#10 Pick a picture

11 November 2021

Winners Announced

You blew us away with your creative connections this week, so thank you to everyone who entered. It was very difficult to choose two winners, but after lots of thinking we decided that they should be…

smart_theory of Start-Rite Schools in Nigeria, who explained how the different colours in the bricks could represent all of the different types of news


sympathetic_analysis of Rajshahi Cadet College in Bangladesh, who cleverly compared the different perspectives found in the news to the many branches of a tree.

Excellent work, both of you! And an extra-special well done to everyone who followed the rules carefully.

If you're new to Topical Talk, welcome to the Weekly Competition! A new competition is added every week and we choose two winners. There are three important rules:

  1. Only enter once - if you enter more than once, you will not receive stars and you cannot win
  2. Do NOT copy - your entry must be totally your own. If you are found copying you will not be allowed to use the Student Hub
  3. Follow the instructions carefully - otherwise, you cannot win

Skill Description Competition Creativity

This week's competition is designed to get you thinking creatively about what the news is.

Your challenge is to choose ONE of the pictures below and explain how it might represent the news.

For example, you could make links between what the object does and what the news does OR explain a different creative connection.

Your entry should be no longer than TWO SENTENCES.

You could structure your answer like this:

I think PICTURE A/PICTURE B/PICTURE C/PICTURE D best represents the news because...


TOP TIP: read the other competition entries first and see if you can think of an idea that has not already been said. This will make your entry more likely to win stars.

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