What makes space 'out of this world'?

Aliens, galaxies, asteroids, black holes...

There are so many things about space that make people curious. Some people want to become astronauts and travel to the moon. Others might like to work on scientific space research.

We’d love to know more about which area of space excites you the most. Does your fascination with space revolve around unknown galaxies? Ingenious innovations? Finding life on other planets? Or something else?

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  • My fascination with space revolves around unknown galaxies and I would like to find life on other planets

    1. Very interesting @committed_tsunami! I myself often wonder if there is life outside of planet Earth too and what kind of life - do you think there may be human-equivalent forms of life on other planets?

    2. I agree because it's so big compared to us there could be so much life and technology beyond us what could be out there

    3. I agree because... we can go around the world to learn about space before we go to other planets and their are some other people who want to live on another planet or just see how it feels and looks

      1. Yes, and I am one of the people who want to live or find life on another planet, and what will life be like?

  • The cake needs many ingredients to succeed, such as the flour that maintains the texture of this vanilla cake, which gives it a beautiful smell, and baking soda, which makes it puffy, and also does not forget the flavor that gives the original taste of the cake.
    And so is the universe, in which there are many galaxies, planets and many other things, such as the planet Earth, without which life and man would not exist, and the stars that constantly light this universe. When the two phenomena occurred, the tides, and finally, do not forget who gives this universe the sweetness, which is space
    Space is a world full of infinite things, as there are many, many things that scientists have not yet discovered. And no matter how hard we try, we cannot discover a part of it. It will remain difficult, but with time this impossible may turn into a possibility, and a part of it may be discovered or fully discovered. This is how life is. And you, can you imagine the amount of information, things and creatures that you can find in space?? As for me, it is impossible that, as I said before, it is external and unfamiliar, so we cannot expect that.

    1. This is a great comparison that really made me think about how the universe works together as a whole. Comparing something complicated with something simple is a good way to help others to understand difficult concepts. Well done, free_snail!

    2. also the universee,in which there many galaxie and a planers and stares constantly light is universe the butiful

    3. Your likeness of the universe to cake is a very beautiful thing and I agree with all your words... Really wonderful words and in your saying (we can't discover part of it - it will still be difficult - but with time the impossible can turn into a possibility) I agree with you strongly Because of course scientists will try to discover space and every part of it and every point in it even

  • The luminous orbs whose rays penetrate the frightening darkness of space to illuminate our sky, for they are the sociability of the astronauts in their unity and provide the earthly people with energy, vitality, light and warmth. The presence of sufficient oxygen in space and at the end of it it explodes to leave us with a bright flash indicating the straying in the road, like the north and the south

  • A space in space I'd like to know more about?
    It is the space in which space creatures are located. I want to know how they live and how their lives continue in space, how they multiply and eat, do they have places to live, and also do they sleep and how long do they sleep and do they get sick like humans

    1. That's if there are creatures in outer space, willing_woodpecker! I'd like to find that out too.

    2. Are there creatures in space? I even want to know what you want to know if there are aliens

  • What impersses me is the milky way galaxy being one of the billions of galaxies in the universe and it's spiral shape that it enjoys and it contains many stars the most important of which is the sun and also contains the planets of the solar system and others

    1. I find this fascinating too @majestic_boysenberrry! And we still cannot tell with certainty how many galaxies actually exist in the whole universe, probably about 200 billion according to Dr. Mario Livio!

  • The house is a group of parts and components. If one component is missing in the construction of the house, it will collapse and collapse and so will the planet. It is important to know every part in it and its components and their ratio to the atmosphere and to nature, for example. Oxygen is the basis of the earth. If it increased, we would not be able to walk on the earth. Our kindness has diminished in the air, and thus life will cease to exist on earthEverything in life has a fixed and moderate proportion. It is interesting to learn about the components of the earth and discover things in it so that we can live in peace

    1. @charismatic_frog This is a very good comment. It made me think that we should take care more of what we have around us and be more curious in what's outside our known world. What do you think comes first, caring about what's around us or discover new "parts"?

      1. From my point of view, I see that knowing what is going on around us is more important than discovery, because if we know what is going on around us, our excitement will increase to discover the remaining parts

  • Yes, there are many ingenious innovations that astronauts and scientists can provide us with information about galaxies, planets and stars, and also that are being explored over the years. There are many things that scientists and astronauts have not yet discovered. It was distinguished by the appropriate location to live on because its location allowed the appropriate temperatures to reach the planet. Jupiter and Saturn also have no life because the temperature has dropped dramatically, and this indicates the greatness and creativity of the Creator. Among the galaxies that excite me are the stars, as they provide the earth with light at night and illuminate the sky and give it a beautiful appearance.

  • My personal interest is the galaxies to be honest I mean what if this is just one galaxy out of prospective galaxies I mean a whole new timeline, different worlds and different characteristics.

