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I expected curios the most because we all know that humans are curios and scientists are.... The future of AI: poll results! 26/3/24
I agree the most with A and the least for C because... For A I have 2 reasonings Firstly,... AI accident: who is responsible? 11/3/24
I think AI can be good for the planet because since AI is smart and is very advanced, it could... AI and the planet 07/3/24
I respectfully disagree with you because It us truly not fair to other opponents that they lose... Should people know? 29/2/24
People should reveal they are using drugs because other athletes that train very hard are... Should people know? 29/2/24
I think people shouldn't use drugs because it's not fair on gold medalist because now they have... Should people know? 28/2/24
I think that people don't change their behaviour to protecting the world because can get eco... Why don’t people change? 08/2/24
I would like to see people helping homeless people and children because not everyone starts and... How could businesses make positive change? 07/2/24
Maybe buisinesses with like 100 million pounds could donate money to poorer companies that have... How could businesses make positive change? 07/2/24
I think that AI can generate facts in milliseconds because maybe actual humans know these stuff... Competition #3 winners 07/2/24