#8 The News

28 October 2021

Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition this week. We chose our winners this time based on how carefully they followed the instructions: they only entered ONCE and their ideas were original.

Without further ado, the winners are…

devoted_tamarind of Khan Younis Prep A Girls School in Occupied Palestinian Territory, who made a good points about how journalists must do a lot of research and try to navigate their own bias


affable_opinion of Pabna Cadet College in Bangladesh, whose poem described how the news can be empowering for young people.

Great work!

Skill Description Competition Creativity

Your challenge this week is to describe what one of the Topical Talk keywords means in an acrostic poem.

An acrostic poem is where you put the title word down the side and write a SHORT line starting with each letter.

You should choose ONE of the following KEYWORDS for your poem:




For example, if you chose THE NEWS, your acrostic might look like this:

T... thinking about the world

H... hearing about new things

E... endless streams of information





Top tips:

  • Keep your lines short by thinking carefully about your choice of words
  • Make sure your words describe the original KEYWORD
  • Try to think of new ideas that have not been said before
  • Follow the instructions carefully

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  • J...Journey to the light of peace and freedom
    O...Organise the news to the national and international stages
    U...Upgrades the facts and realities
    R...Ready to face any odds on the way
    N...Negotiate the conflicts
    A...Align the solutions with the problems
    L...Line up the stories
    S...Seek the mysteries
    T...Torch for the unheard voices

      J....Journalists have a big role in society.

      O....One of the goals of the press is to spread the truth to people.

      U....Unusual journalists fake news.

      R...Ready to meet people.

      N....News spreads quickly.

      A...Always read the news.

      L...Link people and authorities.

      I....It is a reference for current information and a tool for criticism of the year.

      S....Share real and trusted news

      T....The journalist seeks to influence and guide humanity through articles.

    2. You might have missed an I of the world journal'i'st. It's completely fine since to err is human. I liked your poem very much and curious to know what you will write in the place of I.

    3. THE NEWS

      T:News is that little window.

      H:Hope for nice things.

      E:End your fear and stay strong.

      N:Newspaper is important to know the news.

      E:Everything will be good.

      W:Work hard to get the right news.

      S:Stay away from negative people, and go to the end.

      1. Please enter the competition only once, aware_expression.

        1. i know that i enter once but this is not main comment i reply to a comment this is a reply as i have another poem fot the word that she choose. thanks for your appreciative time

      2. THE NEWS
        T telling people about the current situation of the country
        H hearing from people who can't speak for themselves
        E encourage the youth on our to fight for their right

        N never neglect yourself from your duties of being a citizen of your country
        E ensure that there is security in the nation
        W without news we can't know what happening in the country
        S story of life

        1. I have another poem to this word :
          THE NEWS
          T : There is alot of news about climate change.
          H : Hear everyone's opinions and take the essence of what they say.
          E : Everything will be fine, we hear this sentence alot in the news and believe it.
          N : Newspapers full of news.
          E : Experience and creativity of journalists in telling the news to reassure the people.
          W : We will help protect the environment from climate change.
          S : Sometimes we feel in danger but the news calms us down.

    4. 1-Droughts, heat waves, and floods .
      2-To contribute to the preservation of the planet and the climate and to combat dangers and threats.
      3-Lack of access to the facts, the aggravation of human suffering on the surface of the earth, the lack of awareness of the risks and possibilities, the lack of preparations for what might happen

    5. It's a great story for news where the absence of news makes people feel lonely and anxious, since she's a dear friend of some people.

    6. I have another poem for the word journalist..
      J..Judgment in saying to find justice...
      O....Optimistic no matter what he is exposed to..

      U..Urgent and serious to achieve the event..
      R..Remove the evils and achieve the truth..
      N..Never do it maliciously, but rather with suspense.
      A..Able to take responsibility in all circumstances.
      L..Leader of the news for us...
      I..Interesting way it works.
      S..Saying and doing a system that works...
      T..Tomorrow and today I am ready to spread justice..
      It's nice...💜⭐

  • Journslist
    J.... Judge deeply on situations.
    O.... Optimistic to find solutions for conflicts.
    U.... Urgent in acting in many circumstances.
    R.... Remove dust over the news to seek justice.
    N.... New ways of thinking to achieve creativity.
    A.... Allow himself, listen to criticism to acheive public favour.
    L.... Leader, as he a good example of every man of honor.
    I.... Innovation is his way of work.
    S.... Small pieces of news makes the whole picture to seek reality.
    T.... Things can not be clarified in transparency without honest and creative journalist.

    1. Is Urgent in acting in many circumstances a good thing? Shouldn't a person show his true self everywhere be it in times of danger or times of good?

