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Thank you to everyone so far who has suggested a new discussion for our strikes topic. On this occasion, a very simple but important question from imaginative_significance of Cheam Fields Primary Academy in the United Kingdom caught our attention. They asked:

How does striking impact us?

Look at the workers who are striking below:

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    I am Sam and I am going on strike. I work for a national transport company that organises trains and buses.

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    I am Katya and I am going on strike. I work in a factory that makes tinned food.

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    I am Nellie and I am going on strike. I work at a post office.

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    I am Nev and I am going on strike. I work in the emergency services.

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  • Post offices play vital roles at the heart of local communities. Consumers and businesses rely on the Post Office for many services, not just sending and receiving parcels but accessing banking, getting local information and paying bills. If workers go on strike citizens of local community will be deprived of all these things. When office workers go on strike then items posted the day before and the day of strike action will be delayed in reaching their end destination. Collections of mail by the post office workers on strike from post office branches will be disrupted. This means there is uncertainty of t6he amount of delay the recipients might experience. Some branches may not be able to accept mail on days of industrial action if they reach their acceptance capacity so not everyone will get a chance to post their letters through other offices. If the post office is engaged in online shopping, people will not get their goods and services. A lot of large scale businesses which rely on post offices for their goods to arrive will be affected. If the strike goes on for long and the company cannot find another post office, the company will go through a massive loss. Post offices also sell stamps and other postal products which generate income to the government so when they go on strike these products become scarce.

    1. I agree with you because the impact of a striking worker at a post office is no small matter!
      Postal workers play an essential role in the smooth functioning of both personal and business communication all across our communities.
      strike at a post office surely leaves us all in quite the pickle! Think about it - without our trusty postal workers diligently sorting and delivering mail day in and day out, we'd all be lost.
      Bills would go unpaid, important letters would remain unopened, and junk mail would simply pile up to astronomical heights (which let's face it, no one wants to deal with).
      Beyond the annoyance factor, a prolonged strike could have more serious ramifications. Packages may not reach their intended destination on time, small businesses may struggle to get their products shipped out in a timely manner (and let's not forget how crucial speedy delivery is for the success of online shopping), and even government operations could be hindered without proper mail flow.
      So let's all hope that any potential strikes are resolved quickly and smoothly - for everyone's sake!
      And ultimately, the effects of a strike can be far-reaching and long-lasting, underscoring the need for timely intervention and negotiation between workers and management to avoid costly disruptions for customers.

    2. I agree because post offices can dramatically affect the community. People in the community, as well as the companies around it, may start to worry when their needs haven't been met for long periods of time. For companies, this can result in less income and cause consumers to quit using the company. For people, these strikes reduce the amount of different services available. They may even stress when their deliveries haven't arrived on time.

    3. You have made some valid points about the impact of a potential strike by post office workers. The Post Office is indeed an essential service in many communities, providing a range of services beyond just sending and receiving mail. Disruptions caused by strikes could potentially lead to delays in the delivery of important documents, payments, and goods, as well as inconvenience for people who rely on post office services for their day-to-day activities.

      However, it's also important to acknowledge the reasons why post office workers might choose to go on strike. Strikes are often a last resort for workers who feel that their rights and working conditions are not being respected by their employers. Post office workers may have concerns about their wages, working hours, job security, and other issues that are affecting their livelihoods. If these concerns are not addressed, workers may feel that a strike is necessary to draw attention to their situation and push for change.

      Ultimately, it's important to find a balance between the needs of workers and the needs of the community. Negotiations and discussions between post office management and worker representatives may be necessary to find a solution that meets the needs of both parties. In the meantime, people may need to make alternative arrangements for their postal and banking needs if a strike does occur.

    4. I agree, post offices are a very essential part of a community, people may worry when their packages or the needs that were supposed to be met are not completed on time. This can cause people to want to use different companies and stress about their deliveries.

  • I am going to choose Sam and he works for a national company that organises bus and trains. If he goes to strike those people who has to go to work or travel or any emergency travel will not be able to happen.
    For instance if I have to go to work and the buses are in strike either I will be late to work or I will not be able to go to office which leads to loss of pay or anything else. And also even if I make it to work but if I am not able to come back home early my parents will be scared and by being scared their health may get damaged. So a person's strike may affect other person's family. And if the strike turns into a ruckus the people may get hurt or loss of life may happen by seeing these things through news the viewers mentality will also be disturbed.

    1. I really agree with you because when these employees walk off the job, it causes significant disruptions to our daily lives, from delays in receiving goods to missed appointments and longer commute times. The ripple effect of such strikes can be felt across entire industries and even the wider economy.
      It's important to recognize that behind each worker is a human being with families and financial responsibilities, so supporting them and engaging in dialogue towards fair wages and working conditions benefits not only them but also us consumers in the long run.
      Ultimately, we should all be cheering for fair treatment and good outcomes for everyone involved in these labor disputes because it impacts us all!
      Overall, while the right to strike is a fundamental social right for employees under certain circumstances, it's essential that unions and management find ways of resolving conflicts effectively without significantly disrupting transport services.

      1. There is no doubt that strikes negatively affect society. Nevertheless, the worker must obtain his right, for example, the right of the citizen to find transportation from his home to his place of work, and the right of drivers to take their fair wages. The affected party or union that strikes must announce The date of the strike was announced in advance so that everyone could take the necessary precautions, and this period will be difficult for everyone, but in the end the right will reach its owners.

    2. I strongly believe with you and all your stated points,I am also going to choose sam for this reasons,if he goes on strike,or any of his organizations that has to deal with bus and train,lots of lives will be lost.For instance a pregnant woman who is groaning in labour and has to get to the hospital as Soon as possible but due to the strike those organizations have it is possible for the pregnant woman should die in labour.

    3. I agree with your opinion that this negatively affects the worker and his family. Sometimes the worker may lose his job because of the bus strike. Therefore, when the worker hears this news, he may have health problems, for example, he may fall into depression, or he may suffer a stroke, and thus this will affect his family, for example, the mother will not. She bears what is happening to her son

    4. Everyone's work is important and there is no exception for the postal worker, transportation or emergency worker, they all have tasks, responsibilities and work they do, and their strike will make us feel the problem.
      I am with you regarding Sam, and how many people will be out of work for not going to work on time, and also Neff, emergency or postal clerk, no less disaster and trouble than Sam's strike. We cannot say that the strike of Nev, the transport worker, is the most dangerous, while that of Sam is not.
      Everyone is in an important workplace, and downtime will have negative effects, even if we don't feel the work is important, see it as trivial, or see one work as more important than one.

      1. You make a valid point. Every profession and job is important in its own way, and the impact of a strike can be felt across various industries and communities. It is important to recognize and appreciate the contributions of all workers, regardless of their job title or position. The effectiveness of a strike may also depend on the specific context and circumstances of the situation, and the potential consequences should be carefully considered before taking any action.

    5. I fully concur with the student's viewpoint on the detrimental effects of strikes, particularly on public transportation, on people's well-being and security. Strikes can create immense difficulties and hardships for individuals who depend on buses or trains for their daily routines, emergencies, or other critical purposes. Bus strikes are a common occurrence in India and often cause significant disruptions to public transportation, affecting millions of people. Bus strikes can have lots of negative consequences according to my research one such example is the 2018 bus strike in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, which lasted for nine days and resulted in the death of at least eight people. Most of the people used private buses, taxis, autos to reach their destinations however during the strike day a private bus carrying eight passengers was hit by a truck, resulting in the death of all passengers. The driver was not familiar with the route and was trying to avoid police barricades set up to prevent violence. So these incidents were unable to forget. Imagine on the day of strike the parents of the passenger, or wife or husband might have waited to see them in their home but when they heard the news of the accident how they would have been hurted. Losing a loved one suddenly and unexpectedly is a devastating experience, and it can take a long time for people to come to terms with their loss. So to prevent such tragic incidents during bus strikes in the future, it is essential to take necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of the public.

