STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic


The last few weeks of the Festival are all about Standpoints!

You’ve discussed the Festival topics in your classrooms and on the Student Hub. Now it’s time to share your final opinions on the topic in a bit more detail in either written, audio or video format - we call these Standpoints.

But which topic do you want to create a Standpoint for?

We’ve covered six topics over this Festival, but you should only pick one or two topics to create Standpoints for. You should pick a topic that you have done the Topical Talk lesson for in class.

You will do better in the Standpoint competition if you choose one topic and create one excellent standpoint, rather than several topics and Standpoints.

Reflecting on the topics can help you decide which to choose.

To enter the competition, Standpoints must be submitted before Monday 22nd May.

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  • The topic that had the best discussion, the best solutions, and the best opinions, and everyone agrees with me that the Earth Day festival was the best of the festivals that received a lot of opinions, because it is something everyone agrees on and because it has a solution to a problem facing the world. A topic that I also liked is the topic of Earth Day, as it talked about a lot Among the laws, we shared the conflicts facing each country, and we shared solutions. A more complex issue was about the coronation of King Charles III. We do not understand politics and power much because we are, in the end, young in such matters. Also, it was difficult to take the appropriate words so as not to offend anyone. An appropriate topic is a topic. Metaverses was the second topic after Earth Day, which got a lot of interaction because we discussed things that happened with everyone, and we talked about the issue of privacy on the Internet, and we learned that it is possible to design a program through metaverses. Really nice. Thank you Topical Tolk for these interesting topics. We are waiting for our last topics for this festival, and please Our school wins

    1. I agree with you. The topic of Earth Day is very special. There are many options. I liked the topic of the strike because it gave us a lot of information. The coronation of King Charles III was the most difficult topic. But we learned a lot about royal life, media, and artificial intelligence. It was one of the interesting and exciting topics. Topical Tolk also allowed us to hear suggestions. And for questions, and in the end, I thank Topical Tolk for this interesting and exciting festival. I also want to ask a question: Did you suggest a topic to your class students, and any topic that aroused their interest?

      1. I agree . I agree because earth day is very special to everyone and everybody's community . But with King Charles and the Queen and all that stuff , they should have privacy onto what they do .

    2. This is a great overview of the Festival! Thank you for sharing such a detailed summary, poetic_nature.

    3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences regarding the Earth Day festival and the various topics discussed. It's great to hear that the Earth Day topic received widespread agreement and had productive discussions with solutions to global issues. Earth Day indeed focuses on raising awareness about environmental challenges and finding ways to address them.

      You mentioned that the coronation of King Charles III was a more complex issue, especially for young individuals like yourselves who are not familiar with politics and power dynamics. It's understandable that such topics can be challenging to navigate, particularly when trying to avoid offending anyone. It's important to approach political discussions with an open mind and respect for differing perspectives.

      The topic of metaverses seems to have generated significant interaction as well, with discussions revolving around online privacy and the potential for program design within metaverses. Exploring the possibilities and implications of emerging technologies can be fascinating and informative.

      It's wonderful that you enjoyed these thought-provoking topics and had meaningful conversations during the festival.

    4. Hello...
      I agree with you, but what about the AI? It was a wonderful and beautiful topic, and it was new to us, and it achieved many wonderful discussions....
      As for nepotism, it was a difficult topic for me, but it was also one of the most important topics due to its negative spread in society.
      What is your opinion

      1. I agree with you, with regard to artificial intelligence, it was also a beautiful topic, but I focus on topics that gained popularity and interactions. I agree with you that artificial intelligence was an important topic because we discussed the pros and cons of artificial intelligence and got many ideas. Perhaps the reason for my choice of Earth Day and Metaverse is that These topics were the first topics of the festival and it was easy to reach the goal of anyone's comment or opinion, however, I care about your point of view.

  • In order to be fair, all the topics that were discussed were interesting and shed light through the discussion on things that we were ignorant of by reading the comments of others and getting to know their way of thinking.

    One of the topics that I loved discussing the most is the issue of climate change. I felt the challenges facing us because of climate change, and how much it is a global problem that requires everyone's efforts.
    In addition to the topic of the royal family, it was an important topic to get acquainted with the points of view regarding the royal rule, as well as to get to know more about the members of the royal family.

    1. I agree I like the issue of climate change. Learning about the climate and how because of us it's changing. I even feel bad that the polar bears are losing their homes. It could even affect us one day.

  • In my opinion, the coolest topic of discussion was the topic "Should we strike?" It was full of positive vibes and how we were helping workers change their minds and that they are so important in our society.
    In my opinion, one of the most relevant festivals in my community was the celebration of Earth Day and how we should take care of it because in my community we care about these things.

    1. I agree that the topic "Should we strike?" was interesting. It was interesting that we were all talking about if every should be able to strike or if, people who work in emergency services should be able to strike.

  • The topic that aroused my passion most is Earth Day. In this topic, we talked about how we can protect the earth and the planet. It was very beautiful, and the topic that was complicated was the coronation of King Charles (monarchy). Artificial intelligence that has greatly facilitated our livesAnd save us time and effort. Thank you, Toical Talt, for these wonderful topics, which we really benefited fro

  • I think that the topic of climate is one of the topics that I loved the most and worked hard on it because it taught us a lot and it really contributed to a lot of the community around me, so I started advising my family, friends and teachers, did I forget my password? Or I have to carry with you damages in many wars, and of course there are damages in war, just as medicine has damages, but there is a difference in medicine, and war ends and war

    Mass destruction of cities. Safety and security consequences. Other than that, the immediate consequences and human losses are of deep concern; In the recent conflict, 66 children lost their lives, while 551 children were killed in the previous conflict, and many others died in previous wars. The human cost is also reflected in those who have lost parents, been orphaned, sustained physical injuries, or are now suffering psychological trauma.

    In addition to the main issue, which is noise and environmental pollution in cities where wars are taking place, the displacement of people and their residence in refugee camps causes damage to the environment. Waste and the lack of infrastructure in the camps, which are usually established in large areas outside the cities, affect the environment, and large areas of forests and agricultural lands are destroyed for the establishment of camps.We must preserve the environment in various ways because its importance provides natural resources with livelihoods for billions of people. When well managed, renewable natural resources, watersheds, and productive terrestrial and marine environments provide the foundation for inclusive and sustainable growth, food security, poverty reduction, and enhanced human well-being.