      J....journalist's job is to always record events for us.

      O....oppose publishing false news.

      U....Usually listen to the points of view.

      R....Read about the press.

      N....New news about the world.

      A....Affects society.

      L....look at the news.

      I....It gives us the real information.

      S....Shows the right news.

      T....The press does not publish unreal or false news.

      1. Jounalist
        J__job of a journalist is fun
        O__obvious in your opinuion
        U__understand the events
        A__Accurate in conveying the details of the news
        L__loyal in his work
        I__Inquiries about news
        S__serious about his work
        T__tell the news

      2. The News
        T: Tell others about the harms of social media

        H: He cares with conveying as much information as possible to alert and inform the listeners

        E: Every newspaper that talks about the harm of social media inspires and keeps people busy

        N: News is a way to attract listeners, and you need an honest journalist

        E: Events that the journalist makes realistic to touch the minds of the listeners about the harms of social communication

        W: Work hard and open your imagination to deliver the best news

        S: Striving to preserve people's lives and not destroy their lives with social networking sites

    R Read and study well ,reading is food for the soul.
    E Emphasis on the fact and don't be like a parrot.
    P Provide evidence ,press the the mirror of the truth.
    O Organize your thoughts
    R Re read your article over and over and be classy and careful in choosing your terms and vocabulary
    T Try to be unique and have your own style
    S Save draft for you

    1. REPORTS:
      R....Read about news reports.

      E....Examples of processing data include geolocating news reports, and classifying or translating text messages.

      P....People should follow the news.

      O.....Okay. I read every news report I can get my hands on.

      R.... Respect people's opinions.


      S...sensor reporter is a creative, calm and understanding person.

      1. Please enter only once, original_pear, otherwise you cannot win.

    T Think and look for some thing new.
    H Hold the end of the string and follow the idea carefully.
    E Emphasis on people suffering
    N No authority is louder than the voice of truth
    E Events give you the ability to form your thoughts and link them together.
    W work hard to tell the truth
    S Stop the rumors

    1. My poem is:
      THE NEWS.

      T.... The start of the news begins with the journalist's profession.
      H.... Horse is like news, it moves wherever it wants and goes to whoever it wants.
      E... Effect of news on the world is very strong, as it can create holes between the countries of the world.
      N..... Network The news has made the world a small village.
      E..... Element the news is very important nowadays.
      W..... Waiting the world is eagerly to hear the news that it has found a solution to the phenomenon of climate change.
      S.....Sighing are the peoples of the world at the lack of news When you will leaders and scholars find a to solve problem this dangerous phenomenon?(Climate change)

      1. You said Horse is like news, it moves wherever it wants and goes to whoever it wants. So if a problem arises which is in need of good journalist but a journalist doesn't spread proper news about that topic out of his whim, will it be a good thing?

        1. Of course not, that's not what I meant.
          I mean, news is like horses in the way it spreads and we all know how fast and pure a horse is.
          I also mean the way people think about the news. Where the news spread widely and quickly through social networking sites, through which we now learn about the news first and in a faster way.
          As for the journalist, he does not publish what he wants, and he must appear before the judiciary if he does so, because he is the first source of information and news. A journalist must be honest and impartial in order to be a source of confidence for the people.

    2. THE NEWS:
      T...Tell your fans the news they want and find interesting.

      H...He cares about the daily transmission of events.

      E...Every journlist practice their job with eagerness and intellegence.

      N...News values ​​to attract and keep audiences.

      E...Events are convyed by the news.

      W...Work hard to achieve success.

      S...Striving to maintain market share in a rapidly developing market.

      1. Oh..so good luck I wish I were like you

    3. °♡ 《The news》 ♡°

      ♡[ .T. ]♡ Takes many points of view ...

      ♡[ .H. ]♡ Haven't to be published immediately after it has happened ...

      ♡[ .E. ]♡ Exaggerated expressions or ostentation are not desirable in the news ...

      ♡[ .N. ]♡ News section of the main page of Wikipedia...

      ♡[ .W. ]♡ We must wait and investigate the news well and its details ...

      ♡[ .E. ]♡ Expressing events in society to reach all parts of the world ...

      ♡[ .S. ]♡ Stable news in its final form ...

