STEP TWO: get ready for the competition


From Monday 28th November you will be able to submit your standpoints. They will then automatically be entered into the Topical Talk standpoint competition for a chance to win personalised feedback from our expert judges plus a goodie-bag of prizes!

We think that standpoints are important because they’ll give you a chance to combine the knowledge and skills that you’ve worked on over the Festival to speak out about the Topical Talk topic that’s most important to you.

Standpoints must be submitted before Monday 12th December.

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  • It is very important for young people to know the news so that they know what is going on around them inside and outside their country.

    Young people should share their opinions, ideas, and suggestions with eloquence in news, without fear of any party or opposition, because democracy in speech makes him creative in his ideas, and makes him excited to know what is going on around him.

    Young people have an effective role in polling opinions, because they keep pace with the ancient and modern eras, and they also try to solve problems in the past so that they do not recur in the current era, and to gain new experiences and new concepts, to keep pace with the current era.

    The way a person speaks is what makes him understand what the news is and what it states, and the way of listening well also makes him reflect on the speech and come up with distinctive ideas.

    I came up with this festival - that I can speak my mind and express it with confidence without fear or hesitation.

    1. I agree completely with you. It is very important for us to open our minds on other countries' news in the different fields as medicine, art, sport, politics ,moreover, the environmental news ,too. This world is worldwide space,therefore the knowledge is spread wherever and whenever you look. It is time to free your brain to understand easily how things go on. We ,as learners and youth in our communities, should communicate with others and share our opinions, we have to tell others "We are here and we inserted with others, we have the right to say what is inside us".Once my teacher asks me in the students' hub discussions about my opinion about a particular topic, I was so happy .I won't tell you what I felt that day, it was such an amazing one!
      I learnt to express my thoughts and to listen to others as well. Returning to the diversity in the news data which will be transformed into knowledege later, these news discussions introduce great chance to impose my opinion and give my opinion, and not to be a raw material without reactions. The effective person is the one who bears the responsibility of participation and discussion. In addition, I learnt to listen to others intensively and discuss opinions witout interruption, to ask question if I don't understand.Also everyone should be aware of how to influence others and thinks critically to compare and identify the potential bias. My teacher once asked me in one of the discussions hub classes what I have gained from the festival? I answered her that sharing in such a festival "Topical talk" develops my creativity and problem solving strategies, to listen with an open mind, and to speak with confidence. Lastly,I won't forget the free teaching resourses which our teacher explains weekly for us about the new news ang the last topics in the classroom discussions.I'm so grateful to be a part from this especial festival.

  • It is important for young people to become acquainted with the news first, in order to increase their facts and culture, second, in order to develop all their skills so that they can benefit from them in the greatest possible way, third, in order for them to get acquainted with new people and new cultures, fourth, in order to be able to link information in a large way, fifth In order to be able to explain the information in a way that enables the other party to understand

  • I believe that young people should become acquainted with the news in order to see the outside world and know the events taking place in the world around them, and increase their knowledge of the facts and introduce them to the cultures of other countries, which creates conscious and bright minds that may be a positive force to push for sustainable development. They must share their opinions because they have a role to play in development and producing distinctive ideas and for the continued development and prosperity of the societies in which they live. In this festival, I gained a lot of information about different and interesting topics. I spent a really good time looking at new information and facts that I did not know before, sharing my thoughts and seeing others' ideas.
    Thank you, "Topical talk" for this opportunity to spend an enjoyable time, get to know many of the participants and the culture of their countries, gain knowledge and information, and express our opinions.

  • Why is it so important for young people like you to learn about the news? In order to get acquainted with new news and its quality, in order to increase our culture in news, in order to know reliable sources and false sources, and in order to know what is going on around us inside and outside the country.
    Young people should share their opinion about the news
    So that they can develop their abilities and skills to benefit from them. As a result, the region will thrive when young people are empowered to make informed choices about their lives - including their health and sexual rights, in order to achieve sustainable development while promoting peace, security and prosperity for their countries through their culture and awareness of the news.
    What new knowledge did you gain from the festival? I have learned a lot about the World Cup, diversity, gender, fashion and space
    and protests in Iran and elsewhere
    She has acquired several skills, such as listening and speaking.
    Finally, I would like to thank you for the knowledge, information and skills that I gained from you.

