The future of AI: poll results!

We asked: How do you feel about the future of AI?

The results are in...


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  • I think these are the results I have been waiting as curiosity is a human characteristic for something that is new or even unknown to us.
    The future of AI has given us a lot of potential in our daily tasks but at the same time we know that it still has to give us a lot.
    So this is what make us to feel curious. What is the next step? Is there going to be an end?

  • Hi there I believe that we can benefit with many advantages from AI in the future. AI will help us do many things, like it'll help us making the tasks or chores that the human have to do. It'll do the teacher's work for them, and it can help workers in their work, but we must caution that we don't count on Al total dependency, but we use them wisely. I'm excited about this splendid future!

  • The result was what I expected, as many of us, including me and my friends, are curious about the potential of AI in the future. People want to know how it will impact the world, how it will change different industries, and whether it will replace or assist human teachers. Additionally, there is a growing interest in how AI can be utilized in developing treatments for illnesses. The discussions and possibilities surrounding these questions are evident in this hub, as people are eager to learn more about the role AI will play in the future.

  • I noticed that the poll results show a slightly different percentage of curious and excited people than I expected. I am part of the excited group who can't wait to witness the wonders of AI. Other students who participated in the hub discussion also expressed excitement about learning and Discovering how AI can be used, like using AI in transportation can prevent agricultural disasters and combat climate change. My perception what's that the percentage of excited people would be more than the percentage of curious ones and it turned out to be different.

  • The poll results were unexpected for me as I thought worried individuals would have higher percentage, followed by excited and then curious. However, to my surprise, the poll was different with the majority vote being for curious people. I had initially thought that worried people would have a higher percentage because of the comments made by some students. They were concerned that AI would replace their teachers and take over their jobs, which could lead to unemployment. Therefore, I assumed that the worried individuals would take the majority of the vote.

  • What I feel about the AI is curiosity.
    I said this because when the AI innovation first came out, the questions that were in my head were is it safe? is it reliable? and is it to be trusted? These are the questions that were on my mind when the AI innovation first came out.
    So, generally, in my opinion, the AI is not to be trusted for now until we know if it will be helpful or it will override its programmings and cause mass destruction? So, for now I will keep my distance just to be on a safer side.

    1. I agree with you wise painting because the first thing that also came to my mind was what was going to happen to us. as such, the curiosity and anxiety got me thinking whether AI should restricted until everyone agree and accept the fact that AI would be staying with them. and i also think there should be a safe place for Humans and for the AI invention just to help the AI in a good way.

  • I agree with this poll because new ideas are are always met with pessimism before they gradually begin to warm up to it. So AI without exception will also be faced with the same reality.
    Other technologies faced similar challenges, when television was invented, it was said people will not have the time to sit in place to be looking a box, time have proving that to be wrong.
    In conclusion, the poll is right but with time people will no longer be curious.

    1. I agree because the ideas of famous people were first rejected before they became famous. An example of this is Gregor Mendel. Gregor Mendel's work on genetic inheritance wasn't read by anyone during his life. His work later became the basis for genetics and he became famous. AI will most likely be like that. People will either not pay attention to it or might be sceptical of it. It will most likely take years for AI to become an everyday thing. People might be fearful of it at first and it will take time. For now, we can expect AI to be rejected by the overall population.

  • I think I have much curiosity towards how the world might play out with the use of (AI). In the future will the (AI) be a treat or promote peace, we have to decide now there many positive impacts of the (AI) but a negative impacts are to many and it just keeps getting worse as the world keeps evolving so dose the (AI) soon humans won't need to make the AI or do the necessary process for production of the (AI) becuase the it would make humansmlazy who knows humans might not even think or make decisions for there selves the (AI) might be doing all these things.

  • I am not that surprised about people being curious about the future of AI, why because humans some of the youths today have it in mind that the future of AI can be much to be expected from maybe the bringing of new dimensions of learning and probably living and also can bring disruption to the living of humans. So actually I am not that surprised about people being curious of the future of AI which can bring positive or negative impact on the lives of humans.

  • I would go for curious because when the AI innovation first came out, I felt a kind of tingle that meant;
    Is it to be trusted?
    Can it do what it is said to be able to do?
    Is it a waste of time, efforts and resources?
    Or is it just a normal helping machinery crafts.
    These are the four questions that were in my mind the whole time when the AI innovation came out.
    So, what I think of the AI is basically just curiosity just to know if I am on a safer side or not.

