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How does a person make his diet more sustainable? Pete Pearson answers your questions! 07/12/22
Thank you for your comment, but from my point of view, the air will not be polluted because the... SPACE: THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY. 05/12/22
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Thank you for your comment, I agree with your opinion in your comment because Qatar hosts many... LEGACY OF THE WORLD CUP IN QATAR 02/12/22
Thank you for commenting, But the political disintegration has advantages that not all countries... Political split: pros and cons! 28/11/22
With the passage of time, will a person be able to invent clothes that make him feel that the... ...Dr Mamta Patel Nagaraja from NASA! 25/11/22
We can adopt street cats and dogs instead of placing them in shelters, and this reduces the... Expert challenge: protect the animals! 25/11/22
The topic that I will be talking about is related to the World Cup: the legacy of big events... Competition #4 Connecting topics 22/11/22
From my point of view, I see that knowing what is going on around us is more important than... What makes space 'out of this world'? 07/11/22
my questions for anew leader would be 1- What is your plan for the problems that the country... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 07/11/22
-Why do we see the stars at night and not in the day? ...Dr Mamta Patel Nagaraja from NASA! 07/11/22
-Are the stars we see at night made of rocks? Get creative, save the planet! 07/11/22
From my point of view, the percentage of adolescents using social networking sites is 95%, most... Competition #1 Interpreting statistics 31/10/22
Achievements and innovations benefit society in raising their status among peoples. Space is a... Space innovations: what do you think? 31/10/22
The house is a group of parts and components. If one component is missing in the construction of... What makes space 'out of this world'? 31/10/22