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I agree because... When this AI spread worldwide, the number of unemployed graduates will... Will artificial intelligence affect other professions? 19/5/23
I agree because... When artificial intelligence spreads worldwide, the number of unemployed... Will artificial intelligence affect other professions? 19/5/23
Nepotism is actually a very strange practice that should be seriously looked upon because it... Is Nepotism positive? 16/5/23
Strikes are bad in reality because they actually destroy the world. But there is no way to solve... Strikes changed the world 16/5/23
I disagree with nepotism because it is the major cause of unemployment in most parts of the... Nepotism a natural tendency 15/5/23
I agree because... because some countries are really in poor conditions but they also wish to... A new realm to rule? 25/4/23
I agree because... while in the metaverse, you meet people of different kinds .Both good and bad... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 24/4/23
I disagree because... even if England was ruled by a politician ,tourists would still visit the... The role of royals 24/4/23
I agree because... just imagine you are in parliament making laws for people who can make... A new realm to rule? 24/4/23
I think it might affect people negatively if they cannot join the metaverse and others can... Suggest a discussion! 22/4/23
I agree because... we can also eat foods like eggs and chicken which also provide us with... The law in your hands? 22/4/23
I think the rich countries will say yes because they are well developed and have the technology... Suggest a discussion! 20/4/23
I also think workers should also be granted their request and paid in time in order to reduce... Can everyone strike? 19/4/23
Do you think striking in schools can lead to failure? How? Suggest a discussion! 19/4/23
I think laws against strikes should be amended and strictly enforced. if we want to develop our... Suggest a discussion! 19/4/23
I disagree with tenacious drum's thought of some plants being endangered, because as we eat the... The law in your hands? 18/4/23
The way people behave in the metaverse should be judged by the same standards as those in real... A new realm to rule? 18/4/23
Do you think by 2050 many people would have gone to the metaverse? and why do you say so? A new realm to rule? 18/4/23