    For man, the environment is “the framework in which he lives and which contains soil, water, air, and what each of these three elements contains of inanimate components and living organisms. The various aspects of weather, climate, winds, rain, gravity, magnetism, etc. prevail in this framework. It is the interrelationships between these elements.We have talked about a lot of protection, but I will talk about the part of the work to intensify the planting of trees and raise awareness and interest in afforestation in front of houses and on all roads. Rationalizing water consumption, not wasting it, preserving it, and not polluting it. Reducing the use of harmful chemicals. Work on the use of organic fertilizers in agriculture so that they are a permanent alternative to chemical fertilizers. In the end, preserve your environment, as it is your warm home

    1. I totally agree with your statement regarding the importance of the climate topic and its significant impact on communities. Climate change has indeed taught us valuable lessons and has prompted many individuals, including yourself, to actively engage in raising awareness and advising others on this critical issue. The consequences of climate change, such as the destruction of cities, safety and security concerns, and the loss of human lives, are indeed deeply concerning. Additionally, wars and conflicts not only result in immediate casualties but also cause long-lasting damage, including environmental pollution, displacement of people, and destruction of natural resources. It is vital for us to take proactive measures to preserve the environment in various ways. This includes intensifying tree planting efforts, promoting afforestation near residences and along roads, rationalizing water consumption, avoiding pollution, reducing the use of harmful chemicals, and encouraging the use of organic fertilizers in agriculture. By collectively preserving our environment, we ensure a sustainable future and enhance the well-being of all living beings who rely on its resources but"What if our energy sources could not only power our world but also help heal it? How would our relationship with the environment change if every ray of sunlight and a gust of wind became a catalyst for sustainable progress, reducing our carbon footprint and creating a cleaner, greener future?"

    2. I completely agree with your statement regarding climatic change because seriously climate change affects every country and what spirited gazelle said was also true but I wish every countries will work together make everywhere fresh but we will have to plant more trees in order to make the earth better and so on.

      1. I agree because... Climate change can cause really bad famine of we do not plant enough tree's we can have a problem

      2. I really agree about what you said about climate change, It is a serious problem that the world is dealing with. There should be a solution like planting trees and factories not very polluted. There are so many ways that cause air pollution and it needs to be cared for.

    3. I agree with you because the fact is people are ruining the environment by factories and cars. All people seem to like that for some reason and a lot of people don't like it as it is because they wanna keep the environment clean. unlike all people they destroyed so much stuff like trees and land. Although people put harmful stuff into the rivers, oceans, and seas they will damage the seas creatures and they will not realizing that they are harming them until they know they are.

  • Welcome . The topic of strikes was the one that got the best discussion. Because we discussed who should strike or not, and we discussed some of the laws that people should observe when striking. We conveyed our experience as students during the strike, and we discussed why the government refuses to increase wages. Thank God, we got all the answers. As for the most complex topic, it is the subject of Metaverse. As young people, we did not have enough information about the Metaverse, who it is, or how we can use it, but after researching, we were able to pass this topic, but it was great to get new information, and I think this is the goal of the topical talk festival. As for the most appropriate topic for me and my community, I think it is the issue of Earth Day. We have learned about the cause of climate change, and we have discussed some laws that must be adhered to for the sake of environmental health. We talked about how to protect the environment, and we also got answers. Thanks to the topical talk festival team for their efforts and giving us to talk about topics that will benefit us in the future.

    1. We agree as students of our natures. Because as a student we believe that the environment is important to us.We want to make sure that our environment is healthy and clean and we would like for people to talk about cleaning our environment.

  • During the topical discussions the topic I was most passionate about was strikes because I had an idea and was affected by strikes in my country and because of that when I saw that strike topic had been released I saw it as an opportunity to give my own views and perspectives and still read and ponder on other topical talkers comments and views. Second was metaverse followed by AI and the arts and lastly was king Charles and dem boys because monarchy is not something I am familiar with because I was given birth to in a democratic system of government and my home town does not have a monarchy. The topic that had the best discussion was the metaverse because various topical talkers involved themselves in discussions related to the metaverse and they created several discussions and comments that could potentially make it the metaverse a magnificent and amazing place if their opinions are taken into consideration. The topic which was most complicated was the king Charles topic because most people could not use it to their advantage and get stars and sorry to say it was mostly British participators that got stars and followed next was AI and the arts it was fascinating but still hard and difficult to get stars in it. The festival topic that is most relevant is to me and my community is strikes because it affected us badly and it left a mark that we will never forget especially in the educational sector and ASUU chose to not offer their services until their conditions were met and it took time much time before the Nigerian government reacted.

    1. I agree with you. To me, I think that strikes should be banned and all workers should be paid according to their jobs. The metaverse should have rules and rulers so that it will be a peaceful digital world.

      1. I disagree with you because specifically workers have the right to strike to me workers should go on strike but actually not every worker for example police forces, medical professionals, fire fighters. According to "google" the United kingdom has banned the police force to go on strike, and so is my country . The Nigerian police force public relations officer "olumuyiwa adeboji " made a say on strike " Nigerian police forces aren't union worker or other types of workers that go on strike ". Indeed I agree with you because metaverse should have rules and rules so it could be peaceful. To me metaverse is help full because . Metaverse can improve our lives in an effort to build the perfect experience for users the metaverse combines cutting-edge technologies such as virtual, augmented, and mixed reality ( VR, AR, MR ),artificial intelligence ( AI ) the internet or things ( lot ), blockchain, edge computing, and cloud computing.

  • I will suggest we the students should go with the Earth Day festival because it ha brought about many opinion and ideas to the students. I like the Earth Day festival because it made us to bring solution about the conflict facing each country. I also think Thai Royal are relevant is also a good topic, it has taught us about the sovereign part in the Royal family

    1. Yes I feel like Earth day brought so much talking upon the students.Also,I feel like Earth Day should be took more seriously.But that's another topic kind of,but to sum it up I agree with you.

  • Thanks for all your recent themes, they have all been great.
    1- The festival that sparked my passion is artificial intelligence in art, because I admire art and love it and also love it because I got a lot of stars on this subject because of my understanding of it🌟🌠

    2- I think the topic of Metaverse had the most discussion, because it's something new that we didn't hear about as students, and we were really excited when we heard that we were going to go around the world and meet people from all over the world while I was sitting in my room 💯

    3- I think that the issue of the strike and King Charles is the most complicated, because I do not like politics, and despite that, I learned more about these two topics until I started talking about them with my colleagues and my class 🏩

    4- I believe that the strike is the most important issue for me and my community, as we have gone on strike many times and there are heated discussions in my country about the strike⚡...
    These are my answers, I hope they are useful and good....

  • Well, the topic that I found most interesting and passionate about is Metaverse it was a very interesting, useful and interactive topic the topic introduced us to a virtual world and it possibilities, how you can go anywhere be whoever you want to be. It was a topic that allowed all topical talkers to express their opinions and it promoted interaction, debates and agreements between topical Talkers , in which some thought the Metaverse was a world where we can make the impossible possible , it will help to make education, health and other fields easier and better while some thought it will be a risk to privacy, and could lead to addiction.But still the topic gave us all a chance to experience ,feel and know what the Metaverse is like, even those that found the disadvantages a risk to privacy were still interested in knowing what the Metaverse will be like and being an avatar in it feels like .
    In my opinion the topic that i found complicated was strikes because it difficult to support a side whether to go on strike or not because if workers don’t go on strikes their employers will not pay attention to them and at the same time if they do it will affect the wellbeing of the people so it was quite hard to decide If going on strike is a good decision. Earth day is the most relevant to my community because the change in climate in my area has caused a lot of life threatening conditions in which the heat has increased and at the same there’s immense rainfall that causes flooding, land degradation and might leading to loss of life and properties.

