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The world cup is an event that takes place every four years and 32 national teams travel to wherever they come from and go to one country who is the host of the tournament and is chosen by the FIFA council. Every time the world cup comes about in a country, it does not leave that country the same and that's what we call the legacy of a world cup. This year, Qatar hosted the world cup so the question is "what is the legacy of world cup in Qatar?".

If you ask me ,I would say that first of all the legacy of world cup in Qatar means the things, practices and long term effects that are left in Qatar due to it hosting the event.


The world cup has led to the construction of world class infrastructure in Qatar. For example- seven new stadia and one renovated: Al Bayt Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, Lusail Stadium, Stadium 974, Education City Stadium and Al Janoub Stadium. Besides that, many hotels were built and at least 42 hotels had to be be built for the accommodation plus other infrastructure like roads and new residences, hotel rooms and even a sewage system were built to accommodate an estimated 1.2 million fans. So I think if it were not for world cup all these wouldn't have been built in such a short time. The buildings are the legacy of world cup on the infrastructure since these things shall remain there for the people to use even after world cup.


The event has brought the people of Qatar to experience the joy and feeling of a world event where all eyes in the world are focused on them. They have felt the beauty of the game and even seen their stars play on their home ground, how inspiring!

The people of Qatar have been provided with new job opportunities due to the infrastructure wave in Qatar and this will boost their economies at individual levels.

I also think that with everything that has been done in Qatar for the world cup, the people of Qatar are going to be compelled to pay more attention to the sport and engage even more in football so don't get surprised if you see Qatar crushing people in the 2026 world cup. That is what the world cup has left in the hearts of the people in Qatar.


The event has brought about different people from all over the world with different cultures. In supporting their national team, and dressing to show this, they have exhibited their different cultures. For example, in the match between Korean republic vs Ghana, I saw a Ghanaian fan praying using some beads for his team to win and I also saw a Korean man dressed in the ancient emperor's robes depicting the different cultures in their home countries. So basically, people in Qatar have experienced these different cultures and they might even inspire new dress in Qatar.

The fact that over 1.5 million people went to Qatar for the world cup means that they shall also be exposed to the great historical places and cultures in Qatar and this will have a positive impact on the tourism industry of Qatar cause definitely many would like to go back to Qatar to experience their hospitality in tourism. This will also be good for their economy to fully recover after having spent over $220 billion in preparation.

The Qatar law against the LGBTQ community brought many discussions to the table and people were arguing the government to care more about human rights so maybe after the world cup the Qatar government might change in it's policies to promote human rights more.

So basically, the world cup shall forever change the lives of the people in Qatar and that is the LEGACY OF WORLD CUP.

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  • Thank you for your standpoint! I've made this an editor's pick because you've structured your ideas in a clear way, used your own words, drawn on the discussions from the Student Hub and shared your opinion. Great job!
    Do you think there will be any negative consequences for hosting?

