STEP TWO: get ready for the competition


From Friday 5th May you will be able to submit your Standpoints.

Standpoints can not win you stars - but you might get something even more special... a place on the shortlist for the Standpoint Award competition. At the end of the Festival, our judges will select five winners who will win a goodie bag of prizes, sent to their school!

We think that Standpoints are important because they’ll give you a chance to combine the knowledge and skills that you’ve worked on over the Festival to speak out about the Topical Talk topic that’s most important to you.

Standpoints must be submitted before Monday 22nd May.

Here are our judges and their top tips...


Judge for video Standpoints

Henry Tricks writes every week for The Economist. He will be the lead judge for the written entries for the Festival’s Standpoint competition.

Henry's top tips for good pieces of written journalism are:

  • Make sure your writing has a clear beginning, middle and end
  • Have a balance of long and short sentences
  • Explain technical words as you go
  • Make sure every sentence says something new
  • Say things as simply as possible
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Judge for video Standpoints

Harriet Shawcross produces and directs films for The Economist. She will be the lead judge for the video entries for the Festival’s Standpoint competition.

Harriet’s top tips for good pieces of video journalism are:

  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Change the tone of your voice depending on what you are saying
  • Make sure your facial expressions match the mood of your Standpoint
  • Use your body language to help communicate points
  • Hold up visual aids such as pictures or charts

Judge for audio Standpoints

John Prideaux writes and produces podcasts for The Economist. He will be the lead judge for the audio entries for the Festival’s Standpoint competition. John’s top tips for good pieces of audio journalism are:

  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Change the tone of your voice depending on what you are saying
  • Speak directly to the listener as if you know them
  • If you use technical words, explain what they mean
  • Make sure sound effects or music are not distracting for the listener

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  • Hearing the news and knowing what's going on around you is important in two ways
    The first: increasing awareness of what is going on around you, and thus avoiding blind imitation, dependency, and hearing news without understanding.
    The second: increasing the ability to analyze, interpret and compare news and the ability to distinguish between true and false news through intensive and accurate listening to the news.
    I am one of those people who encourage young people to hear the news and not be isolated from what is going on in our world.
    Knowledge breeds the educated person who has personality and entity.

    1. I agree with you.Youth is an active component of society, they are creative. they should hear the news and not be isolated from what is going on in our world. Thanks to those in charge of this festival because they gave us the real and correct opportunity to know and understand what is going on around us in terms of problems or global matters through the correct gradation of information, starting with an explanation of the topic in order to get to know it and then participating in the discussions in an arranged manner, where we must read the ideas of others and then share our opinions with support Use real examples to make it more convincing. They learn us how to solve the problem, by scientific steps that begin with defining the problem, identifying its causes, trying to find solutions and planning for that.

      1. Certainly, the festival gave us the opportunity to learn and discuss. We hope that it will grow and grow and become at all levels in the school, home, institutions and society as a whole, because discussion and dialogue is the right beginning for building a mature and conscious community capable of exchanging ideas. The discussion opens the door to gaining more information and access to analyzing the problem and solving it in a correct scientific way.

        1. I strongly agree it is important for young people to watch the news. It is important for young people to watch the news because it is important for them to know the good and the bad things happening in the world they are living in. It is also important for them to watch the news because they need to know if there safe in the places they go.

          1. A wonderful point related to polar bears, as it is one of the important things related to climate changes that make them vulnerable to extinction, and this will lead to an imbalance in the ecological balance. Therefore, countries must follow several measures that protect endangered animals by providing natural reserves and providing them with a suitable environment and climate.

    2. I agree with this because young people need to know what is happening around the world and you will never know what might happen. Young people should watch the news every day so that they can see what is going on around them.

      1. Watching the news and knowing everything that is going on around us is an aspect of culture and raising awareness, especially in light of the rapid development that is taking place around the world. Every second there is new information, and there are thousands of diverse information, some useful, some harmful. Young people should be aware of the distinction through good research and selection of information that develops society.

