Expert challenge: Earth Day

Ben Mango has really enjoyed reading your comments on the Hub that he has decided to set you a challenge! Play the video to find out about what he’d like you to discuss next.

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  • It's nice to see you, Mr. Ben. Opinions are always different, but with some respect, we can accept different opinions. If I don't agree with something, I don't get angry and give my opinion calmly without fanaticism or disrespect for people, because opinions are very important to society, we are young people. Strong, we have strength, not like superheroes, but we have the power of thought and imagination. I look forward to being among those who will save the environment with their amazing and open ideas. I would like to make the world master the beautiful language, English, because it is my favorite language. I will make everyone love it.......

    1. I think you are absolutely right! Good luck on your mission, but in my opinion, when I disagree with someone, or if we have different ideas and are arguing to see which one we should use, we should go to three different people that we don’t know(so they don’t discriminate) and ask them which opinion they like best. The opinion with the highest votes will be the one we would use.
      About English being your favorite language being English and you wanting to make everyone love English , why don’t you try to make people like other languages like French or Korean since a lot of people already know how to speak English. You should think about that.

    2. I agree because we can accept different opinions and you are right, if we don't agree with something ,we should calm our selves down and calmly respond without fanaticism or disrespect people. However, if two people are fighting over something and they ask you to resolve the issue, being calm yourself will help you. I love your comment thank you.

  • Hi Ben Mange
    1. All people have different opinions, and each person has a point of view different from any other person, first and foremost, and each person has his own opinion
    2. Yes, I can do beautiful and new things, and anyone can do that only with determination and will
    3. I do not think that not only men are strong, but there are also strong women like Dalal Al-Gharbia and Shereen Abu Aqelah, because they defended their land, and from my point of view, not all men are strong.

  • Hi Mr Ben. Always in my school, when we exchange opinions, everyone has different opinions, and this is normal. When I say my opinion when I am angry, no one accepts it, but when I am normal and I say my opinion. Everyone listens to me. Likewise, I can do anything, no matter how difficult or easy, as long as I believe in myself and have passion. And I think If we hold each other's hand and achieve unity, everyone will be strong. I hope to grow up and become a climate scientist in order to provide advice to people on how to preserve the climate and the environment.

  • 1. How can you make a difference if you disagree about something?
    In my own opinion you should try to make it an honest disagreement, a valuable advancement of thought. Be genuinely open to hearing other opinions and in instances where you have people who are above you and are in power ,probably, the person in power is going to make the final decision, so acknowledge that. Show that you know what are disagreeing to, and evoke them that they also have choices, don't turn back on your own opinion or give false praise. Show respect to the person in power while maintaining your own self-respect.
    2.Is there something you could do or create?
    Well about the issues of climate change:
    Even though i am still young i always remind myself that every one has a duty to play. Don’t be a scared to get willingly involved in discussion groups and dialogues where you can:
    Identify the issue.
    Reason mind mapping solutions to the problem and;
    Take actions to the solutions planned out.
    Climate change can be very dangerous and all of that but we should let it take a whole of us just because of our age, size and all. As young as we are it’s never too early to get involved in solving climate crisis issues.
    So we should not be afraid to share our passion for climate action with our friends, families, school mates, neighbors and even higher authorities . Connect, build up a community! When we work together, we really do have the power to change things for the better, we just have to take it step by step.
    3. Do you think young people are powerful in this world?
    I will say yes! Young people are powerful in this world as the are fearless, brave, impetuous, dynamic and self-confident. Young people have the ideas, the creativity and great energy to shape a better world. According to the research which i have conducted the world youth alliance states it clear that'' young people are full of hope and through innovation and imagination, they are problem solvers and have a great potential to generate a positive social change in the world''. So i think young people are powerful in this world and can make a very positive changes in our various societies.

    1. I agree with you that's important you respect other this is just a defference of opinion ,becuse you can show the positive side where you can change the idea of others

  • Hello Mr. Mange I am very happy because I saw you But there is a problem in my country that my friends and I tried to solve in our neighborhood, which is that the government wants to take the houses to it in order to build centers for it, so my friends and I gathered and opened your video while we were full of sadness, and a wise person told us Youth without dreams is spring without flowers. When I remembered this proverb, I said it to my friends, and it happened. All my friends collected their money and gave it to me in order to stage a demonstration against the government. I faced problems, but our campaign was called No life without a house, I have a home without life. Our campaign spread and the government did not She comes to our neighborhood again. My friends and I grew up and we still remember her

  • 1. Don't make it personal, Avoid putting down the other person's ideas and beliefs, Use "I" statements to communicate how you feel, what you think, and what you want or need, Listen to the other point of view, Stay calm
    2. Regardless of where you live in the world, you’re a part of a society. As members of a society, we all have a responsibility to help others and improve the state of the community and world that we live in. You can do this on both small and large levels. Pay attention to the people around you, and try to find ways to address their needs. You can also do things that will benefit society in the long run, like investing in your education, supporting charities, giving blood, and protecting the environment.
    3. Young people are fearless, brave, impetuous, dynamic and self-confident. Young people have the ideas, the creativity and great energy to shape a better world.When we think of modern-day heroes to teach about in class, it's often people who made a difference when they were well into their adult years. But young people can—and often do—make a serious impact on the world.Young people not only represent the future of our country, we are one of society's main agents of change and progress. We have a great effect on economic development too. In this stage of our lives, we build many social relationships and develop a personality that defines us as a new generation.

    1. I liked your opinion, because you talk about youth in a wonderful way and with great awareness, and I prefer that everyone read it because it is valuable for advice and guidance for the youth group, especially these days. This group has become the problem and the solution at the same time for this society because it may lead to corruption and may lead to reform

  • 1.When faced with a disagreement, there are various ways to make a positive impact. As for me one way is to have appreciative and open communication with the opponent and trying to understand their opinions and communicating our ideas in a constructive manner. By doing this we can foster understanding and find a common ground even if we don't agree on everything. But making a difference required consistency, perseverance, hardwork, dedication regardless of one's age or background.
    2. I think giving young minds a platform to showcase their talents and and encouraging them to express their stories and perspectives can be a powerful way to empower them. We can do this by providing them media platform, social networks, or technological support to share their ideas with the world. For me personally encouragement matters. we should amplify youth voices.
    3. Ofcourse young minds are powerful agents in bringing a change to the world because they have capabilities, passion to work, the courage to take risks, adapting to the situation, and most importantly they always bring fresh perspectives to old problems and they always wanted to try new things. I think this is what makes them powerful.
    And I just wanted to say that when young minds like us get energy and motivation when we see a motivational video or speech and stuffs like that but that's just for a moment or may be one or two days but we again go to the same world where there is mobile phones, social media, laziness, distraction and all. So I just wanted to ask how can we overcome this and start creating history?

  • According to research gate about 25% of the world population is comprised of young people. Every individual in this 25 % possess opinions concerning different matters. I am only one person out of the 25 %,the probability of me making a difference out of the different opinions of the each young person in the world is about 1 / 1.7 billion. If I should look at it from the view of a shallow thinking man, I would just be wasting my time, but if I should look at the from the view the proverb which says " trying to break a bundle of sticks is tougher than trying to break a single stick", then it's possible to make that difference.
    Young people can be related to ants, we are social and we don't like to do things all by ourselves, it is this team work that we possess that can lead to the change that the world is calling for.

    If I want to make a difference in this world, I'll need to go through a deep session of thinking about my steps, strategies, goals, risks and even my assets. After this is done I'll move to stage two of my plan, which is to try to convince my friends and neighbors so that they can have the same opinion about the matter. This is the most important stage because the higher number of people I can convince, the greater achievements I can accomplish, so to do this I'll tell each person I convince to convince another 5 people and tell those 5 people to do the same. I will collect the phone numbers of every individuals I'm able to convince and a group will be formed. When this group is formed, different activities that will help my work will be assigned to each of them such as to tell other people about it, to tell their parents about it or even to ask their parents to post it online on their social media handles. The will get the attention of other kids and when they want to join the group, I'll appoint some capable individuals to create more divisions of our group at different locations. When stage 2 has been concluded, I'll proceed with stage 3 which is to make a general announcement to all members of the club to try to convince their parents and grandparents. Children of celebrities and governors or ministers will convince their parent who will help to transmit our message to the world. When about 60% percent more of the earth population have been convinced, my idea would have been spread to all ends of the earth and the world would finally work together to make the difference.

