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You have three minutes to draw a picture of a cat wearing a dress, playing football in a forest.

Ready... go!

“What’s this challenge got to do with AI?” you might ask…

Well, AI can now create art. For example, it completed the same challenge in a matter of seconds and came up with several results.

Here are two of them:


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  • Based on the two images of the cats in the forest, I realise that the AI obeys your wishes LITERALLY . Some artists always like to convey emotions in a METAPHORICAL way so you understand the picture better. For example, I have seen some posters with a deeper message than what is actually painted. One I saw on the street was a tree with the body of a person from the torso up and the roots, bark and stump of the tree below the middle. The person was holding an axe and they were separated into two pieces. It made me realise that we are hurting the trees without realising we are hurting ourselves in the process as the trees are the lungs of the planet. Another is a person's mouth bandaged and people are screaming to say something out loud. This conveyed the message that people just do not have a voice in society. Another was a media chip slicing someone's brain and this represents the media brainwashing teens. The metaphor behind every art piece is what influences people to make a change. If you asked the AI to paint a picture of stopping climate change, the AI would likely just write stop climate change with a tree dying. But what if you had the idea of drawing the Earth as a melting ice cream on a cone. That is much more effective. AI do produce more efficient pieces of art, but only a hand with a paint brush can really push things to the next level.

    1. During my research on AI and arts, I learned some ground-breaking information and this made me understand and agree with your comment because I feel your comment raises valid points about the limitations of AI-generated art when it comes to conveying emotions and deeper messages in a metaphorical way. While AI can produce efficient pieces of art that follow instructions (obey) precisely, it may struggle to capture the distinction and representation that human artists can convey through their work. Artists often use metaphorical and symbolic elements in their art to communicate complex ideas and emotions. For example, a mouth bandaged and people screaming could represent the silencing of voices in society.
      By relying on literal interpretations of instructions, AI-generated art may not be able to capture these types of deeper meanings and connections and it may not be as effective in conveying messages that send great meaning to the world
      Furthermore, I feel your comment suggests that AI-generated art may lack the creativity and imagination of human artists. While AI is programmed to follow certain patterns and styles, it may not be able to come up with truly innovative and original ideas on its own. This could limit humans' ability to push artistic boundaries and create truly groundbreaking pieces. While AI may be efficient and precise in following instructions or in your words "obeying" it may not be able to capture the deeper meanings and connections that human artists can convey through their work, therefore, I truly agree with you.

      1. Your phrase "artistic boundaries" really caught my attention here, spirited_gazelle! Can you explain what you mean? And maybe share an example of how this has been done before, or how it could be done in future?

        1. I believe that there is a barrier that every artiste wants to break. This enables the flair in their creativity. Hence, in order to explore the innate ability to create something that eyes or ears have not seen nor heard yet, they tend to go beyond their comfort zone to materialize that aesthetic value they intend to depict.
          In a nut shell, "artistic boundaries" in my comment refers to barriers that artistes tend to break with regard to their creative zones where they will invent a unique art.

    2. I agree because...Yes, AI may be able to produce masterpieces in record time but it always just be a machine carrying out an instruction. AI will never really have that touch of creativity and human touch, though it might have been ordered to create art by a human. Once i saw a painting of an invisible man playing a saxophone with colours everywhere. It was truly a masterpiece but a lot of people failed to recognize the painting and the artist. Humans express themselves on paper, AI carries out an instruction blindly. AI might be easier and less time consuming but human artists take so long to do their paintings because they want to find a perfect way to express themselves on their canvas. The melacholy art series by Edvard Munch represented immense sadness. People use AI as a way of self expression, that is what art is all about.

    3. You made a very blissful comment here accurate_atom but I'm not sure of all your statements being accurate. The acronym "AI" means Artificial intelligence, I said the meaning of this acronym not because we don't know what it means but because we don't seem to get the whole essence of the name. Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer to function like a human. About a month ago I read through a story of a man sending his robot to get his book for him, he and this robot were on the first floor and the book was on the last floor when he sent this errand, a robot without AI would have to be given specific details concerning the location of the book but an AI robot would not need all the boring details instead it will behave like a human by going down the stairs or take an elevator to the floor where the book is, then it will compute its data by doing a statistical analysis of where the man usually keeps his books so that it will find it in one place or another. The aim of artificial intelligence is to learn, adapt and to compute complex data to bring out information, not to function like a Basic Input and Output System that you'll have to click on buttons all the time just to accomplish a single task. AI would really take art to the next level because it will learn from artist who have made wonderful achievements and search the internet for how to make emotional-filled art work. Yes, AI does not possess emotions but only act on it's programming but it will definitely show the world a different form of art. Imagine you could search and find information about how an artist make his art then learn them, what would you create with that knowledge?

      Therefore, I believe that AI won't make our artists useless instead it will give us a different perspective of what art can be.

      1. I got captivated by this comment though, but I would like to add to it by saying; AI is not something that you could just wake up one day to create it takes lot and lots of human intelligence to be able to create something that act as human.
        Though, a well programmed AI robot can perform superbly well.Moreover we are in a world where technology is taking over so, AI would be very useful for lots of people even the artist.

    4. I searched about artificial intelligence a year ago, I was not surprised by the information here much...but I used to think that artificial intelligence draws abstract things devoid of emotions and feelings,, but art scientists discovered that AI has a sense of art, so a text is written and AI turns it into an artistic image and a painting Wonderful and I think that over the years and with all my regret .. The AI ​​in art will overshadow human artists, and I hate this phrase because I love art, drawing, and everything related to it... Artificial intelligence is just an imitation of the human artist, but I and most of the artists were shocked when they saw pictures drawn by AI that seem emotional and have a feeling. However, the organizations responsible for AI should not seek with this application to destroy the future of human artists. Everyone has his own world and should give the artist another name. Which uses AI so that there is no worryAbout covering the work of human artists....and we must reinforce this idea, because life is art and art is in colors, so what if art disappears in this real world and spreads in a virtual world!!! Colors, and life will end...many people love art. So let's not ruin this imitating an application for it 👍..

    5. Yes, AI I strongly agree with you because I believe putting your emotions and passion into art can help to convey your message to people but, AI lacks all this things not being able to send the same message across.

