Expert challenge: The metaverse

Matthew Ball has loved reading your comments on the Hub that he has decided to set you a challenge! Play the video to find out about what he’d like you to discuss next.

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  • hiya,
    In my opinion what I would find challenging in the metaverse world is LAW AND ORDER because obviously not everyone will want to comply to the rules in the metaverse. Some of them would want to carry their mentality of rule breaking from the actual world. they will think they have a feeling of freedom, and they can do whatever they want to do. For example, someone will know that fraud is wrong, but they see the metaverse as an opportunity to get money to rob someone so i would say that the metaverse to have some safety agencies like a police force or someone that will be able to check all this and maybe ban the person and am sure that people will feel much safer.

    1. I personally agree with you. considering the fact that the metaverse will me like an another world in which people of all characters can come together and socialize. as for me, I feel the metaverse should be as similar as the real world but in order for that to happen, people of all classes should be allowed to access it. An obvious fact is that rules will be set up but not everybody will want to obey the rules especially because it will be a new system and the people who participate will still be in the process of learning about the whole concept thereby allowing bad people to mislead others. Common fact is that not all measures put in place will be able to curb the the number of scammers available in the metaverse. The metaverse will be an opportunity for scammers to get what they want and still get away with it that is at its early stages. But as the saying goes "change is a must and happens overtime". as time goes on, people will become aware of what goes on and be more careful in their dealings in the metaverse. And also, platforms that allow for the reporting of suspected criminals should be made. this will make a great improvement in curbing the rate at which scammers operate in the metaverse. By allowing users to work hand in hand with the law enforcement agencies set up in the metaverse, it will be easier to track down the criminals and s punish them making them scape goats to other criminals out there.

    2. Yes, I like your comment, but other people might copy that person too. They won't see it as an example, they'll see it as a key to living privileges - doing crimes that are in the real world. I think a police force is not needed because people need to use the Metaverse responsibly.

    3. I understand your concern about law and order in the metaverse. It's true that some people may try to break rules in the virtual world just like they do in the real world. However, just like in the real world, there will be guidelines and regulations put in place to ensure everyone can have a safe and enjoyable experience in the metaverse.

      In fact, there are already many communities in the metaverse who have established their own rules and codes of conduct to maintain order and respect among their members. Additionally, the developers and administrators of the metaverse platforms will also have ways to enforce rules and punish those who violate them.

      1. Good point! What sort of soft and hard rules do you think developers and administrators can enforce to make the Metaverse a safe platform?

        1. That's a great question! Developers and administrators can enforce soft and hard rules to make the Metaverse a safe platform.

          Soft rules are guidelines that suggest what people should do, while hard rules are requirements that people must follow. Here are some examples of both:

          Soft Rules:
          1. Be respectful to others: This means treating others the way you want to be treated. Don't say anything mean or hurtful to others.
          2. Think before you post: Before posting something online, think about how it might make other people feel. If it could upset someone, don't post it.
          3. Report bad behavior: If you see someone doing something inappropriate or mean, tell an adult or a moderator.

          Hard Rules:
          1. No bullying: This means no name-calling, teasing, or making fun of others.
          2. No sharing personal information: This means not giving out your full name, address, phone number, or any other personal information.
          3. No violence: This means no hitting, pushing, or physically hurting others.

          By following these soft and hard rules, everyone can work together to create a safe and fun Metaverse for all!

  • It is wonderful that Mr. Matthew liked the comments, with my vast imaginative skills, I would like to design a phone protection application, and the phone protection application is not like any other application, its features are as follows: When someone sends me a friend request on social networking sites and his profile is closed and private, I can know all the private data Use it to see if he is a bad person or not, and I would also like to make an application that prevents bad ads, because I have recently been suffering from bad ads when they appear on the phone screen of my younger brothers. Learning opportunities: learning languages ​​and learning programming, and I want to emulate the teacher while she teaches students because I want The future is to be an excellent English language teacher. I do not find any difficulty in metaverses, as it has made it easy for many. I really wish that metaverses would fulfill my wishes.......

    1. I disagree because, this is a violation of personal information, you simply can't do that, basically why would you want to add someone you don't know...!

  • Wow ! Thanks , you have openned my eye on new benefits. I really want to discover the human body like an atom. Human body is full of secrects and the metaverse will feed our curiosity. I will discover evry part of this body. I will discover the moon and sit there. I will spend more time with my grandmum before she died. I will oceans especially Permoda Triangle and discover its reality. I will discover the black hole abd solve my questions.
    What challanges may I face?
    The internet connectivity in my country, it is really bad. And people who have lower income they will not have the opportunity to enter the metaverse. Privacy issues related to my personal information, but technology is always developing and solutions will be ready.

  • I liked your questions very much and I will answer with all my heart

    1 I will design programs for education that make people love education and study, and I will make games for puzzles in order to develop the talents and thinking of people

    2 Everything I would like to learn, but most of all, is science and mathematics, especially space science

    3 The most difficult thing is that I don't like technology very much and it hurts the eyes

    1. I agree with you and I would like to create a learning environment where people can come together and share their different knowledge so people can learn new thing and also to create an environment where different people and even introverts can socialize without feeling out of place.

      I would like to use the meta verse to learn different languages like French, Japanese and Spanish and to explore different places, learning about their cultures

      I think what I would find challenging in the meta verse is the cost of the hardware, paying for the subscription, fear of getting addicted and also worrying about cyber crimes

      1. I liked your answer,metaverse will be good chance for us to learn more and more about other languages and cultures. this will be interesting and useful.
        You are right about the challenges you expect to face, I think also Social networking sites will pose another challenge, especially for those of our age, as they may take our time and distract us from our goal, so I will try to create more protection programs for teenagers and set a few hours to use such sites for teenage subscribers. After that, the site will be closed to them, provided that It is opened on another day. To be in control and not to be distracted and to focus on useful programs.

      2. I agree with you,as I would also like to create a learning and teaching environment at the comfort of our couch anywhere in the world, bring teachers and students with new people in shared spaces to interact and acquire new Knowledge,just like the Topical Talk where we come together to Learn and teach ourselves. The arrival of the metaverse has created a digital world where students experience online learning and teaching training,that will transform education into a more encompassing behavior.i will love to explore education system by allowing students all over the world to gain access to education free of charge, making educational resources affordable, boosting learning and teaching facilities and enabling greater student cooperation in virtual world,like we have the Udemy online and teaching App,that provides students a learning platform with just a little amount to register.
        I will love to create education opportunities to the less privileged as they cannot afford the amount of school fees, uniform and other expenses,but if education opportunities is explored they will be entitled to learning in a convenient environment.
        It will be of my greatest pleasure of my request is granted.

    2. I agree with what you said and would like to add. I would like to design with my creativity skills:
      1. Create my own virtual reality world for users to explore using the metaverse platform.
      2.Charge them money for access to my world and make money from ads displayed.
      3. Enable collaboration and co creation among creators.
      4.Allow creators interact with their audience in new and engaging ways.
      5.I will ensure time and practice for creators to master and explore it's full range of responsibilities.

  • I would design a robot cleaner, a robot chef, a robot cat and other robot animals which can turn big just like in a cartoon i used to watch and i wish to be a super hero just like them, and i will also like to build a suit that can make me very small that i can enter a human body through the particles of the Oxygen he breath without them knowing, with the suit i can explore into the human body and know more about the human body and how we might easily get infected. In the metaverse i could face challenges like lack of cash/coin EXAMPLE: In ROBLOX it is called ROBUX. And this might make me to lose in a game or even decide to give up.

  • These are great questions that I can't wait to answer.
    As I enter Metaverse, I will design educational tools to benefit educators, researchers, and digital designers. I will support them in leading their way rather than falling to the bottom and dooming them.
    I will actively and well promote the medical field.
    I will discover useful things that will benefit this whole world 🌏. I will help build and populate this world. I don't want to use metaverse for harmful things. I do not like that. By nature, I love reconstruction, reform, and spreading peace and security.
    But the difficulty with Metaverse - the virtual world - is that sometimes it is not available to everyone and it is difficult for me to enter and experience it. This inhibits my mental thoughts and creativity...

