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Hello caring_dove, I am in the same class and I truly agree with you.It was interesting and so... How did the lesson go? 28/3/24
i agree because the standpoint is amazing our planet is needing our help to look after it we... ECO-ANXIETY 12/3/24
i belive that using drugs are making the competition not work because ... . they might mess up... Should people know? 12/3/24
i agree because it don't matter what sport you do it is just if you wanna dance just go and... Which sports “matter”? 11/3/24
i scores 8 out of 15 on the quiz the facts are verry intresting to know Show what you know 02/2/24
point c , i disagree because the prisioners done some thing wrong and thay deserve prison to... What if prisons aren’t working? 02/2/24
yes i agree because without the games we might be bored Will schools exist in future? 01/2/24