  • We are the future generation that will complete what this generation has built. It is necessary to know the news in order to plan well for the future and build on the basis of the past. Knowing the news among young people will strengthen their resolve and so that they can focus on inventing something new that serves the interests of humanity, and news may help the people who want to be In the future, journalists, and because in the future, the principle of journalism will develop, and it will not be limited to the planet Earth. It will reach the galactic press related to planets and galaxies. Young people’s participation in news may help build personalities for everyone. Speaking and listening are two important things for building a good dialogue and solving problems that can be solved by speaking and listening. This is how we struck Two birds with a stone, creativity is the principle in which the planet, science and youth develop to aspire to the best and to invent. I gained from this festival that dialogue and expressing opinion are two important things to go to higher positions in development, science and social understanding....

    1. I agree with you because all humans have some kind of super they have like building houses, being a scientist, or inventing some new. A lot of people have some kind of future they want to be, it is just planets and galaxies. speaking and listening are a power for a good dialogue and solving problems that can be solved.

    2. I agree because our generation was first passed on to Apes, then we evolved into who we are today. We evolved into this species because the world needed our help, to take care of the land that we live on. Our species have more intelligence than any animal, so we had a purpose to take care of our Earth, we could help produce plants, take care of the oceans, and more.

  • I think it is important to watch the news. I think that it may be on the news, for example, a crime of theft or something like that. It is possible that young people find solutions to these crimes, or that they know about this crime and help the police, or even that there may be a difficult mystery and the youth solve it We know that young people have a passion for knowing the unknown and discovering other things
    I think that young people should share their opinions because they have a bright side about their positive thinking and they can solve problems that are in the news or even they can learn new things that will benefit them in the future I believe that it is necessary to talk between the two parties in the news to discover and exchange information and ideas that come to the mind of the listener and the speaker, which leads to knowing more and more things. Therefore, I believe that young people are very important to news and to know the problems in order to solve them with their mature thinking because they are the strongest category of the mind

    1. I disagree with you I don't think the news is important. Everything that is on the news you can just watch on youtube. If you don't have youtube you can download an app like newsbreak. So you don't have to watch like a two hour news show but instead get the news superfast without having to watch that two hour long show.

  • One reason why young people should learn about the news is that it enables them to keep up-to-date with important issues affecting their communities and the world. By staying informed, they can develop a deeper understanding of global issues such as climate change or political conflicts and how they impact different communities. This knowledge can inspire them to get involved in causes they care about and become active citizens who advocate for change

  • Hello...
    1- It is important for young people to become acquainted with the news, because they are at a stage where they must know what surrounds them and take responsibility......

    2- Of course, young people often have wonderful ideas that are contradictory to everyone, so their ideas may be better than adults, as they think creatively....

    3- Of course, we must listen well and understand the complex in order to find the solution in hearing the news, then young people and young people have the ability to understand the subject faster because they have a wonderful brain where they think positively and enthusiastically. You have to take their opinion...

    4- I think that (Metaverse) is a new and beautiful knowledge for me as well, and I will talk about it with my colleagues and describe myself in the name of this wonderful festival...

    Thanks. ⚡

    1. Hello! It's great to see your enthusiasm for staying informed and valuing the ideas of young people. Let me respond to your points:

      You are absolutely right that it is important for young people to become acquainted with the news. By staying informed about current events, young people can develop a better understanding of the world around them, the challenges it faces, and the opportunities it presents. This knowledge empowers them to make informed decisions and take responsibility for shaping their future.

      Young people often possess fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that can challenge conventional thinking. Their ability to think creatively can lead to unique solutions to complex problems. It's important to encourage and value their ideas, as they can contribute to positive change in society.

      Active listening and understanding the complexities of various issues are crucial for finding solutions. Young people's ability to grasp information quickly can be an asset in this process. Their positive and enthusiastic mindset can also bring new energy and optimism to problem-solving discussions. It's important to include their opinions and perspectives, as they offer valuable insights and can contribute to well-rounded decision-making.

      The concept of the "Metaverse" is indeed an intriguing and evolving topic. It refers to a virtual universe that combines elements of augmented reality and virtual reality, creating a shared space where people can interact and engage in various activities. It's great that you're interested in exploring and discussing this concept with your colleagues. Sharing knowledge and participating in conversations about new ideas and technologies can be a rewarding experience.

      Overall, your points emphasize the importance of young people's engagement with the news, their creative thinking, and their valuable contributions to problem-solving and decision-making processes. Keep up the enthusiasm for learning and exploring new ideas!

