Gender inequality: have your say!


Gender equality will take 132 years to achieve if we continue making progress at the current rate. Look at the global statistics about how men and women are treated unequally at work.

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    On average, women are paid less than men. For every dollar that men earn, women earn 77 cents. This is called the gender pay gap.

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    Since 2006, the regions that have made the most progress in closing their gender pay gap are North America, the Middle East and North Africa.

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    In the past, one of the biggest reasons for the gender pay gap was because fewer women had access to education. This situation is improving but the inequality still exists.

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    Unpaid work

    Women are more likely to do unpaid work at home. For example, looking after family members or household chores. Women may be doing as much as 30% more unpaid work than men.

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  • In my ernest opinion i feel men have a say more than women because they are superior over us. We can use Malala Yousafzai as a clear example in this topic she was born into a family that encoraged education for females. Her father wanted her to be treated equally. When the Talibans took control of their town they changed everthing girls should not go to school.They should only be at home doing chores and getting married at an early age. While the boys could have proper education and get jobs. Malala loved school and didnt let their rule get to her. She started to protest and fight against gender inequality. She was on a bus with some of her classmates and she was shot in the head because she was fighting against education right for girls. Luckily she survived the attack and is still protesting. This is simply setting an example for girls to try and stand strong for their fundamental rights no matter how fierce the consequences maybe. We shouldnt let men bring us down because they may be stronger or braver than us. We should learn to prove ourselves to them.👍

    1. You make some great points here about how women, like Malala, have had to fight for equality. In your first line you said "men have a say more than a women because they are superior". This makes it sound like you agree that they are - however, I think you mean "men have a say more than women because some men believe that they are superior". This makes it clearer that gender inequality is wrong.

      1. Yes. Gender inequality is wrong because we as women have legal rights to freedom,speech,vote and to be voted for and so many fundamental rights but unfortunately some of us are denied those rights because of belief. Some people believe women are meant to be housewives, sex objects, slaves and so on which is very devastating to even think about. Women in some countries cant even say a word when they are being maltreated because of fear of what happen next. They are some women who gather up courage to talk but when they talk nothing actually happens because she's a woman that doesn't deserve to be heard or granted justice. We should try to make ourselves equal with the men so we can enjoy our fundamental rights and experience having jobs that we've never gotten like beign the president of a country.

    2. I think Malala is a fantastic example of fighting against gender inequality! You have said men are superior to women - do you think this is perception or reality? For example, although men may be perceived as superior to women, I believe in reality we all have our strengths and weaknesses that make us an asset to one another and women just as 'superior' as men.
      Why do you think women should prove themselves to men? Do you think there are enough 'strong' or 'brave' women role models for men to learn from?

      1. Well think it is perception. In the world today people now have regarded men to be at the top but when we face reality some women are above men in some specific levels. The mindset of someone can affect everything. Gemder inequality did not just start like that. It was the mindset of an individual that rose it up to this level. People encouraged the post or what the person must have said and decided to think the same way. Yes there are a lot of brave strong women that serve as role models to men. Ophra Winfrey is a clear example. She tried her best to stop child abuse since she was a victim of it. Many people have learnt from this amazing woman. Her words do not only make an impact to women but also to men. Alot of men have been inspired through her.

    3. I sincerelly agree to your statement becuase when respectivelly veiwing what one believed and has created a change (Malala Yousafazai) we should all believe that everything is possible no matter what the aftermath may involve.

      To continue, it is said how in the early 16 centry are before, men were provided a sufficient quantity of more power over us, women. This all took place before democracy and voting became a thing.

      An additional point which o am willing to add ois the fact of how men still are given a little push of more power. This is depicted in salaries. For example, when one (female) works at a bank, then there wage is still less to what a man earns by performing the same task (The difference is puny though).