    1. accurate_wombat thanks for your comment, can you elaborate more on what you mean by this?

      1. Ok I mean if you think about it earth is basically tapped out of resources so think what if there are many other galaxies with untouched resources why don't we use those instead. we could even make earth's resources more valuable. we could help the earth by doing so.

  • 1 Which area of ​​space excites you the most? Planets and galaxies because of their view that attracts people to know the unknown and how they operate according to a very precise and energy system?
    And the planets, when we see them at night, they show that they emit light, reflect the light of the sun, they were luminous, and they are opaque bodies revolving around a star, and also each of them has what distinguishes it, such as Mercury, which is characterized by being free of mercury and Venus, which is characterized by its poisonous atmosphere.

    2 Does your fascination with space revolve around unknown galaxies?
    Try to do it in reality, and you try to try to do it in the universe because the world is navigating with unknown things and God created to work in this universe and there are no memories that work on developing life, facilitating and improving it for the better.
    3 great innovations? Space ships to connect astronauts and people to space for the pursuit of exploration and to increase people’s knowledge and knowledge. We can also create electronic devices that help humans in their practical life

    4 Finding life on other planets?
    Traveling to space leads to knowing the unknown, but I do not think that there will be life on a planet other than Earth, because it is the only one on which we can live because of its appropriate location in relation to the sun. With the ice and the temperature too low to bear.

    1. How would you respond if scientists did one day find life on another planet?

      1. I agree because... I will be happy, of course, because everyone has the opportunity to explore more and opens up a large field for us to research this planet and what creatures live on it, but I will not accept the idea that there is a planet on which creatures live. If the creatures that live on this planet are hostile, they will try to enslave us and plunder our wealth
        And if the beings that inhabit it are peaceful, then the language must be common and understood by all beings, like the language of mathematics.

    2. I want to reply on the fourth idea. Each galaxy has it’s own star that warm the planets and make it possible to live on . In general those stars play the same role as “Sun” . Also other planets could contain oxygen as “ Mars” (in high percentages) that allows us to breath , and if not there is a solution to make oxygen which is plasma technology. This is only what we know about our galaxy , but what about other galaxies? I believe that there could be the suitable needs on some planets to live and we never know them before . Then why do you think it’s impossible to have life on other planets ?

  • I would like to know in space what is the region bettween the Earth's atmosphere and the orbit of the moon , and also I would like know how explosions occur space .

    1. frank_papaya these are two interesting point, can you do some research to answer your own question?

  • space is a second world other than the world we live in, space has so mush unknowns galaxies there could be a place for life in another planet and this is what scientists are trying to explore.
    for me i want to know more about black holes and what more can be found in space.

    1. talented_robin thanks for your comment, where do you think you could go to find out more information on black holes?

    2. Thank you for your comment, I want to answer you. Black holes are a region characterized by the strength of gravity and can absorb everything that comes close to it, even light. It arises when massive stars die or explode, and the hole can continue to grow by absorbing mass from its surroundings and is one of the most dangerous objects ever.

  • If I had the opportunity to talk about space, I would be astonished as if they chose me to choose an important decision in my life, I don't know why but it is true, because I generally love space and I was very happy when I found it the focus of global conversation, I think that all students will love it after their experience in this global conversation, It is enough to make us delve into the subject a lot. From my point of view, I see that the stars are the best thing in this wonderful, wonderful and somewhat mysterious space. Why did you choose the stars?!
    Have you ever noticed the stages of a fetus’s growth in its mother’s womb and then it is born into a child, then a child, then a man, then an old man and then dies? This is exactly the case for a star!
    The star also lives for a while and then dies,This information was enough to raise my astonishment when I read it about a year ago in one of the scientific books. The world of stars is so big that we can't believe it. The sun, which is the basis of light on human life, is considered a star!
    I am drawn to the stars by their comfortable view of the eye, where a person can see about 6000 stars with the naked eye, and the star has many benefits in our lives. They used navigators and people used them to know their places in the middle of the desert. Have you tried now to imagine how our lives could be damaged if the stars disappeared despite We do not give stars the attention we are supposed to give them because they are really important to humanity!

    1. I really admire how you have described the stars, both their beauty and the practical uses humans have derived from them. We now have things like GPS for navigation, which also relies on space. Do you think we would ever cease to need stars?

  • 1 We live on Earth, and it is the only planet that has Earth’s gravity, and it is the only planet where the sun’s rays are suitable. You can imagine life without Earth. We can’t do anything. Recently, I saw a woman in space trying to take a shower, but we couldn’t because of water volatilization. Space or eating food naturally The astronauts eat in tubes and they say that it never matches natural food and there animals can't live and this is another problem because humans benefit from animals from drink and meat 3 and sunlight is very important for everything on earth, like a planet Mercury can not be approached because of the deadly temperature because it is very close to the sun and Neptune is ice and we can never live in it and there are no seasons like summerBecause there is no sun there, planet Earth is the only planet suitable for living in my opinion

    1. Love this @centered_robin and it really made me think about how special Earth really is and how we shouldn't be taking our planet that we call home for granted as it equals life! Do you think there are potentially other forms of life in planets that are different to Earth though? Humans may not be able to survive there but wondering if conditions there permit for other kinds of living creatures.

