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It's the start of the Festival so we'd like to get to know you! Please take 2 minutes to fill out this short survey about you and the news. We'll ask you to do it again at the end of the Festival to give you a chance to reflect on what you've learnt!

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  • What skills are you most hoping to learn during the Festival? Looking forward to hearing from you!

    1. haw to think in the topic or the problem that you have , see the think from different perspectives ، and Find time to analyze all of your thoughts while you are racing with it , there so great things I want to develop it .

    2. I need to learn about English language and how speak English well and know a lot skills for it's

    3. Communication, Critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

      1. I agree because it has helped us be able to communicate with other students in different countries and they help us reason quickly then they help us solve problems in any situation.

    4. The helping skill is most hoping to learn during festival. It taught how to help , what way should we help .

    5. Hello, I would like to speak English fluently, to speak with high confidence, to be distinguished always, and I trust you, and I will get out of this project, and I am very happy with you.

    6. I can How take the appropriate decision after studying the problem in all its aspects and looking at the problem from several angles in order to find the appropriate solution, adding new information and expanding my mental awareness

    7. The skill that best developed is writing and expression well because I think I am not skill in an expression and I think listen to others and understand their feelings

    8. I learned to look at the topic with positive thoughts and to speak humanely without politics or religion. I learned to express my opinion, and also in every comment here, the field is open for you, whether you agree with someone or not, and I acquired meanings and the art of writing.

    9. To have overcome my weaknesses in English and become more experienced than before 👍🌟

    10. Data analysis and statistics
      Digital literacy
      Foreign language
      Project management
      Social media and digital marketing

    11. It develops my skills in the English language and develops the critical thinking skills that I have, and I get acquainted with global and modern issues related to our planet and our life

    12. I expect to learn about contemporary and modern topics related to our world and how to protect our environment and our planet and how to be positive and also develop my skills in writing, expression and English language

    13. It is the expression on topics and has become good at expression, and this festival gives freedom of opinion and this is fun. This is why I loved entering this festival.

    14. Enthusiasm, good thinking, and better development of expressive skills. Thank you very much for this unique project

    15. Last year I participated in 'Topical Talk' and I had experience discussing the topic (climate change), and I expect to finish this year with experience in “solving problems” related to climate change and other important topics.!

      so my goal this time from 'topical Talk' is experience in "Problem Solving".!

    16. Sincerely, I would like to master the skill of responding with the most beautiful comments to the beautiful questions posed, and I would like to show and discover my hidden talents inside of wonderful ideas that I would like to broadcast so that others know them to give me their different opinions from all over the world. 🌏

    17. I personally don't feel your formal education can help you earn a living especially in my country so i aim at attaining a key and basic life skill . I am participating with the aim of improving my listening skills, i am not a good listener but thanks to this Festival, I have come to find out that my ideas may not always be the answer to my problem. so i told my self it is high time i learn to listen to others. if i can just pay attention to the slightest detail, i will be able to become more efficient besides, i am conversing with brilliant individuals from around the world, what better opportunity is there to learn to listen to open minds. These individuals ideas can really lend me a helping hand one day and so i hope and envision achieving my goal at the end of the Festival.

    18. Critical thinking and enhancing problem solving ability by suggestion and using action research

    19. I'm looking forward to learning some things or actions that may affect the globe negatively or positively

    20. As we know the English language is important and it is necessary to learn it. I would like to develop myself in the language in order to be a wonderful speaker and to travel to Britain in the future in order to achieve my goals there and because in the future I would like to be an English language teacher, and because the English language is the key to travel and learning....

    21. I'm looking forward in learning about the problems in the globe and ways in which we can solve this problems. And also to develop my vocabulary, sense of critical thinking and exclusive writing skills.

    22. Hi....👋
      Your question is great, and since I started this competition, I wish I could ask this question....
      ➡️And of course the main aim of this competition is to develop English language skills...for example:writing, reading,and especially speaking that's great❤️
      Because I am a fan of this wonderful language and I would like to develop it very much....
      💫 All I hope is that I can fully master the English language

      And thank you 🔥

    23. I really hope to acquire several skills: 1- Good listening and listening to absorb information
      2- The skill of creative thinking by studying the way of thinking of the largest possible number of students, and hup students is the best place to attract opinions from different parts of the world
      3- Proper dialogue by establishing lengthy dialogues with Students and the use of existing emoji
      4- I really believe that the most thing we learn is dealing with global issues and this is what makes us more political (fair) in making decisive decisions
      5- On this site we learn the language of technology, the English language, we develop writing skills when we discuss with Students and we develop listening skills when we listen to the guides’ videos 6- I really learned something new and I think I took it as my approach, so I searched a lot, especially about environmental issues, and I was previously unaware about it, and this interest also prompted me to delve deeper into Topicl Talk topics
      7_ Finally I hope To learn to implement the solutions presented here so that people are convinced of their importance and implement them (the skill of persuasion)

    24. Iwant to study law to be a loyal public prosecutor for my country.
      I want to make my country just and there is no corruption in it.
      I also want to develop my skills in coloring, drawing, dancing, singing...etc.
      I will strive to reap, and whoever sows will reap.