    2. I totally agree with you as it is very important for the young people to be updated with news and worldly affairs as it increases the knowledge and better perceptions could be made because young people have creative thoughts and ideas in their minds. Its very important to be in contact with the news and young people should know that what is happening arround them in their surroundings.

      The next thing is that we must listen to them carefully putting all our extra thoughts away and just pay attention towards what is said. So that we can find a sollution for the problem by thinking positively.

  • I think young people should share their opinions about the news because it’s good to get a young persons point of view on real world situations. There generation has a different mindset and can help us keep the news with the times and modernise it as they have fresh ideas and a different way of thinking due to the differences they had growing up in this generation compared to older generations.

  • I think it is so important for young people to learn about the news so that they can get a better understanding to problems and situations happening around the world. This can be helpful because they can have bright ideas and a different way of thinking compared to other generations. This can also help them to be more aware of what’s going on around the world and can do their part to help make it better. It can help young people to be more sympathetic and aware of world issues if they understand what’s happening.

    1. We the students agree with you because children need to understand how the world works.Kids all around the world think that if they put their mind to it they can do anything. But they need to understand that the action have consequences and if you mess up the world will be terrible.

  • 1) I think It is important for young people like us to learn about the news because it is sometimes things that happen in our areas countries or communities.
    2) Young people should be able to share their opinions about the news because publicly sharing your viewpoints on relevant news stories online can be a fast-track to building your personal brand and association.
    3) When you speak, listen, solve problems and have creativity helps overcome unforeseen challenges and find solutions to unconventional problems on the news.
    4) The new knowledge I have gained from the festival is that we shall all encourage young people to share their viewpoints about the news.

  • children should be allowed to listen to news so that the can know the reality around them and discover other cultures ,young people should be allowed to share their opinions about the news so that they prepare themselves for the future because they might find themselves in a political position so they need to be ready so its better for them to start robbing minds and raising opinions because when they speak about the news and listen to the news and find solutions using creativity the tend to understand their realty.

  • For young people, staying up to date on news and events is crucial. They stay informed on significant issues, such as politics, health, and the environment, by staying up to date with the news. Young people who keep up with current events are better able to plan their future and are better equipped to have a positive influence on their communities. Additionally, being exposed to various points of view while learning about the news aids young people in developing critical thinking abilities. For gaining a comprehensive understanding of their surroundings, this kind of knowledge is invaluable.

  • young people should share their opinions about the news there are many things that their elders need to know and they are so important to them. young people should learn from the news that not every thing is possible because its to hard to reach some goals if you are not hard working hard. i have gained skills of researching, thinking critically and also sharing ideas to others

  • All age groups see the news as equally important for learning new things, but news users under 35 are slightly more motivated than older groups by how entertaining the news is and how sharable it is, and they are slightly less motivated than older groups by a sense of duty to stay informed of news or by its personal usefulness to them.Young people are primarily driven by progress and enjoyment in their lives, and this translates into what they look for in news. They still need and want news to connect their world to the world – and fulfil an array of different social and personal needs. Creativity is important for understanding the news because it :
    1. It accompanies innovation: For something to be innovative, there are two requirements: It must be novel and useful. While creativity is crucial to generate ideas that are both unique and original, they’re not always inherently useful. Innovative solutions can’t exist, however, without a component of creativity.
    2. It increases productivity: Creativity gives you the space to work smarter instead of harder, which can increase productivity and combat stagnation in the workplace. Routine and structure are incredibly important but shouldn’t be implemented at the expense of improvement and growth. When a creative and innovative environment is established, a business’s productivity level can spike upward.
    3. Its necessary for growth: One of the main hindrances to a business’s growth is cognitive fixedness, or the idea that there’s only one way to interpret or approach a situation or challenge. Ihave gotten the chance to share my ideas with others and this has helped me develop my communication skills which i am grateful for. I have learnt so much an example is the metaverse it is a very engrossing topic and i think should be discussed more often because this is the future of the world it is the next evolution in social connection and i feel it should be treasured

