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If I were born within the hereditary royal family, I think I wouldn't abide by its rules because... Suggest a discussion! 28/4/23
I think so because in Uganda, the royal family is given higher regards even in school they are... Suggest a discussion! 28/4/23
I agree with opinion A because the public should have info on their on their leaders in order... Royal responses 28/4/23
I think that why some people think one day is not enough is because they might have not done... Competition #3 Making connections 25/4/23
I am not so sure about the dedication of the kings and queens but what I am sure of is that what... Are royals relevant? 24/4/23
I do not think that a Royal Family wouldn't make better because they may make decisions basing... The role of royals 24/4/23
Your thinking is absolutely right because the kings and queens shouldn't be given privilege to... The role of royals 24/4/23
I think if our government does not take charge in implementing the laws it sets, our country... Suggest a discussion! 24/4/23
I think police officers require the highest salary because the work they do puts their lives in... Suggest a discussion! 24/4/23
I think instead of people using polythene bags for carrying goods, they should try to use other... Climate change in your country 24/4/23
Yes, I think there should be a rule banning schools from participating in strikes because; 1.... Suggest a discussion! 22/4/23
Yes, I think there are ways to have positive friendships inside and outside of the metaverse by... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 22/4/23
I do not think electric vehicles are the only possible solution because there are other... The law in your hands? 22/4/23
I think the employee should try to talk to his/her boss and make sure that some resolution s are... Working conditions 22/4/23
The reason I give for that is the private sector has a much smaller opportunity than the public... Working conditions 21/4/23
yah! I think scientists can invent environmentally substances because if they can make harmful ... Suggest a discussion 21/4/23
We as students can go by the slogan, plant a tree and save a life which means when you plant... Suggest a discussion 20/4/23
I think the reason as to why the government does not grant the workers wishes is that before... Working conditions 19/4/23
I think the general public should be the ones setting the rules in the metaverse because they... A new realm to rule? 19/4/23
If the government is to pass a law easily, they should begin by the educating the elders who... Suggest a discussion 19/4/23