    25. I hope to become fluent in English. good. Now, to work on developing yourself in all language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking, which are reflected in your linguistic output and be able to build your self-confidence when communicating with others and demolish all barriers of fear or shyness

    26. I am hoping to learn critical thinking skills, to also learn how to reason quickly and learning more about the problems in the globe and how to solve them, and to also learn how to solve problems effectively

    27. I would like to learn about the different ways of thinking from students in countries other than my own, because I always had the idea that ways of thinking may differ in people due to the difference in their countries, and I would really like to gain information that may benefit me in the future in my life during this festival

    28. I hope that the end of the festival will be my language. English is good at many things including. Writing, speaking, listening, reading and dictating.❤️❤️

  • I want to learn how to talk in front of others with confidence. I currently talk like a quiet little mouse!

    1. Firstly، Trust and support are the. foundation of healthy relationships
      secondly، Self-affirmation and assertive. communication in healthy relationships
      Third، Maintain confidence.
      Fourthly، Adapting to pressure.

    2. I agree because... That's so important and make me so proud of me 🥰
      and so good in the English language
      That's my plan in the future I want to voluntary in the English club

    3. 1.Excellence in tact
      You also have to learn the methods of dialogue and discussion that permeate some soft terminology for the audience, or give them the best nicknames they like, and not force them to accept or change an idea.

      2.Realizing things
      Be fully prepared, as it is possible that you will be exposed to an embarrassing situation, by learning how to rectify things, for example: if you are asked a question that you do not know the answer to, then you should make it an issue for dialogue and discussion.

      3.Always smiling
      Enjoying a smile during your speech will earn you the love of others and make them accept you quickly, which will strengthen your relationship with the audience and make them more convinced of your speech.

      4.Accept views
      You also have to accept the points of view and all opinions put forward by the public, so that everyone feels safe while talking to you, not offensive and refusal when asking you an inquiry.

    4. I agree because...First, you should value yourself moderately and not call yourself a quiet mouse, but support yourself and always remember that there is no need for fear. You will only ask what you want to say, so I suggest that you be supportive of yourself first.

    5. I think I have to have a supportive person, such as family, relatives, and friends, and through them, it also strengthens the bonding relationship

  • I want to improve my English skills

  • How were we created?
    We were created frome the nature of the earth ,that is ,we were created from soil, wich is the basis of life and the earth ,and it is basis of plants that benefit our lives and nourishus .
    with out plants ,the environment would not be clean and balanced.
    I think this is a somewhat strange and interesting topic.🤔
    Do you agree with me?
    Do you think that the name Earth day came from behind these reasons?

  • I would like to learn listening ,reading,speaking skill.

  • I would like to strengthen my language during the festival and get used to speaking with others comfortably so that we can have a dialogue without feeling embarrassed and receive information clearly between both of us.

  • In Palestine the climate changes a lot And I believe that This is due to the diversity of the terrain High mountain areas receive more precipitation than low areas, so the higher the place above sea level, the colder the weather. But the question is Can it rain in August?

  • As I like to or i should read about problem solving. Which are going to help me in future.This is a big lesson which everyone have to read .it help us to take right decision at right time which will lead to our success in life.

  • I agree because... I am willing to know the problems and to give my own opinions

  • I hope that after the completion of this project,I will be completly good at the English language , and that I will be able to confront and express my opinion well without stress and fear, and that I will always be confident and think properly in solving problems and develop myself and my skills.
    Thank you for your desire to hear my opinion🌹
    Please ,could you share with us your opinion about the skills you would like us to have after the project is over?

  • Mostly how to solve problems that are around me and work on my self confidence. This is because if I have good ideas, I can't really make much of a difference if I don't have the confidence to share them

    1. It would be great to hear if you feel more confident by the end of the Festival, humorous_personality. Please let us know!

  • Basically, critical thinking and proper dialogue. In the present day, critical thinking is a skill essential for survival. Mostly because the rate at which scammers operate is on a skyrocketing rate. To counteract criminal critical thinkers, we have to be more capable than them.

