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Fancy parties, luxury lifestyle, expensive clothes, popularity and beautiful residences. Are all these really what being a royal is all about? What are royals really there for? Are they just there to wear a fancy crown and sit on a throne barking orders? Other people may think that the crown is just a fancy headdress, but it is much more than that. I have a lot of things to say about royals so lets get started!

Royals may just look like people that wear fancy dresses and eat fancy food but they have actually done a lot to help their country such as:

1. They act as a focus of national identity. Other countries may have their national flags and coat of arms, but for countries that have monarchs, they are their focus for national identity. The british royal family is the most popular royal family. They serve as symbols of their countrys pride, dignity and identity. They are like coat of arms. They represent their country and make them known.

2. They help to promote a lot of things. The royal family can attend up to 100 charity events and they help to raise up to a million pounds. This is very beneficiary because it is for a very good cause. They use their popularity and influence to help the less privilrdged. I think that that is a very noble act.

3. They travel to promote diplomatic relationships with other countries. They are the face of their country. They travel around the globe to represent their country where ever they are called upon.

4. They reward worthy and competent people who have proven themselves in the society by giving them titles.

If you ask me, the royals have done a lot of things and they deserve to be appreciated. They might not actively take part in politics but that does not make them useless. People may think that they just sit around all day doing nothing but that is not the case. They actually do a lot of good and noble things that deserve to be acknowledged. The crown is not just a fancy headdress, it comes with a myraid of responsibilities.

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  • That's a great standpoint
    No, being a royal is not just about fancy parties, luxury lifestyle, expensive clothes, popularity and beautiful residences. Royals have a role to play in their countries, which includes representing their country on a national and international level, promoting charitable causes, and supporting the government in various ways.

    Royals are also expected to serve as role models for their citizens by exhibiting good behavior and values. While they may be privileged with certain luxuries, their primary responsibility is to serve their country and its people.

    So, no, they're not just sitting on a throne barking orders and wearing a fancy crown. They have important duties and responsibilities that require hard work and dedication.

    1. I think the role of monarchs and royalty today is vastly different from what it once was. While monarchs may still have some level of influence or control over certain aspects of their countries, most modern monarchies are largely symbolic or ceremonial in nature.while it is true that many members of royalty do engage in charitable work or other forms of public service, it is important to recognize that this is not unique to royalty. There are countless individuals, both within and outside of royal families, who work tirelessly for the betterment of their communities and the world at large, it is worth noting that while some monarchs may reign with care and consideration, history has shown us that others have not. The idea that monarchy inherently leads to benevolent rule is a fallacy, as there have been plenty of instances throughout history where monarchs have abused their power and caused great harm to their subjects.

  • Well, I duly respect your standpoint, you really hit the nail on it's head. Also, the fact that the crown is not just a fancy headdress is the more reason why the royals are to make a difference, they are to support everything right and condemn the wrong with the power vested on them and not just fight for their selfish rights of distinction from others. They are to prove that they are worthy of the crown and that they deserve it, they should prove all those who say they don't deserve it or that they got it by luck wrong. They should represent they state or country the stand for well before others. Lastly, they should remember that ''HEAVY IS THE HEAD THAT WEARS THE CROWN"

  • I agree with your standpoint and it changed my perspective of royals, Though royals wear fancy clothes and jewels, and their expenses are on the bill for government money, they do hold importance in a country. for one they are a symbol for identity, History is a source of our originality it links us to our past and it is represented by the royals having royals keeps our mind afresh on our roots how it all started with the great kings and queens who shaped the country their stories, rules and even the lessons they thought us through their lifestyles, the wars they fought and the peaceful treaties they signed to help us grow to the powerful nation we are.
    1.They also bring in a lot of affluence to the picture of a country
    2. They bring tourism and also money to the government/ generality of the public
    3. They uphold valuable social status and makes the country famous and respected and much others so being a royal isn't all about kings and queens, pretty gowns and lavish parties it is much more than just a crown.

  • Great standpoint. A crown isn't just an accessory, it shows that a person is a ruler and has a lot of responsibilities especially taking care of the country they rule. People say that royals don't rule well they just live in luxury and wear expensive dresses but I've never been ruled by royals before so I don't know how true that is.
    Most people says that royals just sit on thrones wearing a crown and telling everyone what to do, but to me they're trying their best to make the country a better place.

  • I completely agree with you humorous_personality. Many people are protesting across the streets and arousing uproars, especially during the coronation of King Charles. They were exclaiming "not my king" and even tried to aggressively block the main route where officers had to step in. People are forgetting the true title of the royal family and they criticise and spread hate towards them because they are wealthy as opposed to some citizens of the UK. I love how you have said that owning the crown also means that you own a myriad of responsibilities and the consequences of these are in your hands. Being a member of the royal family means that you will always live a different life, that can take a toll on you both positively and negatively. And all for what? Well, not just the UK but the entire commonwealth and the 54 independent countries that come with it. So, I agree that we should respect them and not disrupt the peace distributed across the UK.

  • The Crown of a king or queen is not just a headdress but more than. This is because wherever a king of queen goes to as long as the crown is on his/her head, he or she will be highly respected and not only that it shows that the person is from a royal family.
    As a symbol, a crown is associated with modesty, authority, legitimacy and sovereignty. The King Charles III reminds us.
    For example: If a king migrates from one place to another, the first thing they would use to recognize him is the crown. Because a king will never go out of the Palace without his crown i. e it shows the dignity of the King.

  • The Crown is very important as it has been worn for many monarchs. Royalty isn't just luxury life it so much more:
    • Have control over most things.
    • Do a lot of work for the common wealth.
    • Reign the countries with care and consideration.

  • I like your opinion
    But can you tell me what princes and princesses do but wear the most luxurious clothes?
    Can you explain to me the role of the prince in the progress of states or in changing the laws of the state?
    I don't hate them but I do see her dreams in their presence