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Films are not only a major source of entertainment but they also change our outlook and extend... Films that make a difference 30/11/22
@charming_weaver I loved this comment partly because I am a Potterhead and also because you... Who could change the world? 23/11/22
I agree because it’s just a stereotype that girls make Tik tok videos when boys do so too. As... Mind your language! 22/11/22
Sure Katie@Topical Talk Here are the links I referred to-... World Cup: what’s the legacy of big events? 22/11/22
Hosting a world cup in itself is a matter of great pride unless it comes at the cost of huge... World Cup: what’s the legacy of big events? 21/11/22
I agree @cohorent_banjo, especially with the point of mental health. Psychiatrists and... Pick a side! 21/11/22
I agree with person A because doctors are like angels sent to Earth. They literally perform... Pick a side! 21/11/22
Music- a combination of a few notes and lyrics- can lead to change like no other art form . It... Protest songs: what would you choose? 11/11/22
Our world has always been a heterogeneous mixture of people from different races, religions,... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 10/11/22
Which people benefit most from space innovations? I believe that most of us utilise one or the... Space innovations: what do you think? 04/11/22