    6. I agree because... you are right when you say AI do produce more efficient pieces of art, but only a hand with a paintbrush can push things to the next level for someone like me whose dream is to become a future artist, I would love it when people go to a museum to see art and it's true emotions. That is something that i can boldly say AI can barely do, yet they do produce art but they can not give the emotions hand made painting can give but I think that AI is less of good advantage to artists to because I agree that AI can make what is an accurate painting but I strongly agree that some artists like always like to reveal emotions in a metamorphic al way so you understand the picture better because it's true just like the Mona Lisa is it brings out the art in you and the Mona Lisa more valuable than we think because how how it popularity grew after it being stolen more than twice which proves it is very important and expressing my self think AI is actually kind of not helpful because it can affect artists in it can it can financially destabilizing because through art they get money and when they get the money they can take care of two of their children but without that act in especially because an artist can sit down for literally days and work on their art yet it was their idea but y\ the AI comes in and copy something like the art it a bit it's like you're stealing the persons work because the person has put a lot of work a lot of emotions and so I really think that it's best if people start finding a way to limit the abilities of AI because I think it's not good because those who use AI also have to have need to have a copyright law and it's not only art which can't actually like painting like music and I can copy it celebrities voice and use it as their own yet which can which is very painful because as during our discussion we were told that some are an artist in the northern part of our country Ghana she can literally she all she goes to study she sits down and she just listens to the beats in the words just are flowing through her so I really think it's really when people when people actually put their work into art and make all that they can the best they can but I think it's really stealing when the AI him take their works and changes it into its own form because every man made everyone has emotions and it's true when i has doesn't have the feeling

      so I think we must act on this

    7. Your article is quite engaging and interesting, and it has really opened my eyes to look and think deeper than the images displayed. I believe it is a good thing that AI can create new and inspiring artistic designs. This can help human creativity by inspiring people to create new artwork and even improve their skills; the fact that AI can create great and wonderful pieces is something to be cherished.

    8. I completely agree with you on this comment accurate_atom. While AI-generated art can be impressive and efficient, there's something special about the metaphors and deeper messages conveyed through handcrafted art. Sometimes, a simple image can speak volumes and inspire change in ways that words cannot. It's not just about depicting an idea, but also about evoking emotions and making people think. AI-generated art may be able to follow instructions to a tee, but it can't replicate the creativity and personal touch that human artists can bring to their work.

      1. I agree with you as well. Human artists possess a unique ability to infuse their art with their emotions, experiences, and personal perspectives. This adds a depth and richness to their work that can be challenging for AI-generated art to replicate. Human artists have the capacity to convey complex emotions, tell stories, and provoke thought through their creative expressions.

        Handcrafted art often carries the essence of the artist's journey, their struggles, and their growth. It can capture the subtleties of human experiences, cultural nuances, and societal issues in ways that resonate deeply with viewers. The imperfections and idiosyncrasies in handcrafted art can also add charm and a sense of authenticity that may be absent in AI-generated art, which often adheres strictly to predefined algorithms and patterns.

        Furthermore, art has always been a form of human communication and a medium for cultural expression. It reflects our diverse perspectives, challenges the status quo, and invites dialogue. Human artists contribute to the evolution of art and culture by pushing boundaries, experimenting with new techniques, and challenging established norms. This creative exploration and individuality are essential aspects of art that may be difficult for AI to replicate.

        While AI-generated art certainly has its merits, it is important to recognize and appreciate the distinct qualities that human artists bring to the table. Both AI and human-created art can coexist, each offering unique perspectives and contributions to the artistic landscape.

    9. I agree because many people do not realize many of the deeper meanings of art. The passion, creativity and the desire to create are all nonexistent the moment you use AI to produce art. Recently, in my art class, a local artist came to present for our class. He showed us many of his artworks and what really appealed to me were these mailboxes he painted. They look like a normal design on the outside, but when seen from the creators view, you see it way differently than you would if you were to walk by it on the street. The

    10. Your educating points really got me captivated, based on the two images given above,it made me to realize also that AI obeys wishes literally and most artists uses it in a metaphorical way,most of the drawings and paintings I have seen on streets, conveys deeper messages and informations,the say the future is in our hands,as accurate atom said just a hand with a paint brush can really push only things to the next level,this implies when he gave an example,a mouth bandaged and people are screaming to say something, meaning,the people of our society are voiceless,the Intented purpose of the drawing is to pass deeper message.
      As we generally know that AI cannot generate new ideas on it's own but that it can support human to do so by catalying human creativity,that is why the ability to be creative has been a big part of what separate human beings from mechines.
      Therefore,I agree with you,like I said earlier the future is in our hands,the drawings and painting that has deeper meanings and passes effective information to the society,it is best appreciated and valued,it is not that AI can also not be valued but just that it cannot generate new ideas on it's own but support human to do so.

    11. Hi accurate atom.
      I deeply agree with your point, this is because if we use AI to create art, it will obey every single instruction we give it, however, this is the major difference between art created by humans and art created by AI.

      Art created by AI can never convey emotions in the artwork, how can AI convey emotions in art when it doesn't have emotions itself?

      Therefore, this is the reason I 100% agree with your point.

  • I think that artificial intelligence will reduce the importance of artists because there are many sites where you can write to them what you want the drawing to contain and they will draw it for you, but this thing as I said will reduce the importance of artists and there is no need for human creativity. This is from the negative side, but from the positive side, it became possible for everyone to paint their own paintings through artificial intelligence and they do not need another person, and also save money because I do not need to buy paintings, but I can draw. Through artificial intelligence, although humans have invented and developed artificial intelligence, they cannot control it, so artificial intelligence dominates the world and humanity.

    1. I disagree with your comment because ... artificial intelligence helps as in saving time, it automates repetitive tasks,it helps in repetitive jobs, it enables the execution of complex tasks to easier tasks without significant costs. It makes work very easy in that the struggle to think a lot and take a lot of time coming up with an answer, AI does this in a minute. Therefore, i wish to say that long live AI especially when it comes to education,art and creativity in learning.

      1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in various fields, including education, art, and creativity. I agree with you that AI can be a powerful tool in helping us save time, automate repetitive tasks, and simplify complex processes.

        In education, for instance, AI can help teachers personalize learning experiences for students by analyzing their performance data and providing personalized feedback. In art and creativity, AI-powered tools can assist artists in generating new ideas, creating digital art, and even composing music.

        However, it's important to note that while AI can offer many advantages, it also has its limitations and potential risks. For instance, we need to ensure that AI is developed ethically and transparently to prevent bias and unintended consequences. Moreover, we should also consider the potential impact of AI on employment and job displacement.

        I appreciate your positive outlook on AI and its potential to enhance various aspects of our lives. As AI continues to evolve, it will be crucial to strike a balance between harnessing its benefits while also addressing any associated risks or concerns.

    2. I disagree with this because... To me AI saves lots of time and doesn't consume much of human stress. Remember we are not in the old generations where people paint or mould sculptures with local materials, nowadays even artists make very good use of AI because they could also create something creative and magical with graphics, animation and so on and this is only posible with the aid of AI.

      1. Though AI saves time and make works easier but according to my research Ai cannot create, conceptualize, or plan strategically. While AI is great at optimizing for a narrow objective. It is unable to choose its own goals or to think creatively. Nor can AI think across domains or apply common sense that it doesn't possess.
        We know when it comes to speed, humans are no match for artificial intelligence or robots, but the people mind is capable of adjusting to its perspective in response to the changing conditions of its surroundings. Because of this, people are able to remember information and excel in a variety of activities. While it takes artificial intelligence a lot more time to adapt to unneeded changes. AI is creative and so on but by far the greatest danger of artificial intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.

    3. I disagree with your opinion at all. Indeed, your opinion has made millions of percent wrong.. Rather, artists will be called the word artist and deservedly, and also artificial intelligence works to help painters and artists first to save time and effort as well, and facilitates tasks and work for us from difficult to easy, as well as artificial intelligence  It does the work of artists in less than a minute, i.e. a few seconds, and it develops art and creativity and develops ideas that did not appear to us through drawing, coloring, or otherwise .. Artificial intelligence is very important in our lives and has a great role in our lives that must be appreciated  .