    6. I solely agree with the statement that strikes can have significant impacts on individuals and society, it is essential to consider the broader consequences of such actions. While strikes serve as a means for employees to voice their concerns and fight for their rights, it is crucial to strike a balance that minimizes the negative effects on others who rely on essential services.

      Take the example of Sam, who works for a national company organizing bus and train services. If Sam decides to go on strike, it can disrupt the lives of countless individuals who depend on public transportation for work, travel, or emergency purposes. The consequences can range from financial loss due to missed work opportunities, to potential risks and stress caused by delays or unavailability of transportation options.

      Beyond the immediate impact on individuals, strikes can have ripple effects on families and communities. For instance, if someone is unable to commute back home promptly due to the strike, it can cause worry and anxiety for their loved ones, potentially affecting their health and well-being. Moreover, if a strike escalates into violence or chaos, innocent people may get hurt or even lose their lives. Exposure to such incidents through the media can further disturb viewers' mental well-being and overall societal harmony.

      While recognizing the importance of workers' rights and the need for collective action, it is crucial to strike a balance that minimizes the negative externalities on others. Open dialogue, negotiation, and seeking alternative means to voice concerns can be effective strategies to address grievances without causing significant disruptions to essential services and the well-being of others.

      Ultimately, it is crucial to foster a culture of understanding, empathy, and collaboration between workers and employers to find mutually beneficial solutions. By considering the broader impact of strikes and seeking alternative methods of communication and negotiation, we can strive for a harmonious balance that upholds the rights of workers while also ensuring the well-being and stability of individuals and society as a whole.

  • Hello,
    I pick Nellie. I can imagine if Nellie was in Nigeria the strike would have affected my cousins. This is because my cousin is in a school where they do not allow them to make phone calls with their families, they are only allowed to send messages through writing letters and sending them through the post office, without Nellie the message sent by my cousin may not get to its destination on time and when his parents wait for the message for too long this may lead to a panic and uncontrolable assumptions

  • I would like to focus on Nev, who works in the emergency services, and think about how his strike might impact a person in need of emergency services. Specifically, I am thinking of a person with a medical emergency, like a heart attack or stroke, who requires immediate attention from paramedics.

    If Nev and his colleagues go on strike, the person in need of emergency services may have to wait longer for medical assistance to arrive, which can be life-threatening in some cases. This delay in response time can result in worsened health outcomes and increased risk of complications or even death.

    Furthermore, the strike may also impact the morale and motivation of emergency service workers who do not participate in the strike, potentially leading to reduced efficiency and effectiveness in responding to emergencies.

    Therefore, it is crucial for emergency service workers to be properly supported and compensated for their essential work, to prevent the need for strikes and ensure that those in need receive timely and effective care.

    1. You make a very important point about the potential impact of strikes on emergency services and the urgent need for proper support and compensation for these essential workers. When it comes to emergency services, every second counts, and any delay in response time can have serious consequences.

      It is also worth noting that strikes by emergency service workers are often seen as controversial, as they involve a delicate balance between workers' rights and the public's safety. In some countries, there may be legal restrictions on the right of emergency service workers to strike, while in others, strikes may be allowed but subject to certain conditions.

      Ultimately, it is important for all parties involved to prioritize the safety and well-being of the public, while also ensuring that emergency service workers are adequately compensated and supported for their crucial work. This can involve finding ways to address their concerns and grievances through constructive dialogue and negotiation, rather than resorting to strikes that may put lives at risk.

      1. I completely agree with you. Emergency service workers play a vital role in ensuring public safety, and strikes by these workers can be extremely challenging, both for the workers themselves and the communities they serve. While the right to strike is an important aspect of workers' rights, it is essential to balance this with the need to maintain critical services that protect public health and safety.

        In addition to providing fair compensation and support for emergency service workers, it is crucial to invest in preventative measures that can help mitigate the risk of strikes and other disruptions. This can include creating safe and healthy working conditions, establishing effective communication channels between workers and management, and developing contingency plans for emergencies.

        Ultimately, the key to managing the impact of strikes on emergency services is to work collaboratively with all stakeholders involved, including workers, management, and the broader community. By prioritizing the needs of all parties and finding creative solutions to challenges, we can help ensure that emergency services remain available and effective, even in times of crisis.

    2. I agree because... if doctor Nev goes on strike then there might be a lot of losses of life, which might lead to the fall of the country, i think Nev's manager need to attend to the problems Nev is facing and solve the problem before he strike.

      1. I agree with you . The manager of Nev and his colleagues must provide them with what they need in their work, such as medical tools that will help them in the event of an emergency, so that they do not think of going on strike

    3. I really agree with you ,I will really want us to take it from this angle "firefighters and rescue services", if worker decides to go on strike, that means everyone is in danger because we are all in a civilized world where gadget that can lead to fire out break.so,if worker's are taking the step of going on strike there will be so much lost in the country.
      I will love to plead on the government in taking more actions to prevent the worker's that their perspectives deals with life's and properties rescuing should never think of going on strike.
      To crown it all, strike should be prohibited in a country.

  • I believe that Nev would have the biggest impact if he striked. Emergency services deliver closure to the people who might need it. It is called emergency services for a reason. Someone's health may decline and if Nev and his colleagues strike, the patient's life may be in danger if not treated immediately. This would cause the worst impact because people would lose trust in his business since their workers are striking and their comfort and closure will disappear.

  • I think that Nelly's decision to strike is incorrect, because the messages will not be sent to their owners. For example, someone comes who puts a necessary message. When Nelly and her co-workers strike, it will not reach the person to whom she sent the message. This is if we were in the ancient era when there was no internet or mobile phones, but if we were in this era, it will not affect us, but will affect Nelly
    She will lose her work because the Internet and mobile phones replace e-mail messages

  • I think I would be going for SAM who plans on going on a strike and works for a national transport company that organizes trains and buses. I say so due to the fact that going on strike will possibly have a lot of impact on the country due to the fact that we are all aware that not much/not all individuals have enough income to buy cars or vehicles for transportation and even some school student go to school using buses and subways to get to their destination or schools so I feel this would have a great impact on the citizens. An employee or worker who isn't being paid enough income also depends on buses and trains to get to his or her required destination or workplace. Therefore, I think Sam going on a strike could possibly have such negative impacts.

    1. I understand your concern about the potential negative impact of a strike by SAM, who works for a national transport company. It is true that strikes can have significant effects on transportation and therefore on the daily lives of citizens who rely on public transportation to get to work, school, or other destinations.

      However, it is important to consider the reasons behind SAM's decision to go on strike. It is possible that SAM and other workers in the transport company are not being paid a fair wage or are facing other unfair working conditions. In such a situation, going on strike may be the only way for the workers to demand better treatment and working conditions.

      It is also important to note that strikes are a fundamental right of workers in many countries and are a powerful tool for collective bargaining and negotiating with employers. It is up to the employer and the workers to come to an agreement that benefits both parties and ensures the smooth functioning of public transportation.

      In conclusion, while it is understandable to be concerned about the potential negative impact of a strike on public transportation, it is important to also consider the reasons behind the workers' decision to strike and the broader implications for workers' rights and fair labor practices.

    2. I agree because... if mister Sam strikes then a lot of people might be late to work and some new employers might loose their job because they are told to come early .Unless if mister Sam is not the only employer the company have.

    3. I agree because not only the on the issue of income, Some people greatly rely on such transportation means for their movement, some people have health conditions that compulsory for them to make it to their health center everyone day so if SAM goes on strike this may lead to loss of lives. In order to avoid such unwanted situations and such great negative impact on the citizens SAM'S manger and THE GOVERNMENT should please try and see SAM's problem and solve it because it may also be a solution to other peoples problems who where not bold Enough to speak out.

  • I have picked interest in Nev's story. He is an emergency worker who want to go on strike. Unfortunately even though I feel its everyone right to strike I do not think its advisable in Nev's case because he works in the face of un prepared danger or accidents if he goes on strike it will affect the wellbeing of people negatively, the rate of accidents could increase and it could be terrible for the society it could put people in a setback from their normal activities and lead to loss of lives and property. Worse case scenario is when Nev and his other workers are not attended to on time. The rate of unattended accidents/ danger could get really alarming and spread. I feel other ways should be looked into, for example a meeting could be held to look into the matter and see what could be done to prevent embarking on such a risky strike . And Nev's issues/ challenges and what he needs should be attended to.

