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In class, we did two topics: Fast Fashion and The Global Food Crisis. It was interesting to... Competition #6 Favourite topic 09/12/22
Medusa is a villain. She is, without doubt, or question, an evil, bloodthirsty monster. She... Who could change the world? 05/12/22
One of the most ridiculous things I've heard from narrow-minded people is that females should... Gender inequality: have your say! 05/12/22
Our responsibility as human beings is to use our voices to speak out for those who have been... Iran: Should people speak out? 22/11/22
I dream of writing my own books and stories one day and weaving tales that allow others to read... Expert challenge: achieving dreams! 22/11/22
I come from a country where females are granted very little freedom and hungry, homeless... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 11/11/22