  • Mystery movies revolves around the solution of a problem or a crime. It focuses on the efforts of the detective or the private investigator to solve the mysterious circumstances of an issue by means of clues, investigation, and clever deduction. It engages and challenges our intellect through clues. There are puzzles and plot twists, clever surprises that come up as the mystery is being solved.

    To me space is just like a mystery movie. It requires the efforts of space explorers to discover solution to problems. It is mysterious in the sense that it is so vast there never ceases to be something new. It's not like reading books over and over again and getting bored. It's like a mystery movie that never ends. There are a lot of twists, puzzles and the space explorers have to use clues, investigation and clever deduction and investigation in other to discover new solutions to different problems.

    1. I really like this description of space. What is your favourite mystery component of space?

  • I'd like to learn more about the different galaxies and universes and if there are multiverses and if so, how are we divided from them.its all imagination but at the same time theorys.

    1. lucky_agency it's great that the theoretical side of space interests you! What bits of the multiverse theory do you think are most believable?

  • Space is everything specifically all existing matter in the universe which when you realise how gianourmous space is and its contents, it's mind blowing and that our planet earth is just one tiny atom of the galaxy and the galaxy is one atom of the universe and who knows except god how reality extends,no matter how we try we will never know the wonders of space and reality.

    1. Indeed @lucky_agency! Do you believe technology will ever evolve to such an extent where it will be possible to visit another galaxy altogether?

  • Space is a very vital part of God's creation and it has many unique things.
    Firstly, the footprints of the Apollo astronauts will remain on the moon because there is no wind or water to erode them away,secondly Sound can't be made in space because there is no atmosphere which is a medium through which sound travels, lastly Venus is the hottest planet with about 450 degrees Celsius but it isn't the closest to the sun.This is because mercury does not have an atmosphere.
    These are some very outstanding facts about space

  • Ingenious innovation of course, because I would like to develop spaceship that can travel into space without the huge amount of pollution on Earth.

    1. Great point @methodical_didgeridoo! I would love to hear of ways you might think space exploration could become more sustainable towards Earth.

  • Black holes are my favorites because I think they are like passages to other universes. So my curiosity may leads me to invite the a machine that resists against Black holes gravity. So wecan dive deep there and come back with great data that can ease our life and solve some of our problems.

    1. This peaks my imagination. If you could bring back anything from another universe to help humankind, what would it be?

  • My fascination with space revolves around unknown galaxies and I would like to find life on other planets. Which area of ​​space excites you the most? Finding life on other planets?
    Traveling to space leads to knowing the unknown, but I do not think that there will be life on a planet other than Earth, because it is the only one on which we can live because of its appropriate location in relation to the sun. With the ice and the temperature too low to bear.

    1. majestic_piccolo do you think different kinds of life could exist in another part of space? How do you think humans would react if we found aliens?

      1. Some of us dream of getting a career as an astronaut to explore the world, asteroids and other galaxies Hanaa is a platform called NASA that did not shorten anything around us, as it showed us three-dimensional images of stars, planets, galaxies, rocks and others in space so that we can learn and explore what is happening outside the planet And I am personally the most important area that I would like to visit and explore a lot.

  • Space is an interesting world, and my curiosity for discovery does not stop, and many have curiosity to discover it and know its secrets, and I, as a person who believes in discovering space, and satisfying my need and curiosity in discovering space, so I think that space is full of opportunities that we have not exploited so far, through our passion for discovery and the speed of development we will be able to reach To the farthest point in space

    1. When the mention the word space my mind goes very far and wide. I would love to visit Mars one day and possibly be the first human to feel life on another planet. Mars is said to be able to contain life, but how true is this? The world is evolving and we do not know whether is another form of life outside there. I want to explore and write my name in the books of history.

  • I liked to Know the places in space and l know that there are a many beautiful places such as the huge cloud in it, it is said it is very nice and smells like rum. It made up of dust and gas Found in space and the most beautifuly it is present in our galaxy.
    I always wonder about aliens l know it's Funny but really that's what I have in mind 😅

    1. There are some very interesting theories around whether aliens exist. One that I have read about is the Fermi paradox. Do you think aliens exist?

