Mind your language!


During an election, the political parties involved try to convince people to vote for them. This is called a campaign.

In November 2022, the US will hold its midterm elections and so politicians have been working on their campaigns.

Some voters have received texts and emails from the political parties trying to persuade them to vote. But the language of these has sometimes been described as “upsetting” and “intense”.

For example, some voters were sent the following messages:


“We’re downright BEGGING you to vote!”

Real social media message to a voter


"Do we need to talk, friend?"

Real text message to a voter



Real email to a voter

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  • First, young people must be politicians more than ever before to shape their future and destiny in their own hands. The US midterm elections are a clear example of youth participation in political life. They can change some laws and add others in line with the ideas and beliefs of young people and the developments of current life.

    1. Can you explain how the US midterm elections are a clear example of young people being political?

  • Obviously we can see that these messages aren't appealing they're more of demanding if you ask me they don't send out any real message. If I got sent a message like this I would think it was a joke or something like that. It does not highlight any importance of voting. For example a more suitable message would have been "please vote now take part in your countries democracy and decision making process" at least I would me encouraged to vote. The second message seems so unlikely to have any effect on anyone. Sometimes it's all about propaganda I mean what information do the voters even have on the candidates.

    1. Great assessment, I like your alternative message and you raise a valid point about information available to voters on candidates. Why do you think campaigners choose to send these types of messages, if they are not very appealing?

      1. I don't want to use the word intimate but let me say to push them to vote. Convincing people to vote isn't bad it's the manner of approach don't you think.

        1. I agree, accurate_wombat. Some of those messages do sound aggressive and off-putting. But in some countries, people often cannot be bothered to vote or think that their one vote makes no difference. What would you do instead to encourage people to take an active part in the democratic process?

      2. I can say that maybe they are cowards and they fear to talk to the people and you might find it is their agents that are paid to send these messages

        1. Hi idealistic_song, if you were in a political party and involved in their campaign, how would you persuade others not to send such intense or upsetting messages? How might you encourage them to speak to voters without being fearful?

          1. I would tell them that no one wants a coward for a leader so they should stop sending such intense and upsetting messages because they instead of convincing them to vote they just annoy them. I would encourage them to speak to the people that they want to lead in future because no one will vote for you if you aren't confident enough to speak to them. These people want a leader who is free and can share with them their ideas and when the people can share with him their problems. And I would also remind them that one of the qualities of a good leader is being confident and socially influential.

    2. I agree with you, accurate_wombat. These messages can be quite demanding and offensive to people and if you ask me, id say they didn't really get more people on their side from this message. You mentioned that if it was you that got that kind of message you would think it was a joke or something like that. I think you are right. If I was got that kind of message I would think that that political party is desperate and without good intention. I would also think that this political arty does is only desperate for power and would not care about the people being led when they get into power so I would not vote them.

      I think what the political should have said instead of: “HOW MANY TIMES ARE WE GOING TO HAVE TO ASK! VOTE NOW!!” or "We're downright BEGGING you to vote", the political party should have said "Hello, we humbly ask that you vote in the upcoming elections so that we can work together to make a change in our country. We assure you that YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT :)". The first message sounds forceful and demanding and this can be offensive to some people. The second message sound desperate not confident and this might not succeed in getting people to vote but seeing a message like this: "Hello, we humbly ask that you vote in the upcoming elections so that we can work together to make a change in our country. We assure you that YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT :)" would convince me to vote because first of all the sender was very polite and confident he/she also gave reasons why voting in the elections is important ("...to make a change in the country.") The sender also addressed one of the major causes of political apathy(a lack of interest or apathy towards politics). Sometime people don't vote because they feel like their vote does not matter and whether they vote or not, nobody cares. The message addressed this by saying, "... YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT".

      I also think that instead of the political party saying:" Do we need to talk, friend?", they should have said "Hello, sorry to disturb you but could you spare some minutes of you time so we can talk, please?". The initial message is very upsetting and some people can find it creepy as if they are being watched but the alternative message is better than using the first one because it will not make the message recipient feel alarmed or unsettled. It is also very polite and it follows proper netiquette. It will give the political party a better chance of convincing the person to vote.

  • Youth participation in political life is participation in making the future of youth. Active participation in political life begins for young people at the university level, where at that age and educational stage they can crystallize clear political trends and beliefs.

    1. In my opinion the best way to persuade people to vote an individual is by first persuading his or her friends to vote them. No knows you better than your friend and no one can also support you better than your friend. A friend is a reliable source to get information from , campaign for you and also get advise from.

  • Frankly, I support the idea of ​​persuasion, but everything has a limit, and I do not like to disturb others. My idea in the way of persuasion is for the voter to show his dealings with people through his friendliness, love and tenderness to them. The end is that when you want to ask for something, ask for it with all kindness and tenderness.