    1. Well, obviously there are negative and positive consequences in everything so the same is for hosting a big event like world cup ;
      Due to the huge numbers of people to come to the host country,thugs and con men shall also find it easy to operate under the big masses for example in stadia, people's smartphones could be stolen and also since all security is focused on the event thieves can attack small banks,shops or supermarkets robbing money and other goodies
      Due to too much movement and transportation using cars,buses and planes, alot of emissions in form of CO2 are released into the atmosphere which causes air pollution,depletion of the ozone layer,adds on the greenhouse layer increasing temperatures and also increasing the risk of having acidic rain.
      Due to the too much party during such an event,a lot of wastes,plastics,sewage and poisonous substances like chemicals are dumped into water bodies causing water pollution which could bring about death of fish and other aquatic animals in large numbers and when the fish die,it comes back to the fishermen who will now suffer to earn a living as the fish they have been relying on is now dead hence increasing poverty.In addition,there could also be a lot of soil pollution due to the disposal of plastics into soil and in the long run,reducing the soil fertility something which would reduce the food production of a country and in one worse case it could lead to food insecurity,famine and hunger around the country.
      These can be inform of those like Coronavirus and in such an event where masses gather in one place,the virus could spread from one in immigrant to many more people and in no time,there could death of millions.Futher more the country spends a lot in preparation for world cup we even saw that Qatar had to spend over $220 billion so as a negative impact,it could come back to the people in a situation where the government increases taxes in order increase revenue to cover the used gap,people could end up suffering with the cost of living and supporting their livelihoods might become so difficult since increase in taxes means prices of commodities shall also sky-rocket.
      However,the government could prevent such bad consequences by first of all sensitizing all the people about ways of pollution and how they affect the environment and teaching them proper methods of waste disposal rather than the soil and water bodies.They could also encourage people to clean, maintain and service their vehicles regularly to keep them in the best working conditions to reduce air pollution.The government can also put strict checking points on airports and all places that bring in immigrants to check for any serious diseases particularly diseases that are very contagious like Coronavirus,not letting in any potential threats and putting in place special programs to take care of those guests so that they don't regret coming to the country.
      They could also deploy enough manpower to ensure safety at stadia and other gathering places, enforcing more (LDU's)Local Defense Units to guard people and their property at regional levels so that thieves don't utilize that advantage.
      Installing CCTV surveillance on streets, gathering places and stadia to keep watch out for any form of crime.All these to fight crime.So the bad consequences can also be handled such that we have a good world cup event.

    2. Yes, there will be negative consequence because since Qatar will be hosting this event and over 40 million people will come to watch World cup where by that's a huge number of people that have come into their country so;
      1. It will lead to congestion in the country since there is now over population which will affect the people who originally stay there.
      2. It will lead to high crime rates since people have become many it will be easier for crimes to take place and it will be hard for people to identify because of the population there.
      3. It will lead in increase of traffic jam in the country because their will be so many people traveling to go watch the matches and to also go back to their homes and hotels.
      4. It will lead to increase in pollution mostly land pollution and air pollution this is because there will be littering and also the vehicles that they will use to go to the events release greenhouse gases into the environment which are not friendly.
      5. It can also lead to easy spread of diseases mostly air borne diseases like COVID 19 and Influenza which are spread when u take in the same air that the person infected with the disease had released by either coughing or sneezing and contact diseases like Ebola which are spread when you get in contact with the infected person. And this place will be packed so it will be hard for one to identify the ones that have these diseases.

    3. Yes i think there are some negative consequences of hosting world cup in Qatar.Qatar has violated many human rights and discrimination has been occured in different kinds of LGBTQ and women communities. Qatar has spended millions of dollars in making different infrastructures and stadiums for the world cup but are these infrastructures not going as a waste after the world cup has been completed? More than 1 million people has gone to watch world cup in the stadiums of Qatar for the enjoyment enjoy . Is Qatar going to be polluted after the overpopulation occurred due to this sports program? Spend their lots of money for the structures and buildings for the attraction of visitors towards their country.

    4. Definitely there would be negative effect of hosting any event not to talk about a big historical event like the world cup. First of all the country would spend a lot catering to the needs of individuals participating in the event because they cannot treat the players and FIFA officials without regard rather they would want to create a good impression apart from that also much is spent on the stadiums that serve little use after the FIFA World Cup comes to an end.
      It can also harbor and breed diseases since a lot of people would be coming in contact with each other regardless of their health status. This can lead to an outbreak in the country and from then can even cause pollution since there would be increase in the daily activities because of increase in population.
      Hosting the event is seen as a privilege so most countries tend to sideline the negative effect and focus on being in the spotlight then later on suffer.

  • The world cup is a big game which happens every 4 years it is really fun. You get lots of rewards like man of the match, golden boot and golden glove. I think Portugal or France or Brazil

    1. i agree with my comrade above. the world cup is practically the biggest football stage. the are all sorts of wonderful teams and trophies at the event. some teams like Brazil, France, Germany. the competition is held every four years and itnis contested between 32 countries across the world

    2. If you were chosen to play in the World Cup, would your society accept girls' play, and would you accept playing in this world heritage? Why not?

