Which sports “matter”?


Aron D’Souza is the President of the Enhanced Games.

Watch Aron’s video to hear him explain why he thinks games like these are important – and about which sports matter most.

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  • In my opinion there aren't sports that "matter". All of them have their own benefits and just because someone does a sport that isn't popular or the same as you doesn't mean the sport that you play matters more. I think that sports like the olympics are good because the people can speak to others who are in the same industry and then learn from their and others mistakes.

    1. I agree with you articulate_butterfly. All sports offers unique benefits, irrespective of popularity. The Olympics fosters learning and camaradiary among athletes backgrounds. The significance of a sport isn't determined by its mainstream appeal but by the passion fulfillment it's brings brings to participants.

    2. Yes, I agree with you that there are no sports that matters, all of them have their benefits they bring to the body. They could even help in learning and maintaining skills. They also help in body building such as football, basketball, relay race etc. Sports are all useful and should not be frowned at.

      1. Yes, I agree with you because all people gain their own perks from doing specific sports. All sports provide different pros and cons for players that give them their own lifetime effects. People's specific sports can help them mentally, physically, and emotionally. Which causes lifetime happiness if played correctly. All sports matter.

    3. Definitely no sport "matters". I say so because, every sport have their own use and benefits. To me, I think those sports that have very popular people does not mean those are the only sports that matters because, a lot of people will start to assume those are the only sports that we need. These sports like football help others who are not getting it right pick up, and also learn from other peoples mistake and error so they can become better.

      1. I disagree because all sports do matter because, in this world there is nothing that is useless. Every single thing that we know benefits one person or the other. if this the money that they used to build the stadiums will be wasted.
        Take for instance you built a stadium for a sport that is not popular and athletes stop coming to your stadium and you also spent billions to build it what will you do?

        1. I agree because every thing in the world has a purpose or correct me if i'm wrong.I want you to imagine that if there was only one sport in the world ,would there be any other skill or technique and how would you think the world will be? For instant if you are an athlete that only plays one sport and the opponent plays more than one sport the opponent will be more better that the one who plays one sport because the opponent will use the skills they learnt from other sports , sometimes the athlete will think the opponent is using enhanced drugs .

        2. I agree with you active _coconut because if you go ahead and waste your money on building a stadium that the sport doesn't matters it will be wasted money because no one goes there to do anything. But instead of wasting money on a stadium that no one goes to watch nothing. you could put your money on how to stop the enhance gaming and make the games fair not fair and will make the world a fair place

      2. I'm not too sure about this. We should not only look at the financial point of view. Not all sports are that popular or pay as much but definitely all of them have benefits. Whether the sport is widely known or not, all sports benefit the human body whether physically or mentally. There are some indigenous sports that have huge benefits. Here are some examples:
        1. Archery: Archery is not as popular as football but it enhances focus, precision and upper body strength.
        2. Canoeing: Canoeing is often treated as more of a recreational activity but it enhances upper body strength and also engages cardiovascular fitness.
        3. Simple footraces: Though it is just simply running around with a few opponents, footraces help to improve speed and endurance.
        Because these sports are indigenous, like the Olympics, they also bring people people together. They bring communities and towns together as well as promote teamwork, cooperation and peace. I think all sports matter. From sports played in gigantic international stadium to sports played in a small town square.

      3. i agree because it don't matter what sport you do it is just if you wanna dance just go and dance people can do whatever they belive they can do it

    4. I agree that sports have numerous benefits and can help boost the economy. Hosting big games such as those organized by the NBA or FIFA can bring in money. However, with all the advantages come some downsides. Physical sports like football and rugby can cause injuries to players. Also, some sports are more dangerous than others. International sports events are great for bringing people together. And as a bonus, it's easy to pay for injuries instead of a state game. It's okay for people to have a preference for a particular sport.

      1. I agree because, everyone has a sport he/she likes more than another. people are very happy when they see that their team has won. But when their team loses they are sad. People can also be indifferent about different sports. People sometimes even prefer the more dangerous sports over the easy sports. Most Americans prefer football to sports like tennis volleyball and so much more.
        THANK YOU.

    5. I agree with you Because all sports matters and no sports are seen as inferior but it just that some games are not really that fun and that is why in the video, he mentioned some of the games that have wasted money and time and are not fun Like curling and modern pentathlon and then he mentioned games that will be particularly put into consideration during the 21st century games which include swimming, gymnastics etc, but yet no game is inferior and no game is superior.

