Is one day enough?


This year, Earth Day was celebrated around the globe on April 22nd and the news was full of stories about how people got involved. Some people held events, others did something to raise money or awareness and many schools changed their lessons for a day.

This was noticed by efficient_camel of Shouka Prep Girls School in Palestine – and they asked a great question:

What is the purpose of celebrating Earth Day?

This got us thinking about some other questions too. Choose one to answer in the comments!


Did you celebrate Earth Day in your schools or communities?
If yes, how? If no, why not?


Should there be one day a year dedicated to saving the planet? Or is there a better way?Will having an Earth Day make a difference? Why or why not?

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  • Earth Day is one of the best and most beautiful days that all countries celebrate, and of course I celebrated Earth Day in my school and it was a beautiful day, and I think that one day dedicated to the planet Earth is not enough, if we make people and the world feel that the responsibility of the planet is everyone’s responsibility without exception, and I believe that Laws are not enough to save the planet. Awareness is one of the best ways to protect the planet. Let's be one hand to protect our beautiful planet so that our next generation can live safely.....

  • Why do we celebrate Earth Day?

    Earth Day is celebrated to raise societal awareness about the environment, and to commemorate the anniversary of the first Earth Day. After decades, environmental issues have continued, as the "Earth Day" organization indicates that the struggle for a clean environment has become more urgent to address environmental issues, especially climate change.

  • I am in my school and we have made a big celebration because it is one day and we must revive our land if only one day every year and make a celebration for this day

  • Climate change has become the issue of our time, everyone is now experiencing major changes in weather patterns, and hears about the increase in sea levels that scientists expect will cause catastrophic floods all over the world, which will threaten food production.
    Although there are movements and attempts at the state level that call for stopping harm to the planet, to avoid certain future damage, individuals must also contribute to this. Climate change has become an issue of our time, everyone is now experiencing major changes in weather patterns, He hears of rising sea levels that scientists predict will cause catastrophic floods worldwide, threatening food production.
    Although there are movements and attempts at the state level that call for stopping harm to the planet, to avoid certain future damage, individuals must contribute to that as well. There are many things that you can do every day to help preserve the planet, there are Example:
    1- Plant a tree or two
    In 2018, according to the report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),

    1. I agree with you. What is popular in our time is climate change and a lack of trees. People are uprooting trees to build a residential building or a house, so urban sprawl has become a master of the land and trees are few. I find it very nice for each of us to plant a tree in front of his house. Or in his school garden to beautify the environment and return life beautifulAs it was previously

      1. I also agree with you. They uproot trees to widen the streets under the pretext that cars and trucks cannot enter from those streets. They uproot trees and do not plant others. Rather, air pollution has become prevalent because of uprooting trees and not planting others, and because of factory waste and the increase in the number of factories.

      2. I agree because... One of the biggest factors of climate change is rapid deforestation. This is why in Singapore, when vegetation is taken down to be replaced by a building, the owner is expected to plant as much vegetation as there was before they were all taken down for the building. This could really contribute to combating climate change because, people can still build but the vegetation will still remain there. I think this is a very good idea and it should be encouraged around the world. This could really help us make us for all the years wasted in ignoring climate change.

  • I think the purpose of Earth Day is to remind us of the importance of preserving the earth and the environmenI strongly agree with the idea of ​​defining a day in the year to celebrate Earth Day, due to the necessity of reminding the importance of preserving the Earth

  • The primary purpose of celebrating Earth Day is to raise global awareness about environmental issues, such as climate change, pollution, deforestation, and the depletion of natural resources.
    The occasion serves as a reminder of our responsibility to care for and protect the planet we inhabit.
    Earth Day also provides an opportunity to initiate action towards sustainable practices that reduce our carbon footprint and promote eco-friendliness in our daily lives.
    By celebrating this day every year, we can raise awareness of the impact that each person has on our planet and promote sustainable practices that will help preserve it for future generations.
    I am so excited to celebrate Earth Day because there is no better way to show gratitude for Mother Earth than by working together to ensure her continued vitality!

  • It was named after the mil tree that abounds in it, and there are remnants of the mil forest that was in the past in the region, and the mil is one of the types of oak trees. The area of ​​​​the land is estimated at about 42,000 dunams. In the 1970s, “Israel” tried to confiscate 17,000 dunams of it in order to turn it into a military zone belonging to the Israeli army. In the wake of these attempts, the Land Day donation broke out.

  • In my opinion, there should be days to celebrate our Earth's natural beauty. But we have to know the gravity of the situation of our planet's health and stop joking around just trying to dedicate some hours to planting a sapling. We should always try every day to celebrate Earth Day but not by planting saplings and trees but by using our basic necessities wisely and our luxuries wisely. We should use our communities and our Environment wisely. A day in which only a fraction of people planting saplings won't increase our Earth's Forest Cover or provide homes or food to the millions of animals stuck in this changing world. We just dedicate a day to planting a sapling and while planting it, you lose 2,400 trees a minute, or 42 million trees that day! It doesn't make any sense that day just plant a sapling that you don't maintain too and just leave it in the hands of nature, expected to survive all by itself.

    1. Yes, of course I agree with you because Earth Day reminds us of our land and how we must take care of it, so we must contribute to planting beautiful trees and plants to increase the beauty and cleanliness of the world.

    2. I completely agree with your points about the need for daily actions to protect the environment, rather than just dedicating one day to plant trees. While it's important to have days that raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection, the real change comes from our daily habits and choices. It's not just about planting a sapling, but also about reducing our use of single-use plastics, conserving water, using public transportation, and making sustainable choices in our daily lives. We need to make environmental protection a part of our everyday lives and not just a one-time event. This way, we can ensure that our planet is healthy and sustainable for future generations.

      1. I completely agree with you. Every day presents an opportunity for us to make choices that have a positive impact on the environment. Whether it's bringing a reusable bag to the grocery store, turning off lights and electronics when they're not in use, or using a refillable water bottle, these small actions can add up to make a significant difference in the long run. It's also important to advocate for policies and practices that prioritize environmental protection at the local, national, and global levels. By making sustainable choices and advocating for change, we can work towards a more sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come.

      2. I agree because... earth day should not be a one time event. It should be part of our daily lives. Presesntly in my country the governmnent is giving toatal support towards protecting the climate. Topics that leads to earth crisis are treated in schools to enlighten to students. The millenium developments goals club has also been created around states to create awareness. The department of Geography Bayero Univerty of Kano state Nigeria has taken the climate crisis seriously and have been moving from one local government to another to create awareness to the people and encourage them to plant more tree.
        With these awareness, people in my country are now usin solar inverters instead of using generators. Cheaper inveters are also available to the less privilege.
        I believe a day dedicated to save the earth once a year is ok since environmental protection is part of our daily lives.

    3. I agree with you because if we just dedicate one day to planting trees, it won't cover the loss of all those trees that have been cut down, nor will it increase the earth's forest. I think that Earth Day should be celebrated for a week because even though it's not enough days to increase the Earth's forests we can at least be doing things that might help the Earth, which will also help us. As you said we should always try to celebrate earth day every day, however, we are not going to go all out like how we do on earth day, but we should practice ways in which we can save our environment.

    4. I agree with your comment because we should have days to celebrate Mother Earth's beauty and try to use our necessities wisely because the carbon footprint of a laptop is very high, so instead of planting a sapling and leaving it in the care of Mother Earth and it dying, we should also reduce our use of devices.