    1. To begin with, I would like you to clarify or check on what you wrote , the persuasive language is not supposed to be used by the voter but the contestant or the candidate and what kind of disturbance is involved in requesting for votes ? Just imagine yourself as a candidate running for any post , would you feel happy when people say that what your doing is disturbance? I feel like it is not right to call this disturbance.

      1. To clarify, the political parties use the persuasive language, with a view to persuade the voter.

    2. And I agree with you, they should ask for it with all kindness and tenderness. They should not be forced to vote for them or even beg for Because by begging the president (who will be elected by the people) underestimates his value

  • I think that writing such messages is a big mistake because the messages do not change people's opinions about their choice or not. If I try to convince people to vote for me, I will treat them well and provide for all their needs and I will tell them sentences of support so that they vote for me.

    1. I disagree with you because when you do this you , people can at least see or determine your potential and how beneficial you will be to them.

      1. That's a good point, original_lobster. Politicians have to tell people before an election what they plan to do if they are elected. What do you think is the most effective way for them to do this? What method do you think would be most effective for persuading younger voters like yourself?

  • I feel the manner and approach in which the messages are sent has to be nice, not persuading, not threatening and not in a forceful manner. For example in Nigeria people are black mailed, threatened and bribed with large sum of money to vote for a particular candidate but it's not meant to be so. The manner in which the messages are meant to be sent should be friendly, not threatening and not in a bribery manner.

    1. Great reflection mesmerising_swan. Could you give an example of language which is friendly, non-threatening and not in a bribery manner?

      1. Example of a friendly message, I am contesting for a certain post please can you support me by voting for me, I promise I would not let you down.

    2. I agree with you Swan because a responsible leader should communicate politely when asking for votes in way that doesn't scare people and makes them feel secure.Instead, those messages scare a person reading them making them feel insecure and this means that those people won't trust you to lead them for example a message in upper case letters stirs up fear and insecurity ithe hearts of the voters i.e “HOW MANY TIMES ARE WE GOING TO HAVE TO ASK! VOTE NOW!!” this can instead be addressed to the people in lower case letters and in polite language so as for the voters to trust in you i.e ''We humbly request for your vote in the coming election for a change in our country " such a message would even make the voters feel that your together with them and their grievances are heard so they would easily trust in you. Actually a responsible leader is also one that observes proper netiquette and this involves use of lower case letters and polite language plus respect for other people's privacy and in this case a message like "Do we need to talk, friend?" causes people to feel like your watching them in a creepy manner hence violating their privacy.Instead one could communicate like "May you please spare me some of your time and we talk a bit"
      Am I right? 🤔

  • I think the idea of ​​the messages is wrong and in fact does not attract voters, and I feel that the idea of ​​the first message: begging and begging is a bad idea.
    As for the second message: I feel like she only wants a goal and nothing more.
    The third message: commitment.
    I think they are bad and wrong ideas, but you should respect her answer and not insist on it.
    If I am trying to convince people to nominate me, I ask them if you will nominate me and I respect their answer.

    1. Your point about respecting the answer is very important, bold_apple. Can you think of an example where a politician did not accept that he had lost the election? What consequences can that have for a democratic country?

    2. In my opinion if a candidate needs votes his achievement and character will get him votes he does not need to beg. Nigeria's general election is about to be conducted, out of all the three major candidates Peter Obi is the most supported. The reason for his support is his out standing achievement( when he was a governor of Anambra, he helped the state generate revenue that helped repair roads, better the educational system and construct good facilities), his character and attitude towards people is friendly and giving . All this things made him stand out and he is not begging or bribing anyone for their votes.

  • Writing messages is a big mistake, because the messages do not change people’s opinions about their choice of a particular thing or not, but rather the messages do not attract people about choosing this thing, but they will think that this message is a joke or that it is a trivial matter that does not matter to them, if I try to convince people to vote for me and I will thank them for What they did with me, for example, when a download about my country was downloaded and it said "Please vote now" at least would encourage me to vote and make a decision and be drawn to the vote.

  • Honestly I think that way of approach was wrong. If you want to get people to vote can can just give them reasons [reasonable] to vote for you and not forcing them .

  • In my opinion, it is not necessary to send text messages to the voters. Every person determines the qualities of the elected leader based on his outstanding leadership personality and his rationality and skill in managing state affairs. He also chooses him based on his electoral plans and the practical application of those plans on the ground. This will not affect his decision because people are tired of those messages and slogans and want a realistic implementation. They are well aware of their choices based on putting the right person in the right place..There are much better propaganda methods than those annoying messages that may be considered a threat or bribery to achieve personal ends.

    1. Hi, that is a really interesting point. As someone who receives texts relating to upcoming elections, I see first hand the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of these messages. Although text messages may not be your choice of communication, what easy to reach propaganda methods would you recommend?