  • I would like to learn about how to speak english well and good, how to think in critical situation ,reading and I want to learn more about the world

  • Actually, when I first thought of your question , it comes to my mind that I can improve all my skills in English language. Then, I told myself that I can promote my skills using different other websites , what I mean that there are many resources to be better in English. But the different thing in this festival that I will learn more about international issues, and I believe that I can promote my way of thinking to be more critical and analytical . I hope so.

  • In fact, the first thing that comes to my mind is that I will speak English fluently and that I will always be confident while speaking and that I will not be like a scaredy cat. I also want to be distinguished in the English language, and I have full confidence in you, and I hope that we will support each other in this. I also participated in order to benefit others and I also invited people in this festival to improve their English and also in this festival we can encourage each other and thank you for watching my comment I wish you a good day and at the end I want to see your side What is your opinion of this festival and why did you enter it? I am eager to hear answers

  • There is a problem in my environment which is garbage. This is a big problem for me, my country and my community. We must get rid of this rubbish by many means. I did a job for my own. I collect the trash and clean up my area. I made a corner on the site and put flowers. We must all do this work to have a beautiful environment. And clean, and in my opinion, if we all got together and learned to clean up the neighborhood, we would have the best environment, and I'm sure it's clean, because it's a good moral and I'm also in this festival to get enough information and become educated. What do you think about this topic?

  • honestly :
    When I read your question, thoughts quickly crossed my mind I am sure that I will improve my English language skills and that I will be able to speak it more fluently through some sites on YouTube, but this festival I feel is different because it has many international issues, and this will make me more knowledgeable, and I think that my way of thinking can be changed as I am more understanding and knowledgeable And of course I can say I hope so.

    - Excuse me, can you tell me how you want us to be after the festival and what skills and enhancements do you think we will have??

  • When my teacher present this Festival to us and talked about it, I felt like this would be a great opportunity to improve my English skills. In addition to that it will give me a chance to know more about what happened around us all over the world. Besides I can practice talking and discussion with students from all over the world and I can hear from them , share my ideas and interact with their opinions. This way I can develop my social skills too. I'm sure that I will enjoy this Festival , so I'm happy that I'm a part of it.

  • I believe that being a part of this Festival will not only enhance my skills, it will affect my personality and my point of view in many topics through fruitful discussions. Therefore I will do my best to get benefit from every part in this website. Thanks for this opportunity!

    1. This is great to hear! We hope to see you taking part in lots of different discussions!

  • I wanted to know what is happening around me and this was my hoping to learn in this festival .

  • I love the English language and I hope to become very good at it. Thank you very much to my virtuous teacher

  • I have a very great desire to speak well and with tact. I am applying to register for many courses that will help me with a lot of Arabic language skills and websites that help me a lot in speaking English wonderfully.☺️

  • I hope after the completion of this project that I have developed my ideas and that I will be able to understand the English language because the English language is of great importance in our lives and because it is a link between the languages ​​of countries and to establish relationships around the world and get to know their culture and surf the Internet beautifully.

  • I voted to not enough climate laws because too much laws will not solve the problem. We have to look for the original reasons for this catastrophe and try to find other substitutions for the causes of the climate change. In addition to that I believe that experience of life proved that laws cannot oblige people to do what is suppoosed to do if they do not believe in that. Therefore we have convince people of the significance of reducing their carbon footprints and to do their best to stop climate change to save the future of the next Generations.

  • The skill I'm hoping to learn during is festival is to communicate fluently in English .. and a best place to improve myself ... And this is the platform gives me a opportunity to learn and improve myself .

  • I would love to acquire confidence,communication skills and problem solving skills because I come from a place where we face a lot of natural and social problems, and I as a person would love to conjure up solutions to those natural disasters or problems to help in the development of my community and also the courage to convey those solutions to the ears of my leaders without having fear or doubt in me.

  • I would also love to develop the critical thinking that I have, so that I can bring up good ideas that can serve as a potent solution to the proven life treating natural disasters in our world such as earthquakes,tornados and so on

  • I hope that at the resolution of this project, I would have gained life changing skills, that will help me in influencing the lives of those around me positively and also in developing my vocabulary

  • I hope after the project is over I will have developed my creative thinking and be aware of many topics of our time and be able to express my opinion on them and be able to have a discussion on them as I want by doing research and writing comments. I got to know some reliable sites whose news and addresses are clear and not misleading to help me in my life and my social skills. In conclusion, I really want to get rid of my trust issue by express my opinion without any hesitation or fear.

  • I'd like to interact with more people to enhance my confidence and communication skills.

  • I think the skill of critical thinking and problem solving are high levels of skills .they need more practice .Maybe experts here in the hub can suggest some hints on how can we develop these important skills??

