Should people know?

At the Enhanced Games, people would be able to use performance-enhancing drugs.

On the website for the games, it says:

“You don’t have to [tell people that you’ve taken performance-enhancing drugs]. While many people find it’s a great weight off their shoulders, others don’t want to come out, seeing their enhanced status as a completely private matter – so it's really up to you. If you are in an environment that is hostile towards enhanced athletes (for example, the Olympics), remember that the Enhanced Games embraces you, and supports you on [making your own decisions about your own body].”

For this week’s poll we’d like to know what you think about this, by answering the question:

“Should athletes that take performance-enhancing drugs have to reveal that to others?”

This poll is now closed.

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  • I don't believe that players should disclose whether or not they are using drugs. If the president of the organization is not concerned about it, then it seems unnecessary to me. Revealing this information could harm the player's reputation and the reputation of the country they represent. Therefore, it should be acceptable for players not to disclose their drug use publicly. Additionally, if the competition is not testing for drugs, hardly any players might not be using them.

    1. I respectfully disagree With you on this comment. I believe that they should tell the others about the source of their strength especially your team mates if you really want your team to win. As an individual, you used the drug and you are hiding it from your team mates, you will be strengthened yes, but no matter how strengthened you are, you cannot win the game alone without the help of your team mates. So that is why they have to disclose it to people especially your team mate because that is where cooperation comes in.

      1. I totally agree with your point of view since everyone that you cooperate with has to know about this issue.It is true that nobody can win alone at a teamsport such as basketball and here comes the importance of collaboration which characterises this type of sports and makes it more entertaining and interesting than individual ones

      2. I totally agree with you. Not telling anybody about drug usage could also lead to health problems and risks. For example, say if you were to suddenly have a medical problem. Many would not be able to help you, or they would be unprepared since you did not tell anybody about your drug use. Using drugs and not telling people could turn out to be a huge risk.

      3. I agree with your opinion because, yes, it is very important for those who you are cooperating with to know that you're using enhancing drugs in the competition. And, if the drugs take effect on you negatively, your teammates would know why and they could help you if you told them that you took those drugs.

    2. I disagree because... if they don't want their reputation to be harmed they would not use them in the first place, and to me they use of drugs is wrong and generally causes health problems, and is never advised in any competition, in the case of a competition which doesn't test is the perfect situation to use them and I do not see why they would not use them.

    3. I disagree because... Doping is wrong. An athlete using performance enhancing drugs will obviously run faster than one which is not. This means that if the two athletes were to race, IT WOULD NOT BE FAIR. Using drugs actually violate the principle of fair competition because the athlete doping is artificially enhancing his or her capabilities beyond their natural limit while the other athlete, is working according to his or her natural capabilities. I think doping is cheating. Cheating has been defined by the oxford dictionary as a dishonest act done in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game, a competition, an exam, etc and cheating is wrong EVERYWHERE, even in athletics. Doping gives an athlete advantage other athletes. How would you feel using your physical abilities and training day and night only to lose to someone who is doping. I would honestly feel cheated. If an athlete is doping, being honest will clear his or her conscience. Confessing will also make other athletes not to feel cheated. So I believe athletes doping actually need to confess.

      1. I totally agree with you.Even though, enhancing drugs will make you strong or run faster it wouldn't be fair because other runners might not take these drugs that can make you stronger or run faster and it will not be fair.It would be fair if runners from different teams take this drug it will be fair because if they all take it they will feel the same way and that won't be cheating.Cheating would not be good for an example if you are doing a test and you are cheating you can get consequences like if you cheat in a athletics game you can get consequences and that why I think that enhanced drugs should not been taken by runner so that they can make a fair competition.

        1. What consequence do you think athletes should get if they are found to be cheating in a games like the Olympics, romantic_brain?

          1. I would like to ban them from the olympics and make them never come back.

            1. Can you say a bit more? Why do you think this? What difference would a complete ban make?

        2. I'm not sure about this because... yes, I see your point yet it doesn't seem right at the same time. But, then again, it's all different opinions being put into this topic. The reason it doesn't seem right to me is because when you mentioned having every runner from the teams taking the enhancing drugs. The risk of every runner taking drugs can make the game delay if the majority gets side effects from the drugs. It can cause health issues. But yes, cheating is bad. I just think that it would just be better to not take the drug at all than have every runner taking the drug to keep it fair.

    4. I agree with you. If the games that they are playing in allow the use of performance enhancing drugs and the audience knows this, then the athletes shouldn't be forced to disclose such personal information. As you have said if the competition is drug testing then people will know eventually of their use of drugs and if they are not testing then it is obvious the competition doesn't feel the need to know whether they are or aren't using performance enhancing jobs.