  • This is expected, when I saw this, I could almost say the curious are are digital immigrants while the excited are digital natives. The digital natives are already actively using AI to execute their the work while the immigrant approach it caution and curiosity. I remember a friend of my dad who didn't encourage me to use AI to do my write up saying that it will affect my creativity.
    I think the worried and the sad are people who probably think this will take away people's job.
    The poll is a fair representation of what I expected.

  • This is not what I expected because I am very excites about AI, so I was equally expecting others to be but I was disappointed. I'm just wondering why people will be curious, sad, worried about a technology that has come to make life better for them.
    I think there is wide gulf between those who are conversant with the use of computers and those who think otherwise.

  • This what I expect. Since the advent of AI technology, there has been a lot of debates on whether it will take over human work, render people jobless etc. So there is a whole conversation going with a lot of uncertainty and the poll represents it well.

  • This what I expect. Since the advent of AI technology, there has been a lot of debates on whether it will take over human work, render people jobless etc. So there is a whole conversation going with a lot of uncertainty and the poll represents it well.

  • Hello;
    If I'm being honest, I must say that I'm excited about Al's future. Because I am not 100% sure about Al. But, I think that in future Al will make our life and work much easier and comfortable. Al can work very quickly. This is what intrigued me the most. So will we be able to finish the work of several days in a few hours in the future? But one thing worries me a lot. Alki will do well in the future. For any loss of Al, people's lives will not be in any trouble! Will Al really be good for us? All things intrigued me. Want to know the opinion of other students. Then maybe I can get the correct information. Are you worried about Al's future? Please answer my question quickly.

  • Not quite what I expected. I am particularly concerned the large ratio of the curious and the worried. I would to know what worry and concerns are hinged on after all AI is supposed to help human with proficiency in the work place. Their worry and curiosity is worth studying perhaps it help in the further development of the AI technology.

  • I would feel worried because, in my opinion, AI is not to be trusted and relied on wholly. After all, we do not know if the AI was made to help us in the first place, then we get accustomed to it. It will contain all the vital information of governments, massive organisations, military operations and many more, making it a supreme power worldwide.
    So, when we get used to it too much, maybe some organizations will start creating artificial intelligence that causes mass destruction using the acquired information by it.
    Thank you.

    1. I agree with you. I am also really worried about the future of AI. AI is invented to help people from difficult tasks. But, nowadays they are doing many jobs that even an ordinary man can easily do. People are using AI robots as waiters, as news reporters. All of these things will create unemployment problems. Even, students also use AI to do their homework but it was meant to be done by themselves.
      Also, AI can make fake voices, videos and other things about anyone. If they make any negative voice and video about anyone, it will hamper their reputation. For example : Someone used AI to make fake voices and videos about US president Joe Biden. Won’t it hamper his reputation? Yes, it will hamper. Then, why not be worried about it. Even, we can't believe AI blindly because we can't say our information is either safe to them or not. AI can leak any information about government, organisations or military operations that is saved to their algorithms. That's why I'm worried about the future of AI.

  • Hi,
    Firstly, I think that AI is the thing that the most of the people in the world use it and take from them some seconds to finish their tasks. And their is many app and different uses like their app special in photos and information.And from 2 years I didn’t support AI but now I use it in my daily life.
    Finally in my opinion the AI is the best thing had been invented.

  • I am very scared about AI innovation. It has been a burden on me about the future impact of AI on employment. I am of the view that if AI can be used to perform tasks that were initially done by human beings then what will become of those employees. Example is the introduction of ATM machines for deposits and withdrawals in banks. What will the tellers then do?How are we going to survive as people without employment?
    Thank you

  • I expected because a lot of people are going to be curious about something new that could really change our world. I also understand why some people are worried because since it is so new, it could possibly be dangerous.

  • I am worried for the future with AI .AI and automation might take over lots of jobs that people do now, which could make some worry about not having work and the economy getting shaky. As AI gets better, I am also worried about things like unfairness in algorithms, privacy being invaded, and the chance that it could be used in ways that aren't right, like in spying or weapons.

  • I think that these results are very accurate as i am sure a lot of people would be very curious to find out what the future of AI holds . I am also sure that some people will be feeling very excited to find out what will happen next for example there might be stuff like flying cars and floating traffic lights who knows . But maybe some people are feeling a bit worried about the future of AI they might be worried about AI having a bad impact on our daily lives and not looking after the planet like we should be . I am not suprised that a very little amount of people our feeling sad about what the future holds as it a new experience for us all and it is nice to be learning something new . And I know that some people might be thinking something else about the future of AI and i would love to find out what other people our thinking . Overall I think that these our lovely results and I am looking forward to seeing some more polls in the future .