      1. HELLO unbiased planet,
        I agree with you because all games matter but some games look boring but I think that no matter how boring the game is, there are always spectators that will always watch. For example, I always wondered why people love rugby, I never liked rugby because I thought that is what too violent and boring, so no matter how boring you think the game is there are always people to watch and pay for it to bring the game some money.
        All in all, I say that every game is interesting, it just matters on the type of games you watch, so , never think a game is boring, just know that those ate not the type if games you watch.
        THANK YOU!!!

    6. I agree articulate butterfly.
      No sport matters more than another but what is rather happening is that some are widely recognized and have more impacts than others. Looking at the case of football, football is a game that has more impact than other sports, impacts such as harmony, co-ordination and teamwork, but that doesn't mean that it matters more than other sports, as others sports still help people make a living.
      I surmise that sports all have a general role to play, but some sports have more sponsors than others making it look like one 'matters' more than the other. In general, all sports bring about worldwide cooperation because people put aside their differences to come and be entertained, sports also generate revenue and work as one of the most paying jobs as it associates with high risk.
      In conclusion, I think that no sports matter more than another and they all have a huge impact on the individual and societal level, and they all bring joy to people.


    7. I agree with articulate_butterfly because sports is for fun and and what provides fun for me might not be fun to another person.
      Amplification of one sports over the other in the long run kills off other sports. We see this in some countries that have over the years gained mastery of some sports to the detriment of the development other sports.

      In conclusion, all sports matter and people's interest should be respected.

      1. You are right in a way .But in other countries some sport matters than others But. here in NIGERIA more sports matter.
        Mostly football, this sport is the only thing that put all the ethnic groups together, proof is that during the AFCON won of my teaches said that when the match of Côte d'Ivoire vs Nigeria all the streets were empty but when it ended the street came alive.

        1. I agree because... Yes it is sports that is the most common way to bring a community or even a country together. As you said, during the AFCON match between Nigeria and south Africa, I remember that as the first goal was scored the whole country was filled with joy even those who don't have television or those at work or those who don't watch football watch, right here in Lagos I felt that unity among Nigerians and though we actually lost in the finals to the host country, we are still actually proud of the Super Eagles because they did their best and we will continue to cheer for them. I have actually been trying to say that to some countries - most countries in fact, sport is what unites them!
          Thanks 😊👍

      2. Yes, i agree to this. Sports should not only be engaged in because of the financial benefits but because it provides physical and mental benefits as well as serves as a source of fun for everyone. When we hold other sports in higher regard, the other sports will be seen as useless or not beneficial even though you can benefit something from every sport. Whether it is improved hand eye coordination, upper body strength or speed, we can get all these things from even the simplest sports. We should not undermine some sports just because they are not internationally recognized, not played in a giant stadium or having a miserly pay. Every sport matters because it is not just about the pay. What about the physical benefits or even the fun?

    8. I strongly agree with your comment because different people have their different opinions about different sports/games. In my opinion, there are no special sports/games, what one considers special does not matter to another person.
      What I think is important here is what matters to people in terms of sport would be respected and opportunities must be provided for them to enjoy it.

    9. I disagree because, in all countries their is at least one sport that matters. The government supports sports at least one sport to be played for instance, in America the government supports the "NFL" or the "National Football League".
      In the UK they support "Rugby."
      No matter the country, they support at least one sport.
      That is why I said "all sports matter"
      THANK YOU.

    10. I agree partially because people participate in sports for different reasons. some do it for fun and others partake in it as a source of livelihood. the only difference is that different sports offer various benefits. the athletes that participate in, because when one is a sportsperson for money some sports offer a larger amount of pay such as soccer and basketball. But in a case where it is done for recreation, the amount it brings does not really matter and this where less popular sports like cricket and lacrosse come in. So I think that the purpose for which the sport is done determines which sports matter.

    11. I disagree with you because there are a lot of sports that matter in the society include the following:
      1. Basketball: According to better health channel basketball teaches you about being a good team player and can be a great social sport.
      2. Tennis: Tennis help you with your fitness and health. It also has social and psychological benefits.
      There are other sports that matters such as football, golf, cricket etc. Sports are important to a lot of people.