      1. I disagree because... the other athletes should know if their opponents are using drugs so that they might be ready and know who they are competing with. I say this because if the other teams do not know that their opponent's players are using drugs, they may feel they may have not trained at all. But I don't think that the spectators should not know that the athletes are using drugs because it would make the game look more interesting to them and if the spectators know about it, the athletes that used the drugs may lose their fans or even their reputation.

        THANK YOU.

        1. I totally agree with you trusting _interaction, that the game will actually look more interesting if their fans or spectators don't know about the use of this performance enhancing drugs and as well they will also get more fans.
          But here's a question for you, do you think that performance enhancing drugs could work out in a positive way to all the athletes and the games or competition they will play?

          1. I disagree with intelligent_nectarine because it won't be fair if some athletes are not using enhanced drugs but the other are. I think it will also affect their body system leading them to sicknesses where they have to go to the hospital, give out money to doctor's for treatment and if they don't have money to give , they won't be treated and that will lead to death.

            1. I agree with you hopeful_brain because like you said it will not be fair and people will feel cheated.
              I think, if athletes use these drugs and later win, they might end up using the money won to take care of their health challenges till they recover from their illness. this shows that there have been a waste of money and resources.
              I also think that those who felt cheated will want to know the secret to such a win, which can also make them be under social pressure. If the cheated athlete later finds out the truth, they will also start doing same. Such experiences can lead to disability or untimely death.

            2. I agree because... Using performance analysis without proper medical guidance can be really dangerous. These enhancers, like certain stimulants, might be okay if a doctor says so, but taking them without a doctor's prescription is risky. All drugs, even ones that help you perform better, can harm your body. The might mess up your liver, your heart, or make you addicted. Athletes who use these drugs without a doctor's prescription and not just wishing their health but they are lives too!

              Athletes should never take any medicine unless doctor a says it's okay. Performance enhancers are medicines too, And they can mess up how you body works, causing really bad side effects. Without the right help from a doctor, athlete's could lose their lives because of these drugs.

              Remember, it's super important for athletes to talk to a doctor before taking any kind of drug. Drugs might seem like they can make you better at sports, but they can also make you really sick or even hurt you badly. So, it's best to stay safe and ask a doctor first!
              Thanks for reading👍.

          2. I respectfully disagree you because I think that athletes should inform people and fans about perfomance -enhancing drugs so that they should be aware of that and athletes should maintain fairness and integrity on the player field. There should be no discrimination with the opponent who is not consuming those drugs .. and I believe that perfomance -enhancing drugs have a lot of side effects in an athletes body .. it can cause the health concerns.

            1. I agree because, everyone should be informed about an an athletes taking of drugs no matter legal or illegal.
              here are some examples of what people should know about:
              1.) People have the right to know whether the person is taking drugs.
              2.) People have the right to know whether the drugs is legal or illegal.
              3.) Fans have the right to know whether the person is taking drugs and whether the drugs is legal or illegal. So that they can choose if they want to watch the game or not.
              THANK YOU.

              1. I agree with you approachable climate because too much of drug in the body causes a lot of damage to the body which may include death.
                In the case of fans they might not like to see athletes that when running they can just die due to the effect of pills in the body.
                In conclusion I will say that fans have the rights to know if athletes took drugs either legal or illegal to the body .
                THANKS OR THANK YOU.

              2. I wholeheartedly agree with you as fans should have the right to know whether an athlete is doping as it could make the sports boring.

          3. I totally disagree with you intelligent nectarine because fans will always enjoy a good game, so taking enhanced drugs should not be encouraged in any way .Hard work,effective training , diligence, consistency is the key word for an athlete.

        2. I agree with trusting_ interaction because I think players should be alert incase other players are using performance enhancing drugs, but I think no one should be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs not only because it damages your system but without it develops your body. I also think using performance enhancing drugs will affect your fame and your reputation. this could affect your reputation negatively. This could affect them negatively due to shame, making them not want to play anymore and reducing their fans.

        3. I agree with you because athletes are suppose to be alert of who they are playing with .I say so because if others athletes are not alert of who they are playing with and they don't use these drugs they might not be able to perform well ,and they might be feeling embarrassed and will therefore not want to perform again.
          I also think that if athletes use these drugs the game will not be interesting, and it could stop people from coming to watch the game because they are mostly using performance_ enhancing drugs.
          Don't you think that, performance_ enhancing drugs could stop people from visiting stadium, and will it have positive impact to people.

      2. I agree because in a sports competition like the enhanced games, the use of performance enhancing drugs is allowed and the people watching would know because of the freedom that the competition allows for. I do not feel ghat any competitors using peds should not be forced to reveal such information as it is expected for them to use it. Additionally the audience should be able to identify an athlete who is using a ped by any superhuman feat which would probably be common in the competition.

