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The Role of Students in Saving the Earth:
students have important role to play in promoting environmental sustainability. Here are some of the ways students can contribute to this by:

1. Supporting Renewable Energy:
Students can support renewable energy by pushing for policies that increase the use of clean energy such as wind and solar .They can also reduce their carbon footprint by using public transportation, walking, or biking .

2. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle:
Another way students can contribute to saving the earth is by reducing waste by reusing, recycling, and composting. It is also important to minimize the consumption of disposable products such as single-use plastic bags and water bottles.

3. Educate and Raise Awareness:
Students can educate their peers, family, and community about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices such as energy conservation, water conservation, and waste .

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  • instead of using things that use non renewable resources, people can walk . to add on that people can use public means of transport instead of using private cars in which you are going to sit in it alone and use alot of fuel which is non renewable. instead of using things that use non renewable resources, we can use stem engines,and also solar energy in order to save the planet.

    1. There are many things students can start and stop doing to save the planet.
      Firstly, you can recycle, stop or reduce your intake of drinks in plastic bottles, shop with a reusable shopping bag, volunteer in community services, grow plants, walk or ride your bike rather than driving a car, stop disposing of your waste on the ground or in water bodies and lastly, spread the news! Ensure that everyone you know has at least stopped doing one thing that increases global warming.

  • students can contribute to saving the earth by by reducing waste by reusing, recycling and reducing on the use of disposable products. Before i continue, reusing is the using of something more than once, recycling is the converting of waste into reusable material. more so, students can try to organize small meetings telling people about the dangers of polluting the environment.

    1. I agree with this.
      Students can contribute to saving the earth by reducing the amount of things thrown away as well as making sure that waste is properly disposed,

  • Everyone can promote a part of helping the wonderful environment. First of all, people need to terminate themselves to throw rubbish into the dilapidated River Thames. Furthermore, you could have a "Walk to school" day. This can assist the environment to produce oxygen for us to suck in. Also, you can use solar panels so you prevent yourself from utilising electricity. Plastic recycling reduces the need to extract new, amateurish materials from the Earth as it reuses the stuff that's already processed and protects natural resources.

  • Students can also play a big role in saving the earth. They can generate money through fund raising and use the money to buy solar panels to give the less privilege to use as a source of electricity.
    Students can also help by encouraging their parents to use other renewable forms of energy in order to reduce climate crisis.

  • Students can also help by Reducing the amount of time they send on video games and TV at home, and they can also help by watering the plants and trees they have in their schools or help in planting trees in school or at home. Students can also help by reducing the amount of food and they waste everyday. Also students can also help in making an impression on their juniors and the effects of climate change, and they can also help by picking up the litters that are left in the playground or cafeteria.

  • I think Student can contribute to save the planet if they participate in a project called "Green evolution"
    This project involves the planting of trees and plants.
    Everyone knows that trees gives oxygen,so when we plants trees and reduce deforestation we have a more healthier oxygen,we create homes for animals,we also create shades,and make a comfortable environment. but most of all we strengthen our ozone layer.
    Also, students can also save the planet if they use re-useable products.
    That is products that can be recycled.
    And we can oy use this product when we do not throw them away,instead we keep them and deliver then to manufacturers to recycle and it could e ready for use again.
    I so think students save the planet by creating awareness.
    In what sense, students have the ability to interact with themselves more than the way an older person could,and when they do that they could educate their agemates about how they too can save the planet,and I'm sure that with.ore innovative and intelligent minds the planet would be saved

  • Students may take a variety of actions that help the environment, such as planting trees that will provide oxygen and food, improve the air's cleanliness, conserve energy, and prevent climate change. Games like "who can grow and take care of their plant more" should be played in school since they are entertaining and beneficial. Students may also volunteer to clean up their communities, which might significantly reduce pollution.

  • I believe that there is a great role for students in preserving the land, which is by making student initiatives to preserve the environment and creating awareness leaflets about preserving the environment by not throwing waste and sorting this waste. School by walking, as it is beneficial for health, or by bicycle, as it does not affect the environment, and make awareness leaflets for people in the streets and for their families and fathers, so that they are all united in preserving the environment

  • Hello precious_cherry.I really like your stand point you have centered students and how they could contribute to the society and it is true that students are powerful and they could push foe the well fare of the world and also you have given awareness about recycling reducing and reusing you have said that we should reduce the usage of things which are non degradable and harmful for the environment like plastic bags and water bottles but whenever I am visiting any shop to buy something they often provide me with a single use plastic cover because it is under their budget there I cannot ask them to provide me with a paper or jute bag during this situation when Iam not with my own bag so ,I think that if the plastic bags or not that easy to get then the people will stop using it my question to everyone is that there are many types of other materials which could be an alternative for plastic bags but why is this plastic holding a very prominent position in the current lifestyle of the world? Sustainable development is a term which is quite popular nowadays and people are trying to live a sustainable life which enables us to fulfill the needs of the present without spoiling the ability of the future to experience the same but is the methods that we are using nowadays enough to have a sustainable development??

  • Young people have a really big role to play in saving our planet. It is common knowledge that most of the young people find it hard to stay away from technology, leading to a lot of carbon footprint. If they learn to reduce their carbon footprint, it will help them as well as the planet. Young people have a sort of influence on people which means they can help spread awareness about climate change and how to stop it. They can educate people on the dangers and what they can do to help. If the young people start doing it, other people might start doing it too and slowly but surely we will start to win the battle against climate change. As young people we are strong, vibrant and full of energy. We should therefore use that energy to help our beloved planet, afterall we do not have a backup planet. If we start now, generations to come will carry on with the legacy and we could save our planet.

