Strikes changed the world

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We have dealt with in this festival several topics, the most prominent of which was strikes.

Strike: It is the refusal of a group to go to work because of an injustice that has occurred to them, and they will not return to work until their demands are met A strike is a negative act, but it is necessary for workers to obtain their rights and stop injustice towards them.

Strikes are something that affects all fields and has two effects, bad and good.

Negative: the delay in the arrival of services to citizens, such as health services, which lead to death or worsen the condition of patients, and also leads to a decrease in the level of education in countries due to the teachers’ strike from work, which leads to the production of generations ignorant of what benefits them and destroys the world, and also strikes cause insecurity and The spread of crimes and cases of fear, as well as strikes, cause the spread of diseases and epidemics, and the spread of waste everywhere, and may sometimes lead to internal wars and revolutions of the soldiers. Uber cars were banned from driving in America. A major strike took place, the purchasing movement weakened, and the economy and tourism movement weakened

Positives: workers are able to obtain their rights and provide a better standard of living for themselves and their families and feel comfortable and love towards the manager or employer, which leads to a higher quality of work and a higher level of health and enables each worker to master his work, which works for the prosperity of the economy and societies and ending violence or injustice towards minorities

We have proposed several solutions. I will present them all and comment on each of them with a like / dislike, and then the reason.

1- One of the students suggested banning strikes in the educational and medical sectors. I really did not like this proposal because it supports the continuation of the oppression of teachers and doctors, burdens them beyond their capacity, and delays or reduces their salaries, which leads to a decline in the quality of education and a decline in the level of health due to exhaustion.

2- Another colleague suggested negotiation. I liked this proposal because it does not carry any risks or damages, but it is not always certain because negotiation sometimes does not work.

3- Someone else suggested that we appoint a representative for each profession in the government who does not carry any distinctions from the rest of the professions, who communicates the voice of the workers.

4- Someone suggested holding peaceful marches to demand rights and to support their voice

Those solutions were really beautiful and useful, but if they fail, we have no choice but to strike, so we will not deny the virtue of strikes, as they changed the shape of the modern world. Let us not forget that medieval revolutions are part of strikes, as they participate together in objecting to a certain injustice, as it is a way of truth and justice. And no one denies that .

At the end, I would like to ask, are you a supporter or an opponent of strikes? Do you have other alternatives? Can you give any examples?

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  • People usually go on strike in order to get better working conditions.
    I am an supporter to strikes, because strikes are the only ways that we can get fair working conditions, like increased salary, flexible working time and conducive working environment. Most times negotiations, peaceful protest does not work till workers embark on strike.
    Yes,I think other alternatives like treating everyone the same,Bridge the worker-management divide, practicing empathy and allow workers to have autonomy can help prevent strike.

  • People usually go on strike as a last resort to get the employers to listen to what they have to say about being treated unfairly and working in bad conditions. So I am a supporter.
    Yes I have some alternatives that workers can do instead of going on strike they are:
    1, Workers should have a meeting with the employer o discuss about how they treated unfairly and how they are working in bad conditions.
    2, they could file a court case about the problem.
    3, they could get support from the media

    1. I agree people usually go on strike as a last resort so that the can get a fair hearing from the government:
      I like your point about workers talking to their employers about their dissatisfaction in their working condition it is good if workers and employers have a mutual relationship it would be good if they talk together and they employer puts himself in the workers shoes and this might make they employer to see things from the workers point of view and try to satisfy their workers.

  • I support strikes .While many may complain due to the inconveniences,that's the whole point.With strikes causing disruptions it can make more people look into why there are strikes happening, which in turn brings more awareness to the striker's cause.In England ,many teachers are striking so that they can receive better pay and more resources.

    There are other alternatives to strikes, for example you can organise a petition and pass it around with your work colleagues and friends and family.Strikers could promote petitions on social media platforms as there will always be people somewhere eager to help.Its a shame because sometimes the government does not listen and then the only choice would be strikes.I believe that strikes should be used as a last resort due to how it causes disrupt to the public.
    Thank you for reading! :)

  • Strikes are bad in reality because they actually destroy the world. But there is no way to solve some of the problems and the only solution is to strike.Take for instance you are at school and the situation is truly tense that you need help from the administration ,and when raise you the complaint you are seriously insulted and threatened to be given a suspension if you raised such a complaint again.In this case, the only solution is to strike. When you strike and the administration feels it for the destruction of their property at school, they will eventually grant your request. So the advise goes to the employers to always adhere to the complaints of their employees in order to avoid strikes. And also the employees should also at times understand the pleas of their employers.

  • It seems that this article has presented multiple ideas regarding the topic of strikes and their potential positive and negative consequences, and has offered different solutions to address this issue. However, there are some areas that could be improved in this article, such as focusing on the reasons that drive workers to strike and make them feel unfairly treated, as well as clarifying the potential risks of not responding to workers' demands.

    Additionally, you should provide more solutions related to improving the relationship between workers and employers and achieving more common interests, rather than focusing on strikes as the primary means to achieve demands.

    Overall, you should provide more details and information about the topic and avoid using too many general statements. Also, adding opinions and views from people who oppose strikes or see other better solutions can enhance the article.

    In general, you can improve the quality of the article by enhancing organization, grammatical and spelling accuracy, and providing more examples and practical cases that illustrate the challenges faced by workers and employers in today's world.

  • Strike is good and bad...
    But for me, I am against the strike because it causes delays in all aspects of life.
    1- If teachers strike for a period, our education period will be delayed, and therefore we will be late, and this will have a bad effect on society.
    2- If the manufacturer's workers strike, production will decrease
    Also there are many examples.
    But the strike delays us and we, as students, oppose it.
    But I do not see a single aspect as the strike is considered a basic solution for the workers to provide for their demands, and I do not blame them, as this is their right...
    However, most of the students in this competition were in favor of the strike for several reasons.
    Everyone has an opinion...
    and you?whats your opinion?!

  • Yes, I am opposed to strikes because they affect our lives in a lot of ways. We as human beings. Yes, there are many alternatives, such as forming a ministerial council and talking to everyone, or talking to the president to meet the requirements, or even talking to the government.....

  • I am not in favor of a strike 🤚 But the injustice that befalls workers from employers is not good. I said that I am not in favor of a strike because it has defects and negative effects on society and there are many reasons that lead workers to go on strike, such as: 1- Dissatisfaction with the policies followed in The company 2- Problems of the impact of salaries and incentives 3- Arbitrary and unlawful dismissal of workers 4- Deduction from salary on holidays and vacations 5- Closing down facilities and laying off workers Let us not forget that the Messenger Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace) advised us to pay the worker’s rights and respect him. This is not our topic, for example:In Paris, the sanitation workers went on strike because they were not given fair wages, which led to an increase in garbage in the streets and the accumulation of about 5,000 tons of uncollected waste in the streets.This is the main reason why I do not support the strike, so everyone should be given their right so that the occurrence of strikes is widespread.

  • The workers can form a ministerial council and bring in all the presidents and the government and talk about everything that bothers them, and that they must increase salaries and reduce working hours so that they do not strike from their work. Of course, the government will issue decisions regarding raising salaries and reducing working hours. It is a good solution.