    1. I agree with you that Nif's strike will have a great impact on society, and the risks will also be greater because it works in an important place, and it is an emergency, and society always lives in accidents and circumstances beyond human control. You can imagine a fire breaking out in an area and the emergency situation is on strike. It's hard and you feel devoid of humanity and compassion, it makes you fill your heart for a moment with hatred for the strikers, and it gets worse with deaths or injuries.
      Therefore, we must think about the spirit of humanity, far from materialism, and not seek rights at the expense of innocent people who have no fault.

    2. I agree with you that Nif's strike will have a great impact on society, and the risks will also be greater because it works in an important place, and it is an emergency, and society always lives in accidents and circumstances beyond human control. You can imagine a fire breaking out in an area and the emergency situation is on strike. It's hard and you feel devoid of humanity and compassion, it makes you fill your heart for a moment with hatred for the strikers, and it gets worse with deaths or injuries.
      Therefore, we must think about the spirit of humanity, far from materialism, and not seek rights at the expense of innocent people who have no fault.

    3. I completely understand your concerns about the potential negative impact that Nev's strike could have on the well-being of the society, especially given the nature of his work as an emergency worker. It is indeed important to consider the potential consequences of a strike before taking such action.

      However, it is also important to note that the decision to go on strike is often a last resort for workers who feel that their concerns and grievances are not being adequately addressed. If Nev and his fellow workers feel that they are not being treated fairly or that their working conditions are unsafe, it is important to find ways to address these issues and prevent the need for a strike.

      As you suggested, holding a meeting to discuss the issues and finding a way to negotiate with the employers could be a good step forward. It is important for the employers to listen to the concerns of their workers and take appropriate measures to address them. If necessary, a mediator or an arbitrator could be brought in to help resolve the conflict between the workers and their employers.

      In the end, it is important to find a solution that ensures the safety and well-being of both the workers and the society they serve. By addressing the underlying issues that led to the potential strike, it may be possible to prevent a disruptive and potentially dangerous work stoppage.

    4. I agree because when we talk about the emergency service we are talking about managing unforeseen circumstances that may occur. Nobody knows when these things may occur and when they do it may lead or result in the loss of lives and loss of properties and definitely such things cannot be jeopardized just to meet his needs. In as much as Nev has to fight for his right and he also has to cater for his needs, he should bare in mind that it is not the people whose lives he places in jeopardy that failed to meet his needs, he should understand that he plays a very important role in aiding human survival and so, instead of letting the people down by failing to perform his task he should show the government or his employees his relevance and strikes may not be the best option available that may do that rather, he should result to other effective and efficient channels that will get him just what he needs. They can hold meetings to negotiate, or he could convince the public to rally or protest on their behalf due to the fact that they are very essential and they therefore need to be paid well.

  • I think that the impact of the national transport companies that organise trains and buses going on strike will be huge because
    1.They act as the connectors between the customers and the persons operating transports, both of them will get affected which in turn will affect other departments like tourism as few people will not be able to travel because they will have to rely on other small companies who might increase the cost and exploit the people using this strike as an chance.
    2.Internal trade occurring within the country which often occur through trains will get affected leading to demand for products to few people inside the country .
    3. Many other departments like education,industries could get distrubed as many employees could not go to work because even the drivers who are allied with the national agency could start supporting them and go on the strike.

    1. You raise some valid points about the potential impact of national transport companies going on strike. When these companies stop operating, it can create a ripple effect that affects many other industries and individuals.

      One of the biggest impacts of a transport strike is on tourism, as you mentioned. When people are unable to travel by bus or train, they may be forced to turn to other transportation options, which can be more expensive or less convenient. This can discourage people from traveling, which can have a negative impact on the tourism industry as a whole.

      Another important point you raised is the impact on internal trade. Many industries rely on trains and buses to transport goods across the country, so when these transport companies go on strike, it can disrupt supply chains and cause delays. This can have a direct impact on businesses and consumers alike, as they may not be able to access the products or services they need.

      In addition to these economic impacts, a transport strike can also have social and educational consequences. When people are unable to get to work or school, it can create disruptions in people's lives and cause stress and inconvenience. This can be particularly challenging for individuals who rely on public transport to get around.

      Overall, it's clear that a transport strike can have far-reaching impacts that extend beyond just the transport industry itself. It's important for all parties involved to work towards finding solutions and resolving issues in a way that minimizes disruption and protects the interests of everyone involved.

  • I am picking Sam's story, this is because his strike could make a big impact. Imagine, not everyone has his or her private car and a lot of people rely on public transport to go to various places. What if someone who has no private car, goes to the bus stop ready to go to work then he finds out that the bus drivers are on strike, he has to find another alternative to get to work and this could take a lot of time, and when he finally gets to work he would be late and his boss could be inconsiderate and either fire him or query him.

    1. I agree that public transportation workers' strikes can have a big impact on the general public, depending on their size and length. For example, they can force commuters who don't have cars to cancel their trips because they can't access transportation, which increases traffic and pollution, or they can encourage them to switch to driving.
      Additionally, it disrupts travel. A public transportation strike's most noticeable effect is that it might make it difficult for passengers to get around.
      Economic effects may also result from public transportation strikes, especially if they endure for a long time. Workers who can't get to work may lose income or be forced to take unpaid leave, and businesses that depend on public transportation to convey goods and services may be affected.

  • I choose Neff. The emergency service is very important. One worker went on strike, so many will go on strike after him. This will affect the emergency service that is watching to provide assistance to us. Imagine that one day there are several people who called the emergency service, but there are not enough workers to help several People called at the same time, the consequences and results will be dire, many lives will be lost. In my opinion, the problem of the strike must be resolved quickly so that it does not develop into non-work at all..... What do you think????? Are there some solutions to reduce the strike?? Sharing solutions is very nice....

    1. Do you think that a possible solution would be better communication? Having an open line of communication for negotiations with your company occasionally could enable them to cater your wants. As long as the person stays on work and verbally negotiate for their demands, having strong communication overall may be a smart alternative to reduce striking.

  • I'd like to talk about Katya ,
    It's really very simple . Striking impact us in subtle ways like a whisper and the sound of a thunderstorm.
    When factory workers that produce tinned food go on strike, things get hot real fast , without the skilled hands of these hardworking individuals, we would have limited access to the foods we know and love.
    Such strikes disrupt the production process, leading to delays and supply shortages that can drive up prices for consumers.
    The quality of products may also be affected due to the inability of employees to perform their duties properly amidst picket lines or slow operations.
    In addition, striking workers may experience reduced income or job loss, which affects their financial stability and potentially leads to a lower standard of living for themselves and their families.
    So let's all hope for smooth business relations so canned beans and chickpeas can continue to line pantry shelves 😁.

  • Emergency services are extremely important to citizens all over the world. If any medical, enforcement, or safety personnel go on strike it could bring up many hardships for those living in that area. I suspect that if this happens it could cause record high criminal outbreaks. Causing prisons to let prisoners do whatever they want and even escape from prison. If firefighters could not make it to a house fire many could end up dying or dead due to this strike. All could go wrong if medics go on strike patients will not be cared for, no one will be sent in case of emergency, or even worse those relying on medics to help them survive will soon pass away. So emergency services are very important to people and citizens.

    1. I agree because... Nev could also be a police officer. Police officers are part of the emergency services that provide protection. A police officer is responsible for maintaining law and order, prevent crime, as well as protecting people and their properties. If Nev and his colleagues decide to go on strike, there will be no law and order, crime rate will increase, properties will be lost and people will feel unsafe.
      I suggest Nev should be given proper working conditions to prevent him and his colleagues from going on strike in order to avoid all this from happening

    2. I chose Sam, in my country we do not have emergency services except the fire service but no ambulance service they are just coming up. So i choose Sam because if transport workers go on strike we won't have access to public transport and you wont be able to travel. You can't go to work and may need to follow friends and family with cars. The prices of goods will increase and the poor public will suffer the most since the middle class and upper class don't use public transport.