  • I am actually most passionate about the metaverse. I feel this topic had the est discussion because people all over the world shared their great ideas and were able to relate with others. I think the most complicated topic on the hub is "king Charles the III coronation because i feel the royal family keeps most information secretive and i was unable to get a lot of information and i had limits to my research. I think the most relevant topic to me and my community is " climate change " this is because my country faces a lot of different changes in the weather and i had a lot to share on the hub based on my experiences. I am exceedingly grateful for these interesting topics especially the fact that I shared my ideas and thoughts with people and they interacted with me .

  • 1, I am most passionate about the topic metaverse because I always wanted to be a programmer and create my own metaverse.
    2, In my own opnion the topic Earth Day : tougher climate laws had the best discussion because everyone shared how climate change effects their community and country and how theythink we can redice climate change.
    3, I think that the topic king charles the III is the most complicated because not everyone has heared about the coronation even I didn't know that king charles the III was getting coronated till i saw the topic nd plus not everyone is inn the United Kingdom ( UK ) so it will be hard for us to understand the topic.
    4, the topic Earth Day: tougher climate laws is the one that's most relevant to me and my community becuase in my community we are suffering from climate change so this topic can help us get ideas from other peole to see how we can reduce climate change in our community.

  • 1) The festival topic that I am most passionate about is the Strike about postal workers striking and it affecting the community and the dangers attached to it like delayed packages, letters would remain unopened and so on.
    There were also solutions provided like maintaining positive attitude, considering employees safety, practice empathy, and allow for workers autonomy.
    2) The festival topic that had the best discussion was the topic of Metaverse which is a blend of multiple components of technology counting, and augmented reality video.
    3) The most complicated issue was that of King Charles formerly known as The Prince of Wales and I do not like the topic because it was a matter of politics which I didn't get at all.
    4) The most relevant festival topic that is important to me and my community is the one about the strike.
    Strike can cause injury to members of the community and non-striking worker and more especially poverty as employers would retrench workers if their business or businesses do not make much profit as before.

  • 1. I feel passionate about earth day climate because i would like to do every thing i can do to protect the earth from climate crisis.
    2. I had the best dicussion on strikes because in my county strike is almost an everyday thing most especially from our national electric power supply ( NEPA). They frequently go on strike so people now use genorators that cause polloution which hurts the ozone layer.
    3. I think metaverse is more complicaited because metaverse is an application which is not yet out in the world so people will not be able to have access to it in order to have more ideas about the metaverse.
    4. I feel strike is more relevant in my country because in my country Academic staff union of Universities(ASUU) had resently gone on strike so students has been missing lectures so that makes it harder for them to become what they want to become.

  • The topic I was interested in was the earth day topic because it educated me more on why we should take care of our environment and made me to love taking care of my environment.The Earth day topic had the best discussion because it helped many students around the world bring up ideas about how to take care of the earth and also to know the things affecting the environment and causing climate change.The most complicated topic was that of the king Charles III coronation because where in the modern times where we only here stories about kings and queens so it was hard to write on what we had little knowledge on.The earth day was really relevant to my society teaching us how to maintain a good and healthy environment and to appreciate our environment more.

    1. I agree that the Earth Day topic was one of the best discussions. We learned about and shared ideas about what we should do to be able to save our planet or slow it down.

  • My favourite topic of the festival was Metaverse, this is because I learnt more about technology and I learnt more about virtual reality. It was easy to write about it because there is a lot of information about it. It was very interesting and fun learning about it. That is why it's my favourite topic.
    The most complicated was about the coronation because where I come from there is no royalty ruling over us. So it made it hard to find information about them.
    Earth day is more relevant to me and my community because climate will affect us all and everybody needs to take care of our environment.

  • i think the topic about the great king of England,King Charles was great.It was all about coronation,law and power that is earned in different ways.To me the most complicated topic was about environmentalogist lady as in were its not a strong point in some communities.And still on the first topic of King Charles about discussions,it was totally great.

  • The topic that I most felt passionate about was about King Charles III is coronation and the royal responbilities , because while i was growing up the king and queen of Buganda always held charity events and always protested against child abuse and told children their rights which is why am inspired to be a person who fights child abuse.
    thank you

  • During the discussion,the topic I was much interested in the topic which is Metaverse: made me understand the importance and impact of technology.
    2.Metaverse creates room for entertainment,communication and also the understanding of technology.
    3.This virtual world also consist of robots made by man through the application of technology.Example is the humanoid robot.
    4.It also made me understand the effect of being in a technological area filled with lots of electrical connections and wiring for a long period of time,as man can be addicted to it and this would lead to,absence from reality and psychological problems.
    In conclusion, Metaverse really taught me the advantages and also the disadvantages attached to technology.

  • Well , The
    Most complicated topic
    So far is the metaverse.Understanding the metaverse is complicated, especially because it doesn't exist yet. Since Big Tech companies like Epic Games, Nvidia, Microsoft, Intel, and Facebook (I mean, “Meta”), won't stop talking about it, there's an evolving lexicon to describe the next iteration of the internet. challenges of Metaverse include time and space. The concept of time perception can be different if we compare the real world with a virtual environment, as users tend to be less aware of their bodies while inside the Virtual Reality.

    1. I personally think that when you first start learning about the metaverse it might be difficult. But however when you keep using it and using it you start to get the hang of it and you might know a lot about the metaverse some day.

  • I have found myself being extremely passionate with the Earth day topic. My whole life, all these opportunities and lessons were in my life, teaching me to love and embrace our Earth. To see people treat our beautiful home with such cruel hands and manipulative minds, fills me with undeniable enmity. How can you continue to destroy our world when we know the consequences? The truth is, they don't care. People are learning about what is happening, but seldom know how to do something. I think I'm going to make my standpoint on what we can do. Since learning is not enough, my standpoint will hopefully inspire and teach. I can't sit around and wait anymore, platforms like these are perfect for getting your ideas across, and now I finally can; alongside the myriad of others who believe the same. Together we can change the world, and my standpoint will prove that. It will hopefully show how precious life here is, how we can help and the appalling consequences if we don't. Thank you for reading!

    1. I totally agree with every word. I am truly touched and wholeheartedly resonate with your passionate stance on Earth Day and the urgent need to protect our planet. It is disheartening to witness the destructive actions and apathy that harm our beautiful home. The knowledge of the consequences is undeniable, yet some continue to disregard the importance of preserving our world.