      1. So do you recommend to read about it?

  • Space is a world full of dark secrets that no matter how much we know about them, we are always craving to find out more about them. The things that interest me are black holes, which are called "neighborhood sweeping". Vacuum cleaners exactly in the truest sense of the word, suck up this smoke and cosmic dust, just like a broom. NASA called them black holes because they can't be seen. They are like a hole sucking up any dust or smoke in the universe. It is twenty times larger than the sun, and with the stability of giant cosmic brooms capable of swallowing the earth because of its great gravity that attracts anything that passes in front of it.

  • Space is a vast and mysterious world, too, but there are a lot of questions that arouse my curiosity. I would like to know whether there are really aliens living in space. I would also like to know whether there is life on other planets. I would like to know what planetary shapes look like on the truth.

    1. That's great @poetic_banana. Do you believe aliens exist in your opinion?

  • I would like to know more about really everything. there is so much to explore and find out about. therefore only limiting myself to knowing just one aspect of space won't do justice to the whole magnitude of it.

    1. terrific_acorn I think you've said it well that there are so many aspects of space, great to hear you want to learn more! If you had to choose, what are the top 3 things about space you would like to learn more about?

  • I am a very inquisitive person, so I would accept any brilliant and understanding knowledge anyone has on the concept of the universe.

  • The areas that excite me the most and make me want to go to space are the areas where a liens live . I saw a lot on tv when l watched cartoon programs, so l wondered if they are real , how they live and where they live , and do they know us and what they do

    1. Great comment happy_groundhog. I agree that aliens are very exciting and intriguing! Maybe you could ask our space expert what she thinks about aliens.

  • Tell us what erea of space you'd like to learn more about?

    My interest is focused on the moon , because it is the brightest and largest object in the night sky that a human foot has ever set foot on, it's about a quarter the size of the Earth.
    There is also a question that always cones to me:which is what would happen if the moon disappeared completely or moved away from our planet?!!

    1. A really interesting questions energetic_volcano! Maybe you could ask our NASA expert on the Hub!

    2. That is a really interesting question. There are many things on earth that are affected by the moon e.g. our tides. What do you think is the most important thing the moon effects on earth?

      1. I think that the moon has many effects and benefits for the earth, the most important of which is that it affects the number of hours of the day (the length of days) and the tilt of the earth’s axis, and there is also something important for us, especially for Muslims, which is determining the beginning and end of the lunar months, specifically with regard to the beginning of the months related to worship, such as fasting in the blessed month of Ramadan holidays, etc

  • My questions are that are there any other galaxies out there?
    If yes then is it possible to get there and how long would it take if it was possible?
    I hope NASA or SPACE X might be able to find out and satisfy my need of this question being answered.
    I wonder if anyone else has the same question in mind.

    1. Great questions entertaining_duck! We have a NASA expert coming on to answer your questions, maybe you could comment your questions on that discussion post for her to answer!

  • In my imagination, there are things we do not expect in space, meaning there can be galaxies. Unknown in space. It is not possible to live on a planet other than Earth because it is the only planet through which we can breathe and live and the presence of gravity Earth, but other planets are difficult for us to live in because of the absence of gravity.
    * As we see on the videos and others, space is a very beautiful world and it is wonderful innovations.

    1. Now it is impossible to live on other planets; but through space innovations adding to the curiosity of human beings that will be no longer impossible. Recently people have walked on Mars and lived there for a few days. Who knows it is our turn to be the aliens on other planets. Can you believe that!

      1. No people have landed on Mars yet, but machines have stayed there to take pictures and send them back to Earth.

      2. Here you did not mean to stay on the planets, but to live on the planets, and I think that we cannot live on another planet.

    2. It does feel like we are limited in our space exploration by our reliance on earth's atmosphere. Do you think we will have the technology in the future to create habitable environments on other planets.

      1. I think this will be very difficult because there is no gravity except on planet Earth.

  • The area of ​​space that I would like to know about is that there is life on Mars, as it is said, and I want to make sure of this statement, whether it is true or not, and if it is true, how can they live without oxygen or gravity?? I am in awe of this topic.

    1. Maybe you could ask your question to our NASA expert!

  • Space is simply an empty area but what nature and we humans make of it makes it out of this world. Growing up as a toddler I always wanted to know what it feels like to have zero gravity so I would spin and get so dizzy and say that maybe this is what it feels like, honestly there is so much in space that I would love to know about but the milky way and the shooting stars a bit more fascinating and intriguing because you cannot just say their are made up of hot balls of gases released under pressure I would like to keep my mind open and be like oh maybe one of the stars making up the milky way was formed when something back here happened and things like that, having a wild imagination does not hurt.

    1. curious_contribution this is a brilliant way of thinking about space. Would you go to space to experience zero gravity if you had the opportunity?