    4. I agree with you. In the end, this is considered cheating, because the artist who works for days is different from the one who takes the drawings from the program without getting tired.
      The writer who spends weeks writing is completely different from the one who takes poetry from programs.
      If the situation remains like this, the artists will have no importance.
      Some see him as good, maybe he is in developing skills, not cheating, in the end each of us has his own opinion ☺️

    5. do not agree with you...
      In my opinion, artificial intelligence will not replace humans, nor will it reduce human creativity. Most people think that this rapid development will put people out of work and reduce their creativity, but I never see that. People who combine artificial intelligence with their own intelligence are always the best, for example let me I explain to you: you are an artist and you use artificial intelligence to help you andHe gives you inspiration, or if he is good at a certain sport and you let him make you a plan that suits you and your development, or for example a genius in writing and you let him help you be better and better, or even a good programmer and you let him teach you to write more complex codes, so I do not think that artificial intelligence will reduce human creativity, but rather will increase it 🔥 .

  • Hello, I do not support artificial intelligence at all, as it poses a threat to the spirit of creativity in humans and outperforms humans and obliterates their creativity and distinctive thinking. I prefer that a person work by himself, discover, experiment, search, make mistakes and learn, not to rely on artificial intelligence
    But it is no secret that it has positives, as it facilitates things, keeps us away from dangers, reduces mistakes that people can make, saves time and effort, and excels at work because it has a high IQ.
    But its disadvantages are many, as it reduces manpower and kills human capabilities, increases human laziness, as a person relies on artificial intelligence and forgets his work
    Success is not in creating artificial intelligence. I know that we are in the era of technology and development, but this kills the spirit of creativity in humans. We no longer know who is the smart and distinguished person because artificial intelligence has hidden human capabilities.

    1. Why do we need to know who is "smart and distinguished" if AI can do everything we need?

      1. From my point of view..I see that there is no doubt about the importance of knowing who is smart and distinguished. Of course, we need smart and distinguished people in our world. After all, we are the ones who invented artificial intelligence that does everything today. For example, when we ask someone why do you need artificial intelligence, the answers will center around that it helps us in our lives. I think that it is like the invention of cars at a time when there were no cars, and the invention of the phone and the lamp. They are all works and inventions that I am proud of as a human being. Another point is that we should not rely on artificial intelligence because it fulfills all our needs. We as people need to do many things without relying on artificial intelligence. For example, when we want to express our feelings in a painting that you wanted to paint yourself, and also using artificial intelligence, you will see a big difference, of course, because artificial intelligence is a machine that will do as you command from its owner. It will draw a painting, but not like your painting that you drew yourself. Especially artificial intelligence, and also a person needs to secrete dopamine by doing things himself that he loves, develops from, and makes them smart. Intelligence is something that is acquired with life and its experiences, and excellence requires that you think outside the box ,so its important to know who is smart as we can develop, creat, and do many other things in future as we reach the Al. I believe in this saying "no one can know about the future and this is the purpose of life".

      2. After all, the question contains the answer. You said that artificial intelligence will perform all human tasks. It is true what you said, but let us not forget that humans invented artificial intelligence. What does that have to do with it? Do not rush, and let us imagine that in the future we depend on artificial intelligence. There has been a malfunction or a defect, how will we fix it? We will not be able because we have relied on it completely in our lives, and at that time we will feel inferior, and here we turn our attention to the distinguished person who will fix the defect. Wonderful moment. What about the development of artificial intelligence and the creation of new technologies? Here lies the role of the creator in the end. Within every human being there is a talent and a valuable treasure that we must discover Don't bury it with our dependence on artificial intelligence.

        1. I disagree because, the fact that we introduce AI into our world as humans does not mean it will rule us or we must totally depend on it. You have highlighted a very good point which is humans dependency on AI and I give you plaudits for that but your approach to tackling it may not be the best, AI is faster, more accurate and has many other advantages over man but there are also areas that humans surpass them such as emotional intelligence and innovation because it was the idea of man to make it and it's abilities were given to it by man so anything they bring up can only be an advancement of the humans ideas everything they do centers around human life because that is their ascertained destination. Yes, we are enhancing into the realm of the metaverse but those who rule and manage what happens to and in it are we the humans, the main aim of the metaverse is to enhance and raise the standard of living in the world, I know we are all afraid of the metaverse failing us but you totally depend on your police and Army to protect in the real world and they some times disappoint why then are you afraid of AI's disappointment. Just the way unforeseen circumstances and hardships take place in our present world it is also prone to take place in the metaverse with the AI, Getting rid of AI won't solve the problem of disappointments rather our ability to manage them effectively will curb it. Lastly you said the human being has a hidden treasure and talent to discover but what if we have found one of those talents, what if our ability to create and manage AI for the better of the world is a talent.

        2. I like the way you think have helped me to understand AI better . Especially your thoughts towards the fact that in every human there is a talent so we should not bury it because other technologies have now been developed

        3. Well said glad_apricot.
          AI is invented by man itself, so it should only serve as a help and tool to artist just like a brush is a tool of the painter.
          AI apps are unlikely to replace artist. While AI technology has made significant progress in generating visual and audio content, it still lacks the creativity and touch that is intrinsic to art. It can't pass or send the absolute information of the picture like that of a painter and it's brush. So human should make the AI a tool not what they should rely on everytime.

      3. I disagree because... But artificial intelligence cannot convey to others the feelings and feelings as a real person does..The poet with his poetry can communicate to his audience about the extent of pain or joy he feels and can inspire others..Likewise, the painter can communicate to us about the feelings that the image carries that cannot be sensed Unless it was drawn by an artist who has mastery, inspiration, feelings and talent

        1. Good answer but I don't agree with you. I do believe that art has the ability to convey the meaning fully as well as humans can do. This is because a picture sometimes is enough to tell the whole story without the need to write a paragraph or talk a lot. This depends on the painter if s/he is qualified enough to do this task.

        2. You're right, I really wondered if the emotions would reach the viewers if they were drawn with AI, but why? Is it because the one who painted it was not a human being, or because the brushes and colors were not filled with feelings?! I really wonder.

      4. I think that artificial intelligence is not everything, so let's go back to the past a bit.... Who invented artificial intelligence? Yes, it is humans and scientists who invented it. They invented it not to steal their creations and cover them up. Rather, they invented it in order to help them a little bit, but this has developed very much and has become a point of purchase for many people. It threatens art and human creativity. This is not a good thing. It is a very bad thing. Artists can retire because of the lack of fans or Buy from their drawings

        1. I totally agree with you calm_song about artificial intelligence obstructing human creativity or as you said threatening it , but another thing is that artists will not have to retire because of artificial intelligence because firstly, it does not have a mind of its own like I said once before in one of my comments AI is like a tool artists just use to enhance their art and this in fact will draw more fans to the them because many people greatly admire AI but not all though. Once people know your style of art to me they will recognize you still giving the fame for your hardwork and creativity, yes there will still be those who use AI to pilfer or filch other people's ideas but sometimes you just have to look at the brighter side of things and embrace positivity instead of negativity. Actually in my point of view AI is an opportunity for upcoming artists to make it in life much faster than before . So yes I do agree that AI is not everything but at least it's something ,do you not agree as well.