    So therefore, I believe that young people can make a difference in the world. It all depends on where our heart lies.

  • Hi Ben, I'm pleased to watch your video.
    I can make a difference if I do not agree about something through dialogue, we have the right to freedom of expression by convincing the other party of my opinion, which will be supported by evidence and examples that help in persuasion .. I discuss with them respectfully and listen carefully to them so that they listen to me carefully.
    And if the dialogue does not succeed, I can start with Plan B for persuasion, and this can be by organizing a collective protest for those who support me in a peaceful way.

    1. What you say is correct and somewhat convincing, I agree with you👍

  • Based on the first question, I would do something publicly such as activist art. Activist art is where people use different forms of mediums to express their concerns in society. For climate change, people can present images of animals dying or paint a picture , conveying their emotions. One that captured my eye, was a poster, even multiple, across a street that showed how human lives are causing climate change impacts to come at a more severe cost. I also noticed it had a metaphorical meaning. The person had human features from the torso above with arms and the tree leaves as hair and on the way down, it had the roots, bark and stump of the tree. The figure was holding an axe and its body was cut off in the middle. With deep thought, I realised that it showed people are destroying the lungs of the earth and at the same time they are destroying themselves. This picture deeply affected me and I am positive it affected others as well. We need more art, in more places, in more amounts. If we show these art pieces to the nation, then we can gain attention. My class even had a go at making some pieces regarding an issue in the modern day life and other schools should do this as well. One planet, one chance, one future.

  • Instead of going into an argument when i disagree about something, i'll like to make a difference by inviting the person involved to watch a video showing the negative effect about the issue at hand. This will pass the message across showing i feel in a positive way.
    As little as we are, I'll say we are powerful in our own little way because grown ups learn from the little things we do or say especially if it is a good thing. We can change the world from our actions.
    Also, we can act dramas showing the negative effect on climate from our personal carbon foot print during the annual speech and prize giving day. This will go a long way showing parents ways on how to prevent prevent climate crisis. I'm very sure they will find themselves avoiding doing things that will affect the planet.

  • If two people disagree about something first they should try and see if they can convince each other that their own is better if that doesn't work they make research about the thing their arguing about and if that doesn't work they should make a survey for people to choose between the two people opinion about the disagreement and leave f that doesn't just leave it alone every one has a different mind from one another so the two people can have a different opinion than one another.
    I would like to create a club in my school about climate change and how can we reduce it.
    No I don't think young people are powerful in this world because young people are not use to making big decisions like older people and older people have more experience in maki

    1. I agree with you, But when two people are in an argument the best solution is to make research about it and if they still are not satisfied, they can ask other people for their opinions and take the majority after which they can resolve their disagreement.
      I would like to create a conversation that projects more on arguments like the earth day and other arguments people have across the world, then research on it and give our final opinion on the topic.
      Yes I do think that young people are powerful in this world because when older people make decisions they mostly use their old knowledge to resolve issues instead of using their modern knowledge, making it more difficult to resolve the issues, but when young people make decisions they mostly use their current knowledge, also think about the current situation and the easiest way to resolve it, which brings more resolve and more understanding into the situation.

    2. I think the best way to resolve a disagreement is by asking other whose idea is better than taking the majority which would be used.
      I could create a group session for resolving different people’s issues or make a group chat talking about how to improve our environment or a club to talk about all the different issues we have.
      Yes I think young people are powerful in this world because on like old people young people can make a difference in the world and on like old people young people have energy to spend on the issues like pollution and strike etc…

    3. I agree and disagree with you about the last thing you mentioned.may be you are right that young people hasn't enough power to make big decision but this just at this moment or this period but young people have a hidden power, as the young people of today are the youth of tomorrow and the men of the future. If the child is raised in a correct manner and on sound principles and foundations that strengthen his personality and make him an effective element in the future, and good qualities must be cultivated in him, then wisdom says that knowledge at a young age is like engraving on a stone. And as we have seen good example for youngs power and their effect is the 15-year-old Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, that sat alone outside the Swedish Parliament asking for a radical reduction in greenhouse gas emission, she started the strike for climate change, then many countries joined tthe school strike for environment protection.

  • The way to make a difference when you don't agree with something is to voice your opinion and make it well-heard. Change is only made when there is something problematic, and if it isn't known that there is a problem, then nothing will happen. The only way to make a difference is by putting work in and making yourself heard. Martin Luther King Jr., for example, protested for many years and organized many protests against segregation to make his call for equality heard. Similarly, we should do the same.

    1. I agree with your opinion in our current society if you are of a high rank and famous in social media you Will be believed but if you are an ordinary person than your opinion is unwanted and rejected . This is the biggest example if inequality . More and more people by way of fame have found that it is something that really needs strict law.

  • I think young people are very powerful within our world when it comes to causing actions. Young people are the more able and have the ability to utilize resources better than their older counterparts, especially when it comes to issues such as climate change and the earth. For example, Mr. Beast, an online influencer, managed to get several millions of people to donate over 20 million dollars in an effort to plant more trees. This just goes to show the ability of young people to cause action.

    1. Its not about strength it's about purpose
      If you want to reach the top you must put the will in front of the goal.
      This is the legal in my life
      No will there is no success.

  • In my own understanding, young people are fearless, brave, impetuous, dynamic and self confident.
    Young people have the ideas, the creativity and great energy to shape a better world

  • Young people are powerful in this world as they can come up with better conceptual creativity, innnovative ideas and positive, eager energy. Therefore, they can influence people to make a change. Such examples are Greta Thunberg, a global phenomenon influencing young people to help the environment. However, older people also have the advantage that they have more experience than younger people, hence they can simpaphise with other people's problems as well. William Pitt was the youngest Prime Minister in the UK ever and he was elected for the promises he kept to his country by supporting England as a wartime political leader in the seven years' war. Meanwhile, the oldest Prime Minister who served in the UK was William Ewart Gladstone who spoke about his achievements he did before being elected. He spoke about his act to abolish slavery as his family used slaves on their West Indian plantation. Which would you rather: having someone who will keep promises to improve the country in the future, or someone who has done great things in the past?

  • Thanks for the questions, Ben! Here are my responses:

    1. Disagreements are a natural part of life, and they can often lead to growth and progress if handled constructively. To make a difference when you disagree about something, it's important to approach the situation with an open mind and a willingness to listen to other perspectives. You can try to find common ground, identify areas of agreement, and work towards a compromise or solution that everyone can accept. It's also important to communicate respectfully and focus on the issues at hand.

    2. There are many things you can do or create if you disagree about something. For example, you could start a conversation or a dialogue with the other party to better understand their perspective and share your own. You could also create a project or initiative that promotes your beliefs or values or get involved with an organization that aligns with your views. It's important to take action in a constructive and positive way that reflects your values and beliefs.

    3. Absolutely! Young people have the power to make a difference in this world. They bring fresh perspectives and energy to important issues, and they are often at the forefront of social and political movements. Young people are passionate, creative, and innovative, and they have the ability to inspire and mobilize others. It's important to empower and support young people so that they can realize their full potential and contribute to positive change in their communities and beyond. If young peoples are thought, what should they do and if they develop passion about something, they have the absolute right and power to do it. And i think once the youngsters are citizens, they can make laws to protect the climate and i think they would be more concerned about climate change the us.

    4. I think it's important to listen to what other people think and consider different perspectives. It's okay to disagree with someone, but it's also important to approach disagreements with respect and openness. If you disagree with someone, you can try to find common ground, identify areas of agreement, and work towards a solution or compromise that everyone can accept. Alternatively, you could suggest a different perspective or propose a new idea that could help bridge the gap between different viewpoints. Ultimately, it's important to approach disagreements with a willingness to learn and grow, and to work towards positive solutions that benefit everyone involved.