  • In my opinion, hosting a major football event has negative and positive effects: Positive: We know that the football game was made to bring the world together. We see that there are players from different countries or fans from different countries such as Portugal, Argentina, Arab countries and the Arab Gulf states. Also winning the World Cup gives hope, optimism and unspeakable joy and has great financial value. We know that after the match is over, we see that the place has become polluted and full of rubbish, and thus provides a job opportunity for people who do not work. People can volunteer to clean up the stadium. The negative effects are the occurrence of conflicts between players when Plenty or a penalty kick occurs. Psychological pressure of players and tension. pollution.

    1. When the place becomes polluted and is full of rubbish don't you think that it is a negative effect because first of the stadium is actually too big and when you said people will volunteer it doesn't mean they are going to be paid since they are volunteering, they will only pay those that they have hired and many people will need to be hired to clean up all that mess.

      1. Many people will be needed, you are right. Do you think that anyone should be expected to volunteer, or everyone should be paid?

        1. I doubt that anyone would even want to volunteer because many people out there lack jobs and where to get money to provide for their families so when they find out that there is a small job of cleaning at the stadium they go for it and then after they expect their payment and everyone that participated in the cleaning of the stadium should be paid because they all put in much effort and time to make sure that the place becomes tidy again. And for a stadium like that am sure it won't be difficult for them to pay them because they earned a lot of money from the tickets they sold for world cup. But the only challenge they will face is looking for people to clean the stadium. Yes they will get them but will the ones they would have gotten be enough to finish the work in the shortest time possible because am sure the stadium will also have other programs.

          1. I think that volunteer roles are largely for showing people where to go and taking part in events.

            1. But you also know that not even you would volunteer to clean that stadium because their are other things you can do to benefit yourself like looking for a job where you can earn money rather than cleaning that place for free but if you are told that you are being paid you would go and work there since you have no job and you really need the money.

        2. Well,I think anyone can volunteer because it's our responsibility to take care of our environment.In COP27 topic there is a discussion that brings in the idea of a country deciding what they do and in an event like this.The Qatar government can decide what do to for the rubbish,either use robots to clean the mess,pay those to do the work or use those with louder voices to influence others forexample an inspirational speech from a famous Qatar celebrity or Royal about encouraging everyone to play there role and not allow climate change takeover. I think it's all about loving our environment,patriotism, passion that we possess.If you really have those,why wouldn't you volunteer?

    2. Thank you for your comment, I agree with your opinion in your comment because Qatar hosts many countries, so everyone will get to know the culture of the other, and this is a beautiful thing. The best thing is that the World Cup is in a Muslim country, as it prevents many things that misunderstand the civilization of the other

  • But didn't any of you ask yourselves why Qatar put in over $220billion to organize this event yet there are other important things it would use it for to help develop the country. If you think that the $220 billion would have been used in a different way share with us your views. And if you think what Qatar did was also right to put in all that money you can also give us your views . Because this festival is all about learning from each other and getting to know what other people think about a situation

    1. idealistic_song how do you think Qatar could have spent the $220 billion?

      1. There are many people that are suffering because of poverty and they do not have money to buy food for themselves hence them starving. The government of Qatar should have donated some of this money to the needy people in the country so that they could be able to provide for themselves basic needs like food. The government should have used some of that money to create more business in the country so that more jobs could be created and most of the people in the country would at least be employed and would earn money to sustain themselves and their families. The government should have used that money to build government schools where children will learn for free so that children who don't have money for school fees can start going to school and the problem of illiterate will be solved since most children are learning. The government could also use that money to build government hospitals that would cater for the patients that do not have enough money to get services from the private hospitals. It can also use some of the money to improve on the infrastructure like the roads which can help to ease the transportation of people's goods to the market and of the people themselves to wherever they are going to. And this will even reduce the risks of accidents on the roads. The government can also destroy the slums in the country and use some of that money help build for the the people that were living in slums simple houses that they can begin from. And there is really a lot that the government of Qatar could have really used that money for to develop the country because that is a lot of money but those are the few I could point out because they are the major ones.