      You have rightly identified that mere awareness is not enough. Action is crucial. By taking a firm standpoint and inspiring others, you are embracing the power of education and motivation. Your determination to make a difference and utilize platforms for positive change is commendable. Together, united with countless others who share your vision, we can indeed transform the world.

      Through your standpoint, you aim to illuminate the preciousness of life on Earth, highlight the ways in which we can contribute, and expose the grim consequences of inaction. Your impassioned message serves as a beacon of hope, urging us all to recognize our collective responsibility and act for the betterment of our planet.

      Thank you for your heartfelt words and for embracing the opportunity to make a difference. May your stance inspire others to join the cause, creating a ripple effect that will foster a sustainable and thriving world for generations to come.

  • To me the topic that has been the best discussion are two AI and arts and strike because the topic AI has made me realize how beneficial AI is to us for example for e-payments, social media, smart assistants and for so many and the strikes have helped realize that they are both beneficial: helps get the rights needed for workers and not beneficial because causes loss of jobs, financial problems and so many more

    1. I agree that the AI and arts topic helped us realize that we have evolved so much in the past twenty years. Twenty years ago we were going in person with cash to pay everything. Now we pay online.

  • Hello, 1- The topic that aroused my passion is the issue of the coronation of King Charles III. I used to think that royal life is a luxury and simple, but I learned that it is difficult and a great responsibility because it is responsible for an entire people. 2- The topic that had the best discussion is the climate because everyone agrees on one opinion and he can Solving the problem of the world, 3- The most complicated topic is the metavirus, because I did not get enough information about the metaverse, but I will try, 4- The most appropriate topic for me and my community is the strike, because we did the strike before, and thank you ✨

  • In my opinion, the topic that sparked the most engaging and thought-provoking discussion during the festival was undoubtedly "Royalty". The concept of royalty is a multifaceted and often contentious one, and I found myself completely captivated by the intricacies and nuances of this topic. From grand palaces to ornate crowns, there is an undeniable sense of majesty and grandeur associated with royalty that is difficult to ignore.

    Throughout the course of our discussion, we delved into a wide range of topics related to royalty, including their role in modern society and their presence on social media platforms. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a wealth of information that I had previously been unaware of, and this newfound knowledge allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of the royal family.

    One of the most valuable aspects of this discussion was the opportunity to explore both the advantages and disadvantages of the royal family. Through our discourse, I was able to expand my thinking and challenge many of my preconceived notions about royalty. While we certainly admire the grandeur and splendor associated with royalty, we also grapple with questions about their purpose within modern democracies.

    Overall, the discussion on royalty was a truly enlightening and enriching experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in such a stimulating conversation.
    Thank you topical Talk Festival for this great a competition , big love 🫶🏻 .

  • The topic that raised everyone and made a stir all over the world and everyone participated in it and was enthusiastic and everyone was writing about it in a creative and amazing way is the topic of Metaverse. We talked about several things and we delved into the world of Wide technology and Metaverse has helped us to know a lot of things, how Metaverse has helped the world in development and growth, and also how Metaverse has helped connect and cohesion the world, and we know that Metaverse has a positive side On the negative side, when we wrote about the Metaverse, I noticed that some students were looking at the Metaverse in a positive way, and some in a negative way, and that all depends on the way the Metaverse is used. Each person controls the way it is used. Some of them are He uses it in a negative way, and some of them use it in a positive way. It's really a wonderful and crazy metaverse...

  • I am here to talk about the issue of climate change. This issue is the issue that most attracted my attention, and I see that there is a problem that is more important than the problem of climate change. I want to talk about a story that happened in my house a while ago and was affected by it, and I want to share it because there is a lesson in it. My family saw me more than once while I was sitting on the site and immersed in it and the conditions for finding the best opinion to share. Once, my 27-year-old sister asked me what you are doing on this site...... and what do you benefit from it???!! I began to explain the topic to her, and when I told her about the issue of climate change and that it was the most thing I learned from him, I could not find any word from her except that she asked me what climate change was. Then I was shocked and amazed that my sister, who is 13 years older than me, does not know about him, and after thinking about it, I saw that most people in my country do not know about it, most people, let alone many countries like it

    I found something more important than I give opinions only. Most of us here give opinions only for the sake of the stars, and nobody takes it seriously I see that the real problem is that people do not even know about the problem, and the problem is not climate change. If people do not even know about the problem, and they do not show importance to it, and they do not even try to solve it, then how will we fix the problem in the first place? Please, please, anyone who reads my comment understands what I mean People so far do not care about it. People only care about me. I love this channel and follow it. Please tell me how I look in the picture. I want to download a post on Instagram. This is her interest Most of us here have accounts. If we really care about the matter, we must publish the matter more so that we can contribute to solving the problem. Because if we solve this problem, we can attract the attention of the whole world to it, we will certainly be able to solve the main problem.

  • 1- What is the most complex festival?!!
    In my opinion, the King Charles III festival is the most complicated, because it was full of different opinions that you could not choose between, and it sparked different discussions.

    2- What is the theme of the festival that is most appropriate for you and your community?

    Strikes are the most appropriate festival for my community. We here in Gaza carry out a lot of strikes and sit-ins for various issues. Therefore, I was very happy to include this topic in the festival. I learned a lot of new information and benefited from it.

    1. I agree with you that the most complicated topic was royality but also we got acquainted with new terms and learned many meanings like racism, colonialism, wealth, popularity, fairness, tradition, history. We haven't this monarchy system in our country but through this festival topic I learned more about kings life, advantages disadvantages and their role in the past and in the modern world.

  • The festival topic that I am most passionate about is the topic concerning Al and arts.
    The reason I am passionate about this topic is this.
    When analysing this topic I realised that there's a lot that needs to talk about regarding art,how art should be taken as something that is not just a mere sculpture but something you involve time and feelings into.
    Although I disagreed with Al so being called art,I got to learn also that Al inspires some artist and because of this inspiration some artist get to create unique sculptures.
    All in one,this topic has helped me to be able to learn and express my self.

    The next topic I am most passionate about us the topic on earth Day.
    This topic has taught me how to make best use of my resources.
    It has also taught me the benefits of recycling products,the benefits of educating the people.
    and educating them create awareness,when we create awareness we enlighten people,and when we enlighten people,they would know the actions they should abstain from,and the actions to develope to build their society.

    Each of this topics has helped me a great deal because I get to learn from others opinion,and have solutions to the problems concerning my society.

  • A topic in this festival is very complicated that is "strikes" because we don't know many facts and responsiblities about the strikes. So it was very complicated for me to comment in that topic.