      Just to end of, I agree with your point; "successful_crow"

      1. Great examples illuminated_newspaper!

    4. I agree because women are also human beings who have equally the same rights as men do. The denial of them to go to school is not right because these women are more than what they look ; they are the main roots of our existence and denying them the opportunity to go to school is really unfair. They too deserve equally the same rights as men have

    5. "In my ernest opinion i feel men have a say more than women because they are superior over us." No one ever said men are superior over women. The wrong mindset of some people including women makes it seem that men are more superior than women but that is very wrong. Some examples of women who never felt like men are superior and they have to kill their dreams and aspirations in order to be under those men are Vigdís Finnbogadóttir of Iceland, who won the 1980 presidential election as well as three later elections, to become the longest-serving non-hereditary female head of state in history, she did not allow the men are superior to women talk get to her. Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti was the first woman in Nigeria to drive a car despite the less support women got at that point. There is a popular Nigerian saying that says what a man can do a woman can do it better. women and men are equal.

    6. The example you mentioned really enriched the topic, yes Malala is a great example of standing straight infront inequality and fighting for rights. But, i disagree with you in one thing when you first mentioned " Men are superior over Women" by this you prove that you are really into this and comvinced by this say, then you contradicted it with the example.

    7. I love this example. Malala is such an inspriration to everyone and she continues to protest and advocate for children rights today.

  • At the outset, I want to say that all people should be equal, so that we do not differentiate between them in language, religion, customs and traditions. We do not differentiate between women and men. I feel that men have a greater opinion in society, so that women work at home without a salary. But women have a lower salary than men Men evaluate women from the outside. Men have positions in which they make important decisions, such as the president of a company, a school teacher, or a university teacher.

    1. Thank you for sharing your views on this, honest_cat. You mentioned a few examples of inequality too - so what could be done to improve these situations? Do you think it will be easy to achieve gender equality?

      1. I don't think it's easy to equalize the sexes
        Because if we want to achieve equality then first we have to change my thinking in some societies that women are also human beings and they are just like men and I think that will take a long time to convince them

        1. Hi @agreeable_dusk, this is a great point! Changing societal attitudes plays a crucial role in achieving gender equality.

        2. Yes, I agree with you. No action can be changed, and we work until we can communicate with you. We think of words, good ideas and increase their knowledge of women, and that women have dignity like men and have the freedom to do whatever they want according to the law.

      2. I do not think so, because in some countries they believe that men are the mainstay of society because their customs and traditions that delude them and blind them to equality between women and men and also because they follow the path of their ancestors because they think that their grandparents are always right and this is wrong because no one is wrong as they think because they think A woman's job in life is to serve them as a commanded slave who has no decision, and that a woman has nothing to do with anything but the birth of children, so they are completely wrong.
        Therefore, they will not be able to change the reality of gender inequality unless centuries after centuries pass. Because it has been established in their minds that women have no value.

        1. what you're talking about here, allowing_flute, is "generational change" -- the idea that societal norms live and die with certain generations. But maybe it's more hopeful than you think; generational change _can_ happen within a single generation or two, not "centuries after centuries"...

    2. I agree because... I come from a place that has what you say.

    3. You have said men have a greater opinion in society. A one-sided view of life can exclude others. For example, men making policies on sanitary products will generate limited outcomes. What do you think about more female representation in 'important positions' in order to fairly represent the whole population?

    4. To the best of my judgment, women emancipation should be one of the solutions for gender inequality. All women should be given the opportunity to try those jobs that are thought to be for only Men because they also have the ability to do them even better than Men. Take an example of Michelle Obama, she was the first African American first lady of America a role model for women and an advocate for international adolescent girls education👍LET'S SUPPORT WOMEN REGARDLESS OF RACE AND RELIGION(avoid racism )

  • Political exclusion is also a challenge women face because of their gender. It is not right to think women are the weaker gender and they are not able to handle leadership positions. Women can fully participate in politics and lead fairly and justly and there will be a sustainable strong, vibrant democracy and also a country where women's rights are not violated.

    1. Excellent point! Influence in laws, legislation and social policy is very important to make an impact for an entire population, including raising women's opinions and issues to the forefront.