        1. Yes, i agree. It is called the "Enhanced games" so people should know that athletes are not acting on their own abilities alone. The audience as well as the competitors all need to know. But in a case where people that take drugs and those that don't are made to compete, i strongly stand against that. If at all Enhanced games should become a part of the sport world, all competitors should be given drugs so that it can be able to balance the equation a little bit. Making those who have taken performance enhancers and those who aren't compete will make everything very unbalanced. Unfortunately, this is what happens in our present society. Some athletes actually take the drugs but don't tell anybody and this ends up giving them false glory and making the other athletes feel sad and incompetent. No information should be held back from the public.

      3. Yes, I agree with you. If the games they play allow them to use such, I don't think it should be disclosed to anyone because here now, it is their own decision as it is allowed but otherwise if it's not allowed, it wouldn't be acceptable to use such to play the games because it was not required and therefore be will be considered as cheating. Normally, I think sports are to check our skills, energy and award us not the other way round, using artificial energy for glory.

      4. I disagree with you. If players do not tell their audience that they are using performance enhancing drugs won't it look as if the players are cheating?

    5. I disagree with you contemplative fly.
      Revealing whether or not a player is using drugs is the fair thing to do, I say this because someone who is using drugs has better chances of winning than someone who is not because he/she has enhanced stats. Telling other players can be hurtful to them, but I believe that saying it is the right thing to do. Reporting to authorities helps in the improvement of competition systems, so that more people who do this can be caught and can be corrected, this just means that the organizer of the event might not even know whether or not the athletes are using drugs. So, in this case telling others can help you so that you can correct yourself on what you did.


    6. I disagree with your comment, I think they need to come clean about using perfomance enhancing drugs because if you keep something a secret you obviously know it's wrong well everyone knows it. If someone asks you something about well anything and you dont want to talk about it not because it's personal which for some people it is but because you know it's wrong and that you shouldnt do it. And it's not even fair from my view because someone who can't take something because of how they work is almost destined to lose if they allow drugs which will make the competition unfair and it will even cause the athletes to be lazy people and the whole point of being an athltete is to be active so I don't see why they are taking drugs.

    7. I disagree with you contemplative_fly and these are my reasons:
      1. If athletes use performance enhancing drugs, they should admit it, it shows that they are people of integrity and I believe the organizers care if athletes use enhanced drugs that is why it is forbidden.
      2. Doping is wrong. it is not right to use drugs in order to win.
      3. When some athletes use these drugs, it does not create a level playing field for everyone , while those who use these performance enhancing drugs will win, others who have put in more effort will be disappointed at the end of the day.
      4. I also believe that doping is cheating. Games are suppose to be fair to everyone and anyone who uses those drugs should be disqualified so the game would be fair.

      1. I agree because, doping is very wrong and it is harmful to other people. The athletes that use the preformance enhancing drugs should not be mixed in with the people that do not use them.
        It is like having the Paralympians mixed with the olympians which is not good.
        THANK YOU.

    8. Ι firmly disagree with your perspective! I believe that athletes should be obliged to reveal to others that they use enhancing drugs. Although this will make athletes and viewers think that what they have achieved so far is because of this privilege and that they haven't put so much effort and sweat, it is always good to be honest in order for a game to be more fair for all candidates.

      1. I disagree with you that they don't need to reveal anything because it is their own opinion to decide whether to or not. If they reveal, I think they will think they have gone far without them putting in effort and so the main aims of sports will be defeated.

    9. I disagree with your perspective although it is illustrated by valid and compelling points. Athletes should reveal it to others when they use drugs in order to make them aware of with who they compete. It is unfair to utilise performance enhancing drugs without disclosing this information with other athletes and it can also lead to the non objective win of someone as they used manners.

    10. i belive that using drugs are making the competition not work because ...
      . they might mess up the competition
      . might make the test wrong
      . might make you delosional
      that's why i belive that using drugs are making the competition not work
      we might not do the compitition because they are caught drinking red bull for a example

    11. I disagree with you because in Olympics performance enhancing drugs are banned and there are strict punishments to the people who use them. Some of the punishments are,
      1. They will be banned from the game.
      2. There reputation will be tarnished.
      3. It is considered as drug abuse.
      This are some of the consequences for using perfomance-enhancing drugs.

  • I believe if a person is using such drugs to win the game it is not appropriate to keep it secret as the person using may be at several risk factors like-health risks or e if it is disclosed in an inappropriate way to the public he might loose the opportunity to play throughout his life and also a guilt would be with him forever as he or she was the one to choose this way of cheating to win medals..also I believe if a person actually wants true success it should be through t his hardwork not through cheating it will be not fair for the one who is actually working I think these methods should be not followed even throught they are easy and short because a true success can never be acheived ywith this

    1. Which you you think is better:
      Some athletes using performance enhancers but lying about it
      All athlete being allowed to use performance enhancers but not everyone using them

      1. Hi Tiff!
        To me I disagree with the both and none of them is better because Athletes being allowed to use the pill but not everyone using it is being unfair. If a team embraces it, they should all use it and not making it available for some and not making available for some. Also Athletes using them and lying about it is also to their own detriment because they can get addicted to it and thereby causing diseases like the enlargement of the liver to themselves and so it’s better they say the truth so they can be properly disclosed to the disadvantages of taking it much also. So therefore, I don’t think any of them is a good idea.