  • 1.Why is it so important for young people, like you, to learn about the news?-I think that it is important for young people like me to know about the news so that I could know the condition of the world and get updated about what is going on in the society.And it will also give awareness to people for example like during the covid19 pandamic the one and only source for us to know about the world and society in which we are living and people believe the facts that are said in the news and recently the media field is having heavy competition so every news channel is putting their entire effort in giving worthy news so that they can reach the news earlier so now news field has become a very business motive field so we are getting really worthy news that can develope our general knowledge in many aspects.
    2.Why should young people share their opinions about the news?-The news is also written by humans and it is human tendency to make mistakes so if we share our opinions on it then only the mistakes in that news could be corrected if their is any or it could be improved based on the opinions of the viewers so it is important for us to share our opinions on the news and young people have a very unique perspective of thinking so we could know all the possibilities about the news .
    A news which is portrait as good could even be bad and the people will only know about it when someone who is well known about the effect of it speaks about it so sharing our opinion is very important for the developement of a country.

  • Young people like me should be allowed and given the opportunity to rub minds and share opinion as each and everyone have different aspect of view.I believe with this,we all would get to know what is happening around us,our environment and other places.
    This festival has really taught and inspired me in creativity,learning, identifying and solving problems and also interaction with other students from different countries and this has improved my knowledge.

  • Why are speaking, listening, problem-solving and creativity important for understanding the news?- I think that speaking is really important for understanding the news because the news shows us information which are familiar or not familiar to us so, many questions might arise with in us to solve those questions the only best way is speaking to others through speaking we could know more in detail about that news and it helps us to understand it in a better way so speaking is really important when collecting information and helps us to know whether the news is true or not because many fake newses are arising in the news field so speaking about it helps us to know the true version of that news listening is much more powerful than speaking because through this we can know the opinions of different people which will help us to strength our opinion or change it if there is any mistakes in it listening is one of the most hardest quality to pocess because we must have patience and the capacity to listen which many of us are struggling to have. The news shows us real life incidence which occurred in the world and it will give us a detailed account of how it occurred and how they over came that so through this we can developed our problem solving skills and the news not only shows us information but also keeps us in touch of the Trends that are in the world through this we can improve our creativity knowing the style of people and also news is very important to give Awareness to people in knowing the nation economic condition, whether any disasters are going to occur and to know the fraudism occurring in different fields like food,theift etc......

  • It is important for young people to listen to news because we are the future generation as such we need to know what is happening around the world.

    Young people need to share their opinion in orders to listen to other peoples perspectives and find ways of solving the problems.

    These skills are important for understanding the news because it will enable one analyze the problem and find better solutions to solve the problem.

    I learnt more about the British empire. Also I learnt more about climate change and the effects it has on us and the planet.

  • Young people need to learn about the news in order to have a better understanding of what is happening in their communities and around the world.
    They need to share their opinions to know what other people think and learn new ideas.
    Being creative, having listening and problem solving skills will help us to differentiate between real and fake news.
    I’ve learned the reasons why people go on strikes and ways of preventing people from taking this action(strike)

  • 1..i think it is important for young people to know about the news because it will help them know more about what is happening in their surrounding,
    2...we share opinions about the news to have more information about a particular topic
    3... Listening is a skill that we all ought to develop, and listening to the news could be a way to help nourish such a skill. Students are asked to read newspapers to develop their writing skills and language skills, as well as general knowledge. When it comes to the development of a language, it is not only reading that is required, but listening too is equally important.
    4.... i learnt that The metaverse is a vision of what many in the computer industry believe is the next iteration of the internet: a single, shared, immersive, persistent, 3D virtual space where humans experience life in ways they could not in the physical world.

  • I think it's very important to learn about the news because people need to know what's going on in the world and maybe what to do about it. For instance, the cost of living. If a person is experiencing a bit of trouble about the cost of living, they need to talk with a trusted person they know and ask them what to do about it.

  • Youths like us will be ready to gain some interesting news and problems. We will have many resolution for the problems and we will be ready to fix the problem. So youths like us should know some interesting news. Creativity is very important to know what is the problem and how to resolve it. So listeners,speakers should have creative mind to know the problem and then they will share it in a easy sentence that we all could understand. So creative mind is also important.