      1. The propaganda methods I would use maybe would be. Taking my time to move to different areas in the country and try to convince them by sharing with them the plans I have to develop the country and the policies am going to bring in when am in power this will be better than those who send messages and also use the television to convince people to vote them. People want a leader who is confident enough and can talk to them freely. Now the ones that send such messages and use the television show that they are cowards and cannot even talk to their people face to face. I can also start by working on some of my plans before I came into power that is by helping the people in need but my opponents might think it's bribery but atleast I will know that am trying to help my fellow citizens and the people will see how caring you are and they will see that you have put in more effort unlike the others.

  • If I am trying to persuade people to vote for me, I must be personally confident and convinced of my ability to achieve the desired goals of those elections. Then I will develop realistic and practical electoral plans, not slogans advocated. And focus on finding solutions more than the problem itself.

  • I think that any means can be used to convince the voters of a specific electoral program, especially in our time when the information revolution and the presence of Internet service all over the world. And I can use all available and legitimate means (such as radios, newspapers, the Internet, social media and public meetings).

  • Well, I think that a good leader should exhibit a high level of politeness most especially during the campaigns, a contestant ought to portray a high level of discipline to give a reflection of how he or she will behave when people trust him or her with their votes.

    For this case, a person requesting for votes from people should use a polite approach in form of persuasive words like a customer asking for a discount from the attendant of a stall (eg. "My dear people, I kindly request for your votes in the fourth coming elections. " ) but not in a rude approach as they have done.

  • In my opinion, the above messages are not polite at all and they are not requesting but instead demanding the people to vote.
    For instance, the first message, it clearly shows that these candidates who contested just need the people' s votes and after they will not need the people anymore yet the leaders and people they lead should work hand in hand to prevent conflicts.
    If it were me asking for votes, I would ask for the votes politely and also tell them what I am going to contribute to the development of the country. Take an example of this; "I am kindly requesting for your votes in order to solve our country's problems " and you should also use polite and persuasive language.👍

  • It is quite clear that these messages were sent by radicals, extremists, or supporters to make known a desperate attempt in persuading political passivists to vote for their particular parties. However, their effort seems severe and aggressive in a way that will do more discouraging than encouraging. But let us go behind the scenes in this matter, why do people have to receive messages just like these for one vote? Why are they even apathetic in the first place? Well, politics nowadays don't make citizens feel interested anymore in the government because they think that no matter what they do, the system won't change for the better. But their mentality is wrong. Why do you think these senders are so enthusiastic and desperate to get people to vote? Because they know their votes do make a difference but they are trying to manipulate voting for their own benefit. If I were a political activist, I think to be more appropriate a more subtle and assuring manner of persuasion

    1. Why do you think the messages above were sent by radical extremists? What do you mean when you say they want to manipilate the vote? If you were a political activist, how would you try to win votes?

      1. Of course during an election, candidates running for a political post do so with the intention of winning. Those who are willing to take the right way, often do so with the right intentions, some others which may be termed as corrupt will do anything to get what they want. I do not think anyone contesting in an election that is willing to do so rightly would send messages as disturbing as that. Going by the nature of the messages and how they were asked, It won't be wrong for me to conclude that they were sent by individuals the likes of extremists and radicals. If I were a political activist, I think people would be appretiative of the fact that I am contesting in an election ethically and principledly. For all its worth being a good politician, the end does not always justify the means, doing the right thing does and I would be more than satisfied if I were to win or lose win knowing I did the right thing all through the process.

  • I think that writing such messages is a big mistake because the messages do not change people's opinions about their choice or not. If I try to convince people to vote for me, I will treat them well and provide for all their needs and I will tell them sentences of support so that they vote for me.

    1. Great points perceptive_vegetable, if you were trying to convince people to vote for you, what would you say?

      1. As for me I would say "let's develop the country together my lovely citizens, so please vote for me" this itself will persuade the people to vote for me because I haven't used any inappropriate word or commanding word just like the ones above. This will make the people put their trust in you because you are showing your humility and they will be like this is the person we want to lead us.

  • Trying to convince people to vote for them, I think this is funny, because after people see the messages, they humiliate them and make them laughable, and the president's reputation after voting becomes bad if they are not exposed through these messages, I consider it Injustice for the people who come to vote for them out of deception, and this is really unfair.

    I think the whole message is a mistake because it becomes inappropriate for them later.

    I don't convince people like this, but to be loved and reputable and from here people are attracted to you and vote for you.

  • First of all, i think these messages don't have a true meaning i personally would ignore this message because there is nothing fun in it or logical and in my own understanding these messages are neither polite or persuading because as you see the first message is a bit rude and this would make one to lose interest for voting and then the second message really doesn't have any meaning so it's useless a person who would receive this message wouldn't get the meaning behind it then the third message is very rude so this would actually bring a downgrade to the party.