  • I think that the news are important thing for young people bacause it is important for young people to develope their mind and helps them to think criticaly, it is a tool for education for the youth of the world. it help youth to incure new knowledge and age in mind , New's help people to expand there knowledge and exposes them to the real world both the good and the bad of the society it enlighten them on the to know the goods and the bad of the world. it is also important to know the view of the youth because it help the government to know to realise their mistakes and help the youth to empower themselves with the aid of the government and it also help the government to make good decision affecting the both old and the young.

  • It is very important to know what is going on around the world in terms of sports, politics, etc., and this competition helped me develop my expressive and writing skills and made me know all the news around the world, such as famines, the food crisis, and the World Cup.

    1. I agree because the news is a very important and probably the only way one can get information well about the wellbeing of the economy. We are meant to know the news so that we will be able to know what is going on in the country and know how to react in case of public opinion from the people to its government. The news is very important to young minds because it helps the minds of the young ones to be imaginative and creative and they are the next generation of the world and when it is their turn to rule the country, through the knowledge they have gotten from the news, they will be able to pass rules and regulations that will administer justice and peace to the economy. The news opens the mind of people and stores information that they will later react to when supposed too. News is important for a number of reasons within a society. Mainly to inform the public about events that are around them and may affect them. Often news is for entertainment purposes too; to provide a distraction of information about other places people are unable to get to or have little influence over. The news helps us to know how to live a desired life in a community knowing fully well the happenings of that community.

  • Young people are always a stage of questions and reflections, for example, why is it important for young people to know the news? I think because they can learn about a lot of information, new cultures, recent studies, and everything that they can benefit from News, and I believe that they have the freedom to express their opinion because they can benefit others, because young people love excellence and always think, and also collective participation in news between speakers and listeners attracts new ideas And new information, and it can also be important sometimes. I mean, I think that participating in such things in the news and other things solves problems and brings new ideas.

  • Nowadays, people especially, young people don't like to hear global news. Every one is busy with his own life.
    But I believe that we ,the participants in this competition, have a great opportunity to be aware with different global news in an attractive way .
    For me ,it is the first time to search for news,to discuss global issues ,trying to find solutions and to speak out to the whole world.moreover ,Through discussing different issues with my teacher and classmates ,this help me to develop my speaking and writing.
    skills a lot. It gives me the chance to think and looking for logical solutions.
    So I think young people should be acknowledged with the latest news around the world,because it will help them understand what is going around them and to know the challenges the world faces everyday, because a young man may reach the needed solution for a specific topic .

  • Why should young people share their opinions about the news?

    I think that it is extremely important for young people , like me, to share their opinions on the news as we all have a strong point of view. We ALL care about our wonderful world and how we want to live in it. However, sometimes, adults think that us children don’t know anything and just tell us to let the adults do everything. A time where this happened was when World leaders were telling us to stay away from climate change and let them do the work. This doesn’t help stop climate change as we could have had great ideas that the adults couldn’t possibly think off. Although, a girl of courage, Greta Thumberg, showed that we all care about climate change too and that our perspectives should be heard.

    Why are speaking, listening, problem- solving and creativity important for understanding the news?

    Speaking is extremely important as we all could share exciting and interesting discussions about the news.This can do a range of things; giving us a better understanding of the news, letting us share our opinions and helping us reach better conclusions.

    Listening also helps us receive a great amount of knowledge about our world as we can listen to all of the issues. In my opinion, I think that it isn’t a very good idea to only use one news source to get information. I think that we all should read from different news sources (Newsround, newspapers, BBC news app) and compare them.

    Problem solving and creativity help us boost up our imagination to produce ideas that can help all the situations in the news. They make us think of solutions and helps us start interesting discussions.

    1. I would agree that it is very important to read the news from different sources to compare them. Why do you think it isn't a very good idea to only use one news source?