    12. I agree with you about how no sports really and truly "matter". Since each sport has its benefits and differing popularity rates, none of them can be valued above another because everyone's opinion would be biased in one way. Especially how other olympians can find other people and get constructive criticism on, both their performance and form.

    13. I agree with you articulate_butterfly. IYes sports have their benefits and in general sports are meant to be enjoyed rather than compare sports, we can find ways to improve on the sports or activities. I have watched many players that after the games there is exchange of handshake and sport wears, also I have seen lovers of other games watch and applaud players of their beloved one's favorite games it is a show of sportsmanship. One sport might bring joy to the heart of somebody and another sport will give that same joy to another person so it is important that we promote all sports.

    14. I completely agree with you. No sports matter and all sports matter because they all have the benefits they bring to the body. Some people think that some sports matter because it is meant for the rich. We have football, table tennis golf etc. They all matter , not that they are made for men or women, young people or old people. This sports help in restoration or bringing in of skills.
      They help in making the body strong and healthy.
      They serve as an avenue for socialization.
      They help build our self esteem etc.
      They are all useful and should never be frowned at.

    15. Hello articulated butterfly,
      In your comment above you stated that there aren't sports that matter but in my honest opinion I believe that all sports matter because they were either created to help build the physical and mental health of the players. In addition engaging in sport activities of others may also help in understanding the culture and society of others.

      Thank you.

    16. I agree because all sport have their own pros and cons

    17. I also believe that all sports matter regardless of their popularity or size. Sports provide a platform for individuals to display their abilities whether they display exertion or not. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to participate in sports without any preference or bias towards one particular sports. This way everyone is given a fair chance and they appropriate opportunity to showcase their abilities and ultimately contribute to the development of the country

    18. HELLO articulate_butterfly,
      I completely agree with your perspective on sports. Indeed, the notion of some sports matter more than others is quite subjective and often stems from societal perceptions or personal biases rather than any intrinsic value inherent to the sport itself.

      Consider the sport of rock climbing, for instance. To some, it might seem like an unconventional or niche activity compared to mainstream sports like football or basketball. However, for those who are passionate about it, rock climbing offers a multitude of benefits, both physical and mental.

      Physically, rock climbing requires strength, agility, and endurance. It engages muscles throughout the body and challenges individuals to push their limits in a vertical environment. Moreover, it promotes balance, flexibility, and coordination, all of which are essential components of overall fitness.

      Beyond its physical aspects, rock climbing also fosters mental resilience and problem-solving skills. Climbers must assess routes, strategize their moves, and overcome fear and doubt as they ascend challenging terrain. Each climb presents a unique puzzle to solve, and the satisfaction of reaching the summit is not just about physical accomplishment but also about mental triumph.

      Furthermore, rock climbing cultivates a strong sense of community among its practitioners. Climbing gyms and outdoor crags serve as gathering places where climbers of all backgrounds come together to share their passion, exchange tips, and support one another's progress. This sense of camaraderie extends beyond local communities, with climbers connecting globally through forums, events, and competitions.

      THANK YOU.

    19. I don't agree with articulate_butterfly because some sports are better than the other if you look at football it is a sports that brings countries together it is all about togetherness but basketball is not like football it not bringing countries together it about another thing so I don't think that you can classify all it one thing

      1. Why do you think football is more global than basketball?

    20. I agree with articulate butterfly because all sports matters. for example, while some people have talents and passion about one sports , others are passionate about others. others like volleyball and others like basketball and the list goes on. All athletes put in work and efforts so it will be disrespectful and unfair to see one sport as inferior to others.
      Therefore i think every sports matters, it is great and unique in their own right.

    21. I agree with what your saying and I like to add on about the benefits. Basketball helps with your mentality,and endurance,Baseball helps with you physique, endurance and focusing,Football helps with endurance,mentality and daring. These are just some sports, many sports help in their own way,some the same,others equally.I also agree on your statement about Olympics about them being "good because the people can speak to others who are in the same industry and then learn from their and others mistakes. "An example of something like this is Muhammad Ali who talked to a professional swimmer and followed his training and tried swimming.This improved his speed and he became more agile in the boxing ring. This lead him to ring His belt and become a champion.