    R…..Respect other's opinion
    E….Early writing gets early results
    P…..Please tell us about your opinion about reports
    O…...Out of reporter's eyes, out of reports
    R…..Reach hearts of people via writing good reports
    T……..Take care in choosing the reports words
    S…..See other's reactions about your report

    1. REPORTS:
      R... Report! What is the report!? Do you think it is just words?!
      E..... Excited to write a report that attracts people's eyes.
      P... Puts the writer inside his report expressing his thoughts and opinions in order to express himself.
      O... Oops! I forgot that reports are the title and authenticity of society, which expresses its culture.
      R... Requires you to write the report carefully and accurately and give it attention.
      T.... The feelings!! And what does that have to do with the reports?!
      Reports can move the heart
      And the resurrection of the feelings of those who read it and can relieve him of his worries.
      S... See and look the writer will have a great reputation in the future because of his honest and pure reports..

    2. "The News "
      T**Thinking about something different and attractive
      H**Honesty in reprting the news
      E**Enough rumors, we want true news
      N**nothing can changes the truth
      E**everyday we watch the world news
      W**Watch the changes in the world because of the news
      S**save the world from climate crisis by broadcasting news


    4. The News
      T... Try hard to find the true news whatever the obstacles are.
      H... Hope is an important factor to Change the news from impossible to possible one.
      E... Earth is small, but has no limits to its giving, be the same has no limits to your imagination to tell truth.
      N... Numbers used to describe charts, but suffering of people can be described by authentic news.
      E... Explore to achieve variety of news from different perspectives to gain justice.
      W... Woeful people can be turned into happy ones when they have fair in telling their stories.
      S... Suspect in any news, makes you eager and furious to find the right one away from bias.

  • I choose REPORTS
    R….Rearrange the ideas of the journalist
    E…..Enough writing bad reports
    P….Passionate writers write with high rate of sense
    O…..Only creative people will continue writing creative reports
    R……Respect other's perspectives
    T…… The wise reporter, the successful writer
    S…….Sensible reporter is sensible human being

    1. Great , I have another one.
      《 REPORTS 》

      R : Reports address problems such as climate change

      E : Easy fun report is the one powered by graphs and maps

      P : Provide ideas and recommendations based on the study

      O : Our society, reports are an important means of communication

      R : Reports supported by graphs and maps are powerful and easy

      T : The language of your report should be clear and not vague

      S : Search and find accuracy, brevity and clarity


    2. Please enter only once otherwise you cannot win.

  • Consequently, you probably think that you are interacting with a brilliant and charming individual . Moreover, you sound like you could develop a wonderful ...

  • I select REPORT
    R….Reveal the truth
    E…..Escape from your problems and start writing reports
    P…..People love reading different reports
    O…..Over the moon this report take me
    R…..Read more reports to know more about the world
    T….. Thinks of others' feeling
    S…..Save pens from writing bad reports.

    1. If a report contains false information how can this report change other reports? Won't it be more harmful?

    R….Reach to the fact in writing reports
    E…..Earn people trust by writing good reports
    P…..Past report writing replaced by modern one.
    O…..Open your mind when writing reports
    R……Radio is good for reading reports even with modern social media
    T….. teach your students to writ good reports
    S……Speak to other people to know their opinion about your report

    1. I have another poem for the word REPORTS:

      R .... Rhino is a rare and unique animal and it is rare to find a pure report And hassle free.
      E....Event historical when you find someone who appreciates the writer's effort in writing his report.
      P.... Paddle society from misfortunes is key, I believe, reports from talented writers.
      O.... Oasis of comfort for humans and made them forget their worries, which is their reading of a report from a person they trust and removes their worries.
      R.... Rose of society is the pure report that represents who wrote it.
      T....Target my life is to remove people's worries by being a writer who publishes reports that move feelings and forget the worries of those who read them.
      S.... See the sparkling birds in the sky by feeling the feelings that the writer put in when reading his report carefully.

  • Rain is getting less
    Emergency broke into our world
    Pacific ocean start to erupt
    Our oars have to move
    Read news
    tell people about the earth
    See how earth is moaning

    J join with others
    O ordinary your steps
    U Unite with your colleagues and make a team
    R Re- write in your own style, don't let anyone influence you, and be neutral
    N no one can stop you if you are right
    A Attend various events and activities and make your role prominent
    L let all talk about your achievement
    I insist on telling the truth
    S stand in your opponents and critics with full force be brave
    T try to be the best . try again if you fail

      J: Journalists engaged in their journalistic work.
      O: Out of people sight they search good information.
      U: Urgently need of the truth by the journalist.
      R: Reliable news you spread.
      N:News, news is very urgent to our world.
      A: Always give us real information.
      L:Look the good news always.
      I: Investigation to access information.
      S:Send all right information.
      T:The press raises awareness among the people.

    T... The news programs earn the culture of the people.

    H....Humans gain super intelligence thanks to the news.

    E....Everyone should stick to the news .

    N.....Notice People climate changes in other countries through the news.

    E....Easy to learn the news because it educates you.