  • •"Why is it so important for young people like you to know the news?": We must understand the news and know it because the age of the youth is the present and the future. In our free time, instead of watching videos that are not intended to be frank, I was hesitant to enter this project or not, and after I entered it, I felt that my ideas were growing slowly. •"Why should young people share their opinions about the news?": He must share their opinions first because expressing an opinion is a human right, and secondly, they must express their opinion so that they know what is right and what is not, and so that they learn from their mistakes for the future and so that they do not think because there is no place and no time for their existence. “Why are speaking, listening, problem-solving, and creativity important for understanding news?” Speaking in order to express all opinions and take from each opinion a part and solve the problem with understanding and listening, then the opinions of all attendees must be listened to in order to find out the appropriate solution and solve problems because rumors do not occur, and all this leads to understanding and logically analyzing the news.
    •"What new knowledge did you gain from the festival?" To be honest, I learned things that I did not know, such as the lives of kings and the royal family and the crisis of climate change, but the thing that surprised me the most was the strike of the employees from work. When it became a strike, I rejoiced a lot, but I did not know the negative side of this matter because this thing did not happen with their consent

  • Sharing opinions can also help them to develop empathy, awareness of the lives of others, and a deeper understanding of events beyond their immediate surroundings

  • News is important for young people because it enables them to engage in critical thinking, participate in debates and contribute to democracy. It is also essential to share opinions, develop communication, and creativity skills. The Festival created an opportunity for us to gain insights into the current state of news and gain valuable insights that can help us become well- informed

  • Staying informed and engaged with the news can provide young people with a sense of agency and empowerment. They can see how their actions and voices can make a difference in the world and be a force for positive change

  • First...Hello 👋
    ➡️I think it is important for young people to know the news because they are children of the past and the main pillar for building the present and the future...
    ➡️The news is like and others...they should know it because they If their homeland is under occupation, they must liberate it and raise its flag..
    ➡️Also, they have energies and creativity within them that they can bring out to help the community around them...With the cooperation of this generation of young people, they can rise to the heights of their society...
    ➡️And they are also one of the most important sources of strength and pillars of societies The main pillars that support her in times of adversity
    ➡️ Some of them have leadership personalities that help lead the future generation....Without bragging, I just want to give an example to set myself: I am a class leader..and president of my school parliament....and a source of trust for many girls and a role model. ....and this is what I wished for as a child..
    this is just an opinion 😁

  • When our teacher discussed these questions with us .This classmate I distinctively remember when he said that
    following news stories, gain a deeper understanding of how the world works and their place within it. This can lead to increased empathy and an appreciation for diverse perspectives

  • I think it is not important to follow the news, because there are other things to know (reading scientific books, it is possible to correspond with lessons such as the book of weather-related sciences, the study of natural phenomena) and other sources.
    And a person should not only be diligent in science, he could be talented, because science is not everything, but I will keep saying science is the basis of life, because you learned from childhood to make yourself without studying in old age.
    The world is too big and full of talents. Don't make science your only resource.

  • I think that Learning about the news can be a valuable tool for us as young people to develop our communication skills. By sharing our opinions and engaging in discussions with others about current events, we can practice articulating our thoughts and ideas in a respectful and thoughtful manner

  • Young people must learn about the news because it can help them in many ways and contribute to their personal and social development. Firstly, news enables young people to be informed citizens who can make informed decisions, participate in democratic processes and understand global events. News helps them to be aware of the issues, crises, and events that affect their lives and the world.

    Secondly, understanding the news can help young people develop critical and analytical thinking skills, enabling them to analyze stories, opinions and editorial content. News can educate young people about the media, the ownership of different news organizations, and ensure they understand media bias, fake news

  • 1. It's essential for young people to learn about the news because it helps them understand the world around them better. The news provides information on current events, politics, social issues, science, and technology. Being aware of what's happening in the world helps young people develop critical thinking skills, empathy, and the ability to make informed decisions. Also, being knowledgeable about current events can help young people become more engaged citizens and participate in the democratic process.

    2. Young people should share their opinions about the news because their perspectives matter. They bring fresh ideas and unique insights to discussions, which can lead to new solutions and ways of thinking. Sharing opinions also helps young people develop communication skills and confidence in expressing their viewpoints.

    3. Speaking, listening, problem-solving, and creativity are important for understanding the news because the news often presents complex issues that require critical analysis and creative problem-solving skills. Effective communication skills such as speaking and listening help young people engage in meaningful conversations about the news and understand different viewpoints. Problem-solving skills are essential for analyzing and addressing issues presented in the news. Creativity is also crucial for generating innovative solutions to problems.