  • 1."How can you make a difference if you disagree about something?-"I think that if Iam trying to make a difference in something, first 'I'must be full heartedly ready to work on it ,if Iam myself disagreeing about it, I must first start talking to other people and discuss on their opinions ,everyone can always never be right in their ideas so talking to others might get me known about the other side of my thoughts and even change my opinion if it is not right then i will strenghten it if some other people support it.
    2."Is their anything you could do or create?-"I think that creating something has two different ways either it could occur if we work on it with full attention and hardwork for years setting it as an goal or as an life achievement ,attempting many trials and errors like how Thomas Edison did or it could happen as an accident, if we give it the importance it might create something big like theories or histories for instance when we go through are science or social lessons atleast (30% approximately) would have been found by accident and also most of the trends are mostly found by accidents for instance ,In our school we have a group of members called council members this year me and my friends got selected so thinking about what we could do for the school in this year we accidently created an small team in our school with the help of 11 to 15 members ,It was an group named as TFC@NATESAN(Time For a Change at Natesan) through this club we did few activities like educating our juniors about keeping the campus clean and made few boards with inspiring quotes about keeping the campus clean which we made using the left over materials of an exhebition conducted in our school we didn't bring big changes with the help of this club but we were happy in the end that we contributing to the school which provided us with endless opportunities like an program named water warriors and introduced us to "EFI" working on many environmental projects and which also created a small garden in the empty ground in our school and they gave us an chance to take care of the plants participating in these gave me an interest" IN CREATING A CLUB IN THE FUTURE ABOUT SAVING THE MOTHER EARTH".
    3."Do you think young people are powerful in this world?"-I don't know why but most people say and think that young people are powerful because as younger people will not have bigger responsibilities like a family behind them or their working place or status or their health condition as they do not have many diseases caused by old age so they could focus on their goal without any other distractions with full determination until they achieve it like winning a strike,debating for their opinion...... but being powerful not just depends on our age even a 60 years old man could become powerful if he had determination!!

  • If I disagree about something I will make difference by doing something that will convince me on that particular thing that I disagree on. I can create something that will help me and the society all together for example I can be a lawyer to fight for people's right and make them know that no one is above the law . I think me being a lawyer in the society will bring a very good success. I think young people are powerful in this world because amongst that young people you will find the brave one , the smart , the intelligent, the fearless etc and amongst these young people they will create ideas for a better world and a peaceful world. I think these young people are powerful in this world and they can make various changes to in our societies.

  • If I disagree about something I make difference by doing or watching something that will convince me on that thing I disagreed on
    Yes they are various things that I can do and create , I can become a doctor in future so as to save people lives and property and to make people feel okay about their health issues .

    Yess I think young people are powerful in this world because they will grow to be some important people in this world, some might be medical doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, teachers , etc and this will bring a positive impact in the society.

  • 1-How can you make a difference if you don't agree with something? First, in my view, to stay away from all negative forms such as discord, discord, and violence. I advise to come forward and express my point of view respectfully, provided that what I say is useful or better than the chosen idea, and that I bear the opinions of opponents, linking and comparison. When we move away from quarrels and strife, we can resolve all matters in a simple way.
    2- Is there anything you can do or do?: There are many things that I can do, for example, contact and communicate with community members, study and get the highest grades, or learn different languages. I can also fix disagreement between disagreements, which helps spread love and happiness, and also many other things. Tasks Despite my young age, this is something that makes me happy
    3- Do you think that young people are strong in this world?: From my point of view, yes, young people in this world are strong, but it must be ensured that there are strong young people in all respects, young people with influential morals, brave hearts and conscious minds in order to build a cohesive society and help to Spreading high morals.

  • Welcome, Mr. Bin Mango. Your questions are more than amazing.
    I'm looking forward to her answer...
    I can't make a difference since all of what you said is so true and wonderful. I agree with what you said... Absolutely.
    But I can advise people and guide them to the path of adulthood. Advise them to make good use of the environment. Instruct people not to litter. Let them know that pollution results from littering. The weather is still getting worse day by day.
    Unfortunately, today's youth are not strong enough to do the impossible. They used to move mountains with their strength.
    Today no one can prevent a person from doing wrong.
    But if this error continues, it means a catastrophe, and the catastrophe is caused by weak youth.
    My words do not mean that there are no strong youths. Rather, there are, but they may not show their powers...

  • I will answer questions clearly and transparently. 1-"How can you make a difference if you don't agree with something?" First, I say that we cannot impose our opinion on people because everyone has their own personal opinion. I can make a difference through understanding and hearing the opinions of others, because it is one of the rights to express an opinion. In the end, I say that we can make a difference through understanding, hearing the opinions of others and dialogue among us. 2-"Is there anything you can do and make?" Yes, I know that this is early, but I would very much like to become an important person in the future to contribute to the development of society and to set laws in many aspects, including climate laws, field coordination, and others. 3 - "Do you think that young people are strong in this world?" I think that young people can make themselves by themselves, for example, they can be strong by not submitting to people's words, confronting them, dealing with problems calmly, and building themselves with confidence, and young people can be weak as they do not act On their whim, but on the whim of people, and the words of people are like me. I used to care about people's opinions, not my opinion, until life slapped me. I woke up and built myself by myself.

  • Hello Mr. Ben Mango
    You recently asked us a good question.
    (Why do you think that young people are very powerful in the world?!!)
    For example..
    I think if some young people could make headlines all over the world just by not going to school for a few weeks.

    Imagine what we could all do if we wanted to.

    It will make a big difference that may attract the interest of politicians, owners of huge companies, and so on, about the reality of climate change, and that they start taking things seriously, and then start solving this problem by issuing laws. This will be very useful to us
    So I think that young people are very powerful because they may be the first to start paying attention to climate change or they may be the start of the torch that sheds light on the problem of climate change.

  • hello mr ben
    Of course everyone has different opinions.
    Everyone has multiple views of their own.
    2 Of course, I will do a lot of things. One of the things I want to do is to set up centers in my country to learn their preferred languages.
    Because this is my favorite hobby.
    3 Of course, young people are strong.
    With their presence, we can confront colonialism.

  • If I wanted to disagree with someone about a certain topic, it could possibly make a difference by making people think in a different way. It would cause people to look at different perspectives for many things. I think that the young people in this world are very powerful. Young people have all sorts of opportunities to try out different things, and this could allow for something new and creative to form.

  • How can you make a difference if you disagree about something:
    I think I can make a difference if i disagree about something:
    1. Don't take it personal.
    2.Avoid putting down the other persons ideas and beliefs.
    3.Listen to other peoples point of view.
    4. Always stay calm.
    Is there something I could do or create:
    I would like to create a machine that helps in braiding and loosing people's hair cause now people need a faster technology and more advanced technology to be able to do that cause it will help to solve the problem of people cutting their hairs, They cut their hairs because of the stress in braiding and it will waste busy and working people's time. It will help girls to become more beautiful with their hairs well braided.
    Do you think young people are powerful in this world:
    I think young people are powerful in this world because they are young and their minds can still be used to help solve some problems. And most of the successful people in the world now are young people and they help solve problems an example of 2 young and successful people are:
    1. Mark Zuckaberg
    The founder of face book and now helps us communicate with people across the world without having their numbers.
    2. Gary Wang
    The co founder of face book.
    So I really think young people are powerful in the world and can help us solve a lot of problems.

  • We are strong. I really believe that young people are strong. They can do anything. The human mind can do anything

  • I can make a difference about something i disagree about by 1. finding the problem and 2. solving the problem then 3. demonstrating the problem. something that i could do is plant more trees or fruits or vegetables because it's good for the earth and animals. I think that young people are very powerful because the even the smallest people can be the smartest and i fell that we can use that to our advantage if parents and adults get excited when we walk or talk then how excited/impressed would they be if they saw us creating things to help the earth.

  • In my daily life, I am exposed to many situations that apply to the first question, especially with my family and friends. If we disagree in opinions, then I try hard to explain my opinion and convince the other party that my opinion is the correct one, because I often hate this habit that I have and I do not know if it is true No, many people call this habit stubbornness, and when they meet me, they tell me to give up stubbornness and keep silent, and it is not necessary to explain your opinion, because I am confused. Can you help me, my friends? I really need help.