  • I personally have issues with mathematics it gives me serious headache. I will like to design a software that will make maths fun and easy. If the program becomes successful, it will help me and others who are finding it difficult to understand maths find easy ways of solving maths problems.

  • 1............... i would like to Consume and create art
    Visiting art galleries is a great thing to do in the metaverse, and provides an opportunity to look at and create art.

    Art in the metaverse aims to bridge the gap of inaccessibility to some art forms.

    The digital sub-sector of art is attracting serious attention as both digital artists and NFTs are already amassing sizable interest. So it's only natural to assume that this will continue in the metaverse.
    2......... I would like to explore and learn about physics especially nuclear physics because it will help me know more about life-saving technologies such as radiotherapy, cancer research, medical imaging, and smoke detectors.
    3...... Law & Jurisdiction Metaverse Challenges
    Submerging into the Metaverse will bring forth the question of legislation and jurisdiction, requiring countries to look more into the virtual legal domains. and it is a serious challenge that needs to be adhered to .

  • Your questions are unique and a bit difficult dear Mr. Matthew...but I have some ideas..
    Answer to the first question: I like drawing very much. I think I will design robots that will help develop the skills of those who love to draw, and I will post cool videos to encourage beginners in drawing to develop their skills...
    The answer to the second question: I love the English language, so my dream is to specialize in it, then become a teacher in it, then reach the honors degree until I reach my goal and my name becomes known in foreign and Arab countries... .
    Answer to question three: The hardest challenge I can face in the metaverse is that I fail to achieve what I would like to design, or... maybe I just don't understand very well how to enter and work in the metaverse. Perhaps this is a problem and at the same time a challenge that we have to face, and as they say (we are for it and lead it and lead it)

  • I really like all these questions ✨.

    1) If I could design something in the metaverse, it would be a virtual reality experience that can simulate human senses so realistically that the users will forget they're in a simulationv🔥. Imagine being able to travel to any country, planet or even universe without ever leaving your home.You could dine on alien cuisine while feeling the texture of the food between your fingers or go deep sea diving with a pod of whales while feeling their warmth against your skin. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure; I'm ready for this kind of futuristic adventure ❤️‍🔥!!

    2)I'm eager to explore the vast learning opportunities available in the metaverse.
    Firstly, I would love to delve into the world of Virtual Reality and interact with individuals, gain knowledge about virtual communication, and enhance my language processing skills. Secondly, I aspire to learn more about game creation in Metaverse and develop games that are both exciting and educational for people of all ages.

    3) To be honest, the metaverse is such a mind-blowing concept that it's hard to even visualize what would challenge me in there. I mean, we're talking about a fully immersive virtual world here, where anything can happen and anything is possible , being a part of such an expansive virtual universe also comes with its fair share of challenges. The first thing that comes to my mind is the possibility of losing yourself in this alternate reality and becoming addicted to it. Maintaining a balance between the physical world and the metaverse will be crucial for individuals.Despite these challenges, I am exhilarated at the prospect of exploring such an extraordinary world that can offer endless possibilities for creativity, innovation, and connection.

    1. You are amazing trusting_speech...
      You have a very wide imagination and amazing ideas
      But I did not understand what you said about simulation work. This is the first time I hear about it. Can you clarify and define it?
      Thank you

      1. Thank you for your kind words . It really made me happy 🥹.
        A simulation is like playing pretend, but with a computer. It's when we make a fake world or situation on the computer and we can pretend to do things in it. It helps us learn and practice things without actually doing them in real life.
        Simulations enable professionals to gain valuable experience and knowledge without the risks or costs associated with live experimentations.

    2. That sounds like an incredibly immersive and exciting experience! The idea of being able to explore different worlds and cultures without ever leaving your home is truly remarkable. The metaverse has the potential to revolutionize the way we experience the world around us, and I can't wait to see what kind of virtual reality experiences people will create in the future.

      It's great to hear that you're interested in using the metaverse as a tool for learning and education. The possibilities for creating interactive and engaging learning experiences in the metaverse are endless, and it's exciting to think about the kind of impact this could have on the way we learn and acquire new skills.

      You make a great point about the potential for addiction and the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between the physical world and the metaverse. As with any new technology, it's important to approach it with a critical eye and be aware of its potential risks as well as its benefits. That being said, I think the metaverse has the potential to bring people together in new and exciting ways, and I'm excited to see how it will evolve and grow in the coming years.

  • I am one of the people who love the science of programming and what is related to it, and the world of imagination and drawing, so I think that I will make an invention related to what I love also. I want to learn everything that is available. I love learning a lot, and frankly, I do not think that there is anything difficult in Metaverse

  • Hello, Mr. Paul, and thank you for your effort in making the video. According to me, I think that the subject of metaverse is important, but it is difficult. There is a question, if metaverse has spread all over the world, is everyone able to work in it? To turn home into a classroom instead of going 2 hours to school

  • From my point of view

    1- In Metaverse, I will use my creative skills to design a unique and exciting digital world that attracts visitors and users. I will work on designing elements such as terrain, walls, buildings, objects, characters, and games, in addition to designing sound and visual effects to make this world look realistic and immerse the visitor in the virtual world.

    2- Regarding learning opportunities in Metaverse, I want to explore virtual reality technologies and learn from the experiences that can be experienced in Metaverse. I will also try to learn how to develop Metaverse applications and create advanced digital worlds.

    3- The difficulties I may face in Metaverse are mainly technological, as Metaverse is a complex and advanced digital world that requires high technical skills and experience to create and develop it. I may also face some social and cultural challenges in Metaverse, where there may be a difference in standards and values between users.

    4- Definitely, I support reading the thoughts of others and collaborating with them to improve the Metaverse experience. As for other suggestions, I can say that it is possible to expand the scope of using Metaverse to include other fields such as education, health, business, entertainment, and others.

  • Austism is one challenges facing children in my country. Children suffering from autism find it difficult to communicate and interact with other people. There brain development is at a slow pace as such they find learning difficult. We have few schools that cater for their needs.
    If I have an opportunity to be in the metaverse, I'll create a program that will guide and assist autistic children so that they will find learning easy.

  • Based on the question what would you design in the metaverse, I would like to touch on the question, what should not be designed in the metaverse. I believe there should not be a form of currency in the metaverse. Though this will change our entire way of living, it would benefit people for the better.

    The reason for this is that money is a symbol of power, and power leads to greed. People from even the age of 16 are secretly taking drugs simply because of not only peer pressure, but addiction. But why do people sell drugs when it could reduce your life time and potentially have fatal consequences? Well, these people make a high amount of money with drugs, and their 'salary' will increase due to the people constantly coming back for more and more.

    On top of this, the reason for people going on strike is because they work in unsafe conditions and, additionally, for a higher paycheck. Teachers, for example, are going on strike and this affects the pupils' performance at school. I have my SATs in one week and there was a strike two days ago. However, I am thankful that my teachers took us into consideration as well to not deteriorate our performance as a whole. In the metaverse, money should hence not be included as it makes others do actions without realising that it might affect one or multiple people as well.

    Last but not least, money can manipulate a child's mindset or even an adult's. Adults plunge children into the stereotype that they should be a doctor because that is the highest paid salary. Children should aspire for the careers that they will always enjoy. Statistically proven, it is noted that 99% of people doing a job they like makes them excell more at the subject. Money will never be equivalent to happiness and in the metaverse, if currency is removed from the system, children will endeavour for jobs they love.

    Overall, I just want to clarify that just because I believe there should be no money, does not mean people should not work hard. We should be thankful that we have a beautiful world to sustain us, so we should repay the favour by making the world a better place. Instead of getting money, we can receive kindness and generousity from all living beings.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on what should not be designed in the metaverse. Your perspective on removing currency from the metaverse is an interesting one, as it would change the fundamental way in which we interact with each other and the virtual world. Your argument that money is a symbol of power and leads to greed is a valid point, and it's important to consider how money can influence our actions and decisions.