    5. This comment is truth in its basic form, it is pure foolishness for people to plant a sapling for just a day and expect improvement in the Earth's condition while over a thousand trees are being uprooted in a minute, if we should do our math we'll find out that there are 1440 minutes in a day and with the statistics we have here, about 3456000 trees are uprooted in a day, therefore dedicating only one day to planting trees will just be a futile effort. The best action to take is to create a law that orders everyone to plant at least seven trees per year and then earth day will be declared as a work free day whereby people will stay at home and conduct a little community service, they'll try to recycle plastics, and fun fairs will be organized for children in various communities where they'll be taught how to keep Earth clean and how to reduce the carbon footprints in the atmosphere.
      I believe that if this action should be effectively carried out for 5 years, improvements in the condition of mother earth will be recorded.

  • I think that we're supposed to take care of our planet all year long, that we don't have a single day to care about, and that doesn't mean that Earth Day isn't an ordinary day, and that we're dedicated to making this a special day for us on our beautiful planet through our actions, such as planting trees, promoting ideas of climate change and fossil fuels, and so on, and putting up signs and comedy shows, some of these are common ideas about Earth Day events that vary in different places and different people.

    1. I agree with you because the land always needs care and also we must educate our societies that protecting the land and caring for it is our duty. I really love the celebrations that have to do with what concerns our beautiful country.
      I hope that every day will be a special land, not only for us, but for all the people who are interested in cultivating and protecting our beautiful land 💜

  • Welcome...
    Earth Day is a very important day because caring about the climate and the land in our current time has become very necessary because time passes and the climate changes for the worse, causing great damage in the near future. Of course, Earth Day is very important, but for some groups, Earth Day is not limited to one day only, but they encourage this issue in school broadcasts or through social media, or even in the form of purposeful plays and films showing future clips about what is expected to happen due to bad weather. Earth Day is Every day, not just one day... Let's be friends with the environment..and help in it. Examples:
    1- Planting trees that absorb Co² and produce oxygen
    2- Cultivation of trees and plants that bear the heat of the sun
    3- Using latex paint instead of oil paint because it releases the reservoirs

  • Yes, every country should promote Earth Day, especially in African countries that have drought in nature. I agree because... Earth Day activates and restores life to the environment again. From my point of view, as a student, I believe that Earth Day is very important for the environment and our planet. Yes, we celebrated Earth Day in my school. We asked some questions to the students regarding this topic. We also planted some roses and seeds in the school garden. This was really very wonderful.
    I see that allocating some time for Earth Day will not diminish anything from our day, because this aspires to change the polluted environment and climate, and we can also revive it by planting some trees, as our school did.

  • Earth Day, an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to show support for environmental protection. Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and now includes events organized globally by the Earth Day Network in more than 193 countries around the world.

  • Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world to show support for environmental protection and to promote protection and sustainability.
    Also, increasing community awareness of environmental issues through:
    Parades, school broadcasts and projects.
    Other than the international Earth day on 22 April , in my homeland, Palestine, my we celebrate a national Earth Day on March 3 of each year.
    This day witnesses many popular movements that confirm the unity of our people and their adherence to their land. We express our belongness to this earth and how we protect it.
    There are also activities and events in schools, such as showing a movie about Earth Day, displaying posters, and doing research exercises by interacting with students’ questions and their impressions that they got after watching the movie and posters.
    And also the work of international exhibitions for Earth Day.

  • I think that celebrating Earth Day is a very important thing, so that we all remember the importance of the land and it should be through practical activities in schools such as planting small seedlings in the school garden and through the school radio .. and also through social networking sites and news. But in my opinion, one day is not enough for the Earth. Every day is a day for the Earth. We should preserve it daily and protect it in every step we take in our lives.
    I suggest that there be lessons in our books about the land, for example in the Arabic and english language books and social studies, and how to preserve it, and that there be internal competitions throughout the year between classes in the school and between schools centered on interest in the land and the environment.
    If we cultivate the love of the land in the child from a young age, this will be entrenched in his mind, and a conscious generation that preserves the environment will be created in the future.

    1. I agree with you. We should strive to create awareness about climate change in everyone, children and adults alike. I like your point about having Earth day incorporated in our everyday subjects like English and Social studies.
      We should strive to imbibe the mentality of respecting our earth in each other, so that we, as human beings on earth, will finally make a worldwide stand against global warming, climate change, and other ways in which our Earth is affected.

  • Planet Earth carries us inside it like a mother. The mother carried us for 9 months, but the earth carries us for life. The mother is to return the favor to us with kindness to her. As for the earth, we must preserve it in practical ways to protect it so that it remains a clean, safe, bright and healthy environment for life.

    1. I agree because... since protecting the earth is now part of our daily lives. I feel a day should be set aside to celebrate Earth in order to create more awareness about the dangers of our personal carbon footprint because not everyone is ware about the dangers of the climate crisis. Also with this celebration, people can be able to come up with more sustainable ways of preventing the earth

    2. I agree with you, we need to help that which supports our life, which is our planet. Due to our mistake and the mistake of the people before us, the earth is now in danger, as holes have now been spotted in the ozone layer, which is really dangerous to the lives living inside it. And due e to the hole trees are dying, green lands are turning into deserts, lakes and rivers are drying out, and heat waves are much more now and this are serious issues that are affecting the lives that are living on the earth. So we really need to work together and help save the earth in any possible way we can.

  • We did not celebrate earth day in our school but every single day we are encouraged to take care of our planet. I don't think dedicating only one day to taking care of our environment will be enough considering the years of pollution and climate change. Celebrating earth day will promote awareness of climate change and also help to combat it. But taking care of our beloved planet should not be limited to only one day, it should be a routine that everyone should practice everyday.

    1. I thinkDedicating a day to the earth is very beautiful. It is good to always celebrate the land because it is our land and we live on it as long as we breathe and our reference to it after our death. But the earth day reminds us of the importance of the land and how we should take care of it, and we educate generations to preserve the land and plant trees to give a wonderful view of nature. ,, In order to reduce the disasters that occur and KiWe purify the air, because as we all learned, plants produce oxygen and take away carbon dioxide from us, so I think it is nice that we dedicate a day to our land to remember it, and we must always celebrate our land. Thank you

      1. Do you think one day a year to celebrate the earth is enough to make a lasting impact?

        1. I believe that one day a year is enough to save the planet, because if the number of days to celebrate Earth Day increases, people will get bored and their disregard for Earth Day may increase, and after that it may become a regular thing that is not important to them.

          As for the rest of the matters, one must (...) take care of them:
          1_ International organizations // by seeking to find international mechanisms to preserve and protect the environment.
          2_ local communities // through the implementation of environmental protection laws.
          However, the greatest burden falls on the responsibility of people by following the tips that help in that.

          Such as: * Participation in cleaning the environment, society and water spaces
          * Reducing waste of water without the need.
          Cultivation of plants and trees that provide food and oxygen, purify the air, and help reduce climate change.
          * Using energy-saving lamps that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
          * Walk as much as possible and replace the car with a bicycle when able.

        2. This is not what I mean,, but I think that if students and children were made aware of the land and permanent activities about the land such as writing poems about the land
          Planting trees in school gardens
          And in front of the houses and in the empty lands, this will cause effects and change. Events will make them happy...

