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I think the lives of individual artists who are making their income will be destroyed if they no... Thinking questions 02/5/23
Artificial intelligence is the stimulation of human intelligence processes by machines,... Thinking questions 02/5/23
We discussed this topic in our class and we agreed πŸ‘ that when the workers take their rights... Lessons learned! 28/4/23
I agree because the aim of the strike is to return the rights to the workers and apply to their... Lessons learned! 28/4/23
I'm so interested in the news of kings to show their developments and changes in their... Are royals relevant? 27/4/23
In my country Palestine there isn't a royal family. I hope we have one because if we have a... The role of royals 26/4/23
The role of the working members of the royal family supports the King in his state and national... The role of royals 24/4/23
I agree with you, because the workers should be treated as nice people not machines. We should... Suggest a discussion! 21/4/23
I want to comment in the question what about the students? I can say we can have electronic... Suggest a discussion! 21/4/23
I completely agree with you because strike is good for those who strike but what about the... Can everyone strike? 19/4/23
I agree because... I think that strikes aren't the only solutions for our problems. We can... Competition #2 Global discussions 19/4/23
I discussed with my colleagues the reason of the strikes. We agreed that strike isn't the only... Lessons learned! 19/4/23
I agree because... it's the government role to provide people with jobs and increase their... Working conditions 18/4/23
I agree because... good manners and respect are the most important issues for workers every... Working conditions 18/4/23
Is there a relation between armed conflicts and climate change πŸ€”? Yes, I think there's a big... Suggest a discussion 17/4/23
I agree with you and l think that we as students from the first grade at school each one should... Classroom spy... 17/4/23
I completely agree with you. Because it's the role of the government and the audience to keep... Classroom spy... 17/4/23
I agree with you πŸ’― completely and I think we should grow a lot of 🌳 🌲 along roadside to stop... Classroom spy... 14/4/23
I partly agree with law 3 but for some instance we can decrease the amount of using cars πŸš— ... The law in your hands? 14/4/23
Climate change refers to the changes that are happening in our planet including rising sea... Classroom spy... 13/4/23