      However, it's also important to consider how the absence of currency in the metaverse would impact the economy and the incentives for people to create and innovate. Without a system of exchange, it may be difficult for individuals and organizations to allocate resources and invest in new ideas. Additionally, it's important to consider how individuals would be compensated for their work in the metaverse without a system of currency.

      Overall, it's important to consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of different design choices in the metaverse, including the presence or absence of currency. It will be interesting to see how designers and developers approach these questions in the coming years as the metaverse continues to evolve.

    2. acccurate_atom I really want to thank and appreciate you for sharing this because I like your comment and you helped me see the metaverse in a different view.
      You taught me a lot.
      I learnt that money doesn't determine whether the world is a happy place if there is not money there are other things like ethics and kindness

  • 1."What would you design in the metaverse using your creative skills?"-
    Everyone built something in their lifetime it could be a house or a mansion but through metaverse I could like to visualise the entire building and get a better view of it if Iam going to invest on buying it or going to built it.

    2."What learning opportunities would you like to explore in the metaverse"-
    During my history and geography lessons it is a little bit hard for me to visualise what the teacher is explaining without images or diagrams given by the teacher ,with the metaverse students could visualise and learn the topics much deeper for example with the metaverse we could know the water cycle better looking at each stage of it in front of our eyes which is much effective than diagrams with arrows or videos.

    3."What would you find challenging in the metaverse"-It will be hard for me to know the real characteristics of the people and I think that I will feel it hard to adapt to the metaverse world and handle it but I will eventually get experienced.

  • I would like to design a school that teaches people how to program because people think that programming is very hard and confusing while it is actually very easy. So if I make this school it will show people how easy and fun coding/programming can be.

    I would like to learn graphics design and computer programs like c++, c#, Java, JavaScript and python because I would love to become a senior software engineer/ programmer like Mr. Matthew ball.

    The thing I would find challenging in the metaverse is how to interact with other people because maybe the person you are talking to doesn’t understand your language so since the metaverse is a global platform so it should have a program that the person reading the message you sent is seeing in the language they understand.

  • In the metaverse, I say that I'm going to start a school where people can learn more about both the things they already know and the things they don't. I picked that because I want to share the knowledge I have gained through the metaverse with others. For example, if I travel to space in the metaverse and bring back what I learn there to share with my students. They would gain from it since they would learn things from my experiences and perhaps even.

    I want to use the metaverse to learn about how the body of a person functions and many languages that I did not know of before, such as Chinese, Korean, and sign languages.

    Learning how to build buildings and developing a metaverse addiction are two things I would find challenging to perform in the metaverse. And about the school, I don’t think it would be easy.

  • I think within the metaverse, something that would be challenging would be socializing. Because of how vast the metaverse is supposed to be, with so many different people and all the different avatars they could have, I think it'd be hard for newcomers to get used to the experience.

  • I would like to design metaverse as a place for space exploration experience in a way that showcases my love for the unknown mysteries of space.Firstly, I would design a virtual spaceship that would take me to different planets and moons in our solar system. I would choose to visit some of the planets and moons that are known to have unique geological features or interesting environments, such as the sulfuric acid clouds of Venus, the geysers on Enceladus, or the Martian valleys.To give a more immersive experience, I would incorporate stunning visuals and sound effects that mimic the environments of each planet and moon. For instance, I could create realistic simulations of the Jupiter's Great Red Spot, Saturn's rings or the dark side of the moon, giving me the chance to see how each planet or moon looks up close. As these things can't be achieved or experienced by everyone in the real world as it is a massive challenge and it would require more time, resources and advanced technology but with the power of metaverse we can experience such wonders of space in a safe and accessible way. And also I like to experience concepts of physics.The metaverse can certainly offer a unique way to experience physics concepts beyond just reading about them in school.
    Like the virtual reality and augmented reality can offer unique ways to experience physics concepts in a more immersive way. That is users could experience the effects of gravity and acceleration by simulating space travel or a rollercoaster ride, or they could explore the behavior of electromagnetic fields by visualizing virtual charges and currents.

    1. I also suggest that we realize the real danger posed by the ozone hole and the emission of harmful gases in changing the Earth's climate and nature, and here specifically a real metaverse can be formed about the shape of the Earth, with these real threats and how this can be observed with a realistic vision that draws the devastating effects of climate change on humans and living creatures in a way general, and then help students make efforts in the short term to preserve their immediate environment, and in the long term to preserve the planet as a whole.

  • Hi,
    1) What would you design in the metaverse using your creativity skills?
    When I was young I was full of crazy ideas, however, I couldn't bring those ideas to life, therefore, I would design all those crazy mind-blowing ideas I had when I was young in the metaverse. Moreover, I would like to use my creativity in the metaverse to reduce poverty, make learning fun, reduce bullying, reduce climate change, reduce global warming, etc. By doing all this in the metaverse, I hope I can make the world a better place with the support of other people.

    2)What learning opportunities would you like to explore in the metaverse?
    The learning opportunities I would like to explore in the metaverse are that I hope I can tour the human body and other living organisms. By doing this, it will give me a deeper understanding of how the body and other living organisms work, moreover, I think the metaverse will be a big advantage for students who get distracted easily. When teachers are teaching, some students can easily get distracted by objects around them, and other students might feel bored. Therefore I think that by using the metaverse these students can be fully engaged in what the teacher is teaching, moreover, this will help the students because they will get a better understanding and can confidently explain what they are been taught.

    3) What would you find challenging in the metaverse?
    What I find challenging about the metaverse is a lot of people would be on the metaverse, and not a lot of people are kind, therefore a lot of cyberbullying can happen on the metaverse which might physically destroy a person.

    1. How would you use creativity to reduce poverty in the Metaverse?

      1. In my opinion, I would start a game in a form of fund raising which will completely go to charity. This will be easy because there are many people on the metaverse and the can share the same idea as me.

      2. Hi, Tiff @ Topical Talk,
        Since a lot of people will be using the metaverse every day, I would take this opportunity to let people know about poverty in the world.

        A lot of people are dying due to their habitat and poor sanitation, moreover, the people who are having financial issues may not have enough money to go to the hospital therefore I will start a donation for them on the metaverse. I can even research true-life stories of people who have died due to not having enough money to go to the hospital, by doing this I can make people using the metaverse aware of what is happening in the world. I also hope that the donations given to these people can also help them get clean water and proper sanitation.

        In this world, there are a lot of gifted children, however, not all these children have the privilege to go to school, because their parents can't afford it, therefore, I would also like to make donations for these children to go to school.

        All, I would like to say is that I would like to create donations for children who do not have access to education, proper health care, electricity, clean water, and proper sanitation. By doing this, I would be able to spread the word about poverty and have a lot of support from people to reduce it.

  • I will design a spaceship that enables me to go to space whenever I want to explore it and I want to put my country's flag on it.

    I would like to learn how we can live on outer planets if the population explodes on planet Earth.

    I find the hardest thing is that I didn't get to see a spaceship in real life so I could make it in the virtual world.

  • I was inspired by your questions: "Matthew would like"
    What are you going to design in the metaverse using your creative skills? According to my desire I will design a computer generated environment in which people interact with each other so that people can come together and exchange their different knowledge so that people can learn new things and also to create an environment where different people and even introverts can socialize without Feeling out of place.

    What learning opportunities would you like to explore in the metaverse? For me, all I want to explore and do is learn multiple languages, become something big and successful in society, become a dentist in the future, and gather people to share their knowledge.

    What do you find difficult in the metaverse?
    What I find difficult is that I struggle with the cost of the devices, paying the subscription and my own fear of addiction and the metaverse's concern about cybercrime .

  • Mr. Matthew, I would like to answer your questions from the bottom of my heart and with all honesty
    1- will use my skills in Metaverse to create games and programs that help improve children's writing and speaking skills and attract them to spend a long time learning. I would also like to have decoration and fashion design programs for those who have talent Design or drawing and programs with many skills options that support talented people and help them develop themselves.