        3. Statistically speaking the population of the world is over seven billion and we all want a healthy environment ,we all can’t have that perfect serenity by taking just one day in the whole year . I totally support having more than one day in a year to get impactful change on everyone

        4. I think Earth day serves as a reminder that we all have to play a role to create a more sustainable, responsible and carbon neutral future. Absolutely It's true that one day is not enough to create awarness or ,make a change and address all the environmental challenges that our earth faces. Since one night is not enough to create lasting change when it comes to complex environmental issues. To solve environmental issues, it definitely requires sustained effort, long term planning and commitment towards the action. But being said, even smaller steps taken on earth day can lead to positive impact on the environment and contribute to a larger movement for change. For instance, reducing energy use or reducing the use of vehicles by using bicycles for one day cannot give 100% results or may not solve climate change but this can actually raise awareness among people about the importance of energy conservation and pollution free environment and actually it inspires people to take a challenge and make a change in their daily lives. I think it's important to view earth day as a starting point rather than an end point for creating a more resilient and circular future. And as it is humans nature that we get spark by seeing a motivational video or energy boosting actions but it only lasts for that moment or may be 2 days but we again go that lazy mode and drop all our plans so I think we need to overcome this and ready to plunge into action. We can't wait for someone else to solve the environmental problems we face - it's time to take action ourselves.

        5. No, it isn't.
          I would like to relate it to oral hygiene. Asking this question is like asking whether brushing our teeth once a week is sufficient to maintain good oral hygiene. The answer is a big, beautiful NO because the factors causing the earth to suffer, far outnumbers the factors bringing solutions. Therefore, to balance this equation more deliberate and consistent actions should be made.

  • I think there should not only be one day dedicated to saving the planet because we are on earth everyday meaning we should always try to save the earth everyday. Efforts for saving the earth should be a big priority everyday instead of only caring about a country on the day of the year. Maybe reminders about doing the bare minimum for the earth could be sent out to people on their phones or on social media so it is always in the mind. I think having Earth Day does make a difference because it helps inform people that our earth is important and we have to save it before irreversible damage is done.

    1. Some great points.
      In my opinion I also think we celebrate Earth day almost everyday, because we survive on this Earth everyday and we appreciate it for the great and stupendous opportunities it gave to man starting from the atmosphere(The world of gases) to the hydrosphere(the liquid portion of the earth) getting to the lithosphere(the solid part of the earth crust) finally to the astonishing area the world of mankind, the living and non-living-The Biosphere.
      The special day set aside for celebrating Earth is a incredible and lovely accepted by all, so I hope it goes round the entire world also, so people can take it with heavy hands, because the Earth has being a great help to mankind

    2. Yes, I definitely agree with you.
      The planet and the Earth must always be preserved.
      We don't need a day!
      We live on a planet where there is corruption..;

  • There should be one day a year dedicated to saving the planet. This might be the best possible way to reduce pollution and other problems that harm the Earth. It could also help people realize the impact humans have on the planet. This can result in a better environment for people all over the globe.

    1. I personally disagree with this because I feel one day dedicated will not be enough to save planet. The earth is our most loving home, and we have to dedicate more time to protecting it. With the kind of thing going on, things like ozone layer depletion due to human activities we might lose the earth earlier than we expect so in other to avoid such we must dedicated more time to protecting it and try as much as possible to be more careful with the kind of chemicals we release into the atmosphere.

      1. Well done, Fantastic ideas.
        But do you know activities of man like releasing chlorofluorocarbons which depletes the ozone layer is not intentional. The activities man carry out that does this to the ozone layer can actually be minimized or executed if man brain up together.
        But nevertheless man activities doesn't hinder celebrating Earth's day, because we appreciate the gift of life the Earth brought to us, and the ability to be able to survive on this land of ours.
        So now the question is how can man activities be minimized so as to stop or halt the dangers that comes from these activities

  • In my opinion, I can actually say that one day is not really enough to celebrate earth. I say so because with the amount of mineral sources and many other forms of recourses we need to survive like the oxygen we breathe in and so on that we get from earth ,a day won't really be enough . I would actually say that there being earth's day is actually nice because its just like a day/period of time set aside to really acknowledge earth and its minerals.

  • I celebrated earth day today in school today and there should be 11 earth days every year

    1. Can you explain why you think there should be 11 earth days a year?

      1. I think there should be 12 earth days, one each month, as I said in my post earlier, we need more days to celebrate such an awesome planet in which we are privileged to live in, it has so many resources that are essential to our everyday living, showing that we cannot use only one day to celebrate it, we must give the earth back something in return for all the it renders us. On each of these days we will do every to the favor of the earth there will be minimal earth pollution, we will all try to do things that will improve our earths condition. Every day we do things that make our chances of losing the earth higher, now if we have more days to improve, celebrate and protect the chases of us losing it become lower and we have a happier earth. This day should be taken charge of by the government to make sure there is law and order.

      2. Personally I feel that one earth day is enough, that's what makes it special. If there are 11 earth days it would start to seem like it's just a normal event without any additions to it. The best thing to do here is to form special days where subsequent topics concerning earth are majored, for example trees day or clean energy day. Things like these will improve the actions made in order to restore earth to its fertile stage, then when it's earth day, a general celebration will be held to show records of how far humans have gone in treating our dearest Mother 🌎.
        Therefore leaving earth day as special as it has always been.

    1. Can you explain why you think earth day is awesome, majestic_cricket?

  • Earth Day is the best and I learned about it in school today☺️😊

    1. Can you share why you think earth day is the best?

      1. I think earth day is the best day because Earth Day is an annual celebration that honors the achievement's of the environmental movement and raise awareness of the need to protect Earths natural recourses for future generations. Earth is held every April 22 to remind humankind to protect and maintain the earth and its species for the benefits of future generations .

  • earth day is a nice day that we celebrate because the earth is very very very very amazing because the earth is where we live hope you enjoyed bye

    1. What did you learn in your lesson about earth day that you think everyone should be taught?

      1. In my own opinion earth day should be taught to everyone not only a specific group of people or only those who are privileged to go to schools, this is because while others who are aware of earth day are try and putting in their best to do thing that will make our chances of losing the earth lower, the ones who are not educated about the earth day and the things they ought to do on that day they will continue to do things that on the other hand make our chances of losing the earth higher. this will make people's efforts to go in vain which we do not want, in order to avoid such we that have the opportunity to be educated about earth day should try as much as possible to educated others who do not know about it. I also wish that government can contribute more to making earth day a more global thing so that on this one we can carry everyone in the world presently along. I believe that if everyone helps to improve the earth conditions it be a big advantage to everyone.

      2. We learnt all about laws and what would happen if we broke them so for example fags are illegal if ur under 18 because siggerrets can make you VERY VERY poorly and could lead to death

  • Even though I did not celebrate this but it seems like a really great thing and I hope it gets more people thinking about climate change.