    The most relevant topic to me and my community is "earth day" because in my area there were many lakes, rivers, ponds but now there are no rivers and lakes in my area. There is only 3 ponds left in my area. I think that it is because of the climate crisis.
    So it is relevant to me and my community.


    1. I agree that the most relevant topic is earth day. I think that it is the most relevant because people keep littering and throwing trash on the ground and there is no one there to enforce what should really be done.

  • The topic that aroused my passion, of course, is the Royal Family Festival. I love to talk about these things, so it is what arouses my passion the most
    It was a topic to talk about with all my thoughts and experiences
    The festival that had the best discussion is Earth Day. I think everyone gave what they had so that the best discussion would be about Earth Day (it was a discussion full of different international ideas, experiences and atmospheres).
    The most complicated, in my opinion, is the Metaverses festival, because not everyone has creative ideas that he can employ in some things
    I faced some difficulties when I wanted to comment on it because it is a new artificial intelligence and some people could not arrange its ideas to know what it would be used in.
    The most suitable festival for me is Earth Day, because everyone among us shares his love for the earth and the endeavor to do all things to make it the most beautiful and best always

  • We want to give you a big thank you for these modern and cool themes, Because they are all amazing and very special . 💖

    1- The Festival of Artificial Intelligence in Art is the festival that aroused my passion a lot because I love art very much and I love it because I got some stars because of this topic. ❤

    2- I also think that theme Metaverse He has some discussions , Because it is a new topic that the students have not heard , Also, when we heard that we will go on a trip around the world and meet new people while I was sitting in my room, I got excited a lot . 🪐🔥

    3- Also, I say to myself that the subject of strikes and King Charles is the most complicated subject. Because I don't like politics. Despite this, I learned a lot about these topics, so that I started talking about it in front of my friends and my description. 💞

    4- I also believe that strikes are the most important issue for people and societies. Where we did a lot of strikes and there are also heated and strong discussions in my city about the strike ...... This is my answer so far , Also, I hope it will be enough and wonderful for you . Thank you. 💘

  • We thank you for making this program Topical talk because it helped us with things we did not know and learned new things... ✨
    1- The topic that talked about the coronation of King Charles is the most complicated topic because we are young, we do not know, we do not like politics, and we do not interfere with it much.
    2- The topic that I admired and delved into in detail is artificial intelligence in art, because I love art madly and I am good at it. Therefore, when you work on a topic that you love and are good at... you will find yourself creative in writing the expression because you really know this art.
    The end..... I want to thank everyone who contributed and brought out the idea of ​​Topical Talk because we benefited from it as information for ourselves and as a science and education for our families, relatives and friends ✨🤍
    Thank you for everything 💘🙏

  • What is the theme of the festival that had the best discussion?
    I think that the topic of Earth Day (climate change) was the most important because it is a real problem that we must pay attention to before the matter gets worse, especially since it is a problem that concerns everyone who lives on this planet, not like some other topics
    For example The issue of King Charles III, we can say that it is not a special need for everyone who lives on earth, especially that there are countries with a democratic system that are not on the same challenges and problems facing the monarchy, but it was very good to get to know other cultures and the challenges of other countries while Earth Day is celebrated Everyone and from anywhere.
    The theme of Earth Day was related to more than one other topic in the festival, in addition to the information of great importance that we got to know and the beautiful and different discussions that we had, especially that Earth Day is one day, and it is very nice to get to know other cultures, how they spend Earth Day, and what they do with it and for it.

  • What impressed me the most is the comprehensive applications of artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, and the development of this education according to the data it consumes. I was also impressed by what artificial intelligence produces in the field of arts, such as drawing and sculpting with three-dimensional techniques that simulate reality. I expect this field to develop into furniture design, fashion design, and other fields. differen

  • The topic that has the best discussion for me is artificial intelligence because it has a role in our daily lives and because I love art. As for the topic that I liked the most is the Earth Day festival because it has some issues and laws that we can participate in solving, and of course we participated in solutions Disputes and laws. The appropriate topic for my environment. I think that strikes caught my eye and I got stars from it, and it was the first topic ever. It is really wonderful. As for the most complicated topic, and everyone agrees with me, it is King Charles III. Complicated for some, to be honest, the topics are really beautiful and wonderful, and I would love to be distracted from the topics more and more. We also talked about the issue of privacy for kings, as kings are really human, and as we talked about the subject of Metaverses, it is a good topic. We discussed the things that were happening with the majority of people. In the end, the entire site is beautiful and wonderful, and I thank those who handle it, and we are waiting for the rest of the topics 😍

  • Which Festival topic am I most passionate about??? Earth Day: tougher climate laws. I really loved this topic because Earth is the only home we can live and survive on. And this topic really educated me about things that I do that destroys the earth. Before this topic I did not know the value of celebrating Earth day but now I know better. I have realized that Earth day is really important because it creates awareness on why we need to take care of our planet. This topic also showed me that a space free of clutter actually makes you happier and less stressed. Recycling = relaxing!

  • ⚫ I feel that the most discussed topics that aroused my passion is the topic of Earth Day because it motivated me to find appropriate and feasible solutions to the problems of the Earth, global warming and plastic waste on our planet.

    ⚫ As for the topic that had the best discussion, it is the topic of Metapress because it has many ramifications in many topics.

    ⚫ I think that the most complex topic is the coronation of King Charles III, because it talks about politics and the great responsibility of kings, and the royal family system, which is difficult for many people to understand this topic, and understand this great responsibility.

    ⚫ I think that the most appropriate topic for me and my community is the topic of Earth Day, because it includes problems that all of us face and all groups of society face.

    1. I agree because...
      EARTHDAY has helped many realize that pollution can cause dangerous disaster and instead of causing pollution we can use it for varieties of things like recycling waste bottles.

      METAVERSE has helped us in so many ways like recreational activists and entartamient

      KING CHARLES III has been thecomplex topic because its is a monarchy system of government which is complicated and as also shown the responsibilities which kings should carry out


  • 1- The topic that arouses my passion is art and artificial intelligence because I love art, especially art in artificial intelligence, because there are many lessons and wonderful quotes in it 2- The topic that had the best discussion on Earth Day because the topic talks about all countries and not a specific group or thing Opinions agreed on this topic about crises and solutions 3- The topic that I saw is the most complex metaverse because there are more negatives than positives and there is a difference in opinions 4- The most appropriate topic for me and my community is the strike because it happens in my town a lot and in the end all the topics were wonderful because they It provided me with culture, different opinions and logical ideas.

  • I am most passionate about the earth day topic. I also think that climate change had the best discussion because it is the topic that is happening everywhere around the world so everyone has something to say about it. King Charles's coronation was the hardest topic for me because I didn't know what to write about.
    Climate change is the most important topic to me and my environment because if we don't try to reduce what we do that causes climate change it will become worse.