    2-Some of the learning opportunities that I would like to have in Metaverse are to explore medical information and first aid, where young men and women have experience in these subjects, and I would like to have a space and planetary exploration program Because it is very interesting and entertaining.

    3-I find it difficult to deal with the Metaverse because it is a very large and vast digital world, and it includes all countries of the world It is very sophisticated and advanced, but it requires many skills and high experience in dealing with some websites or applications I think that I will also find it difficult to deal with people because I do not know who they are, and in the end I will come out of the Metaverse with extensive and great experience.

    4-A nice thing is that there are applications for learning many languages, such as English, Turkish, Spanish and German This is very useful and helps self-development. However, there are people who work on self-development and intellect through their television programs, such as conis neill,Brian Tracy and Ismael Ovish It may be good to prevent the use of digital currencies, for example trading or many other fields, because we also enter into undesirable matters in the Islamic religion, but they attract the attention of children, which makes them engage in these experiences Without the knowledge of the parents, some children or young people under the age of 16 are also defrauded I hope that digital currency applications will be banned.

  • Welcome
    I've heard a lot about Metaverse and how cool, beautiful and easy it is to use. If I want to design one day in Metaverse, I think I will design an application that contains experts in science, medicine, and experts in everything to provide advice to people. I think this is great. And I would like to have the opportunity to learn to discover some diseases that no longer exist in this day or to discover new diseases that will come to our world. And I find the difficulty in Metaverse is that some phones or devices do not allow the presence of metavirus applications and this will prevent many people who want to experience Metaverse . that is my point of view .

  • I liked your questions a lot and I will answer them with love. The first question: "What will you design in Metaverse using your creative skill?" I would like to create a free hospital, even if it is small, because I see many people who cannot afford to pay for treatment, and I am trying to find a treatment for them, and I hope with all my heart that this is my hospital in reality so that I can Draw a smile on people's lips. The second question: "What are the learning opportunities that you would like to explore in Metaverse?" I would very much like to learn English and other languages, but most English because it is the most widespread language in the world and it is a link between countries and helps me to learn about the cultures and customs of other peoples. The third question: “What do you find difficult about metaverses?” I think I am afraid of getting addicted to metaverses and entering a world that is not suitable for my age group, and entering a world that I cannot get out of.

  • Well I would like to design the metaverse to be like the actual world but it will hold numerous possibilities for adventure, learning, interaction, socialization and also going to places that people will never have thought of going and since the metaverse is based on virtual or augmented reality that will mean we will all need avatars and I will allow everyone to create their avatars the way they want and would make it lifelike and realistic like free guy and ready player one and another thing that people worry about the metaverse the safety features and this is one thing that cannot be over looked or ignored before a product can be termed 'good for usage' it has to be safe for customer usage so, I will make sure that the metaverse has safety protocols and measures that are installed and available for the users. As for the learning process that can be acquired while in the metaverse that has to be available especially for the young users as parents will like to see that their children are learning and not just getting addicted to games and such and since Matthew Ball has said that is will be possible for the users to to be like an atom and flow through the human body so that means he or she can learn anatomy and since it is virtual reality it means that we the users can be immersed in a digital world that will make us feel as if we are actually there in reality so that means that learning can actually become fun as we will be able to practice and do things based on the topics that we are learning and focusing about. For what will be challenging is establishing, maintaining and sustaining law and order in the metaverse because it is quite obvious that not all the users will follow rules and regulations in this digital world so, I honestly think that the virtual world should be held with almost the same standard with the actual world before the metaverse becomes a place of chaos and lawlessness where the users can do what ever they want so, in order to avoid this the users who take advantage of this level of freedom should be penalized.👌👌😃

  • In the metaverse, I would try to design new modes of transportation that are better for the environment. This would help improve the state of the metaverse and could improve the lives of several people. I would like to try learning medical related things in the metaverse. If the information and skills are the same as the real world, this could prove to be very beneficial.

    1. This is a great idea- using the Metaverse to research and try out things that could benefit the real world!

      1. Yes, I agree with your comment, and I would like to say that the real world is the most difficult to deal with, only it is better than the virtual world, because the virtual world poses a great danger to our children and adults. And others.... While virtual reality people think that it replaces the real reality, and this is a negative thing on the real reality because it emits negative things

  • To speak honestly, I do not have the best creative skills, but I think that I will design an application that contains fictional girls characters, where if one of us is known to want to talk to a girl like her in order to understand her, but at the same time she does not have friends, she can talk through it ،I really liked the idea !! ، What about you ?!

  • I want to use the metaverse to design visually appealing landscapes and locations for users to socialize in. I can create environments that replicate a genuine world with added effects to provide users with an immersive experience. Furthermore, these opportunities for creating an immersive world in the metaverse are just one of many. I can also utilize the metaverse to increase my knowledge in different areas such as geography or science. The metaverse can provide me with an infinite number of routes to discover new information and important learning. In terms of the metaverse's difficult characteristics, it may be difficult to operate and navigate this virtual world if you do not have a strong understanding of technology.

  • In my opinion, the metaverse is a vast and exciting territory that is yet to be fully explored. One of the areas that I am particularly interested in is designing an immersive educational environment in the metaverse that can provide learners with a unique learning experience.

    The metaverse is a virtual space that can provide learners with a highly interactive learning environment that is not possible in the physical world. My design for the metaverse would be an educational environment that consists of different areas or zones that cater to a specific category of learners. These zones would be accessible by participants through portals, and they would be based on relevant learning concepts such as space exploration, virtual art creation, or historical reenactments.

    One of the learning opportunities that I would like to explore in the metaverse is the potential for using immersive technologies such as virtual reality to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. For instance, students can interact with 3D models of historical artifacts, paintings, or sculptures to learn about the significance and history behind them.

    Another area that I would like to explore in the metaverse is the potential for collaborative learning. Given that the metaverse enables global participation, learners from different parts of the world can collaborate on projects or assignments, share their perspectives, and learn from each other.

    However, one of the significant challenges in the metaverse is ensuring that the environment is safe and secure for learners. One of the biggest concerns is the potential for cyberbullying and harassment, which can negatively impact the learning experience. It is, therefore, important to have strict guidelines and rules in place to ensure that the metaverse is a safe and positive learning environment.

    In conclusion, the potential for learning and innovation in the metaverse is vast

  • Hello 👋🏻👋🏻➡️ I think I can design a game via the metadata, but on the condition that it is useful and people can use it, so I can design it only for children to teach them about important things in life, and if I am a cartoon character that everyone loves, and if I have the game, I can only open the game 5 hours in two days until he becomes addicted to the game or the mobile phone or until he withdraws from society. There are also the disadvantages of the metaphor. If you have to identify everything, you can teach them through the game. Clean the room daily. Arrange it. At the end of the paragraph, a character was posted on most channels, especially the Karamish channel. She is a cartoon character who guides children to do the right thing by designing a song for children. Addiction to the TV and the phone is not turned on when setting the hours.

  • Learning is the most important thing for me as a student.
    With Metaverse, learning will be easier than ever.
    The physical location of the classroom no longer needs to be taken into account.
    People from all over the world will be able to share information and study together in real time in a hands-on learning environment
    . In addition, conveying ideas and concepts will be easier with visual learning.

  • ✩One of the most important things for me is that Metaverse allows us to form new relationships with others from different countries and cultures and learn about their customs, traditions, culture, religions, ways of living and way of life.

    Combining the ability to create virtual spaces in Metaverse with the power of social media to create shared worlds online is a very powerful combination that will enable us to experience social media like never before. However, there is a negative impact on societies and cultures, One of the disadvantages of approaching everyone and merging the different cultures of the world into one culture is the loss of the beautiful cultural diversity that currently exists in the world. If people were to spend most of their time in the metaverse, they would no longer feel connected to their immediate community.

    Nor will they feel the need to adopt their local or regional culture, and this may eventually lead to an end to many traditions that have existed since the beginning of mankind, and will likely create a new society. Although they may be unifying and inclusive societies, they may end in failure and be uninteresting.