    22. I agree with you articulate butterfly all sports matters because all of them have their own benefits and not because someone doesn't like a particular sport doesn't mean that the sport doesn't matter or isn't important and not only the sport you play matters so all the sports really matters.

  • I think that all sports matter the same. However,a few sports are more attractive to people than others. Take basketball or football,because these sports are easier to understand and are well followed,sometimes people might be influenced by their piers and start watching the sport. However,a more niche sport,for example Taekwondo or Jiu Jitsu might not have as large a following,due to the fact that they are harder to learn and often times require equipment that isn't necessarily cheap. For that reason,while all sports are the same and have the same goal,to help humans exercise,some sports are more followed than others.

    1. I agree because, different sports attract people more than other people. Their peers might influence the people but they still may just like one sport more than another.
      Personally I like soccer more than baseball or basketball. Even though I can play these sports I like one more than the other. Everyone has a different opinion on witch sports people like.
      THANK YOU.

      1. I agree with you because everyone has the sports that they like and that they are attracted to. They could also get influence from their peer groups but I believe most of them will remain firm to their choices or opinions. Most of them could also be as a reaction from seeing people in most games.
        In conclusion, all sports matters and everyone has their types. No one should ever be treated wrongly because of the sports they like but instead should be embraced because all sports matter.

  • Hello ,
    I think the Enhanced Games is unethical and can bring a lot of negatives for the players and countries because it could bring a lot of bad news to the country .
    I think this because if you take a enhancing drugs you are more likely to have musculoskeletal injures . This would mean the athlete would have less playing time and it could hurt them severely in the long run . I also think the Enhanced Games is unethical because it takes away the morale's of sport and competing professionally . This is because sport is meant to be about working hard for years and years to get to where you want to be . With enhancing drugs you could get there with little work which which not be morally right or fair .
    Other people may say that is good and a way for athletes to show their bodies full capabilities . This is because it heightens the alertness and makes them feel happy this means that will be able to work harder for longer . This means that the games may be a lot more exciting and action packed .
    Overall I think that The Enhanced Games should not be a things as it ruins the morale's of sport and is unethical .
    Thank you for reading ,
    Good day .

    1. You make some excellent points. If all athletes in teh Enhanced Games were using the same performance enhancers, then would they also have to work hard?

      1. Hello Tiff .
        What a great question . When I said they would have to work harder I meant that is what athletes should have to do to compete professionally . On other hand I said the enhancing drugs may be better as their bodies would be able work harder for longer .
        To answer your question though yes they would still have to work hard as you still need some of your own skills to beat the other people .
        Thanks .

      2. Athletes that uses performance enhancer I don't think they is need for them to still work hard.
        Because all athletes do take part in training and exercises,if they do this and still use performance enhancer I think this will be very dangerous to the person and other athletes and it can cause an argument between them, because he/she will become stronger than the other players,they won't feel like human anyone.the performance enhancer will be in control of your mind and body and then you will still add your own natural strength,no way.so therefore those that use this does not need hard work they can only choose one, either to work hard or depend on enhancement pills.
        My advise for those that are into enhancement pills is that they should have a good spirit of sportsmanship, such person should have self control, positive attitude,be supportive,do not blame your team mate.this are the only way other players will feel save around them.

        There is one negative impact of this performance enhancer on sport.

        During the AFCON football match, during the semi final between Nigeria and Cameroon,after the match a Nigeria player was subjected to drug test by CAF due to his unusual energy and speed,not knowing it was his hard work that made him that fast.
        What am trying to point out from this little story of mine is that, people no longer believe in human capabilities again and it has made people to start question their ability.everyone taught he was on drug that day but they were all shocked to know that it was natural.if such event keeps happening then it will hurt athletes feelings so much,it can even make them relent,it can affect their professions and personal life.
        So therefore wrong accusations should not be allowed in sports and their should be proper screening before players start the game.

  • Now, each sport deserves equal respect, but you can't deny the fact that many sports have been preferred over some other sports. All of this depends on whether players are capable of bringing viewership to their respective sports. Many people like watching sports that might spike their thrill rate for example watching races and cheer for you favorite athlete. While some sports are watched because of the nostalgia and love they carry. Cricket and football are some major sports that top the most favorite list. But at the end, you can't run away from the fact that all sports share simmilarities and differences, therefore choosing which sports "matter" is a tough question. Many people choose badminton or tennis over horse riding or any other sport, but this does not signify that people don't like horse riding. We need to understand that people can support various sports. So, even if some sports invite more audiences, you can't determine if they "matter" more, because they each carry a sense of support and warmth.