  • I chose Neff, and I thought well what would happen when workers in the emergency sector strike. First, there will be many accidents and events, but there will be no one to help, and I mean Tiff, who will not do his duty. Second, the health of the injured will deteriorate, and their injuries will become dangerous and may lead to deaths. Third, chaos and incompetence will prevail. Safety in the city, and finally, I advise the workers in the first aid sector. I look at them with mercy, because their profession does not require a strike, so those in charge must provide their demands first so that disasters do not increase. In the end, I wish safety for all

    1. I agree because without emergency services the whole world will be in chaos, people will die because there is no one there to help save the people.

  • I pick Nev because he works in emergency services and we all know that emergency services are services that are provided to people on a daily basis and they are very important and essential to the smooth running of activities for the people and their affairs and now if this people go on strikes not only does it affect its benefactors, people in the society, those who chose not to strike, the organization and if not handled immediately it could impact the state especially if it is a sector that provides its services on a large scale or wide scale such as nuclear power plants and oil and gas and now Nev is on strikes the services which he offered will now be suspended till they find a replacement and now if more people like Nev decide to strike they will be less than adequate staff and personnel to give the services and it will now stress those remaining , the strike could also affect the organization or business because the normal amount of workers who worked are away and now the remaining staff won't be able to perform both their duties and that of those absent and this will affect the normal modus operandi of the business and it will make their profits drop, patronage will decline and they will lose their customers to their competitors because of being unable to offer their services and as for the state the examples I gave are for a reason take a scenario like this if now the oil and gas sector decides to go on strike they will now be lack of fuel to power the locomotives and also they will be a large increase in the price of these fuels and this will affect the people whose standard of living is low and it will affect the sector of transportation because the is lack of fuel and this will mean no means of transportation for almost everyone and because of this problems, protests will begin and there will be chaos and disorder in the state and if this is left to escalate it will immensely affect that state but one thing that annoys me is the fact that these emergency service providers are vital and important to society and people know that if by any chance they stop performing their duties they will be chaos but why don't the leaders and employers give them better working conditions, give fair wages and fulfill their wishes or demands before anything bad as this scenario occurs

    1. You make a valid point about the importance of emergency services and the potential consequences of their strikes. It is true that strikes in essential services can have a significant impact on society, especially if they are prolonged. It is crucial for both employers and employees to work together to ensure that workers' needs are met, and the services they provide are not disrupted. As you mentioned, better working conditions, fair wages, and addressing the workers' demands could go a long way in preventing strikes and ensuring that the services provided are of the highest quality. It is also essential for the government to intervene and mediate between the two parties to reach a compromise that benefits both sides. Overall, strikes should be avoided as much as possible, especially in essential services, and all stakeholders should work together to prevent them from happening.

    2. I strongly agree with you because
      striking workers in the emergency service can have a significant impact on our daily lives.
      These individuals play an essential role in responding to emergencies and saving lives, These brave men and women put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe, healthy, and protected in times of crisis.
      The sacrifices they make are immeasurable, but their contributions are invaluable.
      When emergency services are compromised due to worker strikes and labor disputes, our entire society suffers. Response times increase, access to critical care diminishes, and our overall sense of security is shaken.
      We must honor and support these essential frontline workers who dedicate their careers to serving others with unwavering selflessness and courage. Theirs is not an easy job nor one for the faint of heart; it takes incredible fortitude and resilience to face emergencies head-on with little room for error or hesitation. Thank you to all those who serve in the emergency services - you truly make all the difference in this world!

  • It will affect all of them ,but ,from my point of view it will affect Neff because emergencies continue throughout the day while we will lose a number of lives .

  • One of the people that might have a big impact on the world is Nev he is going on strike and he works in emergency services. What if there is an emergency? Nev might peer pressure his colleagues into going on strike too so they will be no emergency services to help the person who needs it.

  • The phenomenon of striking work does not occur without a reason, as some of it may arise from the workers themselves or certain groups of them, and most of them belong to companies that do not commit to granting them their financial rights on time, and since most of these workers have obligations in their countries of origin, the delay in paying their dues causes them problems Therefore, it is not surprising that workers resort to strikes. On the other hand, some companies may not abide by labor laws in terms of the number of working hours, working days, working times during the day, or other factors that exhaust the worker and force him to go on strike.

  • Ikatya who works at tinned food factorynow if the factory gets some striks it will loss leady market for its goods

  • I am going to choose Nev. If workers who works in the emergency services should go on strike, the entire society will surely be affected. When there is an accident, an emergency worker like a first responder is supposed to arrive at the scene and take charge of the situation. They are supposed to get the victims out and give them basic treatment before they can be rushed to the hospital. As you can see they play a very important role and if they should go on strike, there will be a lot of casualties and maybe even a few deaths. This will be a big loss to the society and so I think that preventing emergency workers from going on strike should be a priority for their employer.

  • I would like to focus on Nev. Emergency services are critical for everyone, both healthy and sick. Although he may be the only individual striking, he has the potential to have a significant impact on the entire society.
    If he is a firefighter, for example, fewer firefighters will be available to respond to crises, prevent fires, and save lives. This could raise the risk of fires, property damage, and casualties.
    Or, if he's a doctor, perhaps there will be fewer doctors accessible to treat patients, perform procedures, and offer advice. This could lead to longer wait times, cancelled appointments, delayed diagnosis, and poorer patient outcomes.
    If he is a police officer and goes on strike, public order and safety may suffer as fewer cops are available to respond to emergencies, prevent crimes, and enforce laws. This could lead to increasing public violence, chaos, and terror.
    So, basically, what I'm trying to convey is that regardless of the emergency service he is a part of, he will have a significant impact on his field of work, as there are numerous options for what could go wrong if he departs.

  • I would like to speak on Nev, who works in emergency services. Now I think that Nev has his reason for striking but personally I believe that people who work in emergency services should be considerate before agreeing to strike. This is because over a hundred patients visit Emergency centers every day and people that work in this field are responsible for the lives of us human-beings and the well-being of people in our society. People who survive diseases such as cancer usually owe their survival to people like Nev. These people are basically the people we owe our lives to.
    So, if Nev proceeds to go on a strike, he risks the lives of hundreds of sick and dying people. Although, this is not completely bad as in if Nev is heard and understood by his employer, he would save the lives of hundreds of futurists because he would be dedicated to his job than he was before as all his needs would have been provided for him.

  • I think that all of these people are important and that if they strike, many people will be affected. For example, if Sam strikes, it will be a huge obstacle for those who work in distant places or have relatives who live in remote areas. I personally and my family suffered from this, as my mother works far from home and when Getting out really early gets really overwhelming when it's actionTransportation is slow, and I also have relatives who live far away, and I really remember the great amount of suffering we had to reach when the transportation was on strike.
    But if Neff and his colleagues strike, it will be a great disaster for many patients

  • I think the emergency services strike is a huge disaster.  We know that cases, especially urgent cases between life and death, go to the emergency services.  I see that emergency services workers are responsible for the lives of many people.  They are the ones who help patients quickly until the doctor arrives.  A strike by emergency services workers will greatly affect our lives.  The number of deaths will increase and serious diseases will increase.  I believe that emergency services workers should not strike, they are one of the most important people who should not strike, and if they strike, it will negatively affect our lives  and I hope they don't go on strike and that their salaries increase so that they can do their job well.  that is my point of view .

  • My concern is on Katya. Katya works in a factory that makes tinned food. Tinned food are well preserved foods that can be taken by people. If Katya and her colleagues decides to go on strike, people will not have varieties of food to choose from .
    Tinned food are consumed by infants as well because of their nutritional value. Most infants depend on tinned food in addition to breast milk because the breast milk will not sustain them and most mothers don't have enough time to make alternative food for them. If Katya and her colleagues decide to go on strike, baby food will not be available as such most babies will run out of well preserved food leading to mothers making their own baby food which will waste more time and can spoil easily.