  • I liked your question very much and will answer it from the bottom of my heart.
    1- I will design software to make people love to study, and I will make puzzle-style games to develop minds.
    2- I want everyone to learn and love science and mathematics, especially outer space science.

  • 1. Immersive Learning Environments: The metaverse could provide immersive learning environments that allow learners to engage with concepts and ideas in creative and interactive ways. For example, learners could explore virtual worlds, create and manipulate digital objects, or collaborate with others in virtual spaces. This is very useful because as the world is evolving, technology becomes like an aid to young prospective students.

    2. Virtual Field Trips: The metaverse could provide opportunities for learners to explore and experience different parts of the world in a virtual environment, allowing them to visit places they may not have the opportunity to see in person. This is very useful, because it saves time and money and it is very efficient.

    3. Technical Complexity: The development and implementation of a metaverse will require significant technical expertise, and the system will need to be able to handle a large volume of user data and interactions. Ensuring the stability and security of the system could be a significant challenge.

  • Thanks a lot for your speech. It's inspiring me very much. I know that metaverse has both positive and negative sides . But your speech turned my head to the positive side strongly . When I imagined how metaverse can be useful,I realised that it's wonderful . Using metaverse in science and medicine can be very fruitful . For example,I can go inside the body to know it clearly which can help in operations . Also in geography, l can visit any place on the map to explore its landscape. Besides, l can dive deep under the sea and under the ocean to see strange and new things . This will make me feel as if l am an explorer . Metaverse is extremely wonderful .

  • Hey there! I'm thrilled to hear that you're also an author and share my love for reading! I feel like we're kindred spirits already.
    I have to admit, I'm a bit of a bookworm myself. I don't think I'll ever be able to quit reading. In fact, I plan on being buried with a few of my favorite books so I can take them with me to the other side. Till death do I and books part, am I right?
    And as for writing, I just can't get enough. It's like an addiction, and I'm not even trying to quit. I've got so many stories bouncing around in my head that I just have to get them down on paper. And now, with the wonders of technology, I can bring those stories to life in new and exciting ways!
    But that's not all, folks. I'm taking my passion for literature to the next level by hosting a daily shows! I'll have actors, authors, and even regular people telling their stories in the most high-tech way possible. Think augmented reality, virtual reality, and maybe even some holograms.
    Wow, Metaverse here I come!! ✌️

  • I liked these questions very much and I am now answering them...
    I think that setting up meaningful educational programs through Metaverse is a wonderful and useful thing....and as for what I will do as follows...I will design programs that help in learning languages, but it is not like any other application, it teaches the person first the letters of this language and how to pronounce it, and it dialogues with him, talks with him and corrects his mistakes.....As for what I like to learn, I like mathematics and general sciences, and I like learning languages ​​in order to educate myself and learn a lot of new vocabulary, but the difficult thing is that I don't like technology very much, and I feel that it hurts somewhat

  • In the virtual world, I would design a virtual learning environment that caters to the needs of all learners. The design would be flexible, interactive, and adaptable to any learner's preferences. The environment would incorporate gamification and simulation to allow learners to explore and experiment with their ideas freely. Additionally, I would integrate personalized learning using artificial intelligence that tracks individual progress and adapts to their pace.

    The metaverse offers extensive opportunities for learning, allowing learners to explore and refine their skills and knowledge in a fun and engaging way. As a student , I would explore the following learning opportunities in the metaverse:

    1. Virtual Field Trips: The metaverse can enable learners to experience virtual field trips to various parts of the world, including museums, historical landmarks, and natural environments.

    2. Gamification: The metaverse is an ideal environment for gamification, offering a wide range of game mechanics that can motivate learners to engage with learning material.

    3. Collaborative Learning: The metaverse allows users to work together in a virtual environment, enabling learners to interact with other students, teachers, and professionals from around the world.

    As a pupil, the metaverse may present some challenges, primarily around the user experience and the equipment required to participate . Additionally, some learners may find it challenging to adjust to the virtual environment and may experience simulation sickness or discomfort. Therefore, designing the metaverse with user experience in mind is crucial to overcome these challenges.

  • Metaverse.... It was a very wonderful topic, and I am excited to write what I have in mind about the wide world of Metaverse. I think that Metaverse made it possible for everyone to learn in it in an easy and simple way, but Metaverse is a wide world and needs someone to understand it to see it. It's easy and fun and I see it as a learning opportunity that has helped people in Metaverse when it comes to showing people Because of the Corona pandemic (Covid 19), people needed a method other than direct education in schools and universities, and so on. They knew distance learning, and it was as follows: teachers communicate with students and explain what is required Using programs in Metaverse, which is WhatsApp, to speak through audio clips, or through programs to speak through a voice call, such as Google meeting, and here I have spoken about the ideas and information in my mind, what a wonderful metaverse and a distinguished invention

  • A virtual art gallery where users can exhibit and admire artworks from all over the world, without leaving their homes.

    An immersive language-learning platform that simulates real-life situations and allows users to practice their skills with native speakers from different countries.

    A virtual city that combines elements of different cultures and eras, providing a space for users to explore and interact with each other in unique ways.

    A virtual science museum that allows users to experiment with scientific concepts in a safe and engaging environment.

    A new way of learning that can be more interactive.

    In terms of learning opportunities, the metaverse has the potential to revolutionize education by providing immersive and interactive experiences that are not possible in traditional classrooms. Some examples of learning opportunities that could be explored in the metaverse include:

    Virtual field trips to historical sites, natural wonders, and cultural landmarks around the world.

    Interactive simulations that allow students to experience scientific phenomena and historical events in a hands-on way.

    Collaborative projects that bring together students from different parts of the world to work on a common goal or problem.

    Personalized learning experiences that adapt to the needs and interests of each individual student.

    As for the challenges of the metaverse, there are several that need to be addressed:

    Technical issues such as connectivity, bandwidth, and processing power that can affect the quality and stability of the virtual environment.

    Privacy and security concerns, as users may be sharing sensitive information and interacting with strangers from all over the world.

    Ethical issues such as the ownership of virtual property, the regulation of virtual economies, and the prevention of cyberbullying and harassment.

    The potential for addiction and isolation, as users may spend excessive amounts of time in the virtual world and neglect their real-life relationships and responsibilities

  • Hi Mr. Matthew, nice to see you
    The thing that I will design if life allows me is a device for the blind that they put on the eye and through which they can see what we see. Accuracy and clarity of the image

  • 1. I would like to design a machine that can help you to with your education. And if I am able to I would create an educational game that can help you to answer any question you have about education and I would make sure it would be available on all devices.
    2. I would like to tap on the learning opportunity to explore the galaxy and I would like to answer all my questions about the planets.
    For example:
    What is the mystery behind Mars red sand?
    3. I think that one challenge that might occur is some of the information on the metaverse might be false and may not have any empirical evidence to support it.

  • in the real world. This is better and more exciting than watching it indoors. For the third question, regarding the metaverse I'm having a problem with data protection, as data is now the most valuable commodity and is likely to exacerbate data exploitation because it blurs the lines between physical and digital data, making digital impersonation easier. There is also the problem of addiction, desensitization and sitting on it for long periods. happen in it. At the end of my words, I wish everyone to benefit and learn new skills and develop them through averse social networking sites, whether it is Facebook, virtual world, imaginary) etc. The world, Snapchat or Instagram, and do not interfere with it. There is a famous saying that time is like a sword, if you do not cut it, it will cut you, so we must arrange our time and invest it in what is useful, and this makes us able to build a safe and advanced society.

  • My initial impression was bad. I don't favor innovation and development with technology, but after my friend said, do you remember when we were kids when we saw celebrities on TV and imagined living inside TV? Nowadays, this could be done. You will see them as if you were sitting with them. After talking, I changed my mind because I like fantasy. We escape from the painful reality. Did you know that the Internet turns the world into a small village? I'm curious to see what Metaverse will do? Will you turn a world into a home?
    We will be addicted, but I don't think that it has negative effects. Do you like becoming addicted to Metaverse??