      1. Yes because everything is an opportunity to learn and nothing is ever wasted.

  • I would like to know that there is life on planets other than the planet Earth on which we live and which we cannot live without. Like, is there life on Mars, which is characterized as a rocky planet and whose temperature is 63 degrees Celsius, known as the Red Planet, caused by iron oxide It is not permissible to live on Mars because the air around this planet does not contain enough oxygen for humans and space is a world full of infinite things and where there are many things that have not been discovered by scientists, and regardless of the difficulty of discovering them, only part of them will be discovered or fully discovered. Can you imagine The amount of information, creatures and things that exist in space, including a group of planets, galaxies, stars, moons, dust, gases and black holes.

    1. This is a well research response careful_jambul well done! Do you think we will one day find alien life in space? Why?

  • Space is very beautiful, including what gives it beauty is the presence of stars, planets, galaxies and extraterrestrial beings in it. Indeed, I dream of becoming an astronaut in order to travel to space to see the blessings of God upon us and say, Glory be to God, and praise be to God, who created this for us and we were not coupled with him, but the bad economic situation does not allow me With this and of course the space that I like to see is the space where the stars, planets, galaxies and aliens and I enjoy seeing aliens move and play I love aliens very much and I also like to see them I am very excited.........
    🌹Thank you very much

  • The people who benefit least are the ordinary people because not everyone can afford space innovations the most important innovations are prosthetics and the internet. in my daily life .

  • The Solar System and the Planets:- I would like to know a lot about the Solar System, or the planet system we are living in. I want to be able to know about the Sun, the planets, asteroids, meteroids, moons, etc. in brief and the arrangement of the planets. This is the first step towards learning about space.

    1. This is a very logical answer calm_deer that learning about our solar system first is a good starting point to learn about space. Can you go and do some research on this and share your favourite fact?

      1. The Solar System☀️: It is a group that consists of the sun and all that revolves around it of small size objects such as small planets, asteroids, meteorites and comets, in addition to a thin cloud of gas and dust called the interplanetary medium and revolves around the sun but indirectly

  • Space is a wonderful thing and there are many amazing things in it such as stars and others. Scientists have discovered a part of space, but they did not discover everything. The things that they discovered they made of them are tools that benefit humans on Earth and they are still discovering until this time, but I wonder a lot. Are there alien beings as they say in Cartoons: Is there really another life on other planets? These questions I think about a lot. I hope that the answers to these questions will be discovered by the astronauts.

    1. giving_mood well done for contributing - you say scientists have discovered things that benefit us, can you give some examples of these?

  • Truly saying we don't know a lot about space, actually we are surrounded with many theories. They may be true or may be not.

    We really don't know why was space created and what is it's exact age. We don't know the exact physics “followed” by black holes , we don't know the existance of alien life etc.

  • I would like to learn about finding life on all the different planets that we have in the solar system.

  • I'm interested in astrophysics, astronomy, aeronautics and space . I want to know a lot about the universe. But, first I need to learn some basic terminologies. I want to know more about
    The Solar System and the Planets and a lot about the Solar System, or the planet system we are living in . I would like to know more about the sun

  • Outer space is a vast, large and mysterious place that includes some things that man does not know, but God Almighty knows. I am curious about outer space and I have some questions, for example, is it suitable to live in space, and is there all the requirements of life in it, and are there planets that man has not yet discovered, and are scientists able to discover these things and how can he discover them, but I am absolutely certain that God has endowed with his ability every human being on the face of the earth The determination, will, and determination to discover the unknown, and I hope that in the future there will be answers to my questions about these things

  • I'm interested in astrophysics, astronomy, aeronautics and space . I want to know a lot about the universe. But, first I need to learn some basic terminologies. I want to know more about
    The Solar System and the Planets and a lot about the Solar System, or the planet system we are living in . I would like to know more about the sun❤️

  • Before I decide to travel to space, I must know many facts related to this journey, which is full of oddities and adventures. Before going to space, I should know the dangers and challenges that will face me on this journey, especially health challenges. Outer space has no or almost no gravity. Compared to the gravity of planet Earth, this means that I need special preparations to help me overcome the issue of gravity

    1. unique_reality this is an interesting point you have raised, when you think space travel will become accessible to everyone? How do you think these challenges of travelling to space will be overcome?

      1. Well, we must first overcome poverty, and if we overcome it, then we can do our best

  • The human body is made up of a group of organs that cooperate to perform several useful functions.
    Likewise, the universe, of which our planet is a part, runs according to specific systems. The space that surrounds us is full of what we do not know, which makes us seek to reach and discover it.
    Space is a mysterious thing for us, what are its components? Who lives in it? How is it going? Can there be life on it? They are all questions for that mysterious surrounding us

  • Space is full of wonders and man wants to explore it, some of them want to discover new beings and others want to discover different planets and worlds.
    As for me, I am interested in learning more about the wonders of space so that I can invent new things

    1. @spirited_snow what kinds of wondrous things do you think you might find in space?