  • Nurses are part of the medical emergency services. Their main responsibiliy is providing comfort to patients by working together with other medical professionals, administer medication, perform physical examinations and counsel the patients. A hospital cannot function well without nurses.
    With these points i choose to talk on Nev. If Nev decides to go on strike, most of the activities in the hospital will stop. Even if paramedics and doctors are available, the nurses won't be there to administer treatment on time as such lives will be lost.

  • I pick Nev because he works in emergency services. Nev's strike might cause a lot of problems, and if care is not taken a lot of people might loose their lives. Emergency workers are one of the most important workers in countries, if they go on strike, people might not get the treatment they need if they've fallen ill, or people who need immediate attention from paramedics. Imagine a person having a heart attack at home, and the person decides to call the hospital, but all the doctors and nurses are on strike; this will be very bad for the person having a heart attack, he or she can even die, or imagine a person having symptoms of a deadly disease, however, the person's not sure, and decides to go to the hospital, he or she will be sent back home because the doctors are on strike. So what if the person had a deadly disease like cancer, he or she will start to die slowly. Therefore I think that Nev's strike will affect the country because emergency service workers are a daily necessity in our lives, if they go on strike, a lot of lives will be lost.

  • Canned food, while to most goes unused and left in the cabinet to rot, is a very important resource of nourishment to the lesser fortunate. Workers of the can factories not working and deciding to go on strike could cause disruption and a lot of hunger among the homeless, and some could die with having this food to eat.

  • Nev works with emergency services. This is one of the most vital public services, and him going on strike could cause astronomical amounts of mayhem. Without emergency services, many people could die. People with some kind of debilitating illness, such as seizures, could have an episode and not receive the help that they require.

  • I am choosing Nev for going to strike for emergency services .In hospitals if they go for strike with there nurse and other doctors , there will be no one for the emergency cases like Breathing problem, especially accident who suffer for there life to live , heart attack ,stroke and so on and no one is not available to take care of such emergency cases
    That may cause many deaths ,It affects the country with a huge loss.So,I think every emergency workers should be supported with respect.

  • katya going on strike would result to low production of tinned food and in general this can result into increase in price and scarcity of tinned food strike can also result katya to less payment or losing her job😁😁😁😁😁

  • All of them affect the citizen in a negative way. All of these troubles are important. If they strike, they greatly affect human life, and this leads to confusion, instability, chaos, and human suffering in his arrival to his workplace, and each of them complements the other. And it will paralyze the movement of the country, as well as the strike in the canning company. There will be severe shortages of nutrition and a worsening of the health condition. If the postman strikes, it will greatly affect communication and the speed of saving people and obstruction in all areas of daily life, the press and the media. All of this helps to obstruct access to emergency services and all that. affects human rights. But I believe that the strike of the emergency services is the most affected, because when the strike increases, deaths, physical disabilities, and psychological disorders increase, especially if the strike period extends for a long time. A compensatory plan must be drawn up and others must be employed to fill positions until the strike ends. Governments must provide employees with their demands without resorting to strikes.

  • I will focus on Neff, who works in the emergency services. If such people strike, death rates will increase due to emergencies that will be neglected, and many emergency departments will stop working. This will happen if all the department agrees to strike. Let's say there are people who do not want to strike.
    Later, those people who did not get beaten will be exhausted physically and psychologically because they will have to work overtime to save the lives of the patients.

  • I choose nev because it's part of the emergency service so if someone is seriously ill or injured he won't be there

  • if the bus drivers and train drivers go on strike people who don't have a car will have to walk or pay the ridiculous price for a uber or taxi and it will effect them or make them late for work or for kids it will be more dangerous because kids in london all alone can end badly

  • At the outset, all professions have their role and importance in society, as they are all interdependent among themselves. For example, had it not been for the scientist when he discovered medicine and manufactured it, the medical profession would not have existed, and so on. Here I will direct my attention towards Neff because, in my opinion, here is more important than the rest.
    The rest is not important. On the contrary, they are important. But I will talk about Neff. Neff's work is very important in normal life. If Neff and his colleagues were struck, we would have lost the lives of many patients.

    In the event of a strike by Neff and his colleagues, and a person suffering from a stroke comes and he is in great need of him, then when Nev strikes, there are two possibilities for the patient, either death or paralysis for the rest of his life.

    Governments must raise the salary and value of every profession, especially the teacher and the doctor in particular, because without the teacher, the doctor, the scientist, and the engineer would not have existed, so if the teacher strikes, generations will be corrupted.

  • I think Nev would be the most important if he went on strike since it would put everyone in danger :(

  • I am going to choose Nev because if they go strike somebody could be in danger and not many people
    would be there to help the people that are in danger.Somebody could be in a very serious situation that needs immediate medical attention.

  • I pick Sam because there are so many people in the world who want to go see family and there are so many people who have to get to work and those people would probably not have cars with them so that would mean they wouldn't be able to get to there work. There are also some kids who live quite far from school and that would mean they would have to take the bus unless if the can walk but if buses and trains were not available then that would mean the kid would have to walk and first the weather could be bad and second if they lived about 50 minutes away and it took them quite a while to walk back hoe the parents of that child might start to worry a lot and you will never know if the kids phone has died and they won't be able to text there parents saying i have to walk home.

  • From my point of view, all these strikes will have a negative impact, but there are those who have a significant negative impact that will harm themselves and society. I am with Nev and I think emergency services are an important job that can never be left or tolerated, as it leads to the loss of innocent people suffering from diseases who have the right to obtain These services that will preserve their lives, and we will restEmployees and increasing their income in return for not leaving this job, and not having to go on strike. If I were in his place, I would never strike. I am not ready to lose someone who died because of me, even if it was for nothing. What about you?

  • I think all these strikes impact people hugely. But I am choosing Nellie's strike because if Nellie, who works at a post office, goes on strike, it could significantly delay the delivery of mail. The impacts may be delayed or missed deliveries and bills may be left unpaid, packages may not be received, and job applications may miss deadlines. And according to my research on BBC during strikes the royal mail says it won't be able to deliver first and second class letters. But it says that it would deliver as many parcels and special delivery letters as soon as possible. But sadly people can't claim compensation for late deliveries. And the impact of postal strikes on organizations can include reputational damage, decline in revenue, and missed deadlines. I personally say that postal strikes can disrupt business operations, especially for companies that rely on postal services for shipping products or receiving payments. This can result in lost revenue, lower productivity, and damaged relationships with customers.Postal strikes can lead to financial losses for individuals and businesses who may have to pay extra fees for alternative delivery services or face penalties for late payments on bills.Postal strikes can cause emotional stress and anxiety for individuals waiting for important deliveries or hoping to receive news from loved ones.In some cases, postal strikes can lead to safety concerns. For example, if postal workers are responsible for delivering medical supplies or hazardous materials, a strike can put the safety of the public at risk.
    According to NBC news, One example of a postal strike occurred in the United States in 2016, when members of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) went on a four-hour strike in protest of alleged understaffing and reduced services at postal facilities. The strike occurred on April 27, 2016, and affected postal facilities in over 80 cities across the country.

  • All striking workers influence us because they have important jobs. But when I saw Nellie, who works in the post office, she will strike. I remembered a story that my mother had told me. My mother had a close friend whom she loved very much. She used to live near my mother, but she changed her place of residence with her family to go to a neighboring city. After that, my mother's wedding date came from my father and everything. It happened quickly and I forgot to tell her before, but she wrote a letter to her to come and attend the wedding, but the postman was late in delivering the letter because he was on strike, which led to the letter not reaching my mother's friend and she did not attend the wedding. My mother remained sad because her friend did not come and I missed her a lot. Therefore, I am against hitting the postman, as he will be late in delivering many parcels, including those that are very important.