    2. I agree because... the more we have women in the political community the more opportunities for women who don't have the opportunity to express themselves are being encouraged to.

    3. Well i would also agree with you because gender inequality goes far beyond only political exclusion. Gender inequality most at time start from our homes due to stereotypes that the females are meant to do the chores at home instead of going to school thereby restricting her from having an education. Also there is gender inequality also in homes because when, for example there is a male and a female child in the house there is this stereotype that males are meant to use blue while the females are meant to love pink, but i would say no all colors were created so both male and female could love and use them.
      Also gender inequality in the classroom, for instance it is believed that the males are more smarter than the females or the males can handle class activities more than the females. Well i would say that this has to stop. I think the public should be enlightened on the dangers of stereotyping and also gender inequality

    4. I agree because... this is a really serious problem we face everywhere, politics is now titled as a one man thing and its not proper

  • It is not supposed to differentiate between the sexes because both of them have many benefits, but there are some countries that refuse to educate women and this is a big mistake because women have opinions and ideas like men, so they have the right to education like men and there are many men who violate the right of women because they may be weak and when the woman goes to work They treat her badly and do not give her her full rights. Therefore, no distinction should be made between the sexes, because each gender has rights such as education, work and good treatment

    1. You're very right! Everyone has the right to these things. You mentioned that both sexes have benefits. What qualities do you think women bring to the table when they are in positions of power?

      1. I think that women have many advantages, the first of which is justice, because women have been greatly subjected to injustice, so when they are in positions of power, they will work to prevent injustice and this is a wonderful thing. These are the positives when women are in positions of power, but from the negatives are that they will not be able to solve big problems and will not be able to protect their homeland from wars because women are emotionally overpowering their minds

        1. You make an interesting point that people who have suffered injustice might be more motivated to create a just society once they are in positions of power. However remember that the idea that women are more emotional and less rational than men is also a stereotype that has been used to justify gender inequality. Scientific research suggests there are not significant differences in how emotional people of different genders are – just in how they sometimes express those emotions. What other challenges do you think women face because of these sorts of stereotypes? And how do you think these situations could be made more fair?

  • I would like to say at the outset: Gender equality is equality between men and women and includes the concept that we are all human. Men and women are free to develop their own capacities and to make decisions. Equality means that the different behaviours, aspirations, and needs of women and men must be taken into account and valued equally. This does not mean that men and women should be the same but that their rights, responsibilities and opportunities do not depend on their gender. Equality means fair treatment between men and women according to their own needs.
    However, the economic participation rate of women in the region is the lowest in the world, and despite the improvement in the educational level, there are several challenges facing women’s entry and survival in the labor force such as patriarchal stereotypes, etc.)
    This makes inequality exist!

    1. Fantastic comment @cooperative_dolphin, you have demonstrated the Topical Talk skills of listening and speaking really well!

    2. You have displayed a really good understanding of need for equal opportunity! However, you mentioned that despite the opportunity to study and to work, women are not contributing enough. You mentioned this is because women are facing many challenges that men are not. Do you think equal opportunity as men is enough to help women grow? If not, what privileges do you think women in the region should be given to rise up?

      Also, read the concept of 'equality vs equity' if you are interested :)

  • We always hear the same words on gender equality but what can we really do to make sure that our movement towards it delivers full impact. I am for gender equality but we need to be certain that what were fighting for isn't going to be another epic fail. Protests and public statements are helpful but not helpful enough. What if we try convincing the whole world that everybody wins if women and men have equal rights to certain privileges by showcasing this through every chance we get. Men too can help in this, after all the more, the better.

    1. Good point @brilliant_laboratory! What else do you think we need to do to achieve gender equality?

      1. If we want to achieve gender equality first, we must end the multiple forms of gender violence and ensure equal access to quality education, health, economic resources, and participation in political life for both women and girls, men and boys. It is also necessary to achieve equal opportunities in accessing jobs, leadership positions and decision-making at all levels.

        1. very good points, agreeable_dusk.