  • The best space invention that I liked is the satellite, which works on the principle of taking pictures of the planets, broadcasting, communications, espionage and meteorology. Also, NASA discovered the stimulus of solar energy technology:
    NASA did not invent the use of solar energy technology, but it kept it alive and helped develop it and contribute to the economy, starting with Vanguard 1, the first solar-powered satellite since 1958.

  • Space is endless and space is infinity. If I want to know more about space I will have to know more about the earth. But Man has not even able truly learn everything about the Earth. So it doesn't have any other choice other than to look up than looking down.

    Looking up means looking to space. Space is easier to explore as we can send rockets and space probes. Unlike, we don't even have machines which can cut the Antarctic ice and cut the mantle.

    The Present Space Research is like, More you Look and Lesser you see. Space Research is now a business-oriented and international area of dominance.

  • Of course, I would love to be out there to explore Space, and the area that I would like to learn more about is the Black Hole. I would also love to see other Planets, perhaps ones that may have living and unknown creatures on them. You know what, I would love to see the whole Space and to explore the unseen galaxies.

    I just love Space and Space Exploration ...

  • Some of us dream of getting a career as an astronaut to explore the world, asteroids and other galaxies Hanaa is a platform called NASA that did not shorten anything around us, as it showed us three-dimensional images of stars, planets, galaxies, rocks and others in space so that we can learn and explore what is happening outside the planet And I am personally the most important area that I would like to visit and explore a lot.

    It is on the moon when the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, split the moon in two. I would like to explore this area and many other areas a lot.What makes space outside this world? (Because space is another world completely different from this world of ours, and there are some inconsistent things between our world and the world of space. In space, things fly, and there is no gravity to fix things, and there is no air to breathe, meaning there is no lact life in our world. There is air Gravity and non-flying, and we can move in complete relaxation, and all of this is by the grace of my Lord, who mocked all this for us

  • Extraterrestial Life: I Would like to know about the presence of other intelligence life other than in Earth.
    After mastering these topics, I can study about more advance topics like black holes, worm holes, dark matter, aerodynamics, etc.

  • When I hear the word outer space what comes to my mind is a place with wonderful, interesting and captivating things like the natural satellites. What fascinates me the most is the moon, how the moon has different phases my favorite phase is the crescent and also what fascinates me is how each plant has it's own moon. For example Jupiter's moon is bigger than the planet Mecrury and Jupiter has up to 80 moons. I would love to see the outer space especially the moon.

  • I would like to know more about the new planet .In 2017, a team of international astronomy researchers discovered a planet likely made of hard diamond. The planet is associated with a neutron star, known as a millisecond pulsar (PSR J1719-1438), which scientists believe is made entirely of high-density carbon, making it a crystal.

  • When I hear the word space, I immediately think of the image of the moon
    I would like to study space science in the summer vacation because for me it is very interesting
    I would also like to make a robot in the form of a satellite that includes all the information. We only have to ask him, and also write a complete book on astronomy and open a scientific channel on YouTube.
    If I had the opportunity to live on any planet, I would choose Venus because it is characterized by the color pink, and this is my favorite color, even though I know that there is no life on any planet but Earth.

    1. The space is characterized by a lot of things but the moon is the most explored by humans. I would love to visit it one day and be a giver of information not just a hearer. I would also love to check other planets to see if there are actually aliens in the world. I know aliens are myhts but who knows maybe they exist.

  • I would like to know more information about rain in outer space
    When we think of rain here on Earth, we will definitely think of water, but does it rain in outer space on other distant planets such as Pluto and Neptune. I expect that something completely different from what we might imagine or come to our mind?

  • I want to visit the Great Red Spot, which is the largest hurricane in the solar system, "Jupiter." I have many interests in outer space as well, such as: the Caloris basin in Mercury, the moon Io, and the sea of ​​stillness. This is the information I know. to imagine : I want to ride a space shuttle and go up to space and see the planets and stars and I want to see the red spot and the moon Io and the Caloris basin in Attar, but we can't because the temperature on Mercury is 700 Kelvin. And a sea of ​​silence.

  • In fact, I never aspired to get out of this planet, as I thought that it meant death, but when I learned about outer space and the galaxies in this great space and the wonderful creation, when I learned that the stars, the moon, the sun and all the planets, including the planet in which I live, are all in this space, I became hopeful And a longing to go out into this space, what was most exciting to the mind is the beauty of these planets from the outside, especially Saturn, as it is one of the most beautiful planets. Space news and astronomy, there are scientists who are considered one of the largest and most famous scientists who are famous for discovering the astronomy of the planets. I hope to be one of them, as it is an interesting and enjoyable experience

  • As soon as space is mentioned, I immediately think about the world outside of Earth.
    The unknown galaxies is something that is really mesmerising to think about and is something that keeps my mind energised.
    Is there life on the other planets? Approximately how many galaxies are there in this universe? How does space work?
    These questions are ones that I often think about on a daily basis.
    While I think all types of astronomy is mind-blowing, I feel exploring the galaxies is something that really interests me. In reality, there may be an infinity amount of galaxies and I feel it is right for us to know what is beyond all of it.