  • I strongly think this is a fair and expected result, this is because some people will be looking forward to experiencing what the future of AI will be like, since there is already a lot of AI usage and substances in the present world right now, I'm sure that information will leave people with questions about how the usage of AI will be like in the future. I don't think people will be sad about the future of AI, even though some people won't be excited about it, a lot of people will, because AI helps lots of people when they have troubles with something, like: Work, education, business, etc. Since people need AI to help them with their activities and lives, I won't be surprised when people are excited about the future of AI.

  • I am curious, sad, worried, and excited at the same time and this is because AI is an interesting technology for the fact that it helps with innovations, problem-solving, personalization, efficiency, healthcare, education, business, environmental sustainability, transportation, cybersecurity, and so on. But it also has some issues which include the following: job displacement, bias and discrimination, privacy concerns, ethnic dilemmas, lack of transparency, security risks, dependency on AI and so on.

  • The results of the survey surprised me, since I thought that people who were afraid would have a higher percentage than those who were happy and curious. I was surprised to see that the poll showed a different result, with the majority of voters supporting those who are fascinated. I thought the number of terrified people would be higher because of several students' comments., I assumed the number of terrified people would be higher. They feared that AI would take over their jobs and replace teachers, resulting in joblessness. Consequently, I had expected that the majority of votes would go to those who were concerned.

  • I am not surprised at the amount of people that are curios about AI. I am very interested in AI and it's potentials. just like every new invention it will tend to change or develop over time. In my opinion we haven't seen all the potentials of AI.

  • Hi!
    I think these are the results I have been waiting as curiosity is a human characteristic for something that is new or even unknown to us. As many of us, including me and my friends, are curious about the potential of AI in the future. People want to know how it will impact the world, how it will change different industries, and whether it will replace or assist human teachers. New ideas are are always met with pessimism before they gradually begin to warm up to it. So AI without exception will also be faced with the same reality.
    Thank you.

  • Hi, I think that the value of the artificial intelligence market in 2021 amounted to about $328 billion, and it is expected to reach $1.394 trillion by 2029, with a growth rate of 20%. While the market size in North America has reached $144 billion, worldwide AI chip revenues are expected to exceed $80 billion in the next five years.

  • This is what I expected but I did not expect that much people chose something else. I wonder how they felt about the future of AI.
    I think that it would be quite normal for a lot of us to feel curious as we do not know how would AI be in the future. I think people would wonder how quickly technology will develop as it might affect how AI develops in a way.

  • I am in the worried portion of the poll. I believe that soon when ai gets more advanced e will lose a sense of reality to the point where we wont be able to do anything for ourselves since we have relied on it for so long. I believe things like the Apple Vision Pro is the start of this.

  • Hi, there.
    I am very excited about the future of AI. One of the most amazing inventions of the technologically advanced world is AI. AI is constantly bringing new surprises in front of people. One of them is Chat GPT. By using this website, customers can easily get accurate and correct information about various subjects of knowledge. AI is transforming education with personalized learning experiences for teachers and students and more efficient administrative tasks. AI is also enabling faster crop production through land monitoring, crop disease detection and solutions, weather forecasting, faster seeding, etc. AI has improved the field of medicine by diagnosing difficult diseases, providing rapid clinical information, analyzing imaging data, etc. The jobs that are life-threatening are becoming easy to do with the use of AI. A new job is being created. Unemployment is falling. I hope that artificial intelligence will accelerate the technological development in the future. The invention of the future of AI will be very convenient for people. So I am very excited about the future of AI.
    Bye. Thank you very much.

  • I think it will make life much easier and will make humanity develop much faster , it will also enhance learning by being more fun but as the artificial intelligence grows and advance it will make more people lose their jobs causing a huge unemployment which can lead to the dominance of AI over humans

  • It is what I expected because human beings in general have been putting out ideas,on what AI will do in the future and this has shaped some people's idea about AI and it is not allowing them to broaden their mindset towards AI and the future.

  • I expected curios the most because we all know that humans are curios and scientists are. Sometimes when it is lesson times we get a bit curios and raise soul of our hand up and it might be unpredictable on what the future of the environment will be.