        2. But you didn't explain how we shall end the multiple forms of gender violence and how to ensure access to all you have mentioned though I also appreciate your comment.

      2. Well, we need to set a good foundation in young minds. Children should have a concrete perspective on why gender equality is so important. I think we will be fine from then on.

      3. Carefully making sure biased treatment is abolished in work places. I am very keen with this.

      4. I think to achieve gender equality we can write songs and articles on gender inequality so as many people out there get to know how men are being favored over women which will encourage them to stand up and fight gender inequality

    2. I have a question
      How can men help achieve gender equality?

    3. I'm really appreciating how you are looking for practical steps to make progress. Do you have an example of how you would showcase that everybody wins if women and men have equal rights?

    4. You make a very good point about men helping. It is very important that men also promote and not oppress women. In some societies this takes a lot of courage, but it is the right thing to do and will ultimately benefit society.

    5. It seems obvious that everybody would be better off if men and women had equal rights, doesn't it? So why do you think this is not the case? Why might some people be against it?

    6. I agree with you because I also stand for gender equity and there are things we can do to fight for equality. We can support women in power by overcoming the systemic barriers against women who want to partake in a leadership position and any other position. Also we can support women who want to work in “non-traditional” fields such as politics, science and sport. Another way of fighting inequality we can help women get proper education especially girls and women in the developing world. In many countries across the globe, girls are not seen as important to educate. When we support and help them get proper education we provide opportunities for them to forge a life for themselves, gain financial freedom and escape from dangerous circumstances such as sexual exploitation, human trafficking and child marriages.

    7. I feel some women are the reasons for gender inequality. Firstly a woman is not meant to get assaulted to get a promotion or high pay she should speak out and report to the right authority. Most women do not speak out when they are being abused and it is slowly promoting the strength and courage of the other gender and making women look like the weaker vessels.

      1. This sounds like you are saying that people who are oppressed or abused are the ones responsible for their situations, which is very unfair. What could communities do together to help support women like the ones you mentioned?

  • Challenges facing women due to inequality
    They are equal and work opportunities. Women still suffer from inequality between them and men in obtaining employment opportunities, and women within society have fewer opportunities than men, and this does not mean jobs that require physical ability, but rather about job opportunities that require a certain level of study Experience and culture
    As the woman has the experience and the appropriate educational level, but she does not take the opportunity because she is only a woman.

    1. Great points raised here. What do you think could be done to increase women's confidence in taking work opportunities?

      1. To enhance women’s confidence in seizing job opportunities, first, they must be confident in themselves. Confidence, which is the most important advice for a woman, is to be able to prove herself in the field of work, because a strong personality makes her a leader in her field and distinguished among her colleagues, so it is important to abandon weakness and fear and have confidence. Self in order to get a job

        1. A very inspiring comment agreeable_duck! From your experience of the lesson on the protests in Iran, what are some other obstacles women face in gaining equality?

        2. Absolutely agree agreeable_dusk - a positive mindset, and self-belief is half of the battle. Your confidence is likely to inspire others too!

  • I want to say first that there is no discrimination between the sexes, as both of them are important in a society. The man has authority in society and receives salaries, and therefore the woman stays at home and takes care of her children. The woman does not convey the importance of the man and some people think that a woman does not have a place in society and we must prove the status and importance of women in Community

    1. You make a really interesting point about what you feel women's roles in society are not being appreciated. Do you think a woman would face discrimination if she wanted to work and receive a salary instead of a man? What do you think society would say about a man who stayed at home to look after the children?

      1. yes. Because some societies do not appreciate the importance and benefits of women in society. Some societies also appreciate the importance of women and take their right, and there the woman works just like a man

    2. Women also have a role in society just like men
      Women have an active role in the renaissance of society, as they do not differ from men in the importance of their existence. Rather, women are half of society, as they are mother, sister, wife, and friend, and women have a prominent role in reforming society, as they tirelessly take all roles and professions, such as economic and educational professions, Education, and many other positions

    3. I'm not sure about this because I am not really able to comprehend what you mean to say. Are you trying to say that women only have a role in the household and should stay there? and they are supposed to take care of the chores and work? While the man must work and have salaries?
      Kindly explain clearly forgiving_gazelle.