  • The land is a blessing that we must preserve, not by celebrating it one day a year, but by planting trees daily, watering them, and planting seedlings in the gardens of our homes to enjoy a healthier environment and preserve the ecological balance. Birds and animals also benefit from my point of view. Planting should be done in front of homes, in parks and public streets in the event that spaces are not available. agricultural

    1. Thanks for sharing this idea, shining_tangerine. How do you think the message of earth day can be shared more widely?

      1. Earth Day is an annual celebration that honors the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earth's natural resources for future generations.
        To spread across the message of earth day:
        1. Plant a Forest With the Canopy Project. Join a Cleanup. Try an Easy to Use Toolkit.
        2. Advocate for Climate Action at your University. Pledge to Support Climate and Environmental Literacy.
        3. Join the Great Global Cleanup. Plant a Forest With the Canopy Project.
        4. Make your next meal plant-based. Volunteer with

        Even doing something small can make a big difference.
        1. Avoid peat-based composts.
        2. Keep your garden or greenspace chemical free.
        3. Don't buy single-use plastics.
        4. Shop locally, shop organically.
        5. Record the wildlife near you.
        6. Re-use and Recycle.
        7. Reduce your carbon footprint.
        8. Plant pollinator-friendly plants.

      2. Well, it is very obvious we can use social media and according to a report of January 2023 there are 5.16 billion people who are active in social media and that is 64.4 percent of the world's population so, now that we know that more than half of earth's population is involved in social media we can use it as a platform or medium to enlighten or create awareness about earth's day to the people who are involved in it to be careful about their choices and actions and also reduce their carbon emissions and also do things that will reduce hurting the earth the things is that most people use social media for the irrelevant things and these things are now blinding us from seeing the bigger picture and that is welfare of the earth we have a digital informant but we don't use to help the earth and educate the ignorant rather especially teenagers while away their time and their digital privileges to text, chat, and watch insignificant and useless things they refer to as entertainment when we are supposed to rub minds and think of ways to take care and prevent the earth from further damage if perhaps we continue to ignore our roles to mother nature we will eventually lose the earth and then I will see which planet we will use to chat and do useless things. our application of technology gave us social media we should now use this great achievement to help educate, enlighten and make the masses to know and care about the earth and how our choices, decisions and so-called ignorance affects the earth. If we use the social media that everyone loves to educate (I CAN'T EMPHASIZE ON THAT ENOUGH) the people, we could possibly make the earth a habitable and less problematic planet and it could last for 100 or so generations to come. WE HAVE BRAINS LETS USE THEM TO THINK WISELY ABOUT OUR ACTIONS.

  • "should there be one day or year dedicated to saving the planet" my opinion is that a festival becomes special when it is celebrated once in a while,think if we had Christmas for the entire year then people will not get engaged into the activities and all the fun will be gone same applies to Earth day if a single day is celebrated as Earth day then people will engage to those activities with inspiration as mentioned above many schools and people will dedicated their entire Day for their mother earth ,this could not be done every day in a year but we could keep giving our contribution throughout the year and celebrate a day for the effective work we have done throughout the year like an indian festival "pongal", this is a day celebrated by the farmers during the day of harvest just like awarding the hard work they have done the entire year.

    1. This is an interesting point, productive_redcurrant. How do you think we could encourage people to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle all year round?

      1. Hello!
        I think a way to encourage people to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle is to engage in programmes and seminars encouraging people about climate change and its effects as there are many people in rural areas who are illiterate about the topic climate change many non- profit organizations should be active in enlightening and providing information to others and materials and resources they can use to solve such problems.
        Also those who are literate and enlightened should not compromise but they should practise what they know to protect and enlighten those who are not knowledgeable about the topic.

      2. 10 Easy Ways You Can Follow to Become Sustainable
        Reduce Shopping to the Absolute Minimum,Support Your Local Stores,Use Reusable Glasses and Bottles, Buy Smart to Last Longer, Look for Eco-labels, Clean Your Mailbox,Install Energy-efficient Light Bulbs,Set your Thermostat Correctly.
        And to encourage people to be earth friendly,a good way would be to start with conserving water, driving less and walking more, consuming less energy, buying recycled products, eating locally grown vegetables, joining environmental groups to combat air pollution, creating less waste, planting more trees, and many more.

    2. I agree because... Hello, I think your opinion is correct. If Earth Day is celebrated every day of the year, the fun will disappear from it, but that is almost impossible because Earth Day is one day in the year.


    3. Yes, yes, I agree with your opinion, because Earth Day is a beautiful day to celebrate, and as you said, if it is more than one Earth day in the year, then it will become boring for people and people will not engage in it, but have we ever thought of a way to make us preserve Our land without celebrating it all year round. We must educate generations more and more about its importanceThe land and the importance of trees to it, we humans are the ones who inhabit it and accordingly we must build it and make it full of trees and people, so that each of us will go to plant one tree at the door of his house and take care of it and when it grows up you will be very happy because you took care of this tree and you will see what benefit it will bring to you. Think carefully about this, and you will see that I am right

  • Yes, of course, I celebrated Earth Day in my school.
    It was a very wonderful day!
    We celebrated in many ways, including:
    the games
    popular songs
    The Palestinian Dabke
    I think it's great to make a special day for Earth
    Pride and gratitude for our country
    For me, one day is enough to celebrate.
    And reviving the earth is a beautiful thing.

  • Hello!
    In my opinion I think one day a year is not enough because the process of climate change did not just occur in one day it has been a gradual process since the late 1990's and as such it will and cannot just be reversed in one day. I think the solution to climate change cannot just be fixed or reversed it has to be reversed gradually as it was started, many ways and technologies need to be explored the solution can be found.

  • I think that there is a category of people who do not care about Earth Day until it comes. It is nice to celebrate it more than once a year to collect donations and not to take a lot of information on this subject. In our school we have broadcast and asked questions and interviews and an open day for agriculture and a lot of things and I think one of the most important reasons Which makes me celebrate on Earth Day

    Confirming their belonging, identity, and attachment to their homeland and land. On the occasion of celebrating the anniversary of this day, I will stop at some of the meanings of the earth and its implications for us, and its location within our overall national project.

  • I believe that trying to save our planet shouldn't just be something we do in a day, it should be a lifetime commitment. I would like to see Earth Day becoming a day set aside to commemorate the decision we humans made to save our planet, and the progress we make as we go along.
    We didn't celebrate Earth day in my school because we were still on vacation, but at home I made a conscious effort to do something nice for our earth (recycling, using less electricity and so on).
    I believe that we should encourage ourselves as fellow humans not just to try to save our planet on Earth day, but to make it a lifestyle full of positive sacrifices to making our environment a safe place for all.

  • I agree that we celebrate the land in one day, but I think it needs many days and times to compensate for the environmental pollution of the land and soil.
    We must all take care of the earth and work to educate people to reduce pollution that occurs to the earth
    Every year, Earth Day is very special for us. Associations and people plant street sidewalks with beautiful trees, so that Earth Day is the most important for us.

  • In our house there is land for us. I always like to go to it and take care of the trees and small seedlings in it. I like to color its branches to make it more beautiful.
    I and my family are always interested in trimming its branches, or reaping the fruits they contain
    It is not necessary for me to do this on Earth Day only, but the earth constantly needs care and attention because it gives us many nutrients that we need, so we have to return this favor, even with something simple every day
    The earth is truly a treasure for us that we must preserve in every way

  • I say, in my opinion, that we should always take care of the land and make every day as Earth Day
    But there is something special about Earth Day, because not everyone knows these ideas, and also not everyone has the same opinions on this subject, and they do not know the value of the land except on its day, so I think that Earth Day is special for many from the rest of the days

  • In my opinion, having a day dedicated to raising awareness and taking action to protect the planet is certainly a positive step in the right direction. Earth Day, which is celebrated annually on April 22, serves as an opportunity to engage individuals, communities, and governments in environmental education, activism, and action.
    However, it's important to recognize that addressing the complex and multifaceted environmental challenges facing our planet requires sustained effort and action beyond just one day a year. It requires a collective and ongoing commitment to changing our individual and societal behaviors, policies, and systems to better align with sustainability and ecological health.
    Moreover, while Earth Day can help raise awareness and inspire action, it is not a silver bullet solution. Real change will come from ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, transition to renewable energy, protect biodiversity and ecosystems and reduce waste and consumption, among other actions. So, while Earth Day is a valuable way to bring attention to environmental issues, it should be viewed as a starting point for ongoing action rather than a one-day solution. Ultimately, we need to prioritize sustainability and ecological health in our everyday lives, policies, and systems if we hope to make a real difference in protecting our planet for future generations.

