals and aspirations. Some may feel pressured to pursue careers in the same field as their parents or relatives, while others may be genuinely passionate about following in their family's footsteps.

      As for a story about my friend, she comes from a family of lawyers and judges, and it was always assumed that she would continue the tradition and become a lawyer herself. However, as she grew up, she discovered a passion for fashion design and decided to pursue a degree in that field instead.

      At first, her parents were hesitant and worried that she was making a mistake by deviating from the family legacy. But as they saw how dedicated and talented she was in her studies, they began to support her decision. She now runs her own successful fashion line and credits her diverse upbringing for giving her a unique perspective on the industry.