    1. I completely agree because all sports deserve respect. Also,some sports are more popular than others. Every sport has supporters who care about it. At the end of the day, it's not about which sport matters more, but rather about the passion and dedication of the people who love it.

  • Hello,
    An international games are very important for people and countries because it improves the relationship between people and deplomatic ties between countries.It considered as tourism for the host country.Also it has many benfits for atheletes to improve their skills. However it might have some negativity affects in some cases on security of the host country.
    Some sports matter more than other from country to another according to the culture, tendencies and historyq of people in that country. In my point of view, football is the most popular game in the world because it considered as the oldest sports in the world. However, all games help in developing skills and physical fitness.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, marvellous_reflection. Why do you think the fact that football is the oldest sport makes it the most popular? What other reasons might there be for it being popular?

      1. Hello,
        Thanks for your reply.
        Football is the most popular game because football is an easy game and didn't need many tools to play, so it is inexpensive game. we can play it with our friends, our classmates or our relatives. We can play in school, club, or any safe space.
        It is the oldest game because it is recorded in the military manuals in China under the name Cuju in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC.

        1. I agree warvellous_reflection because football is a popular game in the world and people will like to play football around the world and football is a very easy game that you can play with other and football is for people to learn teamwork and football is for people to have fun while playing it.
          It remains the sport the attracts the biggest endorsement and followership. The fan base is amazing like religion.

          1. Hi

            Marvellous reflection,I disagree with the context inexpensive game.
            In my own opinion even if the tools used in playing football are not quite a number,I hope you know that; the space used in playing (land) , travel expense,the jersey, security,food and health care all this requires a lot of money,so I don't think it an inexpensive game at all.

    2. My dear, I agree with you a lot that sports have a very, very important role, not only in players, but also in countries, and in stimulating tourism and getting to know many other cultures. It is a field that opens the door to many other fields, but I disagree with you in your statement that football is the oldest sport in the world, because the oldest sport in the world and throughout the ages is Roman wrestling, which dates back to 3000 years BC, and to this day it is practiced in the Olympic Games. There are also many other very, very important sports, such as equestrianism, hunting, and swimming. Of course, sports in general are important. Without exception

  • international games may be beneficial for people and countries because it includes everybody.
    The negatives they might bring is that it will be a lot more people and less people will be able to go because it could be anywhere. Also, there will and has been debates where it should be hosted. No sports matter more than others. There are some that get more viewers and some whos players make more money , but they are all equally important.

    1. You make interesting points, affable_plantain. You say that all sports are equally important--can you tell us more about why you think sports are important?

    2. I agree as some sports have a larger amount of crowds than others and also the pay amount of pay received by some athletes of more popular sports is different from that of the less popular ones for example the crowds of soccer games is larger than the crowd for a tennis game. In essence I feel that no sports matter because people have preferences so to me, the only difference is the amount of attention given to a sport. I believe that the amount of attention given to sport makes it appear to matter more than others.

    3. I agree because, everyone is equally important and no sport is more-or-less important than another.
      Even if the president or the king of that particular place says he likes a particular sport such as Rugby, Soccer, baseball or cricket no sport doesn't matter.
      Without people liking a sport there will be no one to play the sport.
      THANK YOU.

  • I don't think that sports that are in competitions matter ,because people "play" ,and then take money for playing , but I think we can live our life without those players ,and l am not talking only about football I am taking about all sports , because players take alot of , and doctors who save lives take less money . It's not fair.

    1. Interesting ideas. Why do you think certain athletes earn so much money?

      1. I think certain athletes earn so much money because they have exceptional talent and skills that make them highly valuable to sports teams and sponsors. Their performances on the field or court attract large audiences, which translates into revenue through ticket sales, merchandise, and broadcasting rights. Additionally, endorsements and sponsorships contribute to their high earnings. It's a combination of their talent, marketability, and the demand for their skills that drives their high salaries. What do you think about athletes' salaries?