  • Climate change is a huge threat towards human and economic health. Extreme temperatures, droughts and wildfires have also more than doubled in the last 40 years. While no extreme weather event is never down to a single cause, climate scientists are increasingly exploring the human fingerprints on floods, heatwaves, droughts and storms. Climate change is one of the biggest issues of our time, and it can be emotionally challenging to discuss. The climate crisis is causing shifts in the availability of resources and precipitating migration, which in turn impact human rights, national politics, and may increase conflict within and between countries. Climate change can also impact human health by worsening air and water quality, increasing the spread of certain diseases, and altering the frequency or intensity of extreme weather events. Rising sea level threatens coastal communities and ecosystems. I hope my standpoints are explained and interesting.

  • I agree with this passage, it talks about how people like earth day, it talks about the law and how we are facing each other country. It talked about how there are issues on the internet and how people need privacy and how more complex issue was about the coronation of King Charles III.

  • Hello ,
    Really I am very happy to be involved in the discussions of all topics . Thanks a lot for enriching my knowledge about these topics in both , positive side and negative one .
    I was strongly admired by metaverse . I liked it very much for the positive points of it . For example, l am fond of tourism, meeting new people and learning new languages . As a student , l have no money to travel , so the marvelous metaverse offers me these services . Moreover, metaverse can embody lots of things related to the field of medicine, science, history and geography . Really l hope to use it soon .

    1. But there are a lot of risks and damages to him that may change your point of view

      Buying real estate and land on Metaverse may expose you to loss or fraud, given the continuity and credibility of this world is not known yet. The possibility of spying on your information and confidential and important data; As a result of the lack of actual and strict controls to prevent the occurrence of cybercrime; Due to its novelty. The possibility of hacking the avatar, which makes it easier for criminals to hack it and steal a complete embodiment of you. Instead of dealing with someone you know well and trust, he will end up dealing with a criminal and you will not know.

      The possibility of hacking the avatar, which makes it easier for criminals to hack it and steal a complete embodiment of you, so instead of dealing with someone you know well and trust, he will end up dealing with a criminal and not knowing. Metaverse contains very advanced digital cameras that can even integrate with blueprint technologies EEG, which makes the Metaverse a very dangerous world, it can spy on you and even monitor your brain and everything you think about, which limits privacy and even makes it non-existent. Metaverse collects a huge amount of data and information that belongs to users, which makes it easier for him to control it Which makes privacy completely non-existent

  • The broadest of all topics which is the AI and arts has gotten and increased my way of critically thinking thanks to the Topical talkers.
    The buzz words of today, artificial intelligence(AI), machine and deep learning. Business circles, corporation, startups, developers and the average person have heard about these terms and seen them appear more and more often in news and online chatter. But what do they really do? .
    The concepts and methodologies in AI are not new. Known techniques are used in different ways to achieve new and extraordinary things which AI is a part of. The term artificial means something that is stimulated, not organic and typically created by humans. While 'Intelligence' is a somewhat subjective and philosophical matter. It is the ability to understand and implement the process of making toast.
    So now AI is a technology that is transforming every walk of life. It is a wide ranging tool that enables people to rethink how we integrate information, analyze data and use the resulting insights to improve decision making. Therefore, AI art refers to art generated with the assistance of artificial intelligence. However anything that possess an advantage will surely pose a disadvantage. So AI varies on both sides which states that it has its potential benefits and disadvantages.
    Further more during the topical discussions many questions where raised such as wont human feel inferior, wont they loose their respective jobs to the tunes of AI, can AI truly be called an Artist and so on till infinity.. So looking at the other side, computer programs developed by AI are designed to be logical and systematic. This means that they cannot be impulsive or spontaneous like human creativity. AI is programmed and works on trained data and instructions accorded to it. So we can't predict the actions of AI, because it cannot deviate from these instructions. On the other board human creativity is unpredictable and cannot be replaced.
    Agreeing in a balanced consideration like most topical talkers proclaimed, we say that Ai helps in saving numerous time and makes work easier. But better still AI lack the emotions to convey the adequate information. So will AI replace human no.
    I also stand on the fact that, AI is the manifestation of human creativity and genius. It has always been something we humans considered to be innately ours. It is the quintessence of our most intimate thoughts, emotions, and passions. It makes us express our uniqueness. So is AI an artistic tool for artists or an artist itself. The answer isn't so simple, but the best is quite No.
    In the midst of inferiority, people think AI and arts have taken over their jobs and stuffs. But it's simply hell no. Because we shouldn't be forgetting that Ai was created by human intelligence. We are the masterpiece behind it, so even if the AI helps in the process it doesn't have the developed brain to process it next journey.
    But nevertheless we shouldn't consider AI worthless because it as an effective impact it has done, it is doing and will still do. Thank You.

  • The theme of Earth Day is the most appropriate for me and my community, because we do many activities, including. 1. Organizing employee events

    One of the simplest ways to celebrate Earth Day in the office is to organize an employee event that supports the goals of the day
    . awareness raising

    You can also raise awareness of Earth Day and what it's all about in other ways. They can be standing in the lobby of your building as people arrive and hand out copies of Earth Day's Plastic Pollution Primer and Toolkit, which is packed with educational resources about the impact of plastic pollution and how to address it.

    Or if you shudder at the idea of ​​using paper all on Earth Day, you can explore electronic options:

    Send the PDF file via email.

    Post links on slack.

    Write about it on your company intranet.

    Write a blog post or article on the company's website.

    If you want to get the message across to the community, why not host a broader event that is publicly available? You could make it like a street fair, with free food and drinks (served in reusable containers to avoid waste, of course) and booths where your staff give information or maybe provide some entertainment. Again, the sky is the limit, so get to brainstorming! Again, borders, so you get to brainstorm for the skies!

  • The topic that had the best discussion and best solution is strikes because it is helpful to solve a problem and government also agree with it so helpful in it and strike is the best solution in solving a problem so it is useful to us and it is not easy to end the strike government should take action and give a right answer to stop the strike so strike is the best solution

  • Between myself and my peers, a big discussion has been the coronation of Charles III and the royal family in general. How much they cost us as a nation (despite being the most famous unemployed man until last Saturday, Charles was worth 1.8 billion GBP), whether they should be as 'relevant' in the media as they are, et cetera. Particularly how relevant they are, and whether it is fair to them as people. So, this is my chosen topic. My thanks to the Topical Talk Festival for the resources to discuss so many interesting topics.