  • I feel more days should be spent on celebrating earth day. Just a one day in a year is not enough to save the planet earth, protecting the Mother Earth should be our prime duty, If we don't protect our planet, then after some years, all the resources that we get from Earth will be exhausted. So while we still have time, we must take proper and effective measures to make sure the earth is save from environmental hazards such as climate change, air contamination, toxic wastes and so on.

  • Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd each year to raise awareness about environmental issues and to promote conservation efforts. The purpose of celebrating Earth Day is to encourage individuals and organizations to take action to protect the planet and its natural resources. Earth Day reminds us of our responsibility to safeguard the environment, which includes preserving the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we inhabit. Earth Day originated in the United States in 1970, but has since become a global event, with millions of people participating in activities such as tree-planting, litter clean-ups, and environmental education programs. The day serves as a reminder that we all have a role to play in protecting the environment and preserving it for future generations. By taking small actions to reduce our environmental impact, such as reducing energy consumption, using public transportation, and recycling, we can make a difference in the health of our planet. If we start to follow this step it considerably reduces carbon emission which results in reduction of climate change.

  • I think a day should be set aside to celebrate a day and enjoy the magic of nature and see the plants. In my country, on Earth Day, we plant olive trees because it is a symbol of peace in our country. In my school, on Earth Day, we pick the olives that are planted behind the school, traditional songs, and wear our traditional clothes. The purpose of celebrating Earth Day is for every person to discover the beauty and charm of the nature of his country and the plants that his country is famous for, and to revive the old and simple customs and traditions, and everyone loves this charming atmosphere.

  • I think 🤔 one day is not enough to celebrate the earth because earth consists alot of resources which do not deserve only one day. I think that it should be celebrated once in every month. Having an earth day can totally make a difference hence problems affecting the earth can be discussed and solved.😉😉😉

  • We celebrate Earth Day in our school every year and plant trees that have great importance in reducing pollution and their importance in environmental balance and also absorb carbon dioxide, but I do not think that only one day should be devoted to caring for our planet and our environment, which is not equivalent to environmental pollution in previous years. Taking care of our planet is not just about Earth Day, but every day through 1. Reduce the use of plastic 2. Recycling and dividing the waste basket into (glass, paper, canned food) 3. Reducing the use of steam machines 4. Keeping factories away from residential areas

  • Earth Day is one of the very special days for any person in the country, as it enhances the status of the land and its importance in the whole country. The earth is like a mother that protects us and takes care of us and contains us with love.

  • Yes, we celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd. And we celebrated it through a school broadcast, i.e. a celebration of World Earth Day, in which many students participated, and the principal delivered her speech and said about how to preserve our planet, and we benefited a lot from it. Questions were asked of us, how is our planet preserved, and my answer was?! By reducing the extravagance of carbon dioxide that harms us without us seeing it, and the students became aware of how to reduce it, as we took in previous models in Topicl talk about how to reduce it, and accordingly I answered. And there was a play that made us aware of corruption in the planet we live on. It is time to answer the fundamental question posed by my school, which is what is the purpose of celebrating Earth Day?!! .. My dears, it is for the sake of comprehensive awareness, whether it is in a school or in a friendly talk with a friend.

  • From my research
    Earth Day is the one and only day during the year that you should care about the environment and act to protect it.
    That's why each year on April 22, more than a billion people celebrate Earth Day to protect the planet from things like pollution and deforestation. By taking part in activities like picking up litter and planting trees, we're making our world a happier, healthier place to live.
    Today, Earth Day is widely recognized as the largest secular observance in the world, marked by more than a billion people every year as a day of action to change human behavior and create global, national and local policy changes.
    Earth provides every resource for sustaining living things and inanimate things. Our planet harming activities are resulting in causing an irreversible damage to the environment which results in degrading the condition of this planet.
    To protect the earth,Look for ways you can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle throughout your home. You'll save natural resources, energy and money, and you'll reduce waste sent to landfills. Conserve energy at home.

  • We celebrated Earth Day in our school 🏫. We have made a festival broadcast on the importance of preserving the environment, health and diseases, and we discussed solutions together. The whole school had a prominent role in this activity. We learned a lot and it was interesting and wonderful. I hope to bring back these moments. It was great moments and times we spent learning hour after hour ⌚.
    We did it for the whole week. That week passed and we were well educated. I will not say we learned everything. Science, health and the environment are vast. She is like the sea. endless. The most important thing that made my mind move is that pollution and waste make the ozone layer expand, and ultraviolet balls fall on the ground, which cause many diseases that are difficult for humans to find a cure for. This phrase terrified me....
    I believe that making a good Earth Day can make a big difference in the hearts of all students. They will learn and learn. Many information will enter the hearts of these students without consulting. They will care about the environment and advise people of what is beneficial, good for them, and healthy for the planet we live in.........

  • Should there be one day a year dedicated to saving the planet? Or is there a better way? Will having an Earth Day make a difference? Why or why not? There should be one day a year dedicated to saving the planet because if there was we could go out one day and clean our neighborhood or the nearest ocean and clean the trash. Or a better way to do it is to make a group and travel around the world and clean some of the dirtiest places. Having Earth Day will make a difference because if we have Earth day once a year we can dedicate that day to cleaning and helping our Earth be a better place.

  • Earth Day is celebrated to thank the earth for supporting human kind , for example giving us air for breathing which is oxygen, giving us food to eat, giving us water for drinking. And also appreciating mother nature like planting more trees in the environment and cleaning the environment to keep it safe to prevent pollution.
    thank you.

  • We did not celebrate earth day in our schoolBecause celebrating Earth Day is not a part of the curriculum at our school, it was decided to teach the students about climate change and how to reduce it. To do this, we participated in an Earth Summit with six other schools, where we talked about climate change and ways to reduce pollution by recycling and reducing waste.

  • In my opinion, Earth Day was and is still a great idea. But many people think of it has you have to recycle this day or use your bike. But why not everyday is this thought rolling through people's heads? Many people try and make change on Earth Day but then the next day or week they end up going back to their old habits. Having an Earth Day could make a difference but without enough people wanting a better environment for the Earth it will not make a difference. This is also because people will not try and protect the earth until we are about to lose it.

  • I think instead of having a singular day dedicated to the Earth, a whole month completely dedicated to the Earth would be better. During this month, people would legally be required to emit less carbon, and clean up public garbage. I think reserving an entire month for the Earth would be better as it is a lot more memorable, and could give people a lot more time to work with and help the Earth.

  • With the great industrial progress witnessed by modern means of transportation, the number of cars and transporters in cities has increased dramatically, which led to road congestion and congestion, which resulted in the emergence of many road problems in addition to serious health problems that affect humans, which are caused by car exhausts, especially in old cars, These exhausts also affect the environment around us, including plants, animals, and water, and lead to an increase in the pollution rate at dangerous rates.

