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I have viewed your opinions, but yet strongly disagree. My comment in response to... Nepotism for the Good? 21/5/23
The thing is, nepotism can be used positively and negatively. Just because they are so many ways... Nepotism for the Good? 21/5/23
I don't think nepotism will be able to be gotten rid of entirely, because nepotism is something... Nepotism a natural tendency 12/5/23
I agree with the points you made, but don't you think there is a reason that nepotism isn't... Nepotism a natural tendency 12/5/23
I agree, but Nepotism can be positive for all we know. For instance, I am the boss in a business... Nepotism a natural tendency 11/5/23
Although the protesters did not support the new king, I feel they should still be given the... Not for everyone? 10/5/23
The skill I'm going to focus on is listening. This skill is crucial for understanding the news... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 09/5/23
I think going to green energies slowly is a better idea. This is because; Green energies are... Should cities be made more eco-friendly? 09/5/23
There are many things students can start and stop doing to save the planet. Firstly, you can... Save the planet 09/5/23
A person that inspires me the most to take care of my environment is Adenike Adebukola... Who inspires you? 09/5/23
In my opinion, Earth day is a crucial event which helps reduce and create awareness about global... Expert challenge: Earth Day 07/5/23