  • To me an international game can be beneficial to a country very well because it gives that country a name,it helps to give they glory and by people participating in sports it makes them physically fit because they increase in strength and experience. The negatives will be when participators try to use illegal enhancing drugs or trying to intentionally injure a player just because of jealousy,this can bring shame to that country. For option C every sport matter because each of them keep you physically fit.All are important because they were never graded or rated they ere there to perform they same function.

  • Hello everyone,
    I think that all the types of games are beneficial for people and countries. All sports have their own ideas
    and specialities and have no more negetivities. In my opinion, FIFA worldcup is most beneficial for to make competitive relations between all countries. The players involve in this worldcup will be able to know about the people are in same industry and get motivation and confidence from other and they can do better in sports in future. This is benificial for every country to make healthy and competitive relation with other countries. Thankyou.

  • the national sports are like big games where people from different countries come together to show how good they are at sports. It's like when you and your friends playing soccer against another school, but on a match bigger scale! Despot events make us feel proud of where we come from, like when we see someone from our country doing well.

    But sometimes, these big sport events can make people too focused on winning. Might forget that not as supposed to be for and make them feel happy. And when they are team doesn't win, complete can make them feel sad.

    Still, every sport is special and that has its own importance. Weather it's been soccer, gymnastics, or running, each sport teaches us something valuable.

    So, even though international sport can have some problems, they are still really cool because they bring people together and make us feel proud of who we are. And that's something to be thankful for! ☺️

  • I think international games are extremely beneficial to both the people and countries due to the financial benefits that come with winning. This need for financial gain for certain countries can drive them to try and produce the best athletes so they can have the highest opportunity to win.

    For instance when winning a medal at the Olympics the country that the athlete is from will gain a certain amount of money due to the place they came. The money that the country receives will help fund some of the countries plans so they will push their athletes to their limits with the hope of winning.

    Continuing with the idea that some countries need financial gain can also lead to many problems to do with overtraining in young children. This amount of overtraining that some children have can lead to them having a loss of childhood and mental issues later in life.

    When sports events are held internationally it also gives a chance for local tourism to improve and help smaller businesses gain money due to the number of people all of a sudden visiting that area.

    So in conclusion, international games can have many positive and negative attributes when it comes to sporting events.

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence on overtraining young children?

  • I believe that international games are good to the people and the countries because it might be a part of who they are as a person. And the country can be known for the sport. Some disadvantages can be that the country can be bullied for the sport and might be considered weird for the sport. In my opinion, all sports matter to everybody because it can show how important it is for them.

  • Actually all sports deserve respect and matter equally. Is true that most of sports nowadays which are more popular are more respected by people but I think that what really matters is not the money, social or global impact such as football which is the sport more played and known in the world nowadays. All of them have their own benefits and should be treated good, of course people need to give opportunities to other sports to learn that there is not an sport which matter more, that the main thing is to learn and enjoy taking sports.

  • Me personally, in my opinion more sports do "matter" more then others. Like track for an example, this helps people with running faster in any situation and breathing better. Either if you are a sprinter or a long distance runner. Running can come a long way and make a good benefit in your life. A sport for cheer, I do cheer and its not really a sport if you ask me. All I'm doing is yelling and doing tricks, flipping,jumping and clapping. Cheer is a fun sport but like said, it doesn't really benefit you in life unless you want to get a deeper voice... other than that its not really beneficial. Another sport called "Table Tennis", me personally, I do NOT think that this is a very important game or sport. All you are doing is moving your hands to hit a ball, unless you are trying to get faster at mofving your wrist and hands.

    1. I'm not sure about your opinion that cheerleading is not a sport. Can you explain your reasons for your opinion a bit more?

      1. Yes I can explain some more. Like said, in my opinion I said that cheerleading is not a sport. But it also depends on what type of category of cheerleading it is. If we are talking about school/district cheerleading its different. But if I were to be talking about competition cheerleading, that is a sport. I cheer for my school, and I don't do competition cheer. Competition cheerleading is a lot more intense then school cheerleading. I say that because, you really CANNOT mess up in competition and they grade/score you off every little mistake or whatever the score book says. Like if you were to step off the mat in a competition, you could get at least like 10 points took off your final score JUST for that. But if I was saying that school/district cheerleading in not a sport in my opinion, I would say I was right. At the end of they day, cheerleading in general takes a lot of work to memorize cheers.