  • I would like to know more about the moon because, the moon is very interesting and it obits the Earth (where we live.) Also because who know there might be different cute creatures.

  • When I think of space, my mind drifts far asking questions like how big is the universe, how many galaxies are in it, is there life on any of the planets in the universe, how many stars exist. Questions like this make me really interested in space and space travel and makes want to learn more about it like how the largest star in our solar system is called the "Stephenson" and it's 19.570 light years away from Earth and it's radius is "1.4958 billion kilometers". Facts like this make me really enjoy studying about space.

  • When I talk about space, I am talking about a world of mystery, secrets and surprises. Outer space is a very vast world, and the Earth we live on is nothing but an atom that swims in its depths. Space has always been a mysterious secret of mankind, and flying in it has been a dream since ancient times.
    Man is by nature a curious being who tries to explore the things around him and penetrate into this vast universe... For myself, I find wonders in space that the human mind can't imagine, because the human mind is short and limited in front of this creativity... What surprised me the most is what is known as the "black hole" It is like a fire hole... it swallows up everything around it, and the word "black hole" refers to a point in space with a density millions of times greater than its size... We don't know what's inside it.
    And no matter how much I talk about it, I will not reach its full description..and no matter how much science reaches the discovery of space, we will not even be able to discover the area of ​​that huge spot! Despite this, man's efforts are commendable and wonderful for the information he has reached. More discoveries are necessary, as man may reach the discovery of another planet, which is what he aspires to at present.

  • I think it’s amazing that the space particles can form an amazing atmosphere which our knowledge is expanding of

  • The stars are one of the incredible areas of space I would like to learn about, and one thing that fascinates me is that the sun is a star. Another thing that fascinates me is that a star can be between 1 and 10 billion years old or even older. Stars are incredible areas in space and going further I would like to learn more about it

  • I'd like to learn about the black holes, worm holes and the exoplanets present in other galaxies. Black holes are one of the most mysterious things ever found in space. It's very interesting to know about what happens to the matter which goes inside this huge cosmic structure and worm holes are also interesting as what can be more interesting than getting the ability to travel from one place in the universe to the other which maybe light years away and as we explore the space we may find new forms of matter and structures which may be too exciting to study about.

  • I am really amazed from the shining stars to the huge planets in our solar system. When I am older, I would like to be an astronomer .

    1. That's lovely @spirited_thought. Which part of space would you like to explore when you become an astronomer?

    2. interesting I also think stars are interesting but to be actually in space like an astronaut would truly be amazing

  • I am very interested in the concept of hyper-space travel through wormholes and the possibility of multiverses for human development. I'm also interested in finding out about the use of dark matter and dark energy for energy production on our planet and using this to end many of the problems that we face today. The universe holds a plethora of new possibilities and I want to be a part of every step along the journey of space research and exploration.

  • The galaxies have always held my imaginations. I have often wondered if life exists there. Are there truly aliens? Answers to these questions fuel my drive to know more about galaxies.
    Scientist have studied space since the 4 October,1957 it is amazing how scientist have studied for long.
    And also the genius who discovered space is Edwin Hubble. He was born on the 20th November, 1889. He is American and he died on the 28th of September 1953, at age 63.
    I also thank you NASA, for stopping the asteroid from hitting the earth in 2022.

    1. Great comment @fun_perspective and highlights what an amazing and inspiring work scientists studying the space do! Do you have a favorite space scientist or pioneer?

  • Cosmology is certainly an important aspect of my life since it allures me the most! Nonetheless, since childhood my mind has been crafted in such a way that smallest matter in space seems enchanting to me. Personally, dark matter and energy are of the most significant topics that captivate me. Moreover, the thermodynamic concept of light and energy in space leads to discovery of certain resources.

    1. Amazing @decisive_reality. Your comment got me thinking about how different energy resources are in different planets or galaxies. Do you think there will ever come a time when we may be able to come up with ingenious ways of harvesting space energy outside of Earth?

      1. I genuinely do think that a certain decade will come where the development in technology shall be at its peak however, it may take several years so as to come up with a fullproof and remarkable plan in order to achieve space energy outside the earth.