  • I chose Neff because it has a strong impact on the life of mankind. I do not think that it is advisable in the case of Neff to strike because he works in the face of danger or unforeseen incidents; If this person or others continue to strike, this strike will affect the lives of thousands of people. I have a strong reason for choosing Neff, because if they hit (Sam, Katya, and Nelly) who will help them, I am thinking of a person who suffers from an emergency medical condition. , such as a heart attack, and requires immediate attention from the paramedics. If Neff strikes, it will affect the morale and motivation of his colleagues in the emergency services who are not participating in the strike, which may lead to a decrease in efficiency and effectiveness in responding to emergencies.
    The worst is that Neef and his other workers don't show up on time. The rate of accidents and heart attacks is the unattended risk It can be really unsettling and spread. I feel that other ways around the Neff Blow should be considered!
    "People's lives are not cheap to waste!"

  • From my point of view, I believe that strikes are a common way for workers to express their demands and defend their rights, and they have an impact on various aspects of individuals' and communities' social and economic life.

    For example, if Katia, who works in a canned food factory, decides to go on strike, it could affect the food supplies and available stocks for consumers. The strike could also affect the factory itself and the other workers who work there, as it may lead to the factory's shutdown, and this would affect the workers' personal income and their ability to meet their basic needs.

    Additionally, if there is a strike in the public transportation sector, it may be difficult for people to access their workplaces, shopping areas, and other services, which could lead to delays in schedules and affect individuals' productivity.

    By thinking about a new way that a strike could affect someone, it could also affect the investors who own shares in the company where the striking worker is employed. The strike could lead to a decline in the stock value and affect the investors' personal wealth. Therefore, it can motivate investors to contribute to resolving labor disputes and push the company to meet workers' demands, thus achieving the common interests of all parties involved.

  • At the centre of local communities, post offices play crucial roles. Beyond only sending and receiving packages, customers and companies rely on the Post Office for a variety of services, including accessing banking, finding local information, and paying bills. All these items will be taken away from local residents if workers go on strike. Items posted the day before and the day of the strike action will not reach their final destination if office workers go on strike. Mail collection by striking postal workers from post office branches will be affected. This indicates that it is unknown how much delay the recipients may encounter. On days of strike action, some branches may not be able to accept mail. Not everyone will have the opportunity to post their letters through other offices after they reach their acceptance capacity. People won't receive their goods and services if the post office engages in online shopping. Many large-scale companies that depend on post offices for the delivery of their goods will be impacted. The corporation will suffer a significant loss if the strike lasts a long time and no other post office can be found. When postal workers go on strike, the availability of these goods decreases since post offices also sell stamps and other postal products that bring in money for the government.

  • Emergency services - it's going to affect people that need to go to hospital.

  • Nev going on strike would be a big deal because it would cause inconvenience for the patients that would be treated by him and other doctors may do the same causing more disruption
    Sam going on strike would also be a big deal because people may need the trains because they dont have a car plus without trains a load of chaos would endure

  • The impact of striking while working on emergency services is that people might die and not get the treatment the need. people might suffer more since they are not getting the treat they need and the waiting list will be very long.

  • Nellie - It can make the people who may be expecting a parcel mad because the delivery time will be delayed.

  • Striking affects are every day life because it teaches us how and why people strike, and because they do it so for example teachers strike because they want the government to give more money to schools for the kids educations!

  • National transport will get impacted because people might need to get places but won't be able to because of strike and people might not have a car so they might have to get a different mode of transport like a bus or train in a emergency and wont be able to.

  • Katya - It doesn't affect many people but it could affect other companies like the foodbank, trying to provide people with low income, food.

  • I pick Nev, all the other jobs play an important role in society but without the emergency services a lot of people will pass away.

  • If they strike many people will not be able to attend school and work.
    This could make students be late for school and get a detention.
    If they are late for work their boss might be mad or they will not be paid.

  • i think nev strike would be more might impact on the community

  • Nev's job would impact people's lives because he is a member of emergency services.

  • i think emergency services shouldn't strike because of all the crimes that are happening

  • i think that nevs striking will impact people who need emergency services

  • i think nev because if there are people that are in trouble or they will die or something bad will happen, they cant call the emergency service because they on strike.

  • I think the Strike might affect Nev because if the emergency services aren't around to help, anything could happen and it would be much harder to stop or prevent without the help of emergency services and the guilt of the outcome could affect Nev/

  • Nev the emergency service worker is impacting all of us this is because without emergency services loads of people could be in near death or deadly circumstances.Emergency services are one thing we rely on without conscience or thought so them striking could scare people.This is because with the constant thought of emergancy services are on stork we are afraid of what if... What is something happens to someone or even me and because emergency services are striking no one can help us

  • i think the emergency services will impact the most because people need help to survive and people need to get treated. we need to save as many people as we can because if we dont the human population will fall alot faster and it can impact the families because the loved ones will be dead and it will cause more mental illness.

  • For workers in emergency services strikes would impact a lot of people because everyday all the time there is always someone who will need the help of doctors, surgeons, nurses etc. But when they are all doing strikes there is less workers meaning less people to help patients that also means that the workers that are still there have to do rotations around to other patients which could cause stress, causing mistakes and could risk everyone's life if something goes wrong.

  • The emergency services have an bigger impact because since they all work at a hospital and there is a million people with injuries and things like that.If the emergency services go on strike, then there will be less workers to help the people who needs it the most, which can cause a lot of deaths.

  • Emergency services serve a vital role in the community, and their strike has had a significant impact on a variety of people. Without emergency services, those suffering with fatal injuries or life-threatening circumstances have no method of contacting the hospital. If injured, the entire neighbourhood would have to summon emergency services, and if they were unable to assist, chaos would reign. If a bus crashes, emergency services must be called, and if they are not present to assist, many people may be seriously injured or even die and the community will suffer greatly as a result.

  • Striking impacts us mostly because workers that have important jobs, such as: doctors, teachers transport workers and many more. They need to be at work when the need to but the goverment isn't paying enough to them and so doctors can't help people, teachers can't educate kids properly, transport workers can't get people to where they need to be, post office workers can't mail packages, all because they're on strike to protest for more money.

  • I think that Nev would put the most impact on people because if someone was in danger she wouldn't be there to help them and it could put their life in danger.

  • Emergency Services play many roles in the UK as there can be people who can get hurt really bad and then, the Emergency Services will bring them to the hospitals and the doctors / surgeons will treat them. So, if they strike, people will be left with no one to help them if something terrible has happened to them such as: people got into a car crash and got severely injured, people who have had a heart attack or stroke etc, this means that the paramedics won't be able to treat them and bring them to the hospital. This will make people's lives at risk if the medics are off because of strike.

  • Well, I'm going to focus on the Nev in the emergency services, which is among the important first aid services. For example, if a person suffers from a muscle spasm, suffocation or bleeding and needs first aid, and there are no people working in the emergency services due to frequent strikes, such as Neff, who will help this person and his life may be in danger?, Or if there is Someone going to the hospital was in an ambulance and needed care until he got to the hospital because of the seriousness of his condition. Who will provide first aid when the emergency services staff are not present because their numbers have decreased due to a number of them going on strike? If there is no first aid and emergency services, who will be there to help those people who need emergency services?

  • I chose Katya.
    She said that she went on strike while she works in a canned food factory... I think that what I will say is just my opinion and thinking, which is: Perhaps the canned food is not good enough, not fresh and spoils quickly. Perhaps her strike will stop the production of these harmful items, but the biggest negative impact will be on Katya because she She may lose her job, and also when Katya and her colleagues strike the factory, there will be no major damage... Canned foods can be imported from other countries, but this factory will lose....
    I really don't know what exactly defines Katya's strike, but I have a question.
    (What if the production of canned foods stopped around the world and the spread of fresh and good food)?? What is your opinion

  • I think that if Katya strikes then that would mean there would be less tinned food which would affect people that are hungry and can only afford tinned food.

