#3 Caption this

24 September 2021

Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered our caption competition - we had some fantastic entries which showcased a lot of thinking outside of the box, so well done. As always, there can only be two winners. This time they are…

knowledgeable_orange of School of Excellence in India, whose caption creatively considered what the reporter in the picture might be saying


joyful_groundhog of Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College in Bangladesh, who reflected on how a “flawless” news broadcast might not be as easy to make as it seems.

Congratulations to both of you!

Skill Description Competition Creativity

If you're new to Topical Talk, welcome to the Weekly Competition! A new competition is added every Friday and we choose two winners. There are three important rules:

Only enter once - if you enter more than once, you will not be able to win

Do NOT copy - your entry must be totally your own. If you are found copying you will not be allowed to use the Student Hub

Follow the instructions carefully - otherwise, you cannot win

Caption this!

This competition challenges your creativity skills. You need to write a caption for this photo.

competition photo

A caption is ONE sentence underneath a photograph that explains what is it showing.
For example, stressed reporter looks on after accident.

You can be as imaginative as you like here and interpret the phot however you like. BUT - make sure your caption is short, sharp and only one sentence!

The deadline is 12pm (UK time) on Friday September 24th - please make sure you follow the rules above. Enter only once otherwise you cannot win.

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