  • If I had the chance I would create an environment where people would be allowed to express themselves freely. They would be permitted to express their thoughts and emotions both negative and positive and no one would discriminate them. This kind of environment would prevent harboring of negative emotions which could lead to downward spiral. As someone who really loves learning about the emotional mind of humans and about mental disorders I would love to create a platform where people would be encouraged to let go of traumatic experiences that could hinder their mental health, it would be a platform where people could make new friend s and this could prevent self isolation. I aim to create an environment where people will not only care about their physical health but also about their mental state of mind, no form of favoritism, discrimination or bullying will be condoned because you never really know what people might be going through, they might put smiles on their faces but you never really know how bad their hurting deep down.

  • Hello, I loved your questions and I will answer them 1- What would you design in the metaverse using your creative skills. I want to design virtual people so that by wearing virtual glasses we can see these people as if they were real people, but in the virtual world 2- What learning opportunities would you like to explore in the metaverse? I want to explore the virtual world and get to know a lot of things like getting to know I have virtual people and new forms of virtual stores, hospitals, schools and universities, so I can program a better virtual world. 3- What do you find difficult in the metaverse? I don't find anything difficult about it, but it just wants some focus and enough experience. Thank you

  • I really liked these questions a lot.
    1- If I can design something in Metaverse It will be a virtual reality experience through which human senses can be simulated to a large extent, and the designers of this experience will also forget that they are in a simulation. Imagine that you can travel to any country or any planet you want without leaving your home, and also you will eat exotic food while you feel that you are touching something in your fingers or that you feel that you are diving into the depths of the sea with whales and also at the same time you can feel its warmth . The possibilities are also endless, but one thing is very certain; I am really ready to enter into future adventures!!
    2- I am very keen to explore learning opportunities abroad, first I would very much like to venture into a world Metaverse available in virtual reality and also we can interact with our family members and also we can gain knowledge of virtual communication and my language processing skills can be enhanced well, secondly I am very aspiring to know a lot about how to create exciting games from Metaverse.
    3- To be honest is such a good concept of the mind that Metaverse It is very difficult to think of who will challenge me there, I mean, we are talking about an exciting, fully immersive virtual world here, where something can happen to me, and being part of this big world comes to you with exciting challenges. The first thing that comes to my mind is how you can lose yourself in this alternate world and also it will make you addicted to it. It will be very exciting for people to maintain some balance between the physical world and the metaverse, and despite these many challenges, I will be very excited to explore how the real world we live now can also offer these endless possibilities for creativity and communication.

  • With my bewildering skills, I would create a museum in the metaverse so kids or other players can come and have some historical experience and maybe learn something or two. That won't be the only thing I would create in the metaverse, I would also create games to make the metaverse more exciting to play. Also, I would make a school to teach people how to play the metaverse and how to be good at it so they would have a little experience.

  • Thank you for these great questions
    1- I love education very much and I like to benefit from the experiences of others, so I will design a program for educated people to educated with uneducated people and tell them their success story and motivate them to strive and learn. I will also design games for children that are based on multiple questions and tests according to their age, and I will set rewards for those answers toThe largest number of questions in order to encourage them to love education and obtain new information
    2- My favorite subject is science, and the thing I love the most is exploration, especially the exploration of outer space and planets, because of the wonderful and very impressive things in it, and this indicates the greatness of the Creator
    3- The difficult thing about Metaverse is the cost of wearing those glasses that make you feel that you are doing things while you are not doing them and that greatly strains the eyes.
    With my sincere regards and thanks

  • One thing I would design in the metaverse is a virtual art gallery that showcases the works of traditional artists from different cultures and time periods. The gallery would offer interactive experiences such as guided tours, workshops, and multimedia installations that enhance the visitors' understanding and appreciation of the art. I would also include a feature that allows visitors to experiment with digital art tools and create their own pieces, which could be displayed in a virtual exhibition.

    In terms of learning opportunities, I would like to explore the use of the metaverse for immersive language learning. The metaverse could simulate real-life scenarios where learners can practice speaking and listening skills, interact with native speakers, and receive feedback and support from language tutors. The metaverse could also offer cultural immersion experiences that expose learners to the customs, traditions, and perspectives of different countries and communities.

    One of the challenges of the metaverse is ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all users. I would be conscientious about avoiding cultural appropriation, reinforcing positive stereotypes, or perpetuating harmful attitudes. I would also address issues such as privacy, data protection through careful design .

  • There are so many challenges arise with metaverse:

    Accessibility: The metaverse may present accessibility challenges for people with disabilities or those who lack access to the necessary technology or infrastructure. Developers will need to ensure that the metaverse is accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical or financial limitations.

    Privacy and Security: The metaverse will likely collect a vast amount of personal data about its users, raising concerns about privacy and security. Developers will need to ensure that user data is protected and that users have control over how their data is collected, stored, and used.

    Content Moderation: The metaverse will be a global platform with a diverse user base, and this may create challenges for content moderation. Developers will need to establish policies and procedures for regulating content that is inappropriate, offensive, or harmful, while also respecting freedom of expression and promoting diversity and inclusivity.

    Digital Divide: The metaverse may exacerbate existing social and economic inequalities, creating a digital divide between those who have access to the technology and infrastructure required to participate and those who do not. Developers will need to address this issue by promoting access and providing resources and support to disadvantaged communities.

    Addiction and Overuse: The metaverse may be addictive and lead to overuse, potentially affecting users' mental health and well-being. Developers will need to take responsibility for promoting responsible use and providing resources and support to users who may be struggling with addiction or overuse.
    Government of every country across the globe has to take control over these type of technology which will be used for beneficiary of general public in many ways.
    A law has to be implemented when metaverse is introduced among people that is it should not be used more than 1 hour, children's has to use with parental advice only which reduce in addictive behavior.

  • I would design a gaming device that could run any game in a breeze!

  • Drawing on my creativity skills, I would design a virtual environment that offers interactive experiences that are entertaining and educational.

    In the metaverse, I would focus on creating an environment that encourages exploration, social interaction, and experimentation. Using advanced graphics and intuitive user interfaces, I would develop a platform that allows users to explore and interact with a wide variety of objects and structures, including landscapes, buildings, and scientific simulations.

    In terms of learning opportunities, I would aim to provide users with a range of engaging and educational experiences, such as virtual classes, interactive workshops, and immersive simulations of real-world phenomena.

    IOne of the key challenges would be ensuring that users can easily navigate the virtual environment and access the features they need, while also providing a sense of immersion and interactivity.

    Another challenge would be to ensure that users have access to accurate and up-to-date information, including scientific data and other relevant sources.

    1. Great ideas, what are some of the workshops that you would run and how would you ensure they overcome the challenges you identified?

      1. Wow it's amazing to run workshops in metaverse .
        I think Metaverse can be used to conduct workshops on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects. This can be done by creating virtual laboratories where students can conduct experiments and simulate scenarios

      2. Virtual reality can provide a dynamic and immersive environment for creative writing workshops. Students can collaborate on projects like topical talk festival and use virtual tools to create engaging stories and narratives

  • Using my creativity skills I would design buildings and city 3D maps in the metaverse. I would make a complete replica of different cities and buildings all across the world so that if people were planning to visit a large area for the first time and don’t know their way around the can go through the 3D map and this will help them get an idea of what directions to take, the walking distance and give them an idea of what it looks like so that they will be able to recognise it. By doing this a lot of people won’t get lost anymore and won’t be frustrated trying to find their way. This will lead to an enjoyable and stress free experience.

  • What would you design in the metaverse using your creativity skills.
    As we all know,the rate at which illiteracy in adults in rural areas is on the high level side,not because they can't go to school to get educated,but because of the fear of being ridiculed by teachers, friends,families and even students ,I am talented in giving counsel to those who think they are nothing and want to give up,and also giving solutions to adults who are illiterate,by teaching them ,if I can design this on the metaverse, adults will no longer be ridiculed,as they will be able to learn where people of their age are learning too,also illiteracy in adults will reduce.