  • i pick sam because sam will effect everyone who uses public transport and in the year 2018/2019 over 8.3 billion travels happened using public transport and with the recent strike in trains people have been late tojobs lost mony and some people have lost jobs all together

  • If Nev who works in emergency services were to on strike it would affect the people who need help when they are hurt or in need of emergency services. Without emergency services a lot of people may become fatally wounded because there was no one to help and bring them to the hospital. If emergency services were to go on strike it would affect a majority and not a minority. If any other emergency services were to go on strike such as police or firefighters a regular citizen in need would struggle just like if ambulance drivers went on strike. Overall I believe if the government does not want their citizens or workers to struggle they have to understand what needs workers or citizens have. Workers should get the right pay or working conditions to avoid strikes and citizens need emergency services to live their lives.

  • I choose Nev to discuss, because as a member of the emergency services, if he and other workers go on strike, it will affect the most people. The emergency service is a public organization that ensure the general health or safety in cases of an emergency, such as the fire brigade and the ambulance service. If workers in the emergency services, such as Nev go on strike, a lot of people in danger would be affected. There would be nobody to respond to their problems, and that could lead to loss of lives and property, and worsening the affected persons' health situation(In case of a medical emergency).
    On the whole, a strike by workers in the emergency services really affects people in danger, such as a fire outbreak or cardiac arrest.

  • I think that emergency services play a major role in the area around them. Emergency services could save or rescue someone from a situation that may result in dire consequences. If people who work in an emergency service strike, like Nev is doing, the people in the area may be at risk of getting injured or even losing their lives. This can cause major problems for emergency services and ruin their role in the community.

  • I think that Nev's strike will impact lots of people because if ambulance drivers aren't working then people in need won't be able to get help. Someone in the position of death wouldn't be able to get help because they're on strike, lota of people need the emergency service and without them loads more people would die.

  • Nev going on strike might impact more than the others because she works for the emergency services, the reason this will impact us is because, if one of them goes on strike, many others would want to go on strike as well, then this may lead to not enough workers for an emergency. Also, emergency services should not go on strike because they provide critical and life-saving services to the public. A strike would leave people vulnerable in emergency situations, potentially leading to loss of life or property damage. Emergency responders are trained professionals who have a duty to serve the public, and going on strike would be a breach of that duty. Additionally, emergency services are often provided by government agencies, meaning that a strike would be a disruption of essential government functions. Finally, emergency responders are typically prohibited from striking by law or regulation, as their role in society is considered too important to allow for work stoppages.

  • I think the emergency services would be the most vital worker to have on strike because the workers for the NHS and other pharmacy's would be affecting other peoples daily lives and putting some people in a very dangerous risk of being badly injured or dead. Another important worker to have are national transport operators as it would be able to help people get to work.

  • The emergency services play vital roles in many peoples lives. The last thing we would need is for them to strike because of the fact that they save many peoples lives. The shortage of ambulance drivers would effect most peoples lives by the fact that crews go to more than 3000 emergencies a day and handle over two million 999 calls a year. this shows the fact many people per year need the 999 services.

    1. Do you think people who strike, want to strike?

      1. People who strike, in my opinion, don't necessarily want to strike. Poor working conditions and low pay are the main causes of strikes in the first place. When their ideas and desires are ignored, many workers feel the need to vote in favor of a strike. They believe they are at a loss for alternative powerful strategies to attract attention and demand change. Although these workers do not want to strike in the first place, they are inclined to do so due to the failure of management to improve their poor working conditions.

      2. No I don't think so. I think that they only strike when the feel that they are not properly taken care of. They start to feel cheated and the mercy of their employers and they have to take the strike action.

  • The emergency services are crucial. They provide care for people that need it and without them, the number of deaths would increase.

  • I pick Sam. When workers of national transport company that organises trains and buses go on strike, goods will not be able to get to their destinations. People depend on natural resources to satisfy their needs. Different societies need different resources some of which they don't have, due to this there is an immense requirement of transport of resources from one particular society to other. If workers of the national transport company go on strike, goods will be all mixed up some goods will go to the wrong place while some wouldn't even go anywhere at all. This will affect the development of urban areas.
    Fragile transportation supply chains are easily disrupted by these strikes. Disruption in even a smaller, specialized transportation mode ripples through the entire supply chain. In some cases when goods don't make it through trains they never get to their destination.
    These strikes also affect companies in the sense that workers will be late and goods ordered by the company to replace the sold ones will not make it which will put the company at a loss.

  • If Nev who works in emergency services goes on strike, people who have an emergency will not be seen as quick, potentially causing the emergency to expand and become worse. There will be more people trying to call and having to wait and there will be more work for the people who chose not to strike that day.

  • Nev because many people might get hurt and injured in bad ways and bad things will happen if he doesn't help

  • If Nev went on strike there will be a shortage of emergency services so if someone broken there leg they would have to wait longer to be seen if at all

  • Well everybody is important but without the emergency services there would be more of an effect to the country. People with life threatening injuries would have less of a chance to live, these people could be anyone like the postal men and women, factories or transport.
    Without the emergency services, there would be more deaths or severe injuries that are unrecoverable from.
    So, they will have the largest impact on other people.

  • I think the emergency department should strike because then people's lives are in danger because it is dangerous for a person not to have someone to help in an emergency.

  • I choose Nev, who works in the emergency service, and I will talk about the impact of the strike of those working in the emergency service on people, as it is possible for a very emergency case to come to the hospital and she wants urgent and immediate intervention from the workers, and she does not find anyone to treat and care for her, so she is forced to wait for what It leads to a deterioration in the health condition of this case and may lead to deaths. Therefore, the competent authorities must meet the needs of workers in the emergency service so that they do not have to go on strike.

  • He chose to speak first about Neff
    Because in recent times crimes and fires have spread widely. Let us imagine that the civil defense or ambulance is on strike, as this will put people’s lives in great danger or cause fires to cause many losses in the country.
    Also, people in many countries need emergency services frequently and frequently
    People who work in emergencies cannot strike in any way

  • I pick Neff from the emergency center. If you go on strike, there will be many people who need your help, because the emergency center is a very important thing to help people who are in danger, so I suggest that you should not go on strike, as this will affect us citizens badly, so think about it again because the strike is not a solution to everything

    Instead of striking, take a short vacation, entertain yourself and come back to us to help us in our critical situations. We will be happy to have someone who always criticizes us.

  • I think one day I will go to SAM Because he is planning a strike, and he also works for a national transportation company that organizes trains and buses. And also I say this to the fact that the strike has a great impact on the neighboring cities and also I do not have many who have a strike \ Not all individuals are able to buy cars or transportation vehicles such as buses, and also some male and female students go to school using the large subway until they reach school, Therefore, I feel inside myself that this has a great impact on the citizens . Also, employees or workers who do not get enough income and also cannot use buses to reach their place of work. Therefore, I believe that Sam's strike has negative effects on society .

  • This topic caught the attention of me and probably many people
    For example, if a person goes on strike, there is a loss of life, because there are people with whom emergency medical conditions may occur, such as the one who has a heart attack and the like. If the doctor is late for them, they will lose their lives.
    Nelly, who works in the post office, cannot be dispensed with by anyone in society because he plays an important role in society

  • In my opinion, I would say that Katya's strike may not really have as much impact as the others may. I say so due to the fact that most individuals are no longer in support of can foods due to the fact that ones health could also be at high risk during the consumptions of can foods.
    Also, food cans which has already been used and not disposed properly could be seen as waste when not recycled but instead, thrown into water bodies 💔.
    Some doctors also advice their patient to avoid the intake of can food due to some chemicals used to package and preserve it.
    Although it might have it impact on those who likably run late to work so therefore depend on canned food as their meal.
    My main point of view here is just to simply say that Katya's strike may/will not have as much impact as the others would.
    Thank You😊

  • In my opinion, postal workers' strikes might impact people in the delay or disruption of mail delivery. This can have serious consequences for individuals and businesses that rely on the postal service for important communications and deliveries.

    For example, delayed mail delivery can result in late bill payments, missed deadlines for important documents or applications, and delayed shipments of critical goods such as medication or medical supplies. This can lead to financial and legal consequences, as well as potential health risks for those who rely on the timely delivery of medical supplies.