        2. I disagree with you much as you say that artists can retire due to lack of fans for their drawings I feel like that's a choice they decide to make because he mentioned that AI is a human creation so why do you have to let what literally can do what it can because of human knowledge am talking about the knowledge that you also have overpower you. The thing is easy we all know that AIs are created to help us so instead of retiring I suggest artists just learn the use of an AI and that is to help them get the bigger picture and since they are artists I strongly believe they can do the specific drawing that the AI has done better and it even gets more fans.

          1. Thinking through all what you said enlightened pomegranate, what you said wasn't actually wrong but I suggest you should have a rethink. AI art form of art whether illustration generated by artificial intelligence algorithm and system. This artwork are without emotional expression personal touch, people who go to the museum look for artwork that can inspire them,if those artwork cannot,they won't buy it. This modern world we are now are developed with technology. What of if the AI art gets faulty who will? how will?without the help of we human.AI art can do a lot of things but it shouldn't who push artist out of work not all artist like the idea of stealing another person's artwork, artist draw paint to express,communicate with us.If the AI generated art gets out of existence, people will start relying on our artist and handwork.I think that AI generated art should learn from the artist and assist the artist not the other way around.

            1. I disagree with this because I believe AI can create emotion filled artwork even though they don't express these emotions. I don't say all these out of mere thinking, I say it out of experience. After hearing about AI making art, curiousity took control of my actions and I tried to make me own art, I asked ChatGPT if it can make an artwork but it disappointed me and gave me a sparkling no as an answer so I went ahead to try bing AI and it gave me a truly beautiful work of art, I couldn't stop looking at it, I felt a mixture of happiness and sadness and I was truly impressed. That's why I still insist on the world giving AI a chance and maybe we'll be able to benefit a handsome deal of knowledge from it.

              1. Thinking in your perspective,AI art can be emotional but sorry to say, an artwork being processed by a computer doesn't have any emotions to express. Have you ever tried taking a look at what an AI art image,picture,drawing looks like and comparing me to that of a human art you see a difference in what we are trying to say,in what I read you said you took a look at an artwork being made by AI art did you also take a look at what we human made???, Saying all these,we are not trying to put AI art out of existence but trying to prove to the world that AI art cannot be anywhere compared to that of a human art.

                1. I must say you have a nice combatting strategy towards my comment. Yes, I have compared art produced by AI with that produced my humans. As I said earlier I'm not speaking from mere opinion, I speak out of experience, the art I saw was equally emotionally filled as that of a human. I don't think you understand how AI produces this art, it doesn't just mix a few colours and call it art. What it does it that it takes a thorough search through the web, scans artworks of great artist, details out what each of them have in common, then mixes its paint to form art. I'm not trying to imply that it does this with emotions instead I'm trying to say that it does this with over 90 percent accuracy, it is like it was taught by the greatest of all artist. It doesn't do it emotions instead it does it with intelligence. Its artworks is grounded by the principle of psychology that guides the human brain, I believe you say this because you have not seen any of its masterpieces, if you're a kind of person who is able to interprete art you'll definitely agree with me on this notion.
                  It doesn't necessarily have to make this art with emotions for it to be beautiful because it depends on the researches it has made on artworks made by humans. This doesn't mean that I prefer AI art to human art, all I stand for is that AI should be given a chance in our modern world. Apart from this Human Arts rocks.

              2. Hello! It's great to hear that you have been exploring AI and art. While AI is capable of creating artworks, it doesn't experience emotions like humans do. Instead, it uses algorithms and data to create pieces that are aesthetically pleasing.

                Here are some examples of AI-generated artworks:

                1. "Portrait of Edmond de Belamy" - a portrait created using a generative adversarial network (GAN) by the Paris-based art collective Obvious.
                2. "The Next Rembrandt" - a project that used deep learning algorithms to analyze Rembrandt's works and create a new painting in his style.
                3. "AICAN: When Art Meets AI" - an exhibition featuring artworks generated by an AI program called AICAN, developed by Rutgers University.

                It's important to remember that while AI can create beautiful artworks, it still lacks the emotional depth and human touch that comes with traditional art-making techniques. Keep exploring and learning about this fascinating intersection between art and technology!

                1. Thank you for this new insight on this topic. I truly appreciate because I now understand why humans shouldn't be compared to AI. Art is practically the product of human emotions and the ability of AI to do it is fascinating but also queer, in a way it is just the mere sequence of copy and paste because it does it from its algorithm and it is capable of this just because it has the ability to duplicate parts from abstract paintings. Even at that humans shouldn't treat AI like it's a piece of trash because we created it and it's just following its instructions instead we should utilize its ability to do this in schools and businesses to create presentations or to transmit information rather than utilizing it in competitions with humans, in fact using AI in competitions involving humans should be stopped so that we will learn not to fight against our inventions, instead will work in sync to create more.

      5. It is important to recognize that AI is not truly intelligent but rather well-trained to perform specific tasks. AI lacks the ability to think independently. We need to know who is smart and distinguished because creativity is one thing that is important in our society it can take people places.

      6. Of course, we need smart and distinguished people.. We need that artificial intelligence does not overpower humans.. In the end, artificial intelligence is just a machine, no matter how multiplied its capabilities.. it may be damaged.. Imagine that the world has become completely dependent on AI, even with simple tasks. Then something went wrong. Then will the world stop? Of course not, humans have a mind that distinguishes them from other creatures. This mind will work to solve the problem. But we may find that some people have also dispensed with their mind and will not be able to face the problem or search for alternatives. So we have to take advantage of this intelligence for the benefit of humans and not to cancel the role of humans. We have to control it and not control us. We need a teacher, a physician, a leader, and other human beings who can make wise decisions in crises and difficult situations. It is difficult for a machine to take such decisions.

      7. Well, your question is surprising and beautiful.. I think that whoever learns artificial intelligence is smart. “The programs and algorithms of artificial intelligence have a huge storage capacity, much larger than human memory, and they can retrieve information and process it at lightning speed, which is something that humans are not capable of. And this is The first type of intelligence, which is actually very simple compared to the second type of intelligence, is the ability to analyze and think analogously.”
        Artificial intelligence contributes to helping teachers and lecturers by liberating them from office work that often consumes a large part of their time, as artificial intelligence can be used to automate most ordinary tasks, including administrative work, classifying papers, evaluating learning patterns in schools, answering general questions, and other tasks. Administrative tasks
        This technology (machine learning) makes it possible to access and publish huge amounts of data and processes without the need for much human intervention. With the development of artificial intelligence, it has become possible not only to achieve improved results than was the case previously, but also to predict and even plan what can be done in the future.

      8. Well, my dear friend, while AI is very smart and can do many things, it still needs humans to tell it what to do!

        Think of AI like a really cool robot that can do all sorts of amazing things like playing chess or even helping doctors diagnose diseases. But just like how you need a teacher to tell you what to learn in school, humans still need to tell AI what tasks they need it to do.