      2. I find it particularly hard to pick a side, because lying about it isn't right, and everybody being allowed to take them still feels unfair towards those who maybe can't afford them. If anything, I believe that athletes should admit if they have taken anything. That way, those who didn't take anything won't be told that they couldn't have won with their own powers. I have seen this happening in many circumstances. For example: kids can tell the one who's done their homework the best that it was because the child's mother was home to help him. It doesn't matter if it would be a lie. They would still say it. I think that it is something to consider, because adults are just children who grew up. They keep some of their bad habits. From my point of view, it is important to have honesty and to tell the world how you have come that far. For example, little kids might be watching someone win the competition. I believe that they should be told if the athlete took any enhancing drugs, so that they don't grow up thinking that they must do it all by themselves and that if they can't , they should give up. I personally think that it is crucial what message we are sending out. I believe that it is not only about the athlete, but also how it impacts other's minds.

      3. Hey, Tiff @ Topical Talk!
        I believe that All athlete being allowed to use performance enhancers but not everyone using them it is ultimately up to me whether or not they do so. If everyone is allowed to use performance enhancers, I believe that this will be fair because everyone will have the opportunity to use the drugs without facing any repercussions, and if they choose not to use them, it won't be unfair because they had the opportunity but chose not to take it so it can be a fair game. Thank you for your time 😊

      4. I believe that the second option is better. If certain players are not using performance-enhancing drugs, then it shows their confidence. Even if they play against players who have used these drugs and lose, they can still tell their fans that they played fairly. I m not saying that the opponent cheated but it just seems fair...By not using these drugs, a player might have trained harder than others or have more experience than others.

      5. This was a tricky question and I think that some people might say that it is better to have some athletes using performance enhancers but lying about it, because they can still inspire others with their achievements and provide entertainment for the fans. Others might contend that it is better to have all athletes being allowed to use performance enhancers but not everyone using them, because this would level the playing field and respect the individual choices of the competitors.
        However, both scenarios have their drawbacks and ethical implications. Performance enhancers can have harmful effects on the health and well-being of the athletes, as well as undermine the integrity and fairness of the sport. Lying about their use can also damage the reputation and trust of the athletes and the sport itself. Therefore, I think the best option is to have strict regulations and testing to prevent and deter the use of performance enhancers, and to promote a culture of honesty and sportsmanship among the athletes and the fans.
        Some people may think that letting all athletes take drugs to enhance their performance would make things fair, because everyone would have the same chance to improve their skills. However, this could also lead to a loss of diversity and loss of natural talent in the sport, and also encourage a culture of doping and dependency on drugs.
        Different people react differently to the same drug. Some might feel better, some might not. Some might have side effects, some might not. So, the drug is not fair for everyone.
        So, I don't think there is a clear-cut answer to this question, but rather a matter of personal preference and values.

    2. I agree because... It's not great to hide these things. It's almost like lying, and almost selfish. Athletes should be straightforward and honest because it's not fair to the others. If they're gonna cheat, they should not participate. It's better to be honest and to not cheat in any sport unless it's allowed!

  • I believe that people with a platform or status should have to come out about the use of PEDs as they could lead to unhealthy lifestyles for an audience trying to keep up with them or follow their routine. It could also lead to problems like body dysmorphia as some fitness influencers for example the liver king have recently come out as being on anabolic steroids which gives a false hope to the average person.

    1. I agree with reasoning_shrimp because an athlete who uses drugs is degrading his own physical health and he is also encouraging others to use drugs.
      Firstly, When an athlete uses drugs, various internal problems occur in his body, such as memory loss,decreased brain function, liver and stomach problems etc. These problems increase an athlete's risk of death which can spoiled his playing career.

      Secondly, Those who follow an athlete who takes drugs may advance to taking drugs. I think that, thus a society will advance towards destruction. Therefore, sports organizations should take strict step to stop drug use.

    2. I agree with reasoning_shrimp because speaking with social media most people try to imitate or copy what ever trend goes on the social media because they want to go along to get along. I also think that people that take part in these drugs are not able to continue or go on with their career because they might have a shorter lifetime or they might have a disease or infection due to these drugs. In addition to this, most times when people take in too much of these drugs, it takes time for the drugs to react to their systems and this time is long enough for them to win the game, but later the side effects of the drugs might occur. This will be very bad.So, I think that reasoning_shrimp has a very good point.

    3. I agree because... If people are aware that an athlete takes an enhancement drugs it can help save the athlete in case of any emergency during the sports competition. In case of any health issue let's say an athlete has a heart attack or a medical relapse during the sports as a result of taking the drugs, it will be easier for the medical practitioners to know the first aid to give to the athlete before taking he or she to the hospital if they are aware that they are on the drugs but if they are not aware that the athlete has taken the enhancement drugs they might issue or wrong first aid which might lead to a greater a ailment.