    W.....Will happen in this world and through the news we will know.

    S......Satellite helps to know the climate

  • J... Judge people and celebrities.
    O... Our news and future.
    U... Unlock secrets.
    R... Really curious.
    N... Negative thoughts.
    A... Always searching for sensation!
    L... Liers ( sometimes).
    I... Irresistible ( In my opinion, for sure)
    S... Stalkers.
    T... Truthfull ( Not always).

  • I chose the word 《JOURNALIST 》, here are the words of my poem, I hope you like itة
    J : Journalist central to combating climate change

    O : Overcoming difficulties, achieving achievements and high self-confidence

    U : Use the skill of speaking, speaking and clarity of speech to be a good journalist

    R : Right to criticize and dissent

    N : Now the press is the fourth power

    A : An honest person who has a good relationship with people

    L : Law of journalism is curiosity and curiosity

    I:Information about events of interest to people

    S:Share information and exchange ideas and opinions with others

    T:The truth is in reporting events without forgery

    J ............. job journalist’s has a very effective role in solving life, environmental, political, economic and other problems.
    O....... opens the journalist up many horizons for us and information and is the first source of information for all people.
    U...... uniform for journalists is their motto to report the news in an honest way.
    R....... Raise our voices, give our opinions and cooperate with the press. This will be a peaceful world of disasters and dangers.
    N........ newspapers distinguished are those published by the creative and talented journalist.
    A.......... above all successful society is a distinguished, talented and honest journalist.
    L...... lion is like a journalist who hunts down information quickly and correctly.
    I ........imagine if a society without journalism would spread chaos and become an illiterate society in terms of news.
    S...... syergism country efforts to find journalists who serve society safely.
    T.... think that the most characteristic of a journalist is honesty.


    R….Read thoroughly about news report
    E.…Evaluate different kinds of reports
    P…..People interested reading repots
    O…..Ongoing success need hard effort
    R……Respect people's opinion
    T….. Think deeply in news
    S….Speak high to let your voice heard

    R...Read the most important reports that express the news and the world.
    E... Evaluate many news programs and watch the best programs.
    P... People are interested in knowing and reporting on the outside world.
    O... Onging success helps build a brighter and better future.
    R... Respect people's opinions and adopt their good advice.
    T...Think of a brighter and better future than now.
    S... Speak on social media and always express your opinion

  • T teaching good manners .
    H helping injustice people in this world.
    E experience is your way to succeed.
    N No one can control your dreams .
    E Each human is a rare jwele.
    W watch your times , it's the most precious you have.
    S saying is not better than doing , so do more than you say.

  • I forget the letter T so i will resend mine again

    T…. Through news channels look up to find the truth
    H ….. Help others to discover the facts
    E…. Encourage people to listen to news
    N…. New news attracts people ears
    E…. E-electronic resources is helping news to go around the world in just a minute
    W…. Whenever you hear this news poem tell me
    S…. See you in other news poem

    1. Great poem, you are amazing.

      True news and perfect explanation. If we have real news and explain it completely, we can convey the news in a correct way.

    J join us in our fight against climate change.
    O order your priorities, it's one of the most.
    U understand what are the basic reasons for this change.
    R Really, you can make a positive change.
    N No pollution, no smog ,no rubbish any more .
    A and be the first hand to fix and maintain.
    L let us know about the environmental protection together.
    I Ideas are all welcomed.
    S search for the organic and healthy lifestyle as a first step.
    T time is running out, we need to hurry.

    1. This is a great acrostic poem, but remember to Make sure your words describe the original KEYWORD

    R realistic world sometimes shocking.
    E experience helps me to gather the different robes together and fabric a fantastic dress.
    P please , be careful when uttering words , you may kill somebody with your tongue.
    O oh , God, light may way to be a candle for others .
    R realized that all the matters are matters of time.
    T trust your heart, it can't let you down.
    S sorry and please are the most beautiful and precious words ever.

  • The news:
    Time is valuable .
    Here is the truth.
    Everywhere you go.
    New News will round you.
    Emotions is not here.
    When facts is here.
    Sound filling the ear.

    1. THE NEWS
      T...Thinking about right news
      H...Hearing facts from journalist
      E...Engaging others to listen and read reports
      N...New opinion and facts about our world
      E...Every single word deserve respect
      W...Write reports about climate by discovering new news
      S...Supporting the world…

    2. here is another one:
      T: translation of events
      H: holding it is a crime
      E: evolves in seconds
      N: nobody excluded
      E: encountered by everyone
      W: well-stablished information
      S: strive to the truth

      1. °
        ● I have another poem for the word☆《. The news .》☆

        ♤.T.♤ TV broadcast, printing , Internet , Eyewitnesses.
        ♤.H.♤ Hollow the multiple content in it and is built in an elaborate manner.
        ♤.E.♤ Events that took place and are known through the newspapers.
        ♤ .N.♤ New news and current events.
        ♤.E.♤ Expensive paper to print on.
        ♤ .W. ♤ Written or spoken news.
        ♤.S.♤ specific issues .