  • Do you think young people are powerful in this world? An excellent question that needs an excellent answer. I believe that, yes, young people are extremely powerful in this world. However, their voices are being silenced. And instead of them having more of a say, it gets handed over to the 'mature' lot. This really confuses me. We are the generation that will be impacted in the future, aren't we? So surely, the decision of what goes on should be upto us. Recently, there have been rumours of the USA agreeing to go forward with this project called the Willow Project. The Willow Project is a roughly $7 billion dollar proposal from ConocoPhillips to drill oil and gas in Alaska. Although there are few benefits; it would create 2,500 short term jobs and about 300 long term jobs. But there are so much more consequences. For example, the Willow Project, if completed, would produce an additional 9.2 million metric tons of carbon pollution into the atmosphere, each year. This would have a really deleterious effect on the climate. For example, it will disrupt ecosystems, threatens the vulnerable Caribou population, destroy habitat, contribute strongly to global warming and drive some animal species close to extinction. Thankfully, it hasn't been confirmed if it is going ahead yet. But did you know what we young people did? They wrote letters to Biden, they spread news on what is going on, people started groups to tackle problems like these, they signed petitions and some became strong climate change activists due to this. We tried to make a change. Yet again, the power was not in our hands.

    There are so many young people who have took a stand, and have made a powerful change. For example, Malala. She has become really popular because of her life-changing story, and fighting for female education rights and female empowerment. She has made such a strong difference to the world and is still fighting for what she believes in today.

    Hundreds of thousands of young people are extremely passionate about our planet, they believe that they know what's right for us. And together we can all make a change!

  • On the 30th of March of every important day that falls on Earth Day, it affirms the right of citizens to their land and their adherence to it. They are more worthy of it than others and no one can take away this right, they must adhere to whatever the circumstances Whatever the young faced them, this is a fixed right that is indisputable. On the day of the earth, it affirms and reminds the citizens of their land, and it also confirms its importance to them. Every citizen must live this memory with joy and pleasure.

  • I can express my opinion that I do not agree with this thing and suggest another solution to the topic. I can do and do a lot in my life. As for the issue of youth, I will talk about it a little :
    I am confident that the youth are the basis of the country's strength and they are the pillar of the country. Here are those who make change in society and always strive to develop and build it. Projects help young people in the growth of society and develop. Young people are the whole society They are the establishment of the state, so peace be to every young man on earth.

  • First thing I should be stay calm.
    In general when I disagree on something. First, I listen to other points of view then I say my point of view, try to explain the reasons that make me disagree with them and communicate with other what I feel, what I think and what I want. Certainly, young people have strength, especially that they are in the learning period, and if their abilities and intelligence are exploited, this will benefit society and reflect positively.

  • We need to learn the culture of difference, not disagreement, because not everything that we like necessarily likes others, and there are many things that differ, as well as beliefs, and tastes as well, not everything that suits one person suits the other.

  • Yes, I believe that young people are powerful in this world. They can bring about change and make a positive impact on society. Many young people are passionate about social and environmental issues and are using their voices to advocate for change. In recent years, we have seen many examples of young people taking action to create positive change. For instance, the youth-led climate strikes organized by young activists like Greta Thunberg have raised awareness about the urgent need to address the climate crisis. Similarly, the Black Lives Matter movement has been led by young people who are demanding an end to systemic racism and police brutality. Young people are also using technology and social media to connect with each other and amplify their voices. They have the power to mobilize large groups of people and create change at a grassroots level. As we are the young people have the power to shape the future and create a better world for ourselves and future generations. It's important that all people across the globe should listen to our voices and support us in our efforts to make a positive impact on the world. But there should be an adult advisor behind every young person as they are well experienced in their lifetime because young people are well talented in handling technology not well known about problems that arise in this competitive world.

  • How are you sir mange , I'm so happy that you wouldn't expect that I met you, But Mr. Manj, there are many problems in my country and I tried to solve them in our region, And the cause of the problem is The government is very bad You want to expel people from their homes and demolish their homes under the pretext of building centers for them So my friends and I gathered and we opened the video that she sent us, and our eyes were filled with great sadness, as if they were going to tears, And then a young man came up to us and told us : Youth without dreams is like spring without flowers. And when this person told us wisdom, my friends collected a sum of money in order to organize a big demonstration against the bad, corrupt government. But I ran into some problems , Also, our campaign was about the phrase “There is no life without a home.” The campaign has spread widely, and the government has not come yet , And then my friends and I grew up, and we haven't forgotten this yet .

  • For the first question
    1. I can make a difference when I do not agree by expressing it without problems with understanding or by trying to convince the other party of my ideas. I believe that it is not necessary for the other person to be convinced of what I have. I can be convinced of his idea, or we can combine the ideas of each to develop simple ideas. Follow us and make it more important, more developed, and contain ideas that can attract people to this idea
    For the second question
    2. Yes, of course, there are many things that we can do or innovate. We live in this society, so we must take care of its affairs and also interact with those in it, for example, helping the needy. Also taking care of the environment. Educating people about the importance of caring for the society in which we live. I hope everyone is a member or an active citizen in his community
    For the third question
    3. Yes, young people are strong in this world and they greatly understand the future of the people and they can change a lot of negative things in society if they cooperate and are interested in community affairs through which they can develop society and raise its affairs. Also, young people are strong because the new time has many negatives. I think the idea of ​​living in this Circumstances are an example of the greatest strength we young people have

  • There is no doubt that disagreements between people are inevitable, but aperson often does not express his difference of opinion with a person,which makes him appear in front of that person either angry or arrogant who is only convinced of his opinions you must first ask yourself whether the subject really deserves your attention and deserves to express your dissenting opinion, and this requires you to try to identify the effects of expressing the dissenting opinion, for example can the matter reach a sharp argument with the other party or do you find it flexible in its dealings And he believes that the difference of opinion does not spoil the issue of friendliness? In the event that aperson finds that he wants to express his opinion that is country to the opinion of the other party,he should adhere to appear angry or arrogant and arrogant :-Make sure that your dissenting opinion is general or indirect : Among the things that you can try if you are in disagreement with an idea that is being discussed you can use general words that do not suggest to the other party 🎉 that you are attacking him such as saying,"Is there any is it really possible for us to succeed in this way ."

  • I can make a difference if i disagree about something by being patient about that particular thing and look forward to it advantages and it importance.
    Yes, i could do and create thing like making a recycle bin which recycle it self automatically into a fertilizer that might reduce climate change.
    I don't think young people are powerful in this world because now that technology is improving people are now getting more lazier.

  • -How can you make a difference if you disagree about something?
    I think the best thing you can do when you disagree with someone is be respectful, I think it's all based on that. You can, of course, explain them why you disagree, and try to make them understand your point of view, but also you should always try to understand the other person point of view, because it could make you change your mindset or even improve your critical thinking. Disagreeing with someone it's not always bad, sometimes the other person may be wrong, but sometimes you are the one that may be wrong, and sometimes any of you is wrong, and that is also fine, we can learn a lot from discussions if we are open minded and empathic.

    -Is there something you could do or create?
    I think that we can all do something, even if it's just learning how to take action and transmiting that information to the people we know, right know with social media it's very easy to help other people learn more things while at the same time you are also learning.

    -Do you think young people are powerful in this world?
    I really think so! We are the future, so we of course hold a huge amount of power, even if it's just only because of the fact that we are the next generation. But I think we shouldn't get stuck in the society that we have right know, we all should try to, day by day, improve ourselves to help make a contribution in the future world, and that's exactly why we are powerful, we have in our hands the possibility of start a change for the better in the world, that's why I think it's so important to give young people tools to improve, and help them get interested in important topics.

  • Ouestion 1 :
    Disagreements are inevitable in life and can often lead to conflict, but they can also be opportunities for growth and positive change. When approached with an open mind and a willingness to listen, disagreements can lead to innovative solutions and increased understanding.

    Question 2 :

    Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and it requires urgent action from individuals, businesses, and governments. individuals can make a significant impact by making small changes in their daily lives. There simple steps individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the larger effort to mitigate climate change.