  • since the earth is the main reason we're all even alive so i think that earth day shouldn't be one day it should at least be a week or a month

  • I agree , but one day not enough we must protect
    the environment on any day and planting trees.
    Today the number of trees began to decrease because the population density and the building in every where so this reduced the cultivation places so we must make some plans for expansion of farming areas
    and we must keep the environment with balance and wisdom

  • The purpose of celebrating Earth Day?

    It is to alert people to the importance of taking care of the environment, to alert them to the danger of pollution and waste, to allocate a day to care for the environment and to protect the planet from the dangerous things that result from neglecting the environment.

    My school celebrated Earth Day, April 22, so we planted 20 trees in the school, and the school took us on a trip to the sea to clean its beach from waste. At the end of the trip, we gathered, and the teacher gave us a lesson about the importance of the environment and the danger of pollution.

    Of course, one day in the year should be dedicated to saving the planet.

    Earth Day will make a difference because if on Earth Day lessons were taught about Earth Day and the environment, people would have realized the magnitude of the threat to the planet and would have taken care of the environment throughout the year.

  • We did not celebrate earth day in our school because we are on holiday. I would love to have an earth day celebration. On that day we should clean our environment, set up a charity and plant trees like we did when we have the global conversation on building back greener, we planted trees that year.

  • Yes i celebrated earth day in our school and we learnt about lots of the reasons why the earth is changing and how animals reproduce!

  • We celebrated at school by making plays about how neglecting the planet and the damage that will result from that I think the goal behind this was to make us imagine the situation in front of us and realize our mistakes using the environment  Paragraphs containing information about the land, tips to avoid climate change, and clarification of the concept of climate change were also made and I believe that we should not take care of our planet only on one day of the year, but we should follow better ways than that.
    For example, the problem of throwing waste alaw should be enacted stating that it is not permissible to throw waste on the ground and that we make an electronic waste container, that is, when you put the waste in it, she make a clapping sound and to has a small screen to show reinforcement writings, which will encourage people to do so.

  • we watched a video on earth day and i think that we should help save the planet every day

  • my school celebrated earth day by watching a video about it. in my opinion there should be a week for planet earth. I think having a week/day dedicated to earth will make a difference but not that large because it can inform people about what is happening but not many will do anything about it.

  • The main purpose of celebrating 'EARTH DAY' is to create awareness among people how to protect planet from deforestation and pollution like taking part in activities like planting trees and littering them.
    Yes, our school is engaged in earth day celebrations. Though Earth day is celebrated during our vacations, we celebrate by giving our school a plant to grow during special days like birthdays, farewells, etc..
    In my opinion it is better to have a single day celebrating earth day. For example, In my country we celebrate more festivals like Diwali, Ramzan, Christmas, etc.. Being a day we will be more excited to celebrate it and we will be engaged. When we celebrate earth day, whole year they will think it as usual day and they will be bored. If it is celebrated one day, it will be excited and they can plant atleast one plant on that day. But they shouldn't forget to litter it daily. The one thing we forget is nature gives all our needs but we are destroying it in return, Thinking about future generations we have to save our planet.

  • I celebrated Earth Day in my neighborhood. In my neighborhood, we decided to stop using cars and use bikes for the whole day. This is because cars contribute a lot to pollution. Vehicle exhaust emissions contain greenhouse gases and these can cause climate change. By using bikes, we can reduce these emissions and slow climate change.

  • we need to learn to respect the earth that we live in because it has done so mutch. we will never get a second chance to have a planet like this one so we need a week at least to respect this world at a good rate because without the earth we probally won't hapen.

  • We shouldn't just celebrate Earth day on one day as it only focuses all of the attention on the Earth for one day when we should really be taking care of the Earth all of the time and improve the planets stability before the damages become unrepairable.

  • Well for the first question we did not celebrate Earth Day because on that day we were at home for the Easter break and for the second question I seriously do not think that one day dedicated to planting trees and trying to take care of the earth is enough because already the earth is suffering from our activities, and this hurts the earth and leads to global warming, climate change and other things that which we are ignorant of but slowly but steadily affecting the earth negatively and I also think that it is also not fair that it is only one day dedicated to the earth first of all the earth protects us from ultra violet rays 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 30 or 31 days a month and 365 or 366 days a year and then it is now only one day that people dedicate to the earth and the thing is that it is not everyone that participates in it and that is not fair to mother nature. We should not just give one day to the earth we should make it a daily habit I mean that every day we should reduce our carbon emissions which will go a long in reduce carbon emissions, we should consider the things we do and how it might affect the earth, we should plant trees, educate those who are ignorant about what their activities do to the earth and also we should make the materials we use for things that are essential to us or things that most people cannot do without environmentally friendly and safe to the environment. It would be great if all or most of earth's population are aware of how their actions and choices affect it, we should look after the earth and care for it. We only have one earth (forget the metaverse) we should care for it before we lose it to our stupidity and ignorance.

  • In myself, I say that there should be celebrations for World Earth Day, But we must know how dangerous the health of the Earth is And not to joke about trying to dedicate many hours to plant many seedlings on the planet, Also, we should always make a big party for this international day But it is not about the method of planting some trees and saplings We must celebrate by using basic necessities wisely, Also use key communities and environment wisely. This day, not all people do it, only some people do it, and they also plant trees and seedlings to support it by increasing the land’s forest cover It can also provide homes and food for the millions of animals related to this world that changes every day. As humans, we allocate one day a week to plant trees or seedlings. And during its cultivation we lose 2600 tree per minute , Or 45 million trees on Earth Day! Also, it is not good for us to plant a tree and not keep it and leave it in the hands of the environment, and it is also very expected that it will be left alone.

  • There should be 3 days a year dedicated on the planet
    having an earth day 3 times a year will make difference because
    earth day is celebrated only 1 time a year and it might change peoples lives.

    1. Do you think the 3 different days should highlight different things?

  • I dint celebrate earth day because i dint know what earth day was
    and the we learnt it at school...

  • Is one day enough???
    No , our planet needs one day a month at least to stay at remind that we should work together to save it.Having Earth Day make a difference as we as humans usually forget so celebrating that day by planting trees and behave correctly about climate change is something important.

    At my school celebrate Earth Day by writing articles, drawing, making a huge festival, cleaning our school and also our community, planting, looking after and watering trees and flowers.Really it's avery distinguishing day which I can't forget.

  • I personally believe we and the countries around the globe should not have Earth day for just one day, but maybe 4 , 1 in each season. The reason for this is that climate change affects multiple aspects of life and this can vary from season to season. In the spring, offspring are declining due to the lack of food caused by draughts. Charities and zoos are holding these animals in captivity whilst they proliferate in population and schools can donate money to help endangered animals in need. In the summer, beaches are filled with people enjoying the summer vacation sights however this often causes more litter affecting marine life. No, schools do not need to travel hours to collect rubbish off beaches but they can simply have a no litter day in their local area where they remove litter off the park to nurture a clean environment. For autumn, animals are prepared to hibernate for the winter but they need food to sustain them for the next six months. However, food is progressively becoming more difficult for them to find due to forest fires. My school has pupil parliament representatives once went to an event where they planted over 65 trees within their local area. This day should be applied to all schools globally. In winter, the temperature is getting increasingly warmer by the year and though humans may not feel this, animals such as polar bears do significantly. This is caused by the fossil fuels so not just schools, but everyone should try using public transport. If you are below the age of 15, you can even get a card that lets you go on the bus for free.