    4. attending a festival focused on news would provide new knowledge and insights into current events, journalism, media ethics, and other related topics. It may also provide opportunities to connect with other like-minded individuals, learn from experts, and engage in discussions and debates.

  • From my point of view, I think: 1_ Young people must know all the news so that it is a kind of increasing their cultures, increasing their knowledge and acquiring skills 2_ In this news, they must express their opinion because everyone has the right to opinion and expression, and it is possible that their opinion is better than the opinions of adults 3_ Speaking, listening, problem-solving, and creativity are important for understanding news because good listening helps build relationships, solve problems, ensure understanding, and resolve conflicts 4_ I gained knowledge of the climate and got to know the causes of climate change, and that helped in understanding a lot of things Finally, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this festival..😍😍

  • On my opinion that
    If we stay informed about the news ,then we are more likely to become engaged in our communities and take an active role in shaping the future. By staying informed and sharing our opinions, we can advocate for our beliefs and work towards a more just and equitable society

  • The thing I am most shocked by is nepotism, because this is forbidden for human rights, and what he does transgresses the rights of others, and this is not from our origin, for example, that a person is brave in studying and is one of the first, and they could not hire him, and another person is unable to study, and he is their relative or friend and they hire him, and this It is not fair because it leads to the corruption of society and the destruction of relations. Nepotism is also the exchange of goods in exchange for political support. This is why nepotism is a great injustice to the weak.

  • the competition like topical talk festival is very important for young people like me we can develop our talents and young people should share their opinions with others becouse that can make them increase their self-confidence
    Speaking listening is very important for the person it can help him for communication with people from around the world like me i have a lot of friends from california
    some of the skills i have acquired in topical talk festival is
    1_Is developing my writing skills
    2_Increaseing my self-confidence
    3_develop my opinions and my thoughts
    4_speak fluently without fear
    and thank you all for every thing

  • • In my opinion, what is important for young people to know the news is that they are the protectors of this community. It is necessary for them to follow the news to know that they can help our society because the elderly or children cannot do some of the important things mentioned in the news.
    • Because young people have new ideas in their minds that if they do not follow the news or no one asks them about it, it will not come out and no one will work to develop it. Young people like us have many ideas that help build advanced societies known for their technological art
    • News needs creative and innovative people who understand what is going on around them and in their minds immediately revolve solutions to these problems that they face, whatever
    Let's imagine that there is a person who listens to the news, but does not understand anything, or when he hears it, it is as if he did not hear it. This will not help anything. It is necessary that he has the intuition of creativity.

  • for the last question
    • I would like to say that the whole festival has given me many knowledges and experiences
    For example, on Earth Day, I got to know how countries outside Palestine celebrate this day and how some communities do not care. The students tried in the comments to find and ask about solutions to these problems.
    Also at the Coronation of King Charles III (my favorite festival)
    I got to know many kings that I did not know before, and then I searched about their lives and their life preferences, such as Queen Elizabeth
    On the subject of Metaverses, it gave me many new knowledges that I had not thought of, and I saw the intuition of great artistic creativity in the students who were part of the project (I liked this festival very much)

  • * First of All, most important point for youth - young people knowing about the news all over the world make me a person with good culture and its build a bridge of knowledge about new things that happened and its effect on our life finally it makes me more aware about how to deal with problems and find more solution to it.
    *They should share their opinions about the news for many reasons:- make me or make the young people as a whole have the enough ability to analyze what going on around the world and how to react against this news make me more and more strong and aware to deal with many things and issues or attitudes that will happen around us like what was going on my country specially in Gaza in the last those days like war news I should analyze the news for example know where ,when, and how to react with risks and avoid it so finally its make me an independent person with make a decision .
    *Those skills are very important to make me more able a bout analyze the news and reacts towards those attitudes and problems and found more solutions to it for example:-
    speaking : make me fluent and have the ability to share my opinion with others and told them what I mean .
    listening : make me more aware about what going on and how to react against those attitudes and understanding what going around us .
    *problem solving to be an independent person by suggestion and expect more solutions to the problem that face us and found the best one .
    *creativity its important to have a creative ideas ,think out of the box and expect the problems before happening .
    *learning more and more about new topics and from other new cultures and make more strong how to expression my opinions and share it with others .