    In my situation if I was a candidate I would say "Vote for the right person" and this would actually make the voter to vote for me and I would also say other things like; "Please vote now", "Every vote counts" and such words would encourage one to vote for me

  • Yes, there is a mistake, and the error is not that they send messages, but the error is the inappropriate method of communicating with the public, as it constitutes a failed electoral campaign,Because if the candidate is really smart, he will work to attract people through the media and gatherings of citizens. The strength of the positions and the disclosure of his steps in the presidency,Example: Trump's stances were very popular which led to him winning the presidency
    If I were in a state-level election, I would be president!
    I will campaign for elections explaining my political and democratic positions, like the campaign of Gorga Meloni! It was a very powerful campaign, which spread not only on the scale of Italy but also on the world scale, I opened the Tiktok website and found many Arab users commenting on their admiration for it,I will target the media and work on organizing interviews with famous news channels such as the BBC, in which I will also explain a part of my past that prompted me to be part of the new government, in order to reach the hearts of the people,I will also go out to the street and speak to the public, Supporting young people and their projects by promoting them on social media accounts and visiting their shops, and this will ignite the media, and igniting the media is the best smart way for electoral campaigns.

  • my say on these comments is that they are not polite and do not ask for votes. They simply order people to do so.
    Asking for votes is a process of persuasion and patience sso the language used should be minded a lot
    If I were to ask people to vote for me, I would first listen to them because the best way of talking to people according to pschycology then I would be able to perfectly communicate and understand each other. In this way, we wouldnt find our speeches 'intense' or 'upsetting'

  • Media and text messages are a very good way to promote, but attention should be paid to the way it is formulated. I would prefer sending a short video. The videos carry more feelings than text messages. Messages are read by a person according to his feelings. From my side, I encourage young people to be politicians because they are politicians in the future. If you learn now, it will not be difficult for them to secure A good future for us and the world

    1. That's a great comment, ethical_climate. Can you see yourself becoming a politician or an activist in the future? Why? or why not?

  • I'd say that some parties are looking very desperate to get the post that they want because of the way they are pressuring voters to vote for them.

    Anything wrong with the above messages?
    There is a lot going on in the above messages which isn't right like how the parties are using commanding and or forceful language to make someone vote. It isn't good because it shows that the politician in the party can't handle and or accept defeat when beaten.

    If I were a politician, I would use persuasive words like "Help me Help you" or "Lets make this nation Great Again."

  • I think that these messages are just forcing people to vote and they maeby don't want to vote. Yes there are many things wrong with these messages. because they are forcing you to vote for a certain person. Take the text message from a voter I think that's a threat. If I was trying to persuade a person to vote for me I would say why they should vote for me and the good things that will come if they do.

  • In my opinion , that language is not polite because you can't tell some that HOW MANY TIMES ARE WE GOING TO HAVE TO ASK !VOTE NOW!! ,this is meaning that the person you told to vote is just wasting your time because if he doesn't vote for is under your foot because you just undermininig him ,so even if he doesn't vote it's ok so we need to mind our language we use will the society our their because we all don't have the same feelings ,we have emotional people and those who just let the thing go . so we need to mind our language we use with others

  • Convening people to do something reminds me of the term “ brainwash” that was first used by Edward Hunter in the 50’s to brief ( mind control, thought control, forced re-education, etc) in just one word. Brainwash is when a person tries to get a curtain idea or decision out of somebody’s mind and plant a brand new one until they believe in that idea.
    And it results in a lot of problems in the near future, such as regretting the idea that you were forced to believe, and blaming you’re self on the decision that you took because you were also forced to.
    And I don’t support anyone that tries to convince or force somebody to believe or do something.
    U may to listen to peoples thinking before taking a decision, but make sure you’re including you’re thinking with others and whatever one you believe in you could pick or you could make you’re own odd decision.

  • I think that is not right because everyone has their own right and own thinking that what they want we cannot force her to alter her mind if I have my favorite leader so I cannot force anyone to give vote to my favorite leader because they have right that what they want and where they give vote we cannot force her to give my favorite leader

  • I think this is very wrong because if young citizens choose not to vote then that is a choice, they should never be forced to do something they don't want to. there are adults in this world that don't vote and people don't have a problem with it so why do they see it as a problem for youngers. Personally, I would never force anyone to vote for me if i was being elected for prime minister, if I was being interviewed and they asked me why I would like to be prime minister I would say, vote for me as prime minister because I know what is right or wrong and I know I can make a difference to the world so if you like the sound of that consider voting for me.

  • I feel a campaigning party should try to do something in the benefit to gain their vote instead of demanding it from them.The third message given to the voter is rude and upsetting.It is the wish of the person if they want to vote or not.In my opinion these messages shouldn't be send to people to gain their vote.

  • Calling is an easier way to determine if someone blocked your number. First, call from your phone number. If the call goes to voicemail, listen to the message. If you receive a message that the number is unavailable, it generally means the recipient blocked you.