  • As we know that population is increasing day by day. Mostly in developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Iran etc population has grown to alarming level. Increasing population is also effecting agricultural land. Forest , fields are laying down for land. In coming few decades population will further increased. Keeping in mind these problems astronomers are in research of a new planets for living purpose. For this purpose Mars is considered best planet . Many astronomers have suggested to make Mars a place for living purpose. Now a days; due to climate change sea bed's level is increasing which is horrible for humanity. There are many factors that are making space ; out of this world (earth)

  • From my point of view, the most important task for astronauts at the present time is to discover a new planet suitable for life on it due to the many problems that planet Earth suffers from, which have made this planet uninhabitable by a large percentage, so the planet suffers from the increase in population, pollution, global warming and the lack of water sources And the lack of food, so the discovery of another planet suitable for life may solve many of these problems and make man more keen on the safety of the new planet due to what he suffers on planet Earth.

  • Space is fascinating. How can their be no end to space? What may be beyond space? What if a black hole sucked our sun? What if we make contact with aliens? Their are so many what ifs that space sparks a flame of curiosity in me. I personally would like to know what may be in the centre of space ( or maybe centre is not a term used for space may be limitless) or what lies at the edge of space ( of coarse, if there is an edge).

    Additionally, I would like to know what you think on this particular question:

    If a spaceship ran out of power, how would it fall? Would it eventually crash onto a pit ? But again, there is no limit to space, right?
    Feel free to express your opinions!

  • What I've been curious about since I was young, is how orbits work, like moons. Without our precious orbit, The Moon, we would right now be in serious issues. Like, without the moon, our planet will be tilting in a different axis, causing severe weather. And that's where my curiosity peaked. How can one orbit change our lives for the better? Also, how do moons stay afloat and not just drift into the observable universe? I've had these questions for a long time now, but I've yet to come up with an answer.

  • The stars ⭐, galaxies , planets 🌕, the sun ☀️ and the moon 🌜 are all interesting and seeing them makes me happy 😁, especially the stars 🤩 and moon at night 🌃. Seeing them is very interesting ☺️ and beautiful 🙂 it takes me to another would. I see as if i went to a world full of happiness and joy.

    Space 🚀 is very beautiful 😍 and wonderful 💕 and I wish I could 🥰 go to space 🚀 and discover new 🆕 things.

    What area of space 🚀 excites you the most?
    For me, the area that excites me the most is NGC 6753 and I wish I could see it up close and enjoy seeing it because it is very beautiful 😍 and exciting. It is very fascinating 😍 what I know about it is that it is blue explosions that occur in the spiral arms, which are areas full of stars ⭐ that shine in ultraviolet light.

    Does your fascination revolve around unknown galaxies?
    Yes, I want to watch galaxies and discover many things about them.

    Space 🚀 is sailing with unknown things that we do not know that are working to develop life.

    Great innovations 😍?
    Langing on the dark side of the moon 🌜 , which is the side we can't see from earth.

    Space 🚀 travel leads to knowledge of the unknown.

    The space 🚀🌌 you would like to know 🤠 more ☺️ about?
    It is the interstellar space 🚀 . I would like to know 🤠 alot about it. I only know about it ☺️ . It is the physical space 🚀 inside the galaxy that is not occupied by stars ⭐ or planetary systems.😅

  • For me, going to space is a dream of a lifetime. It's not all about the fascinations but it's all about the amazing sights and discoveries to be made for example; the different planets in existence, the multiple galsxies and multiple others.
    And for me, I want to learn more about the unknown galaxies in existence.

  • What recently motivates me to think of the outer space is the altimate attention-grabbing pictures of James Webb telescope. After this great scientific revolution, I imagine myself rideing a spacecraft from one planet to another. I would visit unhabitant galaxies and stars in the outer space. I think this could profoundly decrease the high population and pollution on earth. I hope that this dream come true one day. And diffinatly it WILL!

    1. Can you explain how your exploration would decrease high population and pollution on earth, amicable_buffalo?

  • Space is a place for infinite possibilities. The more you dig deeper into this empty void more these secrets of space untangle. Over the years many inquisitive humans have done so and tried to find the answers to this mystery of space, from early astronomers to present-day astronauts and hi-fi satellites, space science has progressed a lot, and many agencies like NASA; ISRO; ROSCOSMOS, etc. have come up that have played a huge role in it. Things that inspire me about space are the questions such as what is space, was there a beginning or an end to it? Is there any possibility of life in the future in space? Does space pose any threats to us and how can we prevent it? and alas the beauty of the galaxies, nebulas, stars, and whatnot in space is just breathtaking and indescribable which excites me!
    I think everyone should take interest in space as according to me the future of the earth lies in space itself.

  • I am someone who has always been skeptical about religion and god because it just seems a little too good to be true. Ironically science- precisely astrophysics, has led to me into believing there is one creator. The fact that fascinates me the most is how precise and calculated everything is in space.

    If gravity were slightly more powerful, the universe would collapse into a ball. Similarly if it were less powerful, the universe would fly apart. Isn’t this so interesting? I fail to believe that all this is just a result of The Big Bang Theory.

    So, the thing that fascinates me the most is how accurate the universe is and how it never fails to be this precise.