    I will also like to design a vocational training App for people who are tired of schooling,those with poor academic performance and those that don't have any interest for school but wants to get busy, I will love to design a live training App in the metaverse for hair dressing, Tailoring and many more ,as they can learn in their own convenient way in any part of the world,as I have some skills in that.

  • Hello
    In my opinion
    The Metaverse is a virtual world that is being developed as a platform for immersive experiences, social interactions, and commerce. It is expected to be a 3D environment that users can enter and navigate through using virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) technology.

    I would use this technology to design
    A Virtual marketplaces: in the metaverse I would create a virtual marketplaces where users can buy and sell virtual goods and services, such as clothing, furniture, and virtual experiences. Since it's going to be a big as social media almost everyone would be on it so buy designing this market place I have created a space where buyers can meet seller with ease

    According to my research it says that the Metaverse would allow
    Simulations and training programs: The metaverse would offer simulations and training programs that provide hands-on learning experiences in fields such as healthcare, engineering, and emergency response. These simulations could be designed to be realistic and interactive, allowing learners to practice skills and scenarios in a safe and controlled environment. And I plan on engaging In this program immediately it's been launched

    According to my research, the meta verse may have privacy and security issues : it says that the metaverse could pose challenges to privacy and security. As users interact with each other and share personal information, there is a risk that data could be stolen or misused. Additionally, virtual crimes such as cyberbullying and harassment could become an issue. This could be the most challenging problem I may face while using the Metaverse

  • A question that has a deep meaning, Matthew, because the answer will not be simple, because everything needs fatigue and trouble in programming. The materialist was not allowed to enter the university. This is what happens in most poor countries, so they remain weak and undeveloped. In Palestine, we have a bigger problem than that. Many graduates with high grades and academic degrees do not find a job, and this is our reality in which we live. Young people leave the country to get job opportunities. I prefer the beneficiary person to developing countries because they have young people who are considered the strength of society. Therefore, I believe that there is an opportunity for Metaverse to help me by establishing free educational centers, and not only that, but I would like to give them certificates that give them an opportunity to work in prestigious places, because I will only accept talented people with creative thinking who have Willingness to solve problems and crises in the country. Indeed, I am thinking positively away from the negatives of what I desire. If difficult dreams come true, they will lose their special flavor and the joy of achieving them. Metaverse is something greater than remaining in human hands.

  • If i use metaverse i will use my creativity skills to make my new own paintings and maybe i will greate my own gallery,i think that all the people who like draw and paint will come to see my paintings and they will be surprised that a young girl who make it,and i will find out the drawing learning opportunities, i can learn many new ways to draw, i will be so excited to do that, i see that the balance between using metaverse and living in reality is the most difficult thing in metaverse

  • In the metaverse I would create an open world and make it more like the real world, I would recreate the world before the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and the things that ruin the world, I would help the user view what the world was before therefore allowing them to understand the effect of climate change and how they could help. I would also like to experience educational games, like how to fix a car, how to fix a bike and just how to do things in general. In the metaverse, it would be challenging to set rules and prevent anti-hacks.

  • I would like to design new gadget that would help us in taking care of our homes which might make our life easier and faster, and if the gadget is useful then I would decide to make it in the real world knowing that my effort would would not be in waste.
    In the metaverse I would like to explore in the deepest sea and the creature that live in there and discover what they are.
    Things I might find challenging in the metaverse are things like lack of support in the metaverse.

  • Personally I would try to design an exact replica of our universe so that I would be able to go to other planet and other places in the universe that I would not be able to go in real life. So when I get there, I would make research and learn more things about the universe we live in.
    I would like to explore learning mathematics in the metaverse because I am not very good at it, So I hope that the metaverse will make learning mathematics easier.
    What I would find challenging is that some people would become too addicted to the metaverse and would even spend all their time there. So I think that a timer should be there, So that it would make sure that people did not stay too long on it.

    1. Thanks for sharing this idea, outspoken_eagle. There is a lot about the universe that is still unknown. How do you think an exact replica of the universe could be created if there is so much we don't know about life here on earth?

      1. I think if we were to design an exact replica of the universe, we should use what we already know about the earth and the rest of the universe. By doing that we could get to know more about the universe and also more about the earth. For example we know that Jupiter is a Gas giant, and we also know about some of the gases that are in Jupiter, But just because we know about that. That does not mean that we can go to the planet Jupiter and research about it. So I think by creating an exact replica of Jupiter with everything we know about it. we could even get to know more about the entire universe.

    2. I agree because... by making a replica of our universe then people would not need to use rocket to got to space, this will have a big impact on climate change because rocket are air pollutant they pollute the air which causes a lot of climate change, so making a replica of our universe will help slow down climate change.

  • personally I would try to design a car that can fly in sky and can go into the water, but if the car is good and does not harm the people I am going to establish it.
    I would like to explore learning how to make the car that can fly in the sky so that it can make our life easier and faster, by reducing hold up in the traffic.
    what I would find challenging is that some people will be flying recklessly and having accident in the sky.

  • If I had the opportunity to design something in the metaverse, I would use my creativity skills to create a virtual art museum.
    First off, forget any preconceived notions about dusty halls and snooty curators. We're breaking boundaries here, people! Our museum will be an immersive experience that brings together contemporary artists from around the world. With 360-degree virtual tours and state-of-the-art technology, visitors can view and interact with artwork from every angle. No more need for standing on tiptoes or craning your neck to catch a glimpse of the good stuff! Plus, we'll include interactive elements like artist interviews, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the creative process, and user-generated content to keep visitors engaged. With our cutting-edge virtual art museum, you don't have to leave your house to experience mind-bending installations and thought-provoking exhibitions...and isn't that just dandy?
    The sky's the limit in terms of what can be achieved with a well-planned virtual art museum, opening up new possibilities for appreciating and celebrating the arts in all its forms

    1. I like your thinking here...some great potential with the metaverse!

  • l would create new games to play for people l would find challenging is like learning something new and getting use to where i live in the metaverse

  • The Metaverse is a computer generated world that exists parallel to ours, rendered as a perfectly round black sphere that would surpass the circumference of the Earth if compared in size. The metaverse is a fun virtual game to play. The metaverse is a good experience game, but people intend to bully and judge who the person look and act. The metaverse should be rules and it shouldn't be for underage kids. People might take this serious and might do the thing people do in metaverse.

  • 1-{What are you going to design, use your creative skills}...

    I would like to design a unique game that spreads throughout the Metaverse space... I will design a large game that includes (boys and girls) it will be houses around questions and answers in the first stages... and imaginary laser fighting to play (harmless laser) in the other stages and I will gradually difficulty the competition until it reaches Finally, the winner will receive a grand prize...

    2-{What learning opportunity would you like to explore}

    (Ocean depths) This kind of science is very unique and seems mysterious....
    I am happy to explore my art and immerse myself in it. This is my biggest dream. I would also like to study astronomy and physics... I would like to develop my skills in English...

    3-{But the challenge of space would be for me}:
    (challenge myself) I will enter a large and wide space, and I may find myself afraid of large places...
    And I will meet people and students I do not know from all over the world... and I may find it difficult to form relationships, but (I will challenge myself) and get to know the cultures, customs and traditions of students from all over the world

  • What I would design in the metaverse is a kirby game where you could be any character you want and have powers it could be just like the kirby games on nintendo switch. Some learning opportunities I would like to learn is virtual reality simulations because it looks easy compared to the human eye but I want to see how challenging it can be because it looks really fun. What is challenging about the metaverse is that the metaverse has blurred the gap between real and virtual worlds.


    Designing in the metaverse: The metaverse offers limitless possibilities for creative expression. Some ideas could include designing virtual spaces that promote relaxation and mental well-being, immersive learning experiences, or innovative virtual marketplaces for buying and selling goods and services. If I were a designer, I would love to create interactive virtual spaces that simulate real-world experiences, such as museums, art galleries, and even natural environments like forests or oceans. I would also create personalized avatars that allow people to express themselves creatively and connect with others in the metaverse.