  • Is there something wrong with these messages? Why and why not? Yes, I think the way you write these messages is wrong, and I don't think a text message like this would convince a person to vote for you, they would vote people for a leader who could make people love him and like him in character and politics and ifThis person was a good and kind leader with people and he hears them and treats them kindly. He can win people's hearts and so people will vote for him.
    If you're trying to get people to vote for you, what would you say? First I have to make people love me and win their hearts to vote for me.

  • 1. I don't think people who are applying for governor should be allowed to send these messages to people directly, but I do think they could send them on newspapers and on websites to everyone, not just to someone directly.

    2. I think there are many things wrong with these messages, such as the tone of the text and that these messages are very personal, like "Do we need to talk friend" when you aren't even friends with them.

    3.If I was trying to convince people to vote for me, I would tell them my intentions rather than send spam to the voters.

  • If you were trying to convince people to vote for you, what would you say?

    Well..First of all I would listen to all of their problems and then I will ask people the possible solution which they think that could be...
    Basic needs of a person are food,health,education and security. I would ensure people to provide them all of these requirements.Like as in Pakistan,the education system needs to be improved.I would ensure people that their children will be provided free education.There are not enough medical centres in rural areas and mostly provinces like sindh and balochistan.I would import the modern machinery for the better crops develpment etc. I would figure out all the things they faced.Being a normal human being I feel that people elected for the votes feel themselves above the people they are asking for votes so I would put myself in the people's situation and instead of making promises I would show them some of my policies to overcome the bad situation they faced during previous government.

    1. Thank you @placid_robin for this compassionate and thoughtful comment!

  • First people do not have to vote when they are told because they are grown so that is their choice. I that conclusion the internet is not the place to tell people to vote plus begging and yelling to vote remember that is there voice and there choice.

  • In America, the people are - rightfully - incredibly agitated about their leaders. So much has happened this year such as the overturning of Roe vs Wade, and the people of America understand the importance of voting and have taken to encouraging people to go to the polling booth.
    However, the messages above come off as aggressive and will probably have the opposite effect on prospective voters. Voting - while it is a national duty - is a personal choice. It’s not fair to make people feel like they're being bad people for not voting. There are a thousand and one things that might stop someone from voting, a stranger's post on social media is not going to change that. Political parties taking part in these blatant demands is unfathomable. I think it’s high time that we as a society stop scrutinizing people based on who they vote for, or whether they even voted at all. Mind your business.

  • If you were trying to convince people to vote for you, what would you say?
    Well, I will study about the problems that my country is facing. First of all, I would say them that I will try my best to elevate the country to the highest possible level. I will try hard to lower the poverty rate. I will make polices that would restrain people at the government jobs from indulging in corruption. I will give equal rights to everyone living in my country wheather he/she relates to any province, religion or family. I will make the educational system works efficiently which encourages students to work for their country. I will construct the Educational institutes in every possible area so that the people won't have to travel to get the education .Moreover, it will also stable the country as more students will get education because many students remain uneducated due to limited institutes. I will make the health care system in the areas who don't even have a single clinic. I will try my best to lower the gender inequality as well as social instability.

  • I feel a more polite approach should be maximized to coo the public into voting for these political parties. If I were contesting, I would make sure the people I'm targeting have a good view on who I am and that would be the perfect pacesetter for my campaign. Upsetting language doesn't have to be the constant use of the "f, s and d words". Making people feel less comfortable with our language can also be upsetting especially when we need a favour from them. So I say, being persuasive can be a simple task if we consider how other people feel with our speech.
    I will present my strategy in an open manner and pay attention to the criticism. Anything that needs to be corrected, will be taken care of. Convincing the general public of the difference between my governance and their past leadership will also have to come to play. I would urge the citizens to have a cooperative mindset to enable me put on the best government based on my abilities and then afterwards, smoothly find the needs and wants from the people.

  • In my opinion, to get the vote from the people, I have to show them my deservance for being the leader of the country. In Pakistan, due to recent flood and economical crisis, the prices of basic necessities hike up so much they are unaffordable for the people below poverty line. Many people aren't even getting one time food. In these difficult times instead of making promises, I will make sure to be the leader they want. I will encourage them to do their part for the country so that the country gets stable. I will make sure that the food prices should be lowered so that the people can atleast have food for their kids. Moreover, the need of the hour is to upgrade the educational institutes so that the students can serve the country after getting education. Education is one of the basic necessities now-a-days. Its not possible to make the education completely free but I can raise funds for the deserving students so that their qualities can help the country to get stable. After all these, I will work on the shelters for the homeless people. The security system also needs to be improved. I will also make a committee regarding climate change so that the country can able to get least affect by these factors. I will also invest in food storage systems so that the the food can't get wasted. This would help to elevate the country to the highest possible level.