  • «Journalist»
    J: Journalist Journalist I
    O: On TV you see me On news
    U: Unit is the basis of the work ~♡
    R: Read and read become Journalist
    N: Need a rest~~night, day work
    A: A world is waiting for you~~♕
    L: Listing, search, spread your creative ~♡
    I: Inquire and write
    S: Strong creative Journalist ♕
    T: Through it we Know the news

    J :Journey renewal... new information.
    O :Oh, establish good relationships with people.
    U :Usually publishes newsletters.
    R :Read news bulletins.
    N :New events and activities to watch.
    A :Against rumors and stop them.
    L :Language Proficiency.
    I :interviewing.
    S :Share opinions and ideas.
    T :Transferring facts to and from the world.

  • The News :
    There is a war.
    Here have lost almost all.
    Everything is away.
    Now we are homeless.
    Everything is bad here.
    We living our homes a far.
    Swimming in the ill ocean of tears.

  • The news

    T the topical talk friends Molly, Tom and others are lovely and helpful.
    H helping people make you beloved and appreciated
    E Experience in climate change makes my view of life different.
    N Never stop searching for answers in all directions.
    E Encourage your friends to follow topical talk foundation.
    W wait be patient, nothing comes easily , to stop climate change.
    S some day the air will be clean and your hard work will be fruitful.

  • Reports
    Read what's new
    Easy to understand and assimilate
    Powerful process monitoring tool
    Opens up to achieving goals
    Read and understand news easily
    Together to make it easier to know the conditions of the world
    source of information

    1. The words of my poem are:
      REPORTS :
      R....Radiate information the value radiates from the excellent and accurate report.
      E......Empire of reporting stems from the talented and creative writer.
      P.....Power of the report stems from the way the creative writer wrote it.
      O.....Okay , do you want to become a writer to write great reports in the future???
      R ... Race of the death is the themes or reports that the writer writes, they give you hope in life
      T.....The Mediterranean is equal to a pure report with honest information.
      S.... Sarge Al Hayat is a creative writer who writes honest, heartfelt reports that express himself.
      do you agree with me???

    2. REPORTS

      R...Reach your goal by joining forces.
      E...Enter a new world.
      P...Enough to write bad reports.
      O...Open to goals.
      R...Remember you can do it.
      T...Tell yourself you can skip it.
      S...She and he and you and I let's begin.

    R read as much as you can about the climate change crisis.
    E everything is going to worst if we don't hurry.

    P probably people, probably indusituations make that disaster increases .
    O obviously , the problem needs us to gather together .
    R reliable steps in the right way to find the solution.
    T timing and planning are your two weapons to defend.
    S selecting your goals and start your hard work .

    1. This is a great acrostic poem sensitive_hen. Remember to make sure your words describe the original KEYWORD

  • The news:
    Tell everyone in the world .
    Happy life we hope.
    Everyone is responsible for our free.
    No one can deny the war we fight.
    West or East damage you will see.
    Survive to country we love.

  • The news
    T thinks of others.
    H hold new information and knowledge.
    E experience is important to make good news channel.
    N No news is coming easily, you should make the news.
    E emphasize on your humanity when making new news .
    W watch people reaction to the news and if they liked it or not.
    S stop fabricating fake information.

    1. 《 THE NEWS 》
      T : The funny news 《Tourism, travel and leisure activities》 provide opportunities for individuals to entertain themselves.

      H : How do you know that your news is useful or not? Look for people's reaction to your news.

      E : Encourage people to listen to the news

      N : News more means more information, education and more education.

      E : Ears prople's are full and attracted to new news.

      W : Watch the news to know what's going on around you

      S : Sound of truth is louder than any authority.

    2. THE NEWS

      T...The goal is real success.

      H...Helping each other strengthens our work.

      E...Everything will be fine.

      N...New news attracts people's attention.


      W...Work hard to reveal the facts.

      S...Stop spreading fake news.

    T: There you hear
    H: How the war is near,
    E: Even last year,
    N: Never could anything stop the fear
    E: Exiled our feeling here,
    W: Wars made my skies unclear
    S: Sunny days are over and never near.