        Plus, being "smart and distinguished" is important because it means someone has worked hard and learned a lot. They might have come up with new ideas or found solutions to problems. And when we know who these smart and distinguished people are, we can learn from them too!

        AI can do many things for us, but we still need to work together with smart and distinguished people to make the world an even better place.

    2. Hello!
      Welli in my opinion I feel we share some similar views and opinion on this topic as I think was created to assist and reduce human mistakes and not to overrun them and plagiarize their work but AI has many advantages as you said among them is speed and accuracy which has been a problem in human development since the beginning of time but I don't think as you said AI "kills the spirit of human creativity'' reason being that in my perspective AI is a work of art on its on and to produce art you have to be "creative" and original and as we know AI can only be enhanced and developed meaning that human beings need to create new technologies which means that rather than killing creativity in humans it enhances and even betters it as through AI they have more credible and better sources of information.
      Although AI has many advantages, I feel that anything with advantages has disadvantages and in this case AI if its disadvantages are not managed well can have catastrophic effects.
      Weighing the advantages and the disadvantages I think AI has come to stay and I support it because our era is ''the era of technology and development.''

    3. I agree because...In my opinion, although AI allows us to do somethings we aren't capable of doing manually, I feel it kills an individuals' creativity. As long as the AI has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages such as it becoming an obsession to people due to the mentality they have created that they can live/survive/do anything without the help of AI which is not healthy in any manner. It would also promote laziness because individuals will be too used to it.
      Also AI is capable of taking out the natural beauty in a piece of artwork due to the fact that its copies/pirates the original workpiece.
      There is also a high possibility/rate that the AI is capable of making individuals feel irrelevant and useless due to the fact that AI will practically be in control of and everything literally anything.

    4. I really compliment your critical thinking. Well said.
      I agree AI can be varying on one length to another either good or bad. We cant say it is all good because it has its advantages and disadvantages. AI is a tool created so going back to the world of Robots.
      Last year or so an event took place abroad where they said a robot was invented to operate and do surgeries in the theatre. Human of course were the brain behind this invention, but it only serves as a tool to help. So if human were to rely on this source(Robot) too much it would be of great disaster to them because the robot can develop fault at any unlabelled time. What if the robot gets faulty amidst an operate, due to the fact that it is just a connection of wires, panels and other stuffs, it doesn't possess the human brain so it will probably stop working, and this might hinder a successful operation.
      So returning to the world of AI today. I'm not rendering AI useless but is should be seen from a distance as a tool which does massive works beyond expectations but not human art itself.

  • I think AI art is a good thing that AI can produce art.
    I personally have issues when it comes to drawing most especially in science related subjects. I become discouraged because my image always comes out not too good. with AI art, it will make it easy for me to draw my desired image within seconds and with ease. AI art will make drawing easy and fun. People with the same issue as mine will also be excited to use this invention.
    I think the AI art will not make human artists less important rather it will make them become more creative in their work. It used to take days, months or even years before some artists come up with their master piece, but when they use AI art, they can to use their ideas to come up with more creative masterpiece within a shorter time. This will make them produce more art work which will make them more famous.

    1. I'm not sure about this because What is the purpose of generating art with artificial intelligence?? The purposes of art generated by artificial intelligence are many and differ, for example, art generated by artificial intelligence is used by artificial intelligence to explore the potential creative capabilities of machine learning and deep learning networks, as artists and researchers can contribute to learning more about the nature of these systems and then develop ideas New . Also, it is a way to create new forms of artistic expression that old techniques are unable to, as it can create highly detailed and complex images, and this makes others rethink the impossibility of drawing some things

    2. Well I'm with you on this opinion is to facilitate drawing graphics. But you cannot copy the image, print it, and give it to your teacher. Rather, you must first try to draw, and if you cannot, then ask the artificial intelligence to draw the drawing, and then take an idea for your drawing and start with creativity. We all have our own touch that adds beauty to our drawings. Everything we work on in the beginning will be wonderful and beautiful in the end. This is advice for you as a brother to me, because I care that each of us brings out the creativity within. My grandmother used to say, “Release the light within you and start creating.” Yes, she was absolutely right.

  • Day by day Al is developing more and more, and with time it will cover the world and will affect them negatively and positively. Positively when they do a hard operation doctors can't do it! , traveling to space, teaching at the schools and they can draw a picture in one minute so is very good but it began to outperform humans. Al has surpassed human in the skills that they used to enjoy, so humans leave their activities for them, and they give up their skills and their creativity will decrease, this is originally wrong thinking because Al with its development except they are limited in thinking and creativity they just can do what they programmed to In the future, AL will cover the world, so we must deal with AL as if they are like any ordinary machines such as cars, etc... But if we deal with it as something big There will be no important role for humans here is the negative side at this time the unemployment rate will rise because Al can do anything medicine, driving, education,... etc, So Al poses a great future threat to human life.

    1. You bring up some valid points about the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI development. It is true that AI can perform certain tasks more efficiently and accurately than humans, which can be incredibly helpful in fields such as medicine, space exploration, and education. However, it is important to remember that AI is only as good as the data it is trained on and the programming it receives. It cannot replace human creativity or the ability to think critically.

      It is also important to consider the impact that AI development may have on the job market. As AI becomes more advanced and capable of performing tasks traditionally done by humans, there may be a shift in the

      1. Thank you for your insightful comment. I completely agree with you that AI is not a replacement for human creativity or critical thinking. AI can only perform tasks that it has been specifically programmed to do based on the data it has been trained on, and it lacks the ability to innovate and create in the same way humans can.

        Regarding the impact of AI on the job market, I believe that it is important to address this issue and find ways to mitigate any negative effects. While AI may replace some jobs, it can also create new opportunities and industries that we cannot yet imagine. It is essential to ensure that the benefits of AI are shared widely and that workers are given the tools and training necessary to adapt to a changing job market. Additionally, policymakers can play a crucial role in designing policies and programs to help workers transition into new roles and industries.

      2. I completely agree with your perspective on the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI development. While AI can certainly improve the efficiency and accuracy of certain tasks, it cannot replace the unique abilities and creativity of humans. The use of AI should be seen as a tool to assist humans in achieving better outcomes, rather than a replacement for human intelligence.

        Additionally, the potential impact of AI on the job market cannot be ignored. While AI has the potential to create new job opportunities and industries, it may also lead to the displacement of certain jobs. It is important for policymakers and businesses to prepare for this shift in the job market by investing in education and training programs that equip individuals with the skills needed to adapt to the changing job landscape.

        Overall, it is important to approach AI development with caution and consideration for its potential impact on society. By balancing the benefits and drawbacks of AI, we can harness its potential to improve our lives while also minimizing any negative effects.