  • The information that amazed me and that I was not familiar with and ignored is that women receive less wages than men. Does this apply to the same work that they do together in the same field?!! Women and their achievements are greater than the performance of some men. Therefore, I think that from my point of view, justice and equality between the sexes must be achieved, even if our thoughts, beliefs, languages, customs and traditions are different. Equality is an important right that removes feelings of derogation among individuals

    1. Awesome comment champion_conclusion. You make a great point about a discrepancy in wages between men and women in the same field. What one thing do you think would make the greatest difference towards gender equality?

  • I think that what must be done to achieve justice between the two parties in all fields, first, is the enactment of laws and legislation and the development of social and economic policies that promote that equality and work on equal opportunities in the workplace..Second: Technical and vocational training that enhances and develops skills and women's job opportunities

    1. @champion_conclusion can you give an example of what laws or legislation would contribute to gender equality?

  • Among the challenges that women face due to gender inequality. I will first talk about child care. This unpaid work makes women spend 5 times more hours on work than men spend in unpaid care work..Secondly, wages are declining as a result of restrictions imposed on Women. Third, customs, traditions, and patriarchal stereotypes that limit educational and work opportunities in some countries

    1. Great point to raise regarding childcare and unpaid work champion_conclusion. What steps do you think we could take to make sure there is equal participation in this work across men and women?

  • It is true that it's actually necessary to believe in the equality of the two genders. If one cannot admit that there are legitimate differences between males and females, then that person makes the concept of gender equality between them entirely foreign. Men and women have equal dignity, and we are very similar on account of the fact we are the same species. However, generally speaking, men and women are different and play different roles. Understanding, accepting, and embracing this is necessary to understanding, accepting, and embracing our humanity.

    1. I love your point that both genders are equal in dignity and that is the most important thing! How do you think society should change and embrace all genders as people and not the role they play in society?

      1. Personally, I feel that the only solution to embracing all genders as people and not the roles they play in society is simply to overlook their genders and focus on what they are capable of achieving irrespective of their gender. It will be very bad to relegate someone who is capable of doing something only because of their gender and end up selecting someone who does not qualify in any way to do that thing. If this keeps on happening, success, cooperation and togetherness will never be achieved.

        1. inventive_artist interesting point. What if someone is facing gender specific challenges? Should they be considered?

          1. Yes i feel like those that are facing gender specific challenges should be considered just because they are facing challenges doesn't mean that they should be left out or not giving opportunities.

    2. I agree with your opinion of how all of us are equal in dignity. However, you said that men and women are different and play different roles in society. Isn't the main motive of gender equality showing that men and women can do the same work and responsibilities and that no one should feel excluded and be denied equal opportunities. Yes, Men and Women are different from one another but this does not mean that we should be confined to the work that society thinks is appropriate for us because of our background. Each individual should have their own say in their responsibilities in life.

    3. You seem to be arguing that men and women cannot be equal because they are different. Can you explain more about why you believe that, amazing_computer?

    4. Well most people treat women unequally for example in a school there is a female and a male soccer team and then the boys soccer room is more furnished than that of the ladies because they are males and they are "better natural athletes" and then a girl tried to speak up but she got punished. Well this example shows gender inequality, people try to speak up but most at times get discriminated and condemned too. What can we do to stop this in the society?

  • Gender equality is the goal while gender neutrality and gender equity are the ways to help achieve the goal. Gender parity is used to measure gender balance in any situation, as it can help achieve gender equality but is not the same goal. Gender equality is more than representation of justice, it is tied closely to women's rights, and usually requires political change.

    1. @digital_pigeon you mention a lot of different terms in your answer, can you explain the difference between gender equality, gender neutrality, and gender equity? And following on from your point, what kind of political change would contribute to improving gender equality?