    4. I agree because if they don't tell anyone about their use of drugs it could cause reputation damage to their opponents as if they use drugs it could make one feel cheated out of their win because their opponents have used biological advancements to make useless of their hard work and training, and this might lead them to start taking those drugs , which would eventually lead to a fatal overdose gradually building up over time.

      1. I agree because if most of these people don't see the side effects of the drug it might feel like the is no effect on them, which may lead to taking overdose and it may kill them or potentially end their career and make them get extremely sick.

  • Of course they have to reveal it. This is the meaning of Olympic games. Healthy body, healthy mind.
    But in order to compete you have to be honest so as to as all to compete in equal terms.
    An enhanced competition means that you are cheating as this is against the rules and the rules should be respected by everyone.
    It's a healthy competition that needs hard work and a lot of practice.
    If a game is based on drugs then this game should totally change the rules.

    1. Hi incredible message,
      I agree with you because they have to reveal it so other athletes might help doctors to supervise those athletes that want to take the new performance-enhancing drugs. Also you have to be honest for you to be safe during the Olympics games , in case the game starts athletes have to be in equal terms so that no athlete will be confused.
      I think that they should reveal it to the public because the athletes that do not want to take part in the enhancement drugs need to know what and who they are up against. The need to brace themselves because these drugs can make some of the athletes go ballistic. So, they need to prepare themselves.
      That is why I think that they should reveal it to the public.
      THANK YOU.

    2. Hi incredible message
      I agree that enhanced drugs should be announced to the public because the public should be told about the things they do and the public will feel that the games are not true and fake that their are also change their way of training ,
      food nutrition and changes the rules of the game.
      Thank you for your time

    3. I agree with you . They have to reveal it as this is not fair to other competitors.
      Additionally the audience and especially young people get inspiration from athletes and this is not a good role model. If their fans want to be like them they should be aware if their favorites athlete success is because of hard work or not.

    4. I agree because... people who cheat do not deserve to be in such a great position if it's not actually *them* doing it. It's the drugs doing it. Plus, people have to keep in mind that these are DRUGS.

      Now, of course, not every drug is bad. But many can still cause harm even if they help the body. There are many drugs with side effects, maybe even every drug does. Negative side effects appear in the majority of drugs and people have to realize this because it can really harm your body!

      So, it is better to reveal if they have enhanced drugs so they get a health check up or have someone monitor their health. Along with that, you have to be truthful if you are cheating and not using your own hard work and abilities.

  • I believe that athletes have to announce whether they are using any type of drugs such as steroids for multiple reasons . To begin with using such chemicals not only does it make it unfair for the users opponent who doesnt use them but also it worsens the users heath and condition . This is the reason why they are strictly prohibited in the Olympics and using them could even get you banned from attending since it is against everything the games stand for. I believe that the creation of the Enhanced Games is good because now it is up to the users standard's and because everybody is using them it makes the competition is fair.

    1. Thanks for your comment, honorable_moment. Given that you think that performance enhancing drugs worsen users' health and condition, do you still think it's a good idea to create the Enhanced Games where people might feel encouraged to use these drugs?

      1. Hi Sarah
        For me I think it is not a good idea to create enhanced games because it will worsen our health and make our health to be in danger in the future, because if we start taking enhanced drugs now, we will enjoy it now but in the future it will affect us really bad. For me I will say that athletes that they should not use enhanced drugs to win games instead they should work very hard so that they can achieve what they believe in their self and work as a team to achieve a particular goal.

      2. Hi Sarah!
        I am somewhere in the middle of this. The use of drugs may result in anxiety, addiction, vomiting, increased heart rate and other such health effects. Using drugs would also not be fair to the opponent who might not have used them. Athletes might stop working hard and get addicted and dependent on these drugs. Even with so many disadvantages, I think in some way these games might be good. Several times an athlete gets injured a few days before the event. Due to the injury, they are not able to participate. However, now in the enhanced games the use of a suitable amount of drugs would help them perform well. All the hard work that they have been doing for months, would not go to waste. Also, new athletes who aren't confident and perfect yet may get the confidence to perform in front of such a large crowd with the use of drugs. Then later after some practice, these athletes can perform without any drug dosage. Hence I think, enhanced games have both disadvantages and advantages. It will depend on the person if they would prove to be helpful or not.

      3. Hi Sarah
        I will encourage to use enhanced drugs with the following point of my
        Enhanced drugs serve as a catalyst in activating one's potential in the field, there by adding extra energy, zeal, encourage to go beyond one's strength to achieve a greater goal or results,. Without the help of enhancing drugs, most of the individuals in the field wouldn't have extra stamina to face the challenge of winning races. Therefore, I will encourage the use of these enhance drugs by the approve of satisfied medical professionals that have chosen a specific drugs with lesser risk that affect human health.
        So with this point of my I think I have convince you that we should encourage enhanced drugs and have satisfied doctors that will the drugs with lesser risk that will affect human health.