      2. In my perspective, I do not see cheer leading as a sport, although I think it could gain income through all the yelling and shouting for a period of time, but I do not still see it as a sport. Also in agreement to best_harp, It also depends on the aspect of cheer leading therefore in a way, it can actually be a sport depending on the category. That is: whether school cheering or competition cheering.

  • I don't think any sports matter. All the sports played by the players are of their choice. Not everyone will be interested in one sports. Some are interested in football, cricket, and many more. And now a new sports enhanced games is coming people will also be curious about that. All the games have their own fun and people learn different skills. International games can be beneficial because people might get good opportunities for example to play in a team. People become a good player and go out of one country to another and show their game to play in team. It eill really help them.

  • I think that the international games will encourage people to break the scientific limits of the human body. But that raises the question: some performance enhancers will be better than others, which means that all athletes will use the same enhancers, and at that point, you might need to put a limit on the dosage of enhancers that one person could use. Because you could overdose and accidentally die. This also raises a health and safety problem. If little kids watch the Enhanced Games, they may think that enhancers turn them into Superman. So, that means that the Enhanced Games must only contain adults. And the notion that some sports "matter" more than others is simply wrong. I think what Aron meant is that the Enhanced Games will host sports that are popular. So, no. It all depends on personal preference. In short, I don't think the Enhanced Games will benefit society outside of scientific experiments.

  • In my opinion all sports matter because if people do dancing, swimming or tennis then all of them are unique like us. I think football is the most liked but all of the sports and clubs should be liked. I think that football is all ways on tv but tennis is only on tv but all the sports should be equal to each other.

    1. Can you think of reasons why certain sports are televised more? What sort of factors make some sports more popular that others? How can the imbalance be addressed?

  • Indeed, international games can be extremely beneficial for people from every regionality and nationality. Initially, this kind of games can work as a manner of social integration. Athletes have the opportunity to communicate with people with different beliefs and morals, they broaden their horizons and develop their friendship circle. Nevertheless, not everything is perfect about international games. When competing in such prestigious competitions, there is too much antagonism and stress. Athletes have to face with a lot of stress as they feel obliged to win which is not always what happens.
    In my perspective, there isn't sports that matter more than other. Each sport has its own beauty and it requires different skills. It depends only on the preference of the athlete, what suits his personality and of course what he is able to do. Besides, loving and enjoying what you do is what matters.

  • It gives other people from other people a chance to show what their made of.It also give them a chance to succeed at what they like to do.

  • They might bring rules from their country here and they might end up cheating on accident or not knowing anything.

  • I believe that Olympic games is the perfect opportunity to give the chance different cultures to meet in the sports field. If the rules are the same for all countries then it can make a bond between the athletes. The spirit of sport competition is to praise the healthy competition and not only who or which country wins.
    For all these I think that the benefits are enough for people and countries.
    As for me all sports should be face equally and with the same importance. I understand that some of them may have more impact because of advertising but behind every sport there is hard work of each athlete and we should respect that.

    1. I respectfully disagree with the idea that all sports should be face equally. For example, in sports like football, the money invested can be recouped in multiple ways because fans are always willing to attend games, regardless of ticket prices. Therefore, investing in popular sports like football is more beneficial than investing in sports that lack public interest, as it ensures a return on investment.

    2. HELLO, Peacful_mode,
      I agree with you that lots of people all over the world and they have their differ take such sports to their country and carry it on. All sports have the different benefits they bring and they should be seen equally. It could be that same sports are more famous, that is why they are seen as the most important. We should always acknowledge these sports and never frown at them because they bring a lot of benefits to the body system.

    3. I totally agree with you!!
      International games are a perfect example of different cultures meeting all together for a very respected purpose.
      That of accepting winning, giving encouragement to succeed and never to give up.
      I have to confess that Olympic games has given me the opportunity to get to know how paralympic games work
      All started when I met some years ago a paralympic athlete at my school, Che Jonn Fernandez.
      He came to our school to talk to us and make us think that nothing is impossible even if you think that your disability can prevent you.
      This life lesson was the ultimate benefit these games can offer.