  • To be honest none of these actually surprises me it's is common. But what pains me the most is the education not allowing women receive education is an infringement on their rights and it just holds a country back to be honest. The facts that the world uplifts one gender over the other, it's like women should cook and clean while men should work, sometimes I feel like it's a written rule somewhere but I have never seen it. It is literally the most retrogressive thinking ever. We all know the common saying equal work equal pay. I mean we all say change begins with you and things like that but does it really, personally I don't think so change begins with those not opportuned to have this information, change begins with our leaders, we can't keep having conversations like this and still have the same mindset everytime. Another problem we face that no one talks about is the objectifying of us to be honest, also to be honest we hurt ourselves no one wants to be seen as less so the moment they get the opportunity to use a fellow woman ad an uplifting stool they go for it. This is what I feel.

  • I find most of the facts I'm reading quite ironic you know, so you mean women actually do more work but get paid less I am speechless honestly. Look at this example a guy cooking in a restaurant and getting paid and a woman cooking at home and getting compliments, don't get me wrong it's a sign of appreciation but come on. A man washing plates at a business and a woman washing plates, irony this time she is not even complimented because she is supposed to do that. It does not even sound reasonable. Most time women's hopes get killed at a young age just because of her gender and it's not just ladies guys to you know. Just imagine the looks a guy would get if he says he wants to be a chef in the future. All these stereotypes doesn't do the world any good. It messes up our self-esteem frankly I know I don't think of certain jobs because of my gender, I have been told too many times directly or indirectly that I can't fit in.

    1. I'm pleased to see you are thinking of the impacts on both men and women accurate_wombat. What steps would you like to see to break some of these stereotypes? How do you think this could be achieved?

      1. Breaking stereotypes are kind of easy to be honest it just depends on our manner of approach to be honest. If all genders work together and try to achieve equality we can all succeed.

        1. Why do you think breaking stereotypes is an easy thing? Can you try explaining it more?

          1. Because we brought the stereotypes up we can also bring it down we just need a little help from influencial people I feel it's easy because it's all up to us to change the way we think.

  • From my point of view, men and women are equal in rights and duties and in some professional jobs that require a strong structure like men, unlike women, who are not suitable for them because of their weak structure that they instinctively have.

    1. pioneering_orca thanks for your comment, can you support your point with examples of where men and women have equal rights? Could your second point be influenced by stereotypes - which professions do you think are gendered and why?

      1. Occupations are classified by gender
        Such as the profession of blacksmith, the profession of mechanics, and the profession of the butcher, which is the welder, because the composition of the woman does not allow her to work in these professions.

        1. Can you explain what you mean by the composition of woman not allowing them to work in the jobs you've mentioned? I know several women in jobs related to mechanics for example.

          1. I think I said about mechanics because women in our society do not work as mechanics or in construction. It is impossible. It is possible for a woman to clean behind the building and not to adopt. The meaning of the composition of the woman is the structure of the woman or the body of a woman

            1. If some women do have these jobs in other places, would that not suggest that women are capable of doing these jobs?

              1. I don't think so, because women do not work mechanics, the reason is that we are veiled. You can do these jobs like mechanics, but women are not able to do these jobs

                1. Hi pioneering_orca - actually women can and do do these jobs - for example, search for Najlae and Rajae, mechanics from Morocco. You say that women who wear a veil might find it more difficult. What could be done to support these women to do any job?

  • The whole gender FEMALE is not really portrayed as something I would like to be apart of I mean we are generally undermined around the world it's bad enough as it is but I mean we were never given a fair chance it was just concluded that we can't do anything useful. Politics for example of not for the recent efforts made to change the world which countries actually allow women in politics, we are all just beginning to want this woke reality but we have to realize that it's a two way strive both men an women are being treated unfairly. We should learn how to build up a gender equally positive world.

    1. Your comment really struck a chord with me, that women are represented in a negative light. Feminine qualities are considered weak, often undermined in the workplace and positions of power. However, personally as someone that works in an environment like that- I have realised that those qualities are so powerful and essential. In your opinion do you have any qualities you like in women around you that should be praised and even adopted by men?