        1. Thank you for your response idealistic_song. Have you considered that Qatar is in fact a rich nation, literacy rates are not particularly low and that poverty is more typical among the migrant workers that have relocated for job opportunities and income created by Qatar's preparations for hosting the World Cup. Hosting a global event has its perks, however, perhaps more emphasis should be placed on the poor labour conditions and rights for workers involved in building the infrastructure required for the World cup.

          1. Actually since you have said that there illiteracy rates are low and as so is the rate of poverty it would be easier to work on those two problems so that they can be eradicated them as soon as possible. That is by building more schools because not all the children in Qatar have money for school fees so it would be of good help if the government built for them schools where they can study for free. Then there are also people who lack jobs so they can distribute the money to those without jobs so that they can start there own businesses or they can even use it to create more jobs for the people. The can use this money to improve on the infrastructure in the country like the roads which will help people in transportation of their produce to the markets and also help in the tourism sector because tourists don't want to drive on poor roads. And this will also help to reduce the risks of road accidents. They can use that money to improve on the social services like the medical services, they can build more hospitals to help those who can not manage to pay the medical bills in private hospitals. And also that money can be used to but facilities and the tablets or medicine for the government hospitals. And though Qatar is a rich country there are still people living in slums without even food. So the government can use this money and buy a huge piece of land where they can resettle the people living in slums and even buy for them seeds and other farming equipment so that they can grow their own crops on that piece of land. You find that most civil workers like teachers, policemen and doctors don't do their jobs well and some are even quitting and taking their services to other countries just because they are given less salary compared to the work they do so the government should also increase on the the Civil servants salary so that it can even motivate them to put in more effort in their work.

            Then the workers that were building the infrastructure required for world cup. They were made to work long hours and there was no resting you find that some even died, some fell sick because the too much labour impacted on them and those who completed the work were paid less money which was not fair to them. I think the government should have extended their gratitude to the families whose people died during the construction by giving them the money that their people worked for before they died. And also paying these workers fairly because they put in much effort.

            1. Some really great thoughts there 'idealistic song - I particularly agree with your point on compensating families and paying workers fair wages. Families would have suffered an emotional loss and a loss of income.

              What do you think about universal basic income as a solution to poverty - search up 'Why is it so hard to escape poverty? - Ann-Helén Bay', on Youtube. What are some other non-monetary factors that could motivate civil servants to perform better?


        I think Qatar could have used that money to make services better to its people for example building hospitals and investing in the treatment of people suffering from difficult diseases such as sickle cells in ways like buying machines that help in their treatment and also buying machines that work in treatment of diseases like cancer.I think using the money on the health sector would make many people in Qatar happy because many are suffering and dying in silence.In the topic of doctor shortages,we had a discussion about healthcare being free so here I think Qatar would have used some of that money to provide free quality and accessible healthcare for all its people in all regions of the country and this will save many lives as it will also reduce on people's cost of living,"The money for medicine could be used to buy food or clothing." Following this topic still,the Qatar government can use some of this money to enhance payment of wages to its civil servants including doctors and teachers by raising their salaries and giving them thanks tokens of appreciation so as they remain passionate and committed to their jobs to avoid things like doctor shortages.

        I think the Qatar government could use this money to build public schools to provide education to those who can't afford the private school fees since education is paramount in securing the future of the country.This way they can help street homeless children taking care of them and providing basic needs for them such as educating them,food and healthcare.
        In addition,the government of Qatar could spend some of this money in construction of industries such as agro processing industries to provide their farmers with an industrial market and also reduce unemployment levels across the country.