    Learning opportunities in the metaverse: The metaverse has enormous potential to transform the way we learn and acquire knowledge. Some potential opportunities could include immersive simulations of historical events, virtual reality field trips to remote or inaccessible locations, or interactive language learning experiences. It presents a unique opportunity for immersive and interactive learning experiences. For example, virtual simulations of historical events or scientific phenomena could allow people to explore and understand them in a more engaging way. Language learning could also be enhanced by interacting with native speakers in a virtual environment.

    Challenges in the metaverse: Like any new technology, the metaverse poses significant challenges, including issues of privacy, security, and the potential for addiction. Other challenges include developing accessible platforms that can be used by people of all abilities, and ensuring that the metaverse does not further exacerbate existing inequalities.

    In terms of agreeing or disagreeing with other people's ideas, it is important to recognize that the metaverse is a vast and rapidly evolving landscape, with endless possibilities for creativity and innovation. Therefore, there is no one "right" way to design or explore the metaverse. Instead, we should embrace a spirit of collaboration and experimentation, working together to push the boundaries of what is possible in this exciting new realm.

    Regarding other people's ideas, I think the possibilities for the metaverse are endless, and everyone will have their own unique vision and ideas for what they would like to see and experience in this virtual space. It's essential to consider different perspectives and work collaboratively to create a metaverse that is beneficial and enjoyable for everyone.

  • Addiction: it is one of the challenges I face in the metaverse, because looking at the time I spend on the metaverse, learning I see that am addicted to it, I also note that coming online in the Topical Talk festival reading people's comment I am addicted because I can't do without coming online.
    Although the metaverse itself is designed to be more immersive,time consuming and more addictive than anything that has come before, whenever am reading comments of my fellow friends and always excited and not willing to go offline.

  • I would love to design a court in the metaverse and I will be the judge. If injustices does happen in the real world, situations can be the same in the virtue world. As experts says, they want to make experiences as realistic as possible, that means we will experience the good and bad behaviors of others. I will be the judge to decide if something bad was done in the metaverse, I may decide to ban someone from using the metaverse for a week, it depends. Then, take him/her to the metaverse prison. There, people correct their mistake, teaching the good ways there and mend their mistake. After their sentence, they can continue to use the metaverse in a safe way and in peace. They will not try what they have done again, this will be better for them and others using the metaverse.
    So like I said, a court in the metaverse. In the real world, if a court case is going on, there is a place where relatives and other people sit down to listen to the court case, the metaverse will also have the same place where others come to listen to the court case, in that process, learning from what the judge is saying and correcting their mistakes. Therefore, no one repeats this particular mistakes again or try not to make mistakes again.
    Catching those who have done bad. I have realize, in films, when the good guy wants to get those who has done wrong, its so difficult for the good guy to find the bad guy. The bad guy make different sceam to escape but at the end the good always triumph.There is a saying that also goes like this, 99 days for the thief, one day for the owner.

  • I would like to design a modernized pen that would enhance the writing skills in pupils and students.
    Virtual learning. This can be done at the comfort of someone's zone without much stress.
    Communicating and understanding others.

  • It's an interesting topic! The possibilities are endless! I think I will start by creating a virtual world that integrates future technology with the development of ancient civilizations. Think of flying cars flying past majestic pyramids or hovering over shimmering temples. I also like to throw in some fun sides too, like the incorporation of rainbow fountains and giant slides for people to slide down as they explore this magical world. Also, let's not forget the practical stuff - I don't know, but maybe we can have an interactive town center where people can connect with each other and learn from each other 🤷🏼‍♀️ ; A center for everything related to science, technology and culture. I think if this happens, every day I will add something new! The Metaverse will transform into a stunning place that engages all the senses - a true feast for anyone craving something beyond their wildest dreams!

  • I think that the metaverse is a way to relax and just be in another world and maybe it will help people's creativity to be able to explore and live another world.It is freedom to be able to do things that you may not be able to do in real life some people might find it hard to cope in real life and this might help people deal with the real life. In real life there are things that people that are not able to do and in the metaverse people will be able to do what they are not able to do in real life.

  • I'm glad to hear that Matthew enjoyed my previous comments! I'm excited to take on his challenge. Let's delve into the questions about the metaverse:

    What would you design in the metaverse using your creativity skills?
    In the metaverse, I would design immersive and interactive virtual environments that foster creativity, collaboration, and exploration. These spaces could be utilized for various purposes, such as:
    a) Virtual art galleries and museums: I would create virtual spaces where artists from around the world can showcase their artwork, allowing visitors to experience art in unique and interactive ways.

    b) Virtual concert venues: I would design virtual concert venues that provide an immersive audiovisual experience, enabling people to attend live performances by their favorite musicians from anywhere in the world.

    c) Virtual learning environments: I would develop educational spaces within the metaverse that combine gamification, simulations, and social interaction to make learning engaging and interactive for students of all ages.

    d) Virtual communities: I would create inclusive and diverse virtual communities where people can connect, share ideas, and collaborate on projects, fostering a sense of belonging and collective creativity.

    What learning opportunities would you like to explore in the metaverse?
    In the metaverse, I would love to explore the following learning opportunities:
    a) Virtual classrooms: Virtual classrooms could offer interactive lectures, simulations, and collaborative projects, providing students with a more engaging and immersive learning experience.

    b) Skill development simulations: The metaverse could provide realistic simulations for various skills, such as medical procedures, engineering design, or even interpersonal skills like negotiation or public speaking. These simulations would enable learners to practice and refine their abilities in a safe and controlled environment.

    c) Cross-cultural exchanges: The metaverse could facilitate cross-cultural exchanges, allowing people from different backgrounds to connect, share their cultures, and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for diversity.

    d) Lifelong learning hubs: Virtual spaces dedicated to lifelong learning could offer courses, workshops, and resources for individuals to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills throughout their lives.

    What would you find challenging in the metaverse?
    While the metaverse offers exciting possibilities, there are also potential challenges to consider:
    a) Accessibility: Ensuring that the metaverse is accessible to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background, physical abilities, or technological literacy, will be crucial. Efforts must be made to bridge the digital divide and provide inclusive experiences.

    b) Privacy and security: As the metaverse collects and processes vast amounts of user data, safeguarding privacy and ensuring security will be paramount. Striking a balance between personalized experiences and protecting individuals' personal information will be a continuous challenge.

    c) Digital divide: The metaverse may exacerbate existing inequalities if not properly addressed. Some individuals or communities may lack the necessary resources or infrastructure to participate fully. Bridging the digital divide and ensuring equitable access should be a priority.

    d) Authenticity and misinformation: With the increasing sophistication of virtual experiences, the distinction between real and virtual can blur. Ensuring authenticity and combating misinformation within the metaverse will be essential to maintain trust and integrity.

    Regarding other people's ideas, I believe it is important to value diverse perspectives and learn from them. If there are ideas that resonate with my own, I would agree and potentially expand upon them. If there are differing viewpoints, I would approach them with an open mind, seeking to understand the reasoning behind them and exploring potential areas of convergence.

    Overall, the metaverse holds immense potential for creativity, learning, and connection. By designing engaging virtual environments, fostering inclusive learning opportunities, and addressing the associated challenges, we can shape a metaverse that enhances human experiences and empowers individuals in meaningful ways.

  • In my opinion I would think that the metaverse isn't a good idea because it will be very hard to control illegal activities and black markets. Another reason that it isn't a good idea as it is just real life but worse because it wont encourage you to be fit or active and instead sit on a couch which can be harmful to your body, say for example you don't move for a long time or breathe fresh air your body could suffer.

  • I would design an eye catching avatar with skills never known to mankind i would you use my creative skills to go outside the box.In enabling new opportunities for virtual rather than in-person instruction, the metaverse has the power to transform access to education and the way we learn. The types of education that the metaverse can accommodate are varied, from school-based interactive learning and workplace training to professional accreditation.Challenges posed by the metaverse The effects of the metaverse transcend borders and include risks to safety, privacy, work, resources, and inequality. These are issues raised by today’s technology as well, but the greater connectivity and integration of the metaverse threatens to either exacerbate or change their character.