  • News represents an important aspect of our current age And the presence of young people is an important part of society..
    . It is important to know the news. but why ? News increases cultures, develops the mind and intellect, and gives us a lot of information that we did not know before
    Why should young people share their opinions about the news? to exchange their opinions between each other. And give each person a point of view on the news.Perhaps a person who understands the news more than another person may discuss this topic and learn more information about the published news

  • In my own understanding, I think young people should be enlightened with information not only from their country , but the world as a whole because they have the right to learn , to get ready for future taskes at hand and know to be be prepared for it. They also have go be enlighten so as to give opinions to subject matter
    For example , I am always enlighten through topical talks and also reading another peoples opinion on subject matter concerning the world and I think most of the points have come in handy In different ways.

    1. What's the one point you have read in topical talks that has enlightened you with someone else's opinion the most? Was this a different opinion to your own?

  • It is very important for young people to get acquainted with the news toTo know the readiness of young people and their involvement in community work, whether it is a social, political or developmental activity, what is required is to know the basic needs of young people and work to meet them or take them into consideration when formulating plans and programmes; As necessary requirements that must be realized by those concerned with reference to the concept of needsA relative concept that differs from one society to another depending on the nature and characteristics of civil society, and the level of social and economic development

  • The world is a small village. Young people should be informed about world news and express their opinions, because what happens in one city in the world affects another city because it is linked to each other in terms of economic, political and social aspects. Therefore, young people must learn about the news in order to take the appropriate decision at the right time. Learn about the cultures of others, their presents, and the technological progress in some countries, which creates creativity, intellectual development, problem-solving, and knowledge of global realities. Therefore, without the news, we will be like the blind who cannot see the light.

  • Because in this environment you must know everything so that they can say that you are educated and have sufficient experience. Also, young people should express their opinions because it strengthens their personality. At this age, young people have wonderful ideas, and perhaps one of them may benefit from the ideas As for the skills that I gained from the topics Many things like: expressing opinions freely, writing, and discovering new things that I did not know and I think have developed my academic level, so we thank you for those topics that made us the youth of the future

  • We, the youth, must speak our opinions about the news, because we are the ones who will deal directly with this news soon, so we have to be aware of what is happening,For example, now we have already entered into a severe battle with climate change, but is there a sufficient percentage of young people aware of this? no , This is because of the lack of focus on news stories in schools and universities. In my opinion, there should be a link between what is taught in universities and the news stories circulated, and thinking about them would make a clear difference,If we, the youth, do not speak, we will go to the future without any preparation for confrontation, and only wait for the decision-makers and the president in the country to save the situation themselves!
    But when I speak my opinion and give indications and solutions to problems, they will be heard if I try to publish them in various means, and my solutions and ideas will turn into creativity that has an impact on creating a sustainable environment.
    The new knowledge that I gained from the festival is reading, as I listened very much while reading about the lives of the experts and saw enthusiasm in me to ask them about most of the points that were mentioned about them.
    And I think that my acquisition of this skill is what will make me more attentive to topics that I was ignorant of, especially if I am at a press conference as an editor in magazines, and this will increase the amount of my competence

  • Me personally I don't think the news is important because half the time the news has false information and based on what type of thing their saying they say it to get people interested by saying false information. but In my opinion news isn't that important. people should share their opinions about the news because sometimes it's good to hear feedback about what's being said in the news it helps us to better understand and help one another. Speaking, listening and problem solving are great for understanding the news because speaking helps us to speak our mind and how we feel about something listening helps us better understand one another without conflicts everyone gets a turn to say their judgement. problem solving is good because when people have a problem on the news or their is something wrong on the news people will try to solve it and that's what will make this world a bit better in communication and getting things done for the better. the new knowledge I have gained from the festival is that our world is getting a bit worst everyday and it's our job to fix it in my opinion.

  • I learned from Dr. Patel that you can achieve anything in life. According to Dr. Patel '' you can achieve in life by never giving up.'' Also I've learned that failure is a part in life to succeed. Next I learned that she became a female astronaut. She served on the NASA Administrator's team and led a science communications portfolio.