        They could also provide farmers with free cash crop🌱seedlings to plant and export increasing the countries revenue.Furthermore,they could use this money to donate to countries suffering with the effects of climate change that is to say suffering in hunger such as Afghanistan.This would really save a lot of lives people as 22.8 million people in Afghanistan are facing food insecurity.
        They would have used some of this money to invest in Financial groups such as SACCOS such that people can get loans to start businesses or other developmental purposes.This would help the people to sustain the high cost of living.Building infrastructure like more roads and repairing the old ones wouldn't be a bad idea for Qatar spend money on.
        All These ways of spending the money are actually the kind of investments that will yield more revenue for the country in the end.so it's a win-win situation.
        So here my main point is that Qatar could INVEST this money in its PEOPLE and RELIEF aid to fellow nations in emergency times.
        That's what I have to say🙏

        1. Hi daring_cherry, thank you for sharing your range of ideas across multiple sectors - I especially like the agriculture related suggestions - however, due to the arid climate in Qatar investment may be needed to understand how to optimally grow crop in these conditions.

          Many of your suggestions, although worthwhile investments have high upfront costs but no guarantee of long term returns / benefits depending on the quality of their implementation. For example, free healthcare is likely to be paid through taxation and does not solve some of the habits that may drive common healthcare issues in the nation. What do you think of investing more in 'prevention' and not 'cure'? Similarly, free education does not guarantee a standardised, high quality of that education, moreover, well educated individuals may leave the country for better opportunities elsewhere (brain drain).

          On the other hand, the World Cup is an iconic, global event with high initial costs but short and long term returns (infrastructure built, jobs created, tourism boost, prestige etc.).

      3. We know that this amount is very large. If Qatar had used it to get rid of crises, problems and poverty, it would have ended all problems It could build schools for education and bring out good and distinguished generations, And also, as you know, education is an important and essential thing in the life of all people, and also if they build many schools, all students in Qatar will have high culture and great diligence, and thus the state of Qatar will become very, very developed.
        and hospitals for the treatment of patients Investing in treating people with difficult diseases such as sickle cell in ways such as buying machines that help treat them as well as buying machines that work.
        Qatar and its people will be happy because people are dying every day without anyone to save them. If they do this, Qatar will become a very developed country.
        And they could build many houses for some of the homeless residents, and they could secure a quiet life for them, a safe life, and buy them clothes

        Also, they could buy a large machine or several machines and work on them and develop them, thus earning more than $ 220 billion
        So my main point here is that Qatar can invest this money in its popular and relief aid to sister countries in times of emergency.
        That's what I have to say.

        1. Hi commited_tsunami, investing in education and healthcare is definitely important. Qatar is a rich country, what metrics are you using to determine whether a country is 'developed'?

          1. Well, when you say that Qatar is a rich country, why waste money on anything? They could have sent some money to some neighboring cities that suffer from poverty and food crises. They could also buy weapons with money and defend the cities of the Arab world, such as Palestine, Syria, Algeria, and others. They could liberate these cities from the hands of the enemy.
            But Qatar did not think of positive things. Of course, the inauguration was very beautiful. No one denies that, but the amount is very exorbitant, and there are neighboring Arab countries that do not receive food from poverty. This is not fair at all.

            1. Thanks for your response committed_tsunami. I do not think the World Cup is a 'waste of money', the Qatari government would not have made the decision if there was no return on investment for their country. I do, however, agree that the amount spent does seem ridiculous, especially compared to other hosts. However, Qatar is a different environment / location and would have to take a different approach to other hosts.

              Foreign aid is important, here in the UK the government gives a set 0.7% of the Gross National Income (GNI) to foreign aid. Qatar has in fact sent foreign aid in the past. Do you think Qatar should have a similar target, which is more regular than reactive? How should they choose what % to set?

              1. thank you for your reply

                Oh, I changed my thinking from that the opening was harmful to Qatar, and that if they took the money, they would eliminate food crises and poverty, to that this cup of money is not a waste of money. The Qatari government would not have made the decision if there was no return on investment for their country. Yes, the amount is very high
                Yes, I think Qatar should have a similar goal, which is a more systematic goal than a reaction

  • I think that Qatar should not host the world cup because the only reason they're in the world cup is because they're hosting it. If they were not hosting the wouldn't of Qualified.(I think that a country like Brazil, England or Argentina should host the world cup.)