      4. To me, I think it is still a good idea because athletes are not harmed by the drugs if am not mistaking, the only thing there is that people who don't have full knowledge about the enhanced games and drugs are being so worried about it without thinking about the fact they cannot be harmful but only gives strength to the athletes. But if we should think about this over again, enhanced drugs makes games to be faster and more fun. People are worried and thinking that athletes might be harmed during the games because of the strength from the drugs but there are still rules that guides the games and when you go contrary to the rules, you will be given red card which means you are disqualified, then next time the games will go well after lessons had been learnt from the previous red card given.

    2. you make very good points, a player not disclosing their on steroids or other type of drugs could make the game unbalanced and unfair because one player that uses performance enhancers is automatically going to be better than a athlete who does not. but i agree with you, i do think it would be interesting to see something like a version of the Olympics were athletes are able to use performance enhancers because it allows the player to use what they want while still making the game itself fair to everyone.

    3. I completely agree with you that making use of this substance can be dangerous because it is drug abuse to use drugs without a doctor's prescription. The exact amount that the athletes take doesn't really concern them. The rate at which enhanced medications are administered should be followed the guidelines established by WADA. Yes, it makes the competition unfair. It is not called winning if one breaks the rules or does anything that is prohibited. One enjoys a game when it is fair. In addition, taking performance-enhancing drugs ruins an athlete's health. And also, an organization named WADA was established in order to ensure that the competition is fair.

      1. The Enhanced Games propose strict medical testing by doctors to support athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs safely. Does this change your mind about anything?

  • Good Day everyone,
    I believe they must reveal if they are on performance-enhancing drugs because to be an athlete doesn't only mean to win a competition but to have a healthy body and mind. Transparency about drug use in sports is crucial for maintaining fair competition and ensuring the health and safety of athletes. While athletes using these drugs may appear physically fit, the long-term effects on their bodies can be severed. Infact, taking performance enhancing drugs shouldn't be permitted at all because Even if an athlete were to win while using them, it would not be a fair victory. Additionally, it is unreasonable to compel all athletes to use these drugs, considering the harmful impact they can have on health. I believe athletes should disclose their use of performance-enhancing drugs before competitions. This step is essential for ensuring the fairness of the game and upholding the principles of sportsmanship.
    People may have contradicting views, but this is what I strongly believe.

  • I believe that the athletes taking performance-enhancing drugs should reveal it to the public. The public should know the whole truth about the sportsperson they like. Also, games are supposed to be fair and honest. If the opponent doesn't know that a player takes these supplements then it is unfair for him/her.

    1. Hello, benevolent_groundhog,
      I agree with you because the public should know whether some of the athletes are taking enhancement drugs or not. I say this because if they tell the public the other athletes will be able to know how they are found to cope and play side-by-side with athletes that take enhanced drugs for fitness. This can help the athletes that are not taking the enhancement drugs because they might be able to exercise harder and more often. Some athletes that take drugs also may like how their muscles look when they take these drugs. Mire dangerous types of anabolic steroids are called designer steroids. Some drug tests may not be able to spot them in a person's body. This is bad because this may be able to help them cheat in the Olympics.
      I got that only 1% of the world is caught using drugs in the Olympics and one of those athletes was Diego Maradona who according to my research, at the 1994 World Cup, famous Argentine footballer Diego Maradona tested positive for five variants of ephedrine which is a drug used to increase energy and alertness in addition to losing weight by speeding up your metabolism. That is the drug he took.
      In conclusion, in this quiz, I got a learnt a lot about drug enhancement and the percentage of the world's athletes that use it as well as those that were caught before the Olympics. I also learnt that women didn't participate in the Olympics, not until later in time.
      THANK YOU.

    2. I solidly concur with you benevolent groundhog because, when the public agree with them taking performance-enhanced drugs, then it is a fair paly. I also agree with the part that says it has to be a public affair in which it is been exposed to everyone that players or athletes are been taken or given drugs to help them run fast or helps them to perform better so that when someone begins to have a health issue they won't say it is a secret deal.
      Games has to be fair so that it will be interesting and people will find it awesome to watch because when one opponent takes the drug while he other doesn't, you will get to find out hat is cheating and might also lead to assault or destruction.

    3. I'm not sure about this because... if they reveal it to the public it will cause lost to the people that are interested in playing sports, they people that control the sport control will now have to close the sports for as long as they want and they athletes that was exposed to the public will now ruin their reputation and bring shame to the family.
      So they should not expose it to the public instead they should suspend the person from playing for like a year or instead expelled from that from that arena that they stay to play any particular sport.

