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I think that picture c is best represents the news because journalist roams around the world... #10 Pick a picture 08/11/21
I see that picture c relates to the news since plane can fly everywhere ,news make us fly all... #10 Pick a picture 08/11/21
I think Picture B is the best because if a person does not interfere with the outside world and... #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
The movie "Walk on Water", which I know by the famous French actress Aissa Maiga, is related to... #9 Think of a link 04/11/21
The Human Element I Know is associated with climate protection because it follows environmental... #9 Think of a link 04/11/21
The book "Structural Transformation in the Public Sphere" that I know is related to democracy... #9 Think of a link 29/10/21
The news: Time is valuable . Here is the truth. Everywhere you go. New News will round... #8 The News 21/10/21
1. I listened to Former US Vice President Al Gore. 2. The most important thing he said is his... #7 Share the expertise 18/10/21
I listened to Sandooyea . The most important thing she said that ther is a lot of life in the... #7 Share the expertise 15/10/21
My dream job is to become recycler This job is good for the environment because it... #6 Dream jobs 15/10/21
My dream job is to be a software developer engineer. I love computer very much and I always had... #6 Dream jobs 12/10/21
The problem in my county is the electricity cuts a lot ,so most Palestinians put generates in... #5 Innovation for your nation! 11/10/21
Whoever wants to eat oysters must open their shells #3 Caption this 24/9/21