    1. Simply on geographical grounds, the men's World Cup has been in North America, South America, Europe and Eastern Asia. Should it be the turn of the Middle East? Is there more to it than geography?

      1. I would agree because all continents could have a chance to host the world cup as you have said on geographic reason it could be turn for the middle East but if you have to put real geography in work the location of Qatar could not favour the world cup because Qatar is found in middle of the Rub'al-Khali a desert so considering that Qatar would not be appropriate to host the cup because some people are used to leaving in such high temperature but they could want to also attend the world cup, also considering it's size and its population of 2.983 millions and the people who attended world cup of 2018 the people who attended are bigger than the population of Qatar yet they have a small country so it will be like doubling the population of Qatar in that small country leaving the geographic reasons alone there are also other thing that show that Qatar was not good for world cup for example the LGBTQIA people are not allowed in Qatar so even a person who falls under this wants to attended the world cup he or she might be denied to attend because of the strict laws against it, the other thing is about the alcohol policies in Qatar no alcohol is allowed in Qatar yet some people like enjoying as they take alcohol even some players celebrate with taking alcohol so this ie also hindering people's happiness yet some of them went there to relax and have happiness In my conclusion i say that it was not wright for Qatar to host world cup.

        1. victorious_goat having seen the World Cup in action do you think the visitors enjoyment is being impacted?

          1. Yes I think the visitor's enjoyment is seriously impacted if you can compare the way the spectators in Russia were jubilating and these one even the antendence has greatly decreased and another thing the jubilation inside the pitch may not be affected that much but after the matches people may want to go and throw parties also get high but since they don't allow the alcoholic drinks in the country they will just have some regular parties and the enjoyment will not be that great so I do think that the people's enjoyment is seriously impacted even though they might not show it on the pitch but outside the pitch they are able to show it

  • the team im rooting for is England as i support Chelsea but chelsea isnt a country!

  • I think the World Cup is really special TO ME I would say Quatar is a good place but it is to hot for the players would be to hot after the game becuase they would be running alot. I think the footballers have worked really hard and will try there hardest everyone has a goal different goals and if you like football and if somebody else dosent they MIGHT HAVE A DIFFRENT ONE

  • Qatar should not of hosted the world cup because they did not think of the safety of the workers who built the stadium. What was so important to Qatar about the world cup to make them want to host it?

  • I dont think that the world cup should be held in Qatar because it would be hot for the players that aren't used to
    than cold . I THINK THE WORLD CUP SHOULD BE Held in the united kingdom

    1. I do not think this is because when the players play, I think they do not care about the weather, whether it is hot, cold or rainy, because sometimes we see matches that take place in the rain, matches that take place in hot weather and matches in cold weather, so I do not think at all The atmosphere of Qatar causes an obstacle for the players as long as they do not care if it is raining or sunny. As for the United Nations, why do you think that its residence in the United Nations is more correct?!

    2. What about the players who have trained in warmer climates noble_apple? Do you think they would be disadvantaged playing in the cooler climate of the UK?

    3. I disagree because...
      I am very certain that those players would be able to manage because they are trained to play in all weather conditions. Haven't you ever watched matches where they even play when it is raining and when it is very hot? I know that you love your nation and you would like World Cup to be held there actually that's what most people wish for.

  • I love football and im a tottenham supporter and i love watching them . I think we was lucky in are group for the world cup because we just had poor teams in are group like USA IRAN and WALES.

    1. I agree because England were in a group with poor teams, Whales haven't been in the World Cup for 50 years!

  • The point is not to make money out of all this infrastructure, the point is for people to see "Qatar". gulf countries are trying to be tourist attractions. and its tough when a lot of people have terrible wrong concepts of what the Arab world is. best of wishes to Qatar. I don't know if they are hosting 1 million tourist, but if they are, its a challenge of it own.

    1. I agree, 1 million tourists is a lot of people to accommodate. Consider the impact of COVID-19 on countries which prioritise tourism as their main source of income. What do you think are the consequences of countries relying on tourism?