  • Man has always sought development and search for the best since the beginning of creation. His father Adam, peace be upon him, did not give up when he descended to earth. Rather, the journey of searching for everything began from there. It is the desire to continue and live. We discussed the issue of metaphysics and artificial intelligence, this topic I loved very much because it He talks about technology and computer language, and we have come to know its importance as it allows users to enter into an experience based on artificial intelligence, enabling them to form a virtual world and engage in it and simulate real life, of course, with specific laws and metaverses that change or start a new life for a person in which no one knows him like a baby looking for his motherInteract and share with people and friends, share favorite hobbies together in real time, such as video games, and attend their social events without the hassle or incurring travel costs, which are sometimes not available in the physical world. - The important feature he mentioned as well is reducing congestion, saving times, and avoiding problems resulting from the difficulty and complexity of transportation. “Some were taken from the web browser and the people participating in the competition,” and there are significant damages to itInternet or gaming addiction Excessive use of metavirus platforms as well as associated devices Identity theft Privacy issues Difficulty tracking children's metavirus use Widening digital divide Ransomware attacks Mental health issues Legal challenges

  • The festival topic that is most relevant to my country is that of the strike.
    It is very common, and it is really affecting the students mostly in the higher institution.
    Instead of students to spend four years in the university, there spend seven to eight years, which discourage us the upcoming students from schooling in our country.
    That of the Earth day topic was also fun and interesting.
    I love all the topics. Thank you.

    1. As an addition to your write up strike strike has an advantage and also a disadvantage. Some of the disadvantages include:
      * Losses as a result of lack of production-because there are no employees to aid in production.
      *Loss of clients-because there are no employees to attend to their needs.
      *Slower growth-because processes and operations have ceased to be effective.
      The advantages include:
      Functionally,strikes provides workers with the bargaining power to drive fair and meaningful negotiations, offsetting the inherent inequalities of bargaining power in the employer-employee relations. And thanks to everyone I understood every topic and also had fun discussing

  • The topic that was interesting , fun , exploring ,educative and also had the best discussion and I was passionate about is Metaverse a new realm this is because I knew about it before we had started the Topical talk so I knew a little few things about it and that also helped me and it had a lot of information so it was easy to write about.
    The topic that was complicated is King Charles ||| Coronation this is because our royalty is different from the UK royalty so I do not know much about their royalty so that makes it hard to find about most of the information about their royalty.
    The topic that is most relevant to me and my community is Earth day this is because it matters of the climate change of me my community so if we do not preserve our climate change for example by recycling , reusing and other ways that can help it will also have an effect on us.

    1. I agree with you on the issue of climate, it is a really very important issue in our lives
      I think it is necessary for everyone to learn and recognize the importance of the climate and land in general
      We, the sons of this land, must take care of it and do everything we can to make it free of pollutants and work together to make it a clean land. Everyone who sees it says that there are people who really deserve it.
      I hope that we will publish this topic in the newspapers and also in our schools and families to work on educating people about this important issue

  • I think if I wrote about metavirus it would be new because it started to spread in the world and there are Arab countries that use it to develop their country, Kalamarat, for example, and as we discussed that metavirusA virtual ecosystem for communication and interaction, and there are a lot of benefits to it, frankly. I hope it becomes in our country because it will change it for the better, and one of its advantages

    An innovative future vision of the computer world Interacting and sharing with people and friends, sharing beloved hobbies together in real time, such as video games, and attending their social events without the hassle or incurring travel costs, which are sometimes not available in the physical world.Reducing congestion, saving times, and avoiding problems resulting from the difficulty and complexity of transportation. Finding appropriate social relationships for certain groups that are often ignored in real life, such as the elderly, young people, or autistic people. It is difficult to find personalities who help them (friends). Her many answersExploitation of data is exacerbated because it blurs the lines between physical and digital data, bullying, theft, and many others. It may negatively affect students, as it may distract them from studying and reduce their academic yield, but at the same time it may increase it if they use it in the right way, but the question remains: Will there ever be virtual characters in Metaverse? may rule the world

  • In this discussion one of my favourite topic is about KING CHARLES it is very interesting because what are the problems facing in their life?. It make as eagerly to learn more about it

  • The topic that aroused my mind and thinking, and I was quickly attracted to it, is the issue of nepotism. It has received beautiful and attractive comments, and because the majority in society, or most likely in our current time, deals with nepotism and wasta in order to obtain a job or an interest. Wasta has become a part of their daily lives that facilitates all things for them, and they can only live With its existence, wasta is not limited to employing an unsuitable person, but rather it works to overturn the scales, making falsehood right, and this phenomenon has causes and effects resulting from it from these reasons 1-lack of individual awareness of its consequences 2-unemployment and lack of job opportunities, and that unemployment exists and is abundant in Arab societies as well as few Job opportunities due to low economic conditions and conditions 3- People’s concealment of reporting about the nepotism may be for fear of the person because of his power, influence and authority, or he may also be a beneficiary of this nepotism from the effects resulting from it 1- Neglecting the work their work 2- Loss of the rights of the talented 3- Lack of trust between individuals the society. The state must put an end to combating this phenomenon by holding meetings and announcements showing its dire results and punishing those responsible for it and the people participating in it. For me, I learned many things from this topic, and being a school student, I have to spread what I learned among the students at school, or even among my family, relatives, and neighbors, and make banners showing its harm.

  • Well, the topic that aroused my passion is the subject of Metaverse. I naturally love these areas that are related to technology and also that depend on artificial intelligence. It excites me thinking about it the more it increases and develops to a higher level. It makes me think, will we reach this high level of development, will we find solutions to the problems that will face it and what It will happen to the future because of it, and will we get more comfort with it, or will i be a big problem for us?!
    ..we will go to the topic that had the best discussion The topic that had a wonderful discussion is certainly the topic of Earth Day because it is a day of awareness for people to preserve their environment in which they live and also raises cooperation and solidarity between the community to obtain a clean and safe environment from the waste that destroys it and also it is a wonderful topic to be a class discussion that makes teachers direct students towards the environment And strive to develop it and take advantage of the lands and large areas to plant it with various trees that soften the air and reduce the damage resulting from climate change.
    While the most complicated issue is the royal family, it is what leads to going to politics and governance and the great responsibility towards the people and also towards the royal family itself and in its decisions that it issues, and that decision will be good or not, as it needs a lot of responsibility and also the skill of solving problems that confront him in judgment.

    1. I don't agree that the coronation of King Charles is complicated
      Because it is one of the very wonderful topics, and you can search in browsers for what is going on in the country as well, knowing if his coronation is correct or if there are errors in it. Yes, I say that his coronation was one of the very beautiful things that we talked about in the project
      Although I did not know the interesting thing about the royal family, but the comments opened doors for me and a new passion to continue my search for it and its importance and that it has nothing to do with whether time is recent or old.
      Let's think that it was the most passionate and the most enthusiastic topic to talk about and what goes on in it

  • The topic I am most passionate about is the climate change topic. It was really interesting to talk about all of the struggles of climate change and to read other people's opinions on the topic. I think that the topic with the best discussion was the one on nepotism. That was another topic that I also really enjoyed. The topic that I felt was the most complicated was the one on King Charles. That one was quite hard for me because i typically don't know a lot about te royal family but i learnt so much from reading other people's comments. The topic that is most relevant to me and my country is strikes because my country suffers from numerous strikes due to low salaries or bad working conditions which can cause lots of problems for the country.