      3. I'm not sure about this because
        Is artificial intelligence good or bad??
        First, I will express my opinion: As is the case with any new technological mechanism, artificial intelligence systems have their pros and cons. There is no doubt that the presence of artificial intelligence will reduce the number of manpower, but on the other hand, it will allow modern areas of work such as: programming, data analysis, robots fault repair and Many other professions related to software and database processing. You may one day become a robot programmer or specialize in it, and who knows, you may live in a smart home after developing all the technical services in it. Therefore, in summary, I think that we must develop artificial intelligence, but to a reasonable extent that does not match the capabilities of the people who created it. And what do you think??

      4. Hello!
        Well in my opinion I think AI has had a huge impact and based on my research and my ideas here are some of the benefits and reasons for the advancement of AI:
        1. Increase of speed of human activities
        Due to the growing populations and the increase of demand many businesses have been forced to find new ways to stay in business and meet up to the demand of the consumers and as such have tuned to AI which has been a major help in keeping their businesses running.
        2. Reduction or elimination of human errors
        As we all know human beings have the tendency and capabilities to make mistakes which could have a negative effect such as loss of profit and the like of others, due to AI the mistakes of human beings has been reduced as they are much more accurate and efficient than we are.
        But this got me thinking do the advantages of AI outweigh the disadvantages I mean AI is great and al with its superhuman abilities but is it worth all the stress. If AI is adopted in businesses it means that humans will lose their jobs and also if there is a problem with an AI it could have huge consequences for example if an AI machine had access to all the company's details and transactions and there where to be a glitch or a malfunction and the AI loses the information or sells out a company's secret online what then will become of the business.
        This brings me to my point on this topic I don't fell AI should be allowed to copy or redo people's work reason being that although human artists can take inspiration from other artists or nature, they don't copy it exactly rather they are inspired or motivated to their own. For, AI to be fully utilized in art I think they should be given the opportunity to think on their own and come up with their own ideas of art.

    2. Hi jubilant wallaby,
      I am in complete agreement with your comment, if there is AI to do all the work ,what will happen to humans? Right now there is already a lot of AI technology that is presently in use and they're literally taking over a lot of professions. So if there is already the AI technology what use do humans have, what role will we have to play? What exactly is the point of going to school to learn and be educated in order to pursue a career in future when there is already the AI technology that is being built in order to do everything humans are able to do and to even do it better? Although the AI technology has its advantages, it could also serve as a major menace to our human society. As the AI technology is slowly taking over our professional life we are at the verge of being rendered useless because when there is already technology to do all the jobs humans do, we won't have the chance to pursue our dream careers and professions we will lose our passion and zeal for our talents when we are already being replaced by the AI technology which can perform such tasks better than us humans.

      1. Looking from another checkpoint, AI is like a tool and source to make work easier so it shouldn't manipulate or captivate our spirit of working in the future.
        Artificial intelligence is superlative to it certain tasks, but it can only "think" in terms of its training data. An AI tool can't innovate or create, so businesses will still rely on humans for fresh ideas.
        Most people think AI will make us look inferior, but then anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex everytime he looks at a flower.

    3. I agree because... AI has the ability to significantly reduce errors and increase accuracy and precision which significantly increases productivity. AI also helps with disaster management and has smarter decision making than humans. Therefore strengthens the economy but AI needs a lot of computing power to work properly and also needs alot of technical expertise to run effectively. Lastly AI is slowly replacing human beings because of how advanced and ample it is.

  • I will answer these questions clearly and honestly.
    1-I think the Artificial intelligence is very useful since it has been used In performing very complex and difficult tasks I agree with you that it is used in the arts in general.
    2-It greatly affects humanity in its development, works on developing the intellect and self, and helps in completing difficult tasks.
    3-It will make them less important because it will become a habit to it and people will adapt to this situation and it will become less important because it is an old topic .
    This will be the answer to your questions, I hope you like it.

    1. I agree! I think its great that an AI software could produce that picture. I wasn't even done with the cat in 3 minutes. AI could mean an advancement in the future of arts, such as better materials, other art styles an so much more. Where I don't agree with you, however, is on your opinion that AI will make difficult tasks less important. I feel it just makes them way easier, leaving time for other things.
      I think that AI in art is good, as long as it doesn't plagiarize.

    2. hiya
      I have been doing a lot of research on AI art but i don't really like it because i think it is less easy to express yourself. I mean that the human brain is large and wide so one can easily picture something is their head and easily draw it down, but AI art is limited and restricted in the sense that it has to be programmed before you can do some certain things and it has to follow its protocol.

    3. I disagree because... 1. if AI can produce art then the importance of art will reduce and a lit of artist might loss their source of income 2.if it really helps in completing difficult tasks then there might be no need for hard work and if so then artist will have to be jobless would not just be an old topic but it will make artist lazy and they would not be hard workers anymore

      1. I do not agree with you because you view the issue from a negative side. We do not say that artificial intelligence is used in all areas of life and work.We say that it is used in difficult and complex areas because it serves to develop humanity, intellect and

      2. I do not agree with you because artificial intelligence should be used in a simple way in human life so that it does not affect work as you say, but if we look at the issue from a positive side, we find that it is very beautiful and helps to develop thought and self

    4. I agree with you
      Your words are correct..Artificial intelligence is really very important and necessary in our lives. I wish everyone knew the extent of its value and impact on life because it helps in human development in terms of creativity. Arts really have a wonderful effect. It will change generations from the worst to the better. Primary stage, it develops the mind and self-development and makes us among the greats in the world .

  • Artificial intelligence is a very wonderful thing, and we never expected it to be invented. The most important thing that a person possesses is intelligence in order to live his life, learn and understand the world, set his goals, and be able to solve his problems through his intelligence.
    When there is artificial intelligence, I think it is something that is not positive. Now I want to talk about it in general. If all people depend on the use of artificial intelligence throughout their lives, then this is not good because we want to grow and develop our thinking. When we depend on it for everything, a person becomes ignorant and cannot rely on his mind with any problem. And when there is a defect in intelligence Artificial, many have become addicted to it and cannot live without it. In my opinion, it is a system to make people ignorant

    It's also good, but for specific people, people who don't have the smarts to think and create. This is very nice for them. There are many people who need him in their lives because their intelligence is not enough to complete their lives.

    Now let's talk specifically about artificial intelligence and art. AI in general is not good. If it enters a field, it will naturally destroy that field because art is such a wonderful and creative thing. I do that every day. I draw and create, and when drawing is of my intelligence, it is much more beautiful than any other drawing. It never needs artificial intelligence. The artist is very smart, he can draw beautiful and varied drawings, and we have seen that. There is no intelligence and even artificial intelligence, that is stronger than human intelligence. Also, man invented artificial intelligence, and this is sufficient to indicate human intelligence

    1. I agree with you
      The AI is a wide field and can improve the world in many different sectors for example

      1. AI Can Help Preserve the Environment
      An advantage of artificial intelligence is that it can help in environmental preservation. Combined with the knowledge of robotics, artificial intelligence has the potential to help improve recycling systems globally — particularly by sorting recyclables in a more efficient way
      In relation to our previous topic earth day; climate change AI can also help reduce the effects of climate change by helping in the management of renewable energy sources (using it to the best), and improving agricultural practices around the world

      2. In businesses the AI can make decisions faster for humans and make more accurate decisions. An AI’s end report can help the company executives and leaders make the best decisions for their organization. it can be seen in finance and trading companies
      No matter how careful human is the individual must make a mistake a an AI helps to minimize the mistakes made by a human.