    Overall, climate change is soon going to destroy our planet, and to secure the life of future generations, we need to make a change. One planet, one chance, one future.

  • In my own opinion just a day is not enough to celebrate earth day. Several days should be dedicated to saving our planet earth, In fact earth day should be to inspire people to commit to environmental protection, to encourage them to take action, however small, and be a part of the global movement dedicated to saving the planet we call our home... On the other hand it should be our day-to-day responsibility to see that the planet earth is save by doing these special things: reduce, reuse and recycle, further your own education, and help others understand the importance and value of our natural resources and our precious planet, plant more and more trees, trees provide food and oxygen. They help save energy, clean the air, and help combat climate change and finally volunteer for cleanups in your community. You can get involved in safeguarding your drainage base, too.

  • The main factor in celebrating Land Day for the occupied Palestinian people is to confirm that this land is Palestinian-Canaanite and that it is the right of its owners, and we must struggle so that we can recover it and live on our land with dignity ✊......

  • Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to show support for protecting climate change and preventing mass extinctions. Earth Day was celebrated for the first time in 1970, and it includes a group of activities that aim to increase community awareness of the importance of preserving the environment through social media, school broadcasts and marches. As for us in Palestine, we celebrate Earth Day on March 30 of every year, which is To revive the history and heritage of the land and to emphasize the unity and cohesion of the people of Palestine. One of the activities that we do in our school is to display posters and phrases that make meanings about preserving the environment and raising awareness of the dangers of pollution. I believe that all days should be like Earth Day.

  • I believe Earth Day makes a difference as it alerts people how the world is not at a very safe point and alerts them to save it. I think having more than 1 day of an Earth day is better as it give time for people to help save the world more quicker and give people plenty of time to tell their friends family and relatives. If we do Earth day for more than 1 day I believe it will have a huge impact on the world.

  • As a global celebration of the planet, Earth Day has been recognized annually since 1970. While one day may not be enough to make a significant impact on the environmental issues that threaten our world, it certainly serves as an opportunity to raise awareness and inspire action , the true effectiveness of Earth Day depends on how we utilize the momentum generated by this annual event throughout the rest of the year. Therefore, while one-day is ot sufficient in addressing all the environmental challenges that we face today, it is a stepping stone to create meaningful conversations and mobilize people towards finding long-term solutions for our planet's future.

  • I think Earth Day is a good idea because it encourages all the countries in the world to be very focused
    on dealing with issues like climate change and global warming. Earth Day also spurs people to know
    more about nature and encourages them to want to preserve it. Marking Earth Day in different
    communities can also help spread awareness among upcoming generations about important issues like
    pollution and deforestation and eventually people’s attitudes towards nature could change over time
    with consistency.

  • Earth Day aims to bring attention to how everyone can contribute to the change. Earth Day is a yearly worldwide event held on April 22nd. It acknowledges the planet's diverse ecosystems and emphasizes ways to protect them. Earth Day is celebrated to promote a cleaner generation and to promote environmental awareness. We must protect our environment because environmental issues have become pressing and widespread, and we must recognize that no single person can do so alone. Government organizations, non-governmental organizations, schools, billionaires, the middle class, and even the poor should all come together to collaborate on making this a thing of the past. Yes, having an Earth Day will really make a difference as this will make more and more people become aware of environmental problems, and come together to fight against the issues associated with the environment, then the earth will become a better place.

  • Did you celebrate Earth Day in your schools or in your community? My answer is yes. We celebrated this beautiful day, and that was through school broadcasts. Its topic was about how or what means can be done to preserve the environment and its effects on our society. We talked in the chapter about the importance of recycling because it has many benefits to take advantage of Things that you do not want to use, and this made me think that in this way we can mitigate the occurrence of climate changes and carbon dioxide emissions and maintain an environment free of pollutants, and by doing so, diseases affecting society will be reduced, and thus the occurrence of climate changes will be reduced.

  • I don't think having only one day dedicated to saving the earth can really make a big difference because all our everyday activities have an impact onto the earth either positively or negatively therefore in my opinion saving the earth should be an everyday goal for all of us because setting aside only a couple of hours planting trees in the name of saving the earth doesn't really increase the vegetation cover and not all people celebrate the day because they are caught up in their daily activities which are the ones destroying the earth instead of saving it . In conclusion saving everyday should be dedicated to saving the earth .

  • People shouldn't just dedicate just a day or a year, they should dedicate their whole life to save the earth. If you just spend a day or year of saving the earth it wouldn't be enough time to fully restore the earth .

  • Earth day is an annual event every April 22.
    With earth day we are able to inform people about many environmental issues like deforestation and biodiversity loss, and with this we are able to raise awareness and protect the earth for future generations and to create a sustainable environment for us currently. So far earth day has had a major positive impact on a global scale and if we continue putting in more effort we can make the earth a better place.

    1. Good research on Earth day, invigorated_gazelle. Do you think one day a year is enough to make a difference long term?

  • There should not be just one day to focus on the Earth's health because no one cares and the people who do care barely make a difference on the Earth it should be Earth Month so we have more time to do it so that is a better way to do it.Earth day makes barely a difference unless important people or social media stars like "Mark Rober" or "MrBeast" are involved.

  • Did you celebrate Earth Day in your schools or communities?
    If yes, how? If not, why not?

    In my school this year, we did not celebrate earth day. Due to earth being on the weekend. During the week we did learn about earth day.Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by EARTHDAY.ORG including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries.

  • Having a designated Earth Day can be a good reminder to people around the world about the importance of environmental care. It can also serve as a platform to raise awareness and promote positive action towards conservation. However, it is important to remember that protecting the planet should be a daily commitment, not just a once-a-year thing. The impact of an Earth Day will depend on how much people really take in its message and apply it to their everyday lives.

  • Nature is in crisis, it is threatened by biodiversity, habitat loss and toxic pollution. On April 22 every year, the world celebrates Earth Day. In my view, we celebrate the Earth every day by cleaning and taking care of it. Earth Day is an annual event held with the aim of increasing societal awareness of environmental issues. It is celebrated around the world through parades, conferences, school projects and other activities. For example, in my school, we annually create a school radio and many beautiful paragraphs that talk about Earth Day, the beauty of the Earth, how to protect it and take care of it. Earth is a planet inside which we live like a mother. The mother carried us for 9 months, but the earth carries us for life, as it provides us with many things, so let us preserve and protect them

  • Earth Day is not dependent on one day in the year, and in my opinion, you should be there to celebrate the beauty of our nature and our planet, but we must know the seriousness of the health of our planet, and we should not rejoice as soon as World Earth Day comes and we plant seedlings, but we must respect the beauty of our nature and preserve Our land, and do not forget that there are people who plant seedlings and trees so that other creatures such as animals (birds, reptiles, etc.) can benefit from them, as they feed themselves from fruits and herbs, and not only that animals benefit from that, but also humans, because the fruits are beneficial to human health and physical strength. Also, this does not mean that we should only preserve trees and plant seedlings, but rather we should preserve everything that our eyes see that represents part of the land.