    R read the report several times before announcing it.
    E emphasize on truth and facts only.
    P provide photos, evidences .
    O order your thoughts and ideas.
    R run and hurry then write a good report.
    T try to be brief and informative.
    S seek the truth and don't spread lies.

  • Journalist :
    Just has a heart for the majority to trust.
    On your evidence you should rely on.
    under all circumstances you will work.
    running for truth and fulfill your goal.
    Nothing matter but own gain.
    A challenging job and honorable dare.
    Life here is not to care.
    In being exposed as you perform your obligation.
    So sweet scarifying.
    To tell and to be loved and respected all your life.

    1. " JOURNALIST" .
      J….. jumps into in to the world to find the truth,
      O….. overcomes challenges to bring good news ,
      U…. unique news were introduced,
      R…. reveal the truth of the reports.
      N… never stop writing reports,
      A… amazing reports that people admired;
      L…. leaving bad news to go out,
      I… in the hill so no propagandas.
      S… serious news we need
      T… to fill our minds with good knowledge.

  • J-Journalist love to study and to learn more and more
    O-Occasions and positive and negative storylines
    U-Uncovering and exploring different perspectives
    R-Reporting with empathy and compassion
    N-Narrative accurate stories
    A-Apply the principles of freedom of speech and press
    L-Live streaming of festivals
    I-Investigative reporting
    S-Shooting pictures and editing
    T-Transforming a data spread sheet into a responsive visualization.

    J: Join me to our world
    O: Our one and only life
    U: Utterly beautiful
    R: Ridiculously enjoyable
    N: Never parallel to any world
    A: A job of a journalist.
    L: Let’s correct the mistakes of our article and
    I: inside our HEART alot of news
    S: Start looking for headline.
    T : To attract everyone’s eye.

    J: Joy and enthusiasm
    O: Or sadness and dull
    R: Review my articles,
    N: Never were they null.
    A: All of my journalism career
    L: Lies ahead of me,
    I: In gold lines it’s written.
    S: Steady and feared,
    T: Talk to me, I am a journalist.


    T: Through the news pages, I search for news that interests me

    H: Helping my brain figure out fun facts and news

    E: Every time I hear new news, I feel more encouraged

    N:New news new information

    E: Electronics help spread the news that goes to the mind to countries far from the imagination

    W: When the facts I want to know are in the news

    S: Sound of the news makes me feel better.

    1. You are creative and keep writing. Awareness, because news gives us awareness of current world affairs and what is going on around us and that it is a link between us and the rest of the world. Criticism When I see the news, my mind begins to criticize and express my ideas and research in order to prove my theories that I search for and go deeper into.

  • *Reports*

    R: Revives my thoughts and bring them back to life.

    E: Engages me with learners from around the world.

    P:  pleases my mind and heart with creative pieces of news stories and fruitul tasks.

    O: obliges me to read and share my thoughts with the world.

    R: reminds me to never be sluggish to share ideas, find solutions and think creatively.

    T: think out of the box to win a star, I give  Topical Talk for this a boquet of stars.

    S: smile and smile for every single moment I spent to get stars.


    T: Today's news tomorrow future.

    H: When the thirteenth century comes, the news sweeps the world.

    E: Excellent at being you.

    N: No body can all destory you dreams

    E: Explore all opportunities.

    W: World news is a piece of gold.

    S: Stay strong, your story isn't over yet.

    R: Right now, write your thoughts
    E: Emit your ideas
    P: Pop them like corns
    O: Only you can have the glory papers
    R: Roll open all your books.
    T: Titles, headings and researches
    S: Start writing a report about your wins

    T... Thinking about issues and solving problems.
    H... Help galvanize international efforts to address humanitarian disasters.
    E...Explore infinitely many information.
    N... Now , it also contributes to learning about the human heritage.
    E... Every day important new news.
    W... Wait, and also find out what services and opportunities are available.
    S... Societies view each other's reality.

    R: Reach the desired point.
    E: Everyone in competition (about writing the best report).
    P: Printed and well writing (Neat and elegant).
    O: Only contains the essential.
    R: Repetition and increase are devoid of the report.
    T: Training for writing the report.
    S: Short but Integrated (brief)

    Take turn with supplies.
    Help to find the truth.
    Exchange ideas to reach facts.
    Never give up , and do your best.
    Encouragement is needed.
    Wide your experience.
    Stay focused.