    4. Hi!
      I agree with you that Enhancing drugs should be revealed to the public.if they don't know the public will feel angry that their favorite sports star is cheating . So the public should know that Athletes are taking performance-enhancing drugs so it can be fair. Thanks for listing

    5. I solidly agree with you because, the performance-enhancing drugs don't suppose to be something taken secretly so for health reasons ,it has to reviewed to people in case if someone begins to develop some health issues.
      Secondly, if the performance enhancing drugs are be allowed, then it has to be taken by the both teams to avoid cheating or unfair play among others. Also, remember to that all drugs has side effect, and also, remember to that the performance enhancing drugs has limitations in the sense that it should be regulated by the sportsperson for health safety.

    6. I agree because, if an athlete is using unfair methods which includes doping, he/she should not be called a sportsman due to his lack of sportsmanship and loyalty to the people/viewers. According to 'sportsmanship', playing the game and giving best is more significant than winning.

      Athletes should honestly tell, whether they have used supplements or not to the people they are liked by the most, the viewers. If they find good to use performance-enhancing drugs, cheating and being a proud winner, then, they should not hide it from others, they should candidly inform the truth behind their victory.

      Although, I still believe that using drugs or any kind of cheat material is completely unfair and inapplicable in any competition, sport, or game.

    7. Hi
      I agree with you that enhanced drugs should be known to be the will feel that the game will feel unfair, the public should know that they taking enhanced drugs,if they know the games will be fair to can affect their health, causes sickness of athlete.the public should know that they are taking enhanced drugs.
      Thank you.

  • I believe that players will have to reveal that they take enhancing drugs because it is illegal and can damage the body system.Sports is all about using what you have to try and win a match and by what you have using good things.It could also lead to serious diseases because if you do not enclose it will continue to destroy your body system from the inside.

    1. I agree with succinct_cheetah because if they don't reveal to their opponent and hopefully win the game their opponent will think that they are not good at what they do and it may lead to suicide but if they athletes who use the enhanced drugs will reveal it to their opponents it will be a fair game and the athletes who do not use the enhanced drugs will be likely to compete with people who use enhanced drugs as a way to see how better they are without it also if they do not reveal it might damage the body system if not well tested by doctors, athletes who are to compete with other athletes who have used the enhanced drugs would try their best to win the match without the enhanced drugs they will have great desire of comparing their physical strength to that of enhanced drugs and it will be a fair game also using the enhanced drugs is very dangerous to athletes and why I agree with you for proper care.

  • It's hard for me to choose which one I agree with the most. I think all viewpoints are valid and have a point, but I don't think it's fair or just to say that athletes are performing better. It's also a technological advancement, and we should consider the safety and wellbeing of athletes. It's also true that we can apply the lessons we learn to better assist people in their day-to-day activities and lives.

    1. lovely_planet it would be great to hear more about what you think are the good points about each of the viewpoints. How can we learn from performance enhancing drugs for people's day to day activities?

      1. Hi Sarah, @TopicalTalk.
        I feel Unlike anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, which are used to promote muscle growth and increase the body's energy, we have the day-to-day activities, jobs, or tasks we are engaged in at different times with the aim of making a living. This article will employ findings and experience from the use of steroids and apply them to finding solutions to day-to-day life issues. The argument that "we should employ and put these methods and solutions into use every time we try to solve our problems" underlies the main thesis: learning from performance-enhancing drugs for day-to-day activities. The author tries to view daily life issues, especially problems associated with health, in a broader perspective. In an overview, the article provides an analysis of how the methods of dealing with health problems and other life issues are described in two vastly different scenarios. The first scenario is one in which an individual's health has been persistently deteriorated by injuries and other health problems. In such a case, even doctors might try to avoid using common methods of solving health problems due to the mind's non-receptive attitude towards new inventions. The author comments that the affected individual in this case would always be exposed to the side effects of recurrent administration of painkillers like oxycodone or Advil. He compares this kind of approach to what he describes as a "resource depletion" form of problem-solving that he tries to explain scientifically in the next subsection of the article. On the other hand, the article presents a different scenario where health has been significantly and progressively improving since performance-enhancing methods of health have been used. Concisely, the use of steroids and other enhancing drugs and methods turns out to be a preference chosen to solve the problem in this second scenario. All the aforementioned statistics and examples are given to help the reader understand the work.
        Thank you.

      2. It can help you become more agile and proficient. It can teach us how to work with our bodies to develop our abilities. However, individuals who are not athletes should use performance-enhancing drugs with extreme caution as they can be dangerous.