  • Although I do understand why these messages were sent due to urgency and even stress, for readers it can come across as a forceful and slightly pressurising comment. I would like to mainly develop my reasons on the third comment. It clearly implies that they have already sent the messages many times to vote. Since every single citizen would likely know about this prestigious event of voting, you do not need dozens of messages flooding your inbox. It is the citizen's choice if they want to vote and as the saying is - change what you cannot accept and accept what you cannot change.

  • • What I think is that, when someone is making their manifesto, they shouldn't promise new developments before even fixing or handling the current developments. One shouldn't promise to build a new bigger hospital yet the current one that is present has no medicine and machinery to treat certain diseases.
    • I think all of the above texts are rather frustrating than convincing because when we take a look at text number three, it is like the voter is being forced to vote and text number two sounds suspicious considering that we live in a world of black mail and crime.
    • If I were convincing people to vote for me, I would say;
    "I can't promise you like many have done because few have fulfilled what they pledged for, rather I can sit with you then we talk about the problems and government policies that affect you in any way and we debate about ways and resolutions to get past the problems." For example, I wouldn't promise to build a police station in an area where there is high crime rate but rather host a meeting and discuss about the possible resolutions for the problem that is within our reach because building a police station in an area is the government's work. In such a situation, the possible solution would be forming a local defence force to watch over the community.
    • In conclusion, it is far better to first solve the current problems that the people going to vote you are experiencing than promising new developments that are at times out of your reach.

  • I think it is something wrong with these messages. You couldn't convince people to vote if they don't want to then that's they word.You can't make someone vote for you just because you want to be government,president,major. that's not cool.They second message is crazy i'm pretty sure the people who is running for government sent people to go convince people to vote for them>They are so desperate they have people to fake like they are friends that's a shame.Also i will not convince people to vote for me if you vote for me then you do you'll put a smile on my face. Do you agree with me?

  • Afterall the election is A BIG change to the country who's making that election and every election has the sole reason which is to choose a rightful,careful president who puts his people before himself and their needs befor his.so these messages are quite negative and wrongful due to them not offering the voter his political right which is freedom to vote for which president HE thinks best, not anyone else begging him to join his unfair campaign.

  • The message political leaders have done are not a proper way to convince people because " elections are reflection of democracy " a goverment of people by the people for the people .in my opinion in 2022as people of any country specially USA are more liberal and independent so there is no need to convince by sending messages rather they must come in public and face to face express why people should vote them .question answer sessions should be conducted
    If i have to convince people in my favoure firstly i , ill give them a clear diffrence of vision i have with other parties leaders then l will give example of all my good works done for the well being my country men next i will show them my view point how can i make my country strong economically and also put forward my out look of strong foreign policy .Finally my feelings of patriotism would be exposed by examples of my hardwork for the progess of my country.

  • I think that begging like this will not help and there is also an error in the messages because they will not convince people enough. Voting is not forced, and if I want to make people vote for me, I will tell them what I will do for them, what I will develop in their country, how I will deal with them, and how my policy will be for them until I reach Their love and trust in me, and so I think that many people will vote for me. This is like the “School Parliament” that depends on the students’ love for their colleague and their trust in him to bear responsibility

  • I think campaigning will not be a bad thing but the way the campaigners or the aspiring candidates pose their questions is what matters so i think the campaigners who set these messages are using inappropriate language.
    I think something is wrong with these messages because they send these massages to voters in a way of campaigning but in actual sense they seem commanding the voters to vote them and by sending these messages to individual voters looks like they know these individual people and they seem threatening them to vote because they are commanding for example this “HOW MANY TIMES ARE WE GOING TO HAVE TO ASK! VOTE NOW!!” they seem knowing you personally and they are commanding you to do vote them.
    According to me if I was the candidate campaigning I could analyze the problem they are facing and think of ways to over come these problems so after knowing the way to overcome these problems so I find the persuasive words i can use to make them know that i can solve there problems for example if they are facing a problem of high cost of living i could ask them a question for example" ARE YOU TIRED OF HIGH COSTS OF LIVING, HERE IS THE SOLUTION VOTE FOR ME" I could pose such questions to really persuade them and not commanding them and after and instead of making promises I would show them some of my policies to overcome the bad situation they faced during previous government.

  • For real, all teenagers today watch their phones all day, non stop. At breakfast, lunch, dinner time and bed time. To be honest, in the 19th when the internet wasn’t too popular, all people did when they eat their breakfast is read the back of the cereal box.

    1. That's a good question! Why do you think phones are so addictive?

      1. I think phones are addictive because there are many games and videos like that that can be very fun and people who are mostly teenagers spend a lot of time on games like Fortnite, call of duty and more. Girls like to make post on Tik tok because they want followers.
        I hope this answers your question!

        1. I think there are a lot of boys on Tik Tok and girls on Fortnite as well!

          1. I agree because it’s just a stereotype that girls make Tik tok videos when boys do so too.
            As for games, my sister is a passionate gamer and she loves playing Valorant and Call of Duty.
            When she is playing with her mic on, the other players think that she is using some kind of voice changer. They think at first that only boys are the ones who play so how could it be a girl.