  • International games may be beneficial for both the people and the countries in different ways. For people that can be a chance to present their talent all over the world and country can also feel proud if their athlete is doing well. If someone faces loss, then next time they will do more practice to make themselves better which will again built The capability of standing again after facing loss. Which will lead them to do more and exceed the limits in performance. Also, there is no other sport which is at the top of the other. Because every sport is unique and has its own advantages .Also each sport cannot be performed by any person. The person has to train themselves and work hard then only they will master in that particular game. Also any other person cannot say bad to any other sport because the person who is playing that sport it’s also doing hard work as the person who is speaking. It will be wrong to say bad to other sports if you’re not playing it. we should definitely encourage each and every person who is trying to give his best and also we should encourage to do it in a more better way ………..

  • Well, I think that some sports matter more than others because they are more known and famous than the others. For example, according to my research, globally, football is often considered the most popular sport, with a massive following in countries across Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and more. It has a broader worldwide appeal. Basketball, on the other hand, is extremely popular in the United States and some other countries, especially in North America.
    I say that some sports are more famous than the other because they have more fans and some are known everywhere while the others are known only in a few places just like the case we have with basketball and football, football is known worldwide and iis is also more popular than basketball while basketball is only famous in some places especially North America.

    1. But don't you think that the importance of a sport should not be judged on the basis of its popularity but the connection it holds for the other section of society. This is like saying that only the student who is popular in class matters and not the one who isn't known by all. When in reality, the quiet kid may actually be competent enough to become a scientist and work for the betterment of humanity. As we know, popularity is subjective. Some sports matter more to some people than to others, resulting in popularity. But that another sport might be very important to some other person, which hasn't been included in the enhanced games. This would not give them a platform to show what they are good and passionate about and might actually discourage them.

  • I believe that certain sports are more important than others, particularly when you consider the health advantages. I for one enjoy swimming. Both Olympians and Paralympians can participate in swimming as a sport. I think swimming has a tonne of advantages. For instance, people are advised to try swimming when intense sporting activities like tennis or running result in knee, hip, or ankle issues. In addition to being a powerful mood enhancer and perhaps improving bone health and brain function, frequent swimming also lowers stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.

  • I think that no sports matter because every sport is unique and has its own rules that make it different. In football you have to make sure that the football doesn't touch the ground or the play will not count as a pass or run but in basketball you have to make sure you bounce the basketball on the ground or they'll call a travel. Now i'm trying to say that every sport is different in their own ways.

  • International games are games that promote cooperation and interculturalism.
    If is based on fairness then people raking part will gain the best experience as it is the a special.event that many people love.
    Sometimes we may feel how two countries can compete if they are in war? Will it make worse? I don't believe if people trust the true meaning of competitiveness.

  • In my opinion some sports do not matter more than other, though some may be more popular but they all are helping the people who play them. Also international games could be beneficial on a big and small scale, for instance it could bring tourist into the country and help them make money as a whole country, but also it could help individual from making money to being healthier. Though there are some negatives that the games may bring too, some examples would be that after the people retire from the enhanced games the drug could be dangerous to them. Take steroids as one many bodybuilders take them to win competitions but after they are left with a lot of acne high heart attack rates ect. So though it may bring some positives in the person is at high risk when taking the steriods in the enhanced games.

  • I strongly believe that all sports matter as they all come from different roots that represents culture and all have their own benefits.

  • It has a limit, but some people usually use it more than expected because you have to balance everything in life, and enhanced sports is one of them. In my opinion, it can seriously harm the athlete and his performance. It may also attempt to cause confusion and fight between the citizens of a particular country and the athletes performing a sport.

  • International games provide forum to all sports player for showcasing their talent and they reflect inclusivity, these games not only help in boosting the career of an athlete but also the economic situation of the host country. However, if these platforms focus only on certain games that are popular among the majority the idea of diversity would no longer remain in sports. Games like football or cricket have a huge fan base. Over the years these games have been televised to captivate audience's attention to the point that people almost have an emotional connection with them. On the other hand, some people do not even know about games like handball or kabaddi. But that does not make them any less important. Those who participate in these "unpopular" games endure the same pain as the others do and deserve the same recognition.
    Lets take an instance of dances; just because a large population is more aware of ballet as a dance type does not mean that it matters more than other forms of classical dances around a globe because each one is equally popular in its own country and requires the same hard work. Similarly, all sports require the same dedication and determination, and just because a certain sport is popular among one part of the globe does not mean that it matters more than the other ones, who are equally important.