  • Thank you ..this standpoint is useful
    As student I can save the planet by adopting eco-friendly practices such as reducing single-use plastics, conserving water and energy usage using public transportation or carpooling, planting trees, supporting local farmers, and advocating for environmental policies. We can spread awareness about sustainability and encourage others to take action towards protecting our planet.

  • Younger students can help spread the word by turning off taps when not in use, turning off lights when not in use, using reusable water containers, and donating toys and clothes. And this is where I come in. As a young child in elementary school, with the help of my parents and school, we can all raise our voices to save the planet. Every school can be an advocate for environmental protection.

  • I think that students have a very big role in saving the earth. They can teach and educate students about climate problems and how to dispose of them. Waste can be reduced to the maximum extent. They can also reduce carbon footprints by walking on their feet to go to school and not riding transportation. If the house is a little far away, they can ride bicycles. Aerobic because it does not produce carbon dioxide. Also, students can make a project and come with baskets and put pictures on them, for example, one basket with a picture of glass, the other of wood, the other of iron, etc. In this way, awareness is spread about recycling and use, which reduces waste. This reduces electronic fingerprints, and we can use stem engines as well Solar energy in order to save the planet, and some students can also plant trees in the school garden or the garden of the house, which leads to a reduction in carbon footprints.

  • Students can help with climate change by creating clubs that would try and find good solutions to climate change and the club would go on the streets and pick up trash and put up posters about the effects of climate change and their personal carbon footprint to try and get people to start trying to reduce climate change wit them.

  • A way we as students can help save our extraordinary planet is to use a steel water bottle instead of a single use plastic bottle form the shop. we as young people can also walk or cycle to school which will reduce our carbon footprint on the planet so that we are not exposing the air to fuels from our cars into the atmosphere. Not only does it reduce our carbon footprint it helps us exercise as well and is very good for our physical well being.Also when going out on the weekends we could talk public transport eg- a bus so instead of say 5 families taking indivitual cars you all take the bus which is 1 motion of transport instead of 5. We could also re-form from buying plastic bags at the shops every time we go instead buy a enviromentaly friendly bag. Not only does single use plastic affect our atmosphere and our land animals it also deeply affects our marine species eg : dolphin,whale,shark,turtle and many others, over 100 million species of marine life die every year and these our only the animals that have washed up on our sea shores or on top of our beautiful blue waters which we as humans our these our my thoughts on what we as students can do.

  • people can go on and say that we should not be killing animals however to import 2 little avocados leave the same carbon footprint than 1 car does for a whole year. and on the topic of cars yes electric cars might not put out fumes however to make them is so much work just for them to work for 7 years due to the fact that you cant take the battery out of them when they go, and where is all this electric coming from because we cant build windmills or plant more trees to burn them because they are getting cut down for building and housing estates. and we have already cut down half of the rainforest in my opinion the way to go is hydrogen due to the fact t is the most abundant gas in the universe and all the output is going to be when it is burnt is water molecules.

  • Your point really took my attention. So, these are some of the ways we can save our planet.

    🙅Say no to plastic bags when you go shopping,bring reusable bags or backpack with you if you like vintage style why not invest in a nice wicker basket. With in the European Union, plastic bags are mostly banned in the grocery shopping . They are lot more alternatives to use plastic bags.

    🌳🌴Compensate your Co2 if you can afford it (and yes, you can). There are many companies that now offer much more ways for you to offsets Your carbon emissions, such as Atmosphere and my climates. The organization take your financial donation and use it to offset Carbon by investing in their project that reduces carbon, for example by planting trees. Reducing Co2 In the atmosphere can help climate crisis.

    🚰Use reusable water bottler. Tap water in most countries is high quality drinking water 💦 and offen better than the mast bottled water . Reusable water bottle comes in all sizes and styles so find a suitable one that you like to use regularly . Thanks

  • Students can also help the planet by
    1. Taking care of plants in schools and at home: when students take care of plants and the number of plants increase the plants will be taking in carbon dioxide and take out oxygen that can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide globally.
    2. Making cars that use electricity instead of fuel: in the future students can become mechanical engineers who create more electric cars which will reduce the amount of smoke produced by cars running on fuel and that can help save the planet from climate change.

  • For example, I will choose a place through which we can gain a lot of experience and knowledge about the climate, for example in school by spending long hours in the same place with a large number of classmates who play, sweat, get dirty, etc. Classrooms become an ideal place for germs to appear, so cleaning is of great importance to provide a space that is free of dirt and bacteria

    Students can help by collecting what-1 they produce after the school day, such as scraps of paper, leftover lead from colored pencils, or leftover crayons, and instead of them ending up in the trash, recycling them to create new pieces can be a great deal. Importance. Entertaining and enriching activity

    Make We can also make toys like cars -2-, dolls, helicopters, mini banks and pencil holders by spinning plastic bottles and caps, what a cool thing! is not it?

    Among the simplest things, we can make what makes us happy and be creative in its composition and functioning. As we make sure. We do not forget (food waste, whether fruits or vegetable peels, coffee residue, egg shells, tea bags ... they are reusable in the process of making compost for the home garden

    Old clothes can also be used instead of throwing them in the waste container. It is useful to donate them to charities, as well as changing their models, such as making “shorts” out of jeans, or converting a long skirt into a short skirt, or dyeing clothes in different colors to make them look new. In addition, it is useful to use clothes to make toys for children
    Yes, as you have seen, recycling processes are about collecting used materials, then converting them into raw materials, and then reproducing them into consumables again, and we can use any old thing that can be used again, in other words, it is a process by which materials are not valid. Which is considered waste and is introduced into new production and manufacturing processes. From my point of view, I have benefited a lot from recycling, because it is important that we have a clean environment and at the same time we can be creative in it.