      3. Healthcare
      Through the help of AI doctors and surgeons have found it easier to practice some scans on the human brain all because of AI

      1. I agree with your view. Al used in engineering manufacturing&health on other hand advanced robots are helpful for research.It also used in medical field.
        In business.
        Solving problem
        In learning for students allows them to under stand better what they still need to learn helping them focus on areas of improvement.

      2. Yes, those are all great examples of how AI can have a positive impact on various fields. Another example is in the field of education, where AI can be used to personalize and optimize the learning experience for individual students. By analyzing student data and behavior, AI can provide tailored feedback and recommendations for improvement, as well as create personalized learning plans.

        AI can also be used to improve transportation systems, such as optimizing traffic flow and reducing accidents. In addition, AI can help in the development of autonomous vehicles, which could potentially reduce human error and improve road safety.

        Overall, AI has the potential to revolutionize many different fields and improve the quality of life for people around the world. However, it is important to also consider and address potential ethical and societal implications that may arise from its development and implementation.

      3. Yes, we can say AI helps in making decisions for humans but there are some categories of decision making that require the human conscience to make. When dealing with the less privileged, we have to be understanding and lenient but the AI's programming is quite strict and does not have that bit of leniency and sense of understanding that the humans do, some times you have to put yourself in other people's shoes, things may be hard for them and they may not be able to meet up to standard you desire but there is that ability that an individual has to pardon. Some times, if you fail to do, it may really hurt the person and cost him a lot. Sometimes it may be your employee he may not be meeting up to standard due to some reasons but in those situations we should be patient with them instead of going to look for an alternative we should show care and understanding as humans because some times we may end up looking for the people we threw away and may not find them, this message is more than just a comment, it is something we should check and apply to our lives . Such decisions and understanding perspectives in decision making may not be seen in AI so I feel for the decision making aspect, it should be left to the humans to perform.

  • I think that the ability of artificial intelligence to produce art has two positive aspects, which lies in the fact that it saves time and effort and helps in providing new backgrounds that help the person develop the mind and apply some of them if it is useful in society, and it can also help in building designs for buildings and this works to provide Time, as for the negative limitation of it lies in the fact that it is harmful to sight because it uses anti-eye lighting, which can hide talents in the minds of people such as talented people and painters, which leads to cutting off the livelihood of some people.

    It is possible that artificial intelligence increases human capabilities, as it may help to design some difficult things in an easier way, which helps to do the impossible, but on the other hand, it may work to obliterate some civilizations instead of developing them, and it will work not to make the mind devoid of thinking because It will work on receiving the mind on the ready-made graphics and designs without it working.

    It may work on developing the skills of painters by throwing their thoughts on new things, but it may work on people using it a lot and not giving respect to painters and talented people.

  • For the first question, the answer depends on the individual's perspective. On one hand, the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to produce art could be considered good as it can help create innovative and unique artworks that may be difficult for human artists to produce. On the other hand, it could be seen as bad because it could result in human artists losing their jobs.

    Regarding the second question, AI can impact human creativity in different ways. On one hand, it can assist in improving human creativity by providing new and advanced creative tools. On the other hand, it could lead to a decrease in human creativity if it is used improperly or relied on heavily in the production of artworks.

    As for the third question, it cannot be determined whether AI-generated art will make human artists more or less important in the future. AI-generated art cannot replace human-created art as it lacks the human senses, emotions, and personal experiences that distinguish human art. Therefore, human artists may still have an important role in the future, where they can use AI as a tool to enhance their creativity and performance instead of replacing them.

  • Well, I feel it is exiting that AI can produce art I feel it gives everyone the opportunity to be creative. And explore not everyone has the natural talent of being artistic, like so creative with ideas on drawing, arts, performing and so on. AI helps or gives everyone the opportunity to learn even faster, easier, improve on ideas and develop creativity. It could even serve as an inspiration to an artist. For instance, I was once given an assignment do design a pedigree of my family unfortunately, I am bad at drawing, designs and so on. But through Ai it was much easier, I even got an idea of what it should look like and even got a chance to add my own style instead of directly copying what I saw, which left to me technically resolves the issue of plagiarism in AI and arts. AI gives artist the chance to explore far and wide and even invent new amazing designs from their research which gives a whole new horizon to arts in my opinion. Even creates job opportunities for artists, designers for example architects have a higher chance of creating accurate measurements/ designs on floors, walls, e.t.c. on building projects easier and faster this can help solve the prblem of homelessnessin the world through the use of AI.

    1. the AI is coming in really fast it can help change the world into a more comfortable and enjoyable environment.
      examples are:
      1. the robots are transforming journalism in the sense that they are capable of doing the activities that humans do and they use artificial intelligence to generate news
      2. the AI helps monitor the health facilities and functions of hardware malfunctions
      3. another interesting fact about an AI is that it can repair itself due to development over time so the owner doesn't have to frequently check up on it
      4. the AI is not bias according to my research there are also proven that there are both male and female bots
      5. the AI is quick at processing information with very little or no mistake

  • After artificial intelligence dominated many fields in our modern world, such as education, medicine, engineering, and so on... Here it now dominates the field of art, the field of art that works to develop the human mind and highlights human creativity.
    Well, I think a lot of artwork is generated by artificial intelligence.
    As we know that artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword, which has advantages and disadvantages.
    The advantages of artificial intelligence are numerous and beneficial to the human world.
    It also works to improve services, increase quality, and the ability to complete tasks quickly.
    Well based on what I know, artificial intelligence is affecting the world of arts and human creativity in a big way.

  • I agree that artificial intelligence is good for creating art. Why? It is possible for a person to become an artist when he is not an artist, how? He can learn the rules of drawing in an easy way on artificial intelligence and draw simply. Also, artificial intelligence can affect human creativity well, how? He can supplement the person's ideas that need to be supplemented, meaning if a person thought about a project or creativity, but his thinking is primitive, which means it is not complete, he can use artificial intelligence to draw or write his ideas and creations.

  • Well, artificial intelligence is a good thing and an invention that dazzles minds. I think it is nice for artificial intelligence to produce art, but that will negatively affect the arts of humanity. Thus, we will not need and will not see the minds of artists and their creativity, and so another job will end because of artificial intelligence. Evolution is a beautiful thing that entertains life. Man, but if he exceeds his limit, there will not be human touches in life, only touches of artificial intelligence will be present. I think that the number of artists will become less, and thus human creativity will not be. Can you help me with suggestions that we will face this disaster????