    1. Reduce energy consumption: Our homes and workplaces account for a significant portion of global carbon emissions. By reducing energy consumption, we can help reduce our carbon footprint and save money on utility bills. We can use energy-efficient appliances, turn off lights and electronics when not in use, or use natural light and ventilation where possible.

    2. Rethink transportation: Transportation accounts for a significant portion of global carbon emissions. Walking, cycling, or taking public transportation instead of driving can significantly reduce our carbon footprint. We can also consider carpooling, using electric vehicles, or reducing the frequency of our travel.

    3. Change diets: The food we eat also contributes to global carbon emissions. A diet rich in plant-based foods and less meat and dairy can significantly reduce our carbon footprint. We can also reduce food waste by planning meals and buying only what we need.

    4. Engage in sustainable practices: By using sustainable practices, we can reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to environmental protection. This can include reducing plastic usage, recycling, composting, planting trees or supporting renewable energy.

    Question 3 :

    Young people possess the energy, creativity and determination to make a difference in the fight against climate change. By advocating for environmental protection, organizing sustainable initiatives, driving green tech innovation, and living sustainable lifestyles, young people can make a significant contribution to creating a sustainable future. The future of climate action lies in the hands of young people, and we must encourage and empower them to create positive change.

    1. I agree because all that you said is nothing less than the truth

  • Hi Ben Mango,
    1. Making a difference when you disagree involves actively listening, communicating respectfully, finding common ground, being open to new perspectives, and seeking common goals. By doing this, you can work towards a resolution that benefits everyone involved.

    2. Education, awareness, support for organizations and initiatives, and advocacy for policy changes are all important ways to make a difference in the fight against climate change.

    3. Young people are a powerful force in the world, and their voices and actions have the potential to drive meaningful change on a wide range of issues. It's important to empower and support young people in their efforts to create a better world for all of us.

  • Hi Ben, I loved and enjoyed the video and its unique idea
    In the event that person (A) does not agree with the words of person (B), we will try to give him other opinions until he is convinced of our opinions, and if he is not convinced, then solutions and other ideas can be sought so that that person (B) becomes a leader. Satisfied and I want to add something to my words that we have the right to express my own opinion, so you must accept any opinion that is said to you ..
    Also, I want to say something at the end, I hope you understand what I said, I also hope to read carefully so that you get the idea
    In the end, I want to say that this is my opinion, and I have the right to share it with you, and I hope you like my opinion

  • What I will write now will include the answer to the question of how can a difference be made if you do not agree with something, and the question of is there anything you can do.
    1- First, I will start with peaceful dialogues and discussion of understanding between the other party who I do not agree with in what he is doing To find a solution that satisfies both of us.
    2- If the first proposal does not succeed, I will publish the case among the members of my local community and request a meeting in the district council to find a solution to the problem, and to express my opinion of not agreeing with what the other party is doing.
    3- If what I mentioned above does not succeed, I will use the media and social networking to become a public opinion issue.
    4-Protest and opposition can be used in groups if the size of the problem is very big only as workers do in strikes against their employers, in fact each action depends on the importance of the matter or action in which we disagree,Sometimes Not expressing an opinion or remaining silent on some important issues may cause a big problem later, and we may regret our silence after that.
    You may have noticed that while I was writing the answers, I wrote them from the most peaceful To the least peaceful, and I did that for the purpose of clarifying that the solution to our problems does not have to be by the quarrels or barbaric methods, rather we can disagree on matters and disagree on other matters and solve them through discussion and understanding.
    My answer to the question Do you think that young people are strong in this world? Yes, and I do not only believe that young people are strong, but I am sure of that Because the youth category is the category that includes people from 15 to 64 years old, and this category is the most present in most societies. It is also the productive category on which the state relies, Therefore, I can assure you that young people are the ones driving the trends of the world today, and therefore their strength is something that cannot be underestimated.

  • How can I make a difference if I do not agree about something. An Argument is best appreciated if there is a difference in the person you are arguing with,not just because you want to win the person over but make an unforgettable difference in the person and I came up with this.
    Firstly if I want to disagree about something,my manner of approach matters alot,I say it in a less offensive manner, because when I am polite with the person I disagree with, the person calmly listens to what I have to say.
    Secondly, I avoid making things personal,I have to listen to other people's view, and make my points in a less offensive manner,so that they don't get upset,just because they don't have the same opinion as mine, doesn't mean I should question their intelligence because it is their point of view.
    Thirdly , I state reasonable reasons, brilliant reasons why I disagree, and give instances based on happenings in the society and country at large.
    Lastly,I try and persuade and convince the person I disagree with, after stating my convincible points.

  • Hi Mr Ben I would like to say that the reason young people are considered powerfull It's because when young people have a vision they work had to achieve that vision and make sure that it is recognised . The difference made by disagreeing is that it creates a scenario where people are giving different sides of the same opinion.

  • If you are not with me, it does not mean that you are against me. This is the logic of the wise, but if you are not with me, then you are against me!! This logic is rejected morally and humanely.

    The circumstances of life force us to deal with different personality types, and this dealing does not mean that we are in permanent agreement with them, we may agree sometimes and disagree sometimes, so why do some insist on imposing their opinions on others and are desperate to make them repetitive images of them, is it not better to take more than one opinion?

  • ## The Power of Disagreement
    Disagreement can be a powerful tool in tackling environmental issues. Through debate and differing perspectives, individuals can uncover new ideas and perspectives, leading to innovative solutions. However, it is essential that disagreements are managed effectively. This can be achieved through open communication, respect for differing opinions, and a willingness to compromise. In addition, disagreement can be used to challenge the status quo and encourage critical thinking. By questioning individuals can identify solutions that are more sustainable and effective.

    ##Creating Change to Save the Planet

    There are numerous actions that individuals can take to save the planet. One potential solution is reducing carbon emissions through the use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. Additionally, individuals can reduce their carbon footprint by using public transport, cycling or walking instead of driving. Planting trees, reducing food waste and campaigning for government action are other ways to contribute to sustainable change.

    ##The Power of Youth

    Young people have a vital role to play in saving the planet. Their energy, creativity, and passion can inspire change in their communities and beyond. They have been particularly effective in raising awareness of climate change through protests, social media campaigns and other forms of activism. In addition, young people bring a fresh perspective to environmental issues and have new ideas and innovative solutions. Through education and empowerment, youth can harness their potential to save the planet.

  • Disagreement and youth have the potential to create positive change in the effort to save the planet. By encouraging respectful debate and empowering future generations to take action, we can work towards a sustainable and healthy planet for all. By acting on both an individual and collective level, we can create a world that is more environmentally conscious and responsible. It is our responsibility to implement solutions and advocate for systemic change that reflects the values and vision of a sustainable future.

  • How can you make a difference if you don't agree with something?
    I will listen to the opinions of others, as there may be a better opinion than mine, but if I do not like someone's opinion and I am still determined on my opinion, I will explain to my colleagues the reasons for my rejection of their opinions and why I believe that my opinion is correct, and I can show them evidence by searching on Google
    And yes, young people are strong in this world. Most of those who hold awareness seminars are young people, and they are also the ones who work on themselves to be able to deliver their message. At this age, I can create a page on the Internet in which I write articles expressing my opinion and discussing with people about their opinions, as I do now in the Topical Talk program

  • Hello, Mr. Ben, I am pleased to see you. 1 Do you think that young people are strong? In my opinion, yes, they are strong because they have hope, optimism and ambition for many things. They take responsibility and are patient in life and face hardships, and that is why they are really strong 2- Is there something you can do or innovate? Yes, I can do a lot, I want To achieve my goals to be a doctor or something that benefits society, I want to give society a better life and for other people they can do many things by improving this world and I trust every person who has ambition to improve the world because he is capable of everything 3 How can you make a difference if you don't agree On something I sometimes agree to things that others do, such as creating something such as devices that benefit society or a robot that helps to serve society, but for things that people do not agree with, you should not give up or move away from this thing, but rather you must continue and not give up and achieve your goal. Thank you.