      1. I agree becauseEnvironmental impacts affect an area's carrying capacity, plant growth, air quality, water bodies, groundwater level, wildlife, and natural phenomena. Social and cultural influences are related to the interaction between people of different cultural backgrounds, attitudes and behavior, and the relationship to material goods, but they can affect the transmission of diseases and epidemics, such as what happened in Covid 19.
        Thank you for replying to my comment ♥️

        In my opinion,a country whose is economy is completely dependent on tourism is at a great risks and there bad consequences associated with it such as;
        *Tourism itself is at a risky if being affected by any thing that might happen in the country froexample if a war breaks out tourism shall stop so the economy would reduce,if natural disasters like wild fires,landslides,typhoons and tsunamis hit a country,there will be no tourism to take place.Why I'm I even going far,the most live example is the recent pandemic COVID-19 where most countries where on lockdown and there were travel restrictions where only essential travelling was allowed,no way tourism was allowed.So thats my first point, tourism can't be relied on by an economy because its easily affected by any factors that comes up so countries reliying on it,end up with fallen economies due to such unreliability.
        *A country where tourism is relied on to support the economy,in a turn of events like those above and tourism is stopped,all the people that have been working and gaining from it may end up unemployment for example transportation, accommodation and food services are involved in tourism and there people earning a living from them such as car drivers,hotel owners and restaurant owners.When they all lose their jobs in such a way,the government will collect less taxes and it's people will also suffer in poverty and lack of basic needs and it could also result in increase in crime rate as many shall be idle left to fend for themselves.
        *A country that deeply relies on tourism might end up in a deficit budget just in case tourists reduce and this will mean that the government will not be able to provide quality services to it's people so there will be poor health services where people will struggle to acquire medicine,and for those with diseases like sickle cells,they will die rapidly.Transport system will go from bad to worst as there will be no money to repair potholes.So such a country might end up in poverty when it's source of income is disabled.

        All in all,it's very dangerous and threatening to a country's future to rely on tourism to support the economy.Even in real life,in my country,a family must have side sources of income aside from their main sources in order to secure food on the table and healthcare too.

        1. Hi daring_cherry thank you for sharing your thoughts and the downsides of tourism. I do think Qatar may be in a better position relative to other countries to attract tourists but not rely on them, as their primary source of income is oil exports. They also do not typically collect income tax from their citizens and their citizens are entitled to free healthcare.

  • The success of the State of Qatar as the first Arab country to host the FIFA World Cup thanks to its distinguished file, which included the use of sustainable technologies and advanced technology and the preparation of environmentally friendly stadiums, and this point is one of the most important positives that must be generalized to all countries, and the step of change starts from here for the rest of the fields, so building 12 empty stadiums From carbon emissions, the stadiums will operate with solar energy to provide a cool climate for the fans and the teams, and this reduces environmental pollution. Humans are capable of change, so that we can make the World Cup a legacy of the beginning of a clean environment!

  • The legacy of the World Cup, what a wonderful title
    The departed leave a material and moral legacy that remains for a lifetime
    The effect may be beautiful and leave an imprint of joy in the hearts, or it may be painful, leaving a painful scar
    The effect may be equal, and the thing will have its negatives and positives
    It is very nice for an Arab country to host the World Cup, despite the huge sums it provided to prepare for this great event. However, the great impact that has returned to the State of Qatar may be very large, as all services are provided, and the financial returns are great.
    I hope that this World Cup will leave a beautiful impact, spread sportsmanship, and be a reason to spread the culture that the whole world has one heart beating in one body.

    1. I agree because 'the legacy of the world cup' is a wonderful title

  • I think that it is exiting that Qatar are the first Arab country to host the World Cup

  • I think it is a really fun but it only happens ones in 4 year

  • Interesting you mentioned tourism, one key aspect is sustainable tourism. How could Qatar increase the number of visitors without impacting the historical places and culture as you mention?