  • The festival topic I am most passionate about is the earth day discussion it is very interesting to talk about. The topic that had the best discussions is also the Earth Day because it had so many different discussions that people talked about. There were those who agreed that there should be harsher climate law while there were those who didn't think there should be no laws for climate change. In my opinion, the Festival topic that was most complicated was the nepotism. The festival topic that I think was the most relevant to me was the virtual reality one because more and more overtime people in my area have been using vr headsets to play for example video games.

  • I think my point of view about Metaverse is very good and the biggest drawback of Virtual Reality is that people can't afford it. Metaverse is a mirror of the real world.

    Metaverse is a mirror of the natural world. Therefore, it is not only a place where people can meet and interact, but also a place where they can create, share and consume content.

    The Metaverse is a place where people can live out their dreams. You can be an astronaut or an artist if you like - or anything in between!

  • I am most passionate about the metaverse in my opinion the metaverse metaverse is the next version of the internet .The virtual world combines work, socialising, shopping and gaming some say it is overhyped. I think the topic with the most discussions is the metaverse because people were able to share their ideas and were able to relate with the topic. Ai and arts is the most complicated topic on the hub because out if the six topics i realised almost all were related to AI and even though AI is related to the metaverse i still had a problem relating to others about arts. Earth day: tougher climates, this was the most relevant to my community and myself because around me the environment is gradually changing because of the excess burning of trash. Ghana, Nepal, Mexico and other developing countries often lack the tax bases and infrastructure needed to put such systems into place. So residents and governments often burn piles of their trash in the open; removing the garbage from the land but transferring it to the skies. Some 40 percent of the world’s waste may be dealt with in this way.

    1. It's wonderful to hear that you're passionate about the metaverse and that it has been a topic of great discussion. The metaverse does indeed hold immense potential as the next evolution of the internet, offering a virtual world where various aspects of life, such as work, socializing, shopping, and gaming, converge. While some may argue that the metaverse is overhyped, it's clear that it has captured the attention and imagination of many.

      Regarding the topics discussed on the Hub, it's interesting to note that AI and arts were the most complicated for you to relate to others. AI is a complex and multifaceted field, and its integration with the metaverse adds another layer of intricacy. It's understandable to find it challenging to discuss the intersection of AI and arts, as it requires a deep understanding of both disciplines. However, it's always beneficial to engage in conversations and learn from others' perspectives to broaden your understanding.

      The topic of Earth Day and the challenges related to tougher climates is highly relevant and impactful. It's disheartening to hear about the environmental changes you've witnessed due to the excessive burning of trash in your community. This issue is not limited to your community but is prevalent in many developing countries where the lack of resources and infrastructure leads to unsustainable waste management practices. Finding sustainable solutions to waste management is crucial for protecting the environment and human health.

      Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences related to these topics. It's essential to continue discussing and raising awareness about these issues to foster positive change and encourage sustainable practices. Keep engaging with others and exploring these important topics—it's through such discussions that we can collectively work towards a better future.

  • I prefer earth day activities because it talk about how we can reduce the issues of climate change and if we reduce climate change, we will become more healthy. I have some issues with the coronation of king Charles the III because we don't know more about royal things so, I think it's better to write on something more educative I don't mean that it's not educative, but we want to learn more things about nature,art and technology.

  • What is the theme of the festival that excites you the most?
    I think that the theme of the festival on Earth Day was very beautiful, as we learned a lot of information, especially climate change, and this is very good because we are now aware of what is happening around us and aware of its seriousness, so we started to avoid some things and pay more attention to the subject
    And we got to know the opinion of others about him and what they do on Earth Day.

    What is the theme of the festival that had the best discussion?
    King Charles III Festival. I am sure that it had a nice discussion because there are many different opinions and points of view that changed our general idea about it and made us delve into the matter more, in addition to that we got to know the United Kingdom’s way of governance and the view of some people on the existence of a ruler and a ruling family.

    What is the most complex festival theme?
    In my opinion, all the topics of the festival were complicated in one way or another, especially in the questions asked. They were really beautiful, smart and unique

    What is the theme of the festival most relevant to you and your community?
    The theme of the festival, strikes, is the theme of the festival most relevant to my community, especially since at one time some teachers went on strike for some reason, and then they all lost their jobs. I really cannot forget that time, so I was pleased to learn about strikes and when we should do that.

  • My standpoint is on the topic " Earth Day " . because ,
    It was a great discussion about the nature and I have learnt many information about the nature .
    The opinions and the solution was
    very nice in my way .
    The festival was very very nice , the suggestion was absolutely great and conflict is very nice .
    So I liked the Earth Day festival really a great journey in this discussion .

  • The festival topic I am more passionate about is METAVERSE!
    The metaverse is a concept with a large number of definitions depending on by the people you ask but my definition states that the metaverse is a collaboration between the physical and digital worlds through the application of devices and programs. The metaverse can also be a parallel universe to ours. It provides digital experience as an alternative or a replica of the real world along with its key civilizational aspects like social interactions, currency trade, economy and property ownership founded on a bedrock of blockchain technology. Since the metaverse hasn't been launched yet, we can only speculate how the metaverse might look and function just like in 1970 to 1980 when the internet was first introduced.
    If the metaverse is indeed like the internet, the applications will be very vast. For example the metaverse can enhance the living standard of the user. The customer can test products before purchasing. It can make an individual to have first class experience while living their lives. It gives medical personnel powerful insight on patients. Doctors detect and diagnose disorders easily. It makes gaming more realistic. It allows the user to move freely without leaving the comforts of the home. It has the potential to overcome the challenges we face in the real life. People will be able to learn by doing not just passively absorbing information.

  • I am most passionate about strikes. I think the festival topic with the best discussion is strike because I think strikes are the fight against discrimination and should be a very important topic to talk about. I think the festival that was most complicated was earth: tougher climates because I was unable to express myself because where i live there climate change is quite stable and i wasn't able to relate with others. I think the most relevant festival topic to my community is nepotism because the community i live in is facing a huge strike of nepotism.

  • What are the types of strike?
    Strikes are classified into several types, including the following:
    Sitting strike This type of strike is the least common and is represented by workers occupying the workplace and refusing to do the work, in addition to refusing to leave the place.
    labor strike...
    General strikes...
    Sympathy strike...
    Student strike...
    hunger strike

  • What is the Metaverse? It seems to you that the Internet will never end. It appears to you as a gigantic gelatinous entity that has no close end, at least as long as there is electricity and electronic devices in the world. The Internet probably will not last long in its current form. The text pages at the beginning of their appearance, this is what I believe to be the one who mixes the virtual world with augmented reality technologies in order to create a different and unique world for us, which is the virtual world.