  • Really, we should think strongly in the climate change issue. We should imagine how the world will be in the near future if this problem continues. Many big problems will happen. These days we may have the time to do something towards the problem of the climate change. So,we should work hard in hand to rescue the environment. Everyone should have a role to do. For example, avoiding or reducing the use of plastic will be a good step and will affect positively. Really mum has inspired me by what she's doing. She keeps everything clean without throwing waste. Mum put the waste of food in a hole under the trees . Also, she collects the plastic waste in a big parcel and gives it to the factory to be recycled . So,if everyone does the same, we will have a clean and healthy environment . I follow my mum's steps everywhere proudly . This is our world and we are responsible to protect it .

  • Hiya, Ben Mango! Nice to meet you! Everyone has a diverging hypothesis so it is not uncomplicated, but we just have to accept the beliefs of our fellow classmates. If we don't agree with each other, all our time would be gone and it generates an even more severe circumstance. For instance, I don't be impudent to my cherished friends. If you do, a quarrel would commence and I wouldn't be friends with them any more. We can envisage many innovative notions and we can attach all our ideas to make one vast idea. Juvenile people are powerful in this whopping world because they are: audacious, contented, persistent, ingenious( in fact, they are smarter than adults) and vigorous. Young children can make a plethora of ideas as rapid as the speed of light. People need to agree with each other to reduce air pollution and prevent burning fossil fuels. This is why we need to accord to everyone, from youthful to venerable.

  • I wanted to enroll in a language academy to strengthen me by speaking English fluently, so I presented the subject to my parents, but they refused it because enrollment requires costs and financial fees, and the economic situation does not allow my family, so I presented my problem to my friends, and indeed they did not fail me, and they collected enough donations for me to enroll, and this was done for me, and here I am studying, learning and developing My self and my language thanks to the efforts of my friends

  • Well, I will answer your question in an intuitive way. We always say that all people from all over the world differ in their thinking and points of view. For example, many daily discussions take place in our lives. They can be at work, at school, or even at home, and we will see at the end of this discussion that they are among them. He agrees with things that happened in this discussion, and some of them disagree, and I will tell you a simple situation that may happen to all of us in our homes. For example, my mother comes and consults us, and she asks about what we will have for lunch today, so each of us, my brothers and father, answers with a different answer, and it may be that what one of us chose does not like the other, and that is why we and my brothers quarrel 😂😂 And I am sure that this happens to all of us in all discussions, but we know that each of us has a different way of thinking. There are those who think outside the box, and there are those who think in a logical way. We can change our point of view or even cancel what we were thinking about previously. I think this is the best way to deal with our problem that we go through in our lives a lot.

  • ❤❤Well, my family and I were on a picnic. We decided to go to one of the country’s restaurants and eat its good food. On the way, we saw that one of the parks had become very old and dirty, and everything in it was rubbish and ruin. We liked that!! My father decided to go see the garden, then we came with him to see why it is like this, so he suggested that we clean the garden and work on renovating it, so we cleaned and cooperated with each other, my father was very happy when we cooperated in cleaning it and the people of the neighborhood came to help us because they also caused the destruction of the garden, and after we cleaned the garden It became arable and we planted trees, herbs and flowers. The Municipality Ministry approved of what my father did in the garden and decided to help us repair and renovate it. My father called an engineer to define an area for the games and put the fence and everything needed for the garden. We were able to get rid of the old fence, and we needed To Bustani to lead the work, at that time we applied on the local radio for people to come and help us with that, we were surprised by the large number of people who wanted to help us and establish a safe and wonderful community garden, so we built and renovated it and put toys in safe places for children, and we made benches to sit until it was ready, safe and available to everyone But we set laws to preserve them, and we thanked those who came to help us and contribute to the establishment of a community garden, and the ministry thanked my father and presented him with an award for what he had done of goodness and righteous deeds, ... Our goal was only to create a garden for everyone that represents our country and the beauty of its air ꧂

  • How can you make a difference if you disagree about something.
    There's a saying that says honesty is the best policy.
    I strongly believe that when you act on what you believe you get admiration and respect.
    In a sense that ,you did not follow what everybody else is saying,you followed your own perspective.
    So you a make difference, when you do not do things to please others at the expense of someone else's happiness or comfortability.
    I also think you make a difference when you try to come up with ideas you know will not only benefit you but others.
    I think the most important thing is when you're yourself and when you do not try to condemn the other person's choice but give your reasons why you disagree with that person.

  • If two people disagree about something they should just forget about it because every one has their own mind and they think differently so they shouldn't argue about something and go do something else.
    I would like to create a team of people that go every weekend and clean up the streets from trash.
    No I don't think that young people are powerful in this world because they are inexperienced and they can be easily manipulated into bad character not like older people that have experienced life for a long time and know what to do and can differentiate between from what Is good from bad.

  • 1.When I disagree with someone about something, it can be challenging to make a difference. However, there are a few things I can do to make progress while respecting both my own beliefs and the other person's opinions:

    Listening actively: Before jumping to conclusions or rebutting the other person's arguments, try to listen actively to what they have to say. Hear them out fully and ask clarifying questions to make sure you understand their position.

    Seeking common ground: Even if you disagree on some aspects of the issue, try to find common ground where you can agree. This can help you build a foundation of trust and understanding, which may make it easier to find a solution.

    Being respectful: Disagreements can become heated and personal, but it's important to remain respectful and civil throughout the discussion. Avoid attacking the person or their character, and instead focus on the issue at hand.

    Looking for compromise: Rather than insisting on your own way, look for ways to compromise that can benefit both parties. This may require some give-and-take, but it can lead to a better outcome for everyone.

    Keeping an open mind: Finally, be willing to consider the other person's perspective and to change your own views if necessary. You may find that you learn something new or see the issue in a different light, which can lead to a more productive conversation and a better outcome.

    From my aspect, disagreements are a natural part of life, and they can be an opportunity to learn, grow, and find common ground. By approaching them with an open mind and a respectful attitude, you can make a difference even if you don't agree on everything.

    2.Yes, there are many things I can do or create when I disagree with someone about something. Depending on the nature of the disagreement and the context.

    Collaborating on a project: If me and the other person have different ideas about how to approach a particular task or project, consider working together to find a solution that incorporates both of your ideas. By pooling your resources and expertise, I may be able to create something that is better than either of you could have done alone.

    Organizing a dialogue: If the disagreement is related to a climate change or environmental issue, I could organize a dialogue or debate that allows people with different viewpoints to share their perspectives and discuss the issue in a respectful and constructive manner. This could help bridge divides and promote understanding.

    Creating a work of art: I am an artist and creative person; I could channel my disagreement into a work of art that expresses my perspective in a compelling and meaningful way. This can be a powerful way to communicate my message and to inspire others to think about the issue in a new way.

    Volunteering for a cause: If the disagreement is related to a social or environmental issue, I could volunteer my time and resources to support a cause that aligns with your values. This can be a way to make a tangible difference and to meet others who share my passion for the cause.

    From my opinion, the key is to stay focused on the issue at hand, to remain open-minded and respectful, and to channel your energy into positive action that can make a difference.

    3.Yes, I believe young people are powerful in the world in the fight against climate change. Climate change is a global issue that affects everyone, but it is particularly relevant to young people because they will inherit the consequences of the actions taken by current and past generations. As a result, young people are increasingly leading the charge in advocating for action on climate change and pushing for more sustainable practices. Young people have played a significant role in recent climate change activism, from organizing strikes and protests to demanding climate action from policymakers and industry leaders. They have also been instrumental in promoting renewable energy, advocating for conservation efforts, and raising awareness of the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities around the world.
    As we are young people, we have a unique perspective and energy that can drive positive change in the world. They are often more open to new ideas and ways of thinking, and they are not bound by traditional modes of thinking or entrenched interests. As such, they are well-positioned to promote innovative solutions and challenge the status quo in the fight against climate change. I believe that young people are powerful in the world in the fight against climate change, and their voices and actions will be critical in shaping a more sustainable future.

  • Is there something You could do it create.

    I am not a child of many qualities.
    But there are few things I could do.
    I love writing poems and by the comment I receive about my poems ,I think they're pretty good.
    When I write poems I'm always inspired by something or someone
    I've wrote a poem abou the sky, betrayal,friends,love e.t.c
    I also love going to debate and researching that was one of the reasons Topical talk intrigued me .
    I love learning new things and Topical talk has made knowledge vast.
    I aspire to be a society activist and poet so that I could write the problems concerning my society in my poems.
    And a journalist so that I could talk about those problems and listen to other people's opinions on how to solve them.