    1. Hello...
      I think that, as I said earlier, artificial intelligence does not produce art as humans do, so AI paints, but it lacks many things such as (emotions, expression, feeling), but human art produces these things in its painting, so you feel that the painting makes you sad or happy, unlike AI, and as you said it should If the number of artists decreases, we have to solve the problem ourselves, such as:
      1- Organizing demonstrations that encourage artists to draw
      2- We encourage the state to provide job opportunities for painters
      3- We display artists' paintings in a special exhibition, or we encourage that through means of communication and the Internet...
      And, these are my thoughts👍. You might have other great ideas. I'd love to hear your opinion

      1. I agree with you in your suggestions, and they are wonderful, and I like them. Also, artists should not be neglected. I searched all the communication sites and found that people do not care about art and consider it only to waste time, but art compensates us for feeling psychologically inferior. We must educate people, draw drawings and hang them on the walls, and as I said, provide job opportunities for artists In drawing, it should never be neglected. Also, drawing develops our capabilities and increases our talents. I am a fan of those who draw artistic paintings that no words can describe.

    2. Hi
      Artificial Intelligence is an amazing designed to reduce stress and workload on man, make life easier and also assist man in learning and other angles of life. Yes artist may loose their value, Even other professions too. as AI continues to expand. This is a huge disadvantage to both young and old, lack of jobs because robots can do them and a a lot better to. So yes AI can be said to be a disadvantage to professions but arts is quite different, art can be defined as "self expression, the use of imagination and creativity to develop, arouse feelings, and so on." Art is diverse to wide for any computer to master all forms of art. No computer has literal imagination it only thinks or access ideas based on what it is programed with. New forms of languages, ideas, songs, drawings, performances and several forms of art, first start with imagination. So there will be need for people to create such art before it is programmed to AI and then can be modified by it. Not every artist will allow his or her work as a database for AI because they feel their style of art/ culture of doing things may be exploited. so also with other professions therefore I feel that art made by humans can not totally go extinct.

      1. Hiya ,storytelling_dog
        I totally agree with your comment I like the way you see things in a different way, and it give me more encouragement to do more research to learn more.
        i learnt more example that AI can help save the planet in the following ways.
        1. AI can survey simulations and real-time data (including the regular data we all use) of weather forecast and disasters in an area to seek out vulnerabilities and prepare for the disaster before it arrives like providing early warning. Deep support learning may one day be integrated into disaster simulations to determine optimal response strategies.
        2. AI related agriculture involves automated data collection, decision-making and corrective actions through robot to allow early discovery of crop diseases and issues, to provide timed nutrition to plants and animals, and generally to advance agricultural buying and selling based on supply and demand.
        3. According to my research a new field of “Climate Informatics” is beginning to come up that uses AI to basically change weather forecasting and improve our understanding of the effects of climate change. This field initially needs high performance energy-intensive computing, but deep-learning networks that can allow computers or gadgets to run much faster and allow more complexity of the ‘real-world’ system into the calculations.

  • Well I loved the questions ✨ It's just like the questions I was thinking about, first: I think and in my opinion AI is very bad and in my opinion it is a threat to humanity and now adults and children are using AI and everyone also does not think with his own mind but uses AI of course, I am against This idea, because it does not develop skills, and it is better for a person to use his skills in art alone and develop himself by himself, so there is no need for that. Use of artificial intelligence. But on the plus side, I do like one thing. If we make a programming mistake in the computer, it will be fixed. And the third question that I will answer: it will certainly reduce the importance of artists because it did not develop the personality of artists, and vice versa, artificial intelligence will spread widely, so there is no need for artists. Thank you for reading ❤️

    1. Yes AI may be dangerous to people and humanity,I mean what if AI expands so large it takes over the jobs of other people having many terrible side effects on the society and world at large. For example there will be loss of jobs leading to increase in cases of hunger, poverty, and so on making life hard for normal citizens. Though it is two-edged there are also many advantages AI can bring. Somewhat it can even solve the problems it can create in cases of unemployment AI will need technicians and with easy to learn code languages people can easily learn how to work the Meta verse and also get employed if there is supposedly no space in the real world for them. There is now a new invention of 3D printers to create houses and reduce homelessness and also destruction of house from climate change, war and so on. The point is instead of also looking at disadvantages AI also has solid advantages the question is... Can AI create solutions for the problems it create? Is risking AI inventions to the world worth it?

  • Well first of all AI was created by they human beings to solve problems, do creative things and do multiple calculations at a rate faster than humans because it will reduce energy, resources and time and now that AI is now used to recreate the art of some people it is actually good to think that we have increased our technological advancement and that is nice because now AI will actually become a breathtaking achievement for mankind but the question is whether AI being able to copy art and do it so well that it looks like the owner created it by themselves is good or bad and my answer is that if it was done with permission from the owners it is good but if it was done without permission it is bad. Actually the truth is that AI stands a chance of impacting and changing human creativity because of its high computing and performing capacity and whether artists choose to follow this is based on their choice or preference. As for the last question I honestly think that AI will make artists less important than they are right know because before people held artists with regard because they had talent and skill to create such a masterpiece but now as long as you have a high performance computer and the right AI software you can easily be Da Vinci, Picasso, Michelangelo and other great artists who had to hone their talents and train but now because of AI even a 7 seven year old that creates a picture can compete with those who have been in the game since so, basically even though AI is a promising development for society it still will makes some professions lose their value because of how easy it will be for robots to replace them.

    1. Interesting comments. What other professions do you think will lose value?

      1. Well the truth is that AI stands a major chance of making more and more professions lose value. We are beginning to see AI in different fields of work such as:
        UNESCO made a report that AI has to potential to address some of the biggest challenges in education today, innovate teaching and learning practices and accelerate progress towards SDG 4. AI also can be used for innovation and knowledge only if we harness its capabilities and I actually think that AI is good for the educational sector because AI has more than the average amount of knowledge a normal teacher possesses and this is good because the AI will be able to explain, teach and elaborate more to the students and another thing is that there are no strikes with robots because they do not need salary or fair working conditions because they are not alive and such.
        AI is now used to multiple restaurants to cook, serve and forecast orders and they are better than normal workers when compared to working because they make little or no errors and they can continue non stop according to some place they believe that AI will revolutionize the cooking industry and will be the driving force for innovative and personalized cuisines and dishes and now top food businesses are now involving AI
        in their organizations and this is somewhat good because AI can learn cooking methods and techniques in a jiffy but people would normally take years to learn and remember and it also makes people to lose their jobs.
        I think this is one sector that almost everyone will agree for AI to come into which it has already AI controlled cars are programmed to drive more efficiently than normal people and they are believed to reduce traffic congestion by suggesting alternative routes to the passengers and reducing cases of accident by driving carefully and within the speed limit and I feel this should actually become a change that takes effect soon because we cannot allow people lives to be wasted due to the stupidity of some people that cannot drive r are under the influence of alcohol and drugs and if these takes effect from now onwards the mortality rate will significantly drop or reduce.
        There are many more aspects where AI can take over and manage the job but because of the lack of time and energy I sadly cannot continue.

      2. Well,
        Administrative legal jobs are at risk of losing its value in the future due to the increasing use of and AI in the legal industry. Cooks, waiters, and other employees in food services; short-haul truck drivers; and clerical office workers are among those with jobs most at risk of losing its value due to AI.
        In addition, the rise of electronic payment systems and online shopping due to AI has reduced the need for physical mail services, such as bill payments and package deliveries. More people are choosing to pay their bills and purchase goods online, which has reduced the need for postal workers to handle these duties thereby making this profession to lose its value.