  • «THE NEWS»
    «T» The lowest of the Earth tells you the farthest.
    «H» Help us to know what to wear.
    «E» East, West where did the news go everywhere.
    «N» News good goes, bad news runs.
    «E» Everyone is trying for the right news.
    «W» We get the news from the journalists
    «S» Suffer from loneliness and anxiety in the a bsence of news

    T...The news programs have a role in influencing the audience
    H...he TV news is the event in which there is a “visual” value and a “health” value in addition to one or more of the recognized news values.
    E...everyone should follow the news.
    N...news earns audience interaction with the event and attractiveness.
    E: Encourage people to listen to good NEWS
    W...We gain information from the news around the world.
    S...social media publishes the facts.

    Thinking deeply.
    Hard working to achieve your goal.
    Explain your thoughts.
    Needed a new challenge.
    Engage in different actions.
    wide world you will see.
    Stay safe and say what you believe.

  • "The News"
    T... Through the channels we can know the facts.
    H...... Help people know the facts.
    E..... Easy to get information and fakts.
    N..... News are very important .
    E..... Encouraging people to turn to the news .
    W ...... When you hear this poem,tell me.
    S...... See you in other news.

    R... Report.. Watch the event.
    E... Express personal opinions.
    P... Ps: It addresses the nature and stages of event formation.
    O... Oh, and also interestingly garners important information.
    R... Read the logical and objective description of events.
    T... The main, important and reliable source for measuring the performance of managers.
    S... Shows a lot of information quickly.

  • The NEWS
    T: There is no success in publishing the news without good evidence that seeks an effect
    H: Hey news maker, be careful of everything
    E: Every blinding oversight
    N:News is heart mirror
    And the interpreter of the mind
    E: Each of the races has a good guide who wants an effect
    W: Welcome to the news
    S: So, news maker, take advance.... These commandments are the best at noon.

    T : Talking a bout necessary things that benefit the world.
    H : Hearing to all creative persons .
    E : Every things will be okay keep calm to think about creative solutions.
    N : Now focus on the causes of problems to reduce them .
    E : Exactly you will find creative solutions because you are beliver from your creative abilities.
    W : Wide thinking perfect results.
    S : Save world at the end.

  • Representing factual information
    Evaluating appropriate information
    Picturing the scenario
    Openly talking about it
    Reading into the events
    Separating fact from opinion

    Ready for the main points
    End with a conclusion
    Place the right words
    Organize the ideas
    Read the text before sending it
    Try to be brief and concise
    Start with an introduction

  • J...Just informational discussions
    O...Onscreen articles and announcements
    U...Unbelievably interesting stories
    R...Reading the news
    A...Amazing facts
    L...Listening to new things
    I...Important talks
    S...Subjects about all sorts of things
    T...Thinking about different topics

  • T...Think about new and amazing things about our own planet Earth

    H...Hearing and helping others to discover new facts about the world

    E...Engaging others to read more and more articles

    N...New facts about our natural universe

    E...Every single detail about Earth

    W...Write an article about Earth by discovering new things

    S...Support the community

  • Talking to each other deeply,
    Hearing our hearts beat,
    Ending with endless emotions,
    No,everything is possible,
    Everything will be OK dear,
    What comes to your mind!!
    Say it loud! No,we'll be together.

  • Just keep in mind
    Optimism is the only way,
    Unrealism is a ghost,
    Run away of it .
    Now you're well known,
    And flying in the deep sky.
    Lowing and highing your speech
    Interestingly ,
    Spread it all over the world
    Telling the all, I AM FREE.

  • The news
    T: The world is facing numerous problem
    H : Here on Earth we are all in trouble
    E: Earth is in many problems
    N: No one should sit idle.
    E: Everyone should work hard
    W: With no wastage of time.
    S: Solve this problem...

  • I choose REPORTS
    R….Rearrange the ideas of the journalist
    E…..Enough writing bad reports
    P….Passionate writers write with high rate of sense
    O…..Only creative people will continue writing creative reports
    R……Respect other's perspectives
    T…… The wise reporter, the successful writer
    S…….Sensible reporter is sensible human being

    1. This has been copied from another student. This is against Student Hub rules and therefore we have removed from the Student Hub and we have informed your teacher.

    T Think and look for some thing new.
    H Hold the end of the string and follow the idea carefully.
    E Emphasis on people suffering
    N No authority is louder than the voice of truth
    E Events give you the ability to form your thoughts and link them together.
    W work hard to tell the truth
    S Stop the rumors

    1. This has been copied from another student. This is against Student Hub rules and therefore we have removed from the Student Hub and we have informed your teacher.

    T Think and look for some thing new.
    H Hold the end of the string and follow the idea carefully.
    E Emphasis on people suffering
    N No authority is louder than the voice of truth
    E Events give you the ability to form your thoughts and link them together.
    W work hard to tell the truth
    S Stop the rumors

    1. This has been copied from another student. This is against Student Hub rules and therefore we have removed from the Student Hub and we have informed your teacher.