    The c

  • In my opinion, Earth day is a crucial event which helps reduce and create awareness about global warming and its effects towards our environments.

    For someone like me who is just learning about earth day, I genuinely understand why little things like recycling benefit our environment greatly once it becomes a habit.

    My school has already started engaging us youths in activities like planting trees to help reduce air pollution and eventually reduce climate change as well. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, thus helping in saving the earth. Although planting trees aren't the only measures that can be taken, I strongly encourage this because it isn't too difficult and so we can have better air to breathe.
    Secondly, due to the hot weather in my country, usage of solar panels is presently a common renewable source of energy. One disadvantage of this is its high price which makes it only available to the rich.

    I hope my comment has given you some beneficial information.

  • To me, one of the fundamental things you can do concerning the climate and environment is enlightenment. For example: In my country Nigeria, the main thing that affects our climate is Bush burning which has a lot of disadvantages and due to enlightenment by the government on putting different topics in the scheme that prevents harm to the climate. The topics include: Nutrient Cycling in Nature, Pollution, and Environment(which consists of abiotic and biotic factors).
    My point is that with enlightenment, the harm caused to the climate will reduce on a large scale.

  • Do you think young people are powerful in this world?

    Yes of course, I think that they are the most powerful people in the world, there a lot of things youths can do to change the world. They are usually aware of the relevant issues that affect them and the world but they wonder how to go about them.
    Youths are fearless, brave, impetuous, dynamic, self-confident and self-reliant. Young people have the ideas, the creativity, energy and enthusiasm to shape a better world, they are full of hope and through innovation and imagination, they are problem solvers and have a great potential to generate a change in the world. They are always looking for ways or ideas in helping the environment and community but are not given the opportunity to do them.
    Youths have the greatest minds of all, it is either their voice are not heard or allowed or people think they are too little to guide us. I feel if the youths are given a chance the world will be better. They is a saying "Youths are the leaders of tomorrow" which means they deserve chances to rule the world or have power in some aspects. I believe that we are not the leaders of tomorrow but the leaders of today.
    And they are different organisation set up so the voice of the youths can be heard e.g. World Youth Alliance, Adventures of the Mind and many more. As from now onwards, youths let's feel powerful!

  • Do you think that young people are strong in this world?
    Young people should always be aware of what is going on around them in terms of events, because the youth category is the most important group, as it enjoys intellectual freedom, or we can say that they are not convinced of one idea or one habit, as the elderly do, but they are able to create ideas, opinions, concepts, and also new creations in full.

    Young people are the most ambitious in society, and this means that their process of change and progress does not stop at certain limits, in addition to being the most receptive to change, as it always carries the new and does not maintain a specific thought.
    They enjoy enthusiasm and vitality in thought and movement, which leads to the formation of a mighty energy towards progress.

    In addition, they are an important social force and a title of strength and bullying among them
    But how can we take advantage of these capabilities that young people have?

    Communities and countries must pay attention to this group and put their priority in attracting energies and employing these energies towards specific goals instead of leaving them, especially poor societies, which at the same time are young and suffer from high unemployment rates and great neglect of youth capabilities.
    I believe that the priority of research and scientific work should be given to young people so that they can bring out their abilities and talents and work on them before they perish and vanish, in addition to that centers that work on youth development should be allocated.

    If I were the president of a country, the first thing I would think of would be the youth of the country, because it is their ideas, beliefs and methods that change the course of the country.

  • Everyone has the right to have their own opinion that matters.

  • Everyone has the right to have their own opinion that matters. I think young people are just as powerful as adults. Everyone has the right to have power in their own life.

  • A climate cafe is a fun and educational way to learn about climate change. To run a climate cafe, we would invite people who are interested in learning about climate change, like scientists, teachers, community leaders, and students. We could host it at a local cafe or community center.

    During the event, we would have fun activities and games that teach us about how our actions affect the environment. We could also have guest speakers who can share their knowledge and ideas with us. The outcomes we hope for are that people will learn more about climate change and feel inspired to make positive changes in their own lives to help protect the planet.

  • A climate café is a great way to bring people together to discuss important issues related to climate change. To run a climate café, you would need to choose a venue where people can comfortably gather and have open discussions.

    Possible venues could include a school classroom or a community center. The first step would be to identify interested individuals who are passionate about the environment and would like to participate in the discussion.

    You could invite a variety of people, such as students, teachers, parents, local activists, and experts in the field of environmental science. It's essential to encourage diverse perspectives and opinions to promote meaningful dialogue among participants.

    During the event, you could facilitate discussions by introducing topics related to climate change, such as renewable energy, sustainable transportation, or reducing greenhouse gas emissions. You could also organize group activities or presentations to explore different approaches to addressing climate change.

    Finally, the outcomes of a climate café should be to raise awareness of the issue of climate change and inspire participants to take action to reduce their environmental impact. This may include encouraging behaviors such as recycling, conserving energy, and reducing waste. Additionally, participants may be inspired to get involved in local or national action groups that work towards mitigating the effects of climate change.

  • To run one, I would need to find a suitable venue such as a community hall or a local café that is willing to host.

    For inviting people, Ican reach out to local environmental groups, schools, colleges, and anyone in my community who might be interested in discussing climate change.

    The goal of a climate café is to have an open and honest discussion about climate change and its impacts on our planet. The outcomes I would like to achieve are to raise awareness about climate change, encourage people to take action, and motivate everyone to make small changes that can have a big impact on the environment.

    As a pupil, I can start by talking to my classmates and teachers about the idea of hosting a climate café at my school. It could be a great opportunity for students and teachers to engage in discussions around climate change and inspire everyone to take action.

  • Have empathy If you connect with the other person’s feelings, it can make a big difference in how a disagreement goes. Seek to figure out how a person is feeling and why. When someone has a firm position on something, there is usually a lot of emotion that drives their conviction. Dig in to see what it is. Connect the dots with culture.You believe in the power of individuals to make a difference — and you want to follow in the footsteps of the many heroes who chose to make a positive difference in their communities and the issues they care about. But it’s not always easy to know how best to make a difference in the world. Young people are rallying behind a global wealth tax to help finance more resilient safety nets and to manage the alarming surge in wealth inequality. They are calling to direct greater investments to programmes that help young progressive voices join government and become policymakers. “

  • I strongly believe that if i disagree on something, I am making a big difference because there are a lot of climate change going on and you rely on one thing to make it stop. so you have to disagree on something to make the environment more safe.

  • I firmly believe that the younger generation possesses the potential to bring about significant change in our world. Their utilization of social media as a platform for activism and their active participation in global movements are clear indications of their ability to achieve meaningful progress. Furthermore, youth activists have been at the forefront of discussions on critical issues such as climate change, bringing these topics to public attention and influencing political action.
    However, it is crucial to acknowledge that youth empowerment still faces numerous obstacles in various societies worldwide. The need for fair representation and inclusion of young voices should never be underestimated, particularly given their unparalleled creativity, passion, and diverse perspectives that can lead to dynamic solutions to existing problems. With their support, we can strive towards a better future for all.

  • I strongly believe that if i disagree on something, i am making a big difference because there are a lot of climate change going on and you can't rely on one thing to make it stop. So you have to disagree on something to make the environment more safe.
    Yes, there is need for more orphanages , so i'd like to build more orphanages for those with no homes to decrease climate change because, so many people throw away plastic wastes around irresponsibly, especially those who have no knowledge about climate change. This will benefit the community, us and the environment and will develop the the community.
    Young people are the leaders of tomorrow and who will develop the world. In my own opinion, I think they are quit powerful because, they can make a difference in the society.

