#5 Innovation for your nation!

11 October 2021

Winners Announced

We were so amazed by your innovation skills that we decided to extend the deadline of last week’s competition! However, the time has now come to choose our winners. The entries that really shone out from the rest were from…

friendly_leaf of Lake Bank Pioneer Preparatory in Tunisia, who invented a solar-powered machine to solve the problem of water scarcity


adaptable_memory of Faujdarhat Cadet College in Bangladesh, who invented a new law to help prevent future deforestation.

Great creativity, both of you!


Innovation is when people invent something new - usually to solve a problem - and it has been in the news a lot recently.

For example, our new Headlines resource helps you to discuss Iceland's new carbon-capture plant, which sucks carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into rock! It is hoped that this will help to slow climate change. Read about how it works here!

Your challenge this week is to think of a problem that affects your community and write no more than TWO SENTENCES to describe an invention that could help solve it.

It could be to do with:

  • Transport
  • The environment
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Food production
  • ...or something else entirely.

Please keep all entries suitable for a young audience, so we ask that you do not write about distressing crimes or anti-social behaviour.

Be creative - it could be a robot, a machine, a device... or anything else!

You could structure your answer like this:

A problem in my community is...

To solve it, I would invent a... that could...

There have been so many fantastic entries to this competition that we have extended the deadline to Monday 11th! Please make sure you follow the rules above.

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