            So this is definitely just a conventional thought process

  • Being very honest i would say that this is not wrong but i don't like that way because votting is a free choice and it totally depend on a person to whom he wants to give vote.
    I think instead of making compaign and sending e-mails to votter a leader should prove practically that he is really able to become a leader.

  • Around 508BC in Athens (Greek )democratic system was started. They started it to respect other s'opinions nd feelings nd let people decide whom they would selects . In recent times it's quite absurd to see messages nd emails for vote .
    The best way to ask for vote is coming in public with the confidence of strong vision for country .Let people decide !

  • • I think that this is not fair.

    • There is actually an error in these messages; Because this is how the candidate forces the people to elect them, and it is possible that people will hate that candidate and will not elect him.

    • If I am trying to persuade people to vote for me, I will publish a video on social media in which I talk about the elections and everything I want to say, but I will not send messages to people so as not to disturb them and to elect me without any pressure on them from me.

  • First, young people must be politicians more than ever before to shape their future and destiny in their own hands.

  • Obviously we can see that these messages aren't appealing they're more of demanding if you ask me they don't send out any real message. If I got sent a message like this I would think it was a joke or something like that. It does not highlight any importance of voting. For example a more suitable message would have been "please vote now take part in your countries democracy and decision making process" at least I would me encouraged to vote. The second message seems so unlikely to have any effect on anyone. Sometimes it's all about propaganda I mean what information do the voters even have on the candidates.

  • There is plenty wrong with these statements. In my opinion, no one should ever write these things or force anyone to do anything. Forcing someone to do something is never right, no matter the situation. Even so, there should be a voice in the matter.
    1. Being political is a choice.
    2. No one should feel the need to vote just because someone said to do it.
    3. Being disrespectful and aggressive should never be the answer when it comes down to serious topics.
    For this specific question, let's make a scenario. You post a video about how you can't vote, though you still participate. One thing that many people should know is that minors aren't able to vote. Having that in mind, let's continue. After you post that video, you end up receiving many notifications and comments. You get hate and comments being rude and disrespectful. How would you feel? Many people would feel upset or sad. Why would you post the same comment; that made you feel upset? If you want to convince someone to vote, you shouldn't, but if you do; Maybe try to be subtle. Say things like "Voting could help!" with other comments. Plenty of other ways instead of being aggressive or disrespectful.
    That's it for today's focused_artist post, I will be back with more! :)

  • I think sophistication and sobriety should prevail there to give a sense of pride to the people the masses of a nation esteemed by sophistication.
    Offensive words give detail of the inner side of a person. People who voted for them or intend to vote for them are dejected if they see any expression of insanity from their cherished leaders. The world is also playing the role of an observer. So, world leaders will be careful and dubious to deal with them as well.
    If get an opportunity to rum my political campaign, I will not use any offensive words but will speak the mindful language. My speeches will express decency, diligence, prudence, and adherence to my objectiveness.

  • This is extremely wrong as people control themselves, no one else should have control of other's bodies. The desicions people make are THEIR decisions; they shouldn't be forced to do stuff they don't like. There is a lot of innequality happening in this world currently, where no one understands peace and just destroys human rights. For example there are silenced women in Iran who a being FORCED to wear hijabs. Punishing them for speaking out is completely irrelevant, why don't people understand this? And now more people, the political parties, are'nt spreading peace in our world, like we want them to!

  • I would like to say that I am a parliament student in my school, and I will talk about the experience a little: First, you must understand something. Being the winner in the election means that you have gained everyone's trust, and you must work on this principle.
    Second: “You are the role model.” It is not permissible for you to impose demands while you do not act upon them.
    Third / “Everyone should love you”, since my beginning in school and before I knew that I would run for Parliament, I was very close to the hearts of the students. The students loved me and put all their trust in this person standing in front of them.
    My speech was entitled "Your voice is a trust, give it to whom you deserve."
    For people to hear you until the end of your speech, this means success itself, even if you were not the winner, but you entered into people’s hearts a beautiful truth, which is “attachment to you and knowing that you are the best.”
    Put your confidence in yourself, my dear. If you do not win today, you will win tomorrow. Today is the harvest of yesterday’s planting, and today’s planting tomorrow will be harvested. It is enough for you from here to put the last footprint in this place and to write in history that I have stood here in front of this mic and in front of this audience and I spoke with all my confidence.

  • If I was convincing people to vote I would simply say the truth which involves current problems and mention the amends I can possibly set aside to solve these problems whereby I would first say what I really can solve if given power and the rest we shall handle with time and as much as I know some people may not be convinced I would still stick to my words because that is what a true leader does.