  • Hi there,
    In the first place, enhancing the performance of drugs should be out of the question. Games are to test and recognize your natural strengths and skills, just like how the Economist Foundation wants to put your natural problem-solving skills to the test. Tests should be conducted before the games to eliminate such people, just like when you go against the rules of the economist, your comment gets rejected. For everything, there must be rules in place to create fairness and equality. It would be unfair to the other competitors who do not use them and do not win. To conclude, I'll give two quotes on fairness, and one goes, "Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same. Fairness means everyone gets what they need."-Rick Riordan and "Fairness is not an attitude. It's a professional skill that must be developed and exercised." Brit Hume. These two quotes convey a secret message, and I believe that the aim of such games is to recognize your TRUE talent, not to crown anyone the best.
    Thank you.

  • I think they should have to reveal it because its not fair to others. Games are supposed to be fair and fun. People should know because if you have fans they should know why they like you. If you are using enhancing stuff many people would agree or like you because your not using your natural talent.

  • I believe they do have to reveal that they are using an enhancing drug. If they don't reveal the drug it might seem like it's a way of cheating. Along with this, if you want your team to win you can tell your teammates about it because you can't win alone because it's a competition relying on your teammates and yourself. You can't take too much of this drug, it might even lead to an overdose. You need to have good health so it's a bad idea to take too much of this drug even though it might help you with performance it might not be so good and it might lead to death.

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

  • I believe that players should disclose whether or not they have taken performing-enhancing drugs because it would be disheartening for other to not know if they lost to someone using drugs or not. Players could also test themselves to beat someone using drugs. I think everyone plays and audience should know because personally it just feels underhanded to not tell if you have used drugs to help you win.

  • I personally think the questions shouldn’t be about whether or whether not these athletes should reveal their enhanced status but whether this is a good idea in the first place.
    I mean owning your body is great and all but your health matter above else.
    When I first read the headline I had to blink twice, like seriously? It’s like signing a death sentence in my view, or a long trip to the hospital because although these performance-enhancing drugs do improve your agility, speed, strength and so on, it is also a drug and like every other drug it can become addictive and potentially dangerous to your health.
    Take for example Tom Simpson, he died in 1967, due to a heart attack caused by dehydration. It was a hot summer day and a performance-enhancing drug amphetamines he had taken earlier made him push himself hard into a dehydrated condition. And because of his death the ICU - International Cycling Union banned drugs during cycling. So why is there a whole game section for these?
    In conclusion I feel athletes should be educated on these things, yes your body is your own, however that’s the more reason why you should take care of it. And yes athletes should reveal their enhanced states, just in case of any medical emergencies that might arise, any death that might occur, so as to enable medical practitioners understand the needs of the patient or in the latter case, why the victim died.

  • In my opinion the athlete should disclose whether or not they are using a performance enhancing drug. This is because drugs like these increase their likelihood of winning the tournament or race which is surely unfair to the other competitors. If 1 athlete out of 10 is using a drug in a race but has not stated they are surely it would be blatant that they have used a drug to enhance their performance. This may cause speculation and rumours about the athlete and even controversy over the topic or person. If one person is using the drug shouldn’t all of the athletes be using the drug so they are all at the same advantage as eachother?

  • As long as the player isnt lying about not using enhancers, Its not a huge problem. Yeah there is an given advantage to that player, but if every player is allowed to use it and some choose not to, its not really unfair because they have the choice to.

  • I think that thr person should reveal if he/she is taking drugs. So the game will be fair. The drug is mainly for boosting the person. So if one person is taking the drugs and other person is not taking then the game will be unfair. If there are are rules in the game that the person can take performance - enhancing drugs then it is oky if he is not informing. But if the rule is not there then the person should inform the coach or the manager. But i think people should use their own skills there is no need of doping.

  • I think that players in the game called doping should tell or show other who want to see other wise some of them would over react that he/she has been putting effort to do something not knowing that others have different methods ,I say this because in this game called doping every body is allowed
    too use whatever means they want to ,to get energy to jump ,kick and even run that means there is no cheating because it is allowed . Action have consequences the players know what they are about to do which has its own consequences , doping has its own side effects which include stroke cerebral or pulmonary embolism ,so before any of these players use drugs they should have read the effects.

  • I think that the athletes should reveal about performance-enhancing drugs because this clarity is essential for maintaining fairness and integrity in sports competitions. It shows that all athletes compete on a level playing field and helps to uphold the values of honesty and sportsmanship.

  • HI,
    Athletes that take performance enhancing drugs have to reveal that to others because there is a reason that they take this drugs and I feel that if they make this reasons known, they can be helped because drugs can kill one and to avoid that state, they have to come out to the world so we ca help them. We should let them know that there is no need to take drugs to do sports, if you cannot do one, there are other sports that you can definately do, believe it and you will find it. As a sport person that I am, everyone can do any sport that they put their mind to do, do not feel hopeless stop taking drugs so that everyone including you can live.

    1. Hi straightforward_king -- just a quick clarification here: performance enhancing drugs are not necessarily illegal and dangerous substances. For example, some can be found in medications used to treat asthma or in some common sports drinks. Does this change your mind about anything?