  • Well, firstly, thank you Ben Mango for the video, secondly, thank you for asking the question. We the young people have different perspective, all together. We may have better ideas, such as this festival, so if we disagree about something, we the young can call the attention of the community, like Ben said. For instance, if a bad thing happens in our community, the young can stand up and disagree with what is bad and speak for goodness. We can actually make a difference if we disagree about something. There is a saying that goes like this, students today are the leaders of tomorrow. We are the future. Secondly, actually, I want to create an invention that reduces climate change, what we are all enduring in this world, is not something we should sit down and talk about, we need to take action, we need to stop climate change, this way we can live happily in our small world, we show all join our hands to create something wonderful for the world. At least, we can help our world by doing this. Thirdly, we the young are the future, so right now people are now becoming powerful by going to schools learning new things, so we are all ready to make ourselves powerful in the world. We are making different people such as the experts of this festival respond to our comments and we make them curious to our ideas especially on different hub. So, I also think that the young can be powerful in the world.

  • First off, I would like to thank you for creating such an opportunity like this, where I'm from the opinions of young people really don't matter so I am truly grateful. Regarding the questions above; In my opinion, In a world where disagreements persist, true impact lies in fostering open dialogue, empathy, and understanding. By actively listening to others' perspectives and seeking common ground, we can bridge divides and make a difference together. Through respectful collaboration, we can create innovative solutions and initiatives that address the root causes of disagreement, sparking positive change. Recognizing the unique strengths and potential of young people, we believe in their inherent power to shape our world. By empowering them with education, opportunities, and platforms to amplify their voices, we unlock their potential to drive meaningful progress and inspire generations to come.
    In the face of disagreement, I feel it is essential to embrace the transformative power of compassion and unity. By approaching differing opinions with respect and a willingness to find common ground, we can transcend divisive boundaries and make a profound difference. Through constructive dialogue and active engagement, we can foster an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation.

    In the pursuit of positive change, we can take tangible actions or create meaningful initiatives that promote understanding and bridge the gap between conflicting perspectives. Whether it's initiating peaceful discussions, organizing community events, or developing educational programs, there are countless opportunities to cultivate empathy, foster mutual respect, and foster a shared sense of purpose.

    Amidst the complexities of our world, young people hold tremendous power. Their fresh perspectives, unbridled passion, and unwavering determination have the potential to shape the future in extraordinary ways. By recognizing and nurturing the inherent abilities of young individuals, we empower them to become catalysts of change. By providing them with the tools, resources, and platforms to voice their ideas and opinions, we unlock their potential to drive social progress, inspire communities, and leave a lasting impact on our world.

    In our collective efforts, let us embrace our differences as opportunities for growth, channel our creativity into transformative action, and place our trust in the power of young people to forge a better tomorrow. Through unity, understanding, and a shared commitment to making a difference, we can create a world that celebrates diversity and paves the way for a brighter future for all.

  • Hello Mr. Ben, I believe young people are powerful in the world because , as time evolves the children of the also evolves, therefore coming up with brighter and bigger ideas to protect the world. As the world is being destroyed it is also affecting ourself and others, young people should save the mother earth so that our future generations can live in a safe environment. They can save the earth by saving trees, natural vegetation ,water, livestock, natural resources and electricity. They should strict follow as possible measure to control environmental pollution and global warming. This way we know that the world is in safe hands of the young people.

  • How can you make a difference if you disagree about something?
    By ensuring you judgement is unbiased ,by not disagreeing pointlessly ,by going straight to the point

    Is there something you can do or create ???
    I was inspired by topical talk and I am looking for support to introduce press club in my school,I have am trying my best which i believe is paving a way gradually

    Do u think young people are powerful in this world ??
    Young people are not only powerful but also important,unrelenting,promising and sophisticated .
    They come up with a top notch IQ that is leading to an unstoppable advancement that is takingover the world soonest

  • It's an amazing challenge
    Of course, change comes from Inside first.
    I believe that young people are capable of making a difference because they are the largest group in countries. On the other hand, they have the strength and patience to bear hardships, since the future belongs to them and their children

  • Climate change represents the biggest problem facing the world today. The Earth's temperature has risen since the start of the industrial revolution. Climate change threatens our lives if the sea level rises and severe weather phenomena increase. One of the reasons for addressing climate change is
    1. Fossil fuels: Fossil fuels are the most important causes of climate change. When oil and coal are burned, carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and prevents the earth from getting rid of excess heat from the sun.
    2. Deforestation: Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air, and deforestation hinders this vital process. Forests currently occupy 31% of the Earth's land area.
    3. Agriculture: Modern farming methods harm our atmosphere. Agricultural land expands at the expense of forests and natural ecosystems.

  • When faced with a disagreement, there are several ways to make a difference while maintaining respect and open communication. Here are some approaches:

    Seek common ground: Look for areas of agreement or shared goals and focus on those aspects. By finding common ground, you can work together towards a shared objective, even if you have differing opinions on certain details.

    Practice active listening: Listen attentively to the perspectives of others, seeking to understand their viewpoints without judgment or interruption. By actively listening, you demonstrate respect and create an environment conducive to productive dialogue.

    Engage in constructive dialogue: Engage in respectful and open-minded conversations, exchanging ideas and reasoning behind your opinions. Explore the underlying values and interests that shape your perspectives. This allows for a deeper understanding and the possibility of finding creative solutions that address everyone's concerns.

    Collaborate and compromise: Look for opportunities to collaborate and find compromises that accommodate the interests of all parties involved. By working together and finding middle ground, you can create outcomes that incorporate diverse viewpoints and generate positive change.

    Advocate for your position respectfully: Express your views and concerns in a respectful manner, using evidence and logical reasoning to support your arguments. Be open to feedback and willing to reconsider your position if presented with compelling counterarguments.

    In terms of creating something or taking action, here are a few options:

    Raise awareness: Utilize various mediums, such as social media, writing, or public speaking, to raise awareness about the issue at hand. Educate others about different perspectives and encourage open dialogue.

    Collaborate on projects: Identify common goals and work together with individuals who hold different opinions to initiate projects or campaigns that address the issue. By pooling resources and expertise, you can create meaningful change.

    Engage in activism: Participate in peaceful demonstrations, advocacy campaigns, or community initiatives to bring attention to the matter and advocate for your position. Nonviolent activism can be a powerful tool for social change.

    Regarding the power of young people in the world, I believe they possess significant potential for making a difference. Young people bring fresh perspectives, energy, and passion to various issues. They have the ability to challenge existing norms, question authority, and offer innovative solutions. With access to technology and a globalized world, they can mobilize quickly, organize movements, and amplify their voices more effectively than ever before.

    However, it is essential to recognize that power is not solely based on age but on the actions and opportunities available. While young people have the potential to effect change, they may face challenges due to societal structures, limited resources, or lack of representation in decision-making processes. It is important for society to provide platforms and support systems that empower young people to contribute their ideas, engage in dialogue, and participate actively in shaping their communities.

    Regarding the opinions of others, it's valuable to consider diverse perspectives and evaluate their validity based on evidence and logical reasoning. Agreement or disagreement with other viewpoints should be approached critically and respectfully. It is through dialogue and respectful exchange that we can broaden our understanding, challenge our own beliefs, and arrive at informed conclusions. If you find yourself in disagreement, it can be beneficial to propose alternative ideas or solutions that address the concerns of all parties involved.

    Ultimately, making a difference in the face of disagreement requires open-mindedness, empathy, and a commitment to finding common ground. By valuing diverse perspectives and engaging in constructive dialogue, we can foster positive change and create a more inclusive and harmonious society.

  • Hello, I think think that young people should have more of a say in what happens in the future, as after all, it won't be current adults living in the life we are making. If young people say what they think we should do to help our world in the future, we should listen to them. Do you agree?

  • In my personal opinion, it is imperative to uphold the value of respect toward others, especially during a disagreement. It is crucial to acknowledge and appreciate the fact that every individual has their own unique perspective and ideas. By being able to understand and embrace this notion, we can foster effective communication and strive towards finding a resolution to the matter at hand. It is only by treating each other with respect and dignity that we can create a safe and productive space for solving disagreements. It is undeniable that the younger generation wields a considerable amount of power and sway in the world today. Their impact on shaping the future and influencing the state of global affairs cannot be overstated. As the inheritors of the world, they are the ones who will ultimately be responsible for guiding humanity forward and ensuring a better tomorrow for us all. Their ideas, perspectives, and actions will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the course of history.