  • Earth Day is not dependent on one day in the year, and in my opinion, you should be there to celebrate the beauty of our nature and our planet, but we must know the seriousness of the health of our planet, and we should not rejoice as soon as World Earth Day comes and we plant seedlings, but we must respect the beauty of our nature and preserve Our land, and do not forget that there are people who plant seedlings and trees so that other creatures such as animals (birds, reptiles, etc.) can benefit from them, as they feed themselves from fruits and herbs, and not only that animals benefit from that, but also humans, because the fruits are beneficial to human health and physical strength. Also, this does not mean that we should only preserve trees and plant seedlings, but rather we should preserve everything that our eyes see that represents part of the land.

  • Earth Day provides a day to focus on environmental problems, encourage awareness, and educate people about these issues. However, one day out of 365 days is nowhere near enough to address the scale of environmental issues that we face. There must be a stronger focus on education, regulations, and action-taking on a daily basis to protect the planet. It is everyone's responsibility to become conscious, act sustainably, and embrace environmentally responsible practices that will contribute to a greener planet. Earth Day can be a starting point for raising awareness and encouraging conversation, but the planet needs more consistent and continuous protection.

  • Yes because we went on a group chat with loads of schools around the world and we talked about the Earth and how to protect it, we also had a debate about 4 different rules and which one we would choose.

  • I think there should be an Earth week since it is a marvelous creation and it is one of the reasons that we are alive now and I think we need to celebrate our planet more also during Earth day we are meant to do things that help the Earth and we can't do that much in one day. If it was a whole week, nearly everyone around the world would be able to spend a whole week on saving the planet and I think that would make a very big difference.

    1. What do you think should happen globally during 'Earth week?'

      1. By extending Earth Day to a whole week, individuals worldwide have more opportunity to become aware of and commit to ecologically beneficial practices, such as limiting the use of plastic, saving energy, helping out local environmental organizations, and other similar actions. Additionally, it makes room for events, workshops, and other activities that can encourage and involve a wider range of people into working for a more sustainable future.

  • Yes, of course, a day should be set aside in the year to save the Earth. Every year we celebrate Earth Day in our school. We make broadcasts. These broadcasts include topics that indicate the importance of the planet and how to preserve it. We urge the people of the country not to uproot its trees and preserve them because they indicate the originality of the land, its ancientness and a symbol For steadfastness, we paint artistic paintings such as: A grandfather clings to the olive tree, which denotes safety and peace, and we cooperate in cleaning the neighborhood. Also on this day, every family goes to buy seedlings in order to plant them in the gardens and lands, and we increase the beauty of the homeland despite its beauty, so every individual must From us to preserve the heritage and not neglect it because it is all that remains for us from our ancestors and what is inherited from generations, generation after generation. Therefore, everyone must preserve the land and heritage and spread awareness about the importance of the land and its ancientness.... 🌎🌏

  • With Earth day being advantageous and occurring once every year, to the depth of my heart, I believe that every day should be celebrated as an earth day. The reason being that EVERY DAY, us humans take resources from our planet to nurture our lives, but without us nourishing Earth in return, our planet will not only lose its charm and vibrancy, but also its sustainability.

    Everybody can contribute to preserving our planet, from a trash picker (who has a professional occupation of doing so) to a school child (who has never done this before and can be classified as an amateur), we can all make a difference.

    Moreover, every day, school children could go out for 30 mins to an hour to pick up litter trashed along the streets. If one were to view the positive outcome and the aftermath, this would result in countries litter clearing out bit by bit. When numerous countries do this process, it means that not only one place will be cleaner but continents!
    It is estimated that in future years to come, littering will be reduced immensely.

  • Earth day is a fun and impressive day all around the globe, we encourage people to take part in the festivities by recycling, reducing waste or cycling , walking or carpooling to school and it’s all fun , but just for one day? There’s no point of your going to go back to your old ways the day after straight back to using the wrong bins making unnecessary journeys and using as much plastic as possible, there’s no point if it’s just for one day we have to make a change not just a day

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    Well in my opinion there should not necessarily be only a day to save the earth. I think saving and cleaning the earth should not be a one-day thing because the process of climate change and other things affecting the normal cycles of the earth did not just occur in a day, it has been a gradual process since the 1990's when the use of fossil fuel was starting to reach its peak. I personally practice saving the planet everyday due to the encouragement and effort of my parents and teachers who don't allow me to leave my environment dirty. This is something that I will never take for granted as it has made me a better person which is why I think cleaning and trying to save the planet should not and cannot be done in a day.

  • Earth day is a really pivotal part of spreading awareness most especially because a lot of people are unaware of the dangers of climate change to humans. I also think that on a daily basis, efforts should be put in trying to curb the effects of climate change. Mostly the release of chlorofluorocarbons which can be gotten in smoke. But it seems that the many important parts of human development come with the side effects of releasing harmful chemicals in the atmosphere. Also, the advancement involved in eradicating these pollutants seems at a small scale at the moment and progress is slow. The use of electric machines has been put in consideration many times but due to the ignorance of some people it is not able to be fully established. By the way, some countries feel that climate change is a minute problem and should be kept aside for the time being. But through awareness, people of all social classes can get to know the dangers of climate change and put in a more effective effort to curb it.

  • Earth Day is one of the most major and dominant days in a year. Let me clarify why is should be recurrent during the year...
    Earth Day is important because more than a billion people celebrate it annually to preserve the planet from causes of Climate Change such as plastic pollution, carbon dioxide and deforestation. It also underpins our economy, our society, the amount of oxygen in the air that we breathe. It abets our shrinking forests, contaminated rivers and soils to yield us with the food we consume and the water we irrigate our crops with. Moreover, we rely on them for numerous other goods and services we depend on for our wholesome health, happiness and prosperity.

  • Earth Day should be celebrated more than one day out of the year. People can prevent climate change by protecting humans and other living things. For example, people can grow plants and use renewable energy to reduce climate change. People should celebrate and volunteer to help the Earth to stop climate change for future generations and to improve our way of life.
    Currently, my school does not celebrate Earth Day. I believe if they did, the students would volunteer to grow plants and find trash in the surrounding area. These actions would resolve or reduce climate change. In my previous school, my stem teacher had made a little farm in her room to assist my school. So I know what it was like having good weather with no climate changes at my previous school.

  • The more years pass, the worse the Earth gets. Having a day dedicated to helping the Earth grow can improve people's behavior on the Earth and make them realise how much the Earth needs help. It doesn't take much energy to pick up a trash bag and start cleaning up your area, right? This can reduce the amount of garbage you see on a daily basis. Some corners of the world have drains or ditches that are completely covered with pollution! The ocean is filled with trash that is harming sea animals. Picking the trash up will help so many animals and they will stop suffering. Starting with schools going around, to communities, and to even more larger things, we can help the Earth continue to live on simply by proving we care.

  • Yes, it is important to celebrate Earth day because it brings out the beauty of our planet Earth since we get to share better ways of taking care and maintaining her, we get to plant even more trees and also inform those who are illiterate about preserving the climate. So every year we celebrate this day, we will make a good number of people positive about preserving the climate to beat the popular challenge, climate change.

  • Yes we celebrated earth day in my school by going around the street and picking up trash, handing out flyers to people showing awareness of the dangers of climate change and what they can do to prevent climate change. we also planted trees and plants all around the school grounds, the head teacher created a club that helps to prevent climate change in the school and we had a meeting on how we can reduce climate change.

  • 2nd question possibly but it really depends