    J :Journey renewal new information.

    O :Oh, establish good relationships with people.

    U :Usually publishes facts and newsletters.

    R :Read news bulletins.

    N :New events and activities to watch.

    A :Against rumors and stop them.

    L :Language Proficiency.

    I :interviewing famous people.

    S :Share opinions and ideas.

    T :Transferring facts to and from the world.

    T...Termination of spreading rumours.
    H...Hunting down the truth.
    E...Experience of the toughest conditions.
    N...Narration of the world.
    E...Exploration of the unknown.
    W...Watch the surroundings, Watch the people.
    S...Seek for betterment dusk till dawn.

    J....Journalism you are the profession that gathers and analyzes news.

    O.....One of journalist goal of the press is freedom of expression.

    U....Usually you give us the real news.

    R.....Ready is to help people and realize their rights.

    N.....New ways of thinking to achieve innovation.

    A....Always keeps her mails.

    L.....Link between the authorities and the people.

    I....It gives people the right to express their opinion.

    S....Serious in his journalistic work.

    T....The press provides people with sufficient information and reports.

  • journalist
    J..Join me in my search for the truth
    O...Oh! he's famous
    U... up to the top and never give up dear journalist
    R... Read every event before publishing the breaking news
    N... News must be written and announced carefully.
    A... Attend different events and activities and make your role stand out
    L...Look! The famous journalist is walking around our house
    I... look! This journalist started publishing in the news
    S...see the news and become famous
    T ... try and advance, you will succeed and become the best journalist

  • journalist
    J Just search for the truth between people and events .
    O order your ideas according to priorities.
    U unfortunate is not a word in your dictionary.
    R reading books add to your skills and experiences.
    N News must be written and announced carefully.
    A Attempt to prompt your capacity.
    L let your feelings free from bias and prejudice.
    I illustrate what you say with pictures, photos and evidences.
    S start your day early and be active.
    T tried is part of your exhausting job.

  • Talking with perspectives
    Hearing different opinions
    Everyone talking about it

    News recounts
    Events that have happened
    Writing and sharing to the public
    Stories worth telling

    T . Tell the world the voices of truth
    H . Here we extinguish the fire of rumors and lies
    E . Even if it is difficult to achieve suffering will appear
    N . Negotiable is human chaos
    E . Erase it with your good listening and analysis of the news
    W . Work cycle start with the trusted source
    S . Screen that brought us all together, so collect what it contains

    T : Translate the meaning of advancement of nations
    H : How many newspapers have of perfection you written? men's minds raced
    E : Everyday will be full with the good news and the bad news
    N : No one will stop you from spreading bad news to society
    E : Explain the events by creative ways
    W : Wisdom and clarity of meaning this an important things to explain news
    S : Sure it will be alots of good news we believe that from our creative people .

  • T.. Think deeply about reading the news.

    H.. Have a nice day with the news.

    E.. Electronics help spread the news.

    N.. New. We note that the news made it easier for people to know a lot.

    E..Electrons help to discover facts.

    W..Watching TV made the news easier for everyone.

    S..Satellites help to know news and information

    R:Reports deliver news and information to the people
    E:Experience of reding the reports is a wonderful experience
    P:Publication of indecent reports is prohibited
    O:Observe and benefit from the lessons in the report
    R:Read the reports and think about what you've learned
    T:Try reading the reports
    S:Share the lessons you learned from reading the reports.

  • Remember that you should be carefully .
    Exactly when you talk with people .
    People talk everything seriously .
    Other thing you should open your heart .
    Rebort anything that bother you, from ear to ear.
    Try to make it very easy .

    T: The journey begins with fake news.
    H: Humans want to hear it.
    E: Each of us should keep the news intact.
    N: Now our world is a little negative .
    E: Easy to be confident .
    W: We want ourselves to be good journalist.
    S: Shining star? let our NEWS and thoughts be positive.

  • The News:
    Tell the truth and never mind.
    He or Her be absorbed.
    Events here she can only talk.
    Not that I really care.
    Even I can adore.
    What I have to do here.
    So you want to believe in facts.

  • R....Read the news to find out what is happening in the world.
    E....Easy to absorb in the mind.
    P...People love to know about reports
    O....Oh! Continue towards success
    R...Read the new news.
    T.....To find out what is happening in the world, follow and pay attention to the news.
    S...Search the good news

  • I choose the reports
    R.. results of truth or research
    E...Elicit the fact of news
    P...pride of the whole team work
    O...oreder the steps of research ,writing and edit it.
    R...remain an impression on the reader
    T... test of skills and knowledge of team .
    S...story of world issues.