    1. One option could be hosting more big events such as World competitions in swimming, athletics and Olympics events,this way,many visitors will come into the country and Qatar could benefit through provision of services like food, accommodation, transportation, communication and healthcare.Another way,since you said apart from historical places and culture,can be spotlighting rare the wildlife species in the country to arise curiosity people outside the country to come and for themselves the beauty in your country for example my country Uganda is famous to many for its Mountain Gorillas.I also think think participating and shining in world sports more actively is another way of increasing the number for visitors for example Morocco has shocked the world by qualifying for the world cup semi-finals so in this aspect I think many visitors will go to Morocco to see what its like.Upon giving such that point,it got me thinking that even investing in making top notch world class infrastructure such as beach hotels,crossroads for example in China's and Dubai's cross roads "https://www.reddit.com/r/InfrastructurePorn/comments/myufdw/highway_crossroads_dubai_uea_7952x5304/ "
      Such things can also attract people form all over the world and experts from other countries who have come to do benchmarking so as to go and improve their countries too.One country can choose to improve agriculture to international standards in modern farming and mechanization,this way many people shall come in search of this knowledge for example Netherlands,I have seen many farmers in my country going there to learn better farming methods and modern
      Basically,the number of visitors into a country can be increased by improving other attractions away from historical places and culture.

      We all know that besides taxes, tourism is also a main source of revenue to the country and the governments of different countries try hard to make sure that they can please these tourists so that they may come back and even spread the word to other people.
      I think Qatar could work on improving the infrastructure of the country like the roads so as to ease the tourists journeys while in the country. It could also improve on the old buildings in the country so as to attract more visitors. Then you might also find that the country might have some slums so I would suggest that maybe the government could get another piece of land to build some simple houses and they resettle the ones living in the slums then after they can demolish the slums and maybe in that area they construct something helpful to the people like a school, hospital or any other social service center and this will help the country to look neat. Then you also find that there are government schools that are in total bad shape, broken doors, windows and they don't take much good care of it and some government hospitals that have damaged facilities so the government should work on improving them because they are some visitorsthat come mainly to check on the country's social service centre's. The country should also buy more equipment and drugs for the hospitals because one of the visitors that come in the country might fall sick and they will need to visit the countries hospitals for treatment so if the services are good in the hospital he or she will even tell the friends to try that place which means the hospital earns more money and by earning more money that means more money earned by the government through taxes. The government should also work on improving the transport services of the country this is by fining whoever drives vehicles under dangerous mechanical conditions because these lead to road accidents at most times and also most of them release greenhouse gases that are not friendly to the environment hence causing air pollution. The government should also restrict or enforce strict laws on people that dump wastes in water sources because they some visitors that like the lake view and it wouldn't be good if they see wastes in the lake and that means they will stop visiting the country. And lastly I would suggest that the government makes sure that the accommodation, transport and everything the tourists may need is handled very well because they are visitors in the country so they have to make sure that they enjoy their visit into the country.

  • The world cup was host in Qatar it takes place every 4 years with 32 countries to participate. Each countries participating will have 27 players for the tournament. The fifa world cup was the highest body of football in the world. To join the other qualify countries every contitent will have their representative to the world cup. There are, Europe has 13 countries, American has 7 , Africa has 5, Asia has 6, and the oceanic has only one representative to participate in the world cup

  • In my opinion, hosting a major football event has negative and positive effects: Positive: We know that the football game was made to bring the world together. We see that there are players from different countries or fans from different countries such as Portugal, Argentina, Arab countries and the Arab Gulf states. Also winning the World Cup gives hope, optimism and unspeakable joy and has great financial value. We know that after the match is over, we see that the place has become polluted and full of rubbish, and thus provides a job opportunity for people who do not work. People can volunteer to clean up the stadium. The negative effects are the occurrence of conflicts between players when Plenty or a penalty kick occurs. Psychological pressure of players and tension. pollution

  • Thank you so much for your standpoint and your interesting point of view. I agree with mainly everything you stated. Your sentences made sense , everything flowed nicely, and it was very engaging to read. You kept my interest with every sentence that have I read, so I really think you deserved to be in one of the editor's pick.