  • The workers believe that the best way to restore the violated rights is for them to stop working, and I agree with them in their opinion, because if they stop working, it will reduce production and the quality of work. For cooperation and spreading love among workers, collective bargaining must be allowed because it constitutes a link between the opinion of the workers and the opinion of the employer, as it is merely an exchange of ideas and nothing more.

  • The project was and still is, for me, the most wonderful project that has been tried by me. Sharing my opinions for fear that it is not true, and I did not have the courage to confront others and talk to them, so thank God, this program enabled me to solve my problem and I became confronted with everyone, so now I present my opinion with pride, confidence and boldness

  • The skill of research and exploration, because I want to know a huge amount of your valuable information, and I want to be my private sea of ​​the enormous information that I will benefit from your experiences🤗

  • How to think critically and problem solving with ease and also be confident in myself when ever or where ever I found myself.
    I don't want to always feel inferior whenever am with my peers group

  • Contacting with educated,experienced and cultural experts and students all over the world is a great feeling which gives me self confidence and I can get how they are thinking.
    Another point,as soon as l shared in festival, daily I look up alot of information about a certain topic,so it improves my knowledge.....It becomes my life style and my English language is developed as a result.
    Finally,I learned how I can solve any problems I face in my life.

  • I hope that at the resolution of this project, I would have gained life changing skills, that will help me in influencing the lives of those around me positively and also in developing my vocabulary and I want to learn how to talk in front of others with confidence. I currently talk like a quiet little mouse!

  • There are many skills that I feel I will learn and acquire, the most important of which are:
    1- The skill of developing the English language.
    2- Negotiation skill in English.
    3- Developing the process of searching for information and understanding more about terms such as (strike - employee rights).
    4- Develop language, writing and expression.
    5- Dialogue skill and respect for opinion.
    6 _ The skill of communicating with others.

  • Dear Katie,
    I plan to acquire lots and lots out of this competition. Fisrt, when I open the class and student leaderboard daily, I learned that, "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." and it's really important to display a sportsmanship in permanent or temporary defeat. I also learned to think deeply and creatively before I speak. Moreover, I need to listen to all parties quietly then express my opinion on something. The most fundemtal thing is that whenever you want the surrounding people to listen to you, you have to provide evidence and have a good proof. In addition, you have to be patient and not judgemental and if a problem occured then you need to study its pros and cons and then decide on the most accurate act. One last crucial thing is to commuinicate and build relations and bridge the gap between you qnd other cultures through discussion and debate.

  • I am looking forward to learn a good communication skills, English language(to express my opinion without any mistake),analytical thinking skills, reasoning?, problem solving and some new topics about our globe and it's impact ,causes, effects etc.

  • Before entering this competition, I really aspired to develop myself in several aspects and the skills that I developed
    1 Identifying new problems that threaten the safety of my planet, such as the electronic footprint, and identifying new things that may help in the development of humanity, such as the metavirus.

    2 Discussing with other people from different countries really helped me to identify problems in other countries

    3 Critical thinking, discussion and consideration of the problem from several aspects

    4 Indeed, my English language has developed during this period and I have acquired new words, and I really aspire to further development in this aspect.

    5 I have acquired the skill of expressing well about what I would like to talk about and about the problem facing me

    6 Knowing different opinions about the same thing really made me change my idea about some things

  • I really developed my English during this period and gained the skill of discussing something
    And I gained the skill of expression by writing comments

  • I have more than one goal for this topical festival, like becoming fluent in English, being better at speaking and translating English. In addition to other skills like social networking and problem-solving. Another important skill which is to avoid plagarism and be authentic.
    Moreover, take time thinking before speaking. One last crucial skill is to provide evidence whenever you're in a negotition to be able to convince.

  • I agree because news is very nice becuse it tells me the stuff that happend that day that i didn't know happend

  • I really liked your question. This competition worked to develop my ability in the English language. I myself love this language because it is the language of the world and everyone can speak it. It also develops the capabilities of the mind in thinking, promoting thought, finding solutions to problems faced by the entire world, listening to others’ opinions, and giving opinions on them.


  • Festival's are the great way to understand a one's culture. It deepens the peer relationships and brings the students closer to the staff, making everyone feel like a family.'Through festivals, kids pick up communication skills, forge stronger bonds with loved ones and learn about culture'. We also learn skills need for study, work and relationships....
    Confidence, interaction, social skills, curiosity, self esteem....

  • I didn't like this survey because it doesn't teach me anything about strike or any news about strike. And it also doesn't show any score.So I voted 👎.

  • I hope to become a doctor to treat innocent people. Therefore, we must learn the English language for you. Help my denial to become a successful doctor in my work, so I am participating in the competition to develop myself more, God willing