    Furthermore, businesses that rely on the postal service for shipping and receiving goods can experience significant disruptions to their supply chains, which can have a ripple effect on their operations and revenue. In addition, delayed or disrupted mail delivery can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction and trust, which can have long-term implications for the reputation and success of a business. In summary, postal workers' strikes can have a tangible and significant impact on people by disrupting the delivery of critical communications and goods, leading to financial, legal, and health consequences, as well as disruptions to businesses and their supply chains.

  • I am nev and I am going on a strike.I work in the emergency services
    I strongly believe nev attempt to go for a strike will affect each and everyone of use because emergency is an unplanned event anybody and everybody can get involve in an accident at anytime and will need the emergency service and if not given adequate care it might lead to lost of live

  • Hi , everyone so to me as a person i think the only striker who impacts us is the health workers, so let us imagine a health worker is on strike the patient who is on a dying line will die cause they have not got treatment to help them survive so
    i think health workers impact on us .


  • I pick Nev who works for the emergency services. I picked him because he plays an important role as an emergency services worker and I would not want him to go on strike. Just think about what would happen if he was on strike with his medical team as an emergency services worker in a hospital. This is what would happen when someone is sick they will not have any treatment which can cause death. Like I remember one of my oldest uncles was just fine when he started coughing and getting tired easily, we noticed that he was very unwell. He would go to sleep at odd times, one morning he woke up feeling very sick so we rushed him to the hospital. When the doctor came out, my aunt the wife to my uncle who was unwell rushed to the doctor and asked if uncle was okay and sadly the doctor said that he was suffering from cancer that was spreading fast throughout his body. My aunt burst into tears and everyone was crying. Uncle was shocked when we told him. The following day he was worse he was even struggling to breath so we rushed him to the hospital but to our surprise, the doctors were on strike then the problem got worse then after some hours to our biggest surprise he passed on. It was a very sad time in the family. I do not approve of strikes completely for emergency workers because people could lose their loved ones.

    1. I agree because...it is a perfect story and i agree Nev should not go on strike

  • From my perspective, the possibility of a strike from postal service workers, like Nellie, has the potential to cause far-reaching consequences for the entire country. It is highly probable that the dearth of personnel in the post office sector will result in a significant decline in the effectiveness and efficiency of communication and connectivity throughout the nation. Moreover, the situation may escalate, which could put undue pressure on other workers to cover for their striking colleagues, leading to more strikes due to unfair working conditions. When communication is limited or restricted, it can have serious consequences on the economy and social stability. In such situations, there is a higher likelihood of disruptions in the flow of goods and services, leading to financial losses and widespread uncertainty.

  • Sam needs to consider his decision again by implementing how this would impact others. He works for transport such as buses or trains and these are all PUBLIC forms of transport. Climate change is clearly a top priority concern for the world and if he goes on strike, this will oblige people to go individually by car. It is statistically proven that between London and Glasgow, a journey via an average petrol car emits approximately 4 times more Co2 per passenger than the equivalent journey by coach. Climate change is drastically affecting our planet, and we need public transport to reduce carbon emissions. If Sam goes on strike, he will essentially force people to burn more fossil fuels. One planet, one chance, one future.

    Meanwhile, I do agree with Katya. It is stated that : "Working conditions in factories have historically been among the most hazardous of any industry. These conditions have been improved since the Indistrial Revolution but still pose a hazard to many workers around the world. " Factory workers are forced to work in miserable, cramped and unsafe conditions and they often inhale large amounts of dust resulting in life-threatening respiratory diseases. Furthermore, they can get skin rashes as tinned food requires salt to enhance the flavour. Katya has the right to have a higher paycheck if it means risking her life every single day.

  • I choose Nev (emergency services) cause this is the life saving services..We don't know how the life changes ,at that point we definitely need the help of emergency service people. If they goes on strike then think about the unhealthy people.For example if an doctors or an ambulance drivers goes on strike then the emergency patient life can be affected and this also may lead to dead. And these continuous strike leads to decrease in Economy of the country.Country should take of the welfare and safety of people's life .We know how risky is firefighters job but the salary for them is low . So to save many people from dead the government should fulfill the needs of the workers of emergency service.In India we have strikes on day to day life at any states of India. So to solve and stop these strikes government should definitely take steps ...

  • Hi I would pick Nellie because post workers are needed by people ,theses people connect people around the world to communicate .but Nellie making a decision to strike could may affect people who are waiting to receive their package from their loved ones and work ,the collection from business customers ,post office and post box will resume after the strike waiting for letters and goods.
    Job applications are delivered late making one loose the opportunity to work and sustain his or her life.
    An important document delays to arrive waiting for government to make a plan handling the strike because it could could harm innocent lives

  • Considering the situation in which the individual is going on strike and is working in an emergency service organization, I personally think it is not a suitable and appropriate, this is because the emergency services are part of public organizations whose job is to take quick action to deal with emergencies when they occur and they involve very important services such as the fire brigade, the police and the ambulance service that aid in saving lives and properties of individuals when due, therefore, I don't think vital post and offices in the society should go on strike this because various life and properties may depend on this organizations when needed and it is their duty and responsibility to save the lives of individuals in the unfortunate situation. So imagine, if the workers go on strike and they are not present to help victims who find themselves in situations where they are in danger, if care is not taken it may eventually lead to loss of life and properties.
    For instance an individual finds his or herself in an inferno and the individual has the option to contact the fire fighters , if the person contacts them and finds out that they are on strike, the question is "what does he/she do"

  • Tinned foods are a convenient and practical way to add more nutrient-dense foods to your diet. The availability of safe, quality foods is lacking in many parts of the world. If workers go on strike citizens of the community will not have access to this tinned food which are relatively cheaper compared to other forms of packaging. Tinned foods can also be preserved for a long time. Now if the company goes on strike, the will be wasted because food can spoil and it will be wasted.

  • Sam would affect a grandmother who can't drive, and needs to use the bus to get around and buy what she needs. Katya would affect a food bank that can't find any canned food to give out to the starving or homeless. Nellie would affect an elder that needs their weekly medication in the mail, as she has no one to get it for her. Nev would affect a person who just had a stroke, as the other emergency services are already on duty. A new way a strike can affect someone is by a factory worker going on strike, and changing the economy by not working on products needed.

  • If the post office is not available because workers are striking, it would heavily affect pen pals. A pen pal is someone who you regularly talk to, through letters. If you can't mail the letter to the pen pal, you could lose contact with them, and even if you do gain communication again, you could lose your friendship with them.

  • I will pick Nev, because emergency services provider, going on strike will bring a lot of damage and loss of lives.
    Do you know that an emergeny service provider does not only imply to medical personnels, it can also imply to fire fighters and so on. If Nev who maybe is a fire fighter and emergency provider goes on stike, it can lead to the destruction of buildings and also the loss of lives.

  • The person i've decided to choose is Sam. Sam works in a national transport company and they organize the trains and buses. If they decide they want to go on strike there won't be many people transporting people around due to the lack of planning. There are many people around the world that travel to go somewhere almost everyday so if Sam decides they want to go on strike who will be there in charge so people can be transported around? If Sam were to strike it would affect many in a negative way.

  • I will also pick katya, because if she goes on strike this will bring hunger into the communty for those who depend on the tinned food, it will also give way for criminals to make adultated goods because people who need the food will be in desprate need of it and so they will just buy it and it may lead to the death of those people if the adultrated goods are made poorly made

  • I would choose Katya. Her strike as a worker in a canned factory is terrible, because canned food is an important part of our modern era, and most of our food depends on canned food such as milk, canned vegetables, and others. Perhaps many workers like Katya will strike, and this will disrupt the wheel of production. Closing factories because many workers strike, it would be disastrous indeed!
    Canning is the preservation of foods in sealed containers to keep them usable for long periods. In 1804, "a cook named Nicholas Appert discovered that liquids such as soup and small fruits, such as cherries, could be preserved by placing them in glass containers and dumping the closed containers in boiling water. Appert was not aware at the time that he was It kills the bacteria that would otherwise spoil the food."
    Those workers who stand for long hours must get their rights because they are doing a great job of providing food for millions of people on this planet.