  • I would like to say at the outset: Gender equality is equality between men and women and includes the concept that we are all human. Men and women are free to develop their own capacities and to make decisions. Equality means that the different behaviours, aspirations, and needs of women and men must be taken into account and valued equally. This does not mean that men and women should be the same but that their rights, responsibilities and opportunities do not depend on their gender. Equality means fair treatment between men and women according to their own needs.
    However, the economic participation rate of women in the region is the lowest in the world, and despite the improvement in the educational level, there are several challenges facing women’s entry and survival in the labor force such as patriarchal stereotypes, etc.)
    This makes inequality exist!

  • Women are not the only feminists, men too with the sense to acknowledge the importance of gender equality. How can females show their strength in this male-dominated society they find themselves in? How can we stop the passing on of this mentality to the other generations to come? What can be done to let our voices be heard by seemingly deaf ears, will this always go on like this? I for one say a big NO to the patriarchal system, misogynism, and male chauvinism. And I cannot understand why women constantly face discrimination by some antifeminist men when they just seek not only equality but acceptance as well. Will our children tell the same stories that we have lived? To stop this negative practice and culture, we have to take a stand and lend a hand to support this cause. But our public demonstrations, rioting, and protests aren't enough because we are still being silenced and ignored, like I said before, NO MORE. This is something that needs more than just words and actions, we also need hope for change. Let our fight be peaceful but firm, sending the message boldly and clearly but also calmly. We must find support in ourselves as feminists. Let us find voices for not only ourselves but for the voiceless among us as well because together we can do more.

    1. A brilliant, inspiring comment terrific_acorn. You make a fantastic point about the next generation of people being key to changing beliefs about gender inequality. What do you think would make the biggest difference for gender equality?

      1. Well, in my opinion, I think the best way to start is by encouraging equal education for both females as well as males. Education is the gateway that leads to freedom from not only ignorance but injustice as well. Young girls should not be made to marry at such tender ages and be subjected to cooking and cleaning, instead of having knowledge impacted on them. Many girls dream of learning in a classroom instead of being in forced marriages. If we can stop the culture of early marriages for females and instead educate them to know their rights, we can help in this fight. The problem with this cause is that most women have lessened themselves to be just cleaners, cooks, and wives. They should see that they are more than just that. We can help them by educating them. And once they are educated, they have not only freed themselves but their children as well.

        1. Thank you for sharing your opinion @terric_acorn. A great way of thinking!

    2. I agree because men too can be proud supporters of the feminist club, however the only falsehood in males supporting could be for political gains and what-not. Considering the women population percentage in each country, there is a high tendency for the reasons why males are feminists could be only based on politics.

      1. brilliant_laboratory how do you know if someone is being authentic and not behaving in a way to be more likeable?

      2. brilliant_laboratory how do you know if someone is being authentic and not behaving in a way to be more likeable?

  • Equality is mentioned in the Qur’an between all races, and the criterion for difference is piety only
    There is no difference between a man and a woman in the field of work or any field as long as there is self-respect for the person because the woman, since she has applied for work, that is, she is charged with carrying the responsibilities directed to her and performing them to the fullest, and she may have won more merit in her field of work than the man
    And this is only achieved away from people who hate women who do not like success for them

    1. I agree with you although I am Christian, equality is still mentioned in both religions' holy books.

  • 1. What amazes me the most is the unpaid work, as women do the work 30% more than their working hours, and above all, they do not give them money, why?? Is it not the right of anyone to claim his right?? And I demand justice for these women who work day and night in order to provide for their livelihood. I demand their promotion and making them like men with rights in everything (Do men have the right to get money and women not?? This is not reasonable)

  • 2. It is necessary to issue laws that equal women and men and to spread the rights of women in all countries, as there are villages that do not know this, and women do it with an increase of 70%, and this is because women are ignorant of their rights. There are those who exploit women

    1. This is a fantastic point free_snail. What would you do to help women who are ignorant of their rights?<