  • Allowing young people to tell news is an important matter because they are the next generation of leaders, workers, parents, success, and researchers. They are the main component responsible for consolidating the new political system, establishing democratic values, and sustaining peace. In addition, the spirit of responsibility and the spirit of activity, struggle, and assistance in building a society that adheres to sustainable peace and human rights dies in them. Young people should take the news from its correct sources.

  • Kids need to know about the news because they are all aware of what is happening in the world.They should share thir opinions about it so they know what other children think about it.

  • Hello! Learning about news is important for young people because it helps them understand what is happening in the world around them. This knowledge can help them make informed decisions and form their own opinions.

    Sharing our opinions about the news is also important because it allows us to have a voice and contribute to important discussions. For example, if we learn about a new law being proposed that affects our community, sharing our thoughts on the matter can help others understand different perspectives.

    Speaking, listening, problem-solving, and creativity are important skills when it comes to understanding the news. When we speak, we can express our ideas and thoughts clearly. Listening helps us understand other people's perspectives and ideas. Problem-solving helps us come up with solutions to issues that we learn about in the news. And creativity helps us think outside of the box and come up with new ideas.

    From the Festival, I have gained new knowledge about current events and important topics. For example, I have learned about climate change and how it affects our planet.I have also learned about Equality issues and how we can work towards making the world a better place for everyone.

  • It is so incredibly important for young people to know about the news in an accurate and non-fear-mongering way, especially with the rising amount of misinformation circulating the internet and along with the fact that news articles and programs are deliberately designed to invoke fear and panic in people. The reason I myself no longer watch the news is because it often focuses on pitying countries in worse situations. An example I can immediately think of is when the Ukrainian war first began, I was watching the broadcast with my mother. I felt a twinge of panic and a twinge of guilt for the fact I was privileged enough that my parents had immigrated from the area 15 years ago and I was safe in the UK. And on social media, anyone can say anything they please. So while pre-teens and teenagers trust the agency of influencers, who often spread a great deal of misinformation, which is passed along further between teenagers. So I believe we need more spaces like this, where we are encouraged to actually learn accurate information, and discuss it with other people of similar ages and perhaps opinions.

    1. Hi quickwitted_juniper, what are some key values one would need for such spaces?

      1. It is prohibited for the operator, during the strike.To replace the striking workers with new workers who do not have any contractual relationship with the establishment prior to the date of notification of the decision to notify the strike.Every party that decides to launch a strike must inform its employer of the strike decision, and this notification is done as follows.It begins with a hand in return for a receipt, or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, or by any other means of legal notification

  • they share opinions because so that they should learn more and inspire other children and people should know about what's happening

  • Hello, I would like to give my opinion, young people should share their views on the news, people need some important information about life aspects and they must put in their minds that not everything can be achieved easily because everything needs to be tired and diligent to get a good result / 2- Not believing the rumors that are spreading A lot on social media / 3- Reducing the use of phones and the Internet because of its negative aspects, thank you 🤗

  • it os important to learn news because that we can grow our knowledge about the topic being discussed in this news, and we can learn about ways to narrate ideas and news,we can develop our language skills,to grow our political , culture ,social and economic skills.
    we should share our opinion about the news because that help we to be people with good opinions, people who have the sudactiy to share their opinions about what is going on around them, people who benefit from what they watch,people who you can ask their help and opinions in the future.

  • hello....It is extremely important for young people like you to be informed about the news for several reasons. Firstly, news provides an opportunity for young individuals to understand the world around them and the issues and events that impact their lives and society as a whole. News can offer important information about politics, economy, culture, science, and more, helping them develop their perspectives and acquire the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions in the future.
    Additionally, young people should participate and share their opinions about the news because they are a vital part of society and have the right to express their views and contribute to decision-making processes. When young individuals are informed about and understand the news, they can become active members of society and influential voices. They can engage in discussions and debates on important issues, offer fresh ideas, and innovative solutions.

    Speaking, listening, problem-solving, and creativity are essential skills for understanding the news. Through conversations and discussions with others, young people can ask questions, understand different perspectives, and learn from others' experiences. Furthermore, by applying critical thinking, analysis, and seeking innovative solutions, young people can tackle complex problems related to the news. Creativity also plays a significant role in comprehending the news and coming up with unique insights and interpretations.