  • The concept of semding such messages is all wrong, because elections where citizens vote for their presidents are found in democratic laws, but are we getting the word "democracy" right? Living in a democratic country gives you the right to speak up your OWN opinions,and decide your OWN decisions without having any external stress by any one. And these messages really means that those political parties are breaking the value of trust, so they must never be trusted. if they do believe in their camoaign and that they will change the country to the better, then positions and money must not be their will at all.

  • There is a lot wrong with these statements. In my opinion, no one should write these things down or force anyone to do anything. Forcing someone to do something is never right, no matter the situation. However, there must be a voice in this matter. 1. Being a politician is a choice. 2. No one should feel the need to vote just because someone has said they do. 3. Disrespect and aggressiveness should never be the answer when it comes to serious topics. For this specific question, let's make a scenario. You post a video about how you can't vote, even though you're still participating. One thing many people should know is that minors are not able to vote. With that in mind, let's continue. After you post that video, you end up getting tons of notifications and comments. You get hate and comments are rude and disrespectful. How would you feel? Many people feel upset or sad. Why are you posting the same comment? Who made you feel bad? If you want to convince someone to vote, you shouldn't, but if you do; Maybe try to be precise. Say things like, "Voting can help!" With other comments. So many other ways than being aggressive or disrespectful. That's it for today's focused artist post, I'll be back with more! :)

  • If You Were Trying To Get People To Vote For You, What Would You Say? Well.. first of all I would listen to all their problems and then I would ask people for the possible solution they think it could be... The basic needs of a person are food, health, education and security. I would like to guarantee people to provide them with all these requirements, as in Pakistan the education system needs improvement, I will ensure that people get free education for their children, there are not enough medical centers in rural areas and mostly provinces like Sindh and Balochistan, I will import modern machinery To improve crops etc. I will find out all the things they encountered. And being an ordinary human being I feel that the people elected for the votes feel that they are above the people who demand them. I put myself in the position of the people and instead of making promises, I will offer them some of my policies to overcome the bad situation they faced during the previous government.

  • Obviously we can see that these messages aren't appealing they're more of demanding if you ask me they don't send out any real message. If I got sent a message like this I would think it was a joke or something like that. It does not highlight any importance of voting. For example a more suitable message would have been "please vote now take part in your countries democracy and decision making process" at least I would me encouraged to vote. The second message seems so unlikely to have any effect on anyone. Sometimes it's all about propaganda I mean what information do the voters even have on the candidates.

  • I believe that there is nothing wrong with these messages. Voting is our right and we should use it to our best. If we the citizens neglect the importance of voting, then our democracy cannot be protected

  • I believe that if the political parties were actually strong, then they would not need to send these messages to the voters in the first place. The parties' ideas and policies should be enough to persuade the public to vote for them. Therefore, I think that these messages would actually create an adverse effect upon these political parties, whereby it would provoke the voters to go against them instead - the opposite of their intentions.
    Instead, their persuasion should be more polite in order for the political parties to show their respect to the public/voters - the public would be more willing to vote for parties that have respect and understanding. This also shows their level of maturity within the political world.
    To conclude, it would potentially prevent people from voting in the long run if they felt this pressure upon them to vote.

  • I really think that we need to be careful with what we say online because if you hurt someone physically like 6 people will know what you did but if you hurt someone online you have up to 6000 people knowing what happened. This means we need to be very careful with what we say online , some politicians actually do not want to hurt you but they do not construct their sentences properly and we think they are rude. So some of the people that spoke above may not have meant it rudely , they just did not know the right words to use.

  • When you want people to vote for you, you need the following;
    1. Building a platform and team with able men .
    2. Communication with voters.
    3. Talk with influential people who can promote you.
    4. Take opportunities to speak publicly. The more visible and recognizable your name is, the more likely people will be to vote for you.
    5. Write powerful campaign speeches. Talk about your passion for the voters and issues and explain how your election can improve people’s lives.
    6.Being an Attractive Candidate
    7. Look clean and organized. If you look disheveled or unorganized, it will make people less confident in your leadership abilities.
    8. Show your passion for the issues. Voters want a candidate that cares about them and what they are going through.
    9. Be confident about your ideas. If you are going for a leadership position, people want to know that you’re confident enough to lead.
    10. Be enthusiastic when solving problems. If you’re always low energy, you can come off as boring or apathetic. Try to approach problems and situations with a high energy level but don’t overdo it.
    11. Be charismatic and personable. You should try to be generally liked among your voters. You can do this by smiling and making the occasional tasteful joke. Rather than concentrating on being perfect, try to be relatable.

  • You can't actually make, or force, people to vote for you unless you have some sort of power over them. But you can convince, or influence, people to vote for you. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to make sure that people like you, and the best and easiest way to make sure that people like you is for you to first like them, and to show it by being nice to them, by being interested in what they say and do, and by being open and friendly towards them. These are things that you can actually learn to do. Look up the Dale Carnegie book titled How to Win Friends and Influence People. If you feel that you might have problems doing what I've suggested, this book can help you.