  • Knowing how and why our world is functioning the way it is RIGHT NOW makes us a lot more knowledgeable about how we might be able to change it for the future.” By reading or watching the news, teens can formulate their own opinions on issues and be informed voters come election time. And yet, as more news outlets and formats compete for audiences’ time and attention, we continue to see longer-term falls in interest and trust in news across age groups and markets – particularly among younger audiences. Under 35s are the lowest-trusting age group.
    Creativity serves several purposes. It not only combats stagnation but facilitates growth and innovation. Here's why creativity is important in news: Journalists who can tell news stories that cut through the noise and connect with people. That takes creativity; i.e. a relevant and novel solution – what are the stories that aren’t being told already that people want to hear? That same phenomenon is happening across every industry and every function. I have learnt quite a favourable amount of knowledge and i am very grateful the metaverse is most intriguing in my opinion; the metaverse is the next evolution in social connection and the successor to the mobile internet.

    1. What advice would you give to journalists to help them to "cut through the noise", upbeat_lute?

  • Six reasons why young people should learn about the news:
    1. The News Tells People What Is Happening In The World ...
    2. It Allows People To Adapt To Global Changes ...
    3. It Gives People Multiple Perspectives On Events ...
    A young ones mind is much open than an adult because a brain is a brain whether or not it has ideas young people are much more expressive than adults they are able to share interact and express they ideas better. Creativity serves several purposes. It not only combats stagnation but facilitates growth and innovation. Here's why creativity is important in the news
    I have gained quite a huge sum of knowledge from the topical talk namely about the metaverse it was a most inruiging topic and i am grateful i was able to learn and share my ideas

  • . It is important for young people to be aware of the news around.
    . Youth is very significant part of the society having brilliant minds which can gain additional everyday knowledge and contribute towards the society in a very positive way because they have faster understanding level with full potential and fresh minds having distinct point of view.Only awared people have the oppourtunity to respond to the happenings at a right time with right knowledge.Its need of the day that youth put their full contribution to fulfill their dreams for the betterment of their environment and country.
    . I'm very inspired by the healthy activity by this fantastic festival which has given us the oppourtunity to storm our minds to think about the present day issues and thier solutions in an analytical and critical way along with their reasoning.It has provided a platform to the youth to express their thinking about different topics and share it with others.Hence,a bit contribution to the society.

  • I learn a lot of new things and new words from which I was not known before and this festival cause the increase in my knowledge and improvement in my vocabulary as I dont know before that what is nepotism and what technology is metaverse. So, when I studid these things in detail and do research on them then I came to know that what these things are.....and what role they play in our daily life.....

    I think so that these type of informative programs should be started as they increase in our knowledge and cause improvement in our writing skills...

    It was a verry good experience for me for the first time at such an international level...

  • First of all, the purpose of e-learning platforms is to communicate with the university and the student, nothing more, and we are satisfied with it

    After a while, the Ministry decided that the student's evaluation of e-learning should be through homework and exams, and they were satisfied with it and kept silent despite the bad internet and the conditions we live in.

    But now they want to give us the final exam electronically, and we will never be silent about it

    And beyond all this, there is no shortage of material, and the doctors are pressuring us day after day

    As long as the ministry is determined to give us an exam
    The best and most appropriate solution is to strike and exit from the Classroom platforms
    Until the exam is canceled and replaced with reports and research

  • A strike is a collective intentional cessation of work, and its aim is to put pressure on the employer by workers. It is also called accident strikes that constitute a non-procedure cessation of work, such as a strike by merchants, a strike by members of the free professions and citizens when paying taxes.

  • A strike is an intentional and collective cessation of work, and its aim is to put pressure on the employer or the government.Strike is an element of basic public freedoms.It is a way for the worker to defend his professional interests .For this reason, we find that most of the Arab and Western constitutions included the right to strike as one of the basic rights of the citizen, and it was also stipulated in international conventions and covenants.For this reason, we find that most of the Arab and Western constitutions included the right to strike as one of the basic rights of the citizen, and it was also stipulated in international conventions and covenants.It is prohibited to punish any person for participating in a strike that is practiced in accordance with the requirements of the law, and it is also prohibited for the employer to obstruct the exercise of the right to strike